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irondadfics · 5 hours ago
Hi! Could you help me find a fic where Peter is hired to babysit Cassie Lang but they're attacked and Scott doesn't know that Peter is Spiderman but Tony realizes that he's the one with Cassie so he figures out that Peter must've gone to the tower since it was secure?
Stay in the Cage by StarryKitty013
OR 5 times Peter helped an Avenger's kid and one time they (kind of) helped him
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irondadfics · 5 hours ago
Do you know this fic with Penny Parker where Penny is a functional mute but Spider-Woman isn’t?
I could have anything (As long as I said it out loud) by ob_liv_ious_writer
Penny doesn't talk. Spider-girl does. When her two lives crash together, cue divide-by-zero error.
I suck at writing summaries, but after May dies, Penny calls Nick Fury for help. Fury has the splendid idea of placing her under the care of the avengers, with the assumption that she will be somewhat self-sufficient. People seem to forget that Penny is a stubborn asshole who will almost never ask for help.
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irondadfics · 6 hours ago
hello! I am looking for a fic where peter was staying with tony the someone shows up and says he is his dad and then kidnaps him. sorry it’s not much to go on!
Accepting the Tides by Emma_Anacortes
Tony had dragged Peter from the depths of despair after May's death. It was normal that he'd grown to care a little about him, right?
Yeah, okay. He freaking loved the kid.
So naturally he would feel a little weird when Richard Parker randomly shows up in Peter's life. Naturally he'd feel protective, nervous, and confused because where has Richard been all this time? And why does Tony feel sick every time he sees him around Peter?
All he knows is if Richard hurts his kid, Tony's gonna give him hell.
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irondadfics · 7 hours ago
Do you have any five of peter being a student and steve or tony is the teacher?
We have a Teacher!Tony Rec List that you'll probably enjoy! I recommend checking it out. <3
If you try exploring the Teacher Tony Stark tag on AO3, I must warn you there's not a ton of Irondad there. It's mostly explicit content so... yeah 😑
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irondadfics · a day ago
hey i was reading a fic on your page and then i lost it, peter got kidnapped and got Stockholm syndrome or smth
Maybe you're thinking of this post? It's the only one I can think of that features both stockholm syndrome and kidnapping in the ask.
Just a Kid by RisingAnarchy
Peter Parker was Spider-Man, an invincible superhero. He was stronger than Captain America, healed faster than Thor's lightening was able to strike and was able to stick to every surface under the sun. Peter fought criminals of mass strength and size even in his most vulnerable times.
However, Peter Parker was a kid. A stupid, skinny, fragile kid. Unfortunately, that's what some sick-minded people look for when hunting. Because tonight, it wasn't a game of hero versus villain. It was predator versus prey.
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irondadfics · a day ago
Heyyy sorry I feel bad for wasting your time 😅 I found the fic! It's called How they perceive you by @ephemeralstark (ephemeralstark)
Tumblr media
We're just glad you found your fic! <3 We'll also share a link and summery here for anyone else who might be interested in the same fic.
How they perceive you by @ephemeralstark
Peter couldn't finish as the doors to the room they were in flew open and a shaky “you can't go in there,” could be heard. “Hey, Underoos, fancy meeting you in here!” Mr. Stark said cheerfully, although Peter could see the tenseness in his jaw and the hardness in his eyes that made him mentally groan. “M-Mr. Star’.” Peter mumbled in greeting. “Mr. Stark, you can't-” “-be in here.” Mr. Stark said, interrupting Dr. Kat. “I know, they told me, but judging by what I can see here, it’s a good thing I ignored everyone. That won’t work on him.” “It’s anaesthetic.” “I know.” Mr. Stark said. “And it won’t work on him, he’s a funky thing, aren’t you Underoos?” - Peter's lung spontaneously collapses and Happy does the only thing he can - takes Peter to a regular hospital.
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irondadfics · 2 days ago
Hi! i was looking for a fic where peter got kidnapped by (hydra?) and the avengers went to rescue him. I remember tony disguising himself as someone from hydra and witnessed peter getting tortured. He tried convincing Peter that it was him but he didn't believe it at first. Also i remember another thing, though it could be from a separate fic. Peter getting therapy with Sam and him using a nerf gun to shoot peter whenever he said something negative about himself.
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Drowning in Demons (And Learning to Breathe) by ariverofthings, PS_NoThanks
If he was being honest with himself, he was slightly terrified of the skinny boy standing in front of him, who looked as relaxed as he could possibly be, so naturally, Tony stuck out his hand for the boy to shake, ignoring the slight twitch from him at the sudden movement. “Tony Stark.”
“I know,” the boy said. His voice was quiet, calm, but he sounded like he’d seen a lot more than someone of his age ever should, and his eyes, brown and soulful, carried the same message.
“This is usually when you tell me your name, kid,” Tony prompted.
“Oh, right,” the boy said hurriedly. “It’s Peter. I’m Peter.”
OR The oh-so-overdone HYDRA Peter trope that literally no one asked for, but we delivered anyway. Featuring shameless Peter whump, way too much angst to be healthy, and a bucketload of Irondad and Spiderson fluff.
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irondadfics · 2 days ago
Hi! I cant find this one fic where May calls Tony because Peter is really sick (like bedridden, can’t go to school, hiding under the covers) and Tony discovers that Peter has been cutting himself so he’s really weak. Sorry if that’s vague!
Sick by WindsOfWisteria
After not seeing Peter for over a week, Tony Stark gets a frantic call from May Parker. Due to her call, he makes his way to her apartment only to find Peter dangerously ill. Despite his high fever, profuse vomiting, and blaring headache, he refuses to go to the hospital or to Bruce. The question is- why? Tony knows there's something more to this than Peter is telling him.
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irondadfics · 2 days ago
I read this few months ago but I couldn't find it anywhere. Tony goes to a different dimension where peter is his biological son and comes to realize that he cares about his own peter as his son. Later tony leaves himself a message that if he doesn't love peter he will take him to his own dimension. He later came to know about Skip when peter came back from school crying.
Mentor? That's my dad! by Webtrinsic
Tony switches places with another version of himself, a version of himself who's legitimate son was Peter Parker. Stepping into that roll would be something new entirely, something he very much wish he had for himself.
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irondadfics · 2 days ago
Hey do you know of this fic where penny is a foster kid or something? And Tony ends up fostering her? Ty!!!
It's a Little Bit Like Falling Up by GremlinSR
When Penny Parker saved Morgan Stark she didn't expect anything to come of it. In fact, she'd learned not to expect much of anything from anybody after returning from being dust.
She hadn't counted on Tony Stark's inability to let a little thing like finding and thanking the person who saved his daughter go. Or on his determination to save her right back.
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irondadfics · 3 days ago
Hii sorry this is kinda vague but I cant find this one fic where Peter gets addicted to drugs and Tony comes in his room and finds his secret box with his drugs in it. I think the box was under his bed or on his bedside table? Sorry I don’t remember much more than that but it was an angst addiction based fic! Thank you so much for your help!
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here comes the sun series by MotherKarizma:
When the Avengers stumble upon Peter Parker, he is not a fifteen year old, bubbly, nerdy high school student. He is eighteen, homeless, and a drug addict.
Peter refuses to let them discover the squalor he lives in when the mask is off, refuses to ruin their perfect little makeshift family with all his dirt, refuses to get too close.
Unfortunately, he doesn't really have a choice.
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irondadfics · 3 days ago
hi! i been looking for this fic about punk!peter were he uses eyeliner but he sleepover at tonys and forget to bring his so T has to go around asking if someone has some bcs pete is refusing to go to school with out it
btw i wanted to thank u for all of this u can't imagine how many times i've found fics i had been looking for thanks to u♡︎♡︎
@jen27ny has a few headcanon posts about this. Is that what you might be referring to?
Punk!Peter Part 1 Part 2
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irondadfics · 3 days ago
I'm looking for a fic where Peter was Tony's long lost child that was kidnapped by Richard and Mary. I remember Natasha going undercover in a bar with a sob story about miscarriage and May opening up to her about losing a child as well. Peter was switched with another parker child because Mary and Richard were assassinated in a car with who they thought was Tony's kid. May had Peter assumed the identity of that killed baby to protect Peter. And Peter was revealed to be younger than he thought.
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If They Knew All About You by MsHermia
Tony Stark had lost his son when he was only 2 years old, stolen away in broad daylight with nobody the wiser of what exactly happened. Years later, Tony has just made it through the disaster with Ultron. He is trying to keep himself and the team together but relationships are strained and tempers are running high. Then a random turn of events leads to his path crossing with that of a particular vigilante. They are strangers to each other, or so they think.
Peter Parker is on top of the world. After a few shitty years, losing his parents and then losing his Uncle, things are finally looking up. Sure he lives in a crappy little apartment with his Aunt but he might have just found his mission in life.
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irondadfics · 3 days ago
Hey there's this fic where the villain erase everyone's memory of peter. And if like they ever get there memories back he is going to hurt them. Peter becomes homeless for 2 years I believe.I remember that bucky remembers first. Thank you.
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The Lost and Forgotten by Litcraz
In order to save everyone's lives, Peter is forced to give up memories - their memories of him. As a result, he is left entirely alone in a world where no one knows he exists. After finally moving on with his life, a new threat arises, bringing Peter back directly into the Avengers' path.
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irondadfics · 4 days ago
Hi! I was wondering if you help me look for a doc where it’s based after civil war and I think that rouges were paranoid and at one point Steve bumps into Rhodes who’s holding kid Peter (he’s Tony’s bio kid) in his arms and it turns out Steve killed tony in Siberia and steve didn’t realize and it ended with Rhodey telling Steve that the only person who can forgive him for Tony’s death is Peter.
thank you so much if you can I love your blog so much <3
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Death Over Life by hp80
Some forgave him (Vision) or said it wasn’t his fault (Bucky) because they had all played a role in the outcome. But that didn’t matter to Steve. No matter how many people made excuses for him or forgave him, even when the government forgave him, it would never be enough.Because he would never forgive himself.
A man was dead. His friend was dead.And it was all his fault
Or: After their fight at the end of Captain America: Civil War, Tony is in worse shape than Steve initially thought.
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irondadfics · 4 days ago
Hello, I just came here to recommend tow bio-dad fics that I think are really neat. The first one is spagbol99's Missing Links which is still in progress and the second one is Things I Almost Remember by IcedAquarius which is also very good and seriously underrated in my opinion. It's completed and has an unfinished sequel. Also, thanks guys, I really love your blog and would never have found so many good irondad fics otherwise. :)
Thanks for the recs!
Missing Links by spagbol99
The Rogues are back; Tony Stark couldn't even be mad about it - it was his idea after all. He's an Avenger and that means protecting the Earth at any cost - even if he has to deal with a certain star-spangled man and his sullen sidekick. After all, he's been through worse in his life; the loss of his wife and the disappearance of his son 12 years ago. Compared to that, this would be a walk in the park.
Bucky Barnes is back on US soil as a free man. But freedom is more than just physical. On top of that, Steve is desperate for him to be the man he was before. The only problem is; that man is long dead.
Peter Parker has been through the mill but he knows he just had to adapt, roll with the (many) punches and keep going. Spider-man is his safe place now, the one time he could truly feel like himself. Like he is making a difference. He'd make sure no one would suffer like he has, even if he has to track down the perpetrator himself.
Things I Almost Remember by IcedAquarius
Peter's past is not as it appears. It all starts one day with a genetics project and slowly spirals into something Peter never could have imagined.
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irondadfics · 4 days ago
Hi! I'm trying to find this fics where Tony is secretly Thanos' kid and he is sad because of Gamora's death but he gets happy after meeting Peter because he is his first "grandchild". I think it is only one chapter. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language)
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The Poem I Dreamed of Writing by Shi_Toyu
Peter just looked stunned and afraid. He shouldn’t. Tony wouldn’t let anything happen to him.
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irondadfics · 4 days ago
Hi! so I read a fic a while ago where tony and pepper are peter's biological parents. In that peter got the spider bite from the field trip which tony didn't want him to go but pepper wanted him to go... kinda like that? The whole story is mostly about peter almost died because of the bite but it has a happy ending with him waking up i think. I can't really find it back I hope you can help me find it. Thank you in advance ♡
We weren't able to locate this exact story, but here's a very similar one:
Radioactive by Emily_F6
Things haven't always been great between Tony Stark and his son. He wasn't ready to become a father...didn't even know he had a son until the boy's mother died. Over time, though, he thought he got the hang of it. But that was before his son went on a field trip to Oscorop and was seemingly left fighting for his life. *Written for Iron Dad Big Bang*
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irondadfics · 5 days ago
could u please find me this fc tony and pepper had to live with the parkers its was set after homecoming and tony was being accused of being a terrorist I think I only read the first 3 chaps of the fic and i think at first may was not happy about it . its pretty vague i hope u can help me...
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Operation: Safekeeping by GalaxyThreads
After the events of Homecoming, Peter attempts to deal with the trauma of what happened with little success. Everything is thrown into further chaos, however, after Tony is accused of treason. With his suits destroyed, trust fraying, and a hunt rising for the multi-billionaire, Tony goes to the only person he can think of for help: Peter Parker.
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irondadfics · 5 days ago
hai! I’ve been trying to find this fic I read awhile ago, it’s about Tony being mute after the whole Civil War and Pepper and Rhodey bring back Peter because of how much he helped Tony during the fight. Slowly Tony and Peter become closer and I forgot what happened but May threatened to take Peter away from Tony and Tony had a panic attack. It’s okay if you can’t find it! Thank you :)
heart made of glass, my mind of stone by princessironspider
Tony hasn’t spoken since Siberia If he doesn’t talk, he can’t get close to people, and they can’t hurt him again…right?
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