If a God is a dog and a man is a fraud then I'm a lost cause. 19, She/Her. I'm a God. Pansexual, Dysfunctional Narcissistic Sociopath. Also i make moodboards and gifs :p Your daily dose of aesthetic, melancholy and chaos.
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It was the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Stefan was supposed to be my escort but he bailed on me. Damon stepped in. He saved me from being embarrassed in front of everyone. He took my arm and led me out with the rest of the girls and all their dates and we danced. I remember that was the first time I felt it. Felt what? How sexy he was. I’d never… let myself notice until then. I mean, obviously I knew that he was attractive, but I didn’t wanna see him that way. The Vampire Diaries 6.07 ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’ / 1.19 ‘Miss Mystic Falls’
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Look at how much skin I could kiss
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Up All Night (Nine Track Mind Series) | Charlie Puth
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This is a shorter chapter.
Previous Part
You and Charlie stayed the rest of the day in your hotel room. He held you, kissed you, and made love to you over and over. In between making love, you napped in his arms. He let you rest your head on his chest even though it was slightly uncomfortable for him. Charlie preferred to make sure you were getting the rest you needed. Watching you smile in your sleep was well worth the price of a little discomfort. He often hummed melodies he made up just for you as you drifted off.
When you woke from your most recent nap you were greeted by the sight of Charlie's gloriously muscled chest. You moved your head back from his body and looked up to take in his face. His gorgeous hazel eyes fluttered open to meet yours.
"Hey," his deep voice rasped.
"Hi baby."
He brushed a stray hair out of your face. "I'm sorry I made you feel insecure yesterday. I shouldn't have done that and I also shouldn't have yelled at you. Little bird, you know I only love you, right?"
"I know, baby." Your fingers mindlessly played with his curls. They're soft and the late afternoon light is giving them a coppery glow. This close to his face, your eyes are able to trace over the faint laugh lines creasing his skin.
"There's no one I adore more than you," you tell him. You move yourself into his lap, straddling him while he lays back. One of his hands is lazily behind his head, the other grabs your hip, just starting to creep toward your ass.
Mischievously, you arched your back to show off your tits more. "So pretty, baby girl," he complimented. You bent down to nibble his ear and said, "Can I pleasure you, daddy?"
You moved yourself up a bit and let your pussy drop down on the tip of his cock. Slowly, you impaled yourself on it, enjoying the stretch of being filled an inch at a time. Both of Charlie's hands went to your waist to guide you, out of habit. You were not having it. Playfully, you took both of his hands in your own and pinned them down by either side of his head.
You leaned farther forward, causing your hips to wiggle on his cock. Your lips moved over his, giving him open-mouthed kisses. You felt his taut abs against your torso while you made out and it only made you wetter.
Gently, you rode him. He moaned loudly while you ground your hips on him. Trusting him, you let your hands leave his. He kept them in place, palms up and vulnerable to whatever you wanted. You used one free hand to balance yourself by placing it on his chest. The other you used to tilt up his chin. You whispered over his lips, "So handsome, daddy." You didn't kiss him that time and you withdrew your fingers slowly, dragging the pads over his skin.
You continued to bounce on him, feeling your core tighten. Your fingernails lightly scratched over his pecs while you enjoyed yourself. You kissed his forehead while you fucked yourself for a bit and then you sat up again. His name fell from your lips over and over until you came in a rush of heat and collapsed on his chest.
"Oh, no. Baby, I'm sorry," you said.
"What's the matter, little bird?" he asked.
"You didn't cum and I'm too tired to keep going."
Charlie lifted you off of his still hard dick. "We both need more energy. Why don't we order some room service, hmm?" He kissed you. "You and I are gonna be up all night."
Next Part
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kafka is an honorary tumblrina
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You all deserve a mf that’ll treat you right and fuck you even better.... know your worth
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mutuals to get turned into vampires with
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I’m good luv, go disappoint somebody else.
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where the hell DO my hair ties even go? and how do they get wherever it is that they go? how do that many just disappear? am i eating them? is someone else eating them? is something else eating them? how. where. Why
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Left Right Left (Nine Track Mind Series) | Charlie Puth
Tumblr media
Previous Part
It was hot outside when Charlie took you back to his house. He had to go to a meeting with some executives from his record label, but you had your run of the place while he was gone.
Charlie promised you'd have a date night in when he got back, but in the meantime, you decided to do something for him. You carefully backed each of his cars out onto the driveway and hooked up the hose. You grabbed soap and a scrub brush and set to work on a surprise for your man.
Four hours later, the sun was hot overhead, but you had washed and waxed every car. It was time to cool off. You changed into a pink bikini that made you feel confident and headed to the pool.
You lowered yourself slowly into the water until you were completely submerged and let it cool every inch of your skin. You swam the length of the pool and surfaced at the opposite end, looking out at the LA skyline. Water dripped from the hair you shoved out of your eyes and you rested your forearms on the warm concrete.
Your insides were still sore from the long day of being fucked by Charlie the day before. It was as if you could still feel his throbbing dick stretch you wide. Your cervix felt deliciously bruised from the harsh, deep pounding you'd taken.
The warmth of the sun on your face reminded you of Charlie's lips on your cheeks and forehead. His kisses always melted any discomfort instantly.
Basking in the rays, you closed your eyes to float. Weightless and relaxed you recalled the first time Charlie told you he loved you.
You had been lying in his arms, outside under the stars. Thick blankets were keeping you both warm and his body pressed against yours made it even better. His chest felt sturdy underneath your head which was tucked beneath his chin.
"I'm very bad at expressing my feelings," he'd started. You took his hand in yours and rubbed circles on the back with your thumb. Then you looked up at him with adoring eyes and he continued. "I'm going to try to tell you anyway." You brought his hand to your lips and kissed it.
Charlie smiled. "I'm so happy that I found you. I've spent years looking for the girl of my dreams and at last I have you. Y/N. What I'm trying to say is," he lifted your head gently to look into your eyes, "I love you."
You melted. "Charlie, I love you, too."
You turned to face him straight on and he reached up to cup your face. His large palm covered your entire cheek and temple and you nuzzled into it. "I've felt this way about you for a few months, but I wanted to be sure. I've been mistaken about love before, but not this time."
He kissed you. He kissed you just like the first time.
"Little bird!" a voice called back in reality. Your love had returned home earlier than usual. You broke out of your float and swam to the steps. Charlie stared at the water dripping down your body as you exited the pool.
"Wow, my girl is soaking wet," he quipped. "This is quite a sight to come home to." He gestured to your barely covered body. You stepped up and threw your arms around his neck, tilting your head up for a kiss. Charlie was passionate in his response, invading your mouth with his tongue. His hands explored your waist and hips and one dipped into your swimsuit bottoms.
You pulled back in surprise when you felt one of his long fingers enter your wet heat.
"Soaking here, too," he noted. "Always ready for me. Good girl." He moved his finger in and out quickly and you moaned. After a moment, he removed the finger and rubbed the slick over your clit with feather-light touches. The circles he rubbed over your clit felt barely there and the pressure was perfect, enough to drive you crazy.
Charlie pulled your swimsuit bottoms down, exposing you better. You were stunned. Was he going to take you here? Outside? Sure the hedges were high and you weren't expecting anyone to come over, but...
Charlie could tell your mind was distracted and not completely focused on him and he wasn't pleased. He gave your clit a quick pinch to bring you back to reality...and to your knees.
You buckled instantly from the physical discipline. Rough concrete kissed your knees, but you weren't concerned with that just now. Charlie tugged at the string of your bikini top, letting it come undone. The wet fabric lay in a useless puddle on the ground.
After undoing his pants, Charlie stepped closer to you, holding his thick shaft and stroking it. He poked at your lips with it and you parted them. "That's my good girl," he cooed.
Charlie slid the smooth rod into your mouth and that glorious taste greeted your tongue. You set to work worshiping your man, letting your tongue glide over each vein, coating the tender skin in a sheen of saliva and pre-cum, sucking on the head like a pacifier.
"Mmmm that mouth looks so pretty doing what it was made for," Charlie complimented.
You swirled your tongue around the head, practically making out with it. The heaviness on your tongue was intoxicating. You loved having any of your holes feel so full. You relaxed your muscles and prepared to deep-throat him.
Charlie's right hand gripped your dripping wet hair in a sloppy ponytail. You took a breath through your nose and pressed forward until his dick was completely inside your drooly mouth.
Charlie moaned to let you know you were doing well. Both your mouth and eyes watered. You bobbed back and forth while his tool throbbed in your throat, you could feel it pulsing with the need to cum. You adored his musky scent and got to inhale more of it the closer your nose got to his crotch. It was manly and complimented the saltiness of the precum on your tongue.
Charlie groaned loudly and closed his eyes as you sucked tighter and harder around his dick. Your knees were getting weak but you desperately wanted him to finish.
You were ready. So ready for him to spill inside you with your name on his lips and his release on yours.
You redoubled your efforts, putting all your adoration for your man into each stroke. You didn't even mind feeling his public hair on your face.
"Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!" His exclamations grew in pitch and volume. A bitter, hot liquid poured over your tongue and down your gullet.
You pulled back and smiled up at him. Charlie took both your hands and pulled you to your feet. He kissed your lips and scooped you into his arms so he could carry your still naked body into the house.
Inside, Charlie set you on the couch and knelt between your legs. One at a time, he kissed your scrapped knees. "My queen, my goddess," he whispered in between kisses.
His huge hands grabbed your hips and pulled you closer to the edge. Charlie used two thick fingers to stretch open your hole and scissor the digits inside. Ever cheeky, your boyfriend stimulated the part of your clit that wrapped around the inside.
"Oh, fuck, Charlie, I'm already close," you moaned.
It was as if you could feel his individual fingerprints molding into your cunt wall. As his fingers glided over the best spots, his other hand thumbed your clit. Charlie truly played your body as skillfully as he played the piano.
"That's my girl, cum the way you deserve," Charlie cooed.
Your body obeyed and wave after wave of pleasure testified to Charlie's full control of your orgasms and your responsiveness. He pulled his fingers out of your hole and kissed your sensitive button.
"Come on, let's get ready for date night," he said.
"Where are we going?" you asked.
"I'm taking you dancing."
You laughed. "Baby, you can't dance."
"No, but you can, and you can teach me."
The two of you got dressed and headed out to the garage to get in a car. When the lights came on, Charlie gasped.
"Baby, did you have this done?" he asked.
"I didn't have it done. I did it myself," you answered.
Charlie turned to look at you with an awed expression. "You washed them all yourself?"
You grinned. "Do you like it?"
Charlie pulled you into his arms. "Little bird, you are so thoughtful." He pecked your lips, then went in for a more passionate kiss. His lips were soft and inviting and you parted your own automatically. Of course, Charlie responded by fucking your mouth with his tongue. When you broke apart you were breathless and Charlie walked to open the passenger door of his Lamborghini - the perfect car for date night of course.
He drove you to a small ballroom that he'd reserved for the two of you and you squealed with excitement when you saw the space you'd get to dance in. The walls were covered in sweet little twinkle lights with several strings leading into the center of the ceiling.
Charlie started up the music. "What kind of dance can we do to this song?" he asked.
"A foxtrot." You took his hand and led him to the center of the floor.
"Okay, teacher," he smiled. "Show me."
"Like this." You demonstrated the man's beginning steps. "Left, right, left, together."
Charlie tried to copy it and you stifled a giggle. You didn't expect such a great musician to have trouble with the rhythm of his feet. You called the steps out loud again. And again. And still again when you added your part, doing the opposite steps from him with one hand in his and the other on his strong right arm. Charlie didn't give up though. He knew dancing made you happy and he wanted to do it with you.
"Left, right, left..."
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