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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer

No Jaehyun, you did not put up a fight at all. You sure know how to tug on the heartstrings, and it was very clever of you to combine the ideas together, even though I didn't get my fluffy ending T-T Thank you so much for writing my request, your writing is just <3

Oh my god 😨 I’m sorry I didn’t get that you requested for a fluffy ending 😭 My bad! I’ll make it for you in the future if you requested! Thank you so much for the feed back 💚

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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer

can i request a married hyuck with his s/o planning on having their first child🥺 fluff: 3,4 suggestive: 7,8,9 thank you🥺💞

Hi! Thank you for requesting! And yes, married hyuck will be the best thing ever and I swear he will be the best father filled with a lot of uWus <3


3. “Don’t be such a big mouth.”

4. “Excuse me?!”


7. “Don’t moan like that, I won’t be able to resist.”

8. “Trust me, baby.”

9. “Seeing you in my favorite hoodie is just…”

You were with the dreamies when Donghyuck was gone to do a photoshoot with 127 and he assigned the have-nothing-to-do boys to accompany you at home because he will get home late so they gladly give their free times to be your company for the night.

You just finished baking cookies with Renjun and Jeno and the rest of the boys were playing uno in the living room. “Guys, cookies are ready!” You shouted from the kitchen for them to hear and not even a second after, you hear screams of joy from the room. They burst into the room as soon as you let the tray out of the oven and they sniffed the good smell cutely.

“Yah yah! Don’t touch it yet, you stupid! It’s still hot!” Renjun scolded the youngest, Jisung, after he attempted to steal one of the fresh baked cookies. Jisung put his burning finger into his mouth, feeling himself about to cry from the hotness in his finger as he sucks on it to make it cool down.

“Oh no, our baby. Come here,” Being the group’s mom, Jaemin immediately coos at Jisung and the youngest scoffs away from him. “No, get off me. I’m upset!”

“Don’t fight, guys. Hyuck will never allow you guys to come here again if you decide to wreck his house.”

You put the cookies on the table as Chenle set the netflix movie y’all agreed to watch before sitting next between Jeno and Jaemin on the huge couch.

After yawning for like, hundred times, you boldly claimed that the movie’s boring and they all agreed. So you guys decided to just talk and eat snacks and drink beers to end the night.

“Y/n, when will you give us nephews?” Chenle’s voice makes you nearly choke on your beer and the others laugh and cheer to the idea. “Oh, are you sure you want a smaller version of Haechan running around the house and destroying every single thing exists?” Jaemin snorts and Renjun agreed with him, “Yeah. One Haechan is already despicable but another one? Oh god, I can’t even imagine.”

“But they will be undeniably cute, though.” Jisung stated and you nod to him. “Right, I kind of want to have kids sooner, though, but I can’t tell him yet since he’s been so kept up with work.”

The rest of the night ended up with Jaemin falling asleep on your side and Jeno playing games with Jisung and Chenle. You blinked three times to throw away your sleepiness before hearing the door getting unlocked. Your eyes went smiley as you gently put Jaemin away from your shoulder to welcome your husband home.

“Hey, baby. How was work? Aw, you look so drained out.” You helped him with his coat before he requested a hug and you gladly do so. “I miss you.” “I do too, been waiting for you.”

He walks into the living room to see how’s the boys doing and immediately join them on the couch. You prepared a drink for him when you heard dorky screams and laughters from the living room and you just smiled. But then, you hear Chenle’s words. “Hyung, y/n just told us that she wants to have kids.”

Your eyes widened in shock and embarrassment. Even though you’re already married to Hyuck, it still embarrasses you to talk about kids because he never mentioned it to you before. “Huh, whats going on?” You vaguely hear Hyuck’s bewildered respond and you immediately run to the living room.

“Urgh, don’t be such a big mouth.” You rolled your eyes and give a playful glare to Chenle. He raised his eyebrow and responded with a smirk, “What? We’re just helping you.”

And now you turn your head to see your husband’s lips tugged into a smile, no, you could also say that it’s a naughty smirk.

“Oh shit, guys. I think it’s our cue to leave now.” Jeno said while waking Jaemin up and the sleepy boy ended up being supported by Renjun to their car. “Give us cute little nephews, okay?” Jisung gives you both thumbs up as he leaves the living room as well and you only cover your face in embarrassment.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You turn your eyes to him who’s now eyeing you intensely and somehow, you just feel nervous. “Is it true?” “What’s true?” “You wanting to have kids”

You swear you love hate his goddamn smirk so you just excused yourself to leave to the kitchen. “I think I forgot that I was making a drink for you.” But before you can go he holds your hand to prevent you from leaving and then you find yourself pinned against the wall in between his arms, “No, we got unfinished business here, babe.”

You gulped, now you find this Donghyuck pretty different than the Donghyuck you knew in bed so the tension between both of you kinds of changed and now you’re not sure if you like it or not. Or maybe you start to like it istg-

“Let’s give it a try.”

He pulled you to the bedroom while you giggle against his lips, soft moans coming out of your mouth. You both ended up on the king sized bed, with his back leaning towards the headboard and you sitting on his lap, still panting from the lustful make out.

“Wait,” he takes a second to breathe. “Is this my hoodie?” You glance down on your sweatshirt and quickly nod. “Yes, obviously.” You feel something growing up against your butt and you blushed in embarrassment.

“Seeing you in my favorite hoodie is just…”

He muttered before pulling you forward into another kiss and his mouth quickly trails down to your neck, finding your sensitive spot in a fast manner, and your uncontrollable moans start to come out.

“Fuck, don’t moan like that, I won’t be able to resist.” He cursed against your skin and it makes you whine even more. “Don’t resist, then.”

He groaned when you said that as he set his game stronger than before, “Trust me, baby.”

He tried hard enough to get you filled with his kids, and both of you sighed in satisfaction when he finished the round with you spooned by his side. “Babe, I think our kids will look like me, and will also be as charming as I am, and imagine how they will inherit my beautiful tan skin, god I really can’t wait.” He babbled, and you, who were about to fall asleep, turn your head up at him to protest. “Excuse me?!”

He hums in confidence as he looked at your fuming expression. “No, they will take after me, and my beauty, and also my attractiveness. Well, though I’ll be glad if they will take after your sexy tan, they’re irresistible.” He chuckled, “Did you just flatter me? Of course, they will take after us, and our everything. I love you, and I hope we will achieve our goals to build a family soon.”

You yawned and replied before actually falling asleep, “I love you too, Hyuck.”

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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer

Thank you for opening up your request box! Can I request Jaehyun + 7 & 8 (angst)? Maybe you can set it at university? Thank you again!

Hi! Thank you for requesting! I see you made another good request as well! Thank you for the ideas, so I will combine the two into one shot and I hope that will be okay with you <3
And bro i swear angst 7,8 are pretty famous they’re all over my submission box 🥺💚


7. “I’m not her.”

8. “Your parents didn’t fancy the idea of us.”


3. “Now I know Aphrodite is real.”

4. “Your dress kinds of making my knees go weak.”

8. “Trust me, baby.”

word count: 2,529 words


“Have you know that the famous Jung Jaehyun is about to get engaged with the also famous Rosèanne Park? Damn, they look good together.”

“I just heard that! But look, I also heard that he already has a girlfriend. But is she truly his girlfriend though?”

“Probably just a hook-up, bruh. There’s no way anyone is as gorgeous as Rosè anyway. She’s probably just one of those girls he fucked every weekend.”

Sigh. This is getting heavy. You knew this would come, anyway. Being Jaehyun’s girlfriend has been a pain in the ass but you still dealt with it anyway. It’s been six months of dating him and you can’t help but falling into his charms more than you did at first.

That Rosèanne girl, you knew her. Well who wouldn’t know her? Known widely as the famous pretty youtuber on college since her high school days, she became the heartthrob for both boys and girls in college. Sometimes, people who don’t come from your university would come just to see her walking around to school or just to follow her around to ask for pictures.

Your boyfriend himself, is unfortunately one of her close friends, and you just found out two weeks ago. But you just didn’t mind. As long as he gives you love and affection like he usually does, you don’t mind.

But the thing is, Jaehyun somehow made an agreement that he will not be known as your boyfriend until he’s ready. And you agreed, you agreed to whatever he’d say. That’s how much you love him, but it somehow ended up you feeling like you’re just being one of the girls that went for his pants.

He always promises you that he will introduce you to everyone one day, but you have no high hopes. Jaehyun is a heartthrob, every girls except the nerds in college would fall into their knees if he looks at them in the eyes. So you just simply think if everybody knows that you’re in a relationship with the famous guy, you would be a dead meat. So staying lowkey was probably a good idea.

But not now. God, it hurts every time you hear them talking about how your boyfriend and that famous girl are good together. It hurts every time they would telling each other information about how they saw the allegedly enganged couple hang together in a cafe. You tried hard to believe that it’s not real, but you’re too afraid to ask him, scared that he will get mad at your trust-issues.

Well, it turns out that it’s true.

“What is this, Jae?” You handed him your phone as the screen shows a news of him, the famous businessman’s son, being engaged to another rich heir, Rosèanne Park.

He looks at it for a minute, and you swear you could see a little bit of horror in his eyes. “Answer me. Oh, do I not deserve an answer?”

“It’s not like that.” He massaged the bridge of his nose, looking frustrated. “So?”

“It’s true that my parents arranged me to date her, so that it will be beneficial for both our company and theirs. I didn’t agree, but I didn’t try hard enough yet.” He looks at you with indescribable look and you just frown in anxiety, starting to scared to lose him.

“No, you won’t lose me. I love you, kay?” As if he can read your mind, he answered nonchalantly, as if they were automatically out of his mouth to reassure you.

“Jaehyun, did you even tell them that you have a girlfriend?” “I did.” “And what did they say?”

“They didn’t care.”

His words stabbed you in the heart. They haven’t even met you yet.

“Your parents didn’t fancy the idea of us.” You uttered with an invisible frown.

“Don’t worry, okay? I’ll take care of this. Will you be strong for me?” He put his hand in yours and give it a tight squeeze, his sweet dimples slightly putting you at ease. You nod, without knowing what would happen in the future.

A week later, Jaehyun informed you that he will be hanging with her more often for clouts and that you don’t have to be jealous because it’s just nothing but something fake. But still, you worry.

Every walk to campus is heavy, as you would stare at him and her with a hint of sadness, unlike everyone who literally rooted for them. None of your friends know that you’re the secret girlfriend of Jung Jaehyun because you committed to him that you both won’t tell anyone about this relationship so your friends also talking about them really hurts you to the core.

And then come the most despicable event for you, the prom night. You simply hate it because the unnecessary euphoria of looking for hot dresses, or girls judging each other’s dress. But that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t come, anyway.

You came with your friends, after being informed that your boyfriend will come with his alleged fiancée. It hurts, indeed, to see your loved one going with someone who’s not you. But what can you do anyway?

Hugged in a skimpy black dress, bought by the help of your reliable friends, you walked into the huge grand hotel hall with a fake smile.

“There you are, y/n. Looking like a snack!” One of your guy friends exclaimed in excitement, and you just spin around to flex your dress more for the fun and everyone laughed. Everything was fun and games and you forgot your pinch of heartbreak when you mingle with your friend, until a guy comes in your direction.

Nah, he’s not your Jaehyun. But this guy has been frankly declaring his feelings for you, and your friends know that. You can’t just accept him and date him because oh, someone wouldn’t like that obviously. “Hey. You look good tonight,” he smiled at you. You smiled back at him, regretting that his kindness will never get returned, as your feelings only belong to the one and only Jung Jaehyun.

“Thank you. You look nice as well.” Twenty minutes later, he ended up being by your side, getting you food and beverage, until you feel a hot stare directed to you from a distance.

You turn your shoulder to look at the source of the ambiguous vibe, and they turned out to be the pair of eyes you usually see at night. You smiled lightly before tilting your head in confusion when his flat expression didn’t change. ‘What’s wrong?’ You mouthed, and he immediately mouths back in response.

‘Follow me.’

You ended up being in the elevator to his hotel room after following him out of the grand hall.

“Having fun with that guy?” He broke the killing silence while keeping his hand in yours while you both almost reached the floor where his room belongs. “With who?”

“Acting innocent now are we?” You swear his smirk could kill your shaking body right away. “I don’t understand. That Eunwoo guy? He’s nobody.” Your pupils shake in nervousness when he turned at you. “Really? Then why did I find him putting his nasty hand around my girlfriend at the party?”

You rolled your eyes, “He didn’t know I have a boyfriend. Nobody knows.”

“Wow, didn’t know you acting bratty could tingle something in me like this.” He drags you closer by pulling his hands on your waist as you can smell his deadly cologne. “J-jaehyun,” you muttered.

Your dress kinds of making my knees go weak, baby.” He murmured against your neck. You moan a little when he pressed a wet kiss into your sensitive skin but then the elevator door opened and unfortunately, no one was there.

Jaehyun keeps his body close to you as he pulls you into the second door in the hallway. “Come in, baby. I just want to spend some time alone with you,” he smiled as he takes off his coat and you gladly put your arms around his neck for a kiss.

After making himself half naked just in front of the bathroom door in the huge hotel suite, he drags you to the bed and you immediately squeal in excitement. Before he was able to feel your body more intimately, you asked him a quick question. “Jaehyun, are you having fun with her tonight?”

His face changed from lust into a frown, why would you ask something like this when he was just about to mark you his. “What are we getting at this time?”

“No, I just have to make sure that you’re still all mine tonight despite the amount of attention you both got from everyone.”

Jaehyun smiled slightly at the sound of your desperate phrases before giving your cheek a light kiss as he secures you beneath him, between his muscular arms. “Trust me, baby.”

He played with the end of your dress before confessing a warm and fuzzy sentence, “I’m all yours.”

After spending time on marking each other and giving each other the ultimate love you both thrive for, he spared a few minutes to cuddle you and feel you longer in his arms. He kisses your hair and his mouth continues to trail on your forehead and then your nose and goes to your lips. You giggle at the feeling and somehow the moment makes you feel loved even though you know that this utterly feels just like a dream.

“We have to make it before the announcement, though. I need to know who’s gonna be the king of prom.”

“Of course it’s gonna be you.” You smiled against his lips as he gives you a not-so-last kiss to end the magical moment. He helped you wear your dress before putting on his own outfit. You checked yourself in the mirror for the last time and he only glanced from a distance.

“Now I know Aphrodite is real.”

“And I’m glad you decided not to rip my dress apart, or ruin my make up.” You chuckled. He hugged you from behind, immediately giving your neck some kisses, before murmuring against your skin, “You’re so beautiful.”

“And the prom King of the night is… Jung Jaehyun!” The MC declared and everyone cheer for him loudly. “And we’re also, of course, going to have the prom Queen of the night which is… Rosèanne Park! What a perfect pair!”

Your eyes follow the steps of the crowned prom queen as she walks so gracefully to the stage, going excitedly to your boyfriend’s side. You can’t help but imagine if you’re the one up there, hand linked to him perfectly, everyone rooting for you both, and how he proudly has you by his side, and that bubble of imagination hurts you more than the things that you went through even though you were being intimate with him just about twenty minutes ago.

Eunwoo walked to your side, nudge your blank figure and you came back to earth. “Hm?”

“It’d be really nice if you were the prom queen,” he flashed you his gummy smile and you responded with a bitter smile. I think so too.

“And I’m the king.” He continued coyly. “Oh…” you muttered, not expecting him to actually say that but you can’t really blame him.

A week after the party, you keep reaching out for Jaehyun, but he’s always absent. His presence becomes a dream to you, which something that you think of at night to become a dream, so that you will meet him through the night. His face is everywhere, along with the pretty girl he was engaged with. It hurts, and it hurts even more when you can do nothing about it.

He sees you lesser and lesser every week, he doesn’t even look in your way, his focus stays on her. You want to be confused, but you still believe on everything he had said, that he will take care of this and probably, do something that you expect him to do.

But after becoming a silent for almost eight months of being his girlfriend, you’ve had enough. It almost feels like you’re nothing but a stranger to him. Was he that busy to even text you?

“Jaehyun, we need to talk.” He narrowed his eyes to you when everyone stare at you both, after you boldly approached him in public, gaining attention from everyone who was there. Rosèanne gave him a nod as she knew what’s going on, and leaves his side immediately to walk to her friends.

“What is it?” He gives you a cold look, probably mad because you talk to him out of the agreement, but you just don’t care. “Not here, somewhere private.”

So you ended up being at the back of the library of the campus as he pushed his hair back in frustration. “Why the fuck did you have to pull such a scene like that?! That’s fucking dangerous!”

“What’s dangerous, Jaehyun? I only approached you just like any other human being, not as your actual girlfriend if you forgot already.” He groans, “Yes! But not in front of Rosè and all those people! Are you mad? Did you forget our agreement?” And you laugh bitterly, “Oh, am I the mistress now?”

His face changed when you uttered the mattered fact. “I swear, y/n, that’s not the case.”

“Yes it is, Jaehyun. Unfortunately, I’m not her. I’m not someone who brings you benefits as much as she does. Hell, I can’t even compare myself to her. Don’t you think so, Jae?”

You don’t want it to be cliche by crying in front of him as you tried your best to hold the threatening tears to fall but you failed. You wiped them harshly before Jaehyun even tried to reach out his hand to do it for you. “Never ever I have, Jaehyun, to try to hurt you behind your back. I didn’t expect anything out of you, but at least please clear things up for me.”

Unexpectedly, he spilled his tears. He’s crying, and the sight broke your heart even more.

“Now, I only became the girl you fucked in the weekend, just like what everyone talked about.”

He shakes his head in denial, “No, baby. No, that’s just fucked up wrong. I.. I love you, okay. The night when I first met you, I feel it. I know that it’s fucking real when I want you. P-please.”

“But things change, right? I know you’re gonna do your best in everything, Jaehyun, even without me. That girl is the best choice for you. I’ll be fine on my own, and it’s okay if we can’t be just friends. That will help me to move on real quick.”

Jaehyun watched your back disappeared that day, and from that he never heard about you ever again. He’d watch with heavy heart when you’re around with your friends, even though his fiancée is also around. He regrets everything, but just like you can’t do anything, he’s pretty much the same. Maybe you both were not meant to be, or did he even put up a fight for you and the relationship? He didn’t, and he just realized that.

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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer


Hello ❤️ I hope you have a great day ✨

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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer

hi can i request a angst where jaehyun and his s/o is an architect will live korea to pursue their dreams while also jaehyun focuses on his idol career

5. “i will support you even though i’m far away”

2. “i cant let us fade away” + “you’re the best part of my life”

Hi! Thank you for requesting! This idea is brilliant that I immediately write them down 💚 Ooh and this will be 85% fluff and 15% angst I’m sorry 🥺


5. “I will support you even though I’m far away.”

2. “I can’t let us fade away.”


1. “You’re the best part of my life.”


word count: 1,2k words

You looked down at the envelope in your hand. The things written on the paper will change your life forever. You weren’t ready to open it, but not gonna lie, you really waited long enough to know the result of your hard work.

You open the lid nervously, taking out the white official paper inside before unfolding the paper to see what’s written on it.

‘Dear Ms. Y/l/n,

I am delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admission has admitted you to the class of 2021.’

You squeals in happiness when you finished reading the first sentence of the letter. “Mom! I’m admitted!!!” You run out of your room to your mom who’s cooking in the kitchen.

After a mini celebration with your family, you went back to your room, looking back at the letter, feeling proud. Sketching buildings and houses have been something you’re good at, and one of the reasons why is because of your desire to build a dream house for your family to live in. You want your family to live comfortably and happy, with your own design.

While you daydream about what’s going to happen in your upcoming life chapters, a notification pops up from your phone. You peeked into it to see who texted you and you smiled. It’s him.

Jaehyun <3: Hey, are you free for a date night?

You: “Hey baby! Yes, I’m free and I have something to tell you ~

Jaehyun <3: I’m excited! I’ll pick you up at 11, love. See you later ~

“I miss you so much!” Jaehyun hugged you so tight that you have to hold your breath with a smile drawn on your face. “Stop, I can’t breath!”

“Oops, sorry. I can’t help it.” He puts his hands back on the steering wheel and you leaned forward to give him a kiss. After all, you both can only date in his car to avoid getting caught by paparazzi and being careful not to hurt his fans.

Now that his car is parked in the middle of the park, he leaned closer to you while playing with your hand, squeezing it a little bit and your cheeks

“So, what is the thing you want to tell me, hm?” He asked.

You sighed. You were actually afraid that this might not end well because pursuing your dream job means leaving him and that you will be miles away from him without being able to come back home often.

“Well, the thing is… this.” You take out the letter you brought along to show him nervously, a small smile drawn on your face while expecting his reaction.

“Hm?” Jaehyun opened the letter you passed to him and a minute after he read the first paragraph, his eyes lit up in happiness. “Baby, you got admitted!” Before you got to reply he engulfed you in a hug again, slightly moving your body along with him in excitement. “Y-you’re happy?” You asked, voice muffled by being pressed to the crook of his neck.

“Of course! I know this means a lot to you. Going to this university is a dream and now you’re going for it! I’m so happy for you.”

For a moment, you feel like all the worries you have been thinking of were useless. Of course, he would be supporting and happy for you and stuff, but the fact that you both are going to be far away from each other still bothers your mind.

“Thank you for kindly supporting me, hon, but this means I’m going to be far far away from you.” You uttered sadly and he quickly sighed.

“I know. Remember when you first told me that you’re applying and I whined and told you I’m gonna be so sad if you got admitted? I am now. I feel like, you’re already going even though you’re still here with me and your departure will be in like two months?”

You can’t help but feel sad at what he said. A drop of tears slip out of your eye and you quickly wiped it off your cheeks and he immediately panicked. “Oh no, I made you cry! I’m sorry! This waas supposed to be a happy moment for you but I ruined it! Shit, I’m a terrible boyfriend,” he ranted.

“No, Jae. You’re the best part of my life. You’re not a terrible boyfriend. I love you, a lot.”

His look soften when you confessed just like that. He pats your back lovingly while you try to wipe the wetness on your cheeks. “It’s okay, we shall make sure that we will cherish every moment left to make up all the time we’ll be away from each other.”

He runs his fingers through your hair, brushing them against your hair to feel your beauty longer than he usually does. You smiled while keeping the eye contact before speaking out to him, “I will support you even though I’m far away. I will always be your number one fan, Jae.”

“I know it, I know for sure. We’ll keep in touch, right?”

You nod, and when you both hug it makes you sadder than it was already been that you cried on his hoodie that night, feeling sad and happy all mixed together, with him by your side.

The last two months ended with you two spending time more often than usual. His manager made it possible and he was being considerate enough to make his schedule worked for both of you to hang out. He meets you after his drama filming and often offers you to help you preparing your things before you move. Everything was going well and for a short moment, it made you forget that you’ll actually be leaving your family and loved one in a few hours.

Jaehyun stayed by your side before you have to check-in. He waited next to your family while you talked to your other family and friends, him being covered in a mask and a hat. He promised himself not to cry on the day when he would send you to the airport, but he thinks he’s going to fail. And he’s right.

“Aw, look at him, he’s already crying!” One of your family points up at him and he immediately wiped out the tears, embarrassed that your family gets to see him cry.

You smile bitterly as you approach him to give him a tight hug. He hugs you tighter, inhaling your scent before he’s going to miss your presence in the time beings. “I’m going to miss you, for real.” He mumbled against your hair, feeling a little bit relieved when your family left you both to give more privacy.

“Believe me, I’m going to miss you too, more than what you can imagine. Promise me to always work hard and achieve what you dream of, Jaehyun. We’re going to support each other, right?”

He nodded, as he rubs his hands against your back lovingly, before the announcement played on the background, reminding you of how little time you got before actually leaving the country to pursue your big dream.

“I can’t believe you already have to leave,” he sniffles. You laugh in tears, “Yes, I have to, by now. Stay healthy, baby. I’ll call you when I arrive.”

“Goodbye, love.” You waved to him as you drag your carrier with heavy steps, entering the other side while making sure you still see his figure through the transparent automatic slide door until he vanished completely out of your sight.

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jaefluenza·2 months agoAnswer

“don’t leave...” and hendery please 💚

Hi! Thank you for requesting 💚

6. “Don’t leave…”

The storms outside can exactly describe what is happening inside the monochrome designated apartment which was used to be filled with sunshine and happiness. It’s not like this is new, anyway. Recently, things have been rough for both you and Hendery, since he was barely home and you just couldn’t resist it anymore, but deciding to talk to him turned out to be a mistake.

“I swear we can talk it out!” You argued back.

“And I said not now! Can’t you understand that I’m tired??” He hissed angrily when you approached him near the kitchen counter. “Baby..” you soften up after hearing his raising tone.

Hendery sighs frustratingly, “What?”

“I just want to talk, since I will not be able to sleep if I have to cry into my pillow again.”

His eyes stop to the level of your pupils down there and he only nodded softly before pulling you both to sit on the sofa.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked, while looking into your eyes. You nod, “I just want you to be home more often.”

He groans, “Urgh, not again. We talked about this like hundred times. I’ve been busy with all the huge projects and now you’re begging me to be home more often? I’m not playing around out there, y/n.”

You rubbed your belly nervously at the sound of his once again raising tone. “Y-you don’t have to yell…”

“Sorry, I’m just frustrated. See, us talking now does not bring any good, y/n. We should talk later, when I’m not tired. Besides, as much as you need me to be home more often, I need you to be more understanding of my work as well, y/n.” He said before he left to shower.

You put your palms up to rub them on your face, hiding the disappointment and the sadness that once again buried and can’t be released and it gets you so tired with all the countless fightings and screamings.

But deep inside, you know you have to keep fighting for the better.

Once again, you tried to talk to him, when he seems so relaxed and not so busy like he usually was. “Hey, do you mind to talk?”

“Nah, not right now.” And now it has reached your peak. Your patience, which was always useful when things start to get stiff just vanished like that. “Are you seeing someone else???”

Hendery turned at you with narrow eyes he put his laptop away from his thighs. “Are you seriously accusing me now?”

You nod, face red from the anger surfaces from the back of your mind. “Yes! You sound, and you look like you’re cheating on me! Just tell me already if you feel bored or something because then I should just go and leave your ungrateful ass!”

He stands up, getting angrier as well, and this is not what you actually wanted. “Me? Cheating? Where did I get the time to do that?!”

“Oh, you don’t think I know all the parties you attended these past few weeks? I know, your manager and the WayV members have been telling me where you’ve been, and it turned out that you weren’t actually so busy-”

“Shut up! Are you tracking me down? Spying through my manager and members just to know- Goshhh I can’t stand it anymore! I need to go away from this hell. God damn it, give me a fucking break!” He brings his laptop along with his phone and stomps away to the bedroom. Your lips shake in fear, the fright of him leaving you forever starts to kick in and you run along to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” You muttered.

He does not give any answer as you watch him packing half of his clothes into his travel bag, and your eyes quiver in fear. “Fuck, no. Don’t leave. It was my fault, okay? Please-”

He shoved you away lightly when you held into his arms to prevent him to go and you only stare at him. “Please, dery.”

“I need time to think. No, we both need time to think. I’ll come back when I feel like everything’s going to be fine.” He said coldly before leaving you in the bedroom.

You hold into his arms once again, knees actually going weak while watch him reach the doorknob. “Don’t leave…”

“I’m sorry, y/n.”

Your tears immediately fall down at the sound of the door locking, and the complete air of loneliness surrounded your body as you fall into the ground, shoulders shaking from the sob.

“I’m sorry, baby. Mommy failed to convince daddy to stay.”

Yeah, before he even gets to acknowledge the growing child in your belly, you watched him walk away just like that.

part 2? ;)

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Omg hiii!! Could i please have angst 8+6 with jaehyun? Maybe where hes an idol and youre his average gf and his parents want someone better for him and he kinda agrees with them 😭🥺 tysm!

Hiiii! Thank you for requesting! ❤️❤️❤️

8. “Your parents didn’t fancy the idea of us.”

6. “Don’t leave…”

word count: 902 words

You stay watching as if it doesn’t hurt you more than the past few weeks. Accepting reality was something you’re familiar with. The world is so cruel that now you think people downgrading each other is a normal thing to do even though it’s wrong. But this is beyond your ability, and even though you want to feel disappointed, you just can’t.

Jung Jaehyun was someone you didn’t expect to meet in this harsh real world. You two met in an unexpected incident, where his van hit your ‘affordable’ car and he went out to apologize, and somehow ended up you both dating for more than a year.

“Do they understand your career? You’re still so young that you have yet to acknowledge this kind of thing, but this is all too soon, dear.” His mom explained.

You knew. After a month of dating him, you researched who he was, his internationally famous K-pop group, even his family background was stated on the internet. And you knew that he lived in a completely different world compared to you. He’s a ‘gold spoon’ as everyone would say. But you accepted him as a human being like he accepts your simple life to be blended along with his.

Now, standing quite far from their table, you heard all of them arguing about your life background, your job, even how you would dress that night. You knew that your anxiety last night was going to be real, but you came anyway. And now that it’s true that they don’t approve of your relationship, you feel like giving up.

“It’s final, Jaehyun. We’re sure that they’re not the best choice for you. Look for someone that comes from the same life as you do, and don’t embarrass us.” His dad commanded.

“I know. I know this would come. I understand, father. I will try to fix things up.”

“Jaehyun…” you mumbled sadly. A soft sigh left your shaking lips as you turn back to the exit way, ready to tell him through text that you’re not available for the night.

As much as you want to wail and mourn over your relationship like any other girl in the movies or the books you read, no, you can’t. You have a life to feed, your belly, and also your parents who live far away to be provided some money. Keep working in the middle of heartbreak is hard, but you try to hang in there. You’ve been avoiding Jaehyun and his hundred calls. You know it’s wrong, but you weren’t ready to accept this reality and end the relationship with him.

But now, life is making it harder as a pair of eyes met yours in front of your office. Now that you know you can’t avoid him anymore, you step forward bravely to him. “I’m sorry for not answering your call, I’ve been busy making a living.”

You see it in the corner of his eyes, that hurting glaze that makes your heart wrenching so hard. “You knew, did you?” He asked.


“You were there, weren’t you?”

A long silence stays for a goddamn minute until you spoke, “Yes, I was there. I was there long enough to realize that my dream was over. My beautiful and unrealistic dream.”


Your parents didn’t fancy the idea of us, Jae.”

You saw his eyes shake after you uttered the words and your tears automatically run down.

“And as much as I want to fight for this relationship because of how much I love and adore you, hearing what you said that night pushed me back even more.”

“I can explain, y/n.”

“No, Jae. You want to fix things up, then I will let you be. I can’t see the bright path in this relationship, after all, your parents were right. You definitely will find someone better than me, Jaehyun. Someone that will make your family’s eyes shimmer in adoration, and that someone will never be me. A harsh reality check, isn’t it?”

You glance down at your fingers, at how the promise ring he gave you still perfectly put around your finger. It hurts when you take it off, but you have to. Looking at it for the last time, you smile bitterly when you take his shaking hand and hand the ring to him.

Don’t leave… He muttered.

“Thank you for everything we went through, Jaehyun. It was nice knowing you. I sincerely hope you’ll find another love out there. Also, pass my last greeting to the boys, I’m sorry we can’t hang out together ever again.”

You turn around to reach another route to home but five seconds later, you found yourself engulfed in a bitter back hug. “Jaehyun…”

“P-please. Let me hug you, for the last time.” You blink your tears at his sad and bitter tone as you struggle not to turn around and hug him tightly.

He sobs into your neck, regretting his life choice and the cruel life he lived in. “I’m so sorry, Y/n. That’s all I can say.”

You turn around and smile as you put your fingers around his face. “I understand.”

At the end of the day, like any other girls you thought were only fictional to cry over boys into their pillows, you did. You cried over Jung Jaehyun, the best dream you’ve ever had, a little blessing you’ve received in this big cruel world.

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Send request to me!! NCT 2020

Hi! I’m opening a request box here! I’m going to write the prompts below for you to choose and you can send the numbers + the member. You also can give me your own idea but unfortunately, I’m not accepting smut </3 sorry. Except for suggestive content ^~^
  1. “You belong with me.”
  2. “I can’t let us fade away.”
  3. “I don’t know if I love you now, but I thought we were worth it.”
  4. “It’s a misunderstanding…”
  5. “I will still support you even though I’m far away.”
  6. “Don’t leave…”
  7. “I’m not her.”
  8. “Your parents didn’t fancy the idea of us.”
  9. “You’re never home!”
  10. “Do I look like I care?”
  1. “You’re the best part of my life.”
  2. “Don’t worry, I won’t let go!”
  3. “Don’t be such a big mouth.”
  4. “Excuse me?!”
  5. “We need to do something. This isn’t right.”
  6. “Okay now calm down! I’m trying, okay?”
  7. “Can you shut him up?”
  8. “I believe I can fly!”
  9. “Kisses are very much needed, cus it’s getting colder.”
  10. “I swear if you tickle me again-”
  1. “I hate my mind, right now.”
  2. “Oh, don’t make me do things you won’t expect.”
  3. “Now I know Aprodhite is real.”
  4. “Your dress kinds of making my knees go weak.”
  5. “Fuck, you’re spicing things up.”
  6. “Can we do the things I’ve been thinking of?”
  7. “Don’t moan like that, I won’t be able to resist.”
  8. “Trust me, baby.”
  9. “Seeing you in my favorite hoodie is just…”
  10. “That was mindblowing.”

Please visit “feel free to ask me!” if you browse through web, and just send me asks to send a request! ^~^

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I’m currently taking a break from writing, but I’m planning to open a request box soon! <3 Recently, I’ve been interested in making videos so I opened a youtube channel for my NCT fmv and I would appreciate it if you guys check it out! (◕‿◕)


Channel: Jaefluenza

NCT Jaehyun FMV | Hard to Say Goodbye (by. Johnny Stimson)


NCT Jisung FMV | Sweet Love (by. Crush)


I’d appreciate it if you give me a feedback so I will make better videos! Thank you sooo much (´ ε ` )♡

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word count: 2,4k words

pairing: Jaehyun x prostitute!reader

warning: suicide attempt, suggestive content, mention of sex, arm-cutting, drugs, self loathing etc

a/n : i didn’t write this to mock or use the idea of not loving and appreciating ourselves, but through this little package of scenario i would like to pass on a message that; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself. be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you. forgive yourself and seek help from professionals or loved ones if needed. remind yourself every day that you’re not alone :) i’m here with all of u <3


I am very much aware that I am in a place where everyone thought is wrong and sinful. Everyone has to hide whenever they’d want to taste and jump into this particular world where they call it the devil’s lair, but I get to taste and feel it almost every day.

Everyone eyes me with lust and greed, but no one ever looks at me with even one hint of respect. I know that I don’t deserve any of it, but what about love, appreciation, and self-worth? I keep looking for them, oh, I swear I’d chase them to the end of the world. But my dirty body and this filthy mind of mine are banning me to look for who I really am. And I eventually came to the conclusion that I, a nobody in this big hellish world, do not deserve a single fucking love.

Sometimes, I thank God for allowing me to see the rays of sunshine through the small window in my miserable apartment, even though I’m not sure if He was listening. No one ever wants to listen to any of my prayers. I too, sometimes, are listening to people begging the Almighty, to forgive their sins almost every weekend. But that makes me do a lot more thinking, will He ever forgive me? I don’t know, who would I ask?

That was until I met Jung Jaehyun.


Working in a place where I met a lot of dirty old men, some young perverts, and curious male students, I didn’t expect myself to find a soulmate in any place in the world. For fuck’s sake, I couldn’t even find myself. A soulmate? Sounds needy. But that one night, I didn’t even know it changed me for the better.

He came with his two friends. One with long beautiful blonde mullet, and one with astonishing pink hair. Him? Not really that special, just a dazzling golden brown hair. I was so awe-struck by the three of them, and I knew that they couldn’t just land in this kind of place without actually getting lost. There’s no way that they instinctively came here to seek touch from a woman, I thought. But I was wrong.

“The name’s Jung Jaehyun. And I would like to order three champagnes for the night. We’re celebrating,” He ordered with a gorgeous wink. I took his order, and as usual, I offer the services of the ladies we have here. Surprisingly, they didn’t ask for any list just like any other guys did. He chose me. By the means of him, yes, only him chose me. The other guys bluntly said that they weren’t coming for the sex, but he was. I immediately said yes and two hours with hell-like sexual tension later, I found myself having fun with the devil with him in the VVIP bedroom.


The only thing good from having this job was you got your sexual needs fulfilled, as any other human beings would say. And the only thing bad from having to be this kind of woman was you never got to find love. Moaning each other’s names even though you only heard it like fifteen minutes ago never gives you the kind of love that everyone kept talking about. The lust-filled kisses you’d get every night will never compare to the ones they said will sweep you off your feet. They feel either as rough as if an abuser would grab a fist of your hair.

But that one particular night felt faithfully different. Jung Jaehyun kissed me like it was the last night he would ever see me. Jung Jaehyun stripped my upper top as if he would open a whole new fragile world. He sucked on my body like I am the most precious thing in the world. He made me feel like, maybe, I deserve some love in a tiny space called moment. Hang on, was that even love?

I had no idea, but some ideas did come to me at the moment. Something like adoration? Appreciation? Everything that sounds like love and affection.

And when I thought he kissed me so passionately like it was the last time he was gonna see me, we never ended there. He got my number, and I thought I was just gonna be a call girl.

He did call me two days after that hook-up, and I expected him to request me already naked in a sexy nightgown somewhere in a fancy motel, but no. You wouldn’t believe me, but he requested my presence in a small cozy cafe for a lunch date. I remember blinking at the sound of his delicate question, before actually saying yes to him. He replied with a simple, “nice” before telling me when we should meet. And for the first time, my heart beats quickly in excitement.


Do I want to end my life? Yes, sometimes. When I feel like my lungs are filled with guilts and regrets, I’d want to just disappear out of this uncaring world. No one would know, anyway. But life does not work that easy, right? When life would suffocate my little existence, I know I can not just end it. Instead, I have to keep on fighting. As much as how dirty and useless I am as a person, I still have these little rays of pride and hope.

Back to Jung Jaehyun. He took me on a real date, something that I couldn’t believe truly happened that day. He paid for the lunch after we ordered some fish-and-chips and two glasses of peach ice tea which felt like a fancy dinner compared to the countless ramen cups I had almost every day.

And, though it may seem strange, we talked. Like, having a good conversation as actual human beings who love to chat with someone under good weather. He asked about how I’ve been living, and I lied about how I live just fine, even though I wasn’t sure if he had noticed the glint of my shaky eyes. He casually informed me about his life, how he lives with other four boys in the apartment, before telling me that he is, as a matter of fact, a celebrity in a strained manner.

I didn’t dare to judge him. I mean, who even am I to judge? Everyone would know that I am nothing but a piece of trash compared to what he is. He is far beyond me. And I plucked up the courage to ask him the question that had just popped in my mind with a bitter laugh, “If you’re a singer, then why would you be sitting with me here in daylight, and not spending some time singing or slaying the stage like you usually do?”

And he unworldly answered, “Well, because I’m interested in you?”

I know it was wrong to lash out on him like that. I was confused, I was pissed that he said he was interested in me. It’s like he was saying that I got to feel this whole new experience, just because he was interested in me. I could never understand why he would be fucking interested in me, while there are millions of women he could just pick out to be his, but me? Hell no.

Though there was a little bit of regret when I unpleasantly ended the date, I couldn’t do anything besides shoving him off when he offered to send me home.


Jung Jaehyun was indeed a whole new experience to me. He didn’t give up just like that. He might know that it would be uncomfortable for me to receive his text at the moment, so he came again to the pub. I bit my lips nervously when I offered him a drink which felt like deja vu, and he only smiled. “I would like you for the night.”

I wasn’t ready for the sex, though I secretly crave a second time with him, and he seemed to know that. We ended up at the same VVIP room just like we first met, but he didn’t touch me.

I sat down as he told me so, and when I thought that it could be a hint of dominance in bed, he also sat next to me on the edge of the bed. “You’re not going to touch me?” I asked. He shook his head, “As much as I want to, no. We’re just going to talk.” I knew that I couldn’t lose to his pair of sharp eyes, so I sighed and listened to him.

“That lunch, I apologize if what I said to you was offending.” He paused before looking straight into my eyes. His deep brown orbs dig through my own pair as if he was looking for something hidden in them. “You did not actually offend me, but I was just overreacting.”

“May I perhaps… know your concerns?” Oh, how much I love that gentle voice. It gives me reassurance and calmness.

“I was just confused. Like, how come a snazzy person like you, be interested in me who is a literal nobody? I was just feeling like you make a joke out of me. I’m sorry I made you apologize,” I explained.

He chuckled beautifully. “You don’t have to be sorry. It is not wrong for you to think like that, I wouldn’t judge you. But after almost a week of knowing you, you are not that worthless like what you have just said.” And for once, I believed in someone.

We continue to seek each other, him occasionally trying to tell me to quit the dark nightlife, and me trying to adjust to his busy schedules. We called each other as lovers, and I could finally say that I found the love I never thought I could find. I ended up quitting my job sooner than I expected, and move into his newly bought apartment one month after we started dating.

But, does life finally give up on hammering me down?


To be in love with Jung Jaehyun would be an understatement. We love each other so much to the point that I started to forget my anxiety and insecurities in awhile. He made it clear to me every day that I am worthy of being myself, being loved, and being cared for. Every time I would look at the mirror, he would get there as quickly as he can, to reassure me that he loves me, for everything I am, and I believe in him.

But is that enough? I don’t know. As much as he showers me with love and fondness, he’s not home 24/7. He works for our future, as he promised. And those alone times would have me overthinking on the big lavish sofa, am I really worthy of his time? Why would he stay with me, a literal nobody who still needs her pills every night before she falls asleep to keep her calm?

Yes, I never told Jaehyun that I have meds to keep my sanity steady. I never told him that sometimes I ordered some syringes of sedatives to keep my cries away. He never gets the idea of what’s behind the reason why I’m always able to smile in front of him.

I don’t want him to know that I hate to cry alone, at the thought of being a useless parasite leaving under his wings. I don’t want him to find out that I’m just a drug addict that makes him look like a fool trying to convince me that he truly loves me. And those negative thoughts would eventually turn into something bigger, something that’d make me walk staggering into the kitchen, to where we kept our knives.

I always promise myself that I need to keep on fighting, but sometimes, feeling enough was never enough. The more I convince myself that I can be happy with him in this full-of-twist life, the more those monsters crawl onto the back of my mind. I hate being whispered that I’m not good enough for him, and anybody else and that I don’t deserve the love I’ve been dreaming of getting. It hurts, it’s killing me inside. It feels like its thorns are ripping through my lungs as I try to slide the knife into my arm-

“What the fuck are you trying to do?!”


Jung Jaehyun opens the door as the exhaustion started to dart away from his body. He expected his lover to be greeting him with those lovely eyes, and a bear hug would be nice. But what he found as soon as he reached the kitchen has made his senses almost flying out of his mind.

She dropped the knife just as she heard the panic in his scream, eyes red from the fear of death. Scattered on the floor, there she is, sitting weakly while coming into a realization that she almost broke her own promise, to keep on fighting. “J-jae…”

Jaehyun immediately runs toward the poor woman. He quickly scoops her into his arms, hugging her close to make sure that she feels safe. His eyes stutter in the fear of losing her, worries start to creep into his brain about what if he was a minute late, or so. He sighed in relief in her ears, whispering a string of “Oh my goodness” as an indication of ease that she’s still here with him.

He loves her with all his might, but why would she doubt him?


Loving Jung Jaehyun is not easy, as the journey wasn’t even close to that yet. The first step is to love me first, to accept who I really am, and to forgive what I had in the past. Syringes and pills slowly disappear from my life, just after I found out that telling him and a professional my every story would help much better.

I learned how to see the future ahead, with the help of a man whom I’m trying to love dearly with all my imperfections. He no longer promises me things like he used to before, though it sounds so much reassuring whenever I hear them, but now his actions directly and clearly tell me that I’ll be alright. We’ll be just right. And I’m still learning to believe in myself and to believe in him as well.

I love you, Jung Jaehyun. I love myself, too.

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genre: college au, best friends to lovers au, fluff with a little pinch of angst

pairing: boxer!jeno x model!reader ft. Jaemin & Ryujin (of ITZY)

word count: 9,589k words

warning: lots of profanity, bullying attempt, a little bit suggestive

inspired by wish you were gay by Billie Eilish


Jeno Lee has a quirky reputation in college. Girls speak about him whenever he’s around or even when he’s not. He became a hot topic around the school in the past few weeks, because of the current interest he took in. He was an ordinary guy before he joined the new boxing club held by the famous boxer around the faculty, his third-year senior, Jung Jaehyun.

While you, an underground model whose finances are going downhill, are barely visible enough to be known or noticed by people. Being socially awkward since elementary school, your friends can be counted by fingers. You’re the opposite of your own best friend, but you don’t mind that, at first.

Jeno was indeed telling you with excitement when he got accepted into the club, saying that his efforts for the past few weeks taking boxing lessons with his uncle were worth it. You supported him with excitement as well. As much as you know him, he was barely interested in any club, so him joining the popular boxing club was great big news to you. But now, everything has changed as he grew distant to you since he was busy enough to hang with you and he got so many friends.

“Jeno, can you help me with today’s product shoot? I only need a few pictures.” You uttered while checking the post you just added to your IG. He looks at you with a pair of guilty eyes, “What time?”

You could sense his awkwardness, so you turned your head at him. “Uh, at 5 pm? We have to make it before the sunset.”

He mumbled something that you barely heard about, but then he speaks back to you. “What about 3 pm? Well, the golden hour doesn’t always come at 5, you can give your pics a little bit more edit to make it looks influenced by the golden sunset, right? Hehe,” he flusters.

You snort, “Jeno, are you even aware that our last lecture will be finished at 3.30. That’s why we need some time to prepare things before reaching the location. Wait a minute, you got plans to do, am I wrong?”

He showed you his famous eye smiles, though you exactly know that they’re not a delight one.

“I’m sorry, I have a sparring session with Jaehyun hyung exactly at 5 pm before the sky gets dark. Uh, can we do it another day? I swear I will help you.” You frown since this was not the first time he would ditch you.

“I don’t think you will be available again. Well, I’ll just go and ask Ryujin, then.” You grab your things and leave him alone on the bleachers. Jeno runs his fingers through his hair in frustration, feeling guilty as he’s well aware that he’s been offending your feelings.

“Did you hear the news? Jeno’s first fight is on Thursday. Are you going?” Ryujin asked. You only nod, while checking the pictures she just took for you. “I heard, you know how often I check the notice board down the hall. Well, I don’t know if I wanna go, but I want to support him, though.”

“I sincerely hope that popularity doesn’t get into his head. He was a good friend to you.”

Your head turned at her with narrowed eyes, “Do you think he isn’t one now?”

Ryujin scoffs, “Not in that kind of way, you dumb. Relax girl, I was just saying that I hope he still treats you right after he became who he is now.”

You bid your goodbye to Ryujin as you dropped her in her driveway. “Drive safely, sist.”

Well, it turned out that you didn’t go home first. You found yourself heading to the seemingly empty ring on the second floor of the gym building, after asking one of his friends, Jaemin about where he’s at. You hold the plastic bag of foods he likes, motion nervously towards the sound of his soft giggles.

“Yo, I can tell you can do good on Thursday, just improve your strength more by practicing at the gym, then you’re set to go.” You recognized the baritone voice of the club president, Jung Jaehyun, before greeting everyone in the room. “Good evening.”

Every head in the room turned up at you. Every laughter was suppressed, and the room becomes silent. “Oh, hey. You must be here for him,” Jaehyun points his index finger to the younger boy, the current main role in the ring.

Jeno stands up, bidding his goodbye to his team before bringing you outside the room. “Hey, y/n. Uh, why are you here?”

You raise the plastic bag with a smile. “I know you and the team must be hungry after practicing so I bought you guys food.”

Jeno smiles, “Woah, you don’t need to do this to all of us. Thank you so much,” he helped you with the bag and bring you inside again, proceeding to introduce you to his new circle of friends.

That night, you’re finally known as Jeno’s only girl best friend and you’re glad that his friends treat you so good that you feel like you have already been friends with them for so long. It makes you eager to support him better and being the source of his energy for him to do good.

On Thursday, you were in the public library when you received a call from the one and only Lee Jeno.

“Hey, uh, are you free this evening?”

“I know, it’s about your first ring fight, right?”

“Yeah, will you come?”

You stay silent to think for a moment. “Jeno…”

“I… I know you’re afraid of crowds and fights, but please.. can you come for me?”

He’s right. You’re scared of fights and wounds. There was one time when you both were in first grade, he got into a fight with his bully. One thing about Jeno, he holds in his feelings.So when the number of fits of anger and grudges was no longer able to be kept in his chest, he burst into a scary angry kid.

You reminisced when you found him bruised and bleeding at the back of the school, panting angrily. You cried at the horrible sight of him and instead of you comforting him, it turned out him stopping you from crying.

“I’m glad that you knew exactly why I’ve been getting restless about whether to go or not. I’ll think about it, Jeno.”

A sigh of relief could be heard from across the call, and you smile coyly, even though you know he’s unable to see you. But then, you shoot him another question, “Jeno, will you terrible bruised?”

“I don’t know?” He muttered. “What if I cry? I can’t see you getting hurt.”

“Then I’ll make sure to stop your tears, you crybaby.” You swear you could feel his smile.

That Thursday, you decided to come to support him. Though the whole vibe doesn’t bring any comfort into your mind, you find yourself and Ryujin looking for seats for you both to sit on. You had asked for her companion, and since she knew about your fear of violent sports like this, she willingly agreed to go with you.

You give the girls in the row ahead of you a glance as they squeal at the sight of the star of tonight. You turn your head quickly at the ring and there he is, Jeno Lee with all his glory, accompanied by Jung Jaehyun the coach, and Donghyuck and Jaemin as well.

You feel so star-struck by his gorgeous entrance that you can’t hear the screaming of girls clearly as you blink to gather yourself together. “Woah, look at those freshmen girls drooling all over him,” Ryujin uttered.

“I know right,” you muttered. “Well, does he look appealing tonight though, I can fully understand why the girls are ruining their own throats for him by now.”

She nudged you with a smirk, “Aye, are you sure you want me to find out about your foolish crush on him? Don’t even get me started.” Your heart starts to beat faster when you found out that she knew about your long time crush on Jeno. You can feel your cheeks grow warm as you blink in nervousness. “N-no, what are you talking about? Pure nonsense.” Ryujin laughs when she saw your discomfort so she stopped the taunting.

The minute the fight begins, you tried to not get too nervous at the image of him getting hurt. As you see the lights shining precisely on Jeno, you tried to think about how gorgeous he looks tonight.

Jeno looks around before the referee starts the game and he finds you in the crowd. He gives you his famous eye smile and waved at you so you waved back at him before the girls around you think that he was greeting them and scream their whole lungs out.

The fight begins and you didn’t fully pay attention at who’s hitting who but with the help of Ryujin, you’d notice what’s happening in the damn ring. You open your eyes slowly only to see his opponent, Bang Chan, putting a knock on Jeno’s face and you flinch in fear, regretting your choice to open your goddamn eyes.

Tears start to fall down your cheeks, and your shoulder shakes as your sob getting covered by the screams of the girls and the boxing supporters. Ryujin put her hands around you to soothe you down, and she got angry when someone at the back scoffed at you. “Hey, if you’re not strong enough to see this kind of shit, don’t even come here.”

“Shut up, you dickhead. You can go suck your smelly ass, and mind your own business.” She swears on that guy and you look at her with pride. “Thanks, girl.” And she replied with, “Don’t worry, baby girl. I got you.”

The crowds cheer even louder and that’s when you realized, that your best friend and long time crush wins. You cheer along with the crowds with sobs when you saw his bruises and his swelling eyes, and even though you couldn’t bear seeing him getting hurt like that, you still feel proud for him to win on his first fight debut.

Ryujin encourages you to go down the bleachers and greet him but you feel so hesitant to go. “What if he’s surrounded by his people and I’ll just ruin their time together? I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Girl, look at him. There he is, hoping for you to approach him. Go! You’re his number one supporter after all.”

So you did. You went to the side of the ring to greet him, and Jeno gets out of the ring happily. “Hey! Did you saw me? I win!”

You wipe your tears harshly as your small sob could be heard by him. “Aw, you’re crying. Come on, let’s go somewhere quieter.”

He brings you to the back of the bleachers and hugs you with his boxing gears still wrapped around his body. “Stop crying, I won the game. Are you proud of me?”

Your sobs only grow louder, but you tried not to cry anymore so you let go and brace yourself to take a look at his bruised face. “These must’ve hurt a lot. Oh my goodness,” your tears fall onto the ground when he flinched at the touch of your hand against his swelling face. “Don’t worry, all I got to do is just putting a pack of ice on my face and they’ll heal within a week.”

“Congratulations,” you said while choking on your sobs. “Thank you for being my supporter, either.” He replied.

You left him to celebrate the win with his team, and you were about to leave the field when you noticed someone from the famous girls’ squad approaching him and his team. “Isn’t that Yeeun?”

“Yeeun?” You asked with a puzzled expression.

“Yeah, Yeeun Jang, she’s a third-year student, a part of the ‘mean girls’ of the faculty. She’s pretty famous. Is she interested in him?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go.”


Hell. It has been hell with Jeno always ignoring your calls and invites to hang out. You have been so frustrated by how he acts lately. Your friends have been telling you about how Jeno somehow got really close with that Yeeun girl, but you didn’t listen fully to the rumors. You need to hear from Jeno himself, because someone who has been your bestie for nearly fifteen years would never ditch you for a girlfriend, right? You keep telling yourself that you know the boy really well and that he’s way better than that. But what Jeno has been doing kind of convince you the other way.

You were trying so hard not to get offended at how he declined your invitation to lunches or mini study sessions that you both used to have together. Something like, ‘I’m sorry, Y/n. I think I have to skip the night. Have fun.’, or ‘Oh, I already have lunch with Yeeun. I’m sorry I have to ditch again… and make sure you have your lunch. Bye!’

“If I were you, I’d be so pissed and probably leave him for good until he realizes that she was no good at all.” Ryujin smashed her chip bag so hard that it almost burst onto the ground. “You know I can never do that to him, he was my first friend in school, until now. I can’t just leave him like that.”

“Then, confess the whole thing to him,” she exclaims.

You narrow your eyes at her, “Confess what?” “Your feelings, duh.”

You flinch from where you sat on. “There’s no way I will do that! Besides, I really just see him as a best friend, th-that’s all,” you replied coyly.

“Bullshit. Even if you don’t tell me, the way you see him and the way you treat him show it all. You can’t hide it well, Y/n. Even the whole school may know you have a thing for the famous Jeno Lee.”

“Yeah, if you tell ‘em so.” you sighed at the thought of him finding out your big fat crush on him. “Oooooh, so you just admitted that you-”

“Shut up, Ryujin.” You can feel her lips pulled into a smile as you put your hand against her chatty mouth.

A week passed and you let yourself rest from contacting Jeno for lunches or a study session together after repeatedly getting no answers or rejections from him. He doesn’t ask where you have been or how’s your day going anymore, it feels like you both are getting down to the ‘friend’ stage instead of going up. But you always support him as he expected. You never missed any of his matches but whenever you come, you’d leave quickly when the pop girl approached him with the rest of her pop group members.

“I can’t believe you’re still going to see his matches, he doesn’t even look in your way! And at this point, you might as well get the title as the ‘crying girl who insists on watching a boxing match even though she can’t’. Next time, wear a mask or something!” you rolled your eyes playfully upon hearing her nagging, well, obviously Ryujin.

“I promised him to give full supports, I don’t have the nerve to ignore his matches like they didn’t happen,” you said before quietly slurping your noodles. “Yet he didn’t have the nerve to look for you in the crowd.”

You sigh, not because her words are sharp enough to ruin the insides of your little heart, but because they are right. Jeno doesn’t notice you anymore whenever you come to watch his matches, nor that he tried to look for you anyway. And, as you paid attention to where he would look, his eyes would eventually land on the girl in the frontline, waving at him with a proud smile, supporting him instead of you.

“You’re right, Ryujin. Maybe, I should start to get over him.”

Ryujin’s shipper heart begins to panic a little, “N-no, what I’m saying is I think you should make him look at you instead. Turn his attention to you like it used to be, darl.”

So, you tried. You asked Jaemin, his closest friend and his roommate, about where he could be, or if he’s at home or at practice. Sometimes, you’d pass some food on Jaemin just so they could eat them at home, but according to Jaemin, he always eats them alone, saying Jeno never comes home at dinner time.

Today, you have a very busy timeline. First, you have to pass a homework to a professor and then walk across the building to look for reference books at the library. And, don’t forget about how you have three classes in a day and one finishes in two hours. You had a feeling that you’ll get no time to have lunch today. 

You grab your books tightly as you walk out from the library to go to the next lecture. The books barely let you have enough view about what’s in front so you were literally ready to say sorry when you run into someone. “Oops! Oh my god, I’m sorry,” you muttered when all of the books fell into the ground. You didn’t focus on who is the guy you ran into, but then…

“Y/n?” A familiar voice comes from the guy, and you noticed that it’s the guy you don’t wish to see now. “Oh, hey, Jeno.” you greeted him awkwardly when he helped you pick up the books. 

“Hey, got a lot to study, huh?” He flashed you his famous smile before handing you some of the books. “Yeah, I’m preparing for finals. Uh, that’s okay, I’ll hold all of them.”

Jeno proceeds to walk beside you. “No, you’ll run into someone else again. Let me help you.”

You hate how he acts kind to you like this, like nothing happened. “Jeno, why haven’t you replying to any of my messages?” you asked softly. All of a sudden, he’s being strangely nervous and you can’t help but be suspicious about it. “Well, uh, I’ve been busy with practices. I’m sorry, I’ll check ‘em out later.”

You give him a small smile before you both arrived at the front door of the lecture hall. He hands you the rest of the books, and before he leaves, another person appeared in front of you both. “Hey, Y/n. Ooh, let me help you. We’re in the same lecture, I see.” Jaemin showed up looking all smiley before taking all of the books from your hands. 

“Hey, thanks. Well, yeah. L-let’s go then.” You bid your goodbye to Jeno and trail behind Jaemin as he speaks, “I brought you lunch pack because I know that you have a busy day ahead, let’s enjoy it later.”

Jeno observes the interaction, and somehow he felt a little bit weird that Jaemin starts to talk to you. His thoughts wander with a lot of question when he heard Jaemin said, “It’s nothing. I just want to pay back all of the food you sent us.” She gives him food?


“So, what happens with all the food trading and stuff? Do you guys feed each other?” Jeno grabbed the cup and filled in the cold drink he thirsted for, while Jaemin confusingly sits in front of the tv, fiddling with his gaming device.

“What do you mean?” He asked back.

“Y/n. She has been giving you food, hasn’t she? Well, I didn’t know you were that close to her.”

Jaemin snorts, “Look, she actually sent the food for you. She knew how much time you spent on practices and how much of a stubborn you are to skip your meals so she sent them through me. And she also thinks that it’s burdensome to only send you food so she made some for me too. They were for us, I called you several times but you never made it home at dinner time so I ate them alone.” Jaemin takes a deep breath after the long-needed explanations.

“They were for me? But she never told me,” Jeno muttered. “Yeah, because you were too fucking busy hanging out around your team or whoever. You never check out her messages that is why my friend, she always gets the info through me.”

“Excuse me, I wasn’t only busy playing around, my practices are very important too.”

“Whatever you say, young man. But you might need to pay more attention to those who actually take care of you even when you have zero ideas about it.”

Jaemin loses the need to play anymore so he just shuts the tv down and goes straight to his room, giving his friend some time to think.

That was when Jeno’s thought wanders off to think about you. He actually noticed the little time he spent with you, but he keeps insisting that it’s because he’s busy with his personal lives. After all, you were not familiar enough with his new circle so he only thinks that this all happened only because the situation has gone wrong. But never has it comes to his mind that you still think of him, and care for him.

That night, he was definitely moved to do the same to you, to care and show a little affection as a friend to you just like what you did to him, but he just doesn’t know how to do that.

Being close to a lot of famous people in college doesn’t actually bring validation to Jeno. Other students only recognize him as Jaehyun’s new ‘apprentice’, something pretty similar to that. But he doesn’t want to be known as that, he wants to be recognized as Jeno Lee, his own person.

Also, being close to someone as a part of the cheerleading girls, Yeeun Jang, doesn’t actually give him the happiness and fun he needed. Jeno knew he wasn’t feeling himself these past few weeks, and he only thought that it was only because he was adjusting. But he was wrong.

Like now. When the loud annoying girls all surrounded around him, he wishes he could just escape the crowded cafeteria as he grips onto his tray tightly, obviously getting uncomfortable by the swarming girls around him.

“Jeno, I thought you only eat carbs to maintain your strength,” Yeeun said as she sticks her upper body more to Jeno and the boy only shifts away in discomfort. He swears he could hear the other girls muttering something he wished he didn’t hear like, ‘I wish I have her boobs’ and ‘Shut up, she got a boob job as a gift in her sweet seventeenth.’

“Uh, since I live with my roommate Jaemin, he really likes sweet things so he got me into eating sweets as well and now I like them.”

“Don’t eat them, it’ll make your body look uneven. Do you want to go to the gym with me this evening? I got VIP memberships.”

Jeno licked his lips in nervousness, not because he gets excited at the idea of going to the gym with the hottest girl in school but because he tries to think so hard about how to reject this rebellious girl. “Uh, I don’t think I’m gonna be available. I have a training session with Jaehyun hyung at 5 pm, maybe next time?”

Yeeun rolls her eyes, she was never rejected like this before, and it’s only making her more curious about this mysterious boy.

Precisely when he thought he had no hope to escape the little kind of hell, he saw you, Ryujin, and Jaemin entering the cafeteria with laughter and it’s the moment he knew, you guys are the only hope he has. “Uhm, girls, it’s nice hanging out around you during lunch, but it’s getting so hot in here so I’ll change my table, thanks!”

He quickly grabbed his tray and moved out of the table and half run to yours.

The three of you flinched in shock when the poor panting man put his tray firmly and immediately sit on the empty seat next to yours. “Oh my gosh, I thought I could never escape that hell.”

Ryujin scoffs, “What? Sitting with the Korean version of the plastics? Well, I thought you enjoyed hanging around them.”

You give her a look, not wanting him to be embarrassed or something. After all, you feel glad that he went to look for you, it’s an indication for you that he still needs you by his side. “Eat more, Jen.” You put some of the sausages you got after fighting with the rugby boys, as you were always mad that they taking the whole food all for themselves, and this time you won.

He smiles, “Thank you. I’ll eat well.”

Jaemin watched your movement while being next to his friend, and his keen sense notifies him that you must have a thing for his friend, but he tried not to jump on his own conclusions before he gets to know the truth.

“Hey, I have some shoots to do tonight at 9 pm. Do you guys want to tag along? I heard about the bridge about five kilometers from here that makes it possible for us to cycle around.” You uttered. And the next thing that came from Jeno’s mouth surprised you to the max.

“Sure, I’ll be finished at 8 pm so I’ll meet you guys there, I guess.”

Jaemin and Ryujin also agreed and you tried so hard not to call it a double date.

“Did he seriously ditched us and went to those idiot nerds? I can’t believe him.”

“It’s Y/n, his best friend ever since they were first graders. I don’t think she sees him as a best friend though,” Sorn looked at the way you smiled at Jeno, and her keen sense is telling him that something is off. “Urgh, shut up Sorn, thinking never helps you,” Eunbin rolled her eyes and laugh with the rest of the girls, while Yeeun put her friend’s words into her mind.


“Come on, you cycle slower than any alive turtles out there.” The wind blows through your hair as the night view of the river comes as a company on your left side.

“Do you even know that some turtles run very fast than a rabbit? Some even win the race with them!” Jeno remarked. “Then, are you glad to be a turtle?”

“Yeah, they’re cute.” “Indeed.”

“What?” “What?”

Jeno laughs at your quirky behavior, and before he gets to cycle right next to your side, annoying screams come as a surprise from behind you two.

“Hey! You two are going too fast! My legs are falling apart!”

“Shut up, you both are simply slow.”

Ryujin only smirks when she saw you and Jeno getting along with each other like you used to be. “Let’s stop for ramen. I’m starving,” she said before leading the four of you to park in front of a convenient store.

“You two, go get us ramens. We’re exhausted enough to make some food so you both do us some favors.”

So you and Jeno ended up going into the store looking for ramen, cheese and other stuff. You went to grab some beverages and he sets himself to deal with the ramen machine. You remember Ryujin ordering an orange juice and Jaemin wanting, of course, non-milk or strawberry drinks. So you look for any drinks he might like and they’re unfortunately put on the highest platform in the beverage sections.

“Shit, I can’t reach them.” You tried to jump and when your hand was about to reach the drink, another hand joins in and grabs the drink you wanted to snatch.

“You’re gonna hurt yourself, Y/n. You could’ve asked for my help.” Jeno put the drink on your basket and you only let out a strained smile when you precisely feel his body sticks behind you, covering the distance between you two. “Thanks,” you stuttered.

“It’s nothing. Let’s pay them, I’m finished with the ramens.”

Meanwhile, Ryujin and Jaemin waited outside while observing both of you inside the store. Things were going awkward before Ryujin eventually uttered, “Do you honestly think that your friend likes my friend?”

Jaemin blinks in nervousness, he could say he wasn’t ready for this kind of conversation. “Uh, he never mentions about getting ‘too close’ to Y/n. But I do notice that they’re being strangely awkward towards each other recently.”

“Well, I want them to get closer rather than Jeno going out with that annoying bitch, so are you in?”

“Woah, you’re being too frank. First, I don’t really get why we should do that so maybe you have to explain to me first,” Jaemin replied back unwieldy.

Ryujin rolled her eyes, but then she realized what she had to know. “So, do you think Jeno will be better off with that Yeeun girl or that particular girl who has been with him for almost fifteen years?” She said while pointing to you who’s paying at the cashier.

Jaemin frowns, this isn’t the question he expected. “I don’t know.”

“I’m not asking if you know, I’m asking about your opinion, bro.”

“Uh, I don’t want to give any words about Jeno but I think Y/n deserves better,” he replied.

Ryujin puckers her lips upon his twisted answer. She tries to think of what that possible means, and then she jolts up from her seat, lips turning into a wide ‘O’ as she accusingly points at Jaemin. “No way. No fucking way, do you like her???”

Panic starts to creep into Jaemin’s self as he turns pale in front of the frank girl. “N-no. W-what are you talking about??”

“What in the world, Jaemin? I thought-”

“Shut up! They’re coming.”

Jaemin pushed both of her shoulders to sit back as he saw the pair from the corner of his eyes. “Act normal,” he said.

Ryujin clears her throat as the pair comes and puts the food on the table, bringing more awkward tension around the group. “You two, what were you doing?” Jeno asked.

“We were just playing a game of rock, paper, and scissors, nothing else, right?” Jaemin gives the poor girl a look, making her just agreeing to whatever he’d say.

Oh my goodness, this is going to be ridiculous.


A particular Monday comes with a smile on your face. You started the day with two slices of bacon alongside a cup of warm latte that makes you smile two times bigger than you usually do. The day went pretty great which makes you wonder since when do Mondays have such good vibes like this? You don’t know, maybe today is your blessing.

You told Ryujin that you’re already on your way to meet her at the front lobby until a convertible stopped right in front of you. “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”

Wow, Ryujin was right. They were indeed the Korean version of the ‘Mean Girls’ you watched on Netflix every Saturday. “Uh, no thanks?”

“Gurl, are you that stupid to think that we’re actually going shopping? No, we’re going to Jeno’s match.”

“Did he actually ask you to pick me up, or? Cause I think he would never do that.” You remarked back. “Just get in, will you-”

“No. Do not go with her.” Ryujin’s deep voice makes you shiver in fear not for yourself, but for them. Cause when the angry deep voice itself was out, you’d know that they were done for. “You witch, what are you trying to do with her.”

The girls laughed like lunatics before speeding off ahead and you only sigh in annoyance. “Were they trying to hurt me?”

“Yeah, and don’t tell me you were actually being a fool by believing every single spat of their bullshits.” You hit her arm playfully, before hugging her to show her that you are grateful enough to have someone like her by your side. “Of course not. I may be a crybaby who despises fistfights and crowds but I’m not stupid like them.”

“Gosh, somehow I wonder why you’re my best friend.”

“They were trying to mess with me with his name? What was their intention?” You narrow your eyes to think better and she only shrugs. “I’m not sure. Perhaps, jealousy? Those cliche petty little bitches.”

“Wait a minute, they said today is one of Jeno’s match. I think we should probably go.”

So you ended up going to the match with Ryujin and Jaemin. You weren’t actually going with him, he just simply found you both at the seats and decided to join. He said Jeno’s team no longer needed him to accompany Jeno in the ring, but he’d, of course, watch all of his game as an act of support, just like you do.

“I bought some popcorns.” Being an awkward being, Jaemin passed another popcorn cup he got to both you and Ryujin. She gladly took them while replying nonchalantly, “Thanks. This is much more appreciated for me but her, she only needs some tissues.”

“What for?”

“You shall see it yourself, my friend.”

And according to what Jaemin witnessed later, she was right. As soon as Jeno got punched in his cheeks you were already a crying mess. He has the urge to hug you but it’d probably make things more uncomfortable for the three of you so he holds it in. Jaemin doesn’t have any idea how and why in the world seeing you cry is making him feeling pinched in the inside too.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Jaemin couldn’t help but wipe those hot tears flowing on your face softly. “Thanks, it’s just I can’t bear seeing people get hurt. It has always been my fuckin’ weakness.” You proceed to wipe them on your own and he just shifts his hand away ungainly. Jaemin knows very well that by means of people was just a use of words to change his exact name. Yeah, Jeno Lee, he’s the one you’re afraid of getting hurt.

After all, you still went to all of his games and support him with all your worth. Now he’s very much sure that you don’t see him only as a friend.

Jeno is indeed a fighter, he won again. After Ryujin and Jaemin left you to greet him out of the ring, you immediately went to him. You were lucky enough that the loud girls weren’t there so you were the first person he saw when he stepped out of the ring. “Hey, I won again.” He smiles at you and you swear his bruises couldn’t cover the true beauty he has on that face. “I’m proud of you, as much as I can’t bear watching you getting hurt as usual.”

Jeno awed, “Did you cry?” and you only nod. “Yeah, a lot. Can’t help, you know.”

“Is it weird that I like how you cried for me when I fight? Geez,” Jeno paused when he saw your puzzled expression. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” He muttered before flinching when he unconsciously trying to cover his swelling face. “My God, Jen, you’re so dumb. It’s alright, it could be an indication that you’re mindful enough that I care for you.”

“That’s right. Thank you for supporting-”

“Yo, Jeno. Be here before we celebrate your win. Quick!” Jaehyun shouts from across the ring and Jeno only sighs in defeat. “Well, the coach is calling. Gotta go,” He uttered while pressing his lips together. “It’s fine. I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

You left the field with a certain smile on your face. After all, you didn’t have any high hopes that he might somehow return your feelings in any good way, but seeing him rely on you like this makes you feel so warm inside. And the way that he’s getting closer back to you like he used to also makes you reassured that he’s still your number one best friend.

You promised Ryujin and Jaemin to go get dinner together after the match so they told you they’d be waiting on the sidewalk since it’s gonna be only a ten minutes walk to the burger stall you recommended. You decide to take the fastest way to exit the school, by walking by the dark hallway across the field. And now, you start to regret your decision.

“Shit’s about to go down, baby.”

Ryujin moves her leg impatiently. She keeps glancing around the almost empty school front yard, where everyone keeps leaving one by one. “Jaemin, for fuck’s sake stop playing with your phone! It’s almost empty and she’s not here yet.”

Jaemin puts his phone away, start looking around the school with a little hint of suspicion. “Uh, maybe Jeno’s taking her somewhere? Maybe you should text her or give a call,” He uttered before logging into his previously opened game. 

“If she decided to go somewhere without us I could’ve received her text by now, but it’s getting late and I noticed some of his team passing by so I assumed they were celebrating his win, and he’s definitely taking her with him.” Ryujin paused while she raised her eyebrows. “I’m getting a little bit anxious here since this morning they were coming up to pick her somewhere before the game starts.”

“Who?” “The mean girls.” “The mean- what? WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

“Well, they were trying to mess with her, Jaem.”

“SHIT! Come, let’s go and check around!”

So both started to enter the building and looking around in the hallways. Jaemin goes to the left side and Ryujin to the right side. He was catching up his breath until he heard a familiar scream. He quickly runs to the voice, coincidentally meeting Ryujin on the same path. “I heard her,” she panted.

“Stop doing this, the fuck!”

“No, you’re the one should stop doing this! Stop being fuckin’ close to him! You’re nothing but a leech to him, don’t you see this coming? Gosh,” Yeeun pushed you further into the empty classroom, her fellow friends dragging both of your hands, and you only struggle out of their grasp.

“Ryujin was right, you’re such a petty little bitch.”

“What?” Without waiting for your answer, she hits you with something you have no idea about and that shit hurts like hell. She was about to hit you again but then, “Stop doing that to her or I’ll call the fuckin’ cops!” Ryujin holds her phone up close to show them that she’s not playing with her words. Sorn and Elkie let you out of their hold and Yeeun hissed in anger. “Let’s go,” She motioned the other girls to leave before she heads to you once more. “We still have some unfinished business.”

“Oh hell no, you don’t.” Yeeun gasped in fear when Jaemin came behind Ryujin looking so pissed and she quickly left the scene, following her friends behind.

Fuck, are you okay?” Ryujin checked you out, supporting your weight to stand up again. “Ryujin, stop swearing.” You chuckled weakly. 

They helped you get out of that hell, and have you treated at the nearest clinic since your forehead and cheeks were bleeding a little. Jaemin was so pissed to see you treated that way, he was about to confront the girls the next very day but you told him not to, saying that you will take care of this problem yourself, and he did nothing but to respect your decision. 

Jeno himself didn’t found out until now, because you literally bribed Ryujin and Jaemin to not telling anyone including him. They were so mad that you were acting like a saint in this situation but you’re glad though, that they respected what you wanted and gave you full support in case you needed some other help.

You did exactly what Yeeun told you that night, even though you knew that it isn’t right to do so, but you only want him to be safe and okay. You don’t want him to be affected by how she and the crude gang treated you. You’d hate it when drama turns into crowds and when the attention would go to you, so you decided that silence is the best answer.

While Jeno is quite pissed that everything starts to change. He noticed your sudden change, also Ryujin and Jaemin who stopped talking to him all of a sudden, and your change of glances. You no longer look at him with affections like you used to, and he hates how he’s clueless about it. He hates it more because no one also comes up and tells him what’s up. He’d approach you to ask what’s going on but you’d avoid him obviously, by taking a sudden turn to the left or walking still like you didn’t saw him coming.

Every time he would ask Jaemin about it, he’d change the topic very quickly, or leave him hanging just like that, more confused. But today’s gonna be pretty different, cause he won’t let this happen anymore.

He finally found you walking with a pile of books, possibly your next lecture’s materials. Glad that he’s entering the same class as you, he rushed to your side until a pair of arms cling onto his. “Hello, Jen. Do you have any plans for today?”

“Hey, Yeeun. Not now, please. I need to talk to someone-” “Urgh! Why is it always about her? Y/n, isn’t it? I think you’re too blind to-”

He brushed her arms aside quickly, visibly pissed by her annoying behavior. “Shut up. You clearly don’t know anything.” He sent a glare to her for the last time before he left to look for you in the huge lecture hall. There you are, sitting at the corner seat of the class, avoiding crowds as usual. He rushed up to sit next to you, his eyes never leaving you as if you were gonna leave if he blinks in a moment.

“Y/n. I need to talk-” you knew he was coming, so you were glad when the professor entered the hall as the class starts. “I’m afraid I can’t, the lecture is starting.” 

“Then, talk to me after class ends,” he uttered before taking the seat next to you, without getting any reply.


He failed to talk to you. Jeno entered the small apartment with a heavy sigh. He didn’t obtain the assurance he yearned for, and so he’s utterly pissed. He glanced at Jaemin who’s fiddling with the kitchenware while cooking for dinner. Jeno put his bag carelessly on the floor before going straight to the kitchen counter. “Bro, please help me. Please,” he pleaded.

Jaemin knows very well where this would lead to, and he only sighs as a reply. “I would love to but I promised her not to open my mouth about it. Though it is very wrong to do so.”

“What in the world happened?? What could possibly make her upset? She never left me alone just like that? You gotta tell me what did I do so wrong so that I can fix it,” he raved.

“I know. I’m very much aware of what you felt. But as much as I want to tell you, I don’t want to break her trust.” Jaemin paused before looking in Jeno’s way. He looked so frustrated like he actually has concerns about it. “Jeno, I’ll ask you two questions. First, do you really care about her?”

Jeno looks up at his friend, “Yes? Yes! I care about her a lot.”

“And, do you actually have a thing for her?”

“Feelings, you probably mean?” Jeno sighs in annoyance. “Yes, I like her, since fourth grade. Ugh, now you know one of my big secrets.”

Jaemin gulps down his saliva like something dropped in the deepest part of his heart. Now he knows what Jeno truly felt about you, and he knows exactly what to do. “Fuck it, you deserve to know, then.”

A week later, you honestly grew tired of ignoring him, but you still have this slight fear of the ‘mean girls’ approaching you again. After all the cruel physical encounter you faced that night, you swore you couldn’t even dare to text him, nor replying to his texts even though you wanted to. Jeno meant a lot to you, but the fear of everything going even more wrong keeps restraining you to interact with him.

The girls indeed stopped bothering you, even though you’re still receiving glares every moment they pass by, it was going a little bit better, as you expected. Also, Jeno has stopped asking to talk about it. You thought it’s better this way, but why aren’t you happy? Why are you still frightened?

Ryujin suggested you a quick runaway from the mess you currently getting involved in, she invited you to go to the finals after party. After making sure that Jeno and the girls won’t be there, you agreed to go. She immediately brought you shopping at the mall, helping you pick out some bomb outfits that’ll make everyone turn their eyes on you.

“Now these will definitely help you to be that bitch for the weekend.”

“Shut it, Ryujin.” You chuckle after receiving the compliment. You’re glad you have someone like her, who’s in for the up-in-downs along in your ‘ride’. “I love you, Y/n. And I don’t want you to be deeply affected by what those wicked bitches do to you. I’m here for you, you know.”

“I know. Thanks baby girl. You’re someone I didn’t know I needed.”

She smiled at you as both of you continue the window shopping.

Going to the party, you found yourself getting anxious about the idea of meeting new people and getting yourself involves in a big dancing crowd. You find it terrifying, even though you tried to convince yourself to be as confident as possible. Ryujin goes with you, and she never stops reassuring you that everything will be okay and that you will meet new friends and live your life to the fullest. Sounds exaggerated, indeed, but it does not fail to boost your vanishing confidence.

“It’s either you and me going in, or it’ll never happen. Come on, honey. You’ll be fine. I’ll stick with you no matter what happens.”

You gulped while staring at the big frat house. The music blasts loudly and the sounds of people screaming and laughing around make your heart beats quickly. You fix your white satin dress before proceeding to open the door. 

Ryujin clings her arm to yours as you both enter the house. Luckily, there are no wandering eyes went to you as soon as you step into the house. She brings you around to introduce you to some people she knows there, being hopeful that you’d gain new friends and circles. 

You kept insisting that you want to drink, so Ryujin lets you roam around to find snacks or drinks. Being a constant loner doesn’t mean that you’re unfamiliar with the alcohol world. You tasted it before, like wine or champagne when you celebrated huge things with your family, or beer and tequila. You’re an adult, after all. So, you were sure that there must be any drink you can have in here and you’re going to find it. You pretty much need booze to drunk the night away. 

You pass through everybody with unpleasant steps towards the visible bar across the room. So, here’s the kitchen, you thought, trying to remember the path back to Ryujin and her friends. You found a tray of beers on the counter, along with some Cheetos and tortilla chips around it. 

You filled your cup with the beer, before leaving the room quietly. You walked towards the same room you believe that Ryujin and her friends were in until you noticed an opened door to the balcony. Finally, an alone and quiet place.

You move the cup to your lips only to drink it in one go. A sigh leaves your red-painted lips as the night winds start to blow through your revealing outfits, making you shiver in cold. “I should’ve brought more cups, or maybe the whole bottle itself.” You murmured against the cup before chugging every last drop from the cup. 

You stare blankly at people grilling meats at the backyard beside the decorated pool, as you start thinking of how blue your life must have been. Your best friend trying to set you up to gain friends and have some fun, but here you are, secluding yourself apart from the crowd, drinking alone at the balcony. You were about to get inside to bring more drink back to the balcony when you notice something below your eye level. An unopened bottle of beer! Great, the universe even supported the heck out of you to keep being alone and away from people.

You opened the cap swiftly before pouring in the drink to fill the cup. Fifteen minutes later, you find yourself getting a little bit tipsy after the bottle lost half of its filling. You never knew you were kind of this intolerance to alcohol but screw it. You’re just going to get drunk tonight.


“I just wanna make you feel okay,” you sang halfheartedly as you chugged down the fourth cup in another go. The chilly night couldn’t stop you from drinking the night away, because every liquor that goes through your throat was awfully making yourself a little bit warm but that wasn’t enough for your revealed body. Besides, the thin satin dress couldn’t hug your body better than lots of the comfortable sweatshirts you own at home, and now your cute drunken ass is missing them.

“But all you do is look the other way.” you sang more of the well-known song with another sigh leaving your pretty mouth out of loneliness. “I just kinda wish you were gay.” That’s true, you kinda wish he was gay, rather than not returning your feelings in the way you wanted him to. You tried giving your all to Jeno, but it does not seem that he still depends on you like he used to be when you’re both close to each other. 

You’d rather have him despise you because you were not his preferred sexual orientation than having him surrounded by annoying and hateful girls who tried to control his social life. You chugged down another gulp before putting the empty bottle to its original place, head starting to get dizzy from the influence. You were about to leave the little comfort zone when a jacket was placed around your back all of a sudden, and when you turn around to see who is it, you were greeted with a huge bear hug by a familiar body scent.

“Why are you alone here, huh?” Your drunken self instantly recognized the sound coming from the boy you were just thinking about, the infamous Jeno Lee. “Why are you here, I thought you weren’t invited?” You asked back, gaining a pout on his face without letting go of your freezing body. “That doesn’t matter. Look, don’t be drunk alone like this ever again. Somebody could’ve run into you and even take advantage of you, I wouldn’t let that happen.”

You chuckle in your drunk state, “Like you? Look at you clinging into me like this, like a Koala bear.” He let go of your frame, but then his hand goes to yours, securing your hand in his as he lets out a bitter sigh. 

“Look, y/n. I found out about what the girls did to you that night. I am so sorry for what happened to you, and I made sure that they will not harm you ever again. Will you forgive me?”

You sighed as well. You didn’t expect this to come up but you knew if this would happen, especially when Jaemin existed as his roommate. “I am fine now, Jen. Also, it’s not your fault that this happened. It’s not your fault either that you met the wrong person in the wrong situation as well.”

You paused, before taking a deep breath. You were ready to let go of everything, anyway. “You know it, I’ll keep supporting you even if I’m not around, because.. you are my best friend. Whatever you love, I’d love them too. If my existence brings you failure or such, then I don’t deserve to be-” your teary glance was interrupted by a sudden contact to your red painted lips. 

Jeno leaned closer with a sudden move, pressing his lips into you precisely, and you take his lips well as he starts to move his tongue inside, feeling the taste of yours in his mouth. Half a minute has passed, and both of you let go of each other face with his hands around your relaxed jaws. Panting like he just ran in a marathon, he chuckles, “Of course you deserve to be around me, Y/n. Instead, I’m the one who didn’t deserve to get close to you. I like you, a lot. Shit no, I love you. But instead, the things I brought you were just trouble, sadness, and tears. I truly don’t deserve you, love.”

After hearing his bitter confession, your eyes open wide awake like you’ve never touch those alcoholic bottles. Did you just hear him say that he likes you, back? You couldn’t believe it, so you decide to make sure. “Do you like me back? Is it.. really true? Did you mean it?”

He nods, and before you could react, he pressed another soft kiss into your lips, making your cheeks heated despite the coldness of the night. 

“I meant it. Do you… perhaps, feel the same?”

“I do, Jen. I do,” you replied with confidence.

He said nothing, but his smiles show it all. Jeno has the perfect eye smiles you love on him as he drags you back into the house. You let him take you anywhere he could find, and now you ended up in an unknown room in the huge frat house, his hands all over your waist. 

He pulled you closer when you look around the room, noticing that it belongs to Felix, the nice guy who went to the same class as you and Ryujin. “It’s alright. He’s one of my friends, I’m sure he won’t be too mad if we mess around here.”

You smile sheepishly, “Shut up, Jen. My cheeks are burning,” you put your hands around his neck as he made the both of you sit on the edge of the bed with you straddling on his lap. Jeno chuckled in delight upon hearing your coy remarks before he proceeds to put some wet kisses on your neck. 

You hiss at the feeling, and you could feel his lips turned into a smirk against your neck. “You’re turning me crazy, baby.” He murmured against your lips when you reach down to meet his lips. “Touch me, Jen. I’m all yours.”

He begins to take off your shirt, admiring your beauty served in front of him. “You’re so perfect. I love you,” he mumbled before he flips the both of you on the bed, topping you as the night becomes warm with a lot of praises and love talks. That night, Jeno became yours and you became his. There was nothing said besides sweet nothings as he pressed your bodies closer to each other with his hands around your waist lovingly. “I’m sorry for being a coward these past few times, Y/n. I’ll make sure to make you happy.”

“That does not matter anymore, you are mine now matters.” you let out a soft yawn and he only chuckled, while the two of you start to drift further into the dreamland.

“Who the fuck fucking in my precious room- Jeno??? Eh, Y/n???”

“The fuck is happening?”

“Oh shit, we’re doomed.”


Things begin to carry smoothly as the two of you casually seen being the campus lovebirds. Ryujin wouldn’t stop making a fuss about how you ended up cuddling naked at Felix’s room, until you came clean to her about it. Now everyone knew you were the love of Jeno’s life all of this time, the one who makes him rejected not only Yeeun but all the famous girls who were after him.

Jaemin gives up his feelings for you, for the sake of your happiness and his roommate best friend. He also realized that it was not really a crush and that he was just in an awe-struck with you, because you’re an amazing person. He also becomes closer to your one and only sidekick, Ryujin. Life is full of surprises, you all thought. 

“You two can take care of the picnic basket, Ryujin and I are going to rent some bikes.”

“No, jaem. We can’t leave them alone in this beautiful nature. Last time I left her on a crowded party she was fucking with his long term crush.” Ryujin smirks as she looked in your direction, satisfied at how you choked on your coke in shock. “You promised to not bring that up again.”

“We’re all human, we can’t exactly make promises,” Jaemin adds in.

“True that,” The two then raise their hand for a high five, gaining an eye roll and a groan from you and Jeno.

“Duh, it’s like you two were perfectly made for each other.”

“Shut up.” “Duuude, she’s blushing.” “It’s about damn time you get her, bro.”

Happy ending, isn’t it?

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Hard to Say Goodbye | Jaehyun x reader

Song to play: Hard to Say Goodbye by Johnny Stimson

He blinks twice as the rays of sun start to stream into the room. Feeling the moment of peace while he keeps his hands still around your waist, his brain quickly reminds him the schedule for the day and how he’d be so busy the whole day.

He, of course, wants to immediately get up, feed himself and get ready to leave. But the hardest part of waking up is the sleeping beauty figure beside him, you. You got that temporary cherry blossom potion on your lips that makes him want to stay on bed all day, admiring your beauty as much as possible. Oh, god knows how much he wants to kiss those plump lips and taste how you’re like in the morning.

He did anyway, a smile curved into his lips as he pressed a soft kiss into the corner of your lips, not wanting to wake you up so soon.

“You make it hard to say goodbye,” he mumbled. The sound of his raspy voice vaguely running through your ears, but that wasn’t enough to wake you up from the pleasant sleep.

He tighten his grip on your waist, snuggling deeper into your neck while feeling your legs shifting around upon his delicate movements. Not long after he stayed in that comfortable position, he flinched at the popping notification sounds his phone makes. “Shit,” he rolled his eyes before yanking the innocent thing from the nightstand. “Who the hell-”

He stops cursing when he saw his manager’s name on the top of the notifications.

“Jaehyun, your flight is in an hour.”

He knows. Instead of waking up, he shifts back into your side, this time he showers you with kisses, waking you up gently. “Wakey wakey, I’m gonna leave in half an hour, baby.”

You quickly turns at him, covering your face as the sun goes straight to hit your face. “Then, let me cook you breakfast.” That’s what he loves about you, you barely gather yourself together and you immediately think of him. His sweet little flower.

He’d watch as you fix your hair in front of the mirror, your shirt not as neat as you wore it last night before you both went to bed. His eyes would stammer at the sight of your natural beauty, at how you stretch your body to start the day.

He sighed, “The hardest part of loving you is leaving.”

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are requests open?

Hello! I’m not taking requests at the moment 🥺 But I definitely have a plan on doing so! Maybe in a few weeks or sooner.

💚Thank you so much for asking💚

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#RestinPeaceRuby #AlwaysHereForTaeyeong

He rushed to the house as soon as he heard the news. He was super busy with the SuperM comeback but there’s nothing he could think about except for the news he received just hours ago.

As soon as Taeyong entered the house, the first thing he saw as a view was you and his family crying in the living room. “Oh no. It’s true,” he kneeled in front of you who’s wiping your tears heavily while his mother just cried in the corner of the room.

“I’m sorry, Taeyong. We all love her so much, but they said there’s nothing that they could do to save her.”

“It’s alright, she lived long enough as a part of our family.” He tried hard not to spill any drop of tears but he failed to do so.

He asked where she was buried so you ended up showing him where you and his family put her on rest. “Oh, Ruby.” He started to wail and you couldn’t help but to rush to his side and mourn along with him.

“I’m so sorry I spent little time with you, I should’ve played for hours and hours with you at least before you left but.. rest peacefully, sweetheart.”

He sobbed, before he proceeds to continue. “Thanks for being an amazing family and friend. I’ll cherish you forever.”

“Let’s take care of each other when we meet in the next life.” He added as you engulfed him in a hug, trying to soothe his mourning heart as much as you can.

“We love you, Ruby.”

((I have a dog too, she’s been staying with me since she was two months old and now she’s three and I can’t even imagine if I lose her I’m probably gonna lose my mind BUT TAEYONG. Ruby stayed with Taeyong since he was 15 years old and now he’s 24, we all can know what they had been through with each other there were of course good memories they spent each other so I’m really mourning with Taeyong as a dog momma 🥺😫😭💔 Rest in Peace, Ruby. You’re gonna be forever loved In Taeyong’s and our heart.))
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Coming Home | Quarantine au with Johnny

song to play: By My Side by JUNNY

You sit on his lap, leaving the breakfast tray next to you both to cuddle. Only mornings like this he would stay home with you, after all the trips he went to. He just got back from a long flight last night, ended up being quarantined at home for almost two weeks to prevent any influence.

“I miss you,” you mumble against his skin. The tallness of his neck makes you feel so comfortable to lean your head onto him, while pressing some soft kisses to it. Johnny groans in satisfaction, kissing the top of your head lovingly. “Me too, baby. The long flight was so tiring, I’m glad to be home.”

“Well, there are times when I would get sulky about your long business trip. But now that you have to stay home for two weeks with me, I love it.” You smiled.

He shifts around underneath you, possibly getting hot by the summer weather. “Let me take off my shirt.” You shift away from him, while keeping your eyes trained on his toned chest and abs the moment he let go of his shirt.

You smiled at the sight of his tattoos on his chest. “Always, my favorite.” You drag your fingers on the surface of his tattooed skin. “Can I draw on them?”

Johnny shots you a look. “No, It’ll be hard to wash them off.” You whine, “Aw, please. Or at least just let me color them.”

He laughed softly, “Cute,” he was nodding his head when suddenly a cute little voice shrieks. “Dadda!” Her head popped up cutely as she peeks around to see her dad.

“Oh! She wakes up!” You squealed before getting up to pick up your little baby from her crib. “Hey, honey, your dadda is home.” you muttered, giving her little smooches.

Johnny coos at the sight of his little daughter. He immediately welcomed her in his arms, after holding on for a long time to hold her when she was sleeping. “My princess,” he cooed.

“I’ll prepare her breakfast while you both play.”

Johnny squeals happily when his little princess hugged him with her petite arms. It feels like he’s falling in love all over again. “Do you miss me? Aw, alright, I won’t leave you for long again, baby.”

As interesting as it seems, Johnny raised his eyebrow when she put her hands on top of his bare chest. Johnny watched as she traced her fingers on his tattoos. “Why, do you like it?”

The baby then laughs, as if she agreed with her father. “Oh, I know. You’ve always liked my tattoo. You really take after your mommy,” he uttered.

He lets her play with his tattoo, very much aware that if you saw this, you’d be pretty jealous of your own blood and flesh.

“Don’t tell mommy about this, alright? This shall be kept only between us, kay?”

nct 127 masterlist
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Pie Crust | Lee Donghyuck / Haechan x reader

The smells infiltrated into Hyuck’s keen nose, makes him pry into the room as soon as he detected the sweet and salty scent from the kitchen. He knew that bringing you into his family’s house would include his mom teaching you how to bake some pies and him and his younger sisters waiting for lunch outside while playing dodgeball.

“Woah, the smells! I like it, can I try them?” He requested, before fiddling with the rope of your apron.

His mom smiled at the adorable sight. “No, hyuck. Wait patiently, they’re almost done.” You turn away from him to put the final tray of blueberry pie into the oven.

As you close the oven lid, suspicion starts to creep into your mind when you heard nothing from him. After all, Donghyuck being silent is just so fishy in anyway possible. “Hey, what are you up to- do NOT EFFIN TOUCH IT IF YOU WANT TO STAY ALIVE, LEE DONGHYUCK!” You screamed out when he was about to crack the pie crust on the counter.

He pouts, “But it looks yummy! I can’t help it.”

His mom laughed. “Woah, finally someone who can handle him for stealing food. Donghyuck, you’ve met the right person.”

You smiled back at her, feeling proud of yourself after getting the compliment. “You don’t know how much time I spent on making those pie crusts, hyuck. I don’t even braid my hair like that,” you muttered.

“Aigoo, my baby is so passionate,” he paused before whispering something to your ears, “Is it because you’re with my mom?”

You pinched his waist playfully for teasing you like that, but he said nothing wrong. You did feel so nervous around his mom, even though she acts goofy and sweet towards you. She makes you approve that your boyfriend really takes after his mom.

“Stop exposing me like that,” you uttered while chuckling.

His sisters entered the house after half an hour, showing clear expression of hunger. “Oh my goodness, we really need food, like really reaaaally.”

“Alright, pies are ready! Y/n made these, and she also helped me with the lunch. Claps for y/n!” His mom announced the whole lunch while you put the mouthwatering foods on the table.

“Please eat a lot,” you bowed with manner as your cheeks grow warm from the compliment, while your boyfriend looks at you with adoration.

“Aw, look at those heart eyes, yo brother, you’re so disgusting.” His first sister chimes in. “Shut up, just wait until you got a boyfriend and I would tease you nonstop about his little-”

“Hyuck!” You scold him, and his sister only sticks her tongue out teasingly. “But, babe.” He pouts even more, making his youngest sister cringes at his cute act.

All of you ended up eating the food with him and his sisters arguing throughout the lunch. His mother often gives you a look, as if she’s asking for your understanding and you’d chuckle in response.

You heard several times from Donghyuck about how his sisters are growing up so much to the point that he started to not understand what they’d talk about, and now you understand his point. Well, it doesn’t change the fact that his house does feels like home.

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Your profile picture 😍😍 I love it!!

Ikr 😍😍 doei looking like an angel 💚💚 oh wait, he IS an angel!!

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“We can’t happen..”


Genre: royal!au, angst, fluff

Pairing: fisherman!jaehyun x princess!reader

Word count: 14,4k words (oop- and that’s a long ass ride)

Summary: You never imagine meeting your own prince charming, but somehow, you did. He’s not a royal, nor a conglomerate, but you found yourself falling deeper into him. But of course, nothing works easily for you, the next queen of the northern kingdom.

playlist; Give You My Heart - IU; I Miss You - Soyou; Sweet Night - V; Sunny days, Summer nights - Sam Kim; Like You - So Soobin, SOHEE; Let Us Go - Crush; But It’s Destiny - 10cm, etc.


“How much do I have to tell you, mother? I don’t want to marry that guy!” You throw away your royal necklace, pissed off by the routine of your mom always lecturing about how to be a graceful soon-to-be-married princess.

“He’s not just a guy. Watch your mouth, he’s the rightful future king of the southern nation.” Your mom put her hands on her waist, utterly shocked by how you behaved tonight. “Oh, you told me that as if I’m so clueless about it! As stubborn as it might sounds, mother, I don’t care!”

gasp! “How dare you speak like that to me.” She said coldly. How dare you slap your own daughter like that?

“Now, listen. Want it or not, you’re gonna marry the prince. I am doing this only to save the kingdom, the place where you get to enjoy every royalty and comfort even in your sleep. So, bare with it, princess. Do I have to remind you that every single day?” The queen raised her voice before leaving your room, stomping the floor with anger.

You let yourself fall, leaning your arms on the edge of your queen-sized bed. “This is not what I wanted.” You wipe your tears harshly, trying not to look weak even though no one could see your worse condition right now. “I just don’t want to marry an evil guy who will torture me in his dungeon, what is so wrong about that?”

The next day, you prepare your mental state that you have to wear a fake smile again as usual for the rest of the day. It’s an engagement dinner between two kingdoms, where you’d meet the person you don’t want to marry. You hate formal dinners and meetings like this, it’s boring and it’s just not you. You prefer eating alone in your room with your cats, or maybe enjoying dinner at the maid’s kitchen with Olly, your personal maid, rather than joining dinner with people you don’t even know. They aren’t even interested to know you, as what they care about is only about the kingdom and politics.

You feel one of your cats scratches your leg, making you wince in pain. “Shirley, as much as I want to play with you, I want to leave this goddamn room too. I know you’re bored, please hold on for a few minutes before I-” You turn your head up at a nudge in your left arm. “Are you crazy? Why are you talking to the floor?” Prince Han glares at you as if you’re a madwoman.

You rolled your eyes, “I’m talking to my cat. I’m glad that I’m not the only person here who thinks that this whole thing is boring.”

“So talking about me and the marriage is boring huh? I think you’re too idiot to realize that thousands of princesses of nations would kill to marry me.” Prince Han lifts his head proudly, making you cringe and you were glad he lifts his head high enough that he probably won’t see you making a face.

“Then, maybe you should marry those stupid blind princesses.” You rolled your eyes over and over again before you stand up and excuse yourself in front of all the higher-ups and leave the grand meeting room. Prince Han was not untrue at all. He has the look enough for the girls to melt by his graceful presence, and that was one of the reasons why your mother was so elated to choose him as the marriage candidate. But even though you know the girls would kill to be in your position, you’re sure that they would think twice after knowing what is the prince like in real life.

You got lost in your deep thoughts before someone interrupted you by taking hold of your arm. “Wait, princess.” You sigh when you heard the familiar voice, wondering why would he follow you out of the room. “What?” You turned at him, hands on your waist, and waiting for him to say what’s on his mind.

“I know that you despise this marriage, and as much as you do, I do too. But if this thing works we’ll get so many benefits. Just bear with it and be a good princess for once.” He looks down on your eyes, threatening them intensely as if there are fire coming from his eyes. “The benefit is for you, not me. Why would I trap myself in a relationship that I don’t wish to be in?”

He gets back to his former position, standing highly like a crown prince should be. “Oh, Y/n. I really hate to say this, but you don’t want me to take over, right? Once I take over the whole situation, you’re doomed. For now, I’ll stay put. So don’t get on my nerves, or I won’t take it well.” You stutter upon hearing the threat he sent you. This is what you hate about him, and the whole arranged marriage thingy. He’s a crude and abusive person. He knows how to put pressure on someone, especially you. You blinked in fear before he takes your silence as a yes and walks away.

“Just bear with it? Now he sounds like my mom as well.” You rant.

You put on your bathrobe, preparing for a warm bath after a rough day. “Finally, my lone time.” You dip your leg on the tub, feeling the warmth slowly surfacing your leg before sitting your whole body with a sigh in relief. “So warm.” Raised in the northern kingdom, you’re used to the coldness of the nation. Snow falls every two months and spring comes only when it wants to. You wear warm fluffy coats almost every day, as if the coldness of the people around you was never enough. You wonder if there’s a place meant for you to live in. You wonder if there is somebody out there who actually care for you, as a human and not a princess.

“This is crazy, this is pure madness.” You claimed to yourself as you start thinking of something crazy. An escape? A runaway? Sounds like life. Your marriage is coming in two weeks, you definitely have enough time to leave the cold palace and free yourself to smell the flowers, the life outside the dungeon you called home. And as if your thoughts weren’t crazy enough, now you start to think of the way to start the important mission to save yourself. 

If there is not any charming prince who can save you, then you can save yourself, you thought.


“Ella, not now. I need to do some spying activities tonight. I can’t rub your neck at the moment.” You whine when your cat keeps following you around while letting out some meowing sounds which echoed around the hallway walls.

Ella walked away as if she understood your rejection to play with her. You shake your head as you witness her walking sassily with a seemingly visible scoff. “Dude, even my cats are breaking the rules. I’m a proud cat mom.”

You continue to spy around the palace, looking for some information that may help you leave the palace and all the terrifying things in it. You were walking around the hallway towards the palace kitchen when you heard the cooks and some assistants gossiping. You use the echoes of the grand wall of the hallway to catch what they are talking about.

“I heard the queen will be attending a party held in the southern nation. Of course, the princess will be forced to attend too. I pity her, most of her life spent on this kingdom, with no freedom or chance to find her own happiness. She never eats well like she’s supposed to in her age, because of her royalty image diet.”

You couldn’t hold your tears not to come when you heard how much the palace workers care for you. You pity yourself too, after all, the painful truth is instead of your mother, the only people unrelated to you were the only people who care.

So, the queen will bring you to the southern kingdom? That will be good timing! All you need to do is just pulling a good act in front of your mother so she might believe that you’ll come along with her, just in a different little carriage. And you officially do the plan.

“Mother, what kind of party would they hold there? I think I’m getting excited.”

Your mother gives you a look. “Why are you excited?” You tried to avoid looking so awkward like you have something to do which is actually true. “Oh! Are you finally getting closer to him?”

You sighed in relief mentally, before nodding excitedly at your mother. “Yeah! I hang out with Prince Han the last time he visited us. He is actually a funny person.” Duh.

“Okay, that’s a good thing! Thank god you finally make me happy!” Haven’t I?

“Well, they will be holding a garden party since it’s summer in the southern nation. I’ll prepare a beautiful summer dress for you, oh, I’ll have to make sure that my daughter, the fiancé of the prince, will be the most beautiful girl at the party!” Okay, this is great.

The party night comes, and the crazy idea of escaping your royal prison has been a big burden on both of your shoulders. You put an exciting act in front of your mothers and also other people. You can’t even feel your face after all the bold makeup they put on your face. The big luxurious dress tightly hugging your body makes you hard to breathe, you wonder if it will be able for you to run in this kind of dress. After all the servants leave your room, you go to speak to your cats.

“Sergei, my royal king. Please take care of the others while I’m gone. And you, Shirley, my royal queen. You should not wander off the palace because you will get hurt. Wait, I’m the one who’s gonna do that. Alright, whatever. Oh, and my baby princess, Ella. You’re the cutest baby of all the demons we got here. You can’t just come to people and ask for belly rubs cause… I’m the only one who can do that to you. If I’m able to come back, I’ll give you thousands of belly rubs and treats!”

All of the royal cats give you their unamused look as if they know that you won’t be able to escape this prison. “You guys think so too? Thought that I couldn’t make it out of here? At least, let me try.”

Your mother knocked on your door before entering the room. You quickly fix your gown and your hair, as if you are ready to leave for the party. “Hey, mother.” She smiled sweetly upon seeing your graceful appearance. “The prince will absolutely love you. Let him brag about his wonderful fiancé to the world tonight.”

“Well, there’s this thing that I would like to request for tonight, mother…” You started. “What is it? Tell me, honey.”

“Since I will be the most beautiful woman in that party, I want Prince Han to pick my hand himself as soon as I step out of the carriage. Which means, that I have to be in a different carriage from you. Can I ride in the diamond one, tonight?” You asked her nicely. Please say yes…

“That’s a great idea. Yeah, you should ride in a different carriage from me. Maybe you won’t be able to get back at the same time as me, right? You got to have a blast tonight! Sure, I’ll tell them to prepare the diamond carriage. My sweet daughter, I’m so proud of you!” She holds your chin gently, praising you for your wonderful idea. Little did she knows…

So you ended up in the diamond carriage alone, waiting anxiously for the right time to kick your horseman away. You glance over the window, looking at how far you’ve let the northern kingdom. Will you be ready for this? Will you be ready for whatever happens if you leave the palace, and the royal engagement? Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? Will you be happy? You don’t know, but something inside your heart says that it’ll worth for every single psychological torture you received in the palace. You take a deep sigh before opening the front door to the footman sitting behind the horses.

“Where are we now?” You whisper to the footman. “We’re about to reach the south side. In fifteen minutes, we’ll be able to spot the southern sea.” Great, we’re getting further from the kingdom.

“I’m so sorry, but… goodbye.” The footman gives you a disoriented look before losing his balance following your hard kick on his ass. He screamed loudly as he fell into the ground, rolling asides before losing his consciousness.

“That was a great ass-kick.” You praised yourself before taking over the handle ungainly. You stare at the horses in front of you with tactless eyes, realizing something. “I may have learned how to ride a horse, but now… I have four horses to handle?! Oh shit!” You notice the horses start to move like they’re mad. There was when you realized something, you don’t have any control over those carriage horses, and now they have no signal or tasks to do, and now they’re mad. The carriage starts to wobble, there’s no indication that it’s slowing down, even though the road in front of you is getting rocky and uneven.

You feel the wheels start to wobble out of place and when one of the wheels hit a quite big rock, the carriage was broken off from the horses. You watched the horses run away in agony before the huge carriage toppled over into a hole and you lost your consciousness.


You woke up with a lightheaded feeling as the warm sun rays stream right into your face. You glance around the room, this was definitely not your room. Not at the small windows across your bed, and not at how there’s a warm sunshine filling up the room. This is not the northern kingdom. So where are you?

The door opened before you know it, which makes you flinch at whoever coming into the room. “Oh, you’re awake?” Said a grown-up man with a tray of redolent food which you assumed is a bowl of eggplant and ginger chicken soup. You were left speechless, not because you don’t want to speak, but you don’t know what to ask first. There’s a lot of questions you have in your head, but you were blown away by the fine visual of this man.

“Uh… are you okay?” He asked with an awkward smile as he went closer to the bed you slept on. You blink as you stare right into his sharp eyes, and his pointy nose and his plump lips. Screw those girls who screamed about how much of an art Prince Han is like, they must have yet to see this man in their whole life before.

You watch him in awe as he puts the tray on the nightstand beside you. “Have some breakfast, you must’ve felt terrible last night.” He smiled, and oh, that smile would’ve killed thousands of women.

“Thank you very much. May I ask… where am I right now? And, what happened last night?”

He nods, and immediately sits down on the edge of the bed. “Let me introduce myself, I am Jung Jaehyun. I am a fisherman and so does my family. Last night, I was walking back home from the harbor when I saw a broken carriage in a pit of water near the northern kingdom gate. I saw a person on the edge of the hollow and that was you, so I brought you home and my family took care of you.”

You watched him as he spoke, focusing on his visual instead of listening. You were glad that someone this fine would save you last night. Sometimes, life is full of surprises. “Oh, I see. Thank you for saving my life. So, am I in the southern kingdom?”

He shakes his head, “No. Me and my family live in between the southern and northern kingdoms. Well, it’s safe to say that you’re in the middle of an unknown village. The people here live independently without a king. We keep our lives by being a fisherman or farmer and selling our yields at the market in the middle of the village.” He smiles as he explains where you are right now.

“Ah, I see. I never knew that there’s a little village between the northern and southern kingdom. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Y/n, the prince- uhm I mean, daughter of Madame Yoon from the northern kingdom.”

You raise your hand for a handshake and he immediately shakes your hand. “Nice to meet you, Y/n of the northern.” It seems like he doesn’t know anything about the northern’s ruler, which is your mother. It’s great, he doesn’t have to know that you’re a princess of the kingdom. He probably won’t be your friend if you tell him that.

“The food smells nice. I’ll dig them in now..” you smiled before grabbing the tray and taste the food. He nodded before leaving the room, saying that he needs to prepare the toils for his work.

You quickly dig the food in, shrieking in awe as if you’re tasting the best food cooked by a world-class chef in all kingdoms. “Oh my god, who the hell cook this best quality food..” You finished the bowl within ten minutes, before rubbing your belly with satisfaction. “Ah, right. I have to wash the dishes, I can’t be a troublesome in this house.”

You grab the tray and the dirty bowls as you keep them steady on your hands. You were about to open the door when something catches your attention. “Oh, wow.”

You’ve never seen yourself in a simple dress like this. The outfit you wear right now is like the ones that your maids in the palace would wear. But you never knew that it feels really comfortable rather than the overwhelming dresses in your closet. Also, you feel so fresh that you finally feel some heat surrounding your body, for you’ve always been wrapped in coats since the northern kingdom is either snowy or stormy. “This is all new.”

What you saw first when you stepped out of the door was a little stairs. You use them slowly, balancing yourself as you kept the tray steady on your hands, when suddenly a voice greets you merrily. “Good morning, lady.”

You glance at the person and it turns out to be an older with a stick in his hands. You bow yourself like you used to greet older people in the palace. “Good morning, sir.” He laughed upon seeing you bow, gathering another reaction from everyone in the small house. You look around you, there’s a grandma in the living room, possibly the grandpa’s wife, and there’s a middle-aged woman in the kitchen who’s seemingly the mother of Jung Jaehyun, and finally, a little boy, who seems so excited upon seeing you.

“Ooh! She’s awake! Hi! I’m Yuno! Are you feeling better?” He waved after running in your direction, greeting you excitedly. You greet him enthusiastically, feeling warm that finally someone is actually excited to see you. “Hi! Yeah, I’m more than better! Thank you for asking,” you smiled. “Let me take care of the dish,” Yuno gives you his cute eye smile, which makes you pinch his cheek, thanking him in advance.

“Hello. Welcome to our family house. Though, our house is not as comfortable as the ones you live in.” The middle-aged woman approached you gently, smiling with visible wrinkles around her face. You shake your head in panic, “No! This is more than enough, madam. Thank you very much for saving me, I owe your family so much. Please tell me if there’s something I can help today..”

That afternoon, the family gathered around in the strait dining room. You sit next to Yuno, playing rock-paper-scissor. You laugh at how serious he was, tongue sticking out as he concentrates to guess what you’d pull out. After Jaehyun helps his mother, he goes to sit next to you, watching how you play well with his brother. “Hey, you two, do you want to go to the market this evening?”

Yuno looks at his brother, “Really? Sure! We have to bring Y/n to the market, I heard that they are selling some summer candies! You have to try it, Y/n.” Jaehyun looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

“Ooh! Candy? Yeah, let’s go!” You replied enthusiastically. Jaehyun tries hard not smile, even though your reaction makes him blush so hard.

As much as excitement fulfilled your whole body, you also worry about how people might recognize you at the market. Both kingdoms must be in great chaos now that you’re disappeared. Should you disguise yourself? But they will be suspicious of you. Well, since Jaehyun told you that this village is in the middle of an unknown area, you probably shouldn’t worry about your identity. You only pray that they don’t have any idea about the southern nor the northern kingdom.

“Hey, Y/n. Are you ready to go?” Jaehyun tilts his head upon seeing you daydreaming. You flinch when you see him right before you. “Yeah, I am. Let’s go..”

You watch the two boys messing around with each other as the three of you walked through the small patches with tall trees around. You smile in amusement, for there are no such things in the palace. Everything is fake, manipulative, and political. You can’t believe you finally found a simple life outside the palace, and now you feel happy because you left that place.

“Hey, we’re leaving Y/n behind… Y/n, let’s walk together!” Yuno goes behind to walk alongside with you. You smile and nod. Jaehyun also goes behind to your side and walks along with you. “So, that night when I saved you from the pit, I noticed that the carriage has diamonds in it. It was actually beautiful. Perhaps, are you coming from a wealthy family?”

You glance nervously at Jaehyun, confused on how to reply. “I..uh.. I was going to attend a party at the southern kingdom, before the accident. So, my mother gave me a beautiful carriage to go as a gift.”

He nods, and as soon as you see him about to open his mouth, you point at the shining market. “Oh, we’re here!” Yuno grabs your hand, practically dragging you to run with him into the market.

“Let’s try all the candies!”


That night goes perfectly for the three of you, after you discovered the little festival they held at the market. You spent the night playing happily with Yuno and Jaehyun. And now, it’s time to go back home. Yuno falls asleep on his brother’s back while all of you walked back home. He must be so tired after playing with you all day.

“Aren’t you tired?” Jaehyun asked you who’s walking excitedly beside him. “Not really, tonight was spent really well. I really enjoyed hanging out with Yuno. He’s a bright kid.”He smiled before he keeps his glances at you. “Y/n.. for a lost person in here, you look like you’re not planning to find your way back home.”

You look elsewhere, surprised by how he gives you such a strong point. “Well, I.. I want to go back home,” No, I don’t. “But not now.” Maybe forever. “I might’ve been here for only a day, even so, I enjoy being here. I’d like to stay longer, I promise in two days, I will get myself a place to stay.” Jaehyun narrows his eyes, “Why would you get yourself a home? Just stay in our place, if you’re comfortable with it.”

Your eyes lit up in delight, “Really? If that so,” You nodded. “I’ll stay and become your family member. But, won’t I be a burden or something? I mean, I eat quite well, hehe.” He chuckles upon your frank remarks. “Well, who said you can live in our place for free? There’s a fee for that.” You widen your eyes, already panicking inside for you don’t have anything with me except your wrecked party gown and the accessories.

“Assist me in the ocean and help my mother with farming. That’s what you have to do.”

You sighed in relief, “Oh, thank god it wasn’t money. I thought I’d have to remove all the diamonds on the carriage to pay my rent fees.” He laughed upon seeing your face, which makes you feel like butterflies are flying around in your belly.

The next day, you found yourself trailing behind Jaehyun as he prepares the toils. You feel unfamiliar with all the equipment around him, and you don’t know what to do to help. “Uh, Jaehyun.” You called him timidly. “Yeah?”

“Is it gonna be rough when we sail? Well, I’ve never been in a fishing boat before…” You told him timidly, folding your hands anxiously in front of him. He stands up from his spot, his hands on his waist. Is he judging me?

“Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you… I’ll make sure that you’re safe.” Oh, the smile that gets you every time. At the moment, you feel like it’s a deep promise coming out from him, as if he will always protect you from all the chaos you’re surrounded in. Jaehyun pats you gently, before signaling you to come with him and you only trail behind him, smiling like a stupid girl.

You stare at the man, his arm muscles appeared strong and prominent from bringing the fishing equipment in both of his hands. You spot the most easy thing to bring in his left hand, the fishing bucket with a few tools in it. You grab the bucket from his hand, smiling coyly. “Let me take care of this one. I want to help with whatever you need.”

He smiled sweetly, “Thank you. You know what, this is my first time having someone other than my father on the boat.” You give him a disoriented look, “Oh, is that so? Well, have you bring Yuno before?”

“Nuh-uh.. he’s a scaredy-cat.” Jaehyun shakes his head quickly and you just laugh.

Fifteen minutes later, you found yourself shaking in fear as he turned on the boat engine. He takes both of you to the fishing spot between the limitless ocean and the shore. “There we are.. let’s make sure that we catch a lot of fish today!” He shakes in excitement.

You asked him to teach him and as soon as you spread out the fishing rod, the hook starts to shake. “Ooh, ooh!”

“Pull that in! Roll it, roll it.” You tried to do it, but you were too scared to pull it properly. “I.. can’t!” That was when Jaehyun thought he could help, but…

gasp! He got the fish, which is a good thing, but the position of both of you right now.. is not quite right. His hands are around you as he was hugging you from behind, previously because he was in a hurry to catch your first fish, and he had no time to check what to do with the position. His body was so close to you that you could smell his manly smell.

Jaehyun moves his body away from you, blushing madly while showing his innocent dimples. “I’m sorry…” No words are coming out from you, as you still processing what just happened, until he speaks up again, “Here’s your first fish..” You happily look at the first fish you have ever in your whole lifebefore you frown in disappointment. “Awe, I killed it.”

He laughed at your expression. “Cute… it’s okay, can you hold it?” You glance at the poor fish, trying to hold it until it jumps in front of you, while you gasp in shock. He once again laughed upon seeing you shake in fear. “It’s only a fish, it won’t hurt you.”

You tried once again to be brave in front of him, reaching out your hand to grab the breathless fish, when it stayed and you finally grab it with your own hands. “Hey! I did it!” You happily put the fish into the bucket and gives him an ear-to-ear smile. “Good job, you got your first fish.” Jaehyun only watched you being happy with catching a regular fish for the first time, but what he’s feeling is extraordinary. It’s like there are a lot of things going on in his stomach, and he’s just praying that you won’t hear the loud beating sounds coming from his chest. He doesn’t even understand why his heart is beating so fast like this.

Night comes, and you found yourself sitting at the front porch of the small house, gazing at the stars. Even though you love being here, you can’t help but worry about what you should do onwards. You sigh, not knowing what to do, and feeling unsure of life. You’re scared that he and his family will find out about who you are, and you’re gonna lose all the happiness you feel throughout this little new journey. You feel like, everything will get back to where your life used to be, and that everything will be temporary.

“What are you doing?” Someone taps your shoulder, making you flinch at the sudden contact. “Oh, hey. Nothing, just stargazing.” Jaehyun sits behind you, looking at your face instead of the pretty view of the sky. “What are you worrying about?” He asked once again. You turn your head from the sky to him. “Do you really want to know?”

“Yeah, you know.. you’ve become a part of this home. We, especially Yuno, love your presence here. You make him very happy, you know. So, I- uhm I mean we, want to help you keep your smile too,” He explained. “Honestly, do you know who I am?” You asked. He tilted his head, thinking hard, before he answers, “Uh, Y/n, the daughter of Madam Yoon, from the northern?”

You laugh wholeheartedly. “Yeah, that is right, though. But the truth was more than that. Are you sure you want to know?”

Jaehyun realizes that this matter has become serious and he decided to appreciate whatever you might want to tell him.

“Even though I am so embarrassed to say this, I still think that you have to know the truth. I..” you paused with hesitation. You were so scared that he might turn against you after knowing that you’re someone he was not wishing to be. “Hey… it’s okay. Whoever you are, and whatever happened about you, I will give my support.” He smiled as he put his hand on top of yours, somehow soothing your worries away.

“I.. actually, am a princess. I am the true heir of the northern kingdom, the daughter of Queen Yoon, Y/n.” You confessed with a glassy eyes, staring right at his eyes, looking for a certain reaction. He says nothing, but his eyes widen in shock. And you knew what he’s going to do, which makes you prevent him from doing so. “Don’t bow! Do not.. bow to me… I don’t like that!” He blink in nervousness, but then sit back to his earlier position. “But, you’re a royal family member.”

“No, as long as I’m here, I’m not a royal family member. I’m your friend, your family. See, as soon as I told you about it, it gets awkward between us..” You sigh in advance, not knowing what to do with the situation. Jaehyun kept his mouth shut, before using the opportunity to get to know you more. You immediately tell him everything, about your engagement with the southern prince, and your political mother, and your life as the only princess in the southern kingdom. You also told him about how the carriage accident wasn’t an accident.

Jaehyun sighs, “What should I do? N-no, now that you’re here, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna hide here forever? I am pretty sure that they must have been searching for you everywhere. It can be dangerous for you,” He said with worries in his eyes.

You feel so grateful that even though you’re the only one being a burden in his own house, he still is worried about your safety. So, this is how it feels when someone actually cares about you, without any personal needs in between. “Jaehyun, I don’t think you should worry about me now. The only thing matters right now is your family. The fact that I’m here, is dangerous for all your family members. They are not playing when they come to seek what they want,” you explained.

Once again, he gives you his soothing smile, showing you his deep gummy dimples. “It’s alright, Y/n. I just want you to know that you’re not alone, and you’re more than worthy to be cared of, I’m here for you.”


The next very morning, you help madam Jung in the field to grind the rice under the shiny and warm sun rays. “The view here is so beautiful. I love staying here.” You uttered. Madam Jung smiled at you, admiring your beautiful figure even though it has been an hour and you still look like you’re fresh out of the shower.

“I’m glad if you’re happy being here. I’ve never had a daughter, and you make me feel like I have one. Thank you so much for coming into our household, Y/n.” If heart eyes are real, you’d say you saw them in her eyes. That makes you feel appreciated and accepted. All this time one of the things you have been looking for in life is validation. And started by how Yuno greeted you that day, you found out what validation feels like. “No, the one who should say thank you is me. Thank you so much for accepting me in your house, and because of your son, I can make it out alive. I owe your family so much. One day, I will pay it off to all of you.”

The tall trees line up around you, and at the edge of the cliff, you can spot the limitless blue ocean. There was one time when you went to the ocean, and the very next thing happened was you were drowned in the sea, slowly getting dragged by the alluring waves. That is why you always feel so nervous every time Jaehyun takes you to the sea, but with him, you can sense the protection and calmness he gives you. You know that you’ll be alright when you’re near him.

So, now that he walks beside you to the shore, you no longer feel nervous or jittery like you used to feel. You walk happily beside him, swinging the fishing bucket playfully as the wind gently blows your hair. “The weather is so nice today! It’s the best day to go to the ocean.” You fling out your hand, feeling the warm summer breeze. “So, are you not afraid anymore? Last week when we sailed, you were shaking so bad I thought you wanted to pee or something.” He teased.

You let out a mischievous smile, as you look at him from behind. You were about to tickle him when suddenly a bunch of girls surrendered him with flowers in their hands. “Good morning, Jaehyun! Perhaps, did you have breakfast? I brought you breadsticks and milk!” The most charming girl in the group greeted Jaehyun with a tone that makes you cringe. “I brought you flowers! It’s Bougainvillea… do you like it?”

As the girls surrounded Jaehyun and bombarded him with lunchboxes and flowers, you feel yourself get kicked out of the crowd. You quickly pout, looking at him giving his smiles to the girls, so you decide to walk ahead of him to the shore. “Hey, Y/n! Wait for me,” he shouted at your direction before jogging into your side, and the girls following him after.

“Jaehyun, who’s this? Perhaps, your cousin?” One of the girls asked. Jaehyun looks at you awkwardly, not knowing how to answer. “She’s… she’s my..”

You cut his words, “Girlfriend. Yeah, I am his girlfriend.” You give them a mischievous smirk, as they gasp in shock. “No way, there’s no way he has a girlfriend!” You look at Jaehyun, whose eyes are wide awake at your remark. “I-i.. uh… yeah, she is.” Your smile only gets wider when you thought that you won in front of the girls.

After the girls disappeared, both of you continued the walk to the shore, and here you both now, in front of the boat. “Uh, actually, I.. I said that I’m your.. girlfriend, to make them get away from you. Is that okay?” You asked him because the rest of the walk was filled with awkward silence and you hate awkward situations. “Yeah, uhm, it’s okay. Thank you for saving me, I guess…” He gives you a little smile.

As you both head to the fishing spot, you try to think of something to start a conversation. “I didn’t know you are that famous in this village.” Jaehyun looks at you, shaking his head in advance. “No.. I’m not.” Before silence takes over the small boat.

You sighed, “Why did you become so quiet? Are you upset about what I did earlier?” You asked frankly. He looks at you with an unpredictable expression, which makes you feel so anxious. He also sighed, before shifting himself closer to you. “Honestly, I was so shocked, when you said those words… I..I might’ve imagined if what you said was real.”

This time, it’s your turn to widen your eyes in shock. “What do you mean?” You asked with a tiny voice. “I might’ve hoped that it was real, too. But.. you are too far for me to reach. You actually are.. someone who I can’t just go and walk with, you are too far above me, Y/n.”

You look at him with disbelief, “What makes you think so? I am also a human, Jaehyun. The thing is, if we share something in common, we can be something more than this. What you imagined can be real, because I’ve been feeling the same too.”

“Really?” He asked, before you nodded and pull him into a delicate kiss. His hand slid behind you, holding you closer to his body. He loves the way you feel so sweet in his lips. The innocent kiss continues under the blazing sun, as the both of you close your eyes and forget everything at the moment.

That day becomes the happiest day in your whole life as you walk hand-in-hand with him, smiling as you both start to count the days as lovers.

It has been a month since you live with the Jungs and you’ve become pretty close with few people in the small village. Jaehyun introduced you to the villagers, and they loved you, except the girls who were in love with the most charming man in the village. He taught you a lot of life lessons, which made you want to stay near him longer.

You knew that both kingdoms of Southern and Northern are holding a big search for you around the domain, as not too long ago, Jaehyun and Yuno found a newspaper with you on the cover. That was how the family found out who you actually are, and to your surprise, they support you and want to protect you. They helped you put a disguise on yourself and let the villagers know you as a different person.

Sometimes, the southern guards and armies come to the village to check, but it’s quite hard for them to inspect the whole village because the villagers loathe them, since they became an independent village.

“We have to get in and check the whole area, you can’t forbid us when you don’t have any authority around here.” The chief withstand the higher-up when they stand against the village gate, resisting the armies to enter. “Have you forget? This area is not under the authority of the Southern, so why should we open the gate for your people? We had an agreement.”

You watched bitterly behind a big oak tree, curiously trying to find out what has been going in your kingdom. When you were about to leave the scene, you heard a familiar voice from the crowd. “Good afternoon, gentlemen.” You gasp, Prince Han?

You quickly run towards the Jung’s house, hurriedly looking for Jaehyun who turns out fishing in the ocean at the moment. You ignored Yuno’s concerned holler before locking yourself in your room. You feel your tears fall like a waterfall as your body shakes in fear. The trauma of him pulling your hand harshly, frequent shouting at your face, and threats over the kingdom are taking over your mental state.

Madam Jung knocks on your door, concerned by your weird act, presumably told by her youngest son. “Y/n, is everything alright? I’m here to help you, sweety.” When you heard her soothing voice, you moved to open the door. Madam Jung was startled when she saw you crying like a mess, but she remained calm as she makes the both of you sit on the edge of the bed. “What’s wrong? Will you tell me?”

“He’s here… he’s here.” You repeat the same words as they are the only thing in your head right now. Madam Jung doesn’t fully understand what you’re saying but she only hugs you to calm you down. A few moments later, Jaehyun rushes into the room, panting loudly like he just ran in the marathon. “Yuno told me something bad happened, what’s wrong?” He looks at his mother, and then you who’s crying loudly. Madam Jung shakes her head, having no clue about what happened that makes you shake in fear.

Jaehyun goes to take over you to his body, hugging you closer as you lean your whole weight on him, still trembling in fear. “Hey, it’s alright… I’m here for you, we’re here for you.” Jaehyun helps you breathe properly and you gain your calmness right away. You let out a big sigh, before looking up and trying to speak.

“Prince Han… he’s here. I saw him trying to convince the villagers to agree to the inspection. What if he found me, Jae? I’m scared.” He sighed, knowing that this kind of thing will happen as he knows that Prince Han is the most capable person in the country. “It’s alright, we’ll find a way. Do you believe in me?” You nod right away, for you believe that when you’re near him, everything will be alright.

Meanwhile, in front of the gate, the prince spotted you running away from the crowd. He actually saw you hiding behind the tall oak tree. It’s not Prince Han if he doesn’t have a pair of eagle eyes. He calculated every path you left while trying to convince the higher-ups to allow him to inspect the area.. “I’m not here with my men to wreck this beautiful independent village. I’m here to bring you fortunes. Would you like to have something in exchange? Come on, I know that this beautiful village will be happier if you get a little bit of power to your economy. Isn’t that right?”

After an exchange of advantages, the higher-ups let the armies enter the village. Prince Han and his horse immediately go towards the route you took that leads to the forest.

After discussing an alternative plan, Jaehyun decided to hide you in his boat, and sail you to a deserted island that he frequently visited during the fishing season. But Yuno informed him that the armies are getting near, so he decided to put you in the small basement of his house, which used to be a small boat workshop. He told Yuno to hide with you. So there you are, with Yuno under the darkness. You knew Yuno is not a quite brave kid, so you hugged him tightly, making sure that he feels safe.

After a while, Prince Han found the house in the middle of the woods. The first thing he saw was an elderly woman sitting on the front porch. He greeted the woman as he climbed down his horse. “What a good day, ma’am.”

Grandma Jung knows what to do, this is not something she unexpected. She greeted the prince warmly, like she used to receive a guest. “Hello, young man. What can I help you?”

“We’re having an inspection around this area, and allow me to introduce myself. I am Prince Han from the southern. I’m looking for a young woman who probably has come here, seeking for help. For she was poorly lost by an accident that happened around here a month ago. That woman is my lovely fiancé. May I perhaps, look around your house?”

Grandma Jung tries to act like she has no idea about it, “Oh, what a poor young man. We never had a guest nor someone seeking for help these past few months, but you can go inside.” Prince Han entered the house as soon as he got the permission. He checked through the house, but he found nothing. There were no traces of you that he could find, until he entered the last room upstairs. The room was filled with nothing but a shabby interior that he was about to close back the door until he spotted something shiny in the drawer.

He furrowed his eyebrows while approaching the old cupboard. He opened it and smiled in satisfaction. He found your tiara. He quickly excused himself out of the house before calling all of his men to leave the village, promising the higher-ups of the villagers to make his promise as soon as possible.


A week later, there is no army of the southern looking for you anymore, and your days become calmer than before. But being a protective lover ever, Jaehyun never brings you out of the house ever again, and madam Jung never brings you along with her to the field either. You spent your time playing with Yuno and doing housework.

Today, you were cleaning the front porch when Jaehyun prepared himself to go to the shore. “Be careful, alright?” You smiled as you put your hands around his waist, feeling his warmth against your body. “Yeah, I’ll take care of myself well. And you too, shall stay in the house and don’t go anywhere. Wait for me to come home, alright?”

You nod, “Alright, my prince.” He rubbed your nose against yours, before cupping your cheeks gently, and gives your forehead a peck. After he left the house, You get inside to play with Yuno as usual. You love your routine now for you used to live a dull life as in learning how to walk like a royal princess, and taking political lessons almost every day. But now, all you got to is doing fun activities, as in playing cards with Yuno, cleaning the house, and having a good deep talk with the grandparents.

You were about to take a nap upstairs when Yuno excused himself to go outside to play with his friends until you heard Yuno’s yells at the front door. You vaguely hear him scream, “No! Don’t enter the house, you bad guy! Ouch!” You immediately went to the noise until you freeze in your spot. The guy you feared the most is in front of you. “How’s life outside the palace? Fun? In this miserable place? Are you happy?”

You stutter upon seeing the mess in front of you. You look at Yuno on the floor as he cries in pain, possibly pushed down by the monster in front of you. “You don’t know what kind of mess you put into both of the kingdom, princess.” You ignored the threatening sounds coming out from his mouth. You think of what possibly happens if you keep insisting on being here. The possibility of this family getting hurt because of you, oh, you don’t want that.

You look at the prince’s eyes, begging him to give you mercy, but it looks like he won’t give you what you want. “T..take me with you.”

Yuno stops his crying, “No. Y/n! You shouldn’t go!” You look at Yuno with a sad smile, “No, Yuno. This is my time to go. Please tell your brother my goodbye. I’ll visit if I have time.” No, there will be no time. This is my end.

You surrender yourself to the prince’s hand as he takes you on his carriage. You glance at Yuno and the house for the last time. Maybe happiness and freedom was not meant for you. But the short moment you had there was a gift for you, and you couldn’t forget that forever. Your moments with Jaehyun, all the sweet kisses, and love you received from his warm family, there’s no way you could forget them.

Prince Han takes you straight away to the palace of the northern. The cold breezes blow against you as soon as you stepped out of the carriage, reminding you of how cold and dull your life used to be. You quiver in the cold, as the only thing you wear right now is only the summer dress madam Jung made for you. Prince Han noticed your trembling figure and decided to put a little stunt in front of the people who surrounded the place to see your arrival back to the kingdom.

He puts his coat around you, putting a fake smile as the people cheer for you both. Little did they know, the words he spat on you while he’s on his little sweet act, “Behave, little princess. Or I’ll show you what happened to bad girls since I’m the one who takes over the whole situation now.”

You tried to fake a smile in front of the people as they cheer loudly for you. You only watch bitterly as the spokesman announced your arrival loudly for everyone to hear. “The lost princess is brought safely by her fiancé, the prince of the southern!”

You were brought to the queen’s room, still trembling from the cold and also fear. You stare ahead as the guards open the door for you and you step into the room, timidly presenting yourself. “Mother…” you quietly uttered.

The queen turned herself quietly, while you expect a harsh slap on your cheeks. You close your eyes tightly, head hanging low to the ground, waiting for words spat in your face. But instead, you were wrapped in a big hug. You feel your mother’s tears on your shoulder as she starts to sob on your shoulder. You open your eyes slowly, trying to absorb the surprising moment.

“My daughter, my child.. oh my sweet daughter. I’m so sorry for what happened to you. You’re the only family I have in this huge palace. Don’t ever get lost again… please.” You start crying as soon as you listen to her wailing. “Mother.. I’m back..”

“Thank you for coming back alive, my dear…” The queen mumbled. You nod, feeling relieved that finally, your mother accepted you for who you are. “I’m sorry, mother. I’m sorry…” You cried harder in her arms like a little baby. You feel your mother shakes her head lightly, slowly turning your head to face her directly.

“No, don’t say sorry. While you’re gone, I have reflected on what I’ve been doing to my own daughter, and I was really terrible.” She paused before crying again, “From now on, Let it be your own happiness that happens, dear. Let’s pursue it together, that’s the most important part. I will love you with my whole life as a mother.”

“I will not lose you again, my dear.” Your mother finished the heartwarming reunion with a tight hug, and that day, you finally eternally full.

Meanwhile, outside the door, Prince Han was listening to the whole conversation and he felt like something bad will happen. He was not going to let that happen.

The first week of coming back as the royal princess was great, you start doing what you like to do. The queen lets you learn things that she used to strictly forbid you to do. However, even though you’re doing what makes you happy, you still feel somehow empty. Yeah, you’ve been missing him. Jung Jaehyun, and also the little warm family. You never separated officially from him, so you wonder how he’s been doing and if he misses you too.

It has been bothering you so much that you start to space out during breakfast and dinner. The queen clear her throat to wake you up, and you flinch from that. “What makes you look so bothered? You’ve been out of place lately.” You pucker your lips in response, sighing loudly. “I really want to tell you this, but please don’t get angry.”

The queen nods in agreement, she smiled widely at how you’re eager to tell her something. “Whatever it is, I’m listening.” You fold your hands on the table, preparing the words to say to your mother. “So, when the carriage toppled over and I lost my consciousness, someone saved me and brought me to his house.” Your mother cuts you off, “His? As in, a man?” You pouted once again, “Yeah, but hear me out first.”

“So, his name is Jung Jaehyun, and he was a little bit older than me. His family welcomed me very well, and I got close to his little brother as well. I helped the family as in fishing in the ocean and grinding the rice in the field. Amazing, right? For the first time, I lost my trauma in the ocean, and I also know how to fish!” You tell her excitedly.

She nods as she gently caresses your head, admiring your experience while you were out of the palace. “You were what? Fishing in the ocean and.. grinding the rice in the field? Terrific!”

“Yeah, mother. But the thing is, after knowing him for almost a month, we shared romantic feelings towards each other…” you uttered.

“You what?” The queen tries to get a hold of herself when she heard your shocking story. “Uh, so… did you date him?” You nod slowly. “Mother, he was the man I’ve been looking for. I love him. And every time he’s near me, I feel like my heart is about to burst. Even talking about him now makes my heart race like crazy.”

The queen adores your happy smile, witnessing how you fall in love reminds her that you’re no longer her baby, but an adult. An adult who can find her own true love. “Do you really love him?”

You blinked after hearing the question. What does this mean? “Yeah, mother. I love him so much. But if marrying the southern prince brings you happiness then I will-” The queen cuts you off. “No, let’s reverse that sentence, shall we? If being with that lovely young man brings you happiness, then I will let you be with him.”

Your jaw drops as if it falls and start touching the ground. You hold the neck of your fur coat tightly, while looking at your mother in disbelief. “Is that true, mother?” To your surprise, you didn’t hear it wrong as the queen nods in admission. “Oh, thank you mother, thank you very much! I love you!” You went to hug her while both of you laugh in happiness.


Two days passed and today is probably the best day for you, for the queen has decided to grant your wish to visit the independent village. You decided to bring the Jungs some gifts. You brought Yuno a cute royal summer outfit and your hand-baked pie. You brought Jaehyun a new and modern fishing kit, even though you went through a hard time looking for them, as the northern kingdom rarely fish in the ocean.

You excitedly step into the carriage, along with the queen. You hold her hand tightly, thanking her for granting your biggest wish. As the horses are running along with the carriage, you feel your heart beating very quickly. Finally, we’ll meet.

The carriage stops in front of the small house. You look around as the tall trees bring you a lot of memories. “Finally…” you mumbled. The horseman opened the door for you and seconds after you stepped out of the carriage excitedly. “It’s kinda hot in here..” The queen mumbled. She takes off her fur coat to adjust well in the semi-tropical weather. “Trust me, mother. The weather is so refreshing! We can feel the sun every day here!”

Yuno goes outside after hearing all the noise. His eyes widen upon seeing your arrival. “Y/n!!!!” He came running to you like he used to do every time you woke up in the morning. “Yuno! Oh, you don’t know how much I miss you!” Yuno hugs you tightly, as if he doesn’t want to lose you again. The queen smiled upon seeing your interaction with the little boy. “Oh, Yuno. Allow me to introduce the graceful woman we have right here, my mother.”

“Oh my god, the queen of the northern!” Both Yuno and his mother scream in delight. You didn’t even notice her standing in front of the door with shocks drawn all over her face. “Oh my god, Yuno. We shall bow to the queen.” Your mother holds madam Jung’s hands to prevent her from bowing, just like what you did to Jaehyun when you told him that you’re a princess. “No, don’t bow to us, for we don’t deserve it. Please take my gratitude for saving and taking care of my daughter while she was out of the palace. Here’s a little gift from us.”

Your mother ordered the horseman to take out every present you brought for the family, as madam Jung starts thanking the queen in advance. While the two are chatting like they already know each other for a long time, you feel yourself blushing hard even though Jaehyun is still not on your sight. You turn to Yuno, “Where is he?”

“Oh, he’s fishing like usual. He might be back in half an hour.”

And half an hour later, You feel his presence even before he reached the front porch. You run towards him, your smile only gets wider when you saw his startled expression. “Jung Jaehyun!” You shouted happily. But as strange as it might look like, but there is no sign that he looks happy to see you. The expression on his face remains flat. But you set aside the negative thoughts, maybe he was just tired, or maybe he just couldn’t believe that you’re here.

You immediately wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly that he feels like he can’t breathe. “I miss you…” you mumbled against his chest. You feel his hands wrapping themselves around you as well, before he pulls you out of his body. “Hey, I.. I, uh, didn’t expect you to be here.” You were taken back by the fact that he pushed you off, but the need to tell him everything takes over all of your questions as you smile widely at him.

“So, that was how my mother agreed to us being together. She also agreed to come here to meet you and your family. Oh, you don’t know how happy I am!” You told him excitedly.

He gives you a small smile, nodding lightly. “I see. But, hear me out, Y/n. On the day you disappeared, when I found out that you surrendered yourself to safe my brother, I did a lot of thinking.” There are thousands of expressions in his face which you couldn’t identify, but you decided to listen first. “What did you think of?”

“I think of how you’d live without me, you can be happy without me on your side. I realized that you’re no longer a person I can reach out as I please. Besides, you already have a perfect life in the palace, your mother finally loves you for who you are, and accepted you no matter what kind of person you are. I can’t protect you, Y/n. That gives me more reason for why I can’t get near you.”

As he explained, your tears fall along with your quivering lips. “Jae, I thought we talked about this. I said we can happen.” You shake your head vigorously, feeling broken that he wasn’t that excited after seeing you. “Please don’t tell me that kind of words, Jae. That is not right, cause I love you! I know that you-”

“No, Y/n. Don’t let me repeat myself. We can’t be together. I’m so sorry, Y/n, but maybe we just weren’t meant to be.”

Jaehyun gets up from the seat, ready to leave you. You get up as well, “You said we’ll find a way, and you told me to believe in you.” You cried hard for him to hear you. He turns his head to you, “That won’t work anymore.” He said coldly before leaving you alone.

That day, you went back home sobbing in the arms of your mother. Telling your mother that the love of your life no longer needs you, hurts the hell out of you. But even though the chapter of Jung Jaehyun just ended in the way that you don’t like it, the memories remain fresh in your mind. He remains beautiful in your heart.

Meanwhile, after leaving you alone to go further into the woods, Jaehyun gives himself time to break down. Holding out his emotions absorbed a lot of his energy, especially when he saw you crying. He really held himself for not hugging you right away, and tell you he was only lying. But he couldn’t do that. He’s more than nothing to even be allowed to touch you. His heart craves for you, but reality makes a great wall between himself and you, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

A month after visiting the independent village, your life has never been the same. Every day, minute, and second reminds you of him. But now, you have your own fight. A fight against the southern’s crown prince. You recently called off the engagement and he was so angry. The whole parliament of the kingdom agreed that a future queen doesn’t have to marry another kingdom’s heir. So, it’s safe to say the southern prince had a big grudge against you.

Today, another big news come to your ears like you were hit by a baseball bat. “What?” You stand up from your seat. “Did I hear it wrong, mother? You hired what?”

Your mother cringe in nervousness, “I think it might be a good decision to bring him close to you. Besides, he’s the one who agreed. I only asked once, and he answered yes right away. And it’s a good thing too because he’s the right person to be your personal guard.”

“Mother, he literally said that we can’t be together, why would he want to be near me. This is weird.” You put your finger on your chin, thinking hard even though you can’t help but get excited. “I probably should prepare for his arrival, don’t you think?” You leave the dining room running excitedly as your mother laughs at your silliness.

The reason why he accepted the offer to be your personal guard was because of the help of the queen when his mother fell sick. He can’t go to the ocean anymore, the cost to bring his mother to the healer was more than what he’d achieve in a year. The second reason was because he wants to be near you. Keeping you safe may not be a regular job for him, it was like his dream. So, to accept the offer was an easy thing for him.

After telling Yuno what to do to take care of their little family, he goes to the northern kingdom with a hidden excitement. Nevertheless, he knows that he should hide his lingering feelings towards you. He should keep being aware of the difference between himself and you, and that the reality wall will never disappear even though he’s being close to you.

Arrived at the palace, he stared at how huge and majestic the palace is. He was welcomed by the head of the palace security guards and immediately escorted to know what to do with his important job. “Your job is to keep the princess’ safety 24/7. You have to stay near her even at night, and follow her everywhere to keep her safe. The queen didn’t officially tell us the details, but maybe you can get the detail from the princess or the queen. That’s all.”

So he ended up in the queen’s office, standing nervously as the queen smiled at him. “Well, your job is to keep my daughter safe of all time. That’s easy. But what I want for you to do was actually to be her companion. Is that even easier?”

Jaehyun promised with all his life that he would keep you safe and also, be a good companion for you. It’s an easy job for him cause he would eventually do it without getting paid. 

“Jung Jaehyun…” His name was the first thing out of your mouth the moment he came to see you in the quiet garden. Jaehyun gives you a smile you couldn’t identify, because the last time you saw him, he looked like he doesn’t want to catch a look on you. And now, he’s waving to you beautifully, and as he walks closer in your direction, everything feels like a dream.

“You’re really here,” you muttered as he now stands in front of you. You tried so hard not to wrap your arms around his built body, scared that if you do that, he’ll run away again from you.

“Yeah, I’m really here, princess. I’m here to guard you, protecting you from whatever that could possibly hurt you.” He keeps smiling at you, which makes your lips curved up into a smile as well. Jaehyun leans onto you until he reach the side of your ear. “Even roaches and insects, I’ll protect you from them, princess.” He whispered before laughing softly.

He looks at your glassy eyes, a frown starts to grow on his face. “Y/n, I’m sorry about what I said to you. Would you… forgive me?”

You ignored his apology, but instead, “You said we can’t work. You said you can’t get near me. I think you owe me an explanation.”

Jaehyun’s eyelids stutter as he tried to look away from you. “I don’t think I can tell you, Y/n.”

“You do know that I’m quite the person ruling both kingdoms. While you here, is nothing but a powerless piece of trash. So, clean all your dreams to be with the princess. You might’ve saved her life, but nothing do you have to be with her, to even get near her. Don’t ever dream about it. As you already know, I can crush anybody who restrain my will, even her.”

You frown, “Another rejection, I see.”

He takes your hand in his, “Forgive me, your highness.”

You look at him with doe eyes, trying hard not to smile while you feel his delicate touch on the back of your palm. “How can I stay mad at you? I eventually prepared something for your arrival.”

Jaehyun squeezes your hands as a smile grows on his face, “Thank goodness. Now, may I embrace you, your highness?” You smile widely as you voluntarily wrap your arms tightly around his waist, face pressed against his chest as he wraps his arms around you as well, giggling softly. “I’ve been missing you, princess.”

“I don’t care about whatever you said to me that day, Jae. All is well now that you’re in my arms. Don’t ever leave me again, my guardian.”

“I’ll keep you safe, princess.”

“Then all is well, indeed.”


You woke up with a smile on your face. Stretching your body to erase all the stiffness of your body, for you slept in the same position. “Good morning, Shirley, Sergei, and my love, Ella.” You went forward to your cats, and they gladly accepted your presence in the peaceful morning.

“You know what, babies, my prince charming is here. Oh, no, not that boring and abusive prince. My true prince, Jung Jaehyun, in case you all want to remember his name.”

After changing into your usual warm fluffy coat, you immediately walk to your door. As soon as you stepped out of your room, you were greeted by a luscious smile. “Good morning, your highness.”  You smile upon seeing him, and then you were instantly reminded of what you want to do while he’s here. “Come in, before anyone sees,” you muttered before pulling him into your room and close your door.

“Uh, your highness, I don’t think I can enter this room as I please.”

“It’s alright, you always have my permission. So, I need you to wear this.” You hand him the beautiful coat you’ve prepared for him. “You’ll have to wear more coats from now on. Oh, my poor baby, you’re gonna miss the beautiful weather back in your hometown.” You cup his cheek with one hand, brushing your hand gently on it.

“Thank you, although you’ll always be my warmth.” He paused as he pulls you closer to his body and embrace you in a warm hug, making the fancy fireplace in your room lose it’s point to Jaehyun’s own warmth. “Did you sleep well?”

You nod softly as your head leans comfortably on his shoulder.

The first week with Jaehyun being at the palace brings you all the happiness you never knew you needed. The queen herself was very well aware of this. She regrets nothing by recruiting the most important person for her daughter to be her own guard. It’s all for you, as the queen said. 

You attended every royal lesson with Jaehyun, and he keeps company with you in your other classes too. And with him always by your side, means that attending political meetings with your mother is also fun. Like when you both sneaked out of the party, hands tangled to each other, running towards a little private balcony you discovered earlier. 

“The meeting was so utterly boring,” you muttered. Jaehyun only smiles, “Well, I couldn’t agree more, Y/n. At this point, I might as well say that I’m quite glad that I’m not a royal.” 

“I know right,” you replied as you rest your head in your hand boringly.

“Well, you’re gonna bear with it more when you become a queen.” 

You give him a look, before agreeing in advance. “Well, you’re not wrong. But you’ll bear it along with me though, future king.”

“Future king?” He stuttered. You nod as you hum, “Will be you be my king?”

Jaehyun lets out a small laugh, “Really? Though it should be me asking you that, I would. I would, my princess.” He took your delicate hand and brought it up exactly under his chin, before pressing a tender kiss on it.

You flash a smile upon his acceptance, before step ahead to embrace him lovingly. “Please stay with me, jae.”

Well, as if a month of happiness couldn’t be enough for you, the prince of the south returns to the palace, equipped with his dreary winter coat, and a few of his men trailing behind him. You stopped him in the hallway, with Jaehyun staying right behind to you to prevent unwanted things to happen before you speak up, “Why are you here? I thought our business was done.” 

Prince Han scoffs as he gives Jaehyun an unacquainted look. “Don’t worry, princess. This is not something that goes between you and me. This matter goes between the kingdoms.”

You could sense anything bad from his return, and it’s not gonna be about you. “Having a new companion, I see..” He muttered and you blink in nervousness. It turns out that your fear of the abusive prince still exists as sweats start coming out around the surface of your palms.

Prince Han left with his men straight to the conference room, where the queen already expected him. Jaehyun immediately goes next to you, “Princess, are you alright?” He brings your vision to him only, making sure that you’re aware that you’re safe. Your eyes quiver at the thought of something bad happening to either you or Jaehyun. “He’s back…” you mumbled.

Jaehyun tries to soothe you back while giving supports through his eyes. He closes the distance between you both to make your breathing steady again. “Hey, listen to me. Everything will be alright. Do you believe in me?” He asked slowly.

You listen to his voice, eyes glued to his, before you breathe normally again. “Yeah, Jaehyun, I believe in you.” He hugs you tightly without crushing your delicate figure. “Everything will be alright,” he whispered gently.

After the conference ended, you went straight to your mother, who had a blue expression on her face. You sit next to her, gulping your saliva anxiously. “Mother, may I know what acquires a conference between you and the southern kingdom?” You asked carefully. The queen gives you a look, and then a sudden dread smile. “Mother?”

“I have both great and bad news for you, my daughter,” she uttered.

“Tell me the great one first.” you replied.

“Our kingdom has been struggling with armies and territories. Now that we ended our marriage agreement, we lost a lot of things as benefits to the kingdom. But the southern king has just informed me, that they needed our help as well. The agreement will no longer be a marriage, but additions of men and machines.” 

“That’s good, mother. That means no one’s getting hurt, right? By no one, I mean-”

The queen cuts you right away with a frown. “And here comes the bad news, my dear.” You flashed her a look before proceeding to listen.

“I told the crown prince that we’re fine by adding some of our best men and also recruiting as many people as possible from our country. But then, I realized, one of our best men is..”

“Jaehyun, is it? No, mother. I won’t allow it to happen. He just got trained within a month, how is he supposed to go into the war?” You argued. “I know, dear, I’m very well aware that he was only recruited to keep you safe. But, we’re in a crisis, honey, and you know his capability. Becoming the number one between those senior guards only in a month, isn’t that amazing? You should consider letting him go, my dear.” The queen paused. “I asked nothing from you, my daughter, but only to put your trust in him.”

You shook your head in denial, before a familiar voice bursts into the room. “The queen’s right, your highness.” Jaehyun bowed at the queen before turning himself to you. “But, Jaehyun..”

“She’s right, all you need to do is to trust me. You said you believe in me, didn’t you? He gives you a glazed look and you waver at the thought of letting him go into the war with the southern prince. You immediately head to his side, “I trust you, but.. you should never get hurt, jae. I don’t want to lose you.” you muttered against his chest.

He pats your back gently, while feeling a little bit embarrassed to hug the princess in front of her royal family. “Remember what I said, sweetheart, everything will be alright.”

As Jaehyun won the argument that day, you eventually prepare for his departure. You provide him with food, self-care, even some comfortable clothes. You still pack some of the things he would need, when Jaehyun plays with your cats. “At this rate of care, you will see that my fellow troops will get jealous at me.” He scoffed. “Quiet down, young man. As I said, it’s either you’d leave this place with these, or you stay safe here with me, my future king.”

“Yes, ma’am.” 

You smiled after making sure he has the things packed well before you let him depart with the men. You walk towards the end of the bed, and Jaehyun immediately goes next to you as you sit with a particular pose. “You’re going to leave me for months, don’t you think you should leave something important in me?” you uttered.

Jaehyun tilts his head, puzzled at your suggestion. “What should I leave in you?”

“Marks. Claim me as yours tonight, my future king. Tell me that this will not be our first and last, jae.” You leans closer to him, and a coy smile draws upon his face. “As you wish, my princess.”

At dawn, you awakened with the touch of him putting the blanket on your bare figure. You blinked in drowsiness, before coming into a realization that he has to leave in a moment. You quickly rise from your bed and grab your night rope. “Jae,” you called his name with a raspy voice before wrapping your arms around him tightly. “Ouch, I..I can’t breathe, princess.” He cackled as he hugs you back delicately. 

“Please return safely. We’re all waiting for you here. I love you,” you uttered.

Jaehyun nods against the nape of your head. “I’ll come back to you, my home. I love you too.” A tear slips out of his tears, as he feels somehow fearful and worried, like any other human being. “I believe in you, Jae.”

With that, he left with your kisses in his cheeks, and you only look anxiously from your balcony, praying so hard to whoever up there to let him make it out alive.


“Raise up your appetite, dear. You shouldn’t live like this.” The queen uttered. You heave a sigh, putting down your spoon to stop playing with your food. “I’m sick of waiting, mother. I need to know if he’s safe, and.. alive.” You lowered your voice while mentioning the word ‘alive’, a word that you apparently despise these days. 

“Don’t worry, my child. Jaehyun is a strong warrior, he’s not the number one for nothing.” The queen goes to your side as you sob miserably at the thought of missing him. “I miss him, mother.” “I know, dear. I know,” the queen kissed the top of your head while muttering words to soothe your restless figure.

As the time passes on quickly, you distract yourself from the thought of Jaehyun by taking care of some of the royal cases. You attended every boring conferences you told Jaehyun about, and ended up reminiscing how he would bring you water and roses to help you relax. You also attended every archery classes, and would end up getting reminded of how he would help you straighten your back while aiming the target, about how his hands linger on you.

You’re very well aware that you’re gonna be pretty much insane if you don’t hear about him in less than a month, but you kept your patience, and so, two months passed along with your struggle.

You run past every man who just came back from the war field, looking for one particular man between all of them. “Jaehyun.. Jae?” You call out his name, but no one answers. You kept looking for his figure until the person you didn’t wish to see stopped in front of you. You narrow your eyes at the sight of him, but you know that he actually can give you the information you needed. 

“Prince Han, w-where’s he? Is he coming late or? Tell me, please.”

He dragged you to somewhere quiet until you brushed him aside. “Just get straight to the point. Why can’t I find him anywhere?”

Prince Han looked at you with a sorrowful look, before he opens his mouth. “I’m sorry for you, princess. But, he’s not coming back.”

Your entire world seems to collapse the moment he uttered those words. Your head starts to spin like you were hit by a dangerous storm. “Impossible,” you mumbled. 

“No, there’s no way he couldn’t survive- I..he-” you stuttered as words can’t seem to get into your head. Prince Han holds you closer to his frame, as he watched in agony. “Jae.. my jae,” you mumbled against his chest while sobs flowing throughout your eyes. 

He pats your back gently as guilt start to surround his guts. Now that he watched you mourn to someone who’s not him, he knows that you truly love that person.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. You never imagined that you would pass any more weeks than you’ve expected. Everything felt unreal for you, it’s like you’re living in a nightmare. You crave for him every night, yearning for his touch, just like when you said that night. Was that really your last time with him? You can’t even conceive it anymore. 

The day when you and the queen went to his family’s house was the worst. You fell down to your knees, begging for the family’s forgiveness. You swore you’d kill yourself when you saw Yuno crying over his brother. You couldn’t even look at her in the eyes when his mother told you to get up, saying that all of these was his choice, and that Jaehyun would be sad if he saw all of you cry over him.

You took the whole family to live at the palace, as an act of apology. Day by day passed as you’d watch over Yuno, your new companion, every day. A little version of him, you would say. You hang around Yuno at the library every night, the both of you would end up crying whenever Yuno told you stories of his brother’s little habit.

Today is the day when you have to truly let go of him, as you built a warrior statue of him, as a mark of remembrance, that he would always live in your heart. You bring the whole family behind you to put some beautiful flowers over the statue. You walk ahead with Yuno, him holding a bucket of fresh white Lilies.

After a small mourning event, you kindly requested everyone to leave you alone near the statue. You immediately fall to your knees when everyone departed away. “You said you’d come back. You broke your promise again, you fool.” You smile through all the tears that flow like a waterfall on your cheeks. 

You put the last flower on top of the other flowers. “You’ll forever live in my heart, Jae.” Your shoulders shake as loud sobs start to be heard. 

“I’m sorry.” A familiar raspy voice appeared like a fantasy. You scoff, “Even now you sound real too, I should be imagining things, right?” You look at the flowers as you wipe your tears harshly.

“Y/n,” he called again. “No, don’t be like this, Y/n. He’s not here and you’re just imagining things-” 

Before you know it, a pair of hands wrapped you in hug tight. Your eyes widen in shock, as you recognize his scent. “J-jaehyun?” you muttered slowly. 

He let go, before looking straight at your round orbs. “Yeah, I’m here. I’m alive, my darling.” A tear rolled out of his eyes, and you swear that everything around you stops in a moment. You keep your eyes still in his disheveled look, afraid that the moment you blink, he’ll disappear. “How? Are you… are you real?” You asked.

Jaehyun nods gently. “I’m here, baby. I came home. I’m sorry I arrived late.”

You break into a loud sobs, as if a hundred kilo of weights are being lifted from your back. You hug him tightly, afraid of him leaving again. “You, evil little thing! You made us all worried. Please don’t ever scare me like this again.” You sob while hitting him lightly, throwing all of your sorrow to him. He stayed still while receiving his little ‘punishment’, before stopping you by pressing his lips into you.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? Oh my god, look at your arms, there are bruises everywhere,” you babbled when you check out his disheveled figure. “Let’s get you treated,” you uttered.

Jaehyun gives you a small look as he wraps his arms around you once again, “You don’t even know how happy I am to come back to you, my home.”


After getting him treated, the queen held a fest to celebrate his return. You also held a little celebration with him and Yuno. And that night where you dressed up as the white queen swan and him as your white king swan, as always, the both of you sneak out of the party, bringing a lot of snacks and drinks to enjoy the night alone, away from the crowds. 

He told you everything about how he ended up in a puddle of mud, and how his life flashed before him when he was dying. He also explained how some people found him and helped him until he was ready to go back.

“I miss those times when we’d stare at the starry sky. I miss your hometown, the village was so lovely.”

Jaehyun nods, “I miss wearing my loose shirt and carrying my toil and sail through the ocean.” You give him a look, “Do you want to go back? Let’s go to the small island you told me.” 

He cups your cheeks delicately, “Anywhere with you sounds right, baby.”

You peck his tempting plump lips, and you both spend the night filling all the moments he was away from you. Now that he’s back in your arms, which is his home, he gladly told you that this is not going to be your last.

Years later, you both vowed after the preacher with a long-lasting marriage kiss, before the queen crowned you as her heir, as the next queen, alongside with Jaehyun as your king. He’ll be by your side forever, no matter what happens, as a part of your happily ever after.

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