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jazzy-art-time·7 days agoText

Closing the AskBox on this account

Due to the askblog situation going on here as well.

but i’ll post this here as well:

I understand what you are saying and I get it okay? You believe I ruined the community by making people leave or feeling untrustworthy or causing fear. I understand. (The people messaging me are not transphobes/transphobe supporters, its people who are angry I caused some fear/untrustworthiness in the community over me mentioning the bad thing that happened to me)

But I’ve tried talking to you guys about it but you wont allow me. You say im “ignoring the problem” but you wont allow me to talk to you?

So until you allow me to speak to you and just… try to talk about things then
I’m not going to acknowledge your asks or anything.
I’m not going to spam anymore negativity about this into the community by answering your asks or acknowledging them on here.

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jazzy-art-time·9 days agoAnswer

What have you been doing since you took a break from the community? Playing games or anything

I’ve been doing this:

///JK I could only dream of being this close to a crab…. effervescent..,,….

But uh I’ve literally been doing nothing. I like… work. Come home. Nap. Wake up for a bit to eat and either watch tv or play a phone game. Then sleep and repeat.

Fridge has been making me watch The Witcher with him, mainly because he likes making me watch fantasy things and going “look it’s Jody”

I’ve been fighting a stomach ulcer and been doing a special diet for it and it make me crabby I want pizza…,,,

But I’ve started to get better. I logged into my ask blogs today and started to do stuff again. I’m slow when I’m paranoid but it’s happenin

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jazzy-art-time·9 days agoPhoto



[ A lil gift for @pokeasksending​ ..! I’ve been pretty inactive in the poke community but I’ve been watching from afar and I can’t believe in 2020 we still have lil dummies sending those things towards people who are just trying to help, to be nice, gosh. Now I don’t know Jazzy very well myself but I can tell you she is as nice as a person can be and didn’t deserve any of that, I hope you’re doing alright bud, be strong, we’re here for you like you were there for the rest of the community! ]

(( I’m feeling okay enough to look on tumblr again and

Thank you so much. This means… a lot to me. You didn’t have to do this for me but I love it anyways

I still don’t believe I appreciate such kindness but… thank you. ♥️ ))

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