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jdoollz·8 hours agoAnswer

Oh nevermind, I forgot about the new desk opening for Iffy, well they are no longer in the need for expansion but still should do it before getting more people and also play more games with Larry

oh yeah we love larold 

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jdoollz·8 hours agoAnswer

They would probably have to expand the office first before getting those guys but honestly they already kinda need to, I think Iffy is that extra push. I mean, look at Matt's desk

i believe they are planning on moving offices anyway, at least that’s what i’ve heard. and again, was only talking about chilled, not the whole derp crew.

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jdoollz·8 hours agoAnswer

Oops, didn’t realize someone already clarified, lol. I totally get wanting chilled for real, that’d be fun. Love your blog btw!

*salutes* thank ya!

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jdoollz·18 hours agoAnswer

Some of the derp crew include Chilled, Ze, Galm, TomFawkes, TehSmarty and a few others iirc. There's a couple GTAs on the Let's Play channel with Chilled, Ze, Tom and Galm. One is a sumo remix map and the other is offense defense.

oh okay thank you ellen!!! i know ze and galm too just from among us streams with jeremy. 

that still doesn’t stop me from wanting chilled in ah for realsies tho!

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jdoollz·19 hours agoAnswer

the derp crew is already part of rt, they're like an affiliate iirc

yeah but affiliate isnt official ah member who will go to work in the office when it reopens and be in gtas and gmods and lets rolls and be part of the main roster which is what i want

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jdoollz·19 hours agoText

putting this under a readmore so ppl dont reblog and go nuts but

tho i know they’re like not in talks to do it and chilled has a whole brand of his own already i keep thinking about how much i would love for him to join ah especially bc he’s been in so many rt vids now and i just genuinely think he’s so funny and his fucking chemistry with jeremy is so good i just rly would love if he ever joined ah …. i thought abt it so much last night like pls i want it…

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jdoollz·19 hours agoAnswer

the only time we've ever seen michael with long hair was when he legit straightened his hair. i think it was a podcast with miles on it and it was back at the old 636 office if my memory serves me right

i mean his hair was rly long when he first started working at achievement hunter, and the only reason it looked longer when he straightened it was because it was flat and hung straight down instead of curling. 


just watch like any old behind the scenes or ahwu, he had long hair for a long time.

i remember when he first cut his hair short and i was devastated and hated it so much lmao

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jdoollz·20 hours agoAnswer

when will we finally get a photoshoot with long wavy hair matt and long curly hair michael so I can never stop barking and go absolutely feral please it's all I want and we rightfully deserve it

imagine a myatt, michael, gavin long hair shoot. pls? pls god?

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jdoollz·2 days agoText

michael i am not free until saturday but maybe this saturday you know if you’re free you can attack me in a mcdonalds parking lot

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jdoollz·2 days agoAnswer

hey just wanted to let you know that the most recent pic of Michael you reblogged with the long hair makes me feral especially his ARMS – WOOF WOOF BARK GRRRR BARK WOOF thanks for understanding xx

begging him to beat me up in the middle of the street

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