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jungkookismydaddy · 25 days ago
Jin’s eyes darkened for a moment. Something in the way you offered to be good for him ignited his pleasure center. Of course he knew what you were trying to do. He’s known you for quite some time and this was just one of your brilliant ways of negotiating. “Oh, baby. Of course you’re going to be good for me. What made you think you could behave differently?”
A small but very obvious tick in your eye made Jin hum. You were so bad at hiding your emotions, but it was still adorable. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I will be giving you some pain meds so that you can rest tonight. If you lay still and stop pulling at your ties, your arm will relax and the pain will start to fade. I’d rather not have to put you into a deeper sleep.” With an arched brow he looked you right in the eyes to make sure you caught his meaning. Thankfully you did. The powdered substance he brought sat in the bedside drawer in case he needed it, but in truth he preferred it if you were conscious and aware.
Grabbing the medicine bottle nearby, he popped it open grabbing two pills and then a glass of water. Sitting at your bedside, he sat you up and helped you to take the items. He was quite amused that you didn’t refuse, and even a little pleased that you did everything without any rebellion. Setting you back down, he began undressing you slowly. He didn’t do anything more to cross your boundaries. Even though you didn’t understand why he was doing all of this, he knew with time you would.
He set your clothes on a nearby chair and then grabbed a wet towel and began wiping your face clean. He was gentle with every stroke, always minding how much pressure he was placing and at the same time admiring every inch of your face. You were so fucking beautiful and now he had you all to himself.
He went to get ready in the bathroom connected to the room and within minutes began settling himself next to you on the bed. It would be incredibly difficult for him to sleep tonight knowing you were practically naked next to him, but he would give you your space–for now. 🌙
Despite still being semi-tied up, you were able to get a surprisingly restful sleep during the night. The pain medication that Seokjin had given you (if that’s all it was) must’ve relaxed you enough to let you sleep soundly, even with the fear and anxiety that was coursing through your body.
When you woke up the next morning, slightly groggy from the drugs, most likely, your shoulder was a nasty shade of dark purple and was still incredibly sore. Also, Seokjin was nowhere to be found, which was annoying, quite honestly. How could he leave you in this shape?
Where was he?
Wherever he was, you knew you didn’t have long. He was probably in the next room, sharpening his collection of knives, or whatever it was that psychos did when they were alone.
How were you going to get these damn ropes off your wrists? As soon as you began to search the room for something sharp, Seokjin appeared in the doorway.
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jungkookismydaddy · a month ago
“You’ll be fine. It’s just a bruised shoulder. It’s possible you may have torn something, so if I were you, I’d settle my ass down and start listening.” Jin noticed when his words sunk in because as soon as he finished speaking, you shook your head and lowered your eyes. Good. “I know you think you’re going to escape, but that won’t be the case. I am simply trying to help you understand. We belong together. I love you, y/n. You’re mine and no one else can have you!”
Jin’s breathing picked up, and for a moment he thought he would lose control, but when he caught a single tear rolling down your cheek he paused. Getting on one knee, he sighed and calmed his voice. “Now, as far as your shoulder, I’m going to be removing you from this chair and placing you on the bed. You have to promise me you’ll be a good girl, or I’ll have to make sure that you are.” The glimmer of a metal tip caught your eye and Jin smirked.
He held the blade out completely and the gasp you released made his dick twitch. “You don’t want to test me, do you, y/n? I can be very sweet and loving, but if you disobey me, I’ll have to put you back in your place.” The edge of the blade barely brushed over the cheek where your tear had fallen and before Jin could help himself, he leaned in and licked the salty droplet from your face. Untying you, he lifted you into his arms and then sat you on the bed in the room next door.
“There. Let’s stop all this silly crying and get you out of these clothes. You must be exhausted." He began undoing your shoes making sure you were pliant the entire time. When he went to undo your hands, he thought better of it. “I’m sorry, darling, but I’m going to have to keep these ties. You have to prove to me that you won’t be like all the other vicious bitches. You’re not like anyone else, but today you’ve tested my patience. I promise to be so good to you. Just be my good girl.”
As he spoke these words against the shell of your ear, his hand traveled to your thigh and slowly began to creep up until it settled right at your cunt. He cupped it and leaned in to steal a kiss from you. This would be your first test and he was eager to see if you’d comply.🌙
The pain of what he’d just done to your shoulder still had a dizzying effect on you. How could he be so casually cruel to you like that and then just act like everything was okay? You didn’t try to argue with him this time though, feeling as though keeping your mouth shut was what was best for your self-preservation.
It was then that you felt his hand cup you between your legs, and you shuddered involuntarily, again, not saying anything. His lithe fingers with their gentle, teasing, ministrations felt like a threat. He was in control here, and he wanted you to know it. It was a reminder that he could do whatever he wanted and you would just have to take it.
When he leaned in for a kiss, you turned your head to the side, hoping he’d be satisfied simply to kiss your cheek but he grabbed your jaw roughly, forcing you to turn your head back to face him. This time you didn’t try to pull away or try to fight him. You allowed him to plant a kiss on your lips. He kissed you more gently than you had expected him to and his lips felt as soft as they looked. It wasn't as unpleasant as you'd thought it would be. When he pulled away you saw a trace of a satisfied smirk. He thought he’d broken you.
"Seokjin, if I'm good...and I do what you want...will you let me go?"
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jungkookismydaddy · a month ago
Tumblr media
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jungkookismydaddy · a month ago
Not two minutes passed before the door to the room you were in opened. Jin walked in, finding you on the floor facing the wall. He should’ve known his spirited little captive wouldn’t take this lying down. He snickered at his own joke. “My darling, why can’t you just cooperate? Hm?”
He heard you huff and then hiss. “What’s the matter, darling? Did you hurt yourself?” Jin attempted to reach for you, but you writhed and bucked against the restraints and tugged your arms further into the awkward position you were already holding.
“Stop it! I’m helping you.” But you didn’t comply, thrashing about surely making matters worse for your injury. Realizing his words weren’t getting through, he grabbed the back of the chair and yanked it up roughly, pulling you along with it. His ties were done well, so your body gets easily lifted and settled back into an upright position. He attempts to approach you, but once again you start behaving like a wild cat in a bag. Patience running thin, he simply grabs you by the throat and squeezes waiting for you to calm.
He admires your tenacity because at this point you should’ve passed out, but as he watches the flame slowly die down in your eyes, he revels in the fact that he was the one in control, not you . “Good girl. I like you just like this, compliant. Now tell me where you’re hurt so I can help you.” He lets go waiting for you to show him, but you don’t move. Your head is tilted to the side and you won’t even look at him. It was just like you to be a selfish bitch after everything he’s done for you. Why couldn’t you accept that he was the only person that should matter…that he was the only one that had been there for you countless times. All Jin wanted was a little respect and appreciation. 🌙
The shoulder that had taken the brunt of the damage from your awkward fall ached terribly and you began to choke back pained sobs as Seokjin loomed over you, studying you with a gaze that was seemingly full of concern. As much as you didn’t want any sort of help from him, the pain that was blooming was making you more docile than you normally would’ve been. You’d never been good with pain.
“My shoulder. The right one,” you sniffled, blinking back tears. “I think maybe it’s dislocated.” Seokjin made a move to touch it, but you flinched, pulling away as much as you could. 
“Noooo, please don’t. It really hurts bad...I think you need to drive me to the emergency room or something. Please?” You looked up at him with watery eyes, hoping to evoke some sympathy from the psycho who was formerly your friend.
A look of annoyance crossed his face and he grabbed at the shoulder of your sweater roughly, pulling it down so that your bare shoulder was exposed to him. He then squeezed your shoulder with what to you felt like as much force as he could muster. It was pure agony. You began screaming from the pain, and just as you felt like you couldn’t take it anymore, he let go.
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jungkookismydaddy · 2 months ago
When Jin tried to reach for you in an attempt to calm things down, you sliced the air nicking his hand. The temporary distraction gave you time to run into a room and lock the door. Jin watched you dart off, the tiny slice on his hand now bleeding and stealing all of his focus. He licked over it once and then grabbed a kitchen towel to wrap over it.
This whole trip wasn’t going like he planned. He envisioned it going completely different. The setting by the lake was so romantic and exactly what he was waiting for in order to make his confession more special. But now here you were acting like a complete cunt, as if he hadn’t spent all these years building up a relationship with you, the one you were being completely ungrateful for.
He’d get you to show your appreciation one way or another. Reaching the door, he kicks it twice, his anger splintering the wood with the last attempt. He sees you backed up against the wall nearest the bed, eyes glazed over in fear with tears falling uncontrollably. It was so sad that you couldn’t understand how much he loved you.
“Y/n, please put down the knife. I have nothing on me. See?”
He raises his hands to show you, and for a moment you let down your guard. The look on your face says you don’t know what to do, so he uses it to his advantage.
“It’s just me, Jin. Remember me?” He takes a small step forward, but you tense, lifting the knife again.
“Come on. You really didn’t know I was the one doing all those things? If anybody should be upset here, it’s me. I’ve given you my love constantly, yet I get nothing in return. And now, when I open myself up to you, you decide to behave like a fucking BITCH.”
He rushes forward and knocks the knife from your hand. His attack accidentally causing your head to hit against the wall, and the next thing he knows, you're limp in his arms.🌙
You woke up in a daze, blinking several times in order to bring the room around you into focus. It wasn’t the first time in recent memory that you’d woken up not knowing how you got where you were, but it was the first time you woke up not knowing where the hell you were. As you slowly came to, you realized that you were unable to move your arms and your legs. Holy shit, you were tied to a fucking chair. The room was empty. You weren’t even sure if you were still in Seokjin’s cabin as you hadn’t been in this particular room before. All that was in there besides you was a chest of drawers. And where was the psycho that brought you here? Seokjin was nowhere to be seen.
You struggled with the ropes that were tied tightly around your wrists and ankles, feeling the burn as you did so. In your frustration and your continued failure to even loosen them, you let out a scream and toppled over in your chair, the noise of it all surely alerting your captor.
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jungkookismydaddy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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jungkookismydaddy · 4 months ago
And just like that, Jin had successfully gotten you to openly admit that you wanted him. There was nothing else to interpret from this sudden arm holding. You knew he was only into women now, and yet still engaged in his attention. He couldn’t be more elated.
As soon as you both reached the pier at the base of the property, Jin walked you over to it easily, noting how you followed along without restraint. Reaching the edge, he glanced over at you with the most loving eyes he could muster. The night was beautiful, stars floating in the sky above, the reflection of them bouncing off the water and into your eyes. There wasn’t a more perfect time. He saw panic flood your eyes the moment he pulled out the tiny blade from his back pocket. “Let me be your only man forever, y/n. I’ve wanted this for so long.” When he sliced into his palm and offered it up, he thought for a moment you would accept him, but it wasn’t until he placed his bloody hand against your lips that you set a furious pace back to the cabin.
“Fuck, baby. I wanted to do this the easy way.” 🌙
You ran away from Seokjin as fast as your legs would carry you, wiping your face with the sleeve of your coat as you did so. As soon as he had taken that blade to his hand, everything had suddenly clicked in your mind.
It was him.
Holy shit, Seokjin was your stalker. He was the one who had been terrorizing you all these months. He’d snuck into your house, stole your belongings, left you “gifts”, and who knows what else. God, you’d been so fucking stupid.
You ran back into the cabin but were at a loss of what to do now that you were here. You knew he had the keys with him so it wasn’t as if you could lock him out. And there was no landline for you to call help on. You actually had ended up bringing your cell, but there hadn’t been any reception for miles so that was a bust.
There was a slight creak as you heard the front door opening, and in your desperation you ran to the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife you could find, brandishing it in a manner that you hoped looked threatening as Seokjin appeared before you.
“Stay away from me, you sick fuck,” you yelled while Seokjin watched on, stony faced. “I trusted you. Get the fuck away from me!”
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jungkookismydaddy · 4 months ago
“Well,” Jin rose and then walked to the fireplace, hands clasped behind his back, “she is incredibly talented, beautiful and smart. There is just something about her.” His back was to you and the heat of the fireplace brought a small sheen of sweat to his upper lip. “I can’t stop thinking about her. She consumes my every waking thought; even my dreams. I show her my love, leave her gifts, yet she doesn’t get it. Sometimes I think she’s just playing games with me -- that she does know and pretends only to torment me.”
He turned back to you and his face twisted into a grimace. You sat there so prettily, completely oblivious, and it angered him. Why, after all this time, had you not known? He made it so clear...even when he gave you advice on how to handle his affections. He expected that you’d get the hints, knowing that he was the one visiting your home, stealing your things, and tasting the dried up stains on your panties. HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW?!
“It doesn’t matter anyway.” Jin walked over to you and offered his hand. “How about we go take a walk and clear the air. I’d rather not dwell on that-- not when I have you here with me. I know the sun is setting, but it’ll be good for us. What do you say?”
Waiting for your reply, he gazed into your eyes, pulling his best puppy face. He touched his back pocket once, just to make sure he had what he needed, and then watched as you smiled back at him. 🌙
“Sure, yeah, let’s go for a walk,” you replied, both slightly confused and disturbed by his response. You wouldn’t dare say it out loud in case you were wrong and only succeeded in embarrassing yourself, but there was a part of you that thought he might be talking about you. 
But how would that make any sense? Why wouldn’t he just come right out and say it? Seokjin had never given you romantic vibes before but obviously you weren’t as perceptive as you thought if you had mistaken him as gay for the entirety of your friendship. Also, he’d never really given you any gifts, unless he meant the occasional shared bag of gummy worms from the vending machine at the office.
No, he couldn’t be talking about you. That would be silly. He wouldn’t have invited you here if he saw you as anything other than a friend. It was probably just wishful thinking on your part. You had to admit that once Seokjin had revealed that he was straight you were seeing him in a bit of a different light than you had before. 
Seokjin and you both pulled on your shoes and jackets and stepped outside. Since it was autumn, the air was crisp and cool, the perfect weather for a nice walk. As the two of you were making your way around the small lake that sat beside the property, you reached out and linked your arm with his. You couldn’t help it. He made you feel safe.
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Jin choked on air when you mentioned guys. Was this why you were so open with him… because you thought he wouldn’t take advantage of you? Relaxing back into his seat, he chuckled and then turned to face you. A bit of fringe fell over his eyes, the shadow making his expression indiscernible.
He didn’t know what to say to your words. He was shocked to say the least.
The flames within the fireplace suddenly rose like the fire within his heart, and he swirled the wine in his glass, taking a big swig before answering you.
“I don’t date men. I never have. I like women. Well, actually, I like one woman, but things are a bit complicated. You see… she just doesn’t get it.”
Sitting up, he places the glass on the coffee table before him and then leans forward, elbows on his knees, and clasps his hands together. His eyes are focused on the flickers of orange, yellow and red--the air all around him feeling ten degrees hotter.
“Tell me, y/n. What do I need to do to get her attention?”
He locked eyes with you immediately after and the tiny hitch in your breath was more than enough to last him a lifetime. It was clear you still didn’t understand what was happening, but his sudden revelation caught you off guard. 🌙
You were surprised by Seokjin’s confession and it was taking you a minute to regroup. What? It was so silly of you to assume that he was gay now that you thought about it. He’d never actually said anything about being interested in men, you just thought he fit a certain stereotype, which was your own fault  But maybe a part of you also wanted to believe he was gay so you could feel safer around him. With everything that was going on around you, you desperately wanted a man that you could have your guard down with.
And who was this girl he was talking about? He’d definitely never mentioned any women around you, you would’ve remembered that for sure. You were slightly irritated, perhaps unfairly so, but you couldn’t help it. You told Seokjin pretty much everything and he hadn’t told you about this? 
Seokjin looked at you fixedly, waiting for your response but you were struggling to find the right words.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed,” you said, feeling a slight warmth in your cheeks. You were relieved that he didn’t seem to be offended by your ignorant assumption, but you still mentally chastised yourself for it.
“I think...if you like this girl a lot, I think you should be straight up with her. I can’t imagine there would be any woman out there who wouldn’t return your affections. Why don’t you tell me more about her?”
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
The arrival to the cabin didn’t take much longer and Jin could tell you were a bit antsy. After discussing his last parting gift, your attitude shifted to a more vulnerable state and Jin was basking in it. The entire time you let him hold your hand and he could swear goosebumps broke out over your skin whenever his thumb brushed over your knuckles.
Unloading the car and settling in took a bit of time, but before he knew it, you and he were relaxing in front of a fire. He offered to cook dinner and you easily agreed, silent the entire time, eyes focused on the restless flames as if the weight of the world were on your shoulders.
“Dinner will be ready shortly. How about some wine?”
You glanced back and smiled, agreeing with a soft but encumbered look. If he was going to get you to be more unguarded he’d have to pour you a full glass. When he opened the drawer in search of the bottle opener, his fingers brushed over the tiny steel knife he bought several years ago. His mind raced and heart leapt at the countless ways he could brand you as his. You’d probably love it; let him run the sharp edge over your flesh until he found the perfect spot to nick...
When you called his name, Jin shut the drawer and shook his head, his imagination always running faster than he could catch it. He grabbed two glasses and the bottle of wine and made his way to you, his blood rushing to places he wished wouldn’t. Pressing his dick against the counter, he fidgeted until he could adjust it enough to conceal his erection.
“I’ll be right there.” 🌙
The dinner Seokjin had cooked for the two of you was delicious to say the least. He seemed to have guessed all your favourite dishes and prepared them exactly how you liked. The cabin was also stunning, even nicer than he had let on. It was spacious, with huge windows and a view of the lake. There was a porch swing in the front that you were dying to curl up and read a book on and a pretty flower garden in the back. Everything was just perfect. 
You figured Seokjin's father must've been somewhat wealthy for him to have inherited a place like this. Not that Seokjin talked about his family much. Or his friends. Or anybody, really. He’d always been cagey with information about his personal life and you’d always respected that. 
But maybe it was time to really get to know your office buddy. Now that it was just the two of you tucked away in this pretty cabin that looked to be in the middle of nowhere, it was the perfect opportunity to ask him the things you’d always been curious about.
You looked across the table and watched him as he slurped up more noodles, seemingly unaware of your gaze. You grabbed your wine glass and took a small sip before asking, “So, Jinnie, how come you never date?”
He looked up at you wide-eyed in surprise, his cheeks were stuffed and there were tiny bits of noodle coming out of his mouth. It was actually kind of adorable.
“I mean, you’re so handsome,” you continued, giving him a chance to swallow down his food, “I’m sure there are tons of guys who’d want you.”
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Jin held his breath and bit his bottom lip when he saw the shiny silver metal being pulled from your bag. It took him a few seconds, but he managed to conceal his emotions. He looked at your lap, and then quickly at your face, already sensing his ears growing red. Though he really was feeling shy about the fact that you were literally flaunting his intimate gift in such a confined space, he also used it to his advantage, wanting to look as if he were scandalized. “Oh...oh my...are those what I think they are?”
You nodded and Jin reached for them. “But, why would he leave this? What is he trying to say? Jeez. I’m glad I asked you on this trip. This weirdo really is crazy. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”
Jin placed the cuffs in the glove compartment and then grabbed your hand. He squeezed it reassuringly, noting the way you looked at him with such trusting, loving eyes. Either you were playing the innocent victim or you really had no idea. It didn’t matter at that moment. He was three miles from the cabin and once there, he would find out everything.🌙
You squeezed Seokjin's hand back, grateful for the physical contact. To be honest, you’d been a bit touch starved for a while now and you were surprised at how much you enjoyed having your hand held. It might’ve been why you’d been so touchy-feely with him lately. You could get some of the physical contact you craved with a man who was safe. 
Seokjin kept driving with your hand in his, looking ahead whilst absentmindedly rubbing your palm with his thumb. The gesture was sweet, but it tickled a little which sent a shiver down your spine. Tickling tended to have an unintended affect on you, and as you felt the first stirs of arousal between your legs, you pulled your hand out of his a little abruptly.
Seokjin seemed confused by your action and before he could open his mouth to ask what was wrong, you cut him off, attempting to steer the conversation in a different direction.
“So, Jinnie, you said the cabin was only forty-five minutes away. How much longer is it gonna be?” 
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
♡ don’t be scared about being too rough with me, i love it when it hurts ♡
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Kyou no Kira Kun
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Jin drove towards the destination silently but he occasionally glanced in your direction noting you were awfully silent. He knew what it was about, but he didn’t probe. What he wanted was for you to come to him as you always did.
The heavy droplets of water hit against the windshield and the clouds darkened the day, but Jin was set on making this trip a memorable one. Turning down the music on the radio, he adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat.
“You hungry?” It had been a few hours, but he was sure you were starving, the rumbling of your stomach a clear sign that you hadn’t eaten; probably because of the present he left you. He was so proud of it. It only took him a few hours to find, but once he saw them, he knew they were perfect for you. He was so curious if you had brought them, but he was sure you hadn’t. Why would you? It didn’t matter, he had alternative ideas.
You nodded a little forlornly and he felt it in his heart. “What’s the matter, y/n? You’ve been so quiet this entire time. Did something happen?” 🌙
“I’m sorry, I just...”
Slowly, you reached into your handbag and pulled out the silver handcuffs, holding them up and dangling them between you and Seokjin. You’d brought them with you because you couldn’t stand the idea of leaving them in your apartment and having them waiting for you when you got home. You also knew you couldn’t throw them out because they could be evidence if the police ever did decide to take you seriously. And you needed to show Seokjin.
“He left these for me...last night. I think he did it to scare me. It feels like he’s getting closer and closer, more confident.”
You put the cuffs down on your lap and waited for his reaction.
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Red Heat, 1975
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jungkookismydaddy · 5 months ago
“I do. I have this cabin I inherited from my father a long time ago but I’ve never had anyone to go with me. I know it’s pathetic. I don’t really have many friends. The drive is only forty five minutes and I just know you’ll love it. We can go for the weekend if you’d like. You said anything, right?”
Jin waited with baited breath for you to agree. Something deep inside told him you’d say yes. You were always so naïve about these things. The fact that, even though you knew someone was coming into your home, you never bothered to scan around or even lock every single possible entrance baffled him. It was as if you were waiting for him. It was so obvious you wanted your “stalker” to see you in your most vulnerable state. Hell, he even left the shower cam in the most obvious place, and yet you hadn’t managed to see it.
Even after your gardening classes he would follow behind you in his car all the way home, but you never picked up on it. Though he never ended up going to those classes, he watched and waited for you outside. It grew from one night a week to him following you everywhere. He just couldn’t get enough. He learned where you worked, where your favorite coffee shop was, and even how often you pleasured yourself. You were an insatiable slut, and it only solidified the fact that you knew someone was watching while you were getting off. You had to know. And maybe, just maybe...deep inside, you knew Jin was the knew he was, otherwise why would you tell him everything?
You were teasing him, that’s why. Flirting with him and revealing all the “scary” incidents you’d experienced only to play with his mind. You acted scared, worried and stressed to get his let him know that you liked it...and that you wanted more. Even now you begged to do anything just to please him.
This trip was the perfect excuse to reveal himself. It’s what you want after all. Just the thought of you admitting to teasing him like this...the idea that you knew it was him all along...
His hand moved faster and his breath hitched a little as he got closer to orgasm. The second you agreed to go, he came hard and pulled the phone away so you wouldn’t hear. It took him a minute to catch his breath, your voice calling out to him bringing him back to the conversation at hand.
“G-great. I’ll pick you up at your house...F-Friday at seven.” 🌙
It always surprised you when Seokjin claimed he didn’t have many friends. As funny and as charming as he was, you’d have thought that people would be flocking to him. Not to mention the way he was so caring and compassionate. Sometimes it made you wonder if there was maybe a side to him that you didn’t know about, one that caused people to stay away.
But you doubted it.
“Perfect. I’ll be ready.”
It was Thursday night, the day before you were supposed to be leaving to go to Seokjin’s cabin with him and you were packing your belongings. You were excited, buzzing around your apartment like a busy little bee gathering everything you thought you needed for your trip. Seokjin had told you to pack extra, even though you were only going for two nights. He said the weather might be unpredictable and it was always better to be prepared, to which you agreed.
As you were folding a sweater to put in your luggage, you heard a knock at your door. Startled, you went over to it and and looked through the peephole. There was no one on the other side, which meant they had either run away or were crouching down low, hiding. You went to the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife you had. If your stalker was on the other side of that door, you were ready to take this motherfucker out, consequences be damned. Vigilante justice was sometimes required in situations like these.
You threw open the door quickly, hoping to catch this creep off guard, but there was no one there.
What was there on the floor in front of you door was a small, beautifully wrapped gift. You put the knife down on a table by the door and picked up the package, stepping back into your apartment and locking the door behind you. 
While you had gotten somewhat used to receiving strange packages at your apartment, you’d never gotten one that had been gift-wrapped before. You grabbed the knife again and used it to cut the silver grosgrain ribbon that adorned the package, leaving just the shiny pink wrapping paper underneath.
Carefully, you unwrapped it to reveal a plain white box. Lifting the lid open, you looked inside to find a pair of silver handcuffs. There was no key, but there was a typed note sitting beneath them.
You are mine.
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