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do whatever it takes -ironwood 19 years of age artists( in consistent stlye 馃槄)she/her /bro ( makes whatever I can...not always consistent馃槗), rp, drinks shiping water and top graduate of clowning around nothing to fancy but a greetings to you

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somebody鈥檚 probably already made at least a version of this meme, but i still wanted to make my own.

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An update on the release schedule for RWBY Volume 8 from Laura Yates

Text version for text-to-speech

鈥淗ey, everyone!

I鈥檝e been fortunate to get to know a lot more of you this year, but for those I haven鈥檛 yet met, my name鈥檚 Laura Yates and I am the Lead Producer on RWBY Vol. 8 and 9! I鈥檇 like to share an update in our programming schedule for the remainder of the year.

Every Volume, RWBY sees a mid-season break, but this time it will be a little longer than you鈥檙e used to. In order to continue making the show as good as we know it can be, and to truly support our team, following the release of Volume 8: Chapter 7 on December 19th, we will go on mid-season break, resuming with Chapter 8 on February 6th, 2021.

As you may know, we鈥檝e been working remotely since March. This was our first foray into a fully remote workflow; we鈥檝e long been accustomed to working on the show together in person. Without precedent, the team has had to work quickly to adapt at almost every stage of the pipeline鈥 and they鈥檝e done an incredible job. I can鈥檛 speak highly enough of how adeptly CRWBY has risen to the challenges we鈥檝e faced this year, and how they鈥檝e continued to create a truly fantastic show. Vol. 8 looks and sounds as good as ever, and I鈥檓 so thankful for the hard work, talent, and dedication that have gone into making that possible!

A reality of working from home, though, has been a general slowdown in shot production. Each step takes just that much longer to complete, and it slowly adds up over time. We are committed to maintaining a work/life balance as a studio; a need that feels all the more significant in the current year. This mid-season air break ensures CRWBY has the time needed to maintain that balance. The team will continue working on the show throughout, but it will allow us a comfortable finish for the back half of the season.

Thank you for everything you鈥檝e done to support CRWBY - there wouldn鈥檛 be a RWBY without the FNDM, and we appreciate you so very much!


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This was so hard to do asjkbdbkasdkas鈥!!

I like some designs better than others, but anyway here鈥檚 part 2 of the Ghost Oz鈥檚. Part 1 is here. IDK what I鈥檓 actually gonna do with these so feel free to use them as you like :)

Also, thanks to @deodorant-stick for the design for Hermit Oz. I was laughing so hard, I thought I was going to start crying. LOOK AT HIS LIL GUT AND STICK聽 ARMS ASDADFAS鈥!! If you like Sander鈥檚 Sides, feel free to go check out her blog!!! ;D

The whole legacy!

Wowe all the


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鈥淢a鈥榓m, don鈥檛 talk to me until I鈥檓 a legal adult. Actually, please never talk to me again. You can鈥檛 even talk to the wizard in my head either. He鈥檚 rarely home so he doesn鈥檛 count.鈥

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alright so last night i made up something that will change my method of perspective grid. don鈥檛 want to open sketchup and screenshot the angle of the perspective grid聽and past it in clip studio? no problem this will eliminate the need to use any other programs for perspective

now you have to ask why not just put the perspective grid in clip studio?聽


this is why, the reason why i don鈥檛 get those wonderful coloured lines like i do in sketchup is because its entirely of lines and there fore don鈥檛 come out so well in obj

that was a problem for so long but then i decided to give it anouther go with a different approuch


the new one has an actual mass to instead of pure lines (i coloured it just because)


so i done the same thing as i done before and multiplied the square into a dozen squares to make up a bigger one.
so i went and made a box that was鈥檔t crazy big but big enough to be used for what i need it to adn then went to an online 3d file site so i can make the model into an obj. with the obj i pulled it into clip studio and done some work on it
and got this


best part is you can register it as a materiel so you can just pull this from your materials onto any file no problems thou it is best to keep the file of the grid handy just in case something happens
so now i have a 3D perspective grid with perspective rulars attached to its angles perfectly that i can pull on any new piece willy nilly.
so now for some examples


this new grid has certainly changed how i do perspective in clip studio
i鈥檒l defiantly share this grid with artists i know and see how they goe with it

pretty sure you can make your own grid, the one i did in sketchup was piss easy
thou some advice if you are going to make your own be sure not to make the grid too big cause the online converter will take forever if the file is like 100 MB or so

hope this help some

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The more I look at Ironwood’s right half the more I realize it’s really kind of disturbing and a what happened to him way. I mean I just looked at his back and noticed that the spine, I thought it stopped at least along his back but I looked at the concept art again and it goes all the way to his skull. And I’ve always been bothered and away about how they had to cut into his clavicle to add a piece of the sternum. Not to mention the inner connections and the state of his organs.

Fuck as far as we know Ironwood鈥檚 left foot could be a prosthetic.

Looking at Ironwood closer, it鈥檚 always concerned me with just how much damage was done to him. Like, off the bat, he would be missing his right lung, half of his intestines, his liver, one of his kidneys, his gall bladder, and his pancreas. That鈥檚 a lot of things to just straight up lose, and they鈥檙e not something you can just replace with machines.

Add onto what you鈥檝e just said, it鈥檚 honestly a miracle that Ironwood survived, but that could just be because Remnant鈥檚 medical field is so far ahead of our own that people can be saved from usually deadly situations.聽

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Don鈥檛 ask me why I made this idk either


Its gold that’s why

Team ozpin blasting off again

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