In recovery for an eating disorder but still having issues. I like drugs24 years old my other blog is @girl-interrupted-1984

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

just-for-me-thin·a day agoText


I’ve never brought anything political to my page but,

July 4-7 Do NOT buy anything

On July 4th everyone is protesting, strength in numbers

•Swim googles can keep tear gas, pepper spray, and mace out and they’re airtight

•Paint in water balloons, you can throw it at cops helmets, and they can’t see (make sure it’s oil based)

•viber, threema, surespot, wire, dust, wickr, silence, pryvate, signal, and coverme are the best places to organize

•Bricks can be used for peaceful protest, like so:

•In some places cops are using arm bands to differentiate between undercover cops and protesters

•Cover your face!!! No face no case!! (Wear sunglasses, stuff your mask so it looks like you have a rounder/pointer chin, cover the bridge of your nose)

•Do NOT tell anyone anything about you!!!!!

•Do NOT wear contacts (tear gas can burn them into the eyes)

• Do NOT post about going to the protest

• Do NOT post about being at the protest when you are at the protest

• If you take photos cover people out completely, baddies, faces and all (and again don’t post while there)

• Cover anything that can easily be recognized by (unnatural hair color, tattoos, you can also wear baggy clothes)

• DONT loot small businesses!

• Bring water! (It helps if tear gased) DONT use milk!

• You can bring leaf blowers, fans, or tennis rackets to push tear gas away and back at the cops

• Please try not to loot, it incriminates all protesters, and allows cops to easily justify violance against protesters, it gets us no where and we’ll be no better then the cops

•DONT wear anything oil based, sunscreen, makeup, moisturizer, etc, (unless for balloons), it enchanted effects of tear gas and pepper spray

• Put duck tape over phone case so they can’t identify it

• If you’re white, use it, and stand Infront of black protesters

• The National Guard has to stand at attention when the national anthem playes (again do your own research)

(if you have tik tok they’re uninstalling it and rating it one star in the AppStore on June 19th)

I am not black but I see you

I am not black but I hear you

I am not black but I stand with you

I am not black but I mourn with you

I support you.

(If you want to know more you can look it up there’s plenty info, and everything is different depending on where you live)

♥️ !Stay Safe Everyone! ♥️


(If you’re not protesting please like this so it can get to someone who is, it could save lives. Look stuff up I know I’m not entirely correct, and it depends on what has changed)

I don’t care about the looting, fuck society and it’s obsession with merchandise and materialistic things

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just-for-me-thin·2 days agoAnswer

I wish I could see that lovely pussy please

Lol no

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just-for-me-thin·2 days agoAnswer

What/how was your first experience with meth?

First time I did meth was in residential treatment, stayed up all night working on things. It was fun

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just-for-me-thin·10 days agoText

So long story short, there was a problem with my apartment bedroom window and it let too much moisture in and so it molded all my stuff. I would take my succulents into my room every day because it has the most sun. They got exposed to the mold and so I had to re-house and clean every single one. They seem to be ok now but i’m keeping a close eye. We did lose one. My Echeveria Blue Rose had a crack in his main stem and the mold was able to get inside. I did cut below the crack and planted him, so we’ll see if he grows back.

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just-for-me-thin·19 days agoText

Do you not feel the rope attached to your spine? that at any moment could pull you down down to the center of the earth. Mother Earth’s grip. The connection between her and me. The energy, she vibrates throughout my whole body.

I’m not sure that I truly understand religion, but I know that I believe in this earth. She is our creater. We would be nothing without her. I am grateful for her every single day of my life. I could be doing more for her, I know that. At least I try. I can proudly say that I have not littered since 2019 (not that I littered a lot anyway)

What I’m trying to say is that this earth needs more attention, more love, more peace, more acceptance, and I have never loved something so much. I wouldn’t have my best friend without the earth, or my rabbit, or my family. Anyway, rant over lol I’m stoned

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