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this answer to “why do you like iron man” tho- 🥹
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The MTH mod team is proud to bring back Marvel Trumps Hate for a fifth run! Inspired by Stony Trumps Hate and Fandom Trumps Hate, our purpose is to encourage fandom unity while raising money for nonprofit organizations that work to protect civil rights, marginalized and oppressed communities, and the environment.
Our fandom-wide fundraiser auction raised $52,025 USD for charity with the help of 201 generous creators and hundreds of bidders last year. This year, we’re looking forward to raising just as much awareness and money for some Marvel-ous causes!
Creator sign-ups will open in one month’s time, on Sunday, September 18, 12 AM ET (Eastern Time). Creators may offer different types of works such as fics, art, edits, videos, beta services, crafts, and more for any character, ship, or universe in the Marvel multiverse.
Sign-ups will run until Saturday, October 1, 11:59 PM ET, which should give everyone plenty of time to think about what they’d like to offer, spread the word, and sign up as a creator!
There will be a preview week, from October 16 to October 22, during which potential bidders can peruse all the auctions and start building their list of fanworks to bid on. We will also use this time to make corrections to auction pages before bidding begins.
The 2022 MTH Auction Week will then run from October 23 to October 29. All auction times are in ET. If you’re in a different time zone, you can convert times here.
Please follow us for updates and visit our About, How To Participate, Schedule, and FAQ pages for more information. If you have any questions after doing so, you can contact us here!
We believe our fandom is a caring community determined to help those in need just like the superheroes we love so much, so let’s unite, organize, and pay it forward. As the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes theme song goes, “assembled, we are strong”!
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The X works really well too.
What to do when you don’t like a fic: a step by step guide
Step 1:
Tumblr media
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Thanks for the rec, and for the beautiful art!!
Tumblr media
literally loved reading Tease by @jehbeeeh​ and had to draw Natasha and Steve.
Earth - 3490 fill for the @cap-ironman Universe Medley
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Avengers Age of Ultron (as I remember it)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
For my recollections of Avengers 1, click here
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
how to tell you're living in a dystopia: working your contracted hours and meeting your job description is considered "quitting"
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The best compliment is being told your fic reads like the source material/og author. I love when I've managed to pull off that feature!
Tumblr media
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All comments are amazing comments. Even the random screaming or a couple of Emojis.
But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that getting longer ones, where someone notices little details you wrote and wondered if someone would pick up on doesn't just do something to an author.
I had the best night just last night chatting with a dear fandom friend about a long fic, and it made the whole thing worth it!
So yeah, sometimes, leaving a bit of encouragement or a tiny bit more can really make a world of difference!
There’s a fic on fanfiction(.)net that I’ve kept tabs on for years to see if it’s been updated or not. While I’m no longer even in the fandom it’s written for, it just has one of the greatest storylines I’ve ever read. Last time it was updated was 2011.
The other day, I decided to reread the entire thing and leave a very in-depth review of what I thought of each chapter. I also mentioned how I started reading it when I was 13 and am now 21, but always came back to see if it was ever finished because I loved it so dearly.
Today, said author sent me a private message saying that her analytics showed that the story was still getting views even after all these years, but no one ever bothered to leave reviews other than “update soon!!!”, so she never felt motivated enough to finish it. She said that me reviewing every single chapter with lengthy paragraphs made her cry and meant the world to her. She also mentioned that she felt encouraged to write the two remaining chapters needed to complete the story and that she would send me a message the night before she updates the fic.
I’m literally sobbing. I’m so excited :’)
Please always remember to leave a review when reading fanfiction!!! It means a lot to a writer.
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Oh, Jack! *heart eyes*
bitty’s looking through papers for his taxes and lands on a sheet handwritten by jack that details the donations he’s made that year around christmas, and it goes:
little falcs program - 10.000$
make a wish foundation - 10.000$
planned parenthood - 5000$
trevor project - 5000$
cancer research - 5000$
concussion and neurology research - 5000$
substance addiction research and prevention - 5000$
providence rinks for everyone - 5000$
providence books for all - 3000$
WWII foundation museum - 2000$
kids interactive room - 2000$
rspca providence - 5000$
mont-tremblant rehab new game room - 5000$
samwell food bank for students in need - 5000$
samwell lgtbq+ alliance - 1000$
madison county rink - 5000$
madison county baking fair - 3000$
madison high school gay alliance - 1000$
bitty’s smiling hard because his man is a generous and ridiculous man, and then he gasps because that’s where the inflatable castle at madison county fair came from. 
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One - Steve is me as a parent, and I love it.
Two - Peter, you genius little shit!! I love it!!!
Peter Rogers, Matchmaker
(mirror, mirror fill with ari - square: lies)
“Peter,” Steve bellowed from the kitchen. “Five minutes.”
“Thank you five,” came the call back and Steve rolled his eyes. The worst best thing he’d ever done was send Peter to theater camp that summer to try to round out the science nerd he was raising. 
“And I need to sign your homework form, so bring it and all your homework down please.” Steve went back to the pot of porridge he was minding and began to mentally run through his checklist for the day. Get Buck to call Schenhearts, see if we can get Joanne’s coffee cart for the part on Tuesday, double check - 
He was interrupted by the thundering of feet as his fourteen-year-old human hurricane came barreling into the kitchen. “Present and accounted for.”
“Alright, you eat up and I’ll check your homework. Dr. Stark was pretty grumpy with your last effort.” 
Peter’s ears turned slightly pink. He’d been chastised by his science professor several times for skipping steps in experiments. He argued constantly that if he got the same result, he shouldn’t have to show his work, and Dr. Stark responded that someday Peter would be allowed to skip all the steps he wanted, but not in his classroom. 
Peter had sighed dramatically at every turn, but Steve knew the boy actually thrived at being treated just like any other kid. Being fourteen and in college level chemistry wasn’t easy.  
“I don’t even understand why you have to sign all my forms when I’m in college,” Peter mumbled as he shoveled breakfast into his mouth. 
“Because you’re not in college, you’re in two college classes three mornings a week,” Steve said with patience he did not feel. The number of times they’d had this conversation… “This is entirely for your own good.”
God, he hated sounding like his father. 
Peter rolled his eyes loudly in that way only teenagers can, but went on eating breakfast and doing something on his phone. Steve pulled out his own phone and checked his email for the note Dr. Stark always sent to Steve to explain what he was looking for in Peter’s work. 
Mr. Rogers - 
This one is easy. I just need you to make sure he has actual formulas next to all seven lines. If he does, then I’m sure they’re right. He’s not quite enough of a shit to make up formulas, so if they’re there, they’re right. Your kid is a genius, we just need to keep making sure he’s a disciplined one. 
Your partner in making sure he uses his powers for good - 
T. Stark 
Steve grinned and fired one back. 
Dr. Stark - 
Formulas all present and accounted for. He’s been doing this for a few weeks pretty solidly, should we stop? I’m afraid he’ll start feeing micromanaged. 
Steve had been thinking about adding that question for weeks but had hesitated, because the last thing he wanted to do was to stop talking to Dr. Stark - who he had inconveniently developed quite a crush on. 
But sometimes being a father meant making sacrifices.
Peter looked up and saw his dad grin as he checked his email. He wondered how many more times he was going to have to “fuck up his homework” for his dad to stone up and ask Dr. Stark out on a date - or vice versa.
He hoped it was soon, because his patience at being a pretend dummy was growing thin. 
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I love prompting things so much!! How can you not when it spawns amazing stuff like this!?!
For the prompt asks.
Hockey Bois - Drunk sex - pick the other two, I don't mind as long as they are happy in the end (or not unhappy? Since it is short.)
let's do NHL au ;)
The only time Brady ever has sex with men is when he's drunk.
He falls into bed with women on occasion, when he's in the mood and there's time between games and practice and travel. With men, though? It's riskier, so he needs the liquid courage or he barely can work up the nerve to even look, never mind touch.
The first time he kisses Nick, he's buzzed. He wishes he were drunk, so he could forget how perfect it was, but no, he was sober enough that he can remember ever second of it. The softness of Nick's lips, the way he smiled against Brady's, the needy, pleased little sounds he made as his hands slid into Brady's hair and pulled...
Nick, however, was drunk. He doesn't remember making out with a teammate after a big playoff win. When he woke up on Brady's couch, he was so hungover that Brady's heart sank because he knew their kisses were his alone.
The second time he kisses Nick, it's an adrenaline rush from another, bigger playoff win. Not the Cup, no, they eventually lost in the second round, but it was their team's first series win in a couple years. He kissed him on the cheek right on the ice, because Nick - the lucky bastard - had scored the game winner. A beauty of a shorthanded goal.
He watches Nick as carefully as he can without watching him. He wants to, god does he want to, but it's one thing to get caught up in the moment and be overzealous congratulating a teammate. It's another completely to want to push him against the boards and-
Well, it's different.
They're still on the ice celebrating and he can feel Nick's eyes on him. The few times he chances a glance, he thinks he sees understanding there. Maybe he's even piecing together half forgotten memories mistaken as a dream.
The third time, they're both drunk. It's the off season, they've been kicked out of the playoffs yet again, and they're trying to put it behind them over beers. Nick's apartment is small, sparsely decorated, cozy. His couch is too comfortable, they stay there too long and drink too many.
Brady pulls Nick into his lap and babbles about the forgotten first kiss, and Nick whines and says they should have more kisses to make up for it. It's no surprise that it doesn't end at kisses. This is safer than most of his encounters with men, and it means more because it's Nick. He's had a crush on Nick ever since he joined the team, a spark of something that's only grown and grown over the months together.
Nick's bed is softer than the couch. Way nicer. Brady might even say that based on the way Nick's laughing as they chuck their clothes and resume their sloppy kisses. They've got lube but no condoms - Nick apologizes, embarrassed that he hasn't gotten laid lately so didn't bother - so they make do with their hands wrapped around each other. It's messy and quick and they both pass out soon after, wrapped around each other on the clean sliver of bed.
They barely remember it afterwards, though the evidence confirms it the morning after. They're stuck in their discomfort, their uncertainty while they quietly shower and make breakfast together, until Nick slams down his glass of orange juice.
"This is stupid," he says over pancakes, and Brady's inclined to agree. They laugh over it and the tension's gone. They don't talk about it anymore, but Brady's certain of one thing: it's going to happen again. More kisses, more sex... but next time, he'll be brave enough not to need the beer.
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Also accurate...
Tumblr media
Only three? I have ALL of them.
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Hello fictional man, you badly need therapy. Unfortunately, what I'll be giving you instead is men and more feelings.
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Back pocket, for Ilya purposes.
Russian names: pet names
As in, names for loved ones, not for pets, although those are fun, too.
(I’ve been considering a post like this for a long time, and then I got an ask requesting it, so I decided to go ahead and pick up my drafts. Dear person who requested it, I’m very sorry, I accidentally clicked “send” before I took note of your URL, that’s why I’m not tagging you. Credits for prompting this are yours, anyway.)
Most Russian partners and spouses address and refer to each other by the diminutives or their first names, sometimes using a slightly different version than everyone else (Vitka or Vitenka, rather than just Vitya, Yurka or Yurochka rather than Yura), but generally, they use the same names for each other as their siblings and close friends use for them.
Also, Russians in general (especially Russian men, Georgi Popovich notwithstanding) are a little (okay, a lot) more reserved than people in a lot of other countries; ending every phone call with “I love you”, making sure there are always fresh flowers in the house and bringing each other breakfast in bed isn’t something that happens very often, not even in novels.. 
Therefore, not a lot of Russians make up pet names for each other, call each other something new and sweet every day or even explicitly say “I love you” at all. 
That said, pet names still do exist, and people do use them - sometimes sincerely, and sometimes jokingly or even in mocking.
Before I begin my three-page rant on Russian nicknames, I’d like to make sure we’re clear about three things.
First, my transliteration isn’t the only correct way to spell it. There’s often no right way to transliterate some words or letters, so if you see and like some other way to spell some word - go ahead and use that, it most possibly doesn’t matter. Just watch out for o/a and e/i in unstressed syllables (it’s YurOchka, VitEnka), because those, if spelled wrong, look like spelling mistakes rather than alternative transliterations.
Second, YMMV. Russia is huge. Dialects exist. People are different. There’s a good chance someone may use some words differently, and that’s okay.
Third, I hope everyone’s aware that it’s also okay to use any words you like in your fanfic, even if they only sound Russian, or don’t even sound Russian at all; it’s your text, you’re the one who’s creating the universe your characters live in; the Russia in your fanfic doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the Russia that exists in our world.
If, however, you want to stick to the real-life Russian pet names, this text is for you.
The first thing that’s important to remember when picking a Russian endearment is gender. A lot of Russian words aren’t gender-neutral, and using the wrong gender makes it hilarious if the person is secure in their gender or offensive, if they have gender-related issues. So please, make sure you pick a gender-neutral word or use the correct version of a gendered one. I marked all feminine words with an f, and all masculine with an m, and explicitly stated if the word is gender-neutral.
The word most frequently used in fanfic, “дорогой(m, dorogoy)/дорогая(f, dorogaya)” is, indeed, the equivalent for “darling”, but in real life it’s hardly ever used as an endearment. Instead, it’s more of a word for old married couples: “Dorogaya, you ruined my life, - You’re not exactly a gift yourself, dorogoy!”. It’s used ironically or jokingly much more often than as an actual way to address someone you love. It’s also the same word as “expensive”, so statements like “Moya dorogaya is very dorogaya, that’s the third silver necklace this week” aren’t unheard of.
Much more often used is “милый(m, miliy)/милая(f, milaya)”. It basically means the same - “dear/darling” - but sounds more gentle and intimate. Young women use that, along with lubimiy, on girly forums to refer to their boyfriends (”Last night miliy said that I…”).
Keep reading
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I accept this headcanon.
okay okay hear me out….
jack and bitty playing “my boyfriend sucks at celebrity trivia” like jenna marbles does on her channel……
oh my fucking god this is the best headcanon ive ever had
bitty: now y’all gotta be nice in the comments, jack spent his formative years pretty much exclusively in a hockey rink.
jack: this is the worst idea.
bitty: it’ll be fine!
bitty, slumped halfway down in his chair, playing the Titanic theme and staring at jack in abject horror: jack. jack oh my god. jack, staring right back at him blankly: i have…no idea what this is.
bitty: okay, fine, let’s try this one. *plays two seconds of the next theme song* jack, instantly: Breaking Bad.
bitty: oh for god’s SAKE
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Tumblr media
what a week, huh?
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Prompt: "I don't know which is worse: a heat wave or a cold snap."
Pairing: Stony, but go where your heart takes you if it feels better elsewhere.
"I think I might actually melt."
Steve looked up from his book to see Tony swanning dramatically onto the couch in the common room.
"I don't know what's worse," Tony continued, "a heat wave or a cold snap."
"Cold," Steve said without pausing, and tried to return to his book.
"I didn't say 'frozen in the arctic tundra for decades due to an overdeveloped hero complex'," Tony teased.
Steve rolled his eyes. He knew what Tony was doing.
The fight had been bad - many of their fights were. When Tony knew he was wrong, he tended to try to tease his way into Steve's forgiveness, to flirt for it, instead of just simply asking.
Steve, however, was not ready to make nice or back down.
"We could -"
Steve held up a hand. "No, Tony. i'm not in the mood. We're not playing twenty questions, we're not doing hypotheticals. I'm not ready."
"But Steeeeve," Tony whined.
"But no," Steve replied sharply. He put down his book and turned to face his husband. "Clint had the shot, you overrode orders and put yourself directly in the blast zone even though JARVIS said the suit was only at 20%, and you promised you wouldn't do unnecessary heroics under 60%, and so I'm mad. I'll get over it, because that's what I do, but unless you're here to man up and fucking apologize for giving me a heart attack I did not need, please go be antsy with DUM-E and leave me alone."
He snapped his book back open and hoped Tony would leave well enough alone.
He should have known better.
Soon, he had a lap full of genius inventor with the puppy dog eyes and whispered words of earnest apology. A soothing balm to Steve justified verbal explosion.
Team Marry fill for 'Explosion'. Hope you enjoy it, Anon!
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