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21 years old from Russia, drawing & animating. my patreon.【JRCU】

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jrchair98·4 hours agoAnswer

is it hard being gay in russia

Openly to public - hard, openly to family and close friends - very easy. But only close friends, as soon as I decided to tell my “friends” in school about it, well… I think you understand why I put the commas there. And again only close friends and family, cause my relative (won’t say who) was a bit homophobe, but recently hearing an offensive joke (not about me) from her friend, I noticed she didn’t laugh, as she would usually do to try to maintain the atmosphere, she changed the subject. She’s also been really supportive ever since. In short - just don’t tell anyone but the ones you really trust and you’ll be fine.

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jrchair98·18 hours agoAnswer

Are you lgbt+? No pressure to answer, just looking for more lgbt content creators to support 💕

I’m gay, so yea 😘

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jrchair98·6 days agoPhoto

Tymoure in the Wild (05AUG2020)

[ my oc based on my cat. I think I’ll draw more of my ocs, I have a lot. also I think I’m ready for original landscapes (like this one), not “based-on-something” ones ] ● [ my: patreon / pixiv / instagram / youtube ]

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jrchair98·7 days agoVideo

Wild Ocean [PS2]

First track of “PS2″ EP. Made in Cubase 8, using PS2 bios sounds, Jak & Daxter’s “Geyser Rock / Sandover Village” motives throughout the track & Shadow of the Colossus’s “The Opened Way” melody at the bridge.

Next track “Station 2 Station” will be out this week. Full EP here for 3$.

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jrchair98·8 days agoPhoto

PS2″ EP is now out on my Patreon

for 3$ (4 tracks, 12:51 min total) & with bonus for 5$ (2 tracks, 17:09 min total). But don’t worry, the 3$ tier edition will be up on YouTube (& here) soon.

“PS2″ is an electronic, hard beat with fat bass, atmospheric rhythm music made using PS2 bios samples with a chill ending “Epilogue” that is a “Besaid Island” (from Final Fantasy X) remix.
$5 tier members get bonus tracks, that are “Wretched” [02:38m] (made using samples from Ratchet & Clank (2002) music) & “True Ending” [01:39m] (another chill song). 

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jrchair98·11 days agoPhoto


This month I tried to get into character drawing (more pokemon), cause I wasn’t very good at it. Got enough bravery to do a 190x190px art, proud of it. Also finished a big commission, it’s up on patreon now (commissions are still open btw). 

At the start of August (next week) I’ll release some music (yes I do music). It’s PS2 themed, very fun & I hope you’ll like it. It’ll be a filler for first two weeks (don’t mind a commission art that I’ll upload soon), cause I’m feeling a bit burned out, tired of pushing myself into doing things all the time & want to freshen up a bit. Maybe take a hike or something, idk.

Thank you very much! See you in August!

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jrchair98·20 days agoPhoto

COMMISSION #2 (for PinkieDeapool [not from tumblr])

[ out of 6, this one he allowed me to post. it’s “Adventure Time”. but there’s much more to this commission (on my patreon), it took almost a month to complete ] ● [ my: patreon / pixiv / dotpict / instagram ]

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jrchair98·21 days agoPhoto



  1. Pay half the price first, for me to start working (It’s also a working fee, if you don’t accept the product, I’m still keeping the first half of money). I can make changes to the art if you don’t like something about it (no extra fee for that). Other half is when you satisfied with the product.
  2. NO NSFW.
  3. I don’t draw characters, only Animal Crossing styled ones or Pokemon. Don’t ask me to draw in not-my (different) style.
  4. Price depends on time it takes me to draw.
  • 20-25 $

Nature & landscapes that I usually do. You can ask for setting, what objects must be in art or what colours should be prioritised. For now I only do this kind of art in dotpict, so now I can only do this art in 1 by 1 (square) resolution. If it turns out to be simple, price=20$, if not, price=25$. You should be ready to pay full amount.

  • 25-30 $

Same as previous but there are pokemon or animal crossing villagers characters in this art. The less characters, the less the price is.

  • 15-30 $

Simply animated characters. Price depends on how long it takes me.

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