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“I thought you understood”
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After reading your two parts to Viktor, how do you think he would react if he had come out from a shower and the reader asks if they can dry and brush his hair? Sorry for the weird request
No, it's not a weird request at all, it's really cute actually! The reader is gn.
Tumblr media
First off, as confused as he is about the offer, Viktor would immediately go s o f t, a pile of mush as he agrees on the aspects that his hair does need a good brush.
Ever since he’s been dedicated to developing the Hextech core, he’s seen little to no use in keeping his appearance tidy; opting to change rarely in his clothes when he would eventually get back home, rinsing his hair until the     grease was manageable but not gone from his hair.
When he emerged from his shower—one you asked him to take as you believed it would benefit his mental health—you were already sat at the end of his bed cross-legged with a hairbrush, a wide grin on your face.
“Mind if I brush your hair?”
“Why? My hair can’t be that important, can it?” He was somewhat mushy at the idea that you cared that much for him to offer to brush out the knots in his hair, tending to him when he couldn’t.
As much as he didn’t want to show how he felt about it, Viktor was practically putty in your hands when he sat in between your knees, ready for what you had installed.
His hair, for all the knots and lack of care, was still very soft, soft waves in his dark brown hair that made it very hard not to touch.
He’s amused by it all, a deep blush to his shallow cheekbones, the fondest of smiles decorating his handsome face.
You’re so careful with him: taking your time with brushing every knot out that it leaves Viktor almost emotional, tender in his heart that you care and love him so much.
He’s thankful you can’t see his expressions- too concentrated on the task at hand.
When you’re done, you’ve already got a hand-held mirror for him to look at his new do, marvelling at the wonderful job you did.
It practically looks better just from this, and he can’t help but run his hands through them and not be disgusted by the constant knots and hair falling out.
He’s already turning to give you the biggest cuddles, peppering your face with kisses as thanks in return for your aid.
“Thank you, my love.” His thick accent is laced with adoration, as he goes to lie down for cuddles with you for the majority of the evening. 
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Slumber for your Qualms 2 (Viktor x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: I don't know what else to say but this is the follow-up of the previous chapter, and you go on your little date with Viktor. This will mainly be in the POV of Viktor.
A/N: The last chapter was successful so I’m writing the follow up. ENJOY!
He was screwed, so terrifyingly screwed.
It was only with the help of Jayce, he would’ve been stuck in the dark with no knowledge of how ‘dating’ went. He had been a man of science for his entire life, dedicated to one skill and pushing away other human pleasures. It had been something he had come to accept from his youth; a crippled man not deemed worthy of the basic needs for love and want.
But then, you came along, filling his life with the needs that he was so very afraid of experiencing.
“What if she doesn’t like me?—What if she just said yes out of pity?” Viktor’s ramblings were all the young man from House Talis had been hearing for the rest of the afternoon, constant and doubtful. “Should I cancel now? Is it too late?”
Jayce was growing impatient by the constant qualms, rolling his hazel eyes. “I swear, Viktor if I have to hear you go on about how unworthy you are to deserve a date, I will be sure to use that cane and put it somewhere you wouldn’t want it to be.”
The young man from the Undercity blinked confusedly. “Was… that a threat to get me to shut up? I hope you don’t, I do like this cane.”
Jayce heaves a sigh, “Nevermind…Look, do you think this was all for jokes that she said yes?” He threw his hands around him dramatically, waving them wildly. “Both of you like each other and it’s so noticeable to everyone around you.”
When he had calmed slightly, Jayce placed a warm hand on his assistant’s shoulder, a look of sympathy. “And did you see the way she was looking at you at lunch? It’s so obvious she has the hots for you.”
The heat rushed once more to Viktor’s chiselled cheeks, his accent heavy like lead. “It was?”
“Yeah, it was. Enjoy your evening, please, and don’t forget to relax.” Jayce had imitated his stance, shoulders tense and posture hunched. With little effort, he pretended to loosen his shoulders, concentrating on his breathing as his posture regained some height.
Viktor copied to the best of his abilities, a little more rigid than what he had imagined, but he got the message clear, already feeling some resemblance of calming beginning to take over his body.
Jayce straightened his new tie, smiling earnestly. “Now, you go out there and be yourself. Be the same Viktor that she likes.”
He was early, unsettlingly early.
If Viktor had remembered any of the many words of advice from Jayce, it was to never leave a woman waiting, no matter if it was the first or twentieth meet-up.
Luckily, Viktor had to get from one side of the city to the next, and walking with a cane had thrown in some disadvantages of leaving extra, extra early. No matter what, The Marquis was the best establishment (from the councillors he heard were usual regulars) that had the best meals in all of Piltover and perhaps of Runeterra. He just hoped he had enough money and the hopes of impressing you with such a grandiose restaurant.
He had been waiting for over half an hour, nerves consuming him whole.
C’mon, Viktor. Remember what Jayce says. Be yourself—shit, what if she finds me boring outside of work? No—do you think she would’ve gone this far with you to pretend it was all for nothing? Get a hold of yourself! But what if she doesn’t show up? What then? That sends a clear message she was not wanting to show up at all-
“I hope I wasn’t keeping you waiting for too long?”
His breath got lodged in his throat, embarrassment rising like heat to his chest for being caught in his rambling thoughts, darting his head up to meet your figure walking towards him.
Oh, mighty Piltover. Swallow me whole.
He could’ve been resuscitated in that very moment, taking in the sight of your slender legs, noticeable curves he had missed from your uniform, now on full show in the off-the-shoulder dress you wore, a light jacket, keeping your skin warm from the light breeze.
Your hair was carefully tied up, showing your slender neck with a gold necklace wrapped around your throat, his mind running short of circuits and malfunctioning.
His mouth was opening and closing, eyes drinking you in like you were his life supply, blinking owlishly when he realised you had spoken and he had yet answered.
“Me? No, no—I just got here… I, uh, you look-”
“Bland?” You could only chuckle dryly. “I didn’t have much in my wardrobe, I’m afraid. I don’t go out that often.”
“Oh, well, me neither.” Viktor adjusted his already straightened tie that he found whilst rummaging in his apartment. “But, no. You look really beautiful.”
It was your turn to blush at his compliment, averting your gaze to the floor. The sight made his chest swell, staring at you with fondness. “Ah, uh, shall we go in? I don’t think staying out here for long would benefit either of us.”
“No, I don’t think so.” You giggled, taking the initiative and linking your arm with his. Viktor could feel everything in those beating seconds, quickly aware of everything he was doing and the closeness of your bodies to one another. Another reason for Viktor to have needed cold water thrown on him was to calm his scalding body down.
With a heave of the door, Viktor let you in first, smiling as you thanked him, passing through into the warmth and friendliness of the restaurant. “I’ve heard many good things about this place.”
It had… gone way better than he had imagined.
Not only had he learnt a lot more about you and your private life, but there were small pieces of his life he had uncovered, something he usually kept within the confines of his mind. He learnt about your upbringing: how you came to Piltover with your aunt; a previous student of Professor Heimerdinger and how she had been an inspiration as a child to return and make a living in the City of Progress.
Everything about you that he learnt, the more Viktor wanted to stay closer to you. It was as if you were holding the strings above him, guiding him like an angel to become more human than a machine; straying slowly away from the life he thought he could only choose.
A cripple has no time for love. He had remembered the very words that held its authority over his life, but now, he could only hope he could break free from it.
And the very thought both relieved and terrified him so.
The meal was exceptional, way too much food but it was worth the money, all paid for even when you tried to add in the two of you could split the bill. But he was insistent, telling you how often you would bring in lunches for both him and Jayce and that it was both a treat for yourself and him.
Once you had paid, you explored the city together in its darkness; a different side to everything than what you saw when it was light. Enforcers patrolled the streets, giving both of you some layer of safety as you traversed over to the docks, sitting down and looking over the water and millions of stars.
That was where the two of you could feel most comfortable, exploring the gradually touches of one another, finding yourselves in each other’s arms, keeping one another warm from the harsh air.
“You know,” he began, brown-copper eyes drifting from the sky to your face. “I cannot remember how long it has been since I’ve had this much fun.”
“You enjoyed tonight?” Your breath was shallow, warmth spreading as your hands grew clammy within his timid hold. Viktor gave a warm chuckle, light and airy. “I think I can admit that any time I spend with you means a lot to me.”
Your fingers were firm when you squeezed them out of fondness, your head instinctively leaning closer into his bubble. “I had a great evening with you, Viktor.”
This was everything for him, no other feeling he could describe how to say how he was feeling, but it was strong and swelled his heart whenever he even looked over at you, let alone be in your arms. He couldn’t imagine how life would be without you beside him, guiding him like a light down a path he thought was not destined for him.
This was everything he had ever dreamt of.
He shifted his weight to face you properly- closer than before, his hands tracing your jawline, startling you with the sudden affection. “Y/N… I find it difficult to speak of these feelings I’m having at this moment. I’ve never felt them ever, but when I’m with you, I feel so alive that I have to remind myself that I’m breathing through it all.”
He enjoyed how you leant closer into his touch, batting your eyelashes at him with such adoration that he gasped softly. “Viktor-”
“-I love you, Y/N.” He confessed sweetly, the sound of a boat passing within the night, drifting past. “I have loved you for a while now, and it will never stop even when I cease to exist.”
You responded by taking his other hand to rest around your waist, leaning until wisps of his hair trailed along your forehead, tender and sweet. “I love you too, Viktor. So, very much.”
He could imagine your first kiss, leaning into you and taking your lips with passion, but even with the proximity and the chance to lean ever-so- closely more into you, Viktor found himself frozen, only his eyes could dart from your eyes to your lips.
He needed that extra push, and you would happily oblige.
You didn’t hesitate to caress the side of his neck, tracing his jawline as you captured his lips. Slowly, hesitantly, his lips took some time to remember the outline of yours against his, before he let you take control, slipping your tongue to swipe against his bottom lip.
Your mouths moved slowly together, growing more passionate as you would pull away and change angle before delving back to one another again; warm and beckoning. It had plucked his heart out and laid it bare for you to witness.
When you pulled away to catch your breath, he was flushed to the cheeks, eyes lidded and mouth formed to the perfect ‘o’ shape.
You leant into him, resting your head in the crook of his neck, nose grazing his sharp jawline as the two of you relaxed in comfortable silence. He fell into your arms, resting into you as well, closing his eyes with happiness and a broad smile on his thin lips.
When he felt you shift, hands trailing to his hands once more, you spoke to him with clear playfulness in your tone. “Did you know you talked in your sleep?”
His eyes flashed open, pulling away just to see your cheeky face, eyes crinkled with mirth. Once again, no words could form, watching how you giggled at the embarrassed scientist, before his own cocky smile rose to his face, promising to you that he would take that smile off your face, дорогая; not giving you time to react when he attacked your face with his fierce kisses. 
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Slumber for your Qualms (Viktor x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You stumble across Viktor as he's asleep at his desk. You just weren't expecting him to start talking in his sleep.
A/N: Forgive me, I’ve only watched Arcane and I don’t know all the lore of LOL, so if it seems like I’m making shit up, I don’t mean to. This takes place between acts 1 & 2.
“You won’t believe what I just found, Viktor! It’s a little café I thought we could go to after—Viktor?”
You didn’t think you would find him like this. Never in a million years, tucked away in the corner of his and Jayce’s lab, folded in the chair you always saw him in.
Your feet had you rushing towards him with an urgent need, panicked and stricken with fear, before your heartbeat calmed, observing the way his chest rose and fell softly, hands resting against the table, papers and pencils scattered.
As often as you reminded him of the importance of sleeping in his bed, Viktor always reassured you that sleeping at his desk would benefit him most in progressing with stabilising Hextech into efficient technology. What he didn’t tell you through gentle reassurances were that this lack of proper sleep wasn’t benefiting him in achieving his goals, or for his health.
So, here he was once again slumped asleep, unaware of everything as you tiptoed around him. If anything you remember from years of being in labs and working for many hours, it wasn’t to disturb someone sleeping, yet this opportunity had arisen. You couldn’t help but admire his looks; always a silent admirer, marvelling at how he was able to achieve so much from coming up to Piltover.
You observed how his brown locks of hair lightly drifted against his tense brow, a small scowl present on his lovely face, nose twitching.
Had you been aware, you would’ve been squealing from the cuteness, revelling at the moment and trying to remember as much of it.
You leant over him slowly, jolting when his body twitched, arm lazily swiping out from underneath him and to slump down, astonishing you that he didn’t awake from the sharp motion. Instead, you looked back to him, body twitching, mouth working itself but no words were audible.
You sighed, smiling as you reminded yourself to not bring it up with him in the morning. The man needed sleep, and therefore you would allow him this moment of rest without being teased.
You were about to turn to leave quietly, a startling sound coming from behind you. A whine—more a whimper of some sorts- resounding from the back of his throat. You turned, waiting for him to be suddenly awake, meeting nothing more than silence except for the hum of the experimented Hextech gear.
Swiftly, once again, it returned, louder and somewhat more audible. “Hmm- Y/N.”
You hesitated, stunned for the worst, staring at him and dreading whether he would open those eyes you loved. “Viktor?”
“Come back to me, дорогая.” He murmured, eyes still shut, scratching his nose momentarily before his mutterings continued. “I miss you.”
You lingered for too long, stepping back to be closer to him, lured by this unexpectedness. Your hand had gingerly rested on his shoulder, stroking the fabric of his clothing reassuringly. “I’m here, don’t worry.”
As if with ease, his body began to relax under your touch, a crooked smile replacing the scowl, surprising you with its radiance. “Good.” He babbled, more words were lost in hearing, his body leaning into your tender touch. “You’re never here.”
A sad smile replaced your once amused expression. “I know.” You knew his words were honest, even when he was lost to consciousness. For some time, you had been back and forth with helping him and Jayce in their lab and with helping Professor Heimerdinger, aiding with paperwork when your days were filled with nothing but being glued to a desk and chair, not leaving for hours on end.
Still, being honest was best. His skin was warm, flushed beneath your palm. “I promise I’ll try and visit you more often.”
“Jayce keeps saying I should ask you to dinner.” You were surprised how well he could speak whilst heavily exhausted, a pout forming on his chapped lips. “I fear you will say no.”
“How would you know I would?” Your facial expression dipped into a frown, hand slowly drifting upwards into the back of his short hair, feelings heavy and hard to not ignore. “Maybe you should ask me when you’re awake.”
“Yes,” he sighed blissfully, snuggling into the crook of his arm. “I will.”
You could only hope he would take you up with this promise. For now, silently leaving with not much trace of yourself, you left the man to his slumber.
The next time you had visited the lab, it was midday- luckily your break from the confines of Heimerdinger’s office. The day in the City of Progress was hot, unlike the previous days, allowing you to visit the same café you had discovered within your free time, grabbing lunch not just for yourself.
With two extra bags and making your way through the gilded corridors, you made your way through the double heavy doors into the same lab you encountered the sleeping Viktor- now thankfully awake- still unaware of your presence, distracted to what he was working on, goggles hiding his lovely brown-copper eyes.
Jayce was the one who had greeted you, grinning from ear to ear. “It’s been a while since I last saw your face.”
“Well, Heimerdinger was insistent I could continue his paperwork until the late evening, but he was merciful enough to give me a break.” You threw over one of the bags in Jayce’s direction, catching it with ease. “Brought you lunch.”
“Thanks,” Jayce was already digging into the bag’s content, eyes lighting up at the sight of the many pastries you had gotten, a sweet smell of butter and chocolate filling the air. “Viktor over there kept asking me when you would come back.”
You ignored the way your heart fluttered at the mention of your crushes’ name, already making your way to him in confident strides. “He’ll be excited about the milk buns.” You plopped the other bag beside Viktor, finding a seat on the counter as you took in his hunched over appearance. “Won’t you, Viktor?”
“Ah—Y/N… I, ah, didn’t see you there.” The goggles on his face were quickly snatched off him, thrown to the far side of the counter as he took in you, eyes darting anxiously. It was always the drawl of his soft voice, his sweet accent that made the hairs on your skin stand up, your stomach doing somersaults in glee.
“It feels like it’s been ages since I last saw you.” You smiled softly, kicking your legs, dangling from the short height as you dug into your lunch. You didn’t bring up the side look Viktor gave to Jayce, who was either aware of your words or too busy enjoying his lunch to notice.
You laughed all too sweetly, “Come now, you haven’t forgotten me, have you?” You teased playfully.  
“What? No-No, why would you think that?” He was speaking incoherently, muttering something under his breath that you would’ve had no hope in understanding had it been in the only language you knew. “Я никогда не смогу тебя забыть.”
“Ahem.” You both turned your heads over to who had coughed so obviously and loud, Jayce’s face was wide and expressive, his eyes doing all the talking, directing his gaze towards Viktor only.
‘Ask her.’
“Ah, erm, yes.” There it was, that clumsiness that was rare to come from Viktor, and it was directed straight for you. His pale skin looked flush with what you thought was a possible fever, fingers twitching and fumbling together. “I was er, wondering if you were free this evening—you don’t have to be if you’re not, I can understand if you’re not-”
“I’m free.” You couldn’t stop the smile reaching your lips from giddiness, your heart fluttering harder and faster. “Ah, that’s good,” his smile was crooked and awkward, but ever so cute. “There’s a restaurant I found, has good food, and a nice view of the city at night.”
“That sounds lovely. I’ll see you at 7.”
“Wait, really?” His eyes lit up stunned, relief and gladness overtaking the expression on his tired face, eyes longing and soft. He coughed to correct himself, “Yes, I’ll see you then.”
Whilst this was all going on, the both of you tried your best to ignore the wild, beaming grin that was present on Jayce’s face, gleaming with joy.
Translations: (Russian to English)
дорогая - darling Я никогда не смогу тебя забыть - I could never forget you
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Just hopping in here to say hello ~ And also fangirl about how much amazing stuff I see on your masterlist! I can't wait to dive in to it all *squeals* Hope you have an awesome day/night <3
Tumblr media
Ah!!! You're too kind!☺💟 I hope you find something you like on my page! Your Viktor posts have been such great reads and I look forward to read future ones and your other works😊Have an amazing day/night yourself lovely! 🥰💫
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Tumblr media
“They were asking if I could do the address.”
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Y/N: So what do you do? Viktor: I work in genetic research, and I’m currently trying to eliminate all Cancers. Y/N: Wow, impressive. Viktor: Then I’ll move on to Leos.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
since y’all didn’t respond to my well thought out post. have some memes calling y’all out, as well as a link to my other well thought out and written post. i’m tired of seeing people complain about their dash being dead, when they only like shit. reblog or shut up - LINK
for reference -
Tumblr media
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The Seeker (High Elf Boyfriend) 2
Tumblr media
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Relationship: Male Monster x GN Reader
Words: 2,211
Part 1 
The Man In The High Tower Part 2
All great things are preceded by chaos.
He had disappeared for a week—or that’s what you believed. Alone and forgotten, like the many books old and worn.
It was as if his entire existence lapsed into nothingness: a blank slate anyone new could use to replace the old. The only thing that felt so odd about it all was the presence of him he left behind.
He was gone, and with it, your guide lending you a hand along the way.
Your trail back from his secluded garden was looped and drawn out with remembering the route back inside, finding the twisted truth that awaited you once back indoors. The library of books had shuddered and creaked as if all simultaneously being opened, the low groan of the heavy doors slammed behind you, its deafening cry continued for awkwardly through the empty tall walls.
Yet, all you did was sit in your usual chair, waiting for him like a lap dog.
Your dinner appeared before he did whilst you were heavy in thought, yet the promise of his return had disappointed you, leaving your eyes to wander; drawn to the higher shelves you needed access to.
When you returned to bed that same night, there was a dreadful feeling settling in your gut, twisting and growing obvious the more you panicked.
The Seeker was good at hiding, you learnt. And you weren’t very good at finding him.
Your days were filled in with lonely training, imagining shadows that eclipsed shelves in dark corners, empty cold spots whenever you would sort through books on their shelves, whispers of your name, clear and drawn, followed by an unexpected breeze, tickling the back of your neck. You thought you would truly go mad if any days would continue, following the same routine day in and night without a glimpse of the man you surprisingly missed.
By the seventh day of his withdrawal, you had found your way to archives, hidden between lonely stacks of large books too big to fit, a pedestal ancient and crumbling, pages upon pages of paper fluttered to the floor in precise disorder.
Someone had been here last. You noted, stepping in closer, too curious for your good.
The book that sat open had no title on the front, its thousands of pages were written in old and no language you could understand. But the one thing you could see were thousands of names, each with a date that took up four columns on each page, reaching to the end and filling impressively.
The last page that was left when you flicked to it was still in need of filling up, dates so foreign to you, they didn’t seem of a time you could remember. And the names—all unique and different to the previous, none common you could pronounce if given a chance to speak aloud.
On the last line, the date and name of the final person, eloquently written:
346 AG, Taeral Elsinahl
There was a following flicker of light that encased the back wall of the small corner, taken over by the rumble of books, some falling to the ground as you were running the other way out before you had the chance to see what else would happen.
You rounded the corner to come back out of the maze of books, bumping into something hard, a small oof wheezing out from you, caught in the arms of the strangers. Strange, they seemed familiar. It was only when you blinked out of confusion, taking in their appearance.
“Why is it you’re always bumping into things?” The copper-haired man softly drawled.
You spluttered for the right words, stepping out from his arms quickly, “What—where the hell have you been? Where did you go?”
“Apologies,” the Seeker dryly added. “I had business elsewhere.”
“Business elsewhere to leave without telling me? For seven days?” You could feel your cheeks rush with blood, head boiling with frustration. If anything, slapping the man in front of you would bring some sense back into his dense brain.
“You seemed to be doing just fine. I checked in on you occasionally.” He was overlooking his library, eyes squinted in concentration. “You didn’t put the books in the right order.”
“My apologies, I had other things to worry about.” You rolled your eyes. “Like how to manage a tower and not run it into the ground.”
The Seeker didn’t answer to you, already reshuffling books in the correct order, arms stacked with them. “And some people think it’s easy.” He sent you a sideways glance, amber eyes shiny with subtle amusement. “No—somehow you managed to do better than anyone has done before.”
Not only had his words curiously piqued your interest, but he had complimented you on your intended isolation. You were ready to spew more questions about the past of the tower and him, but he had already run his mouth quick of his questions. “Speaking of which, what were you doing in archives? They are specifically off-limits.”
“I was trying to enhance my training, and it happened to be unlocked when I tried for the gate.” You nonchalantly answered though you weren’t certain yourself as to why. “I have more questions about the tower… about you.”
He sighed heavily. “Go on.”
Wracking your fingers together, you finally sought the correct words, “That book, in archives, why did it have so many names? And why did they stop?”
His hair swished when he turned to face you properly, eyes glinting with what you could describe as pride. “They aren’t just any names. They were the previous owners of this tower, given the title of Seeker respectfully.”
You stared up at him in awe, puzzle pieces coming together. “So… that last name on the page, that was-”
“Yes, Taeral Elsinahl. That is my given name. I have been in ownership of this tower for the last millennia.”
His name tumbled out your mouth softly, a jumble of words you had no hope in trying to pronounce correctly. “How did you get ownership then?”
“That will be another topic for another day.” Taeral scolded, sleeves billowing and swaying as he walked off. “Come, there is something I must show you.”
Taeral- his name was still something you were trying to remember- had led you through to a part of the tower you weren’t aware of. Winding corridors that didn’t seem to join anything other parts, the west wing was a new part that was all for your eyes to take in.
“It’s beautiful.” The walls were made from obsidian, spiralling upwards and taken by the encrusted sapphire ceiling. It was a small room, only spared with few books, some with covers you could recognise; separated by a large workbench, covered with tools and trinkets.
Taeral was the first to get himself comfortable, signalling you to come further inside. “This is where you will be training next.”
You didn’t mean for the long groan to leave your lips, but by the time the elf had snapped his head to you, eyes narrowed, you knew you couldn’t stop yourself from speaking out. “Training, studying, dinner then sleep. That’s it. Repeated day in and night. Am I any closer to becoming better or are you just using me?”
“You have become so much more.” He stated, revealing his pale hand through his long sleeve, beckoning. “It’s time to put your learning to the test.”
Your head was pounding, eyes red and tired, questions and frustrations froze when from his other hand, he revealed a jagged edge, pointed and curved, silver-tongued and sharp.
You stepped back instinctively, “What—why are you—”
“Time to show me if your training was all retained.” Taeral took a tighter grip with both hands, holding the sharpened edge at arm’s length from him. “Show me if you are meant to be a healer.”
You leapt but staggered, screeches of protest leaving your mouth but too late when he had plunged it, handle sticking out of him as the elf was already crumbling to the ground with a short grunt.
Your instincts pulled you to his wound, applying pressure to the lower part of his stomach, soaked from his blood. Red, pure red. Raw and destructive.
“What—what can I do?”
Taeral’s health had already begun to look worse by the passing seconds, skin wan and frail than usual, eyes sunken and half-dead. His good hand came to grip your bloody ones, squeezing with emphasis. “You’re ready.”
“Am I?”
“Yes,” he wheezed, eyes closing momentarily. “I know you can do it.”
You set to gather things, wary to leave him in the as you gathered items surrounding you. The book you remembered from previous searches, gathering them as you moved beside him once more. Taeral was slumped in the corner of the small room, breathing heavily and eyes dazed and glossy. “I’m here, Taeral.” You whispered reassuringly, overlooking him quickly, mind running with too many thoughts. You tried your best to prop him up against the wall, gathering gauze and wrapping around him as best as you could, not yet removing the blade from him.
You silently recited the words and instructions over and over in your head, quietly, eyes flicking from foreign words to his body, hand shakily holding his wound, lightly hovering.
Finally, with a clear, calm voice, you spoke over him. “Instauro.”
You awaited its conjuring, yet nothing came from it. Nothing but blood seeping heavier through his clothes, staining his hands as he spluttered loudly.
“No, no, no. Why is this not working?” You panicked, rereading the words again and repeating it again, and again… until you were kicking the book away in disgust, pulling your attention to the crumpled, still man.
“Taeral, please, stay with me.” Your hands ached, blood bright on your hands, his blood, and you felt your vision blur with tears. “I can’t do this! I can’t! Please, Taeral! Talk to me.”
There was no stopping the days of frustrations pouring out from your eyes and heart, leaning over the elf’s body like a heap of rubbish, crumbling over him protectively. Time didn’t seem real in those moments, overlapping and slowing down—before someone was pulling you out from your panic, a gentle hand shaking you around.
“A slightly chaotic performance… but I’ll give extra points for the sentimentality.”
You scoffed, sitting up, and to your horror, his eyes were opened, neutral and calm, your hands still on him. No words came to your mind, instead, slapping him a little too harshly against his chest, earning a heavy grunt from the elf. “You—you were fine all along? You piece of shit, I thought you were dying.”
“Not very nice words to say.” Taeral sighed, pulling the blade out from his chest with ease, already, the open wound began to close in on itself, white magic pooling through, encasing it until nothing of its existence remained. “It takes more than a flimsy knife to get rid of me.”
When Taeral stood, his eyes were cast with what you could only describe as disappointment. “We will try again tomorrow.”
“No! Not until you tell me what’s going on with you.” You snapped. “You leave like it’s nothing, without telling me. You pull that stunt on me like it's nothing to worry about. Why are you doing this? To put me off from my dreams?”
He was noiseless, steady as an unmoving rock, the unknown breeze returning to touch at the ends of his hair. “I’m preparing you for the wider world, dear.” Your cheeks rouged at the sudden term of endearment, the first of its kind. “I don’t want you to be haunted by what you could witness in this potential career.”
You sniffled. “What do you mean?”
There was dread written on his face, haunting and present, washing over his face. “The horrors, I’ve seen them. What carnage can do to a man, a civilisation. History is always moving forward, but events return like bad omens, staining the land for centuries. That is why this tower shall remain, retaining the events for not one more to happen, or if I’m not around to see its toll, I pray someone else will know.”
He turned back to you, stroking your hair out your face with a neural thoughtful look. “You’re too pure for this world. I don’t want you tainted from its horrors.”
Your mind hurt, your limbs aflame, “Who else knows of this knowledge?”
“Anyone still alive and breathing.” He scoffed wryly. “But for that, I count only two. Myself and—”
“Correct.” He said tautly, before gingerly encasing your hand with his own. “If there’s one thing I do know, it’s of your greatness, the future that awaits you. I can feel it.” The corners of his neutral face pulled his thin lips up slightly, yet his eyes held the most softness of all. “We will get through this. Together.”
You stared down at your entwined hands, flesh warm oddly from what you imagined was from the constant cold and frigid air, fluttering your stomach and hearing the same.
“I know,” you said dejectedly, wiping your fingers of his blood onto your skirt. “I wish to go to bed. There is still much more I need to do.”
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Tumblr media
Viktor as my comfort character
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i am a monster fucker, monster lover, monster cuddler, monster protector, monster romancer, monster admirer, monster devotee, monster supporter
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Imagine Summoning A Demon Prince 3
Tumblr media
PART 1   |   PART 2
Relationship: Male monster x Female reader {MODERN AU}
Warnings: Breeding kink, loss of virginity.
 Hell Hath No Fury Part 3 [NSFW]
“What do you mean my wife has gone missing?!”
The deafening roar shocked the very foundations of Hell, its marble pillars shuddering with a low grown of the court. 
“I do not know where she went, my Prince!” The poor, terrified servant had quivered beneath his hardened gaze, watching in terror of his embellished form. His body had twisted and enlarged, growing red with rising smoke and trailing down his large back, horned head bleeding as his silver hair ran red and dripping. 
Prince Vorrelith was more than just pissed, concerned and worry was bubbling within him since the day he had gotten married, a constant worry for his human wife and where she was. But this had been the cherry on top of all his stresses; his father, the meetings he attended in ahead of his absence, pleasing his wife when they had time together, it had spiralled into heat and pure inferno, flame and magma cracked and rippling off his muscular body.
He had already heard enough, wishing to incinerate the man in front of him into pieces, ending his existence, but he already said he didn’t know of her whereabouts. The prince’s thoughts spiralled endlessly: had she gotten bored of him and wished to leave? It would’ve been for certain that his father would’ve objected to a divorce so soon, only a year into their matrimony. Had she forgotten of their pact?
No, it didn’t feel like one in his demonic heart, not after Vorrelith’s chest had grown tender and soft to her within the days and months that had passed within his father’s court. 
Vorrelith sighed heavily, dismissing the quivering servant with a flick of his wrist, his mind tired and worn. Had he been so neglectful of you that you had to leave him? For the first time in a millennium, the demon prince had never felt such a pain with his chest, twisting itself rotten within him until he was left disordered and forlorn. 
The thick flames dissipated around him, cooling until they were merely whispers of grey smoke surrounding his body, calming as his body did. He knew that there could’ve been many places you could’ve gone, but if your shared chambers hadn’t been one of them, the second guess was his only conclusion to finding his beloved.
The room was familiar as to how he first stepped through the thick veil: dissipating the thick smoke when he stood once more in your living room. The faded sketch of the pentagram was still intact, dull of colour but still recognisable, even when he stood within it. A memory of how they first met, and a smile reached his face.
But it was dark and closeted, what he had expected, except something was off. The room was lit with a few candles dotted around, a soft humming coming from another room and luring him to curiosity. 
He listened to anything, to know you were there, and from the other room, a shadow dipped from the wall, drawing nearer and nearer to him.
Before him, you appeared, startled out of your state of relaxation, taking in your husband before you. Vorrelith had more questions about what you were wearing: slipped on a thin silk nightgown, barely covering your curves to him, allowing the dormant hunger to grow.
“My love,” his relief bubbled over for confusion, stepping closer to you. “What is this all about?” 
The heat had risen to your cheeks, so obvious to the prince that his amusement danced within his mind, distracted almost for a second for your cuteness. “I—I didn’t think you would be back so soon?”
“So soon? You ran off.” 
“No, no, I,” she sighed almost tiredly, taking a hesitant step to him. “I thought your father would’ve told you.” 
The words seemed to muddle more in the prince’s mind, slowly puzzling him further. “I do not understand. What does my father have to do with this?”
“Well, I managed to get him to get you some freedom from your duties. I thought you could get some time to relax.”
His heart fluttered harder at your words. “You did this for me, my love?” 
Your eyes averted his soft ones, yet still nodding. “Yes.”
A deep rumble reverberated through Vorrelith’s chest, soft as his movements, restricted. “Perhaps you should let me free from these lines so I can show you truly how much you mean to me.” 
You didn’t need to say anything else, allowing with silent prayers for the lines to sizzle and fade away, crumbling like burning papers with its cinders dissipating into nothingness.
With a heavy step, Vorrelith stepped out of the faded lines into the parting realm, chest heaving and eyes only situated on you. “My love,” he walked slowly, methodically, until he stood in front of you, your head only coming up to his chest. “How will I ever repay you for this?”
“I’m not quite sure.” You laughed sincerely, meekly, eyes widening in realisation as well as the blush to your cheeks reddening. “I didn’t think this far ahead.”
His laugh was a rumble of adoration and want for you, his clawed hand coming to stroke the tresses of your hair. “But… I know this.” You trailed your fingers to reach for his own, connecting as one. “I’m ready.”
He blinked almost as if he was still coming around from slumber, “You’re certain?”
“Yes,” you whispered, eyes looking anywhere but his, darting nervously. “I want you, Vorrelith.”
He didn’t need to be told twice from your answer, capturing your lips in a feverish kiss, warm and glowing, your bodies burned as the two of you connected as one. Yearning and pulling curiously at the articles of clothing, it didn’t leave much to be discarded and forgotten to the floor, Vorrelith pulling you into his arms, your legs wrapping around the middle of his waist.
“Where to the bedroom? For some more privacy.”
“That door there.” You took his lips to yours once more, feeling him move carefully and blindly through the closed door, darkness encasing the room before it was taken by the dim light of your living room. With a playful nip of your bottom lip, the demon prince pushed you lightly backwards onto your bed, the small sound of surprise leaving your lips when you glared up at him.
“Hush you.” He climbed between your parted legs, the loud groaning of the bed a noise you ignored, as your husband wasted no time in gingerly letting his fingers dance along your skin- from your arms down to your navel- quietening you down with quiet gasps and croaks. The foreign feelings you never once felt, not even from your ex, now being in the arms of your lover and husband as he spent gentle touches in exploring the parts of your body you never sought to seek.
“You like that?” His voice was everywhere and close by at once, almost whispering within the back of your mind like a tickling sensation, your head falling back into the pillows, fingers roaming his warm body inquisitively.
“More—more please.” Your whimpers fell short with his long and passionate kisses. 
Vorrelith’s laughter reverberated with his lips still attached to yours, bringing a jolly warmth that tingled your entire body to your very fingertips and toes. “My, so greedy, aren’t you? Maybe I’ll indulge for a bit.”
His touches continued, following cautiously with “is this okay?” and “may I touch you here?” as his roaming resumed, lower and lower down your body, his hand hovering over your clothed sex, dripping with damp wetness that only you knew about.
He knows. You squirmed under his intense gaze, your hips reaching up to try to connect with his cupped hand, many darkened eyes watching with languid fascination. His fingers lightly touched at your sex, eyes lighting up in vivid fascination. “You’re so wet.”
“Only for you.” You murmured, watching your demonic husband marvel at you in silent awe. His kisses were hot against your flesh, kissing each thigh before he nosed your sex, lips mouthing around your lower lips. You gaped, knees locking around his head before he pulled inches up to meet your surprised gaze. 
“Yes, please.” You whimpered quietly, lifting your hips as he peeled off your damp underwear, before delving once again to your sex, moaning into your heated flesh.
“You taste delicious.” He groaned, licking his lips as he delved his long tongue inside of you, wiggling it whilst holding your hips down from your onslaught of moans.
The unfamiliar feeling was building within your stomach, twisting like a rope being knotted, legs tingling and shaking around his shoulders. “I—I’m close, darling-”
Your orgasm fell short from you when Prince Vorrelith pulled away from your wet sex, licking his slick lips, dripping and smeared your juices. “I need more,” he grunted, pulling himself up to you closer and between your parted legs, grinding against you, his large, obvious bulge rubbing the nub of your clit. “I just don’t know if I’ll be able to hold back.”
You wrapped your legs and arms around him tightly, locking him in as you leant to his ear. “Then don’t.”
It was as if something clicked inside the prince’s mind, finally indulging himself in you. His bulge unveiled his engorged cock: long and hanging between the two of you, bulbous and veiny, leaking precum.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day.” He grunted, slipping his cock to tease your lips. There is a brief pause, lips parted when his voice is drawn and almost hesitant. “Me inside of you, breeding you full of my cum.”
The very word makes your thighs quiver, the word foreign that you didn’t think it would come from him but it still made your mind swirl with fog, being taken down a winding road down to pleasure before you could register anything else. You whined lowly, shifting to feel more of him. “Hmm, yes.”
He hummed, tone lowered until barely audible, eyes haunting and glowing, taking a liking to your answer. “Tell me at any point if you feel uncomfortable, okay?” He kissed at your forehead affectionately, a distraction to the head of his cock slipping lower to your opening.
He kissed your lips sweetly, warmed and spiced as a winter’s day, pushing softly and awaiting. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
He kissed you again as your mouth fell open, giving opportunity for him to push the head of his cock through, stopping at the hiss leaving your covered lips, silencing them with his own as he drank up your cries. “It hurts,” you muffled against his cheek when the two of you parted, his lips pressing to your face in reassurance. “It hurts.”
“You’re doing amazing, my love.” He grunted, allowing time for you to adjust: not knowing the utter size of him would be capable of fitting inside of you. His fat cock was not all the way inside you yet, but it seemed your fears of him ripping you in half seemed to be spreading within your mind. “It won’t fit.”
“You can do this, darling. I know you can.” He reassured, not daring to move, until you readjusted, pain settling as you braced for more of  him. “Keep going.”
He nodded, pushing slowly bit by bit, gauging your reactions, the squinting of your eyes, your hushed cries and tears dotting your eyelashes as he kissed them constantly away, whispering how good you were doing.
When he was finally all the way in and bottomed out, did you take the time to feel for him and his girth. It was all and everything you could feel in that moment, all of him and nothing else. He had stretched your walls tremendously, yet he still did not move until he knew you were ready to tell him so.
You shifted your hips, gauging the feeling, lips feathery light against his own. “You can move.”
“Are you certain?” He braced his arms to cage you in, all of his body above you and blocking any light from seeping through, casting his mighty shadow along your walls; proud and almighty as any demon should’ve been.
“Yes.” You hissed when he tested and pulled away slightly, pushing back in slowly, your wetness soaking him all in to allow him to continue slowly, pumping in and out.
After some time, hearing his soft hisses and swears under his breath, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling you taut to him. “Keep going, harder.”
He didn’t need to be told twice, his movement increasing bit by bit until he was fucking your needy hole with enough vigour to almost break your bed in half. Your noises combined into one, dancing throughout the house in a chorus of moans and cries, soft kisses and skin on skin contact; blending into a beautiful harmony.
You had been bended and shaped into different positions, on your back clinging to him with your legs and arms around his broad back, moans muffled into the pillow, ploughing into your from behind, ass in the air - to now, sitting on his cock as you bounced lewdly on him, breasts bouncing spiritedly.
You don’t remember how many times you had come, taken too many times that your limbs ached but his energy didn’t relent, never once finding an end to his continuous fucking. Your throat was red raw, tears dried as you neared another orgasm.
“I want to come inside you,” his was heavily laced with lust, eyes fixated on you moving up and down on his cock, entering and disappearing in your cunt. “I want to fill you with my cum—fuck my kin into you.”
You jolted, hips stuttering with an unknown feeling fluttering in both your heart and stomach. “You want kids?”
“I want to see you swollen, breasts puffy with milk and ready for my lips to suck on.” His eyes languidly took you in lovingly when he met your gaze, helping you go up and down with a hand to your hip. “Nothing would make me more happy than to breed you until you’re pregnant with our heir.”
Your cries for love fell short on your lips, taken away was your orgasm again as you clung to his body, crying out how much you needed him. “Fuck, darling. You’re clamping—I’m gonna-”
“Inside me!” You cried out when you gathered much of yourself up. “Cum inside me!”
Vorrelith’s grunts chorused louder and louder, a deafening roar that rumbled the walls surrounding you as his cum warmed your insides, painting them with so much seed, it leaked without him even pulling out.
You collapsed onto his chest, tired and spent, body aching yet warm. His arms circling you into his broad chest, heart rhythmically pounding yet stirring you to calmness. “I love you so much.”
“I love you more, my Prince.” He whispered into your hairline, kissing your flesh as the two of you gently came back down to your surroundings, your eyes landing on the mess that encased your small room.
“We just broke the bed.”
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Requests aren't open atm, and depending on the ask and the amount of detail added, it would be. Hope this helps💫👍
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Fantasy Guide to Architecture
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This post has been waiting on the back burner for weeks and during this time of quarantine, I have decided to tackle it. This is probably the longest post I have ever done. I is very tired and hope that I have covered everything from Ancient times to the 19th Century, that will help you guys with your worldbuilding.
What you build with can be determined by the project you intend, the terrain you build on and the availability of the material. It is one characteristic that we writers can take some some liberties with.
Granite: Granite is an stone formed of Igneous activity near a fissure of the earth or a volcano. Granites come in a wide range of colour, most commonly white, pink, or grey depending on the minerals present. Granite is hard and a durable material to build with. It can be built with without being smoothed but it looks bitchin' and shiny all polished up.
Marble: Probably everyone's go to materials for building grand palaces and temples. Marble is formed when great pressure is placed on limestone. Marble can be easily damaged over time by rain as the calcium in the rock dissolves with the chemicals found in rain. Marble comes in blue, white, green, black, white, red, gray and yellow. Marble is an expensive material to build with, highly sought after for the most important buildings. Marble is easy to carve and shape and polishes to a high gleam. Marble is found at converging plate boundaries.
Obsidian: Obsidian is probably one of the most popular stones mentioned in fantasy works. Obsidian is an igneous rock formed of lava cooling quickly on the earth's surfaces. Obsidian is a very brittle and shiny stone, easy to polish but not quite a good building material but a decorative one.
Limestone: Limestone is made of fragments of marine fossils. Limestone is one of the oldest building materials. Limestone is an easy material to shape but it is easily eroded by rain which leads most limestone monuments looking weathered.
Concrete: Concrete has been around since the Romans. Concrete is formed when aggregate (crushed limstone, gravel or granite mixed with fine dust and sand) is mixed with water. Concrete can be poured into the desired shape making it a cheap and easy building material.
Brick: Brick was one of history's most expensive materials because they took so long to make. Bricks were formed of clay, soil, sand, and lime or concrete and joined together with mortar. The facade of Hampton Court Palace is all of red brick, a statement of wealth in the times.
Glass: Glass is formed of sand heated until it hardens. Glass is an expensive material and for many years, glass could not be found in most buildings as having glass made was very expensive.
Plaster: Plaster is made from gypsum and lime mixed with water. It was used for decoration purposes and to seal walls. A little known fact, children. Castle walls were likely painted with plaster or white render on the interior.
Wattle and Daub: Wattle and daub is a building material formed of woven sticks cemented with a mixture of mud, one of the most common and popular materials throughout time.
Building terms
Arcade: An arcade is a row of arches, supported by columns.
Arch: An arch is a curved feature built to support weight often used for a window or doorway.
Mosaic: Mosaics are a design element that involves using pieces of coloured glass and fitted them together upon the floor or wall to form images.
Frescos: A design element of painting images upon wet plaster.
Buttress: A structure built to reinforce and support a wall.
Column: A column is a pillar of stone or wood built to support a ceiling. We will see more of columns later on.
Eave: Eaves are the edges of overhanging roofs built to allow eater to run off.
Vaulted Ceiling: The vaulted ceilings is a self-supporting arched ceiling, than spans over a chamber or a corridor.
Colonnade: A colonnade is a row of columns joined the entablature.
Entablature: a succession of bands laying atop the tops of columns.
Bay Window: The Bay Window is a window projecting outward from a building.
Courtyard/ Atrium/ Court: The courtyard is an open area surrounded by buildings on all sides
Dome: The dome resembles a hollow half of a sphere set atop walls as a ceiling.
Façade: the exterior side of a building
Gable: The gable is a triangular part of a roof when two intersecting roof slabs meet in the middle.
Hyphen: The hyphen is a smaller building connecting between two larger structures.
Now, let's look at some historical building styles and their characteristics of each Architectural movement.
Classical Style
The classical style of Architecture cannot be grouped into just one period. We have five: Doric (Greek), Ionic (Greek), Corinthian (Greek), Tuscan (Roman) and Composite (Mixed).
Doric: Doric is the oldest of the orders and some argue it is the simplest. The columns of this style are set close together, without bases and carved with concave curves called flutes. The capitals (the top of the column) are plain often built with a curve at the base called an echinus and are topped by a square at the apex called an abacus. The entablature is marked by frieze of vertical channels/triglyphs. In between the channels would be detail of carved marble. The Parthenon in Athens is your best example of Doric architecture.
Ionic: The Ionic style was used for smaller buildings and the interiors. The columns had twin volutes, scroll-like designs on its capital. Between these scrolls, there was a carved curve known as an egg and in this style the entablature is much narrower and the frieze is thick with carvings. The example of Ionic Architecture is the Temple to Athena Nike at the Athens Acropolis.
Corinthian: The Corinthian style has some similarities with the Ionic order, the bases, entablature and columns almost the same but the capital is more ornate its base, column, and entablature, but its capital is far more ornate, commonly carved with depictions of acanthus leaves. The style was more slender than the others on this list, used less for bearing weight but more for decoration. Corinthian style can be found along the top levels of the Colosseum in Rome.
Tuscan: The Tuscan order shares much with the Doric order, but the columns are un-fluted and smooth. The entablature is far simpler, formed without triglyphs or guttae. The columns are capped with round capitals.
Composite: This style is mixed. It features the volutes of the Ionic order and the capitals of the Corinthian order. The volutes are larger in these columns and often more ornate. The column's capital is rather plain. for the capital, with no consistent differences to that above or below the capital.
Islamic Architecture
Islamic architecture is the blanket term for the architectural styles of the buildings most associated with the eponymous faith. The style covers early Islamic times to the present day. Islamic Architecture has some influences from Mesopotamian, Roman, Byzantine, China and the Mongols.
Paradise garden: As gardens are an important symbol in Islam, they are very popular in most Islamic-style buildings. The paradise gardens are commonly symmetrical and often enclosed within walls. The most common style of garden is split into four rectangular with a pond or water feature at the very heart. Paradise gardens commonly have canals, fountains, ponds, pools and fruit trees as the presence of water and scent is essential to a paradise garden.
Sehan: The Sehan is a traditional courtyard. When built at a residence or any place not considered to be a religious site, the sehan is a private courtyard. The sehan will be full of flowering plants, water features snd likely surrounded by walls. The space offers shade, water and protection from summer heat. It was also an area where women might cast off their hijabs as the sehan was considered a private area and the hijab was not required. A sehan is also the term for a courtyard of a mosque. These courtyards would be surrounded by buildings on all sides, yet have no ceiling, leaving it open to the air. Sehans will feature a cleansing pool at the centre, set under a howz, a pavilion to protect the water. The courtyard is used for rituals but also a place of rest and gathering.
Hypostyle Hall: The Hypostyle is a hall, open to the sky and supported by columns leading to a reception hall off the main hall to the right.
Muqarnas : Muqarnas is a type of ornamentation within a dome or a half domed, sometimes called a "honeycomb", or "stalactite" vaulted ceiling. This would be cast from stone, wood, brick or stucco, used to ornament the inside of a dome or cupola. Muqarnas are used to create transitions between spaces, offering a buffer between the spaces.
African Architecture
African Architecture is a very mixed bag and more structurally different and impressive than Hollywood would have you believe. Far beyond the common depictions of primitive buildings, the African nations were among the giants of their time in architecture, no style quite the same as the last but just as breathtaking.
Somali architecture: The Somali were probably had one of Africa's most diverse and impressive architectural styles. Somali Architecture relies heavy on masonry, carving stone to shape the numerous forts, temples, mosques, royal residences, aqueducts and towers. Islamic architecture was the main inspiration for some of the details of the buildings. The Somali used sun-dried bricks, limestone and many other materials to form their impressive buildings, for example the burial monuments called taalo
Ashanti Architecture: The Ashanti style can be found in present day Ghana. The style incorporates walls of plaster formed of mud and designed with bright paint and buildings with a courtyard at the heart, not unlike another examples on this post. The Ashanti also formed their buildings of the favourite method of wattle and daub.
Afrikaner Architecture: This is probably one of the oddest architectural styles to see. Inspired by Dutch settlers (squatters), the buildings of the colony (planters/squatters) of South Africa took on a distinctive Dutch look but with an Afrikaner twist to it making it seem both familiar and strange at the same time.
Rwandan Architecture: The Rwandans commonly built of hardened clay with thatched roofs of dried grass or reeds. Mats of woven reeds carpeted the floors of royal abodes. These residences folded about a large public area known as a karubanda and were often so large that they became almost like a maze, connecting different chambers/huts of all kinds of uses be they residential or for other purposes.
Aksumite Architecture: The Aksumite was an Empire in modern day Ethiopia. The Aksumites created buildings from stone, hewn into place. One only has to look at the example of Bete Medhane Alem to see how imposing it was.
Yoruba Architecture: Yoruba Architecture was made by earth cured until it hardened enough to form into walls, or they used wattle and daub, roofed by timbers slats coated in woven grass or leaves. Each unit divided up parts of the buildings from facilities to residences, all with multiple entrances, connected together.
Igbo Architecture: The Igbo style follows some patterns of the Yoruba architecture, excepting that there are no connected walls and the spacing is not so equal. The closer a unit was to the centre, the more important inhabitants were.
Hausa architecture: Hausa Architecture was formed of monolithic walls coated in plaster. The ceilings and roof of the buildings were in the shape of small domes and early vaulted ceilings of stripped timber and laterite. Hausa Architecture features a single entrance into the building and circular walls.
Nubian Architecture: Nubia, in modern day Ethiopia, was home to the Nubians who were one of the world's most impressive architects at the beginning of the architecture world and probably would be more talked about if it weren't for the Egyptians building monuments only up the road. The Nubians were famous for building the speos, tall tower-like spires carved of stone. The Nubians used a variety of materials and skills to build, for example wattle and daub and mudbrick. The Kingdom of Kush, the people who took over the Nubian Empire was a fan of Egyptian works even if they didn't like them very much. The Kushites began building pyramid-like structures such at the sight of Gebel Barkal
Egyptian Architecture: The Egyptians were the winners of most impressive buildings for s good while. Due to the fact that Egypt was short on wood, Ancient Egyptians returned to building with limestone, granite, mudbrick, sandstone which were commonly painted with bright murals of the gods along with some helpful directions to Anubis's crib. The Egyptians are of course famous for their pyramids but lets not just sit on that bandwagon. Egyptian Architecture sported all kinds of features such as columns, piers, obelisks and carving buildings out of cliff faces as we see at Karnak. The Egyptians are cool because they mapped out their buildings in such a way to adhere to astrological movements meaning on special days if the calendar the temple or monuments were in the right place always. The Egyptians also only build residences on the east bank of the Nile River, for the opposite bank was meant for the dead. The columns of Egyptian where thicker, more bulbous and often had capitals shaped like bundles of papyrus reeds.
Chinese Architecture
Chinese Architecture is probably one of the most recognisable styles in the world. The grandness of Chinese Architecture is imposing and beautiful, as classical today as it was hundreds of years ago.
The Presence of Wood: As China is in an area where earthquakes are common, most of the buildings are were build of wood as it was easy to come across and important as the Ancient Chinese wanted a connection to nature in their homes.
Overhanging Roofs: The most famous feature of the Chinese Architectural style are the tiled roofs, set with wide eaves and upturned corners. The roofs were always tiled with ceramic to protect wood from rotting. The eaves often overhung from the building providing shade.
Symmetrical Layouts: Chinese Architecture is symmetrical. Almost every feature is in perfect balance with its other half.
Fengshui: Fengshui are philosophical principles of how to layout buildings and towns according to harmony lain out in Taoism. This ensured that the occupants in the home where kept in health, happiness, wealth and luck.
One-story: As China is troubled by earthquakes and wood is not a great material for building multi-storied buildings, most Chinese buildings only rise a single floor. Richer families might afford a second floor but the single stories compounds were the norm.
Orientation: The Ancient Chinese believed that the North Star marked out Heaven. So when building their homes and palaces, the northern section was the most important part of the house and housed the heads of the household.
Courtyards: The courtyard was the most important area for the family within the home. The courtyard or siheyuan are often built open to the sky, surrounded by verandas on each side.
Japanese Architecture
Japanese Architecture is famous for its delicacy, smooth beauty and simplistic opulence. Japanese Architecture has been one of the world's most recognisable styles, spanning thousands of years.
Wood as a Common Material: As with the Chinese, the most popular material used by the Japanese is wood. Stone and other materials were not often used because of the presence of earthquakes. Unlike Chinese Architecture, the Japanese did not paint the wood, instead leaving it bare so show the grain.
Screens and sliding doors: The shoji and fusuma are the screens and sliding doors are used in Japanese buildings to divide chambers within the house. The screens were made of light wood and thin parchment, allowing light through the house. The screens and sliding doors were heavier when they where used to shutter off outside features.
Tatami: Tatami mats are used within Japanese households to blanket the floors. They were made of rice straw and rush straw, laid down to cushion the floor.
Verandas: It is a common feature in older Japanese buildings to see a veranda along the outside of the house. Sometimes called an engawa, it acted as an outdoor corridor, often used for resting in.
Genkan: The Genkan was a sunken space between the front door and the rest of the house. This area is meant to separate the home from the outside and is where shoes are discarded before entering.
Nature: As both the Shinto and Buddhist beliefs are great influences upon architecture, there is a strong presence of nature with the architecture. Wood is used for this reason and natural light is prevalent with in the home. The orientation is meant to reflect the best view of the world.
Indian Architecture
India is an architectural goldmine. There are dozens of styles of architecture in the country, some spanning back thousands of years, influenced by other cultures making a heady stew of different styles all as beautiful and striking as the last.
Mughal Architecture: The Mughal architecture blends influences from Islamic, Persian along with native Indian. It was popular between the 16th century -18th century when India was ruled by Mughal Emperors. The Taj Mahal is the best example of this.
Indo-Saracenic Revival Architecture: Indo Saracenic Revival mixes classical Indian architecture, Indo-Islamic architecture, neo-classical and Gothic revival of the 1800s.
Cave Architecture: The cave architecture is probably one of the oldest and most impressive styles of Indian architecture. In third century BC, monks carved temples and buildings into the rock of caves.
Rock-Cut Architecture: The Rock-cut is similar to the cave style, only that the rock cut is carved from a single hunk of natural rock, shaped into buildings and sprawling temples, all carved and set with statues.
Vesara Architecture: Vesara style prevalent in medieval period in India. It is a mixture of the Dravida and the Nagara styles. The tiers of the Vesara style are shorter than the other styles.
Dravidian Architecture: The Dravidian is the southern temple architectural style. The Kovils are an example of prime Dravidian architecture. These monuments are of carved stone, set up in a step like towers like with statues of deities and other important figures adorning them.
Kalinga Architecture: The Kalinga style is the dominant style in the eastern Indian provinces. The Kalinga style is famous for architectural stipulations, iconography and connotations and heavy depictions of legends and myths.
Sikh Architecture: Sikh architecture is probably the most intricate and popular of the styles here. Sikh architecture is famous for its soft lines and details.
Romanesque (6th -11th century/12th)
Romanesque Architecture is a span between the end of Roman Empire to the Gothic style. Taking inspiration from the Roman and Byzantine Empires, the Romanesque period incorporates many of the styles.
Rounded arches: It is here that we see the last of the rounded arches famous in the classical Roman style until the Renaissance. The rounded arches are very popular in this period especially in churches and cathedrals. The rounded arches were often set alongside each other in continuous rows with columns in between.
Details: The most common details are carved floral and foliage symbols with the stonework of the Romanesque buildings. Cable mouldings or twisted rope-like carvings would have framed doorways.
Pillars: The Romanesque columns is commonly plainer than the classical columns, with ornate captials and plain bases. Most columns from this time are rather thick and plain.
Barrel Vaults: A barrel vaulted ceiling is formed when a curved ceiling or a pair of curves (in a pointed ceiling). The ceiling looks rather like half a tunnel, completely smooth and free of ribs, stone channels to strengthen the weight of the ceiling.
Arcading: An arcade is a row of arches in a continual row, supported by columns in a colonnade. Exterior arcades acted as a sheltered passage whilst inside arcades or blind arcades, are set against the wall the arches bricked, the columns and arches protruding from the wall.
Gothic Architecture (12th Century - 16th Century)
The Gothic Architectural style is probably one of the beautiful of the styles on this list and one of most recognisable. The Gothic style is a dramatic, opposing sight and one of the easiest to describe.
Pointed arch: The Gothic style incorporates pointed arches, in the windows and doorways. The arches were likely inspired by pre-Islamic architecture in the east.
Ribbed vault: The ribbed vault of the Gothic age was constructed of pointed arches. The trick with the ribbed vaulted ceiling, is that the pointed arches and channels to bear the weight of the ceiling.
Buttresses: The flying buttress is designed to support the walls. They are similar to arches and are connected to counter-supports fixed outside the walls.
Stained-Glass Window: This is probably one of the most recognisable and beautiful of the Gothic features. They can be set in round rose windows or in the pointed arches.
Renaissance Architecture (15th Century- 17th Century)
Renaissance architecture was inspired by Ancient Roman and Greek Architecture. Renaissance Architecture is Classical on steroids but has its own flare. The Renaissance was a time for colour and grandeur.
Columns and pilasters: Roman and Greek columns were probably the greatest remix of the Renaissance period. The architecture of this period incorporated the five orders of columns are used: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. The columns were used to hold up a structure, support ceilings and adorn facades. Pilasters were columns within a chamber, lining the walls for pure decoration purposes.
Arches: Arches are rounded in this period, having a more natural semi-circular shape at its apex. Arches were a favourite feature of the style, used in windows, arcades or atop columns.
Cupola: Is a small dome-like tower atop a bigger dome or a rooftop meant to allow light and air into the chamber beneath.
Vaulted Ceiling/Barrel Vault: Renaissance vaulted ceilings do not have ribs. Instead they are semi-circular in shape, resting upon a square plain rather than the Gothic preference of rectangular. The barrel vault held by its own weight and would likely be coated in plaster and painted.
Domes: The dome is the architectural feature of the Renaissance. The ceiling curves inwards as it rises, forming a bowl like shape over the chamber below. The dome's revival can be attributed to Brunelleschi and the Herculean feat of placing a dome on the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The idea was later copied by Bramante who built St. Peter's Basilica.
Frescos: To decorate the insides of Renaissance buildings, frescos (the art of applying wet paint to plaster as it dries) were used to coat the walls and ceilings of the buildings. The finest frescos belong to Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.
Baroque (1625–1750)
Baroque incorporates some key features of Renaissance architecture, such as those nice columns and domes we saw earlier on. But Baroque takes that to the next level. Everything is higher, bigger, shinier, brighter and more opulent. Some key features of Baroque palaces and buildings would be:
Domes: These domes were a common feature, left over from the Renaissance period. Why throw out a perfectly good bubble roof, I ask you? But Baroque domes were of course, grander. Their interiors were were nearly always painted or gilded, so it drew the eye upwards which is basically the entire trick with Baroque buildings. Domes were not always round in this building style and Eastern European buildings in Poland and Ukraine for example sport pear-shaped domes.
Solomonic columns: Though the idea of columns have been about for years but the solomonic columns but their own twist on it. These columns spiral from beginning to end, often in a s-curved pattern.
Quadratura: Quadratura was the practice of painting the ceilings and walls of a Baroque building with trompe-l'oeil. Most real life versions of this depict angels and gods in the nude. Again this is to draw the eye up.
Mirrors: Mirrors came into popularity during this period as they were a cool way to create depth and light in a chamber. When windows faced the mirrors on the wall, it creates natural light and generally looks bitchin'. Your famous example is the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.
Grand stairways: The grand sweeping staircases became popular in this era, often acting as the centre piece in a hall. The Baroque staircase would be large and opulent, meant for ceremonies and to smoother guests in grandeur.
Cartouche: The cartouche is a design that is created to add some 3D effect to the wall, usually oval in shape with a convex surface and edged with scrollwork. It is used commonly to outline mirrors on the wall or crest doorways just to give a little extra opulence.
Neoclassical (1750s-19th century)
The Neoclassical Period involved grand buildings inspired by the Greek orders, the most popular being the Doric. The main features of Neoclassical architecture involve the simple geometric lines, columns, smooth walls, detailing and flat planed surfaces. The bas-reliefs of the Neoclassical style are smoother and set within tablets, panels and friezes. St. Petersburg is famous for the Neoclassical styles brought in under the reign of Catherine the Great.
Greek Revival (late 18th and early 19th century)
As travel to other nations became easier in this time period, they became to get really into the Ancient Greek aesthetic. During this architectural movement they brought back the gabled roof, the columns and the entablature. The Greek Revival was more prevalent in the US after the Civil War and in Northern Europe.
Hope this helps somewhat @marril96
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Thank you to all the wonderful prompts this Monstober! Was a joy writing them and finally getting back into the swing of writing once again after feeling so rusty. Happy Halloween to those who celebrate! 💫💕
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25, 35 and 36 with Cirrus plssssss - Monster sentence starters
25) Are you always trying to run into danger?
35) You’re blushing…
36) You’re so stubborn.
His lithe body was bruised and grazed, a large pout formed on his face, his large lilac eyes darting rapidly and looking anywhere but at you. You could tell he was hurt and distressed, how his eyes were averting your gaze and looking dejected, you knew he was ready for your worries, or maybe ‘lectures’.
“Are you always trying to run into danger?” You sighed, moving to press the small cotton pad against his cheek, feeling how his tiny body flinched in harsh reaction before he tried settling. “I know you can go where you want, but you need to remember that they’re things out there that will kill you—”
“I know!” He spat sourly, eyes darting to meet your dejected features, his tone lowering. “I know…”
Your gaze softened, removing the cotton pad away from him, “You know, I only do this to protect you, I don’t want to see you hurt.” You gently allowed him to crawl into the palm of your hand, clutching tightly around your finger with both of his hands, and the sight made you nearly coo in adoration.
The pixie didn’t speak, but the blushing was evidence that he was somewhat embarrassed to be seen injured and defeated. Though this time, he allowed you to hold him, unlike the times you would gush about how cute he was, leading to him complaining that he ‘wasn’t a plush doll’.
Your grin grew across your face, nuzzling him against your chin to gain his attention. “You’re blushing, Cirrus.”
His small platinum blond head whipped back, nearly smacking you with his wing in the process to stare in both shock and daggers your way. “Am not!”
“Yeah, and I’m not the president.” You rolled your eyes playfully, but you still cradled him close to your chest, his short hair tickling the bottom of your chin. “I still love you even when you’re so stubborn.”
Had it been for your small laugh and his high pitched outburst, you wouldn’t have been able to feel him snuggle closer into you, whispering, “I love you too.”
But the smile on your face was obvious.
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hello, could I maybe request for the starter sentences numbers: 11, 18, 38, 41 for Albericus with a gender neutral or male reader
wish you a nice day and much spook for Halloween - Monster sentence starters
The reader remains male like in the fic.
11) The things I could do to you.
18) My, what a sweet little thing you are.
38) Tell me who you belong to.
41) Let me see you.
Lined with silver, his body gleamed like diamonds within the water of his bath, his languid eyes trained on you standing in front of him. “Go on, undress.”
Your eyes drifted shamelessly down his toned and bare body, flicking with the knowing feelings you wished to bottle up, “Master, you know I cannot do that-”
“I do not care what you think,” he snapped, icy eyes feverish and worn. “Let me see you.”
Your voice was a mere whisper when your fingers lingered on your tunic. “I-”
The harsh sloshing of water brought your attention to make hard eye contact on the Ice Prince’s lithe thighs, climbing unsteadily out of the bathtub and sauntering towards you. When he finally stood in front of you, his hand was at the clasp of your clothing, around your collar. “Undress, or shall you want me to do it? And even still, I’ll be much harsher.”
You gently sighed, gingerly moving his hands to unclasp your tunic whilst silently assessing his reactions. His eyes never seemed to move off your body.
“My, what a sweet little thing you are.” Prince Albericus’ chuckle was airy as the cold air surrounding his icy kingdom, hands touching your bare chest with little care for how you shuddered at his touch handling. “You have no idea the things I could do to you, pet.”
His touches didn’t help to hide how sinfully your body was reacting to him, leaning and yearning for more as noiselessly as you could, but the Prince was aware of everything, his eyes haunting. “Tell me who you belong to.”
You blinked owlishly, “What?”
He pinched your nipple harshly, and your back arched boldly into him. “Don’t make me repeat myself, pet. You heard me the first time.” He clicked his tongue, continuing his strokes. “Answer me.”
Your moans were revealed to be louder than you had expected, satisfying the Prince as he greedily ate it up. “You! I belong to you, master!”
“Good boy.” He leant into your neck, kissing and nipping at your flesh before his lips halted to touch yours. “Don’t ever forget it.”
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