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Seal Figurines
Little Blue Seal on Etsy
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🐦 Huntlow Week Day 1: Grom 🐝
@huntlowweek: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
First prompt for Huntlow Week guys! I'm so proud of how this turned out! Hehe, Hunter is so shiny.
The short comic is from a sketch of mine that I did a few months ago in my sketchbook. I decided to digitalize it for this day's prompt lmao.
I might make a character sheet with them in their Grom outfits. We'll see... πŸ‘€
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
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Happy birthday Sky may all your birthday wishes and dreams come trueπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
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she deserves it
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Sky And The Forces Of The Multiverse, Chapter 54
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"Judas, they still wanna talk to you".
"I know they do and i don't wanna think about it, i wanna focus on other things, not about my arm and not about trying to fix it...i'm already trying to se if i can control it, that's enough for me ok?", He really wasn't in the mood for more of his grandparent's "Solutions". He wanted to focus on his plan and keep it there, this plan made him feel so much better.
He felt better when he could feel confident in himself, not when he was scared of himself.
Because if that happened things got worse and he got more stressed and he could not handle it. He needed to keep himself together, especially considering he was set to do a coronation coming up and the last thing he needed was to freak during that. This was the time he needed to pull himself together, he was cursed, but his curse was reacting more to him then it was on it's own merits.
Purifying a curse is something no one had seen before, it was kinda impressive all things considered.
But it just left the boy with too many questions, too many questions and not enough answers for any of them despite curses being around for centuries on mewni.
And no one could really answer them for him, he was going to have to figure them out on his own, and that was scary, scary for him and everyone around him. He just ad to be careful, he clearly didn't know how it worked since he never figured it out beforehand, but if it really was him then there had to be a way to do it that he was just missing and needed to notice.
He enjoyed this privacy in his room, privacy was nice right about now, it would just be nice if he wasn't nervous because of jackie's presence. Jackie was a kind soul, and it was easier for her to be soft and get anyone to do anything, so it's no wonder they sent her in the first place. Thinking that they could get judas up and out with her being the one to fetch him, it was a clever trick he had to admit.
Still, when he told them "no" he did mean it, and he wanted them to drop it already and let him be. He kinda had more on his mind then most teenagers his age should, and having his family bother him over this was just wasting his time and their time and making him more stressed then he was before. He wanted them to move on for now and focus their efforts elsewhere.
But that didn't seem to be what was going to happen, much to his displeasure. He frowned at jackie and shook his head, wanting her to get out before he tried something else. Jackie seemed to even feel bad for doing this, knowing how upset he was, but it wasn't like her to turn down a royal either, so what else could see really do but make a solid attempt for the former king and queen?
She just wanted to hug judas when she saw him like that, he really seemed like he needed a hug.
Maybe even a treat to help calm some of his nerves right about now.
She was kinda just following orders, if she weren't she would have left very soon after arriving when judas made it clear he didn't want to talk. But who knew what reaction she'd get if she came back with little to show for it. Having judas open up about this was healthy, so this whole thing was a better idea then it really could be. But the demon was making it very hard.
Right now he was doing his stretches, trying to keep to himself and clear his mind of his anxieties. He was probably hoping jackie would just go away if he stalled long enough, but she was very persistent. He was already stressed about his coronation as is, he didn't need people giving him nonsense about his arm again when he was just trying to relax himself from that ordeal.
He knew his grandparents were not being malicious, they never really were. But they did to some extent, fuel his paranoia about himself and even if they knew the truth about his arm now it seemed their worries weren't fully subsided. Maybe it was because judas was a demon, and that meant things worked with him differently, or maybe to them a curse could always come back, they had worked with curses so many times before.
Well, he could only know for sure by asking them, and right now he wasn't exactly in the best mood to do that.
He didn't wanna be rude to jackie, she was only doing her job, but he really didn't want her here even so. He didn't know how much longer they were gonna keep this up, probably until he faced them. First it was the time in the hospital wing, then it was all the calls and texts, then it was sending guards, now it was sending jackie. They probably would've brought it up at dinner if marco and tom weren't there to tell them off.
The former king had so many spies and informants, judas was left wondering if he had sent any to follow him for his grandfather's sake. Great, something else for him to feel anxious about, like he already didn't get nervous at the thought of eyes following him everywhere he went at this point. Jackie clearly wanted to be anywhere else and so did judas for that matter.
"Look, i know it's not fun and everything, but maybe if you talk about what you're doing they might lay off and leave you alone. We've all told them to push back and leave you be but they're worried, and you know how they cane be when they both worry", she shook her head, sighing and leaning against the wall. "After you tell them to back off they might give you some space and let you rest".
'I'm their grandson, when i told them the first time i wanted to be left alone they should have just left me alone, i should not have to tell them over and over and over again. I get it, they care about me, but so do my family and friends and they let me be and gave me space when i was dealing with all these confusing emotions". They also weren't bothering him with the evil arm curse thing to this extent, so that was kinda a plus as well.
He loved his grandparents, but now he felt he was getting to be at his limit with their antics. He needed space, especially right now with everything on his plate, but he had a feeling this was never going to be resolved unless he did something. They didn't give up easily and he knew better then to think all this ignoring was actually going to do something to keep them from bothering him.
He stood up and sighed, stretching himself out as if he were a cat.
"I'm tired of hiding in here,'s why i have a hard time saying no to them in general, because they won't leave me alone, they like to in charge and handle everything themselves and now that i wanna handle things without them they don't want to hear it and UGH, i'm sorry jackie...i know you want nothing to do with any of this and i wish you weren't dragged into it...".
He fell onto his bed, sighing, "It feels like...they don't trust they need to always be involved and can't let me deal with it myself...and i know why, because even i had no answers before but at the same time...maybe i let them get too involved in all of this, gave them a pass for too long and now they're taking too much of an advantage over all of it".
"Don't beat yourself up over it, it's ok to ask for help", he felt jackie take a seat on the bed, sighing, "Being cursed can't be easy, but...trusting you is something they need to do, you can't exactly rule if no one trusts you to handle yourself. I know they mean no harm by it though, they're...just very concerned for you, as they rightfully should be. I can see why it's rough for you..".
"What would you do if you were me?".
"Talk to them is a good start, a least it's the only option that might get them to listen, i would never suggest exactly beating them up...though maybe the underworld is different when it comes to guys seem to like violence far more then the butterfly kingdom does, and that's saying a lot frankly. Anyways it's better then nothing at this point".
"Easy for you to say when it's not you".
"Hey you did ask jude so i'm doing what i can for now, just be careful and don't start any more fights at dinner, marco never shuts up sometimes about tom and his parents fighting over you at dinner and while I'm so happy how much they love you...i would rather they didn't have to enjoy dinner like that, nor do i think anyone wants to in the first place."
"I'm not an object, i should not be fought over so much", obviously his family knew he wasn't an object, but that never stopped them from making these choices for him without much of his opinion on the matter.
"I know, your family has been struggling since you were found to be cursed, i remember when they were taking you to mewni doctors and they nearly considered cutting it's a big point in your family these days. But hey, people get cursed all the time around here, and being cursed doesn't mean you're any worse then anyone else, you're a capable young man".
"I just...i'd like my family back together, i'm sick of these arguments over me, you have any idea how they make me feel? It comes off like it's my fault my family is like this, when i just want everyone back together and happy and smiling. Instead i have to deal with everyone pressuring me all the time and my family shattering all around me and i can't handle it".
He covered his face with his hands clawing at it, "I never know what to do anymore jackie, i feel better almost staying here where no one can get hurt and i can fight practice in peace, going back out there is just asking for them to do it again, i don't want any more fights to occur, not because of me if i can help it". He had seen more then enough by this point alright and jackie smiled.
"Chin up. you're doing really well, you have faced worse and you can handle it, when things have chilled out maybe you can speak to them and sort things out again", the demon sighed and jackie pondered for a moment, "Remember when you were little and rode on my shoulders? You wanted to be tall so bad and here you are, over 6 ft and handsome".
"Jackiee...", he got this kinda teasing all the time from his own parents and now she was joining in? Was no adult around here merciless when it came to messing with him? He felt his ears start to go red a little as he tried to ignore her teasing to little effect. Jackie really had to stumble into his room and mess with him today didn't she? She rarely had times where she wasn't working.
"Your parents kept taking pictures of you and so did your grandparents, seeing you happy was always something they were proud of doing during those years. You're their baby judas, one of their greatest gifts, and they love you to death", judas was blushing and wiggling his ears, making jackie laugh," You'll always be their baby to them, no matter how old you get".
"I know, i just wish i could be seen as an adult too, i hate well...feeling like my fate is in their hands and i have to be made to do this or that. Being a kid was so easy, i never had to worry about this or that or being cured with this and that and i had sky to keep them together. Sky had to even keep me together and push them away for me cause i just...i had a hard time saying no to them".
"It's hard saying no to people you love, i get it, they should respect when kelly and i say no or yes on something together. We're a team, and we care about each other and if we didn't trust each other we would be far worse off in so many ways", as if by example, pulled up a sleeve to show off a rather nasty scar, "Fell off a warnicorn once, nearly got trampled, kelly pulled me out of it".
"You think i'll end up being scarred before they can figure things out between them?", he was joking of course but it was very possible, "He was lucky to have not gotten scars already with the universe they lived in but he always thought it was his tough demon skin keeping him from getting any worse on the outside. Regardless, if things didn't improve who knows what could happen.
It was eating him on the inside to even so much as listen to it and he'd been listening to it for years.
"Jackie, i'm really sorry you got dragged into this, i know you have better things to be doing with your time. But thanks for letting me ramble as well even if it was silly and annoying...". The human shook her head, "No problem but it's not annoying at all, i'm just doing my job i promise, don't doubt yourself, you are a good kid and i like hearing from you, it's great to spend time with you again. I get so busy when i go out i almost never see you kids, much less hang out with you like this, i promise it's great".
"Yeah i guess..."
"Chin up kid, look, how about you talk to them later today and get it finished with? You should do it before your coronation after all, then they can deal with it for your sake. The coronation is important so i'd think they'd deal with it to make sure it worked well, then you can deal with it properly later if you have to, because then they'd see you all working as a team".
"You seen more positive about them then me".
"Well I have known them longer, but more importantly, i know they're good people who want the best for you".", she gave judas another pat before getting back up and stretching, "Talking to your family is a good start to getting this all in order but that's just me, i can come with you if you'd like, just in case you may need be to do so and keep you company".
"I guess that would be nice...i feel bad for being alone recently, i wanna be with my friends again, the plan will be coming up soon and well...i want my friends with me before it happens...i don't wanna go into it alone. They've been planning and dealing with all this stuff without me and i feel so...left out worrying about the plan or being king to help them-".
"Don't you trust-"
"Yeah i trust them, i just...i want to be with them, ", he frustratingly began to pace as jackie eyed the door and patted his shoulder to get him to stop, "Well hey, how about we get you outside, you can train, punch trees, just get out of your room for a little awhile, i think you need time out of this room and get some clean fresh air for a bit ok? This place is making you crazy".
She was right, it was probably starting to make him kinda crazy, his ears twitching as he nodded, "Yeah, yeah get me out of here, i'm sorry for a moment there i must have looked unwell." He felt jackie start to lead him away and he pulled himself together before she opened the door and lead him outside, "Thye're really diriving me crazy huh? I've been texting sky a lot to make sure nothing else happened".
"I'm surprised they let you go alone with the rest of you guys sleeping in a safe room and all that, but i think with all the time you are spending with each other sleeping, spending time away is probably nice. Reminds me of the times i camped out with my fellow knights and i wanted my own tent so badly, i did get it eventually, but it took longer then you might actually think. Mostly because my team was kinda clingy".
"Your team?"
"We need more knights who aren't scared to sleep alone i guess".
Judas snickered.
"Can you blame them though? Being out there in the middle of the night, alone? I would have a hard time sleeping too. Out there anything can kill you, anyone could kill you, you can't even trust your own sometimes. Getting space is nice but not dying is preferred if you ask me jackie, however, maybe it's good to find people better suited to the environment".
Jackie's brows furrowed.
"I'm not sure how i could not have known?".
Jackie hummed, "Luna was such a good knight, but to think she might of been fooling me the whole time, and i was going to send her off to an apprentice to someone or upgrade her and well...and now she's locked up. Judas i have a hard time knowing how to react to it, everything is so strange right now, i must admit that i feel like a fool".
"Jackie, c'mon, you're not a fool...and besides, luna is innocent i swear...and we'll prove that to everyone for sure", the woman shook her head, "I'm a fool because i should have noticed something was off seeing her work so good, too good. But i didn't want to judge, and it might be my fault she was able to gather so much information she was not supposed to have".
Well, he was not convincing her was he?
"Jackie, i promise, luna would never do something like this...even if she is a pain, you have to trust in us that we will have it all figured out", but jackie seemed more skeptic, her face worried, "Everyone's been acting so off around me when it comes it this whole thing, i'm worried judas. It's never a good sign when i can't trust my own superiors anymore".
Guess he never really considered that, if their parents had to lie who knows what that might mean for everyone around them who knew nothing. Even his grandparents knew about this whole thing while she did not. And his grandparents were people they never wanted to know about this whole thing, it made him feel bad but he needed to shake it off before he let his guilt take him over.
"Jackie, you have to trust in them, they have your backs, even if they won't tell you everything...sometimes that's the best thing they can do... right?", he paused, considering why his dad had was hard time telling judas about where he came from and why it happened. Because how was he supposed to explain this all to judas before this point? Judas a just a kid who needed some times to deal with things
And to be a kid.
He was a kid, still is in some ways too.
Jackie smiled, judas was quite the charmer wasn't he? He had 'trusting eyes' is what she would call it.
"Guess i get worried, but i will judas, if you say so, i have followed star into far worse at this point and oof, you have no idea the extent of things she would get us all into", she laughed as they moved on, watching the boy lighten up the more they moved forward. Judas had a lovely smile, it was always nice to see it come back during times like this. He needed to get out more then anyone thought, he felt so lonely trying to get away.
"Judas, if there's anything you need during this whole situation, let me know ok? I know \this can't be easy for you, being king or queen sounds like a rough patch, especially now. I don't want you to have so much on your shoulders right now, so if you need help or a break just let us all know", he simply nodded as and bit his lip anxiously, "Well, if you want to help...jackie i want to know...and this might be intrusive...but...those mind pests you were involved have any idea how angel's mom got one?".
Jackie froze, "This is about the meteora rumors huh?", figures those rumors had hit her ears at some point. The guards were probably spreading them like wildfire right about now.
The older woman sighed, "I wish we could we knew for sure but...we have always suspected her, as much as we didn't want to. We had to after finding out what we really going on, it's hard to believe since meteora would never hurt anyone might've followed her. Meteora was not a perfect spy around that time, she was prone to make mistakes to impress her mom and well-".
He never really knew that, but he also barely knew meteora at all until just now. He didn't even know she did music until sunny, landon, and his mom told him about their encounter. At this point meteora could have done many things on mewni without anyone's knowledge.
"She cares so much about her job more now these days because she got fired or close to being fired a few times working like this, Katrina was a far better spy so pairing them up was supposed to make her better, which worked", judas didn't know about any of this, though really, maybe he shouldn't even be hearing any of it. Meteora might be pissed if she knew this was being said away from her ears.
Who wants others to tell people how awful you were at your job? No one.
Guess Katrina and meteora's dynamic was far more complex then he first thought. Katrina never mentioned it but she also never had to either. " Meteora really wanted to prove herself, you should have seen her, never seen a kid more excited to show that they could do all of this and that nothing was wrong. Her mom is kinda important to her after all".
"Then she had to find out her mom hadn't told her the whole truth...yeah i'm sure if i found out the kinda stuff she found out i wouldn't be in the best of places ether.".
"With her reputation, finding a job would not have been easy, so having this one is lucky for her, i'm not sure if she knew just how lucky but i i think she did the best she could do, flaws and all at the job." Jackie nodded to some of the other guards as they passed,"I don't think she likes talking about the while deal however, and would not like me telling you any oft it"
"How did you know about any of this?".
"Simple, i was one of the people who helped train them, they leaned how to fight because of me, well, not entirely because of me...a lot of skills they learned from their parents, but i had to help out a little and it was kinda nice. Kelly also got to take over for a bit and it was the happiest thing ever for her, she likes getting to be in charge directly of the knights".
So jackie did some spying herself, made him wonder if she did any to any of them and just never told them for her job's sake. "Seeing her again is actually great, wish it wasn't under these conditions but we can manage, as long as she stays focused on everything". She led judas on a balcony, perfect to get some fresh underworld air, if it really had proper air.
"Guess even you really didn't wanna tell us about what happened with her".
"Hey, it was a mutual decision among the adults for you kids and her sake, last thing we needed was hearing of another fight for the throne and it was more trouble then it was worth."She motioned to the view over the balcony, red sky and lava galore, " In the end meteora will thank us later for not putting her in such a rough situation she needed to get out of".
"She really is no longer a princess?".
"If sky was to step down she would be next in line but that's entirely up to her, not me".
Meteora wasn't so devious enough as to do all of this to take back the throne right? Frame sky and luna to take the blame while she took back everything? Right? It made him think at least, after all, he didn't know meteora well and jackie was saying she wasn't that great at her job for a time. Which would line up with some of the things luna had been saying about her for awhile.
The culprit may be lazy, unpredictable, may not even know what they're doing at all.
He suddenly felt very uneasy, who knew what information meteora was getting from her time here. Information she could use against them, plus she could go where she pleased and do what she wanted without fear of being stopped. And she went to the same place fae hung out, meaning it was very likely she would single her out and try to talk to her.
It would make so much sense to be her, had to be her.
After everything that happened, she would still be hurting them? Eclipsa having raised her kid only for them to go bad all over again? It as not great to think about, for all her flaws eclipsa was a good person and she did care about everyone. To get a second chance with her daughter only for her to be after the throne all over again'd be heartbreaking for her.
His silence must have been telling, jackie waving a hand in front of his face to get his attention. The knight clearly worried that she may of said something she should not have said, "Hey i wanted to ask you something, luna...who...are her parents anyway? I just ask cause she seems so familiar and she's so well trained that i want to know where she learned it from...maybe you have an idea".
Judas felt himself gulp, guess this was bound to be something she would ask eventually huh? It was more lucky no one had asked any of it before this point, but maybe they were too distracted to care before now. He and sky never talked about what they would do if someone did ask them a question like this, just hoped no one would demand to see these parents.
Judas felt himself stiffen and tried to think of his next words carefully before he made things worse.
"Oh uh? She never really wanted to talk about them with us actually...she prefers not to", guess that was as good an excuse as any at this point. Jackie's expression growing concerned, "Is she being...hurt at all? At her home? If she is let me know and maybe...i can look into it for her". That was not where he was expecting the conversation to go at all but jackie seemed serious.
Even caring
'Well i...i'm not sure, she won't tell me much about it ok, she just...she's good at hiding things from people.", he wasn't lying, luna didn't exactly like to talk about her life back home much, he was lucky she spilled what she did not that long ago because of how tight lipped she was being about it before. He hoped what he was saying wouldn't well...convince jackie to look into it too far.
"Well since she's arrested right now, she can't be THAT good at hiding things, but fair enough...i would never want to press on sensitive matters like that. But for her to get roped up in this mess, i feel her parents should be notified, this is an important matter and they should be here to support her...or accuse her more i have no idea. If that was my kid in there i would not just sit back at home, i would be here right away and demanding better treatment.".
the irony was not lost on him at all, in fact he wanted to laugh so bad hearing that one.
"Well, maybe you could pay her a visit for yourself soon and keep her company"
Worse couldn't happen from that right?
Actually, she seemed to be considering it.
"Well, i might actually do that, with permission of course, luna was a student i was proud of and she knows it, maybe she might talk to me and explain things a little more if i speak to her...maybe, it would be nice to talk to her again actually. Seeing her locked up broke my heart and that image has never really left my mind, cause i think about that being my kid in a way".
She patted judas's shoulder, "it must be how your parents feel about you every single day, worried about you bring locked up. Makes you wonder what you did wrong, where you went wrong, how you should have stopped it from getting so bad...i feel so responsible judas...the knights are supposed to be my thing and they seem to be worse instead of better".
"They're only scared jackie, i don't think it has anything to actually do with you, i promise", jackie drawled her sword, "You kids didn't feel safe and being safe is my job, this is all a massive blow to you all have to sleep in a room together because no one feels safe and having anyone alone seems like just a bad idea anymore, because of what happened".
"Hey, sleepovers are not the worst thing to come out of this situation"
She smiled, "You're my kids too and i just wan to help all of you and keep you safe and i worry i can't do that anymore", she swung her sword around, testing it. "At the rate this is going i'm gonna chop off that guy's head and end it here and there", and she meant it too. She looked to judas, still holding out her weapon, "Well, you know what...let's train...while we're out here".
Judas looked over to her, and back to her sword, pointing at himself.
"Yes, you, if you wanna prove yourself how about we get a little training done...ease your mind. It works for me and it might work for you, plus, it might help you figure out how to take control of your curse...if you want to prove to your family you can really do that this is a good way of working towards that. I won't hurt you, just training you to use your abilities".
Judas looked to her and over the balcony, as if thinking others may of been watching them before nodding. "You know what, that's not a bad idea, i'll give it a shot, but i'm not expecting it to go's hard to figure out when you're new to it,...and it triggers more when i'm really upset... or in very serious might not show up at all if you're being careful...".
"Then maybe channel what makes you upset, see where it goes, it's ok if it doesn't go anywhere", she patted his shoulder to reassure him, "We'll start slow and go from there, i train those who are unexperienced all the time. If at any point you want me to stop you let me know, try to avoid using those demon powers if you can help it, we wanna focus on that arm".
That didn't sound so bad, judas nodded towards her, rubbing his arm and just hoping for the best. He could handle this, and he might as well be training, everyone else was, and he needed to be good at it too. Who knew what he might face in the future and might be unprepared to face, he couldn't handle that, he had brothers and family to be protecting.
"Ok, but there's little room on this spot so just be careful so you don't lose your sword or something ok? If it falls off this thing you're not getting it back, lava around her destroys things in an instant", it was such a weird spot to put their castle for that reason. In the middle of a lava lake? There's almost no way to even get in here from the outside because of it.
"Don't worry, i'll be super careful with you and it, just don't try. and throw any fireballs into my face if you can help it"., she got on her side of the balcony and swung her sword around to test it, judas getting on his end to stretch his arms out. He was so used to his magic that this would actually be pretty hard. Not that he hasn't fought without magic before after all.
Man if someone walked in on them this would start to look rather strange.
But jackie trained teens all the time, so as long as judas was careful he should be fine against her. She didn't get her job for sitting around and doing nothing, she got it from being one of the best knights in all of the kingdom. "If you want me to put the sword down let me know, though i don't plan to actually let it hurt you, it's just to see if we can get it to react.
He nodded, waiting for her to make the first move.
And jackie did, carefully lunging towards him, judas dodging her with ease, no reaction yet to come from his arm. Jackie went for a soft hit again, judas ducking and tripping her with his foot as she rolled onto her feet again. Man, jackie was so cool, he hadn't seen her properly fight in so long, and she was just as cool as he last remembered her in a battle.
She got close this next swing, enough so she paused to make sure judas was still ok.
He was, though his arm was still not reacting and she was quick to take a break before she was made to do anything she wasn't. She looked pretty impressed with his reaction times and how quick he moved without the use of magic Judas had been in fights because of his parents though, so of course they taught him some things about taking care of himself.
Mom was the guilty culprit, those years of karate were finally paying off and getting to train their own kids was a treat. Judas had been the best of the three and mason stopped wanting to learn. Judas needed to catch his breath, wishing his brothers could watch this. They would be so thrilled he was going up against jackie, even if it wasn't a real fight.
"You good?"
Judas nodded and shook around to test himself, he still had all of his limbs.
He never really knew if he could detach his body parts the same way his dad could and he hoped he would never have to try it out if he could help it. it did give him some form of rush though, a rush he actually kinda liked. Now as long as he kept this up maybe something actually would happen from all of this that he could show off to the others.
He was ready for her next attack, jumping and punting her in the stomach before tackling her to the ground. He had demon strength ne heeded to be careful of, before she was actually hurt for real. Cause if he wanted to, he could break her arm right here and now because he was a demon. Sometimes he never knew his own strength and he never knew if jackie had an idea either.
She seemed to be in good spirits however.
In fact she probably had wanted to test judas's skills a long time ago and now was being given the perfect opportunity to see what he had. She moved great for her age, all that training keeping her as fit as ever. She blocked a few of his attacks as he dogged one of hers with a rather nice jump, landing on both of his feet on her other side. He was starting to get a little out of breath, but only slightly.
Still nothing
What was it going to take to bring it out? He was not going to hurt himself to bring it out and he knew what seemed to bring it out before. There had to be some way to bring it out of him through emotions. He wasn't anxious enough right now and he wasn't scared enough for it to come from a fight or flight response. He felt himself starting to sweat on the matter when the sword nearly hit him again, ducking.
Even jackie seems to be worried, though she was sending him the sweetest smile she could muster as he tried his hardest to prove himself for her. He was trying to figure out his next move when of all people to show up, the door opened to a mewman man strolling through. He knew that light grey hair anywhere his grandpa must've heard all the noise happening.
"Judas! There you are you-", dave paused at the sight in front of him.
He had nor been expecting for something like this to happen, far from it. He might've assumed something wrong until he saw them staring at him and their embarrassed faces. Jackie was very quick to stop what she was doing but judas was not and before he could react his arm of all times came out, transforming and defensive at his grandfather without warning.
His grandpa wasn't even threating him, nor was he hurting him, but he reacted anyway.
The man must have trigger a strong reaction for that to even have happened, and it even caught dave off guard as he looked at the arm as if he thought judas was about to attack him or something. Judas was not of course, but he couldn't help it, his arm and well...his mind must've been on the defense rather quickly when it came to his own family now.
"Your majesty, we were just training", jackie said, bowing and trying to fix herself up, judas going a long and nodding as well. Thankfully the fighting was no longer on the lady's mind, instead just trying to make sure her boss didn't think she was trying to attack their oldest prince. Her sword was put away and she began to fully fix up herself , needing to maintain some sense of normalcy.
"I can see that, i was wondering where all the noise come through?"
"Again it's-.".
"It's fine, it's good to see you judas".
The boy stiffened, and before he knew it, his arm transformed, it was sudden and caught both adults entirely off guard as they backed up. Of course, of all the times for this to happen it had to be around this time, when his grandpa was standing right there. Not while he was fighting, but while he was embarrassed when his grandpa came in after he had been trying to avoid him.
He froze in place, thankful his arm was staying still and not doing anything...uh...harmful in reaction to this. Guess this was bound to happen, he just wish he had been given time to prepare for it then having his grandfather just show up right in front of him and scare him like this, he was supposed to be showing him he could handle himself, not...this.
"Was i- Walking in on something?", the former king looked between the two suspiciously, as judas just came out and said it, "I'm training, she's training me, i'm fighting with my arm". He had no reason to really lie about that, he might as well be honest before he came to some other conclusions, so the best he could do was own up to the whole thing.
"Training with your arm? I thought you had no full control of your arm judas?", judas was shut into place as he explained further, "Well, no, not yet, i thought this might help, then you guys won't have to keep trying to help me cure it, it's a solution i want to test out. So i'm testing it out, and jackie offered to help, so she's helping me, it's perfectly safe".
He eyed jackie next, who went along with judas.
"Don't worry sir, he's in good hands, he's still very skilled at dodging me, a bit of practice is good for times like these...needs to be on the defensive just in case he ever ends up under attack again", Jackie was actually pretty decent at talking down the leaders during times of stress, so maybe her talking to him would keep him from being upset at judas for not talking to him.
She could only do so much.
Well, the man was silent, which was better then anger, so that was something.
'Look, this is important to me, i know you're just trying to help...but i wanna figure this out on my own this time...i'll still keep your shock watch on and everything, but no more of your ideas for now...just...let me handle this?". He wanted it to come off as nice as possible, though he knew his grandpa wouldn't get too aggressive with him, he just didn't want to hurt his feelings.
The man sighed, "I'm not sure if this is a good idea judas, you don't fully understand it, it's unpredictable...even if it is tied to you now". Here they went again, judas already starting to get upset, "Grandpa, c'mon, i know but i wanna figure this out for myself can you well...just let me do that? I'll be safe i promise but...i want to do this on my own".
"Judas i'm just saying you could set yourself up to get hurt, isn't it important to have precautions just in case? If anything does happen you want to make sure no one gets hurt, even if you could handle it it's better to be safe then sorry", he crossed his arms, shaking his head, "Our efforts to help you are more then just you, it's also for everyone else as well, because we have no idea what you're capable of".
He had a point judas could not deny, even if he wanted to, people were at risk of getting hurt if he wasn't careful.
"I'll train away from everyone else, i'll keep training until i figure it out, i can handle this i one will get hurt, not you or me or anyone else. I have to try at least, a need a permanent solution, not something that can help me for the time being. If this can permantily work then i might as well give it a try and not chicken out and run for the hills".
They were at a standstill, neither one wanting to back down from how they felt on the matter, leaving poor jackie in the middle of how to handle this argument, the woman looking rather nervous. She might get fired for not making the choice the others wanted after all, and the distress was so clearly on her face that judas felt bad even involving her at all as he stepped in.
"Look, if i can't figure it our you can punish me yourself, this is just something that's important to me. So i'm gonna figure it out and make it work if i can and you can't force me to change my mind about that, i'm gonna figure this whole thing out if i can". He put his foot down and his grandpa sighed, knowing full well this was his choice and there was nothing he could do to change it.
"Fine, if you're so sure, then you can do as you want, but i will be waiting in the wings if anything goes wrong and i will not let anything bad happen to this family". Judas did not argue with that, the man leaving before judas could get another word out on the matter. Man, did he make him mad? He really hoped he had not but who really knew for sure.
He suddenly felt awkward standing there and he couldn't even look at jackie either.
He should not feel so bad, he had every right to say something like that.
Judas felt himself start to cool down, though he did feel a little guilty despite his efforts to tell himself he had nothing to feel sorry for. He was just trying to help, was starting to feel like judas was being chained up all over again, he sighed. Did he even want to go back to practicing like this? He already had enough to worry about and how this just happened.
Even Jackie could sense it.
Then it happened, his arm swung and his the floor of the balcony in anger and with some extreme force, a large but small hold in the stone. Jackie seemed worried the whole thing might collapse but judas didn't do it again, in fact he barely reacted to it. He must've been really upset if even his own arm breaking the stone under him wasn't enough to trigger some sort of reaction.
He was silent, and she felt she could hear some sobs as tears fell on the pavement.
"Maybe this whole plan was a bad idea, i could ruin the whole thing...with my arm or something...and hurt everyone...why am i even out of my room? I should keep myself in there before i hurt someone". Oh no, he was really upset, she had to go and do something before he got even worse, reaching in to hug him only for him to reject her. "I'm going to go and take a break...thanks for helping me out jackie".
"Judas hold up, i don't think he meant it like that, i think he was just-".
"Thanks jackie".
"Hold up judas, c'mere".
She was afraid to touch him, incase he did react and hurt her without meaning to. No doubt if that happened she'd be even more hurt and judas would get more upset, she needed to stay calm before it got worse. "Judas, please don't leave. you know your grandfather would never say anything to hurt you, he's just very worried for you and everyone else".
"Yeah of course he's worried, he's worried about me jackie, he's worried because of me, worried that all of you will be hurt because of me and that it's not going to work", she was trying to be careful while approaching him, wanting to pull him in for a hug like she used to do when he was a very small child. He was so much bigger and taller now and not in the best place so if she wasn't careful he might even break the stone under them.
And jackie did not want to deal with the lava under them at all, no way, she could not swim in lava. "Judas, hey, take it easy, let's take five and we'll try again when you feel up to it if that's ok?", but still there was no reaction from the boy. Jackie had no kids of her own, no time for them with her job and no partner to have any with, but sometimes she felt like judas and sky were her kids.
She watched them grow up and took care of them on occasion.
So seeing judas upset was hurting her as much as a mother's would, and the worst part is she couldn't think about what marco would do in this situation. What judas felt with his family was personal, and she couldn't speak for them or him. What she did know is she didn't want him leaving here with a sad look on his face if she could help it. She wanted that smiley boy back.
"I'll talk to him later, about what he said", this was enough to make judas turn around, allowing her to see he was crying. "I know he never meant anything hurtful yet it but clearly it bothers you so next time i see him i'll let him know, this arm thing has clearly been a big deal for years and i think...i think he's still having a hard time dealing with it".
"I just want his support, that's all i'm asking for, why is that so hard to just...get?", he wiped at his eyes with his non cursed arm and jackie patted his head carefully, trying to keep him calm. "Your family has been dealing with this since you were a baby, it just might be hard to accept you're an adult now, and you're going to make your own choices and they should let you do so".
"You think so?".
"It might be hard for them to let go, you're getting so close at this point and...your cruse might be providing them them the last link they have to take care of you and watch over you". Judas didn't want to feel like taking care of his arm was the only way they felt they could be in his lives after this though, that they were clinging onto him like a crab to coral.
"I guess i never thought much about how me being king was going to affect them all that much...", he started, "They worry about me all the time, even when they were working they were worried about me". He look a seat on the floor close by and jackie was mindful of the hole as she sat next to him. But i'm a person too and i can make my own choices and i wanna make my own regarding the curse".
"And that's within your right, regardless of what they think, you stood up to him, that's a thing to be very proud of judas, you stood your ground and you didn't back off for him. You should be super proud of yourself", she sent him a smile his way and he nodded, "Let's get out of here, i don't want to be here right now, not with my arm like this or anything".
"Well, judas, today was a good bit of progress i think, so you should be happy you got something going today", he was still clearly upset but he did nod, some progress was better then none. But there was more to go if he wanted it to go anywhere anytime soon, this was something he was going to need to do daily. Jackie could tell he wanted her to train him before he even said anything.
"Of course i'll help judas, promise, just take care of yourself and give yourself time to rest". He could not promise her that for sure but she wasn't wrong and he needed to put himself in order. She helped him stand up, "Here, i'll get your some food, we can eat together and take a break, i'll let someone know about the hole and we can get it fixed in a jiffy...we'll have to return to butterfly castle soon anyways to-".
"Mom and dad said i could stay in our castle actually, since all the coronation plans are here".
The mention of it left her a little stunned, not that she was shocked, it was a rather logical choice but at the same time, judas would most likely want to be around his friends and they were not here most of the time". Judas must of been more overwhelmed with the king thing then she already thought he was, she sighed and moved him along. The two getting sandwiches and sitting in front of a window to stare at the outside world of the demon realm.
His arm finally subsided, meaning he probably had calmed down a little, but that didn't mean he was entirely ok either.
"for the record judas, you did well out there, and i think you're going to figure this out, you are a smart kid and even if i have some doubts...i've been proven wrong plenty of time before". Judas took another bite of fish and she faintly noticed a smile for a split second, "This is a rough time in your life, made harder by the stuff going on around it, but things will eventually work out, ok?".
"I just have so much pressure put on me, it'd be nice if some of that pressure could just leave me and take some weight off my shoulders...y'know?", jackie laughed, "I can understand that, i hope things get easier for you, and if you need any form of help you can always count on me for some. I'll make sure no one takes over your body, you got that?".
He laughed a little, "I want to go be with sky and angel, they're getting much better, and nora too, i wanna go spend more time with my friends for a bit and take a break from all of this...cause the more i see of it the more i understand why loki is such a mess". Loki, who was not even allowed to leave his own room after the incident, he really should contact coral and ask about that sometime soon, if none of them were attending his party.
"Jackie, you're not even from mewni, why did you even want to be a knight in the first place? This is not a safe place for humans and it's so easy to like...die here and never make it back to earth. I never really asked before and maybe this is kinda intrusive but...i just wanted to know", the human smiled, looking off into the distance in thought about his question.
"Well, earth is kinda fun in it's own way, but i always had a thing for trying new stuff, i liked to go for things and take risks and chances. I've been to different countries on earth, and studied many languages, but i never really got to see other dimensions like your parents got to see, and one day i decided why not and decided to come over for myself".
"And you loved it?".
"Nah, it made me rather anxious at first, i nearly got killed a few times, but this place provides so many new adventure i get to go on, and when i saw the knights i wanted to actually learn physical defense for myself, and when i did that...i realized i actually liked being a knight. It meant i got to travel and study and learn, and do everything i love to do on earth, just now in different dimensions".
"Would you ever change it if you could?".
"Judas, we all sometimes think about us in different jobs, and yeah, it could be fun, but for now i like where i want to be in a career that works for you. This makes me happy, and it making me happy keeps me going. Sadly sometimes not everyone gets the job they want but with time, who knows where you might end up in a good few years".
"What...what do you think i would do...if i wasn't going to be king?".
It was an honest question, one jackie had never really considered before. Ever since judas was created his purposed and destiny was to be the next in line, that's what he had trained for and that's what everyone had accepted up till this point. Jackie tapped her fingers on the table in front of her and bit her lip, "Well, i always thought you'd be a good knight".
That made him smile, "Yeah, i can see why you'd think i would make a good knight." She removed her cape and handed to to him, "Try it on, might look good on you". And he did so, standing up and showing it off, "You would totally get this caught in things, it looks so good but how practical is it? Someone grabs it and you're in big trouble, dos look nice".
"Well, you guys are smart enough these days to not give your knights capes for that exact reason, moon kept them around for so long because they wanted to show off the coat of arms for the family. Maybe we can talk her into rethinking some things later, but anyways, you look good in it. Maybe someday you can learn to use a sword if you want to".
Judas seemed to be feeling much better, handing her back her cape and sitting down. The cape was not very practical, not at all, but it did make him feel powerful and very warm, so perhaps there were good uses for it after all. No wonder his mom got a little crazy over them at one point in history. Jackie seemed please too, seening the boy so happy in the smallest of things.
"Thanks for spending time with me today, usually i spend time with my friends, my brothers, or parents...but i rarely get to hang out with like...someone other then them". The blonde snickered, "Kid, i think i more then count as your friend or your family at this point, i've been around long enough to be one. But. i'm happy to take a break today, it's stressful enough as is".
"Hey...i never asked, the other spy posts...did they find anything interesting?"
Jackie froze momentarily, scratching at her cheek, clearly nervous to answer this kind of question. She probably expected him to ask but at the same time it was a tricky one to actually talk about and get into with the prince. Everyone was clearly scarred stiff as if and any wrong move might get him upset if something bad were actually happening without his knowledge.
"Well, there are some slight sightings...and some rumors...but you're not gonna like it...see at one point there was a rumor about a mountain down here but after that got work to us the resident may of left, so if it was her they're gone now. But...well...we checked that area out and there was some empty potion bottles and old trash and thankfully was still intact...".
"So we tested some of them for fingerprints...but well, they seem to just be stuff from you kids...".
Judas bit his lips, "Doesn't matter, they clearly have gloves on.".
"We know, but it makes us worry they're still stealing stuff and well...since the castle was abandoned for awhile...".
Suddenly judas felt chills down his spine.
The castle suddenly felt slightly less lonely then it did a second ago.
"We haven't seen anything yet and we have no direct evidence, so no need to freak out just yet, but just be careful coming down these halls, it's hard to trust anything and anyone at the moment.", but still, judas did not like hearing that idea at all. She could be in the vents, a hidden room, anywhere if they wanted to be. And with the plans in motion they could be listening in for them.
"Well, i trust that you would not let me stay here unless you knew it was safe, but next time, warn me if you have ideas like that...i suddenly want to stay at butterfly castle again.", she nodded and the two headed out, wanting to be around others who were not going to hurt them. Judas still thinking about his grandad as he went back into his room, "I think i need some sleep...after all of that today".
"That sounds like a good idea judas...".
"Will you...stay with me and guard the door?".
"Sure thing, we knights have to keep each other safe, we always sleep in shifts after all", she pulled up a chair near the door and took a seat, watching as judas pulled himself into bed, hoping his arm didn't transform in his sleep. He tried to get himself comfortable on his own bed and not think too hard about the stuff that had just happened, as hard as it was. How long till her parents found out through his granddad? What if they got into another fight? He didn't want a another dinner fight, it would especially be worse if it was one he caused to happen in the first place.
He was such a burden in this family, the source of so much pain. If his curse wasn't there so much could be avoided, maybe his family would be normal. Those were some harsh thoughts to let run through his mind but he couldn't help but think of them. Jackie had gotten up and given him another blanket which quickly wiped his mind of the harsh thoughts running through his mind.
"Try and be more kind to yourself judas...".
Judas closed his eyes, nodding as he drifted off into a much needed sleep.
He was dreaming, most definitely, thought being trapped between dimensions was not a common dream for the young man to have. At least it wasn't one of his monster arm nightmares. He could reach his arm out and touch the stars, maybe if he grabbed one he could make a wish and get himself out of his rough situation. But he could never seem to catch it.
But right, he was dreaming, things didn't always go to plan in your dreams...not even when you were in some control over them and knew you were inside of one. He was alone, which brought him a wave of sadness, but only briefly as he spotted sky and angel laughing nearby, and nora coming to join him. His brothers next who also seemed happy to see him.
Quickly the space filled up with his loved ones and he felt a sense of joy.
Pleasant dreams had been few and far between as of recently, so this had been an unexpected but wonderful surprise. Sure, they were floating in a void, but this was still a better dream then most. Makes him wish he and his family went swimming together, floating on the water and enjoying themselves, relaxing without a care in the world for any of the insanity that was going on.
He really did need this kinda sleep, he'd been missing out on it.
Sleeping with all of those people around, nervous, did him very little.
And with the big event coming up, well, it only ramped things up, peacefulness had been something hard to even find anymore. He was going to enjoy this, with jackie guarding in him on the outside to keep him from being interrupted by his family. Laughing at his friends and companions around him, giggling and have a good time, making him smile bigger then ever.
But then things went dark, a dark void deprived of the stars and laugher of his friends and family he had just heard as he fell and hit the floor of this black void. He wanted to go back, he didn't like being alone in his dreams, he liked having the company of his dazed out companions. Only a crown appeared, his crown, but it was getting bigger, growing, and growing ever so slowly and judas felt a sense of panic.
Of course he had to lose his pleasant dream, of course it had to turn into another nightmare he didn't want.
He was backing up only to find out the void had a wall, and he had reached it, meaning he was trapped with a growing crown that was about to crush him. He needed to do something, what was it jackie had told him? That he would make a great knight? He quickly tried to picture a sword for him to grab and all of a sudden he had one in his grip, no hesitation as he swung at the crown to break it and get it away before it crushed him.
He struck the gemstone, cracking it, and judas felt a sense of relief and joy as he struck again to crack it further. Another hit and another, and it was starting to chip away, some gooey substance leaking from the cracks in the stone, dark magic...the purple liquid leaking out and all over the "Floor" of the void. the crown had stopped growing, but the magic was continuing to fill and now judas had a new problem, the magic was filling up quickly, and was going to drown him.
He started panicking as his hit the wall next, needed to try and break it if his dream would let him. There was no way he was going to lose like this, he needed to get to sky and his parents and everyone, get out of this nightmare. He could feel the purple magic rising up to his waist and it was only making him panic even more, if jackie could wake him and get him out of this nightmare that'd sure be great right now.
But then the magic stopped and instead he felt it...sink?.
No, it was turning into something, forming a shape now.
Judas could only watch in horror as the liquid started to make a more human shape, with features that judas knew well. Dark magic dripping from the creature's body as it took the form of his best friend, and judas clutched his sword harder as the "Sky" looking creature started checking out it's surroundings before breaking the giant crown into pieces.
Only then to start hitting the wall, trying to damage whatever it could, even if it was fruitless.
Judas really wanted to wake up right about now, like more then ever, he didn't want to attack his best friend, or have his best friend attack him for that matter. He needed a solution, anything, only to notice something. There seemed to be a pounding nearby, he just heard it, once, maybe twice, like something or someone was trying to get in nearby.
We someone coming to save him? Was this dream going to be a dream again? He quickly searched for where it was coming from and while trying to avoid sky he followed the void walls until he located where the pounding was the loudest, knocking himself on it as a green outline of a door showed up, but never opening. The pounding got more rapid and louder, like they really wanted in now.
Judas backed away, not even caring if sky saw him, something about this door he had just found seemed off and he didn't want to get any closer to it, and he had the worst feeling about opening it. Something wanted to come in, for him, he felt it. This...wait, a door with a greenish glow, he was aware of this and it only made him back up further, realizing there was no longer anything behind him.
He needed to wake up, but he didn't know how, and he was afraid the door was about to fully open, dooming him to whatever was on the other end and was desperate to get in. His necklace was supposed to hold them back right? That was the point, it was strong enough to repress this kind of magic, but if these nightmares were coming back...the magic had to be least a little.
Why him though?
Why him out of anyone?
Clenching his fists he rushed to push the door shut even tighter, using all of his strength, "No, you STAY out of my mind, i DESERVE a nice night of sleep and i'm not letting you ruin it again! ". He growled as he pushed the door shut, "Stay out of my mind and never come back, it's not yours to take and it never will be, so get out and leave me alone!".
They were gone, and he felt himself slump to the floor, finally alone in the room.
No friends, but also no enemies either.
Could he finally rest easy now? Was it finally over? He needed to visualize something else, anything else. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to think of more pleasant things, and that's when he heard the faint sound of birds chirping. He opened one of his eyes slowly, before opening all of them at once. His friends where there, sky angel, nora and his brothers, having a picnic.
And judas felt a sigh of relief, finally, something nice.
No sword, no magic goo, no monsters, nothing.
Leaving the wall that no longer existed, he stood up to join them, very much needing more dreams just like this and hoping this one stayed just like this for just a bit longer.
On the outside, jackie had watched him stir, tempted to wake him before noticing he was back to sleeping peacefully. Was it normal for him to thrash in his sleep like he had been? She swore she also had heard him mumbling something too, like he was talking to someone who wasn't there. She added h another blanket on him and tucked him in, hoping from now on he slept at least a little better.
"Sleep well little prince, we're here for you", before returning to her post, next time she saw marco, or tom, or even the former king himself. There was going to be a talk in order. "I better talk to meteora too while i'm at it, just in case. If judas was going to be next in line, clearly there were some things they needed to get in order as soon as possible.
"I'm going to help you figure out how to use it in time judas, i promise you".
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Tumblr media
Cool magic stuff!
Would be cool to see if palismen can be used to draw glyphs, would be cool :3
He can't do magic circles with his feet but it's a fun mental image
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i’ll participate in huntlow week, as a treatΒ 
but i’m doing my AU for it since i need to draw them interacting more XD
grom kids
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TOH X Amphibia trios ✨
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Haha stinky dude
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@kittynomore had me doodle this at 7am and @fuluv did some good colour choices so here we are with pony huntlow
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Kestrel-dad not sure how to dad but he’s trying his best.
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Has hunter met Hooty yet?
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some hunter expressions
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