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I’m curious, monster fuckers/lovers. Reblog this and tag it with your favourite kind of monster (or otherwise supernatural/futuristic being). If you don’t have a specific monster that you’re partial to, then tell me what your favourite monstrous features are. 

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Nagas and Vampires for the win 💞

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onald squad

Brought America to the brink of nuclear war after tensions had long subsided, removed safety regulations, sent federal troops to brutalize protesters, crashed the stock market,

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Relationship: Male monster x female reader

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The first OkCryptid Collab I’m doing so I hope you enjoy it! I’m open to feedback and comments!


You had to admit, stepping back into the dating pool was the most frightening thing to reface; even after so long of being in a comfortable relationship. Your last relationship had ended in more than just heartbreak: a shallow guy who had once again used you for their own gain to please themselves, not caring one bit about your own well-being.

If anything, going back into being open to speaking with strangers was the most daunting task you would have to face once more.

“I don’t know, Amery, how do I know it’s not some fake site?” Your voice wavered whilst you stirred you a soon-to-be cooling cup of coffee.

“Everyone’s on OkCryptid, and besides, it’s been months since you broke up with Glynn.” The half-elf was eagerly spewing every bit of information they knew about the app, the app that everyone seemed to be getting on board.

‘Better than any dating site you know’ – they declared, and all you felt was doubt, maybe even scepticism, “Maybe it’s time for you to get back into the game.”

“The last time I did so, it ended in me mauling over my decisions and mourning the last year and a half.” You sighed deeply troubled, maybe even intrigued, but you didn’t want to show it just yet, “I’ve never used a dating app before.”

“And you’ll love this one! Monsters and humans looking for companionship, you can choose everything about them and they put down as much information about them in their bios before you swipe on them. I think you’ll quite like it if you give it a try.”

You hesitated, “It’s that simple huh?”

“Look, I had the same worries you feel now, but after meeting Valeria, my opinions on it totally changed!” The light freckles on their face crinkled with their olive skin as they smiled to you, their mousey brown hair bouncing as they continued, “Please give it a try, will you?” They pouted.

You didn’t want to give in so soon, nor to say yes just yet, keeping to yourself that you were thinking about it, “I’ll download it now and try it out later.”

Amery squealed loudly, grasping your hands together as they held the excitement you should’ve been feeling, and all you could do was nervous smile back, “You have to tell me how you get on, right? Tell me if you get any matches right away.”

You couldn’t say no now, watching as Amery helped to download the app for you, chatting on how much it helped to ease talking to strangers in private messages and chat lines. If anything goes wrong, I can just delete it, simple as that.

Amery beamed from ear to ear, handing back your phone as you came face to face with the cute little logo that was of the app, before you slowly signed up with your details. 

“Hopefully, you’ll be coming back to me with a new boo.” They joked to lighten the feelings you were having, but nothing you thought nor what they said could help relieve the nervousness.

“Yeah… whatever you say.”


The app was still running in the background, on its first bio whilst you glanced from your spot whilst doing the dishes, the temptations running through your head as you tried distracting yourself. Like Amery said, I can give it a try, and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get a match.

You pouted: Amery did say it would take a while before matches came in due to being a new account so people would have to find your bio first. But it wouldn’t hurt to start now, get likes later. You thought, suddenly finding yourself moving to grab at your phone to sit on the couch, your mind running laps as you began swiping and reading.

Too arrogant… too sporty… sounds too rude… who even takes photos fishing?

You wanted to remain optimistic and open with your options for these monsters like you would with anyone else, but you got reminded of your terrible tastes thanks to Glynn. No! Not again, I’m gonna keep every open and normal, I’ll do this.

You continued for what felt like ages, the sky growing darker as you grabbed dinner from your fridge of leftovers before resuming, finally landing on someone who seemed rather intriguing, their photo and bio interesting you.

Casen, 22, College Student

You were immediately drawn to their appearance firstly: a Lupin if you recalled correctly, their fur stark white in comparison to him being at the beach in his first photo, the next of him lapping at some ice cream that was dripping from the hot weather, the third, a cute one of him posing in a Christmas jumper in a mirror, a goofy smile across his face with the jumper reading ‘I’ve got the Christmas Spirit’, with designs of alcoholic glasses of different sizes stitched in the red wool.

You could feel a smile etch itself onto your face before you realised what you were doing, slowly and hoping all would be okay, you swiped right on him, immediately being startled surprised to see you and Casen’s profiles pop up.

You and Casen have matched!

Now that was certainly a surprise! You relooked over his profile once more before your phone began vibrating, startling you. When you looked to your notifications, it seemed you had two new messages from Casen:

Casen: Hey! We matched, it’s nice to meet you!
Casen: You new to OkCryptid?
You smiled, thinking of the right thing to reply to him.
You: Hey, Casen, it’s nice to meet you! Yeah, I just joined, thought I’d give it a try.
Casen: Cool! You surprised me, it had been a while since I got a match.
You: You don’t use it often? You’re my first match, so I think it’s a good start.
Casen: Haha, yeah very good start I would say so too.

You were surprised by how good the conversation was with Casen and how interesting of a person he was through his texts. You learnt quite a lot about him: he was a college student who majored in computer science and had a secret love for theatre and Broadway. 

It was surprising for you to find out that he went to the college that was close by in your city, so commuting to meet him for the first time would go down easily.

That was the next thing, clearly, you felt like it would be nice to meet him for what would be a date, but you were nervous as to how he would react.

Casen: There was a funfair coming in this year down at the pier, and I was wondering, maybe you would like to meet up? I don’t know how you feel about funfairs but I thought it would be kind of cool.
You: That would be cool! I don’t think I’ve been to that one before, maybe years ago, but I don’t remember it.
Casen: Oh, it’s so fun! I think you’ll like a lot, but I don’t know whether you want to call it a date?

You had blushed at that heavily, knowing that it been a long time since you had last been on a date, but you were slowly opening up to the idea of going on a first date with him.

You: I don’t mind calling it that, as long as you are.

It was set, you would have a date on that Friday evening with a cutie. You were going to leave telling Amery for now that you had a little date, but after, you would tell them.

The date came around very quickly thanks to you have a busy schedule at work and also meeting with clients for your upcoming project, you were soon doing the final touches to your outfit and fixing your hair a final time before heading to your car to drive to the pier not too far from where you lived.

The funfair was as bright and colourful as you had remembered it to be, but the twilight had brought it all to life, giving it the revitalisation that you had missed from your youth. It wasn’t difficult to find the Lupin; his immediate characteristics of the white fur made him stand out from the crowd as he waited with his phone in his hand, almost fidgety.

So, he’s just as nervous as I am? You had to smile at that, soon realising, the closer you got to him, the longer his legs got as well as his height. He was taller than you had expected: with a lean build that gave his broad shoulders a nice fit in his denim jacket, his long legs were dressed in some denim-washed jeans and black vans.

“Casen, right?” You called to him gingerly when you got close enough to him, and the tall male looked up from his phone when he had heard his name being called, large caramel eyes looking almost surprised – maybe sheepish – into your own.

“Yeah, that would be me, hey nice to meet you finally face to face.” His voice was a rich timbre, a friendly warm sound that brought a warmth to your stomach when you heard it. It suited him nicely. 

You gave a difficult to manoeuvre side hug to him which he reciprocated as the beginnings played out, setting out to not feel awkward in front of him.

The date began with slowly going through and getting the tickets, looking around at what they had, walking around each booth. You kept the conversation light and easy to follow, trying to seem as engaging as possible with what he said.

“Yeah, I think the last time I was here, I threw up on the bumper cars because I ate too much funnel cake.” You laughed sheepishly to yourself, but was met with the unexpectant gaze of Casen; his face lit up dramatically. “Sorry—that was gross to mention.”

“No, that was fine, maybe a little, but I was interested you mentioned funnel cakes – they may be my favourite thing to have at places like these.” He admitted, running his hand through the back of his neck.

“—Wait, you like funnel cake?”

“Yeah, love it actually! I was going to suggest getting some but I didn’t want you to think I was weird if you weren’t a fan.” He sheepishly admitted, and you swore that his timid face would bring you to crumple like a paperweight.

“No, you’re not weird, I thought I was weird but I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who really likes it.” You smiled, laughing as the mood changed and you felt almost… giddy. Casen nudged you, his large ears moving with his head as he turned to show you the nearby booth.

“They have one here, you know? Unless-”

You didn’t need to be told twice, dragging him to the booth excitedly, telling him about your favourite toppings.

You felt yourself loosening up the more you got into the evening, having a full belly after sharing a funnel cake topped with strawberries and whipped cream on a bench looking out the water, before deciding to go on the large Ferris wheel.

“For the lovely couple.” A man carrying roses of many shades was handing them out to those who passed, giving you a bright smile as he handed you a pink rose. “Oh—thank you!” You blushed but took it gratefully, and when you looked up to Casen, his ears were flattened, blushingly looking the other way.  It was adorable.

In the end, you went to one of the booths scattered around, trying out the ring toss which Casen promised to try and win. It astonished both of you to find him win and handed the prize of a cute little bear with white fur and a red bow around his neck almost your size. Your eyes lit up when you saw it and Casen holding it was maybe the cutest thing ever. “He’s so precious.”

“So are you,” his comment caught you off guard at how he said it so sweetly, coughing to hide his embarrassment, “He’s yours, something to remember this night and date.”

“I’ll call him Cas.” You laughed when you saw how his face broke into shock mixed with happiness, and you cuddled the big plush into a hug as you continue your way to another booth, Casen behind you looking on at you with a dreamy stare, you weren’t aware of.

You had it to admit, it was one of the best dates you had been on.

“I… I really enjoyed it tonight with you, a lot.” Casen’s voice was soft as you looked over to him from where you sat in the sand onlooking the sea on a dark night, the lights and dim music still coming from the pier but it was almost a small glimmer compared to where you sat, beneath the stars.

“I did too, I’ll have to admit, it had been a while since I was on a date.” You timidly added, watching to gauge his reaction.

“Really? You’re not the only one then, it’s been a good two years for me.” He admitted.

Two years? Wow! I would’ve never thought that. May I ask why?”

Casen rubbed the back of his neck blushingly, “I kind of put aside dating to think about myself and my degree. But I think it’s time to finally get back into it after being away for so long. I was kind of put off after how the last relationship ended.”

You glumly pouted, your eyebrows furrowing, “I hope that this was a good date for you then.”

“Oh, it was amazing. The best so far.” He smiled broadly, his canines pearly white when he grinned, before a nervous laugh bubbled over him, “I was wondering if… you wanted to see me again? Go on another date.”

“Of course, I would love to go on another date with.” You smiled, leaning in a bit closer to him, appreciating how warm his fur was in the cooling air. Casen leant into you too, wrapping an arm around you to pull him plush to him, silently appreciating the view as you cuddled up into each other.

He was stroking the underside of your chin, almost hesitantly. “May… may I kiss you?”

You nodded, turning to face him properly as he gingerly gave you one final look over to see your facial reactions, leaning his forehead against yours and exhaling deeply. He finally leant in to press a chaste kiss to the corner of your lips, giving a goofy lick to your cheek in adoration that had you giggling.

You couldn’t wait to tell Amery of your cute little date. 

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how do the centaurs sleep? and how do they stretch after a good sleep?

Ok this is one I’ve been wanting to cover for a while and my cooldown sketches got out of hand, so buckle up and enjoy the picturebook!

The easiest options is exactly what you think, the flop. In a home, thick carpets or tatami-like mats would provide at least some sort of cushion for the horse-half and various sized cushions and pillows to lift and support the top half. And they CAN sleep standing up, like horses, but it does require both a special harness/corset and practice. And it’s not very comfortable for anything deeper than a doze or catnap for most, so it’s mostly reserved for bad situations, naps, or guard duty.

Most common are recliners, or ‘hammocks’. Easy to fold and carry for cultures on the move, or make fancy for the city-folk they are probably the most ubiquitous of centaur furniture. A simple adjustable A-frame supporting some sort of flexible fabric-ish sheet for the top half to lean against and sleep. Usually paired with some sort of large blanket or padding on the ground to lay the horse-half on!

When you don’t have no fancy recliners, your herd will do! The preferred sleeping method of closely bonded herds is to simply rest on your buddies cushy backside! Roaming bands can often form long chains of sleeping centaurs with the unlucky first taur either on guard duty, sleeping sprawled, or with the group’s only hammock.

Mix and match to your character and herd’s personal preference!

Also stretchies!

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itstheendofthegoddamnworld·18 days agoAnswer

I don't know if this has been asked, but what are you favourite monsters to write?

It depends, but usually, I enjoy writing faes, nagas and vampires, but anything would do. I usually can get a personality off of them from what they are and then going off from the moodboards I make.💫😊

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Part 1

Warnings for the full fic on Patreon: some language, commander/cadet relationships, praise kink, spanking, edging, blowjobs, female dom.

The full thing can be read on my Patreon, very NSFW so if you’re interested in reading it, please check it out.

Male monster x female human (OC)

2619: Deliverance Part 2

“Doesn’t the Captain seem… weird lately?”

“How so?”

You rolled over to face Rena, facing her where she sat on the end of your bed. “Just think lately he’s been a lot more… docile.” You didn’t want to admit that you noticed the changes too, but for the last few weeks after joining his squad, Sorloith Qhundin had gone from demanding to… reluctant.

You chortled at her words, gaining her attention further from your delay. “I would have to disagree. He’s been relentless.”

“On you maybe, but, I think there is something that he likes about you.” There was a questionable look that danced in her eyes, one that made you question her words, “You’re a rookie, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him go so easy on one in the past.”

“Maybe the favouritism is just exuding out of him since I joined.”

Adaaah,” She drawled cheekily, and you knew from the look alone she gave you that she was going to say something completely outlandish, “I think you’re not telling me something.”

“—What do I need to say?” You asked, trying to control the amount of blush that dusted your cheeks.

“That you like the Captain.”

You were too slow to retort something, instead, muttering to yourself that gained the glee to come from your friend. “I knew it! I mean, who doesn’t anyway? He is hot.”

Rena!” You hissed, trying to ignore the other looks that were stolen your way from the small outburst. “You can’t say that.”

“What? He is though, he’s a fucking sex god. When the other trainees aren’t shitting bricks in front of him, they’re living out their fantasies either wishing to top him or let him top them.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this. He’s our superior.” Not only could you not believe that you were hearing such things about the other cadets and their pleasures, but you couldn’t believe that you were too wishing you wouldn’t be called out. “You can’t tell me that you don’t find him attractive?”

“Well,” You drawled thoughtfully, outweighing your words and whether you should admit to something, “he is handsome, but that’s beside the point! It’s not like he would want time for a relationship anyway, even with a cadet.”

“You’ll never know, the captain seems open to anything and I do not doubt that there is something he’s hiding, or even feeling-”

“Rhodes, to the Captain’s office.” Kdani had come running through the large room towards you with large strides, his presence overpowering when he stood so stiffly in front of you. He seemed exhausted, maybe even irritated.

“Ah, c’mon, can’t you get someone else to do it. I got the evening off.”

“Captain’s orders, he seems frustrated with something so I have no doubt he needs your aid,” he gave a low groan, his posture becoming riled, “well, quickly now.”

“Save me some dinner when I get back, will you?” You asked Rena, who had rigidly put back on her boots at the corner of the bed. She silently agreed, before heading away to who you assumed were some of her other friends, before you moved out and past Kdani.

“You might be able to ease his tension – however, you do it, I’ll be impressed. Rookies like you can be eaten up by him.”

You tensed, regarding the Zadanian slowly. “Of course, Sir. I’ll try my best.”

You didn’t need to say more as you headed to his office down the long corridor you first went down when you were wide-eyed and naïve to the prospect of being in a squad. The corridor was quiet unlike the first time, with only a small cluster of cadets in the gym working out and some you passed in the hallway, none giving you a second glance.

By the time you noticed, the Captain’s office’s shut door was right in your face, and you were trying to rasp the confidence to knock quickly. You did eventually, waiting.

“Come in, now.” There was maybe an urgency in his voice as you quickly pulled yourself inside without a second thought, unexpectantly taken aback by how dimly lit his office had become so late in the evening.

The usual blue flushed from the lights above had dimmed in lustre, a soft hum coming from the vents above.

There, sitting in his chair behind his desk was the Captain, his hunched posture hovering over a stack of many papers, his face in his hands with the first buttons of his jacket unfastened.

You observed him silently from the place you stood by, watching how heavy his breathing seemed, his matte skin looked almost lustrous under the lights, his piercing bright eyes trained to the desk, almost painfully.

“Sir, is everything okay?” You watched his movements, how still he looked; wondering if he had fallen ill. “Shall I call for a doctor to come to see you, Sir-”

“No.” He snapped up sharply, grimacing as he clutched his head, “No, that won’t be needed, Rhodes. At… at ease.”

You felt relieved to hear that, but there was still scepticism that you felt whilst observing him. “You wished to see me, Sir?”

Sorloith seemed to rethink everything quickly before speaking again, still, his many eyes had been guarded, “I need your aid in these papers. I have been supplied with too many to concentrate.”

“Perhaps you should take a break, Sir.”

“I don’t need a break, not when these need to be signed and sent back to the chain of command.” He sighed hoarsely. “No, this is something that only I can try to control.”

You looked at him confusedly, dubiously. “I’m positively certain you shouldn’t bottle such problems if you’re not feeling well-”

You had heard the chair squeak just as you had retorted back to him, just seeing the flash of something past towards you stridently, and before you could even blink, you were pressed into the wall behind you, the 6’7 Bhikrier Captain had trapped you between his caged burly arms, his exasperated stare piercing down to you.

“For once, can you please take an order?”

You couldn’t find the right words at first, just staring up at him in marvel. He seemed… fatigued from something - the strain in his movements and how he trapped you from moving was bringing to stir within you once more. The thoughts you shouldn’t have been feeling, with the unfortunate words from Rena running laps through your fogged mind.

‘When the other trainees aren’t shitting bricks in front of him, they’re living out their fantasies either wishing to top him or let him top them.’

For some reason in your mind, that seemed to be the only thing you were thinking about wanting to do.

“I… I can be of some help, Sir, whatever it may be.” You put on your best smile, watching how the 6’7 mass of muscle seemed to almost buckle in front of you, trying his best to keep his composure. “Is it stress? Kdani annoying you to the high heavens?”

He grunted as he shut his eyes, a strained chuckle leaving his lips. “You’ll be the death of me, Rhodes.”

Your smile broadened as you watched Sorloith push back to give more room, his eyes trained to the ground, processing something. “Tell me, Sir. It’s not like I’m going to tell anybody.”

With those words, his four eyes snapped back to look at you, staring penetratingly in disbelief, mixed with mirth. “What would I have to do to stop you from opening your mouth to everyone?”

You shrugged, failing to hide the cheekiness to your smile. “Guess you will have to punish me, however you deem fit.”

The Bhikrier didn’t look to understand your words properly, as if in denial of what you had just said, his many eyes scanning you carefully before his own smile graced his handsome features, one that stuttered you rigid. “I guess that would be appropriate.”


So, the rest of this NSFW chapter you can find on my Patreon, link at the top. Hope you guys like it!

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I simply do what I must

think I may experiment with these babies, as in lighting n whatnot later. they’re so fun to draw sjfhshd

fun tidbit, these were drawn immediately after I made m last post and I felt sO BAD because these were so much more consistent

💝😍😍😘💙🥰🥰😭💘BABIE 💝😭💝😘😘🥰🥰

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1 [NSFW]  -  2  -  3

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Divine Worship Part 4

“Let me see you, dear.” You were preened carefully, your dark locks braided past your neck with a twisted bronze circlet adorning the crown of your head, your feet rubbed with oils as those around you steadied to put the sandals on you.

Kira met your apprehensive gaze as she snapped her fingers for the other girl’s hands to stop what they had been doing: looking you over wisely. 

“Do you remember the first time you did this?”

Her dark gaze met your ones before a sad smile appeared on her aged features. “You were just a youngling, being readied to meet the Princess for the first time. You were such a small little thing, timid and quiet… but now look at you,” she stroked your cheek affectionately, “about to be announced to the entire court.”

Whether the Emperor is wise enough to allow such a match. You let your breath out unsteadily. I am no match for the Golden Prince, nor would I be allowed as his wife. “I’m nervous, Kira.”

“Good… that’s good to be nervous. I think it would be worrying to hear if you weren’t.” Her laugh bubbled heartily out, easing the tension you felt as you were being dressed. The silk-wrapped dress was as bright as the sun in all shades with beaded hems around the neckline, giving a highlighted elongated look to your form. 

The Prince had commissioned it for you; as a gift in hopes of accentuating your beauty. The golden amulet that once been in Kira’s sister’s possession hung around your neck as a piece of good luck from her and a blessing, receiving one was much needed at this time.

She took your hands into hers, squeezing tightly and reassuringly. “Everything will go well, I swear it. The Emperor is kind-hearted and wise, the decision will come swiftly.”

I wish you were correct, Kira. I wish so. You nodded stiffly, “Thank you for your blessings, Kira. You have been… a wonderful friend to me.”

She looked perplexed by your words, taken aback, before a lamented smile drifted, her eyes becoming glossy. “You have certainly brought a big presence to court, I do hope we can remain friends for a long time.”

She was the first to hug you securely to her in an embrace, trying to hold her as she silently cried into your shoulder cumbersomely, as if embarrassed she may have been caught with tears streaming down her cheeks. “The Prince shall have a wonderful wife to look forward to, a life of adoration and worship for you.”

There had been a smooth clearing of a throat that came from behind you, and through the doorway, everyone surrounding you including yourself fell almost dramatically to one knee, some curtseying. “Arise, I should be the one curtseying to you instead of you.”

“Princess,” You marvelled at Amvalma, the Star of the Sea was dressed in the finery of a jade and gold headpiece, a similar one golden as the sun across her neck, her matte grey skin glimmering in contrast with the dress hanging low to show the valley of her breasts, “I was not expecting your arrival so soon, I would’ve been more prepared.”

“You shan’t need to rush for me, dear. I was wishing to see you before you were to be announced.” Her smile was steady and beautiful, her white teeth glinted across her golden lips whilst she took your hands into her clawed ones. “My, you are such a beauty. My brother has a lot to look forward to.”

You blushed heavily, averting your gaze timidly. “Your Grace, I ask… you are not angry with me for all of this?”

“Ah, please forgive me for when I had seemed… withdrawn. I was pensive in my prayers, praying that my father would be understanding to Shesmetet, but I fear for everything no matter how much I believe everything will be okay.” She drawled thoughtfully. “I gave up a long time ago into finding out who my brother’s lovers had been, close or not – my father had asked only of news and gossip in which I grew bored of providing.” She laughed silverly to herself, the golden pieces jingling gleefully. “If anything, I believe him finding you was a moment for him to truly mature.”

The two of you shared a moment to laugh quietly amongst one another, amazed as to what was to take place shortly. The future Jade Empress’ face fell sadly as she collected the strands that had fallen over your eyes, pushing it back behind your ear, “Just know, if anything goes wrong today, in my eyes… you will always be my sister.”

You had been the first to hug her carefully and gingerly as if you were treading on thin ice to be embracing a future ruler. But Princess Amvalma hugged you just a fiercely back, the smell of oranges and rosewater was strong in her hair.

“Come, let us not keep my father waiting. It shall all begin shortly.” She had taken you by the hand as she led you out through the door, her guards loyally following behind with their large golden tails. You glimpsed a final glance to Kira, her eyes pooling as she mouthed something to you that you couldn’t read, her expression warm and loving. You had wished to hug her a final time.

The court was bustling and full with all lords and ladies from the far east lands and other empires, coming to flock for the old emperor; his Grace glinted black and gold in his gilt throne, his jade eyes shining.

You stood up by the gallery with the other ladies of the court, averting the eyes and whispers as you passed to move to the front, the Princess by your side, those bowing respectfully. “The men wish to speak - they have little need of me today.” Said Amvalma, the corners of her mouth turning upwards. “Though it’s not as if I wished to be speaking anyway.”

“You’re the future empress, I’m sure everyone here would wish to hear you speak.” You confessed quietly, onlooking the throne and not taking your eyes off of the two. It wasn’t hard to find the Young Flame: the Prince stood at the bottom of the stairs just in the front with a personal guard opposite him, with three human girls murmuring as they gawked the back of him. 

His Grace was dressed in gold-plated armour that made him shimmer beautifully – you hadn’t been surprised to see the girls behind him giggle and whisper. He stood elegantly and dignified, his long ink-black hair was tied with the sides braided back, his expressions trying to hide what you knew were nerves through a stiff smile.

He caught your gaze in the gallery as if he could sense you there, sending a wink to you as he resumed concentrating, as if distractedly. “The boy seems lovestruck.” The Star of the Sea gave a fake look of disgust at the back and forth between you and her brother, but her eyes were full of mirth through her teasing. “Though… I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so terrified to speak with father.”

“You noticed too?”

“Indeed,” the Star of the Sea added, “my father goes easy on him if he steps out of line most times – a simple mistake that is dismissed quickly - but even accomplishing something behind father’s back can go very wrong.” 

Emperor Eirgotzo has lived a very long life, and his children may be his pride and joy, but everyone knows not to step out of line to disobey him.

“This is all too much.” Your voice was merely a whisper, but Princess Amvalma was by your side to hush your worries. “If anything were to happen, I’m sure Shesmetet would be able to weave his way out of this, he may be an idiot, but he has done so far more times in the past.” She confided warmly, touching at your shoulder to give support. “Shesmetet nor I will not let anything happen to you.”

As much as you appreciated the future Jade empress’ words, you were still tugging at your worries distressingly. Even the heir has not much power to the emperor.

Your thoughts and surrounding voices from the crowds quietened when the Emperor addressed everyone with a dismissal, a warm relaxed expression across his face. “My fellow lords and ladies, the empire rises with you all. I would like to start this off by-”

“Father, a word if I may please, I’d like to speak of something.” Shesmetet had stepped forth from his spot to the base of the steps, his movement fluid as he slithered close to reaching. Eirgotzo’s eyes lifted confused for a moment, his posture and expression never faltering when he slowly spoke again. “My son… proceed.”

“Thank you, Your Grace.” Shesmetet bowed respectfully before coming up to stand in the middle of the stairs, addressing the court with some respectful decorum still left to his reputation. 

“You may have heard the rumours whispering through the gilded walls and passing it as either falsehood or gossip,” his voice was a steady deep timbre, smooth as you had remembered with the charm he carried, “but… I may confirm they are all true.”

The crowd whispered harshly with lords and ladies in their heated chatter, some in disbelief, others in the knowing already so smugly. The Young Flame turned to face his father, his eyes a familiar steady golden glow that pooled like molten. “What you have heard from the whispers, father, are correct. The reason as to why I called off the wedding to the Princess Iseka was because… I fell for another.”

The court’s whisperings grew loud to a deafening sound of outcries of some who wished to speak out and argue against the Prince for his wrongdoings, the emperor’s gold stare silencing those, his hand wavering to silence all. “Your bride-to-be, the Rising Sun, she left my court because of the infatuation of another?”

Prince Shesmetet grew a spark to defend his honour, his heated eyes pooled with intensity. “I asked of her respectfully – through a disturbance that even you would be most disturbed by, your Grace.”

“She violated a rule?”

“Yes, one of my sister’s handmaidens she threatened—the one who I fell for.”

There were more indistinct murmurs, some harsher than others, as Shesmetet resumed, holding his posture to remain headstrong. “Father, heed not that my intentions were out against you, for if you must punish one, pass the reprimand to me.”

His father merely seemed more amused than angry, for now. “I see why those of devoted following and liking to you gave you your name.” He tensed his fingers, almost to see his son’s reaction. “Flickering from one wick to another, dancing where the flame is brightest.” 

Gods no, I can see how this ends already. You dreaded, your heart waiting to leap out from your chest. You could picture it now: exile for your affections for the Prince, the shame that would hang around your head for the rest of your days. The Princess beside you noticed your tense shoulders, calming you as best as she could silently. 

“Your title is fitting,” the emperor drawled, “for when it came to you perusing common harlots.”

Shesmetet looked both hurt and angry by the words used on him, ready to coil around himself to spring up towards his father. “Those days are behind me now, a time to settle and mature. My philandering days are over, and although the match with Princess Iseka has soured, I’m here merely for your blessings and forgiveness.”


I left it on a bit of a cliff-hanger, but I will be finishing this with a final part that should be the wedding - maybe even smutty too.

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itstheendofthegoddamnworld·a month agoAnswer

If you don’t mind me asking, is the story about the rakshasa zarita ongoing? or was it just a short story? Also, you write really good, I enjoyed the story a lot.

Thank you, Zarita shall be coming back with another part, but due to being at uni, writer’s block and procrastination, she is on a bit of a hiatus. But yeah, to keep it short, she will be coming back. 💫😊

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itstheendofthegoddamnworld·a month agoAnswer

I must know when you're writing again admin! I miss your writing so much! The OCs, the storylines, the DEPTH. Everything! I need MORE! (though take your time writing please)

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, anon! 😄I have been working on things mixed with being at uni, but I have lots of parts I want to complete - I do believe that Prince Shesmetet shall return for a final chapter soon - but other than that, I will be working on small things like HC or small imagines. My Imbox is open atm for questions or requests, however, my commissions are closed for now. 💫😊 

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Relationship status: Single.

Favorite color: Red and purple.

Three favorite foods: Pizza, chow mein (no meat) and dumplings (vegetables only).

Song stuck in my head: Heroes by David Bowie

Last song listened to: Television Romance by Pale Waves

Time: 04:20am

Dream trip: Paris or Italy.

Anything i want: Peace of mind after all I have been through this year

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Relationship status: Single (and ready to mingle!) 

Favorite color: Red, pink, blue, white, purple, beige/tan, and periwinkle

Three favorite foods: Pasta, hot and sour soup, and (fruit) salads

Song stuck in my head: Wild Thing by The Troggs

Last song listened to: Radio Gaga by Queen

Time: 11:00 PM

Dream trip: Western Europe and  Mediterranean region, and some parts of the Middle East.

Anything i want: For the virus to be over! I miss all the parties my family and friends used to throw! :(

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Relationship status: Single

Favourite color: Pastel pink, pastel blue, purple, and maroon

Three favourite foods: Ramen, Gazpacho, and Mochi

Song stuck in my head: Easy by Alice Kristiansen

Last song listened to: Dancing in The Moonlight by Jubël & NEIMY

Time: 08:03 AM

Dream trip: Wakayama Prefecture

Anything I want: For my kitty to feel better :( He’s been thr*wing up a lot these past few weeks and the vet is still trying to figure out what is wrong with him

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Thanks for tagging me! And sorry for disappearing a century

Relationship status: single

Favorite color: blue, purple, and gray

Three favorite foods: milanesas, pancakes, and dulce de leche

Song stuck in my head: Curses by The Crane Wives

Last song listened to: The Riddle by The Scarlet Pimpenel

Time: 3:43 PM

Dream trip: I’d like to go any place in America with cultural and historical value for the first nations, for example, Machu Pichu, or the Teotihuacán pyramid. I dream of travelling the whole continent and visiting places important for the indigenous people, learn their cultures, etc, but I need to be rich for that.

Anything I want: for the people throughout the world to stay home >:( There are so many anti-quarantines going around I SWEAR TO GOD

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Relationship status: single

Favorite color: red, gray, blue, green

Three favorite foods: chocolate (especially dark), peach and vegetables with rice 

Song stuck in my head: Sunlight by Hozier

Last song listened to: Roulette by System of a Down

Time: 9:40 PM

Dream trip: anywhere in Latin America :)

Anything I want: my college degree! (hopefully I will finish this year) and for my mental health to improve ❤

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Relationship status: single, gay, and extremely touch starved. (Too much? Okay. 😅)

Favorite color: yellow and pink.

Three favorite foods: avocado salad, broccoli chicken Alfredo, zucchini bread.

Song stuck in my head: Electric Love by Borns.

Last song I listened to: Leading Man by Will Jay.

Time: 10:44 AM.

Dream trip: honestly I’d be down to visit most places but if I have to pick I’d like to go to either France, Italy, or Ireland, because I’ve used them a lot for world building inspiration in my stories, and want to take picutres for art references.

Anything I want: a Girlfriend but also to be able to make a living off my art.

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  • Relationship status : My gay self is single 😂
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  • Three favourite dishes : Poutine, Apple Strudels, and Macarons.
  • Song stuck in my head : Moral of the Story by Ashe.
  • Last song I listened to : Love to Hate Me by BlackPink.
  • Time : 17.30
  • Dream trip : I would love to visit the Machu Picchu.
  • Anything I want : For the world to heal. Cliché ? I know.

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P.s. I love ya Rai, plz don’t hate me for tagging you, mahal 😂

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  • Relationship status :Single UwU
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  • 3 favourite dishes: Sisig, Kare-kare, Seafood ramen
  • Song stuck in my head: Chant II from Hadestown
  • Last song I’ve listened to: Achilles, come down-Gang of youths
  • Time:5:00 am
  • Dream trip: Idk? Not much for travel, but I’d love to travel around with people I like 😅
  • Anything I want: I just want to graduate college 🎓

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  • Relationship status: single!
  • Favourite color?: pink, mustard yellow, dark teal
  • 3 favourite dishes: pasta, mint chip ice cream, any kind of soup!
  • Song stuck in my head: Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by the Backstreet Boys lol
  • Last song I’ve listened to: Wrecking Ball by Mother mother
  • Time: 2:30 ish pm
  • Dream trip: I really want to go to Scotland and Ireland, and I’d love to go back to Italy  
  • Anything I want: to get into a PhD program and be able to move far away from my hometown 

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•Relationship status: Single (like who in their right mind who date me lol)

•Favorite color: Orange, yellow, and light green.

•3 favorite dishes: Spaghetti, tacos, and fajitas.

•Song styck in my head: Tainted Love by Soft Cell

•Last song listened to: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

•Time: About 8:30pm

•Dream trip: Probably Iceland

•Anything I want: To official move away from the US (for obvious reasons).

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  • Relationship status; Taken.
  • Favourite colour; purple or gold
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  • Song stuck in my head; Soldier, Poet, King by The Oh Hellos 
  • Last Song Listened too; Not by the Moon by GOT7
  • Time; as I’m writing it 11:25 am
  • Dream trip; Tokyo and Florence, Italy!
  • Anything I Want; to travel once again and go away when the pandemic is over.
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As the video says

This boy belongs to itstheendofthegoddamnworld over on Tumblr! This is a collab for a fanfic of this fine snake! Be sure to go check them out

#art #artist #artwork #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #digitalart #digitalillustration #digitaldrawing #digitalartist #digitalpainting #lamia #monster #monsterboyfriend #terato #teratophilia #monsterlover #fanfic #collab #blood #bruise

Reblogging to tag @itstheendofthegoddamnworld and to GET THE OTHRR DAMN IMAGE IN

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He looks so good, thank you for bringing him to life! 😄💫

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