jacke and honig are my favorite german words

Hi I'm learning german and it makes me angry. Garrett. 16. He/him. Likes, follows, and replies from @AngelAgainstAWindow. I post more on @lasercornonthecob tho it's my smosh blog

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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Not always. We Germanizied some brand names in terms of pronunciation. The best example is propably Miracle Whip.

Edit: And even my own name Sarah. I react to both versions but in German it is closer to the clothing brand Zarah.



Random people when they find out I’m learning German: how do you say [either a person’s name or a brand name] in German

Me: it’s literally the same thing

Pronunciation may be different but the word itself rarely changes

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More of my dumb tricks that help me with german words

Wofür- means “for what.” I remember I cuz it sounds similar to “what for”

Wandern- means “hike.” I remember that cuz it sounds similar to wandering and hikes are kind of wandering around

Solange- means “as long as.” I remember that cuz it sounds like it’s saying so long as

Abenteuer- means “adventures.” I remember that cuz it sounds similar when said out loud

Mit- means “with.” Again, it just sounds similar

Von- a way to say “from.” When said out loud, it sounds similar to from

Bei- another way to say “with.” The context duolingo just used it in was “Unsere Pässe sind bei mir.” I dont know if this trick would work in other contexts, but with this one I just thought of it as being “by me.” It has a similar meaning so it works well enough.

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ah alright thanks for clearing that up


Big lion is a callmecarson/ted nivison reference and it’s fun to talk about him in German cuz it adds to the chaos


To say that i am confused is an understatement,,,,, like,,,, what is going on plz explain


Nein,,, es ist Größer Löwe,,,,


ummm are you alright


Oh Gott oh ficken es ist Großer Löwe,,,, er ist so mächtig,,, Hilfe,,, er ist so mächtig,,,

Fun fact this is the only thing I do with my limited German knowledge

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Someone: *points at food* what’s that called

Person from Germany: honestly, it depends entirely on where you are and using the wrong word if you’re unlucky is going to be more offensive than most of the swear words in the entire language

The same German: But also, it’s definitely this word from the region I grew up in and everyone else is just plain wrong

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Let’s start a langblr follow train to find new langblrs/lingblrs to follow and befriend! 🚂

1. Only langblrs (blogs about languages) and lingblrs (blogs about linguistics), please!
2. Reblog this post before 29.2.2020!
3. Follow some blogs that have reblogged this post!
4. Make new friends!

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Finn: Guten Morgen!

Me: it’s not morning

Finn: I would’ve said Guten Dach but you would have been confused

Me: doesn’t that mean roof


Me: what

Finn: *goes on to talk about dialects*

Me: I don’t like dialects

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I made a sentence today on the bus and I believe it has proper grammar and sentence order. It’s amazing that my first sentence was an insult.

Me, trying to show some 6th graders the little bit of German I know: uhhh deine Mutter ist ein Kuh (if I did it right, that should mean “your mother is a cow” UwU)

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Me, watching Captain America The First Avenger with German captions on: this counts as learning and working on my german skills

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I just want you guys to know I’m ruining the german exchange student with my existence. I explained teeth (2007) to him. :)

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