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jmccarstairs·2 hours agoAnswer

Getaway Green by All Time Low is Shus send tweet


keep on, keep on, keep on/ telling me i’m what you need” and “i know i’m not supposed to/ color in the lines when it comes to you” and “if it happens, then it happens/ happy to have you at all” and “do you wanna know how the story ends?/ hazy and spun out, just more than friends/ weekend wonderful, a dizzy dream/ a colorful lie, we made a hell of a team”

like this really just sums up psych and their relationship doesn’t it?

that’s why they never get together. shawn clings on to the one source of happiness he can find outside of gus - juliet. and gus clings to the one source of happiness outside of shawn - selene.

because having each other in any way even if it comes with a feeling of longing and never being really content, it’s always better than the alternative. of losing each other forever.

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jmccarstairs·2 hours agoText

@jarkaikenobi sfgahshsh honesty ??? same. i first watched psych in 7th grade and really liked shawn/jules. then i rewatched it in 8th grade & i was like oh ???? best friends to lovers anyone ???? and then i rewatched this april/may and was shook. because i only vaguely remembered shipping shawngus and up until 3x02 i was like “yeah they’re so cute and they should’ve dated but it’s mostly just in my head.” and then shawn dropped his “gus won’t date me bc he’s too good for me” line and i- that was the turning point yall. i was like ok i was so not making this up 5 years ago they’re definitely in love and i know imma be queerbaited for the next 5 seasons. (then it got too hard to watch so i stopped at 5x03 and rewatched again lol). but um. yeah. they really did that to us.

and ???? 🥺🥺🥺 thank u ???? honestly shawngus nation has saved my soul we’re the only intellectuals on this site 😤😤

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jmccarstairs·2 hours agoAnswer

Hi I love your blog and I hope you have a wonderful day! 💙

anon i love you you’re way too sweet??

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jmccarstairs·2 hours agoAnswer

For the ship thing, herongraystairs 👀

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

personally, i never really liked tessa/jem (kinda felt like he was her second choice and they were just better as friends). but i also kinda like will/jem?? they’d be cute so i could kind of see tessa/jem/will, but idk!


send me a ship

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jmccarstairs·3 hours agoText


mutuals if tumblr gets deleted feel free to hunt me down in the city streets like a half-feral animal

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jmccarstairs·3 hours agoText



I think THE most fun and sexy brain thing I have going on is that I pick up speech patterns just Incredibly easily, which includes such sources as Memes and Classic Lit so yknow. That’s why I sound like this

I will see a sentence and be like “oh baby put that in the Linguistic Soup”

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jmccarstairs·3 hours agoText


ace/aro people deserve to be able to make jokes about their orientations. ace people deserve to be able to joke about “why have sex when you can XYZ.” aro people deserve to be able to joke about “romantic attraction sounds like an anxiety attack.” ace/aro people deserve to be able to express their identities and lives through jokes and puns. as long as no one is being hateful (which is something everyone needs to watch for on all jokes anyway??), we are allowed to express ourselves. we are allowed to talk about our own lack of interest in something, which does not put any pressure on anyone else for having that interest.

we are allowed. it’s not cringey. it’s not homophobic. it’s our sexuality, our orientation, our space, our jokes. and we deserve the space to express that.

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jmccarstairs·3 hours agoText


writing is simple. i put my characters into a situation that i, the author, cannot figure out how to get them out of and i close the document

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jmccarstairs·3 hours agoText


I love men who seem like their only personality trait is loving their wife

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jmccarstairs·5 hours agoText


This year especially I feel like it was really blatant that the signature and technical are just there to fill time and act as a tie-breaker. The showstopper is all that really matters.

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jmccarstairs·5 hours agoText


i think spending years on tumblr surrounded by the most critically unhinged minds on earth has impacted me in ways i dont even want to acknowledge. but on the plus side its all really funny

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jmccarstairs·5 hours agoText


The amount of potential I have and knowingly waste is fucking ridiculous.

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