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jinxed-games·9 hours agoAnswer
I'm short, so the best I can offer my romantic partners are shoulder, neck, collarbone and back kisses. Would the ROs like that? How would they react to getting kisses like these atleast twice a day?

The Mage: They’d like any and all of your affections

The Royal: As long as its in private yes!

Alistair: Just expect that he’ll return the affections ten-fold

Maeve: Maybe not in public, but she wouldn’t mind

The Healer: Yes they’d love it, but expect them to try and take it further

Dorin: Early relationship he wouldn’t like being given neck kisses but late relationship he wouldn’t mind.

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jinxed-games·20 hours agoAnswer
(NSFW) How The Mage reacts when they finds out, in a relationship with MC, that the first person MC masturbated to was The Mage?

You see them freeze.  Feel the air change with their magic, “I uh, you what?”

They would not know how to react at first.

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jinxed-games·20 hours agoAnswer
What would ro do when they found out that MC have a really big scar (that they tries to hide it) and be really self concious about it?

The Mage: They’d respect that you are self conscious about it.  They’d try, in subtle ways, to try and boost your confidence around it but would never draw attention to it unless you did first.

The Royal: They wouldn’t notice.  They are too fascinated with the story behind it.  When they do notice that you are trying to keep it out of their view they’d pause and apologize, “If you want to talk about it we can.”

Alistair: He’d notice instantly.  How you try and cover it, how you angle yourself away from him to hide it.  In response he’d focus most of his attentions on it.  Trying to prove that he loves every part of you, even if you don’t.

Maeve: She wouldn’t understand why you are self conscious about it.  It’s proof that you are strong and alive with her.  She’d avoid it during intimate moments unless you gave permission otherwise, but casually if her arm goes around you her fingers would land on it.

The Healer: They’d offer balms and other medicines to reduce it.  Not that they agree with you, anytime they could they’d shower it with affection. But if you don’t like the way it makes you feel less than you are why should you deal with it?

Dorin: He’d be intense in his determination to make you feel better about your scar.  Whether he tells you or shows you, he’d make it clear that whatever you think about it is wrong.  

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jinxed-games·a day agoText

It’s technically Monday for me but who’s counting when its less than an hour in?  I didn’t get to write as much this week, but that didn’t stop me from getting progress in.  I’ve gotten to the second “part” of the chapter and finished the draft for the first bit.  Still got a long ways to go, but I am slowly making progress.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week!  And that you have an even more beautiful amazing next week!!

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jinxed-games·2 days agoAnswer
NSFW? ROs take Male!MC to their room and ask MC to give opinions on their new look, but their are so wonderful (and sexy) that something appears beneath the MC's pants causing them to flush and say something like "I-I... Uhh... S-Sorry... I think i need a shower now..." *slams the door* (In crushing stage, of course).

The Mage: Wouldn’t know what to do.  They’d want to follow after you.  But clearly you don’t want them to see you that way.

The Royal: They’d blush the next time they saw you, furiously trying to keep it out of their mind as you speak.

Alistair: He’d grin but let you go.  You will definitely get teased the next time he sees you.

Maeve: She wouldn’t mention it, or even appear different the next time you see her.  But if you paid attention while you left you’d see a faint blush.

The Healer: They’d give you a sultry smirk behind your back and say, “Want me to join you?”

Dorin: Would roll his eyes at your retreating back.  You wouldn’t hear anything about the event specifically afterwards, but he’d start a conversation about your relationship soon.

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jinxed-games·2 days agoAnswer
Dorin's reaction if he overhears someone ask mc what type of person mc likes, and mc exactly describes Dorin?

He’d find ways to deny that the MC is actually talking about him.

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jinxed-games·2 days agoAnswer
Can you tell us more about MC's sibling(s) ? Like I just know them from begining but doesn't get a chance to interract with them 😅

Well there’s the stuff seen in-game, generally they are shy and uncertain about their role in Etrea.  

They also have a Champion, but their’s isn’t a mage.

If they are a male, then he was a surprise to your parents.

If they are a female, then she’s proven that she can be commanding, it just takes a lot to bring it out.

Minor spoilers:

You’ll be able to affect the future of your sibling by the end of the game. 

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jinxed-games·2 days agoAnswer
Wait so on the part two of the affection post did you mean to leave out the healer?

I did not, I will go add them in right now

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jinxed-games·2 days agoAnswer
So if Dorin and Mc are in a public relationship, but someone starts flirting or trying to hit on Mc regardless, how does he react? You said before he is one of the more jealous Ros, just wondering how that manifests

I have been wanting to write this all day.  But life has just kept me away.  So without further ado…

The noble in front of you is being far too bold.  His hands have reached for your arm.  His person stepped far too close into your personal space.  Even after you made it clear through both actions and words that you are not interested, he still persisted.  So your eyes wander, looking to catch the attention of someone to get you out of this.

They land on Dorin who is currently having a heated conversation with Alistair.  The displeased downward curl of his mouth and the annoyance in his steel eyes tells you it is an old subject.  You back up at a sudden intrusion and you remember your purpose for finding him.  You wave to catch his attention, it never takes much for him to notice you. 

The noble’s nasally voice brings your eyes back to him, “Who’re you waving too?”  His hand reaches, for your cheek this time, “We’re having fun.”

You don’t bother hiding your disgust, “We really aren’t.”

The noble’s eyes gleam with anger then.  His mouth opens and you see yellowed, crooked teeth.  His hand reaches out again- 

It is slapped away and you are suddenly pulled backwards into a chest, “No.  Go away before I toss you to the street like the rat you are.”

You think the noble’s eyes are going to pop out they are so wide, “How dare you! Do you know who I am?”

You can hear the disinterest of your lover, “I don’t care.  Go.”  A few minutes of tense silence passes.  Neither men willing to budge.  Until the noble storms off, a slew of quiet curses following him.  When he is out of sight Dorin turns you so that you face him, “Are you okay?”

“Yes.  Much better.”

“Good.  You’re staying next to me for the rest of the night.”

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jinxed-games·3 days agoText

The Part 2 for the question asking about affection and PDA: 

Here, cause its been awhile.

The Mage: Giving and receiving they like physical touch.  The assurance that you are still there with them.

The Royal: They give affection by quality time, they know how busy both of you are, and would make time to spend with you.  Receiving they like words of affirmation, to hear you tell them that you love them is the best thing you could give.

Alistair: He gives affection through acts of service, making your life easier in any way.  On the receiving end he’d like physical touch, he’d enjoy every single affection you’d give.

Maeve: Giving affection she’ll try and give gifts, they’d all be unique to you and her way of showing that she thinks of you.  Receiving she likes quality time, any time you make a cut of your day just for her.

Dorin: Giving he prefers physical touch, because to him it offers you proof of his feelings without you saying it.  Receiving Dorin likes words of affirmation, directly telling him how you feel so that there could be not doubt.

**edit because I forgot the Healer**

The Healer: Loves giving physical touch. They see it as the only way they could really tell you how they feel.  Receiving they prefer receiving gifts not because they are materialistic, but because it is something they can keep with them even if you’re gone.

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jinxed-games·3 days agoAnswer
The Mage's reaction if they wake up with MC giving them affection?

Same as this anon, they’ll relish every single bit of affection your MC gives them.

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jinxed-games·3 days agoAnswer
How would the ROs react to hearing the MC saying their name when they were 'having some personal time'?

Considering this a continuation of this snippet.

The Mage: They’d pause for second, processing their name, before running.

The Royal: Same reaction, though they’ll blush for weeks afterwards on sight of the MC.

Alistair: Early crushing he’d still leave.  Late crushing he’d turn around and offer to help.

Maeve: Same reaction

The Healer: They’d do the same, but would confront the MC about it afterwards.  Smugly.

Dorin: This boy wasn’t an RO for the original ask so I’ll do both:

1st: He isn’t the type to enter a room without knocking, so the MC would have prior warning.  If he could tell what they were doing he’d keep the meeting short as a means of apology.

2nd: If he was about to knock or knocked but heard the MC say his name that way. He’d run and try not to ignore how he’d like them to scream his name again.

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jinxed-games·4 days agoAnswer
How about a snippet of The Royal that is 100% jealous of someone talking to MC?

It’s horrible.  Horrible and wrong.  They shouldn’t feel the way they do.  Shouldn’t. And yet here they are.  Sullen.  Sullen like she always was.  Even if she didn’t know.  Horrible and sharp, like a dagger that pierces their soul.  And you?  How would you feel?  Knowing that they are jealous?  What if you’re angry?  What if you think they don’t trust you anymore?  What if you leave?

A hand touches your arm and they jolt forward.  Their arm snakes its way around yours, pushing it away.  They see surprise, both in your eyes and in the offenders.  But you smile, and their guilt comes back, “There you are!  I was wondering where you went.”

All they can do is manage a strained smile as they grip you tighter.  Reassuring themselves.  You turn back to your conversation, casually leaning against them as you do so.  It’s something that might’ve made them blush in a different circumstance.  But their eyes cannot move from the face of the one who touched you.  Their black orbs intent and warning.  Even as guilt worms its way through their chest.

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jinxed-games·4 days agoAnswer
How would Dorin react to hearing someone make fun of the MC or insulting them?

He wouldn’t be bothered really.  He’d tell you and let you deal with it however you wished.

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jinxed-games·4 days agoAnswer
A stoic!MC who got turned to a child (because magic, that's why) and now they've become more expressive and clingy to the RO like gifting them pretty stones they found, giving them beautiful flowers with its roots still attached, batting away other people with their smol hands whenever they get close to the RO, telling the ROs they love them in a very small and meek voice and hiding behind their hands, etc... how would the RO's react?

Assuming that there is a way to turn the MC back even for the non-etrean ROs.

The Mage: The least surprised out of the bunch.  They grew up with you, and knew what you were like when you were younger.  It’d make them appreciate you as an adult more, to see you as a child.

The Royal: Would die from the cuteness of it.  They’d accept every single gift and keep them long after you are changed back.  Whenever you are changed back it might be a little awkward because they’d keep talking about how cute you were.

Alistair: You can expect that he’s spending every free moment he has with you as a child.  It’s strange to see you, albiet a younger you, so carefree.  Whenever you are an adult again he might try and coax that side out of your in private moments.

Maeve: She’s the most cautious out of the ROs.  She knows that you’d be uncomfortable with this under normal circumstances, and she wouldn’t want to take advantage.  That being said… if you look you’ll find all of the gifts given somewhere in her room.

The Healer: They are surprisingly good with children in general (and surprisingly responsible).  So while they’d find it cute and enjoy the moment, they’d mostly just be concerned for your safety and well-being as a child.

Dorin: Depending on where you are in the relationship, it may be the nicest you’ve ever seen him.  While he’s not necessarily sweet, he gentler with you as a child.  He doesn’t raise his voice whenever you are around and he would even accept some of the gifts you gave him.

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jinxed-games·4 days agoAnswer
Does The Royal like to test kinks with MC?

To a degree, yes.  They wouldn’t ever be willing to try anything that would actually hurt the MC or themselves or anything based in humiliation.  But beyond that they’d be happy to explore.

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jinxed-games·4 days agoAnswer
How did The Mage react to MC partners before MC and The Mage entered into a relationship?

I’ve answered this one but I can’t seem to find it. 

 It depends on whether they think the relationship would be beneficial to you.  Though, no one can quite meet up to their expectations of what’s good for you in the long run.  But they’d only mention something if they really disliked the person the MC is seeing.

Basically, a lot of “stoic” glaring from behind you, or anytime you weren’t looking in general.

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