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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText

Word Dive Beginning Vocab

Re-downloaded this. Originally downloaded it for Finnish, but decided to try again in Svenska!

ja - yes

nej - no

kaffe - coffee

sitta - sit

en kopp - a cup

tack - thank you/please

Trevligt att träffas. - Nice to meet you.

du - you

två - two

Jag skulle vilja köpa två biljetter. - I want to buy two tickets.

Förlåt - I’m sorry

socker - sugar

Inget socker i kaffet, tack. - No sugar in the coffee, please.

han - he

doftar - smells

gott - good

en plats - seat

kan - can

- have

glas - glass

familjen - the family

här - here

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText

Learning Tips

-Use the language as often as you can. If you can say the autoglottonym, (a fun word I learned yesterday meaning “the word a language calls itself”) then do! I often say “I’m learning Svenska.” Use a labelmaker and put the word in the target language on the thing the word describes. Refrigerator. Window. Wall. Dresser. Write down as much vocabulary as you can remember without looking. Train yourself to think in the language.

-Study the grammar. It’ll be a pain in the ass, but study the grammar. I live in a high Spanish-speaking area and all I know is present tense. Study the tenses, the verb conjugations (if there are any), the pronouns, everything. Study the grammar.

-Study the culture. Language cannot be learned without learning the culture. Some culture you will learn by language itself, but if you don’t study the culture, you will become a textbook.

-Change your phone to the language! As much as we use our phones, this will constantly expose you to the language. And don’t despair-trust that you do use it enough to still find your way around. (If your language isn’t there, unfortunately, this will not work too well. Same if your target language is Japanese/Arabic/etc. and you haven’t studied the script enough.)

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText

Svenska Learning Resources

These are the ones I mainly use.

Duolingo: I love this one, because the gaming format is incredibly helpful for vocabulary. It’s also completely free for the whole language. Duolingo Plus is not free, but that’s okay because it’s not bad if you don’t have plus. The speaker’s accents are often a little off and it doesn’t teach grammar unless you’re in one of the big languages (Italian/French/Spanish) or on the website. But it’s the one I use most and like the most.

Language Pod101 YouTube videos: These I find extremely helpful, especially if you’re just starting out and/or want to hear native speaker’s voices. They speak relatively fast, but they do repeat the phrases a lot and given the format of a YouTube video you can slow down the playback speed and rewind. They do do a little bit of baiting to join their website, which costs money for the full course, but overall they’re very good and they have great hosts and live videos a lot of the time. I recommend these but others might not. That’s okay, this is my recommendation and not theirs.

I’m not going to include others, because I haven’t really studied Swedish on their platforms. Memrise will take an entire other post. I have a lot of opinions on that one.

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText

Time for a daily Duolingo lesson in Svenska!

Today I’m going to review the skill Basics 2. After the lesson I will write down all the vocabulary I remember and attempt to write down sentences.

vi - we

ni - you (plural)

äter - eat

och - and

kvinnor - women

män - men

en tidning - a newspaper

läser - reads

vatten - water

de - the

man - man

kvinna - woman

En kvinna läser.

En män äter.

Ni äter.

Some extra vocab I remembered while writing this list:

en flicka - a girl

en pojke - a boy

Some things I noticed:

“Vatten” is similar to “vannet” in Norwegian. Same with “och” and “og.”

The plural forms of “woman” and “man” are different from other Scandinavian languages.

The ä diacritic makes the sound “eh”.

Swedish has a plural you form like most of the Romance languages and Dutch.

I really like the Swedish word for newspaper.

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText


F.d. - Före detta - Former or ex.

Bl.a. - Bland annat - Among others

K:a - Kyrka - Church

OSA - Om svar anhålles - literally translates to “if an answer is received” and is written on invitations where OSA refers to the last date one can answer whether one will attend of not.

S.k. - Så kallad - So called

St. - Styck/en - Each or pieces depending on the context. You can say that tomatoes is 5kr st (5 kronor each) or that you buy 5st tomatoes (then meaning five “seperate things”)

STHLM - Stockholm

MKT - Mycket - much/a lot

Pok - Puss och kram - Kiss and Hug

Min - Minuter eller minimum - Minutes or minimum.

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoAnswer
Is there a Swedish term for asexual? Or aromantic? I've tried looking it up but not much luck

Asexuell & aromantisk!

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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoAnswer
What do you suggest a beginner learns about Swedish culture and how ? ( I just learned about fika and I’m kinda sad it’s not common in more places 😭)

haha well first off, i think fika is a perfect place to start, you’re on the right path!

i think some more or less essential parts of our culture and history that you should know about would be

  • sweden is a monarchy
  • most people, unless they’re like 80, we’re probably raised on Astrid Lindgren at least to some extent, it wouldn’t hurt to know a bit about her work or maybe even read some of her books, it would also be good swedish practice 
  • we have ABBA, Ted Gärdestad, Monica Zetterlund and we like them very much
  • Ingmar Bergman would be good to know about, or have seen. some of his most popular films are The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet), Fanny & Alexander, Summer with Monika (Sommaren med Monika)
  • we have a sibling-esque relationship with denmark and norway
  • we’re very informal, which is quite apparent in our language compared to, say, french
  • it would probably not be the best idea to try to read if you’re a beginner (or even proficient, since the language generally is quite outdated) but i think you should be aware of classic authors like Hjalmar Söderberg, August Strindberg, Victor Rydberg, Selma Lagerlöf 
  • you should know a bit about the geography, where’s Stockholm, where’s Göteborg, Härjedalen, Skåne, Jämtland, Bohuslän? you can practice on seterra x x
  • sweden’s nationalday is june 6th, both because that’s the day when Gustav Vasa became king and broke the Kalmar union 1523, a union between the scandinavian countries, and because that’s the day when the power of the royalty declined and sweden took mayor steps into becoming a democracy, 1809
  • our current king’s name is Carl XVI Gustav (pronounced Carl den sextonde Gustav)
  • Gustav the third, also known as the “theater king” was king in the 18th century and much like the couture of the time was a huge francophile. during “den gustavianska eran” (the era in which he ruled) the swedish court adapted a huge fascination for french culture and a lot of vocabulary. he’s the reason why we have words like “apropå” (a propos), “journalism”, (journalisme), “paraply” (paraplui), “trottoar”, (trottoir). (he also made up an entire war with russia for no reason other than making himself seem a bit more powerful) you can read a list of french loanwords in swedish here x 
  • some svensk husmanskost includes knäckebröd, köttbullar, surströmming (unfortunately), inlagd sill, kroppkakor, janssons frestelse, blodpudding (also unfortunately but not as unfortunately i guess)
  • we’re very private people and would, generally, not indulge in conversations with complete strangers
  • norgevitsar (jokes about norway)
  • our terrible weather also killed Descartes sorry about that
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jagalskarsvenska·2 years agoText


Reblog if you’re learning a Scandinavian language





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