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justcourttee · 113 days ago

“So what exactly are you working on?”

Marinette stiffened as his hot breath tickled the back of her neck. When she had told him that he could sit in with her, she hadn’t expected him to stay so long. She’d been working on her commission for hours now, all that was left was a few hand stitched designs, the ones that always took her longer than the piece itself.

“It’s embroidery. When people want a specific design, it’s easier to do it by hand than attempt it with my sewing machine. Plus, it adds a personal touch and I like to think they appreciate it.”

It felt impossible to keep her voice steady as she became even more painfully aware of how little distance sat between them. The longer he stayed in the apartment, the more comfortable he had become with his surroundings. He admitted that his memories were still lacking but whenever he stood like this, his legs on either side of her hunched figure, his nose brushing past her ear as he attempted to peek at her work, well, it felt like his body was moving out of habit.

“Who’s your client? Do you know them personally?”

“Not particularly. Ever since Alya and Nathaniel took over my social media management, they’ve drawn in crowds. People have to book their pieces months in advance. I’ve considered hiring more people, but then I feel like I can’t make it personal.”

“And that’s important to you?”

Marinette pulled her needle through the fabric, her rhythm faltering. Gently settling the fabric in her lap, she closed her eyes, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“It’s my entire lifeline. I put my heart and soul into every commission to give someone something truly unique, something they can appreciate, something where they can carry a piece of me wherever they go. I don’t know how else to put it, but if I can’t make it personable, how am I supposed to call it an original piece?”

Turning her head slightly, she peeked up to meet his green eyes staring intently back.

“Hmm?” Drawing backwards, his hand reached up to stroke his chin. “I think I could understand that. So, while you create, what would I usually do?”

Marinette turned back to her work, tying off the string before setting her needle down.

“Usually you would read a book, or tidy up the place. I kind of leave the apartment a whirlwind when I’m in the middle of a big project. Sometimes if you don’t have either of those, you might help out my parents in their bakery or check in on your father’s facility he has over here.”

“That sounds like such a dull life. Did I not have a job?”

Marinette opened her mouth to answer, but she quickly closed it. It was still to early to tell him. It was too much, plus, if the way he acted when he first got here was any indication to how the information might cause him to react, she wasn’t ready to face that again.

“Uh, no, not particularly. You weren’t supposed to be here for long, but the situation had changed.”

His face looked like he wanted to ask a million more questions, but thankfully, he instead pulled his lips into a thin line, offering her a small nod instead.

“Do you mind if I stay here? I don’t want to be in your way”

“Please, make yourself comfortable. I have no idea how long this will take.”

Minutes passed, then an hour. Damian hadn’t moved a single muscle and the awkward silence that hung in the air only seemed to impede Marinette’s ability to focus on her stitching. She felt like he wanted to say something, but he was too scared to speak. It couldn’t go on like this, she had to say something.

“Have you been sleeping alright lately?”

The silence in the room stiffened and Marinette didn’t even have to turn around to know that he did too. She had noticed his night terrors, but she hadn’t realized that they were this bad. He was traumatized all over again. All the hard work they had done to work through the trauma of his childhood wiped away because of her incompetence as a hero.

“Honestly? Not particularly, I keep having this dream, well, it’s more of a nightmare. I thought it might be a fragment of memory,” he paused causing her to set down her work once more, her attention hanging onto his words, “but it’s too terrible that I don’t want to believe it.”

Marinette couldn’t even begin to imagine what he was remembering, his whole life was practically a nightmare.

“Can you tell me what the nightmare was about?”

His eyes shot down quickly to where his hands sat clasped tightly in his lap. Marinette couldn’t shake the feeling that he looked like a child who had done something wrong.

“You don’t have to say anything-”

“It was you.” A million scenarios crossed through her mind, none of them ideal. Judging by the look on his face it had to be a Ladybug thing.

“What did I do?” She couldn’t help the shake in her voice as her eyes narrowed.

“You-uh-well,” he swallowed hard as if the words were choking him. “It was a dark room and there seemed to be four, maybe five other people there. I can’t make out their faces, but they have us surrounded. You seem mad at me, but I’m not sure why. Well that’s not true, you said something about me dying and that I should leave because you couldn’t protect me. You left me standing in the room by myself.”

His eyes finally looked up and the sight broke her heart. Tears had slipped down his cheeks, a few more pooling threatening to spill at any moment. Tentatively, she reached out to catch them before they could escape, her hand sliding down to cup his damp cheek.

“Please tell me it was just a nightmare Marinette. Please tell me that you didn’t try to leave me.”

Every fiber in her wanted to reassure him that it was just a nightmare, that it never happened, but her voice seemed to cease to exist. She felt pressure in her hand as he leaned into her touch, the tears overflowing faster than she could catch them.

“So it wasn’t a nightmare, huh?”

His voice sent shivers down her spine as she tried to fight to utter even a single word of denial. But her body and heart countered her efforts. They knew how wrong it would be to lie to him, especially with how fragile his mind was in the moment. If he started to remember what happened before or after, she wasn’t sure if she had the strength to continue lying to him.

“Can you promise me something Marinette?”

Her movements felt stiff as she managed a small nod, her hand still glued to his face.

“Please don’t ever leave me again. I don’t care if my all of memories return or not even a single one, the one thing that will never change is how much I need you in my life. So please don’t go, no matter how many times I fumble or make you mad. No matter how many times I tell you to leave. Please just stay.”

“Damian-” Her voice croaked before she could even finish his sentence, so instead she gave him a small smile instead, warm tears of her own slipping one by one.

No other words were spoken as he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her waist, his head buried in her lap. Marinette found her hands resting on his back, unsure how to console him after everything. Out of all the memories to return, why that one first? Was she that unlucky?

“Marinette?” She hummed in response, her hands slowly lifting to allow him to sit up. “I think I’m ready to try again. Let me see them tomorrow.”

Marinette wanted to argue, remind him what happened the last time he tried to push himself, but one look from his tear stained face and every flame inside her extinguished. So instead she simply nodded, noting the small smile of victory that he sported before leaning back to to his previous position.

“I promise, I won’t make you worry this time. I’m ready Marinette, ready to return to how things used to be.”

His breathing softened as she felt his body go limp. It felt impossible to hold back her giggles as she tried to remain as still as possible. He really could fall asleep anywhere, just like Tim. Not that she would ever admit that aloud in front of either of them.

Her hand reached forward on its own, tangling in his hair as she gently tugged through his locks only to return and tug once more.

“You might be ready to for things to go back, but trust me when I say, I never want to look back.”

As carefully as she could, she reached behind her to pull forward her project, intent on finishing it before the night did.

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justcourttee · 328 days ago

Can you do a prompt of a prank war between Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Jason Todd?

Of course! Sibling Jasonette Prank War

So I totally think Jason is the one that starts it and it’s no accident. 

Jason is just bored one afternoon and he’s tired of picking on his brothers, their reactions just aren’t as funny anymore. So instead his attentions turn to Bruce’s newest prodigy. 

Marinette is great and he adores her as if she was his own blood, but his trial period of the best brother was about to come to an abrupt end. He decides to steal her sketchbook the day before she was set to get approval for her commission and instead decided to replace it with pictures of him bound in a similar cover. 

On the day of, she didn’t even check it. Just like he suspected, she was running late and she grabbed the book, tossing it into her bag as she waved a quick bye as the manor door shut. 

It only took an hour for him to receive the facetime request, a red-faced Marinette cussing him out in French. The minute Bruce took the phone from her, Jason couldn’t hang up fast enough his laughter hurting his sides. He knew Bruce would love it too, her opening her sketchbook to pictures of his favorite son. 

He rode the feeling out as long as he could, ecstatic for his next chance to mess with his newest victim. 

Unfortunately for him, she decided to strike back before he even had the chance to formulate his newest prank.

Jason was just trying to stop a petty robbery, the last one for his patrol of the night. All night, he hadn’t had to draw his gun, but this time was different. The man wasn’t letting up, his knife pointed at Jason, threatening him to move or be removed. 

Just as Jason pulled the trigger, an annoying pop filled the air. 

“What the-”

In his hand was not his usual pistol. No, it was a craftily painted Nerf gun. He had to be exhausted to not notice how light his belt had felt, so instead of shooting, he chose the next best option. 

He threw the fake gun at the man, stunning him long enough to apprehend him.

Immediately after returning to the mansion, Jason marched straight to her room, waking her from her sleep to declare war. 

“But I was just returning the prank? Why does it have to be a war?”

“Because I refuse to be bested in a war that I am sure to conquer in!” 

For the next week, both parties stood on edge, waiting for the other to attack. 

The first to strike was Marinette, replacing Jason’s precious pillows with sacks of fertilizer. It didn’t even hit him until he dove face-first into bed. 

The next day, Marinette found her bodywash tainted with Koolaid. She ended up dyed pink for nearly three full days. 

For weeks, they would torment each other, everyone else scared to step in or risk losing their own peace with the two. 

Jason finally called a truce when he found his motorcycle covered in saran wrap, so thick he couldn’t even cut it with his pocket knife.

“Admitting defeat?”

“For now, but don’t you worry pixie. I will get the last laugh in.”

Marinette knew better than to take his threat lightly but as a year passed with no sign of retaliation, she finally felt like she could relax. 

After weeks of them pestering her about the guy she was seeing, Marinette finally agreed to bring him over. 

Jason took to him instantly, sweeping him away into the manor with his arm slung over his shoulder. 

Marinette hadn’t thought twice about it until Jason looked back, that devilish glint in his eyes reminding her of the horrors they endured just a year back. Her whole body stiffened as he mouthed two words that scared her more than any Gotham Rogue. 

‘Game On’

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justcourttee · a year ago

That daminette soulmate au tho, right in the feels.

I adore writing angsty soulmate au :)))

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justcourttee · a year ago

“It’s amazing! The amount of rubble they had to pull him from under and not a single scratch. Damian has to be some kind of Superchild. Oh my gosh, maybe he’s Superman’s secret love child with Batman!”

“Adrien, I can’t even begin to explain to you what’s wrong with that statement.”

Marinette’s chuckle was humorless as she set down three mugs of coffee for her friends to share. It took both Nino and Adrien to lift Damian and place him back into his bed and after everything had settled down, Marinette couldn’t even begin to pick at what she done wrong.

“Maribabe, I know what that look is. You’re not in the wrong here. We pushed to see him even after the doctor said to try and give him a month to get used to the apartment itself. It was probably too much for a brain that’s practically a blank slate.”

Alya threw her arms around Marinette’s waist, pulling her to the couch beside her before she could resist.

“Yeah dudette, don’t sweat it. Damibro wasn’t ready and we didn’t give him a chance to be.”

Marinette wanted to tell them that they were wrong, that it was all her fault, but she knew that a small part of her agreed with what they said. Whether she meant to or not, she did blame them for Damian passing out. She had been feeding them the same line for two weeks now, sending them away every time they would show up. She knew they meant no harm, but seeing him out cold, his head hitting the floor before she could even move to cushion it, it was too much.

“I’m not sweating it guys, don’t worry. At least we can make the most of this time and catch up.”

Her smile was forced, everyone saw through it. But regardless, they all plastered on matching one’s, chatting away about the weather and what not. They waited nearly two hours, the conversation threatening to turn dull as they grasped at straws to keep each entertained. The weight of Damian’s accident hung in the air mocking them as they tried to pretend everything was as normal as possible.

“So, uh, Marinette. We just wanted to make sure, since uh, our favorite hero hasn’t been on patrol lately-”

Marinette’s raised hand stopped Adrien lips in their tracks, the cold look that followed silencing any sound that tried to escape his mouth.

“LadyMoth hasn’t struck in a couple weeks now. With any luck, she’ll hold off longer. But remain rest assured, Ladybug will show up if needed and only then.”

The three shared a look that Marinette couldn’t decipher before Alya grasped her hand, offering a slight squeeze as if she was counseling her.

“We know she will be. We just want to make sure the girl behind the mask isn’t taking it too hard. None of us knew he would run into the fight like that after everything-”

“I’m okay,” Marinette’s cool gaze had hardened as it made contact with Alya. “I had a talk with Tikki about why their cure might not have helped him. Trust me, I just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again so it’ll be a while until I let him in on this again. The last thing I want is him running in thinking he can save me with no powers.”

The moment of silence was deafening as they all tried to look anywhere but where she sat. It wasn’t long after that they decided it was better for Damian if they came another day. As Marinette shut the door behind the last of them, she felt a huge weight lift from her chest.


Her attention snapped to the hallway where Damian’s cracked door beckoned her forward.


Marinette felt her heart quickening at the urgency in his voice. Slowly, her hand reached for the doorknob edging it forward until it opened enough for her to peek inside. His eyes were still shut tight, his hands reaching out like he was trying to summon her back to him. It was the same reaction he had the night before and Marinette didn’t like what followed. She had tried to rush back to her room before he had moved so that he didn’t know that he had woken her, but his cries echoed through the apartment.

Now, as she stared at his strained face, she couldn’t help but pity his broken mind. There were some things she was glad he had forgotten, but seeing him so pained, well, it broke her more than seeing him in that hospital bed. Pushing the door a little further in, Marinette took a step towards his bed, her hand tentatively reaching out to take his.

His reaction was almost instant as his face softened, his arms dropping back down, pulling her closer until she sat beside him on the mattress. With a small sigh, Marinette slowly adjusted until she laid propped against his bed frame, his arms curled tightly around her waist.

“I wonder what you would think if you woke up right now,” as gently as she could, her fingers twirled a stray piece of hair that rested against his forehead. “I bet you would call me an Angel, tell me how beautiful I am, like some goddess that has spared your life.”

She didn’t feel the first tear drop, in fact, she hadn’t even noticed how blurry her vision had become. It was only once the drop had hit his forehead did she become painfully aware of how much she had held back.

“Damian, I don’t know why you came back. You truly terrified me you dumbass” Her hand fell from his hair to his back where her fingers curled into a fist taking his shirt with it. “I thought I had lost you for good this time. Please, stop doing this to me when you know I can’t save you.”

She wasn’t sure how long she sat on his bed but by the time his motionless body began to shift, she had run out of tears of to cry.

“Marinette? Are they still here?” His head hadn’t left his pillow, something she was grateful for. She really didn’t want to explain her bloodshot eyes.

“No, I’m sorry Damian.”

His head nodded slightly as if he was acknowledging the statement. His arms tightened around her waist as he released a shaky sigh.

“I really messed that up, huh? Do you think that we could try again tomorrow?”

“Maybe. Let’s see how you feel in the morning.”

Marinette took his silence as an answer as she moved her hand back to his hair, tossling it lightly in an attempt to lull him back to sleep.

“Marinette?” She hummed in response, her other hand finding its resting spot on his upper arm, her thumb rubbing small circled into his exposed skin. “Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.” His head tilted upward until one eye peeked up in a playful scowl. Marinette couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips. “But I suppose I could allow you one more.”

“Does Paris have superheroes?” Marinette sucked in a breath, trying to keep her face as neutral as possible. There was absolutely no way he has connected her to Ladybug from the short blurry video he had watched. It was just an innocent question. There was no reason to freak out. She just had to offer him a generic answer-“That’s who saved me, right? A superhero?”

“Uhm” she took a second to clear her voice as she tried to fumble over the right way to answer. “That hero was Ladybug, one of Paris’ protectors.”

“One? So there are more?”

“There are. I believe there are five heroes in total that are permanent, but we sometimes catch a glimpse of part time heroes, the ones that step in if the villain is too much to handle.”

Her eyes remained glued to his face, searching for any signs of recognition to cross, but alas, it remained still, lost in thought as if he himself couldn’t grasp at the words he wanted to say.

“I watched the video a couple more times on my phone. She seemed so distressed trying to reach me before the building fell.”

Marinette tried to keep her face neutral as she remained focus on keeping her touch as light as possible. His eyes were fighting to stay open as the words continued to fall out of his mouth, his body relaxing once more under her touch.

“I didn’t mean to bring it up Marinette, I know you were probably very worried. I guess-” his yawn interrupted his sentence as his eyes fell shut, “-I guess I just wanted to meet her. I just want to let her know that I don’t blame her. I don’t know why I was out there, but it was my own fault what happened, not hers. I just want to tell her-”

His voice trailed off as his breathing evened out, his grip loosening on her waist. As soon as she was sure her was asleep, Marinette released the sob that had built up. She was so sure that she had run out of tears, but here she was, crying like a child once more. As gently as she could, she leaned over, pressing a light kiss on the top of his head.

“Don’t worry mon amour, she knows.” Releasing his arm, Marinette reached up to wipe some of the tears bombarding her cheeks. “And she’s just glad you’re okay.”

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justcourttee · a year ago

I would love mar and Damian to just be cute with their baby

I’m sorry it’s so short, but I thought a little cute Christmas Eve Exchange would be adorable between the three. 

That Christmas Magic

“Damian! You’ve got to quiet! You might wake Aurélie.”

“Tsk, says the one whisper yelling over her own daughter.” Damian attempted to set down the screwdriver in his hand as quietly as possible as he gently reached over to stroke the child’s face. “You know Angel, if she wakes up now, it’ll ruin the Christmas magic. She’ll know her father is Santa Clause.”

Marinette’s gaze dropped from her husband’s eyes to the small bundle that clung to her. All Aurélie had talked about for the past six months was owning a bike and it took everything in Marinette’s power to stop Damian from buying her one the moment those big green eyes met his.

“I know mon amour, but I couldn’t find it in me to put her down. She’s already so big and sooner than I’d like, she’ll outgrow falling asleep in my arms. I guess I’m too selfish that I’m willing to risk it.”

Damian’s hand reached out as it gently cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing circles into her skin.

“I think we should be as selfish as possible. After all, tomorrow she’ll be whisked away by my father’s illegitimate spawn and who knows when we’ll hold her again.”

Marinette bit her lip to keep her laughter from bubbling out as Damian gently withdrew his hand, leaning down to press a small kiss upon their daughter’s forehead.

They didn’t speak another word as Damian picked up his screwdriver, returning to his project, his eyes glancing over every few seconds to catch a glimpse of the two loves of his life.

Christmas time always held a special place in his heart since the day he had met Marinette Dupain-Cheng, but as time passes, the magic only ever seems to grow. 

Now it was his turn to bring this magic to life for his daughter and Damian Wayne couldn’t be more excited 

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justcourttee · 2 years ago


I’ll leave it under the keep reading bar so that I don’t take up your whole screens, but I hope this helps if you ever try to scroll through the mess that is my page. Every couple of new additons I’ll be sure to reblog this so it doesn’t get lost :)

Thanks for all the support! You guys make me so happy, more than I could put into words and I cannot thank you enough.

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justcourttee · 2 years ago

I’ll do my best to update as the chapters are posted!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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justcourttee · 2 years ago

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do Damian! I can’t let you continue on knowing you’re going to die!”

“Marinette, I -”  He tried to reach out to stop her retreating figure, but his hand was slapped away before he could ever make contact.

“Don’t-Don’t touch me Damian. Just go back to Gotham and pretend you never met me. It’s what’s best for both of us.”


Damian’s eyes flew open as he tried to level his laboring breaths. Rolling himself up into a sitting position, he could still feel his heart racing a million miles a minute beneath his chest. With much effort, he moved his legs to the side of the bed easing himself into a standing position. Taking the couple steps, Damian opened his bedroom door and snuck a peak down the hall. Breathing out a sigh of relief, he rested against the doorframe watching her late night project. She seemed to be humming offkey hinting that she hadn’t heard his outburst, something he was grateful for.

“It was just a dream. She’s not gone, she’s right down the hall.”

It took some time, but after hearing himself repeat that Marinette hadn’t left him, he was finally able to sink back into his mattress, his eyes bearing holes into the ceiling. Despite what he saw, the scene seemed to be stuck on loop in his mind.

Maybe it wasn’t a dream? Maybe they did get into a fight and he was seeing a memory instead? The doctor did tell him that over time he could catch glimpses of his past in a dream like state. But no, that couldn’t be it either. The Marinette in his dream sounded nothing like the Angel he had come to know over the past couple of weeks.

Rolling onto his side, his hand instinctively reached for the photograph that sat framed on his nightstand. Every night he picked it up, the captured moment being his only sense of relief in the madness of his forgotten self. If nothing else made sense, at least this photo did.

The Marinette in this photo was the exact embodiment of the Angel who looked after him. Her smile was soft, so inviting. Her blue eyes seemed to stare right into his from where she was frozen in time, sending his every doubt away. She seemed to have the same effect on the Damian in the photo as well. Unlike her eyes that stared straight ahead, the eyes of the Damian in the photo seemed to be plastered on Marinette. He looked like an idiot, his eyes glassed over, his smile as dopey as it could be.

Whatever this memory from, it was the first one he had been hoping to get back.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been staring at the photo, but sooner than he liked, a small ray of sunlight began to peek through his window. Setting the frame back into its rightful place, Damian sat up for the second time trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. Before he could even move out of his bed, a small knock echoed through his room.

“Uhm Damian? Are you awake?”

He couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. It was as if he thought her into existence or perhaps she read his mind. Slowly his door creaked open, her worried eyes peeking in.

“Eep, I’m so sorry. I should’ve waited for a response, I’ll be leaving now-” Before he could even utter a sound, his door slammed back into place.

“Marinette wait!” His door slowly creaked back open, Marinette filling his frame with her eyes glued to his floor. The red that tinged her cheeks shined brighter than the sunlight filtering through the window. Why did everything she have to do be so mesmerizing? “Was there something you needed Marinette?”

“I-uhm-well, I just wanted to see how you felt about a couple people stopping by the apartment. The doctor called last night and said he thinks it will be good if we start a slow introduction back into your old life.”

Damian was sure he looked stupid with his mouth hung agape as it was, but he couldn’t help. He didn’t think he’d be hearing her say those words so soon. A chance to meet the people from the photos, a chance to discover a new piece to the puzzle of his memories.

“If you’re not ready-”

“No! I mean, no, please I am definitely ready. Don’t send them away.”

There was a moment of silence as her eyes lifted from the ground to meet his. He could feel the concern rolling off of her in waves, silently urging him to back down and take another rest day. But the truth was, he couldn’t stand just sitting around waiting. After a few moments, Marinette finally backed down with a small nod.

“Fine, I’ll let them know. They’ll be over for breakfast if that’s okay with you?”

Damian felt like his head might fly off if he nodded any harder and as Marinette shut the door, he still found himself nodding along to the beat of his racing heart. It was really happening. His only thoughts revolved around who could possibly walk into their apartment and effectively back into his life.

… … … … … … … … … … … . .

“They’re running a bit late. Morning traffic jam apparently.”

Damian tried not to let the disappointment overtake his excitement as he helped Marinette set the remaining plates. He made note of the three additional plates. Perhaps it was the trio from Marinette’s school days. He vaguely remembered their faces from the photos.

Just as he finished laying out the last plate the sound of the doorbell caused his attention to snap to the closed door. Instantly, the room felt a thousand degrees hotter. Was he sweating before now? His vision seemed to be narrowed on the door as it slowly moved further away from where he stood. He tried to take a step forward, but he only stumbled, knocking over the chair in the process.

There was a slight pressure on his shoulder, but he couldn’t focus quite on what it was. Marinette sounded like she was calling out to him, but it was as if he was ten feet under water, her voice so murky and far away.

The door in front of him busted open as three figures ran toward him, their unfamiliar voices lost in the water as well. Damian wasn’t sure when he ended up on the floor, but as his vision began to slip from him only one thought played on repeat, blaring for him to suffocate under.

How disappointing.

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justcourttee · 2 years ago

MariJon, where Valentine's Day is coming up and both of them are trying to figure out how to ask each other out without making it weird and turn to their mutual best friend, Damian. Lots and lots of awkwardness and pining please 😊

This is so cute and so fun to write. I hope you like it!

Damian Wayne: The Love Doctor

Valentine’s Day.

It’s the day that initiates feelings of romance and longing in people across the globe. For couples, it’s a day to spoil each other and gorge on chocolates and fancy dinners. However, for the singles, it’s a day of anxiety and stress hoping that someone returns their feelings or risk sitting dejected for another year alone.

For Jon, it was the latter. This year though, he was determined for it to be different. Thanks to Damian, Jon met Marinette this year. They were always hanging out in one of the League’s hideouts and after several months of begging, Damian finally introduced him. To say it was love at first sight almost felt like an understatement.

So if he felt this way, it should be easy to step forward and hand her the box of chocolates that he had clutched in his hands as he moved to the store’s checkout. Except it wasn’t easy, after all, he had no way of knowing how she felt and Jon wasn’t sure he could handle the idea of Marinette rejecting him.

“-and that’s how I found myself here. How am I supposed to ask her out if I don’t know if she’ll say yes?”

“Yes, that does sound quite perplexing.” Damian flipped the page in his novel, his eyes glued to the words. Jon was positive he wasn’t paying attention, but he had no one else he could go to. Taking a deep breath, Jon darted forward snapping the book from his best friend’s grasp.

The look that Damian gave him would usually be enough to send Jon running leaving the book in his tracks, but he was so worried about asking out Marinette, he honestly had no value for his life at the moment.

“What is it that you think I can do for you, Jon? I myself have never been interested in relationships. They are quite meaningless if there is nothing you can obtain through the partnership.”

Jon scratched the back of his neck as his eyes clung to the ground. Damian was right. He never had a relationship and never seemed to be interested in them so for Jon to ask him advice on how to ask out Marinette, well, it wasn’t his smartest move.

“It’s just-you see-I know that but-”

“Kent, for the love of whatever being may be out there, spit out your sentence.”

“You’re my only friend Damian!”

He hadn’t meant to shout it, the volume even earning a raised eyebrow from Damian’s usually stoic face.

“I’m just-I’m just desperate. I really want this to go over well.”

Damian’s stare sent a shiver down his spine as they stared in silence for a moment and then two.
Just when he was sure his friend was about to snap, he did something that surprised him even more.


“Excuse me?”

Breaking their stare, Damian reached behind him tossing Jon a notebook and pen without a second look.

“You better write this down Kent because I’ll only say it once. Her favorite flowers are violets so that’s where you’re gonna start.”

Jon’s eyes widened as he scrambled to open the first page of the notebook jotting down the words that were spilling out of Damian’s mouth. By the time his friend had sent him away, Jon was almost confident that this plan could work. Maybe, just maybe, he could finally find the courage to ask out Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

… … … … … … … … … … .

It was barely a day later when Damian Wayne found himself cornered yet again.

He was just trying to finish the last few pages of his book when the blob curled up on the other end of the couch uttered its first noise since it collapsed.

“Damian, can I ask you a question?”

“That’s counterproductive Dupain-Cheng, you already did even though you didn’t hadn’t had my permission.”

Using his book as a shield, he was able to block the incoming pillow assault before it made contact.
“I apologize. Was the correct response; what can I do for you my liege?”

This time a shoe flew toward his face, one he narrowly missed.

“Jon. Is he single by chance?”

Damian couldn’t help the smug smile that pulled at his lips.

“What’s it to you whether he’s single or not?”

The red that crept up her neck confirmed his suspicions before her blubbering even began.

“It’s nothing to me! It’s just that Jon never talks about a girlfriend and it’s not because I don’t think he can get a girlfriend, I mean he’s a very attractive guy, but not that I think he’s super attractive, that’s just stating facts that everyone knows and-”

“You’re rambling.”

Closing his book, Damian turned his attention to his red friend, who’s pout brought a smile to his face.

“Damian, I think-I think I want to ask Jon to be my Valentine.”

Damian couldn’t help the snort that escaped earning a groan from Marinette as she buried her face in her hands.

“There were nicer ways to tell me it wasn’t possible you little demon.”

“Hey now, if you start pulling out cruel nicknames like that, I won’t help you.”

Instantly her head popped up, a doubtful expression monopolizing her face.

“Why would you want to help me, huh?”

Reaching down into his bag Damian bit back the sigh as he sacrificed another notebook to his friends.

“Let’s just say, I’m very invested in the outcome of this Valentine’s Day. Now get to writing.”

… … … … … … … … … .
Two days had passed; Valentine’s Day arrived and Damian hated to admit how curious he was to if the two love-struck idiots had followed his advice.

He got his answer as he entered their favorite hangout spot only to find it covered in bouquets.

“Damian Wayne, you have some serious explaining to do.” Damian ducked on instinct as a batarang flew over his head impaling itself on the nearest wall. “If you were setting people up with the stunning Marinette Dupain-Cheng, why wasn’t I at the top of the list?”

“Sorry Steph, I didn’t think she was all that into blondes.”

“Wipe that shit-eating smirk off your face!” Damian moved to the side as Stephanie lunged at him, her fist dusting the side of his shirt. “You know good and well she used to be into blondes!”

“Jon beat you to asking.” With a shrug of his shoulders, he gently pushed her backward watching as she dramatically flung herself into the couch. “Now will you please shut up? Marinette will be here at any moment.”

As if on cue, the whirl of the Zeta tube echoed through the hangout snapping Jon’s attention into place as he fumbled with the gift bag in his hand. The soft click of Marinette’s heels confirmed her presence as Damian slapped his hand over Stephanie’s mouth.

“Oh mon Dieu, what is all this?”

Damian could feel the nerves rolling off of Jon slamming into him. It was almost as if he was begging him to swoop in and explain why the place was covered in her favorite flowers. He really was hopeless.

“Uhm, well, uh, you see, I-uh-I heard that you like violets. Which I thought was strange because your favorite color is pink but then I also heard that they are one of the few flowers you can always find inspiration from and I wanted you to have as much inspiration as you could ever need.”

It was quick like he was trying to spill his every thought in one breath, but at least he got it out of his mouth.

“That was very nice of you Jon. I’m sure I’ll never run out of inspiration now.” Marinette’s chuckle was soft and Damian was sure he could hear the blush from where he and Stephanie remained crouched. “I, uh-well-I got something for you.”

Without waiting for a response, Marinette shoved her gift box into his arms causing Jon to half chuck his gift at her as well. Their nervous laughter was too much, Damian felt like he was going to die of second-hand embarrassment for them. The sound of tearing paper and tissue flying earned enough of a curious glance from the boy.

Their gasps were in sync earning a small smirk from the boy. With the power of observation, he was able to read both of his friends like an open book.

“You made me a leather jacket? Marinette this is so cool! It looks just like Conner’s! How did you know?”

“How did I know? How did you know that I had been eyeballing this thread set? You’re amazing Jon.”

The noise died down and for a moment, Damian was worried they had reverted back to their awkward selves. Just as he was about to turn back for another look, two shadows loomed over his hiding spot.

“Holy shit! You guys are so quiet!” Stephanie fled from her spot, grasping at her chest. Damian allowed himself a second to exhale as well.

“Damiboo,” he cut his eyes at Marinette sending her a warning look, “did you perchance give both of us advice for Valentine’s day?”

“Tsk, I did no such thing.”

As if on cue, they both raised their matching notebooks, matching smirks on their faces.

“Aww, Dami does love us!” Marinette flung her arms over his shoulders, Jon followed close behind.

“Get off of me you delinquents. I only helped you so that you two would go out and let me finish reading my damn book!”

The two of them were a giggling mess as they finally released him, comparing their notes as they moved toward the zeta tubes. Damian watched precariously as his two friends slowly intertwined fingers, their laughter fading with them as the tube closed. Ensuring they would not pop right back in, Damian finally released a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding.

Moving to the couch, Damian fished for his book that he left hidden underneath the cushions. Just twenty more pages. The end felt like it would never come.  Just as he slipped the bookmark out of place, the weight on the couch shifted as Stephanie exhaled loudly.

“If you like playing Love Doctor so much, why don’t you ever set me up with anyone?”

“Perhaps it’s because I don’t hate anyone enough to set them up with you.”

Damian didn’t even bother to dodge the pillow that knocked his book from his hands. With a huff, he pulled out his final notebook making a mental note to have Alfred pick up some more.


The way she looked at him made him feel as though he had grown a second head, but she accepted the notebook, opening it to a fresh page.

“Who do you hate-”

“Don’t talk, just write. I really would like to finish my book today.”

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justcourttee · 2 years ago

“-And this was your room.”

Marinette stepped out of the doorframe to allow him a glance inside. It was practically bare, the few items put away in an organized manner as if everything had a predestined spot. The only decoration he could spot was a picture of him and Marinette on his nightstand.

“It’s, uh, very neat.”

“Yeah, you always had a thing about organization.” Marinette’s chuckle sounded forced as her tired eyes glanced over his room warily.

“Can I see your room?”

Damian wasn’t sure if he said something wrong, but the way her face reddened he was worried he did.

“Oh no, uhm, don’t worry about it really. I’m sure it’s impolite to ask a woman to see her room-”

“No, no, it’s not that. Of course you can see my room, but just a warning, it’s like a disaster zone compared to yours.”

Turning on her heel, Damian tried to bite back his smile as he noticed the tinge of red that danced across the back of her neck as well. Was he really this lucky? Was this really his roommate? Or were they something more? He desperately wanted to ask her, but it still felt like it was too soon, like she was still grieving the image of him under the building.

He tried not to think much on it, after all, besides the raging amnesia, he had nothing to show for it. It was strange, but the doctor told him to count himself lucky and that’s what he planned to do.

“Try to fight back to urge to clean.”

Damian peeked over the top of her head, his mind reeling as he tried to make sense of the scene in front of him. The covers on the bed hung half on, the other half balled on the floor that remained covered from corner to corner in scraps of fabric and stray shoes. The furthest corner held two full size dummies each sporting a different outfit their headless bodies drooping under the weight of the garments. Yet, despite all the mess, only one thing held his attention.

“You have a lot of photos of us.”

He hadn’t meant to state it so plainly. In fact, the collage edged on the bubbling hope in his chest that this angel was more than just a friend to him. Stepping carefully over the piles of scraps, Damian reached the wall, his eyes trailing over the photos that they shared. She was absolutely gorgeous in every one, but as he continued gazing, his brain began to pound at the sight of the others that accompanied them in the pictures.


He waited until she reached his side, her lips pulled tightly as if she already anticipated his next question before he could even formulate it.

“Who are these people? Are they-” he paused, trying to think of the right word, nothing seeming to fit the description he was looking for.

“Your friends?” Damian’s eyes widened at her suggestion before slowly he nodded turning his attention back to the photos. “Some of them are, some of them are your family?”

Without a thought, his finger reached up to the first photo in his line of sight. The people that surrounded him looked nothing like him, but the way they were posed reminded him of a relationship too close for words.

“They don’t look anything like me.”

Marinette’s laughter caught him off guard as he flinched, his eyes turning to hers in shock. It was the first time he had seen her genuine smile since he had awoken and Gods, it was stunning. Watching her carefully, his eyes trailed after her outstretched hand as she removed the photo from the rest bringing it closer to the two of them.

“All of your siblings are adopted, you are your father’s only blood son.”

Damian could feel the wheels turning in his head attempting to pull this information, but the more he tried, the more painful his headache became. Gently stepping backwards, he lowered himself to sit on Marinette’s bed. She gave him a moment before joining him, handing off the picture she had been clutching to.

“Can you tell me who they are?”

“Of course,” her voice was so soft, so soothing as she walked him through who each person was and how his father ended up with them. For the most part, he could feel something in his chest yearning to see each of them, all of them except-

“I don’t think I liked Tim.”

For the second time that day, Marinette’s laughter bellowed through the apartment. Damian wasn’t sure what was so funny, but her happiness was so mesmerizing that it didn’t matter. So instead, he smiled too, reveling in how close he was to the angel beside him. Damian pulled down a few more photos, begging her to tell him more.

He was amazed at how many people he had met through her and he would be lying if he didn’t say that he was more than delighted to hear that half of them were in Paris.

“-they’ll want to see you, but I told them to give you space, at least a few days. Trust me when I say that the moment you open up to them will be your last moment of peace.”

Her voice was bittersweet as if her statement was a partial joke, one she didn’t take lightly. He knew that she was probably right, he did need some more sleep and he was almost positive that any more new information and his brain would overload. But a small part of him was disappointed as his eyes zeroed in on the people he shared the photo with. They were obviously important to him and he longed to return to them as soon as possible.

“-Damian? Are you listening?” Damian shook his head as he turned his attention back to where she sat, concern dominating her face.

“I’m sorry Marinette.” Her smile was soft as she hesitantly reached her hand out waiting until he accepted it in his own. The feeling of her fingers slowly intertwining with his sent shockwaves through his body. “I promise, I wasn’t trying to ignore you, I just-I just thought I could try to remember something about my friends.”

Her grip tightened briefly before she let go completely, his hand instantly balling into a fist from the loss of contact. The silence they sat in was unbearable and Damian wasn’t sure how to fix it. He knew that it had to be hard on her too, after all, watching someone you cared about have to relearn everything must be agonizing. But it was as if she didn’t realize that it was hard on him too.

For the first time since he had met the angel, he felt angry at her and he hated it.

“We should get you something to eat, is there anything you would like?”

Damian inhaled sharply as a sharp pain cut through his stomach. How did he not notice how hungry he had gotten?

“If it’s not too much to ask, do you think you could make me something?”

His head turned slightly to look at her. She seemed lost in thought as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words. He knew how she felt.

“How about Dolma?”

Instantly he could feel his mouth watering but for some reason, he couldn’t picture the food itself. Whatever it was, it must have been good, otherwise this reaction would be completely illogical. He couldn’t speak for fear of drooling, so instead, he nodded earning a small smile from his angel.

“Then you take a nap while I prep.” Before he could even protest, Damian found himself silenced by a petite finger resting on his lips. “Not another word, nap first, food when it’s ready. That’s an order.”

Damian couldn’t help the giggle that escaped his lips as he swung his legs onto the bed, relishing in how great an actual mattress felt after spending so many days in the hospital’s. Closing his eyes, he listened to her soft footsteps retreating to where he assumed the kitchen was.

Turning to his side, he cracked open his eyes to where she had set down the photos on her nightstand. Gingerly, he lifted one to his face, his eyes scanning over his brothers and sisters. He wanted to feel something looking at the photo, something more than just the longing to know who they were.

It frustrated him that he couldn’t even remember a single name Marinette told him just moments before. He could feel the sleep tugging at him and before he knew it, he was gone, still clutching tightly to the photo with the hopes that by the time she woke him, he would at least remember one face.

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justcourttee · 2 years ago

After looking over everyone’s comments and counting them up, this one was the most requested! I still plan on doing the others later, but thank you for helping me choose where to start. I hope you enjoy the story!

Damian sat up abruptly, gripping his head tightly. The headache was killer as if someone was constantly hitting him upside the head with a bat. He tried to take in his surroundings, but it all felt so fuzzy. The only thing he could recognize was someone squeezing his hand.

“S’il vous plaît mon amour, ouvrez les yeux.”

The voice was soft and soothing, but he couldn’t understand a word. He tried to roll his head in the direction of the sounds, but it felt impossible.

“Médecin! Je pense qu’il est réveillé.”

Oh no, had he done something to upset the divine voice? It now sounded frantic and anxious as if his jerking about was a bad thing.

Slowly his eyes began to come into focus as two figures leaned over him. One was an older man shining a bright flashlight above his eyes causing his pounding headache to worsen, the other, well God.

If Damian hadn’t believed in an all-powerful being before that moment, he sure as hell did now. There was only one word to describe the girl that leaned into his view-

“An Angel.”

The man shared a concerned look with the woman as if his realization was startling. He thought it was obvious, considering her dark hair, piercing blue eyes, fair and glowing complexion. The only thing she was missing was a halo.

“Do you speak English sir?”

Damian’s head lolled into the direction that the man stood. His accent was thick, his voice brash unlike the mystical woman still gripping his hand.

“Is that what you are speaking now? Well, I suppose.”

The man shared another concerned look with the woman before uttering more nonsense like they had right when he had opened his eyes. Perhaps it was the language of the eternal, but if that was the case-

“Excuse me, but am I dead?”

The girl released his hand, bringing it to her lips as if trying to hold back the gasp that escaped her pastel lips. Was everything she did so mesmerizing?

“Damian, why do you think you’re dead?”

The man’s voice was calculated as if he was asking a loaded question that everyone knew the answer to except him.

“Well because this woman is obviously too beautiful to be a human woman and you sir, you speak in a foreign language that she seems to understand as well. It must obviously be the language of the eternal beings of the afterlife. The angel was gripping my hand tightly before I opened my eyes, therefore she must be my guide, scared I will lose my way if she were to let go. Now that I have grasped my situation, she felt it was safe to release me.”

The girl’s cheeks flushed red, an astounding sight against her light skin tone. Her eyes trailed from his face to the man’s, both flickering from each other to him as if they were having a silent conversation about him.

“I do not understand this eternal language if you wish to talk about me without my knowledge. It simply seems more effective than the approach you both are attempting right now.”

Both sets of eyes froze on him.

“Damian, uhm, you are not dead. We are not eternals. Do you remember anything?”

Was he supposed to? He felt the bed rising slightly causing him to sit from his previous position. His eyes went out of focus again as all the blood seemed to rush from his head. Without thinking twice, he reached his hand out in a panicked manner, only calming when it found hers.

“Damian, what’s wrong?”

He took a moment to adjust, blinking his eyes several times until his sight began to return.

“I believe the movement caused a temporary blindness.”

Again, the man began shining a blinding light into his eyes. Damian wasn’t sure what his motives were, but if it was to continue his blindness, he was certainly succeeding. 

“Miss Marinette, Do you mind if we have a word in the hall?”

Marinette. Of course, a stunning name for a stunning woman. Her eyes seemed to be glued to his face as if searching for his permission to leave his side. If he was honest, he had no idea why she wanted it. As gently as he could, he nodded, trying to egg her on toward the man who already stood in the doorway.

She stood abruptly, her warmth leaving with her. The sight of her retreating figure bringing an instant pang in his chest. He tried to strain his ears in hopes that they would speak in a tongue he understood, but alas, it was useless.

Instead, he attempted to gather information about his surroundings. If he wasn’t dead, why was everything such a blinding white? The chipped paint on the walls, the sheets covering half his body, the railings protruding from the side of his bed.

There was a word for this. He knew it, it was right on the tip of his tongue, but causing such a strain on trying to produce the name only caused the dizziness in his head to worsen. The sound of the door pushing open brought his attention back to the angel standing in his doorway.

“Damian, do you remember who I am? What I am?”

“Sure, you are Marinette. The doctor stated that minutes ago.”

Her face was calculated as if trying to choose her next sentence carefully.

“How about last week? Do you remember what you told me?”

Damian felt like the air in the room had become suffocating. It had to be something important, otherwise, it wouldn’t matter enough to bring it up. He wanted to give her the right answer so desperately, but with every passing second, he couldn’t bring himself to lie.

He shook his head as she crossed the room, returning to her seat that he had found her in when he opened his eyes. She looked so defeated as if she was bearing hundreds of years of worries in her young body.

“Dr. Julien says you could be experiencing this memory loss from the physical trauma that you endured. He would like you to stay a few more days to assess how bad the damage is and work on a possible solution for recovery.”

“Physical trauma?” The words sounded foreign in his mouth. He didn’t feel like he had any physical trauma, besides the aching in his head that is. “Marinette, please enlighten me. What is this physical trauma I suffered?”

Her whole body stiffened and instantly Damian knew he had asked a sensitive question. He wanted to take it back, forget that he ever asked, but the curiosity was starting to eat at him.

“I apologize, this must be hard for you as well, but I must know what I am dealing with.”

Hesitantly, he reached for her hand, silently praising when she allowed him to take it.

“No, you’re right, You deserve to know.” With a great sigh, she pulled out her phone from a purse he hadn’t noticed before. “This may be hard to watch, are you sure Damian?”

Interlocking his fingers with her free hand, Damian released the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. With a small nod, she leaned forward, pressing play on her phone. The scene seemed to be something from a local channel, all of the subtitles in a language he didn’t recognize. An older woman with violet-colored hair leaned out of a helicopter, babbling about a building on fire in the background.

She began to point out a smaller girl in a red leather suit when the cameraman zoomed past her with a focus on the burning building. Underneath it stood a man that seemed to be yelling at the girl, completely unfazed by the fire blazing above him. He was about to ask her what this newcast meant and what it had to do with his injury when a slight movement caught his eye. A man in an odd costume shot a laser at the distracted girl and right as she dodged, it made contact with the building behind her.

Damian watched with horror-filled eyes as the building crumbled instantly, a small part pining the red-clad woman to the roof. She stretched out her hand desperately as if she could push the man on the ground away from the scene unfolding before him. Damian had to turn his head before the first brick had made contact with the man on the ground.

With silence filling the room, Marinette took the moment to slip her phone back into her bag.

“Marinette?” She squeezed his hand as if edging him to ask the question that hung in the air. “Was that me in the video?”

“Yes.” Her voice was quiet. The divineness that laced her speech earlier was gone and in its place was a strangled noise as if she couldn’t bring herself to recall the events. It made no sense to him. She was an angel, why would she be getting so upset about a lowly being such as himself.

“I-” His voice seemed to fail him as he desperately strained to remember the events.

“Damian, you don’t have to say anything. Please, I just want you to rest. I’ll answer all your questions when we go home.”

“Home?” Her eyes were glassy as if the idea of him leaving the hospital with her seemed a million years away. All he wanted to do was rip the cords from his body, take her into his arms, and dry her tears. Go wherever she wanted to take him. “Okay. Home sounds nice. It’s just two more days right?”

Marinette nodded, her free hand fidgeting with the edge of his blanket, her eyes not quite meeting his. His heart felt like it wanted to jump out of his chest and into her arms, it was physically hurting him not being able to comfort her like he so wanted to.

“Don’t worry Angel, the time will pass by in the flash of an eye.”

As gently as he could, Damian raised their hands to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss along her knuckles. His eyes glanced to her face where it seemed that an ounce of worry had melted away. It was hardly noticeable, but it was enough for him. Lowering their hands, Damian slowly lowered himself backward until his bed was flat once more.

Closing his eyes, he was completely aware of the soft sobs that echoed from where she sat, but he felt as though he used all of his strength. Against his own will, he lost consciousness to the most heartbreaking sound he had ever heard.

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justcourttee · 3 years ago

Flirty Ladybird saves Blushing Mess Damien from a hostage situation and the bat fam gets there to witness it.

Flirty and Confident Marinette is ALWAYS a pleasure to write. 

A Kidnapped Date

“This is the third time this week you’ve been kidnapped Mr. Wayne. I’m starting to think you commission these guys just so I can save you.”

“I told you a million times woman, Mr. Wayne is my father. Stop addressing me as if I were some aristocrat with a stick up my ass.”

Her giggle sounded hysterical to him as she leaped off her victim leaving him to fall into an unconscious pile on the ground. Watching her toy with each of the thugs like this was some kind of game for her, Damian couldn’t help but be impressed. When Ladybird first showed up in Gotham City six months ago, his father had put it up to vote as to whether they should act on her existence or allow her to run free with a warning.

Clearly, they had made the wrong decision.

“So Prince Damian, when are you going to ask me out?”

“Excuse me?” The heat that rose to Damian’s face was instantaneous. Ladybird was always forward, but this was a first. “Prince isn’t much better than Mr. Wayne.”

A sickening snap came from behind him as the thug let out a cry before a thud indicated that he had passed out. Two leather-clad hands gently snaked their way down his shoulders sending a shiver through his body. Normally, he would have pushed away from the advances of women like her, but at the moment his hands were tied, quite literally.

“Hmm, this is genuine silk huh? You really did dress to impress my prince.” Her lips brushed his ear as her whispers tickled his skin. “This is quite an expensive suit, do you always roam Gotham City dressed as such, or was tonight in hopes of seeing me?”

Her hands slowly traveled further down his chest resting on his abdomen as she draped her chin over his shoulder. The baby hairs that strayed from her bun mocked his self-restraint as he did everything he could not to lean over and lay his cheek on them. Damian was positive she could feel his heart racing no matter how much he begged it to stop.

“Say, what if I give you my number pretty boy?” Her hands began to travel again stopping just above his belt. He wanted to push her off, but some part of him stayed complacent as his quickening heart felt like it would explode with one more inch. “Of course, it would have to be my work phone, I’m not quite sure you could handle my alter ego.”

“Didn’t you finish your job? Just untie me and leave woman.” Damian couldn’t control the crack in his voice and any hope she hadn’t noticed vanished as the melodic sound of her laughter echoed.

“If that’s what you wish my Prince. Besides, I know Batsy is sitting in the shadows ready to rush in and return you to your father.”

Damian stiffened immediately as he tried to stare into the darkest corner of the room for his father’s silhouette. That bastard knew Ladybird was playing with him and decided to watch the show. He hoped his father had made his peace with whatever afterlife he believed in.

His wrists began to loosen as the soft thump of the ropes hit the floor. As he stood, Damian turned to thank her only to be met with soft lips on his. The contact couldn’t have been for more than a second but it startled him. Quickly he took a step backward tripping over his own feet and landing on his butt.

“Ciao, I’ll see you at your next kidnapping mon amour!” His eyes traveled to the glass roof where she stood sending him another kiss from above before she disappeared.

With a single finger, Damian delicately traced over his lips. She had really kissed him. He had his first kiss sto-

“Woah ho ho, Ladybird totally just stole your first kiss!”

Damian felt his entire face flush as he swung behind him making contact with Jason’s gut.

“Did she taste like strawberries? I bet she did. She looks like the kind of girl who uses flavored chapstick.”

Dick was smarter as he stood at an arm’s length away from Damian’s blind swinging.

“Damian, if your girlfriend keeps interrupting these kidnappings, we’ll never get the information we’re looking for.”

“She’s not my girlfriend Drake!”

Damian reclined until his back his the ground. Instantly, three faces loomed over him, each wearing the same smug expression.

“What do you think Brucey? Can’t we just let her in on the mission so she’ll stop saving our ‘damsel’ here?”

“Not yet Jason. How else do you think Damian will get experience with talking with the opposite sex? If  I expect to see him married one day, he’ll need to continue these dates.”

Damian let out an involuntary groan as their laughter billowed around him. Covering his eyes with his arm, he allowed them a few more moments of joking around. Besides, it wasn’t like he could hear a word.

His mind was miles away running with the thought of stealing the next kiss from her.

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justcourttee · 3 years ago

Hey! So I was wondering if you could do a social media au where everything is through Twitter or insta and you can kinda tell theres a plot but it’s mostly just humor

I’m terrible at editing so I typed this out instead. I’m so sorry but please enjoy. 

Social Media Thread

@sunshinechild posted: I thought Arson was a guy. The news would say “Arson is suspected.” And I was like, ‘Another one?? They really need to catch this guy!’

Comments (192) Likes (2k) ReTweets (1.2k)

… … . .
@mdcdesigns: It’s okay Dick! Everyone has a moment here and there!
@therealbloodson: It’s not a moment, it’s his entire life.
@coffeeisalifestyle: Aren’t you a cop or something?
@sunshinechildParisEdition: You had me concerned. I thought Batman couldn’t handle this new Arson villain! :o
@deadontheinside: Yo, Agreste, I get that these Gotham villains are named all over the place, but have a little more faith in the bat. It’s not like he can’t even catch his sidekicks partners when they decide to go rogue.
@theredsmarterthanTim: …that was oddly specific


@therealbloodson posted: I am surrounded by idiots 24/7.

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@deadontheinside: ..this doesn’t have anything to do with your cow being pink now does it?
@theredsmarterthanTim: No, it’s probably that Dick tried to do his laundry for him and shrunk all his sweaters.
@coffeeisalifestyle: hm, I think it has something to do with Adrien eating the cookies Marinette made for him.
@sunshinechildParisEdition: It can’t be that! It’s probably that Jason volunteered to chaperone his school fieldtrip.
@therealbloodson: … I was talking about my class that failed our open book exam but now I see that there is much hell to pay


@mdcdesigns posted: I had a wonderful time tonight at dinner with @therealbloodson! Thanks @sunshinechild and @theredsmarterthanTim for offering your reservation to us!

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@sunshinechild: Don’t mention it! It was the least we could do!
@theredsmarterthanTim: Yeah, it wasn’t like Damian threatened us or anything after Dick ruined all of his clothes.
@therealbloodson: Perhaps next time Grayson will leave my belongings to me and keep his nose to himself.
@sunshinechild: I already apologized a million times little D! What else can I do to make this up to you?
@therealbloodson: ..nothing..your fate has already been decided. Todd is now the most tolerable brother.
@deadontheinside: About damn time someone recognized my tolerableness.


@sunshinechildParisEdition posted: Ok what was the thing you thought was VERY fancy as a kid that turned out not to be?
I thought Jägermeister was for sophisticated ladies because my mom sometimes sipped some out of a cordial glass at bedtime.

Comments (6.3k) Likes (22.4k) ReTweets (4.9k)
@deadontheinside: Oh, we putting people on blast today? Dick used to believe that Instant Coffee was a divine drink that Alfred produced with magic because he would serve it to all the politicians that came to the house.
@coffeeisalifestyle: You’re not that innocent Jason. Didn’t you think that Folgers was a German island that Bruce was intent on buying because of how often he mumbled about needing to get his hands on Folgers?
@theredsmarterthanTim: Didn’t Damian used to think the Hill’s Brothers were an elite set of twins that ruled the coffee market for like four years? Who finally told him it was a coffee brand? I liked picking on him for it.
@sunshinechildParisEdition: ..this was supposed to be a funny thread..do you guys do roasts other than coffee?
@sunshinechild: Sorry blondie, these are the grounds of our humor XD
@therealbloodson: Agreste, you should just block them all.


@deadontheinside posted: well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

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… … … … .
@mdcdesigns: ..is this about you dying Damian’s cow pink?
@sunshinechild: Oh no, did Damian find out that you were the one who replaced all his colored pencils with the color Razzmatazz?
@theredsmarterthanTim: Nah, I think Damian found out that Jason met Tom and Sabine before he did. Boyfriend pride and all is hurt.
@sunshinechildParisEdition: It can’t be that. My money is on the fact that Jason let Titus loose in the manor and he ate Damian’s lunch that was sitting on the kitchen counter.
@coffeeisalifestyle: You’re all dumb. It’s obviously the fact that Jason crashed his motorcycle that Bruce got him the other day.
@therealbloodson: …Todd is dead to me. Grayson is dead to me. I can’t believe you guys have forced my hand. Drake is unfortunately the most tolerable.
@coffeeisalifestyle: Oh gee, what an honor.

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justcourttee · 3 years ago


I tried to make it a little different than the ones I’ve read, so I hope it was what you were thinking about! 

A Marriage Contract 

“Being Guardian has been a shitshow on its own but now you’re telling me there are strings attached?”

Marinette crossed her arms in annoyance as she eyed the pair that sat across from her. She couldn’t be bothered to learn their names, after all, it took the council a year to learn her own. They seriously couldn’t expect to get by with barely knowing her and throw her into the arms of two strangers.

“Ahem, well, I suppose you could call them strings. I prefer to call it insurance.” The woman’s smile seethed venom. Marinette leaned forward, her eyes throwing daggers at the boy that sat beside the woman. It wasn’t that he was ugly, no, he was probably the most attractive guy she had ever met. It was the principle and a little bit of pride at this point.

“What is it, woman? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what exactly?”

There was a tense moment of silence as the two remained locked in a staring contest, both refusing to blink first.

“Oh come now child, this is beneath you.” Marinette couldn’t hold back her chuckle as she watched the woman’s resending hand. The boy’s daggers shifted to the woman as he gently rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, we haven’t sealed the deal yet. Miss Dupain-Cheng, I need you to solidify this contract.”

The piece of paper had sat so peacefully in the middle of the table, she almost hadn’t noticed it until the woman had shoved it in her direction. Her eyes lazily glanced over the terms and conditions. God, she sounded so replaceable. She could feel their stares as she lifted the paper closer to her face.

“It says in Section 4b that if we want to get a divorce both parties will have to participate in a death match for the reigning glory. Is that written correctly?”

“Of course, how else would it be decided who gets to reign both organizations?”

“Oh, yes, obviously.” Marinette bit her tongue from letting the next few words escape her lips. The guardians honestly expected her to sign her life away to these two strangers to ensure their safety. What a hoax. If it weren’t for her kwamiis, Marinette would have never agreed to attend the negotiations. “Now, what if he decides that he wants to attack the Order even though we marry?”

“Then we shall eliminate him ourselves, after all, we are a League built on the word of our ruler. If my son decides to ignore this binding contract, he is well aware of the punishment.”

Marinette allowed herself a glance at the boy. He hadn’t said much during the negotiations, perhaps he was just the same as her. A pawn for their leaders to use in this game. Setting down the paper, she gently reached over for the knife they had provided. Placing the blade on her palm, her eyes locked on the boy’s.

“Tell me,” instantly his eyes glanced to the woman, “No, keep your eyes on mine.”

The woman exhaled loudly as she waved his attention back to Marinette’s.

“What’s your name?”

“Damian Al Ghul Wayne.” Wayne. That sounded familiar. Wasn’t he a multimillionaire in the U.S.? Did he know his son was here signing his life away? Probably, after seeing the shit Adrien’s dad put him through, Marinette had no trust in the rich.

“Well Damian Al Ghul Wayne, do you think it is in our best interests to sign this contract?”

He looked hesitant, as if he wanted to say something, but he was unsure how to formulate the right words. It was taking every ounce of his willpower not to look at the woman beside him. His supposed mother bartering his life as if it was replaceable. Marinette had decided that she hated the woman from the moment they shook hands, but the longer these negotiations went on, the more reasons began to formulate backing her hatred.

“I think-I think that if you value your life and everyone in it as I do mine, we should sign it.”

The woman stiffened in her seat as if he had released her Ace. Marinette couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped. The boy looked mortified as her chuckle became more hysterical.

“God, you’re threatening his friends and family? You really are a piece of shit woman.”

Before either one could respond, Marinette drew the knife quickly across her palm. It stung, but she couldn’t be bothered to care. Picking up the small feather, Marinette dipped it in the pooling blood before gently placing the tip to the paper in front of her. Setting the feather down, she reached for the towel one of the Guardian’s had provided.

“Well,” the woman cleared her throat as she slid the paper to Damian. “As he signs this paper, the negotiations officially draw to an end. You will be married as soon as we finish preparations. Feel free to invite any friends or family as you please Miss Dupain-Cheng, after all, you only get married once.”

If Marinette had any strength to stand, she would’ve used it to deck the woman. Just once would have been so satisfying. The boy shot her a look that fell somewhere between pity and concern, but Marinette didn’t care. It was obvious to her that he had more at stake here and she was determined to change that for him.

As the woman stood to leave, her smirk floating behind her, Marinette reached out, grabbing the boy’s hand from across the table.

“What is the meaning of this?” The way her eyebrow rose in amusement told Marinette all she needed to know. With as much effort as she could, Marinette leaned against the table for support, shooting the woman the most menacing glare that she could muster.

“Until you set the wedding date, Damian will be staying with me under the protection of the Order of the Guardians. As will any of his friends and family that he pleases,”

“Oh? And what makes you think you have this kind of power child?”

Marinette felt the smirk pulling at her lips as she nodded to the paper that Thalia held in her hands.

“The fact that you and your son agreed to the terms and conditions gives me all the authority I need. As you can see, there is some fine print.”

“How did you-?” Marinette sent her a wink as Tikki flew out from her jacket, a small pencil clutched in their hand. The shock that monopolized the woman’s face was almost as satisfying as the idea of punching her.

“As stated in the recently added Section 6e, the boy and all of his people will be under the protection of one Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her kwamiis. So, if you’ll excuse us, Damian has a few phone calls he needs to make.”

Without looking back, Marinette dragged Damian from around the table and out of the room. The chills that ran up and down her back were no doubt the woman’s steely glare as they escaped the negotiations.

“Woman, I am not some damsel in need of your saving.”

“Can’t you think of a better pet name than woman my fiancée?”

As soon as their feet hit the fresh pavement outside, Damian roughly pulled his hand from hers, his stare filled with both contempt and awe as if she were some enemy he couldn’t wait to surpass.

“Just who are you?”

The smirk on her face felt like a permanent feature as she mock curtsied to the frowning boy in front of her.

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng, your betrothed.”

Without waiting for a response, Marinette slid the glasses from their position on top of her head to the bridge of her nose. Reaching back, she grasped Damian’s hand tightly, ignoring his tugging.

“Kaalki, full gallop!”

The struggling intensified as Marinette became sheathed in a column of light, only stopping when the transformation completed.

“What the fu-”

“Kaalki, a portal to Wayne Manor, please. I have business with this man’s father.”

Marinette ignored his protests as the air split in front of them, a gloomy sky shimmering on the other side. Stepping one foot through, Marinette put on her best determined look. After all, someone had a lot of explaining to do and Wayne was going to answer everything, even if she had to beat it out of him herself.

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justcourttee · 3 years ago

Daminette soulmate au where Damian really doesn’t want a soulmate cuz of the league and Mari doesn’t know why but doesn’t wanna be a burden and just pushes away everything and the class is being horrible and she gets depressed and when Damien realizes he’s just like fuck. I’m in the mood for angst

This one comes with a bit of a trigger wanner, super angsty, at least I tried. There is so mention of suicide, but no description. I don’t want anyone to read unless they feel comfortable knowing that. 

I hope this is something like what you had in mind. 

A Moment Too Late

The first time Damian had heard the voice of his soulmate, he was only six years old. Her indecent squeals distracted him from the oncoming blow earning him a black and blue cheek and a week of cleaning duties for failing to end his opponent. 

He hadn’t let anyone know what had happened, after all, the league had forbidden contact with the outside world, soulmate bonds included. Damian recalled seeing hundreds of men and women die for contacting their soulmates or allowing them to become distractions that led them astray from the League’s mission. Just because he was the grandson of the Demon Head, it didn’t mean anything in regards to the rules. 

So he did his best to block out her thoughts or outbursts, only focusing on his current tasks, silently begging her to block him out as well. It worked for a little while, but as they aged, she seemed to become more observant of his silence. 

He was eleven years old when his mother first discovered that he had been on the receiving end of his soulmate bond. Marinette, as he soon learned, was trying to coax him into a conversation when Damian snapped, begging her to shut up. The very next day, he found himself drugged and on a boat floating in the dock of Gotham City. 

Never once did he blame his mother for his predicament. No, she was just trying to protect him. After all, if his grandfather had found out, Damian would have been beheaded in front of the others. The only one to blame was Marinette. 

The next time she would contact him would be her last. She tried to reach out, ask him if he was okay, but the sentiment only fueled his rage.

“Don’t you get it? I never wanted this bond! I begged you mercilessly to leave it alone. I begged you to shut up, but you just couldn’t could you? I lost everything because of you, you hear me Marinette? If you just would’ve shut your damn mouth, I would still be able to see my mother. I hope you never use this bond again, I never want to hear from you again.”

There was no response, but it didn’t bother him. This was what he wanted for so many years, for her to never utter a sound to him again. It was a blessed day, one filled with silence as he entered Wayne Manor for the very first time. 

… … … … … … … … … … … … . .

“Grayson, can you stop mumbling to yourself? You look like an idiot.”

Dick reached back, swatting at where Damian once stood, the goofy smile on his face not wavering. 

“Oh little D, you just don’t understand. If my soulmate wants to talk, I’ll drop everything to take a moment for her.”

“A truly asinine thought, really.”

Damian rolled his eyes as he perched on the edge of the roof, gazing lazily over the darkened city streets. Personally, Damian wasn’t too fond of his brothers using their bonds while on patrol. It was as if they didn’t understand how much of a distraction it could be. No, it was much better to set boundaries, let them know where they stand. 

“Hey little D, have you contacted your soulmate yet?”

Dick squatted beside where Damian was perched, his smile pulling tight as if he already knew the answer to his question. 

“I told you, Grayson, I burned that bridge a long time ago. She hasn’t used the bond since we were eleven and I do not intend to be the first one to break that streak.”

“It sounds like you are too prideful to admit to her that you were wrong.”

“I was not wrong!” Damian could feel the red rising to his cheeks as he turned to avoid Dick’s piercing gaze. “She was the reason I had to leave the league, there is no denying that.”

His voice dropped slightly as he kept his eyes downcast knowing that no matter how many times he told himself that, it only got harder to believe as time passed. 

“Yeah, yeah, same line, less sincerity each time.”

Damian turned, ready to spat a venomous insult when a sudden wave of nauseous hit him like a truck. Doubling over, he could barely make out Dick’s words, the only thing monopolizing his mind was one piercing voice, one he hadn’t heard in years.

“I just want to die! Why won’t you let me die?”

Later, Dick would cry from the fear of the sight of Damian curled tightly on that rooftop, his eyes bloodshot and wide as if he’d seen a ghost. But, in that very moment, he knew that his main priority was to get him back to Alfred in hopes he could figure out any way to save Damian from the haunting phrase that slipped through his lips a hundred times over. 

“It’s all my fault.”

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … . . 

It was close to three in the morning when the pain subsided allowing Damian to slip away from the pestering of his family. His movements were still stiff as if he was just a hollow man trying out his own legs for the first time in years. Her words seemed to be stuck on repeat, even though he was sure that she wouldn’t still be muttering them hours later. 

He couldn’t figure out what had happened to leave her at this last attempt. He couldn’t figure out if he should care or not. 

His gut was still throbbing as if he had been stabbed and the wound wasn’t sure if it wanted to be healed. As he slid down onto his favorite bench in the gardens, he remained locked in a fight with himself as to whether he should reach out or not. Hesitantly, he checked his surroundings before drawing in a deep breath concentrating all of his thoughts on her. 

“Are you okay Marinette?”

It was silent. 

Damian let a minute pass and then another. With a sigh of defeat, he closed his eyes pulling his legs into his chest. Of course she wouldn’t answer, it had been years of silence and carrying the guilt that he so carelessly placed on her.

 Shaking his head, he gingerly lifted it to allow his chin to rest on his knee. No, maybe he was a small part of her problem, but she couldn’t have banked her entire existence on a soulmate. Just what had happened to her over all these years. Certainly, he had been through worse, but even as the words crossed his mind he could hear Dick chiding him, reminding him that everyone carries burdens differently.

“I do not know if you can hear me, but I wanted to apologize for my outburst so many years ago. I blamed you for a lifestyle I was born into and that wasn’t right. Please, I’d like to start again, Even if it’s just as friends.”

The biting wind of the night nipped at his bare arms as if it were her answer itself. She obviously wanted nothing to do with him. Just as he stood to leave, a soft voice tickled the back of his head, so quiet that he almost missed the harsh words. 

“I don’t have friends or family, hell, I don’t even have a soulmate who wants me. Don’t bother trying now. I’m sorry if my emotions got the better of me earlier, but it was no guilt trip and I don’t need your pity. I just want to be gone and leave Paris a brighter city for it.”

Damian could feel the wheel’s turning at the mention of her home. A private plane could make it to Paris in just six hours. She might not want his pity and he wasn’t sure if he had any to give, but one thing was for certain; he could not let her die no matter what she wanted. 

“What will you be doing in six hours?”

His heart was racing a mile a minute as he waited desperately for her response. 

“I’ll be leaving school I suppose.”

Damian couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at his lips as he turned toward the manner, racing at full speed. 

Six hours. He could meet her in six hours. He could change her life in six hours. 

He couldn’t even focus on his clothes as they lay strewn across his bed, each missing his suitcase as he tore through his closet. Six hours felt like a lifetime knowing the stakes, but it was something he had to try. Even if he had to scour the entire city, Damian would find his soulmate. 

He just hoped that he wouldn’t arrive a moment too late.

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justcourttee · 3 years ago

So the semester is finally ending which means I’ll finally have time to write again! I’m working on a couple of asks right now, but I thought I could give you a modified version of something I submitted this semester. The prompt was to “make your reader feel something in under 1,000 words”. I rearranged it to work for Daminette, so I hope you enjoy!

When Damian Wayne walked into the bar on that fateful day, the sun was still on its downward set. Besides himself, there was maybe one or two others, the locals drunks, already wasted before the large clock on the wall had hit 6pm.

Sliding into a stool as far as he could get from the others, Damian motioned for the bartender.

“Why, is that little Wayne? I suppose not so little anymore huh? How’s your father doing? I only seem him once a year on that day you know.”

Damian did in fact know. Every year since his father’s wife had passed, Bruce came down to this bar for a shot of whiskey before eventually finding himself at her grave. It was the first place he had laid eyes on her and while his father was an intelligent man, Damian knew that he secretly hoped that it was all one cruel dream and that she would come waltzing through that door, loud red lips cursing up a storm, ready to tear into anyone who dare crossed her path.

“Say, it’s still daylight outside. What’s a respectable man such as yourself doing here at this hour?”

Now that, Damian didn’t have an answer for. There was only one place he should truly be right now, but the thought of it made his stomach churn.

“Alrighty now, not one for talking today. How about I get you a glass of your father’s favorite? Do you take it on the rocks, chilled, straight?”

Damian felt like he uttered out a response, but the sound was foreign to his own ears. His mind was elsewhere, approximately one mile away from the bar in where he sat. The soft clink of the glass being set down in front of him drew his mind back briefly, if only to stare at the dark liquid still swirling in his glass.

“Did you hear? Sabine’s girl is going under surgery today. Them doctors tell her that it could extend her life expectancy, but the risk of cardiac arrest would be too much for me to agree.”

Damian felt his fists curling under the bartop. Who were these drunks to mention Ms. Dupain-Cheng and her daughter? They barely knew them and when they ever did come up in conversation, it was to gossip.

“Well, her girl ain’t so little, she’s 19, old enough to agree to the surgery for her own. Sabine ain’t have much say in that.”

That was a lie. Sabine could have begged Marinette to change her mind, she could’ve shown up when they were signing the paperwork, signing her fucking will at 19. Damian was there. Damian held her hand as she searched the room for her mother before the nurses came to role her to the OR.

“Hey, you’re Bruce’s son right? His wife used to be close to the Dupain-Chengs. Tell us, why that youngster dye her hair all them crazy colors? It’s purple right now ain’t it? She’d be a lot prettier without all that - oof”

There was shouting from the bartender and the other drunk as Damian stood over the man, his knuckles split from where he had made contact with the man’s eyesocket. The air cut into his exposed knuckles earning an involuntary hiss of pain. He vaguely felt the bartender pulling him back, begging him to leave before he had to call the cops, but all he could see was red.

Shaking off the old man, Damian grabbed his glass, downing the last of the dark liquid before stepping into the now darkened streets. His eyes glanced to the left where the dark building loomed over him, a large red plus taunting him, daring him to return to the cold waiting room bench.

Glancing at his watch, he did his best to calculate how long it had been since she was rolled beyond those doors, how long had it been since hers watering eyes left his own. If he was right, they should have finished an hour ago.

“Quick and easy Marinette, okay?”

Those words felt like an empty promise, one the doctor didn’t even believe as his pity crashed through the room, suffocating everyone around him. Where did he get off lying to her like that?

As the sun finished setting over the horizon and the stars began to blink to life one by one, Damian couldn’t bring himself to make that first step toward the hospital. He felt it deep in his gut that going back would only grant him the answer that he had been dreading all day.

So instead he turned on his heel and with one foot in front of the other, Damian left. He had no destination in mind, only to get as far away from that damn red cross taunting him in the darkened sky.

Looking back a year from now, this night would be the greatest regret that Damian Wayne would ever acquire, but for the moment, he needed to spare himself the grief of losing Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

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justcourttee · 5 years ago

New prompt idea! Following the defeat of Hawkmoth, Jason is terrified of the idea of Bruce adopting the sunshine child that is Adrien (that and all the puns that the boy makes... Adrien can't meet Dick!!!). He, alongside Damian, decide to try to get Selina to adopt a new cat instead. Unfortunately for everyone (except Adrien), Jon tags along. AdriJon for the ship and maybe Marinette being having a sibling relationship with the Wayne children?

I’m back to writing and when I saw this prompt, I was so excited. If it hasn’t been hinted at enough in some of my pieces, I adore AdriJon. I hope you like it! @elements1999

Stupid Lovestruck Jon

As Gabriel Agreste was drug from his front gates, the crowds surrounding the manor erupted in yet another round of cheers. Even with the hero’s help, the police had trouble keeping them back. Jason and Damian stood on the edge, both wearing matching grim expressions under their hoods and glasses.

“You know what this means D?”

Damian nodded solemnly, the scowl on his face deepening as Gabriel disappeared from their view.

“Father mustn’t meet Agreste until we have found a suitable host family for him.”

The idea of Dick and Adrien bonding over stupid puns and forcing Jason and Damian to join in on family game nights was enough to send shivers down the two Wayne’s backs. There was no question about it, Adrien could not be allowed to be adopted.

“What do you think Selina would say if we brought her a kit?”

Damian shifted his gaze to Jason’s face, doing his best to hide his shock that Jason could come up with a coherent idea.

“I believe she would enjoy Plagg very much, Adrien though? Well, that would take some getting used to. How do you propose we get the two to meet?”

Jason’s face darkened quickly.

“It’ll be risky, but we invite them to America. After all, he’s going to need an escape from the media.”

“Perhaps Metropolis?”

The boys nodded as if that was the most logical sentence before both heads snapped up, their eyes widening at the sight of the petite hero that had landed between them. Marinette threw her arms around the boys’ shoulders, dragging them down to her own height.

“There is only room for so much sunshine at the Wayne estate. Dick has monopolized all of it and for the sake of not only you but myself as well, Adrien needs a more stable parental figure than Bruce Wayne. Not that my first choice would be Selena, but I know that she has a soft spot for orphans, no matter what she says.”

Both boys tried to wrestle their way out of her grasp, but it was nearly impossible with Tikki to help her.

“Here’s how it will go. I will go to help the police finalize anything they need for this arrest and you will trail Chat Noir until he decided to transform back. I want to be there as well, but unfortunately, the police aren’t exactly understanding when it comes to personal relationships.”

With a nod, the sound of two smacks echoed as she disappeared into the sky, the only trace of her being matching red spots on both of the Wayne’s necks.

“I really despise when she does that, no matter how much I want to be impressed.”

Jason chuckled as he nudged Damian forward, both of them slipping into the nearest building to change before anyone from the media could catch sight of the American’s on the scene of what would become known as the greatest arrest in Paris’ history.

… … … … … … … … … … … .

“You know, I caught the trail of you following me a couple of blocks back. You don’t have to stay hidden.”

Damian let out a small string of curses as he stepped out from behind the chimney and into view of the black cat.

“I hate magic.”

Adrien chuckled as he waited for Jason to step out from the other side, both boys looking a little sheepish that they had been caught.

“Did Marinette ask you to follow me? Cause that sounds like something she would do. Really, I’m fine guys. Once we started the investigation, so much more began to make sense. He wanted to disguise the fact that he was selfish, wanting just my mother for himself, no matter the consequence. Even if it meant sacrificing me..”

Damian swallowed awkwardly as he glanced between Jason and Adrien. Thanks to Dick’s persistent pestering, he had gotten slightly better at reading emotions and watching his tongue, but this was uncharted territory and as much as he hated to admit it, he had no idea what to do.

Adrien let out a shaky laugh as he stood, brushing off the imaginary dust from his suit.

“Whatever, so what is Maribug’s master plan for avoiding the press? I know she sent you here to collect me for that very reason, so what could it be?”

Jason cleared his throat as he stepped forward, his smile completely see-through as the worry shined.

“Well, how would you feel about a trip overseas? Metropolis perhaps? You’re a huge Superman fanboy, aren’t you? Well, Dami here is besties with his son and we thought it would be a grand idea for you to have a distraction. What do you say?”

Damian frowned at Jason’s choice of wording. Besties felt a little strong for the relationship that he held with Jon, perhaps tolerable coworkers was better suited?


Both boys tried to hide their surprised faces. They knew he was desperate for an escape, but his response was still quick for their liking. Honestly, they thought it was going to take a bit more convincing than that.

“Let Marinette know that I’ll be on her balcony whenever she finishes up. I’m sure she has a long night ahead of her and will want to talk to me when she can and guys?” Both boys raised their eyebrows, curiosity, and worry nitpicking their expressions. “Thanks for coming to see me.”

And with that, he leaped off the roof leaving the batbrothers to wonder if Metropolis would be the best idea for the man who effectively was orphaned in one day.

… … … … … … … … … … … .


Before he even had a chance to throw his hands up in defense, Jon had already tackled him in a bone-crushing hug much to his annoyance.

“I told you not to call me by that stupid nickname anymore Kent.”

With much effort, Damian shoved Jon off and into Marinette’s waiting arms.

“Aw, but Dami it’s so cute.” The muffled laughter coming from behind him was not helping.

Damian cut his eyes to where Jason and Adrien stood, both chuckling to themselves. He knew it was Jason’s idea to call up Jon to make this impromptu trip more believable for his father, but when breaking it down, Damian wasn’t completely sure that this option was much better than taking Adrien straight to Dick’s side.

“Anyways, I know I’m just the cover story so that you can meet up with Selina and all that, but do you have time to spare? I’d love to show Mari and Adrien around Metropolis! That’s your name, right? Adrien? Mari used to have so many cutouts of you-”

A smack echoed through the airport lobby as Jon found himself in a headlock courtesy of one petite heroine.

“Oh, you wanna bring that up now Jon? I don’t suppose you remember asking for a couple of my magazines for yourself huh?”

There was an undeniable shade of red emitting from under Marinette’s arm, one all three boys noted. A sputtering Jon finally managed to free himself, the red more visible as he gently pushed Marinette away.

“Hey it’s okay, it’s the cost of being a celebrity right?” Adrien reached out, his hand gently brushing Jon’s arm.

A sudden realization hit Damian as he watched his friend jump nearly 100 feet into the air, the red seemingly brighter than before. As Jon linked arms with Marinette, hurriedly leading them out of the airport, Adrien gently coaxing the two to behave, Damian gripped Jason’s jacket pulling the two of them to a stop.

“What do you want brat? We’re gonna get left behind-” With one killer glare, Jason slowly quieted, curiosity seeping into his expression.

“Jason, is uh- does Jonathon- does he see guys as viable mates?”

There was a slight pause and for a moment, Damian felt a bit relieved that perhaps he was not the only one to fail to notice such a thing about the Kent boy. But the moment ended abruptly as Jason erupted in laughter, drawing the attention from some passing by.

“What is it you buffoon? People are staring at us, silence yourself, and answer me.”

“Me buffoon? No, no, no” Jason’s laughter slowly ceased, but the shit-eating grin that replaced it did nothing to ease Damian’s nerves. “You see, you are the only idiot here. What is Jon? An animal? His mating preference?”

Damian felt his face heating up as his grip tightened on Jason’s jacket, intent on tearing a small hole in his precious belonging.

“Now Damian, I know you are dense, but Jon has always talked about guys with you. Did you just think they were all besties? That your third-wheeling on his dates where they gave each other like pecks on the cheek or held hands was just because you hate physical contact and his other friends didn’t mind it?”

The more Jason talked, the redder Damian felt his face becoming. Sure he had noticed before, but it never felt like it was something that mattered much. Plus, it wasn’t like Jon had mentioned anything to him about coming along on his supposed dates. How was he supposed to know?

Letting go of Jason’s jacket, Damian huffed after his friends, ignoring his brother’s taunting calls. There was only one thought that was still left on his mind.

If Jon had a crush on Adrien Agreste, this could ruin the whole plan.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

He was right.

What was implied to be a one day tour ended with them staying a week in Metropolis. And the worst part? Damian was completely powerless to do anything about it.

“Hey enfant démon, you seen my partner or yours for that matter?”

Damian scowled at Marinette as she leaned against his doorframe, her expression as exasperated as he felt.

“I told you to quit calling me that. Just because it’s in French doesn’t make it better heathen.”

Marinette stuck her tongue out at him, remaining firm in her spot as she waited for her answer. With a great sigh, Damian shook his head, glancing from his book to out the hotel window.

“They snuck out sometime early this morning while I was on my run. Jason was supposed to be keeping an eye on them.”

A slight protest echoed through the suite as Marinette shook her head.

“Do you think we’ll ever get Adrien to meet Selina at this rate? I know he needed this break, but I hadn’t expected to be gone this long. I just turned 17, if it wasn’t for Jason here being a technical adult, my parents would have never let me come. I’m honestly surprised that they haven’t shown up to drag me to Paris.”

Damian nodded slightly, his thoughts straying to the idea of an angry Sabine showing up at their hotel. The thought alone was enough to send a shiver down his spine. He opened his mouth, unsure how to respond when he caught the sound of a set of familiar giggles outside the suites’ door.

“We’re home! Marinette! You won’t believe how awesome the sunrise in Metropolis is when you’re so high up. Jon is awesome!”

The boy tried his best to hide his blush as he gently swatted Adrien’s shoulder, earning a giggle from the blonde.

“Okay lovebirds, how about you stop running off without the rest of us? At least tell us where you’re going, is that too much to ask?”

A simultaneous ‘yes mom’ came from the duo as they ducked out of Marinette’s reach, racing down the hallway.

“That’s it, I’m calling Selena right now. Damian, Jason, between the two of you, figure out a way to keep our rebellious teens in check. It shouldn’t take longer than thirty minutes for her to arrive, I’m sure the two of you can manage.”

Jason peeked his head into Damian’s room, his eyebrows raised matching how Damian felt. Did she have any idea how hard it was to hold down a Kryptonian without using Kryptonite? If only she hadn’t banned Damian from bringing it to Metropolis.

With a small huff of annoyance, Damian swung his legs off his bed, placing his book back on the nightstand carefully. This was going to be the longest thirty minutes of his life.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … …

“Dammit children, can’t you sit still for one minute!” Jason gripped both boy’s collars as he tossed them back onto the couch that they had escaped from.

“Aw, c’mon Jason. I thought you were the fun Wayne! I just want to show Adrien a good time before he had to leave.”

Damian wasn’t sure how much more Jason could take. The vein on his forehead looked like it was about to burst from him resisting beating the two to a pulp. It was honestly a bit satisfying to look at.

“Can you at least explain why we’re on house arrest? The day has just started and we’re already wasting it.”

“I told you already Agreste, Marinette wants you to meet a friend of hers that lives nearby. We can’t have you skipping out before she gets here.”

Adrien sighed dramatically before falling into Jon’s shoulder.

“But waiting is boring!”

Damian felt his nose twitch while staring at the blonde. Honestly, he didn’t know how Marinette was able to keep up with this child-like energy for all the years she had. He was exhausted after a mere thirty minutes.

The sound of the doorknob rattling caught the attention of the four as a collective sigh of relief echoed through the room.

“Well hello there my kittens, long time no see.” Within a split second, Selina was already on top of Damian, pulling him into the biggest hug she could manage.

“Release me you heathen, I do not like being touched!”

Selina giggled as she tightened her hug before releasing him, allowing him to drop to the floor.

“Oh, I know. I enjoy giving you a hard time the most Damiboo.”

Damian cringed at the nickname as he allowed Marinette to help him back to his feet. While Selina was unbearable, he honestly had to applaud Jason for his thought. If anyone could reign in the energy Adrien had, it would be her.

“You must be Adrien. I’m Selina Kyle, so very nice to meet you.”

Adrien swallowed hard as he tentatively reached out his hand to shake hers. No one could blame him, the look on Selina’s face was terrifying as if she was admiring a jewel before shattering it into pieces.

“Now let’s cut to the chase. Do you want to live with me? You obviously need a parent figure in your life, but you also only have a year left until you can be on your own. I know it’s a big change from Paris, but between Zeta tubes and that little horse your friend Marinette carries, you’ll never be too far.”

Damian bit his lip hard, trying not to yell at Selina for her brashness. She was supposed to be gentle and coaxing. Get him to like her, spend the day with him, and then suggest it. Adrien looked as white as a ghost, as expected when someone you’ve only heard stories about shows up in your hotel room with adoption papers.

“Uhm, I don’t really want a guardian. My aunt said she would rent me an apartment wherever I wanted and when the time came for my 18th birthday, she’d sign it over to me-”

Adrien was cut off as Selina placed a finger over his lips, shocking him into silence.

“Honey, I can do that for you. Don’t rely on family who will want to steal your father’s fortune. However, I will have a few conditions.”

Adrien nodded slowly, his eyes glancing around frantically as if asking for help.

“First, you must visit Wayne Manor once a week for a family dinner, I refuse to let you off the hook with no real resemblance of a family. Second, you must rent here in Metropolis where you already have a good person looking out for you. And third, you must force Damian and Jason to participate in these once a week dinners.”

Jason and Damian shouted frantically for him to decline, their plans falling to pieces before them. They only quieted down after Marinette reached back giving them matching red bumps on their foreheads.

“What do you say, sweetie? I can tell you and Jon are already close and I think this would be best for everyone. You had already finished your studies in France so you can take this year to decide what you want to do next in life and I think between the Kents and us, we can help you with that.”

It took less than a minute for Adrien to agree and for Damian and Jason to be bested by two black cats. Selina insisted on lunch to celebrate, dragging Adrien and Jon with her and out the door leaving the three exhausted crusaders behind.

“Well, technically Bruce won’t be the one adopting him.” Marinette shrugged before plopping on the couch, the other two following suit.

“Yeah, but like, we went through all this trouble to stop Dick and Adrien from meeting, and now we will be having weekly dinners with them. Marinette, you are officially forced into this agreement as well.” Jason poked at her side, a small sigh of defeat escaping from his lips.

“Stupid lovestruck Jon.” Marinette and Jason turned their attention to where Damian sat, his arms crossed in annoyance. “I bet if they hadn’t had this week to hang out, Selina wouldn’t have picked up on their stupid crushes. Why do you women always feel the need to meddle?”

The air was silent for a moment before laughter erupted from Damian’s right side. Shaking his head, he couldn’t help the small giggle that came from his own mouth. Stupid Jon, making him attend family dinners with the likes of Dick and Adrien. He was happy for him, not to be confused with the utter annoyance he felt for him at the moment as well.

As they sat there joking about their shared fate and pondering how it could’ve gone differently, one thought was constant across all three of their minds:

Who could’ve planned for stupid lovestruck Jon?

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justcourttee · 6 years ago

Okay that "Love,Right?" oneshot was wonderful but now you've got me obsessed with wondering how all the boys would fight for Mari's attention and all trying to date her omg

On an off note, I hope this came out alright. I really wanted to answer your ask but I’m running on low fumes rn. Loved thinking about this too though! I would love to read a more thought out fic, but I have to imagine it would go something like this

I could totally imagine like them all being relatively close in age. Like let’s say, 

Dick 23

Jason 21

Tim 20

Mari 18

Damian 17

And Mari is almost done with her last year of lycee so she is in uber done mode until the batboys show up in Paris conveniently at the same time that the Wayne boys show up to scout out a potential new business partner. 

She first meets Dick at the gymnasium that Chloe’s father had built for her when she went through a gymnastics phase but soon opened it to the public after she had moved on to whatever interested her next. Marinette is there to practice swinging mid-air to move faster in battle and what better way to do that than over a safety net 40 feet in the air?

Anywho, Dick is just arriving to blow off some steam after a particularly long day of negotiating. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Hawkmoth mission and the need for a cover, he would’ve abandoned Tim ages ago. He finished locking up his stuff and when he moves into the acrobat section that is always empty, he isn’t sure whether to be impressed or disappointed that someone is there first. She looked nervous as she finished tying her hair into a high ponytail, her eyes calculating as if she was debating if she could make the first jump.

He wants to tell her that there is an easier way to mount, but his curiosity gets the better of him. With one last look, she closes her eyes, inhaling deeply. Without warning, she takes off down the short walkway launching her whole body into the air. Dick is sure she’s going to fall, but at the last minute she reaches out, her hand grasping the bar as she uses her momentum to flip upward, landing gracefully on top of the swinging trapeze. 

Dick couldn’t help his cheers. Her eyes widened as she realized someone else was watching her and in what felt like slow motion, she lost her balance and fell onto the net below. Dick rushes over to make sure she’s okay, apologizing a million times a minute. They introduce each other and it’s like an instant connection. They spend the rest of the afternoon trying new techniques and helping each other improve their own techniques. 

When Dick returns to the hotel that night, he can’t help the fact that her first swing was stuck on replay in his mind. The next day, he rushes over to the gym only to find her there again. This time, he’s determined to get her number, and surprisingly (to him) he succeeds. They spend the night trading funny memes and tiktoks. After a couple of weeks, Dick decides to try and ask her on a date. They were already close friends, I mean she trusted him enough not to drop her from forty feet in the air, that meant she trusted him right?

He shows up with a giant bouquet of roses only to receive a text message that she couldn’t make it that day. While it was a setback, it didn’t mean he was going to give up. He would show up with a bouquet of roses every day until she was there to receive them. And only then would he ask her on a date, because I can totally believe that he wouldn’t want to do it over text. It’s in-person or not at all.

The second Wayne she meets is Jason.

Muggings in Paris weren’t common with Ladybug and Chat Noir around, but it seemed to be Marinette’s lucky day as some guy just decided that a high school girl had enough money in her little purse to steal. As he backed her down an alleyway, a small hand knife pointed at her, Marinette was considering her options.

She could always try to run. After all, the guy was big and bulky, it would be hard for him to keep up with her and she doubted he wanted her bag enough to actually put up a fight. Just as she was eyeing an opening, a small sound echoed through the alleyway, one she was quite familiar with. The guy’s face looked mortified as he turned slowly to face his attacker. 

The man said something in a hushed tone to the guy that Marinette couldn’t quite make out. Whatever it was though, it was enough for her would-be assailant to book it out of the alleyway without a glance back. Assessing her newest threat, Marinette decided that this guy was more punk than thug. She was safe for now. 

He asked her if she was okay and if she needed anything as he adjusted his gun back into his waistband. Marinette was fine, but she was curious as to how he smuggled a gun into France. 

“Ah. My American accent give me away Princess?”

His french was flawless, but it was clear that he wasn’t from the area. He joked that his adopted father was rich enough for the national security to look past it. At least, she was pretty sure he was joking. 

He asks if they can grab something to eat, just because a pretty girl like her shouldn’t go hungry. Marinette is tempted to decline, but her curiosity gets the better of her. They end up going to a small diner near her parent’s bakery where they spend the night flirting shamelessly, both tinging their compliments with enough sarcasm and insults that the people around them couldn’t tell if they were together or if they were related. 

Exchanging numbers, the two continued to meet up for weekly dinners at that same diner as they bond over hating people and insulting/admiring each other. When Jason finally realizes his flirting may have shifted from mocking to an actual crush, he’s conflicted. It’s just a couple months, at most a year in Paris, but would that really be a reason not to try? He starts bringing her small gifts to the dinners, starting out small like her favorite dessert or small rocks that reminded him of her, but he soon gets more elaborate like bringing her his favorite books to borrow and throwing in a new set of threads for her sewing machine. 

He hopes that when she looks at the small gifts that she’ll start associating him with the things that make her happy and just maybe, she’ll fall for him too. 

I think you guys already know where Tim is going but I have to do this 

Marinette frequents a small coffee shop near the hotel that the Wayne Boys are staying in. She would just drink the coffee that her parents serve in the bakery, but they refused to let her load up her drinks with enough caffeine to get through her day. 

She always shows up at 7:00a, after all, she’s gotten better at this punctuality thing over the years. The owners already expect her at this point and already have her drink ready before she even steps foot through the door.

One morning, one of the owners ask her to deliver a coffee to the young man that fell asleep at one of their tables. 

“He’s the first person I’ve met whose order rivals yours Ms. Dupain-Cheng.”

Marinette is impressed as she inhales the strong black coffee wafting from the mug. He definitely amped it up with two expresso shots and maybe a pump of hazelnut? If he could taste it over the bitterness of the expresso, she would be impressed.

As she sat the cup down on the table, she slid into the booth in front of him, patiently waiting for him to stir. Watching his soft exhales, Marinette felt at peace. She had never seen someone sleep so softly without moving a muscle. As quietly as she could, she brought out her sketchbook. She got about halfway through his frame when his soft breathing stopped. 

Her eyes snapped up to find his blue ones studying her cautiously. Of course, she mutters out apologizes at a million miles a minute, trying to explain that she needed practice for her living art class and that she was just dropping off his coffee and she was so sorry for drawing him without his permission. As she finally trails off, Marinette is more confused than ever. She thought he was awake, his eyes studying her, but now she wasn’t so confident. She was pretty sure he was still half asleep, assuming she was some sort of hallucination.

He reached out, draining his cup of coffee without coming up for a single breath.

“I didn’t think I was this sleep-deprived. Please beautiful sleep-induced entity, draw me if you must.”

Marinette bites her lip trying not to laugh as he tiredly pulls out a laptop, typing away at seemingly nothing. 

The next day, Marinette finds him in his same spot, already two empty mugs occupying the table. As she orders, she’s sure to grab an extra one for him before joining him once more. This time, Tim is the one to apologize as he realizes finally that she is a real girl and not a hallucination. 

Marinette laughs it off and the briefly chat about their lives. As Marinette gets up to leave for her morning classes, she promises to meet him for coffee the next morning. Surely enough, as she walks through the door, he’s already at their booth. He waves her over, motioning to the coffee mug holding her go-to order. They come to an agreement, he allows her to draw him for practice, she offers him the occasional advice. There is sometimes small talk, but it’s mostly just full of comfort that they found in each other’s presence. 

After weeks, Tim finally decides that he wants to get to know this beautiful coffee angel. He starts by asking her to meet at a bakery that he had been dying to try. As he arrives at the bakery, Marinette sheepishly admits that it was her parent’s bakery. Tim feigns ignorance, but that smirk he gives her makes her reconsider the innocent sleep-deprived man she had met weeks earlier. From now on, he has breakfast with the Dupain-Cheng family every morning. After all, your in-laws have to like you first before you can try anything else, right?

Finally, we have Damian. 

They meet in the living art class. He had already taken something similar at Gotham Academy, but he was curious to see the French side of something he cherished so dearly. 

At first, he hates her. She reminds him of a mixture between Dick and Tim and in all honesty, he only volunteered to pretend to be a foreign exchange student to spend the majority of the day away from his brothers. 

He slowly begins to change his mind though as he is partnered with her for a partner draw project. The teacher forces them to spend all of class drawing each other how they feel the world should see their partner. It involved a lot of sharing and as she became more confident in him, he slowly felt himself opening up to this strange girl as well. 

It was going fine until one day, two of her old classmates entered the classroom, trying to pick a fight with Damian. He remembered one of them, yes the sausage haired girl, her name was Lily perhaps? She tried to ask him out and he turned her down, hard. Now here she was, crying the fakest tears he had ever seen as some ombre haired woman was chewing him out. 

He was fine going on ignoring them, but then the ombre haired woman reached out for his notebook, tearing it from his grasps. She glanced over it for a second before raising it above her head and slamming it into the ground. She lifted her foot to stomp on it, but she never had a chance to finish. Before Damian had even moved a muscle, Marinette was standing above her, a murderous look in her eyes. The sausage haired woman helped the girl to her feet as they retreated quickly, both of their faces pale as they sent empty threats in Marinette’s direction. 

With a sigh, Marinette picked up his notebook, dusting it off gently before handing it back to him, apologizing for her ex-classmates. He wanted to let her know that he didn’t need her to look out for him, that he could handle it, but his mind flashed to the look in her eyes. If anything, his interest was now piqued by the girl. 

As the project came to an end, the moment of truth had finally come. Damian showed Marinette her portrait. He had drawn her as mother nature, warm and protective of her children and cold to anyone that threatened them. He would be lying if the small blush on her face didn’t boost his pride. When she showed Damian his portrait, he couldn’t help but let his jaw drop, even slightly. 

He looked like a medieval knight, posing on the defense, a slight trickle of what looked like blood dripping out the corner of his mouth. 

“I’m sorry, please don’t think it’s weird. It’s just the more you talked, and so passionately too about how you wanted to protect everything dear to you from your family to your pets, I couldn’t help but get swept away in this idea that you were some gallant knight-”

He cut her off with a single look as his face broke into a grin. He loved it. Everyone always described him as a demon or a baby bird, but a gallant knight, it was certainly a first.

That night at the hotel, he would search google for the best ways to ask out a girl. After all, he sure as hell wasn’t asking his brothers.

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justcourttee · 7 years ago

Can you do one where all the Wayne’s meet marinette before knowing she’s dating Damian and something happened to her parents and Bruce already has the adoption papers and damiens like no father u can’t adopt my gf

This is so cute and was so much fun to write. Hope this is something like what you had in mind :) @leagrey

Family Dinner

“I would like to apologize in advance. Father and his feral mistakes are very lively people and I fear they will take too much of a liking to you. If it is at all uncomforting, just squeeze my hand and we will leave.”

Marinette glanced over as Damian stared menacingly at the oak doors in front of them. It had only been a year since she had met him, but he had never once mentioned the idea of her meeting his family. Maybe it was because he knew today was special and he knew that meeting them was her only request of him for the longest time.

“Do you feel uncomfortable Damian? If so, please don’t put yourself in this position because of me.”

“Tt, utter nonsense. Me? Uneasy? Now you are just babbling.”

A small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth at the sight of the red threatening to overtake his cheeks.

“Well then, I guess there is no point in standing outside all day huh?”

Before her fist even made contact with the door, it flung open. Several curious faces piled in the doorframe, all trying to get a good look at her in case Damian changed his mind in an instant.

“You idiots, back up now or I’m leaving with her.”

A mutter of apologies echoed through the door as Marinette bit back the chuckle. With a great sigh, Damian motioned for her to step through the entrance, his tense body signaling that he was already ready to throw in the towel.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you all, my name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

Her half-wave seemed to send a shock wave through the room as all eyes narrowed in on her, watching her every movement. Cautiously, she lowered her hand. A moment of silence passed and then two. Everyone seemed locked onto her, unsure of what to say and if she was being honest, she had the slightest idea as well.

“Are you all crowding her? Shameful. I thought I told you to wait in the dining room.”

It was as if the heavens had parted and uttered a command. Several bodies darted in different directions and in seconds, the hallway had been cleared save for Marinette, Damian, and an older man with graying hair and a killer smile on his face.

“Miss Dupain-Cheng, we are truly honored that Master Damian has allowed you to grace us with your presence for dinner this evening. I apologize for Master Bruce’s charges. They really are all excellent kids, but rare elements such as yourself tend to erase their minds of any manners I worked so hard to instill in them.”

He shook his head in mock disappointment as he offered her his hand.

“Oh please, don’t worry about it, Mr. Alfred. I’m sure they were just as excited as I was.”

Taking his hand, she did her best to give a strong shake. His warm smile seemed so inviting, but the thought that he could clear a room with just a sentence shook her to her core.

“Please, just Alfred is fine. May I escort you to the dining room?”

Marinette nodded as she blindly reached backward for Damian’s hand to drag him along. If the butler had noticed, he made no comment as he led them.

“And here we are, I will return shortly with the first course for tonight. I do hope you enjoy the meal. I have prepared special platers for you and Master Damian to commandeer for your dietary restrictions.”

Before she even had the chance to thank him, he whisked away, leaving her to stand by Damian’s side in front of the largest dining room table she had ever seen.


Her eyes darted to the head of the table where a dashing man stood, his eyes kind and welcoming as he motioned to the two empty seats beside him. It all felt so overwhelming, too many sets of eyes for her to count were plastered on her alone. Shuffling along, she managed a small curtsey to the man before allowing Damian to help her into her seat.

A small murmur erupted from the dining room table. Had she done something wrong? Perhaps she had set herself up at the table, but Damian just got so flustered about those sorts of things, insisting he wanted to be a proper gentleman.

“I’ve heard very little about you Ms. Dupain-Cheng, but the little I have been able to wrestle out of my son has been nothing short of blessings.”

Marinette was sure her face was burning as she muttered a small thanks.

“I apologize for the huge turnout. When I mentioned to my oldest that Damian was bringing a friend home for dinner, it seems word spread fast. They all wanted to meet the person who managed to break through to him that wasn’t Jon.”

His smile appeared jokingly as he glanced over the near full table.

“But please, where are my manners? My name is Bruce and please feel comfortable to refer to me like that. The three boys across from you are my oldest Dick, Jason, Tim, and Duke.”

Dick’s smile was blinding as he reached over the table to shake her hand vigorously.

“I’m so glad my little boy has made a friend and such a beautiful and well-mannered one as well!”

“Yeah, I wonder how he did that?” Jason, at least that’s what she believed his name was, stroked his chin thoughtfully as he stared down the two. Duke began to stroke his chin as well before he leaned across the table, shielding his mouth from where Damian sat.

“Hey, Marinette, blink twice if he’s threatening you or your family’s lives in any way.”

There was a small thud from under the table as Duke flinched slightly in his seat.

Bruce shook his head as he motioned past the boys and to the girls that sat on the other side of Damian.

“On this side of the table are my daughters in all but paperwork. Barbara, Cassandra, and Stephanie.”

“Uhm, you forgot one pop.”

The girl at the end of the table kicked her feet up onto the table, her mischievous smile poking at Bruce’s patience.

“How could I ever forget you, Harper? I was just saving you for last.”

Harper sent a wink in Marinette’s direction earning a giggle from the girl.

“Miss Harper, I must ask you to refrain from placing your feet on the table as I serve out the first course.”

Instantly she straightened in her seat as Alfred seemingly materialized from behind. The smile on his face as dangerous as ever. Marinette could finally see what Damian was worried about, his family was absolutely wild. Her eyes drifted from each person as they absentmindedly chatted in small groups.

Damian’s hand found hers under the table, giving her a slight reassuring squeeze.

“Marinette, I must apologize for dinner being so late. I had to work over today and even if I got out earlier than usual, I must admit it is not early enough. Please apologize to your parents for my inconsiderate job.”

Marinette swallowed hard as she sat down her fork.

“Oh, uhm, I suppose Damian didn’t tell you. I-uh-live on my own in the city.”

All of the chatter in the room fell silent and once more, she could feel the heat of every stare in the room on her.

“Oh? Are they okay with that? Gotham isn’t exactly known to be the safest at night.” His chuckle was humorless as he watched her bright eyes dull.

“I actually came to Gotham on my own merits, a fresh start if you will. My parents died last year in a bakery fire. Papa tried to find me, thinking I was home, but even as Maman begged him to leave the building, he couldn’t leave believing I was still in there.”

She felt a single hot tear trail down her cheek, but she was quick to wipe it away before any more could follow.

“I apologize, I had no idea.”

Marinette shook her head vigorously as the apologies spewed out of her mouth.

“Please, forget I said anything at all. I one hundred percent overshared. Now dinner will be so awkwardly, please, it’s been a year, I’m okay.”

The conversation started back slowly, but once it did, Marinette couldn’t stop laughing. She shared with them her business and talked about how she and Damian first met. Tim couldn’t wrap his head around the thought that Damian would have actually stopped on the street to comfort her.

“I mean, what are you? A demon tamer? Teach me your ways sensei.”

As Alfred collected the final plates for the evening, Marinette felt better than she had in a long time. When it came time to leave, Bruce offered to escort them back to the front.

“Miss Dupain-Cheng, may I ask how old you are?”


Bruce’s stare was concerning as he reached out to pick up her hand.

“How do you live in an apartment then?”

“Oh, My grandmother signed the lease. She technically lives with me, but she’s such a free spirit, I couldn’t possibly expect her to stay in one spot. I mostly live there on my own. Honestly, I’m quite jealous of the large family Damian has, he is very lucky.”

Marinette thought she had to be hallucinating. Bruce Wayne almost seemed to be vibrating the more she talked.

“You know Marinette, this manor is quite spacious. If you ever need-”

“Absolutely not.”

In one quick movement, Damian was between them, his glare ready to cut through his own father.

“But Damian-”

“Father I cannot allow you to adopt my girlfriend!”

Bruce’s jaw dropped as he finally noticed the constant contact that the two had initiated all night. At first, he thought it could be just her way of keeping herself grounded, but the more he thought back on it, it did seem quite like how a couple would act.

“Dammit, now I owe Steph $20.”

Marinette peeked behind Bruce where all of Damian’s siblings stood exchanging money, Tim looking especially upset as he handed the blonde a crisp bill. For what felt like the billionth time tonight, Marinette felt her face flush.

“You are all utter buffoons. Father, we will complete this conversation later. As for now, I will escort Marinette back to her apartment and I will be taking the car.”

Damian’s hand intertwined with hers as she allowed herself to be dragged from the manor. A chorus of goodbyes echoed after her, even Alfred waved her goodbye as he graciously shut Bruce’s mouth for him. As she climbed into the car, Marinette leaned over to place a small kiss on Damian’s cheek.

“What was that for?” The stutter in his voice was something she adored, something that only ever appeared when she caught him off guard.

“Thank you for letting me meet your family today. It turned a bad day into a good one.”

“Yeah, whatever,” the red of his cheeks betrayed his indifferent attitude as he shifted the car into drive.

As the manor disappeared in the rearview mirror, only one thought remained on her mind.
Just how would the conversation go with Bruce when Damian returned?

The thought alone made her smile.

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justcourttee · 7 years ago

So I know you've been very busy so just stay strong, I know you can do it! :) I was also wondering if I could request more sibling jasonette with the Joker going after Marinette once he finds out they're related? Take your time getting to this request if you need to, I know it'll be great when you get to it! Don't stress yourself out too much!

Thank you so much, I really do apologize for being so spotty the last month or so. I think I’m finally getting back to some sense of normal, so hopefully, I can write more :)

I hope you like it!

An Average Night in Gotham City 

Marinette couldn’t believe her luck.

Being the holder of the ladybug miraculous, you would think that everything would go her way, but it seems that Tikki had a funny way of distributing that good luck.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

The rank smell of something souring surrounded her senses as she dangled from the ceiling by her wrists. She was certain that there would be some difficult bruises to hide later but that was the least of her concerns at the moment.

“What you have is a pissed off college student. Who snatches someone from a library? Don’t you have any respect for my education?”

Something sharp poked her back causing her to hiss in pain.

“Now, now, I really do love Gotham State University and if it was game day, I wouldn’t dare step foot on our campus, Gothamite pride and all. But you my dear, well once I learned that you attended the school, I just had to stop by and say hello.”

His maniacal laughter would strike fear in the hearts of most, but honestly, she was just too pissed at this point to care.

“Okay, you said your piece, may I return to the library? I have a paper due at midnight tonight and I literally only have one paragraph finished.”

Another strike against her back felt hard enough to draw blood. The Joker was not in a joking mood tonight.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, How rude of you to want to leave when you just arrived! You batbrats are all the same, always in a rush. That’s why Jason is my favorite little bird. He always makes time for me,” his dreamy sigh faded into a scowl and in one quick movement, he was face to face with Marinette, his hand forcing her to stare into his eyes, “At least he used to. With you in town, he never seeks me out anymore!”

Releasing her cheeks, he turned away in a mock sob, using the edge of his purple tie to wipe away his tears.

“Maybe it’s because you two have an abusive relationship. I mean who wants to seek out someone that beats the shit out of them all the time.”

Joker stroked his chin thoughtfully as if her words carried some weight to them.

“Perhaps you’re right, maybe my last beating didn’t express enough love and admiration. How do you beat him to show him you love him?”

With a snap of his fingers, one of his men rushed forward to place a stool in front of him. Plopping down, he crossed his legs, motioning for her to speak.

“Uhm, well, I don’t beat him. Being my brother and all, we fight on the occasion, but if I want him to know I love him, I bake his favorite sweets or surprise him with a visit to his work.”

“Ah ha! That’s what I have to do! I got too reliant on my good old friend seeking me out, but maybe every once in a while I should seek him out!”

“Wait, that’s not really-” She couldn’t finish her sentence as a crackle of electricity echoed through the warehouse. Her breathing was labored as she slowly began to come to terms with her situation.

“You know little batbug, you are slowly becoming a second favorite of mine. Of course, none of you could ever replace Batsy himself, but I would be lying to myself if I wasn’t fond of you and my Jason.”

If this was how he treated his favorites, Marinette was terrified to think of what Tim or Damian would go through if they were in her place right now. As he continued his monologue of the highs and lows of his and Jason’s great relationship, Marinette took the time to take stock of her options.

There were ten men in total, more than likely at least five more outside posting guard. Fifteen wouldn’t be too hard, but there was one wildcard she couldn’t account for. Joker hardly ever accepted a fight that he wouldn’t believe to be fun and if she was honest, she couldn’t figure if he would jump in or not.

Tikki had already been working at the ropes holding her wrists, it was mere moments before they snapped, the only thing that stood in her way was that clown.

“-anywho, I suppose it’s time to go pay Jason a visit. Boys, leave this one alive. I like her.”

There was a slight groan of annoyance that sprinkled throughout the room.

Now was her time. The minute Joker stepped foot outside of the warehouse, she would be able to escape with almost no effort. As the doors slid open, Marinette nodded to Tikki to chew through the last rope.

“Where is she?” A frantic voice spilled through the front door causing Marinette’s eyes to snap into focus.

Several guns were trained on Jason as he gripped the front of Joker’s suit, his fist curled and ready to strike.

He came for her.

It wasn’t that she had any doubt, but she figured that her emergency tracker hadn’t sounded after seeing the response time from the team. As she dropped softly to her feet, Marinette slammed her elbow into the nearest man’s neck, gripping his gun as he dropped to the ground.

A few guns shifted from Jason to Marinette, seemingly unsure who was the bigger danger at this point.

“Oh Jason, I knew you cared. Marinette said I might have to seek you out, but that’s just not true is it. You always find your way back to me.”

His laughter was infuriating and Marinette could tell Jason was seeing red. If she didn’t get them out of there in the next few minutes, there was no telling if she could stop him from murdering the clown in front of him.

“You stupid clown, I could care less if you attack me, but you leave her out of this you understand?”

The Joker shook his head, a small giggle escaping his lips as he waved his men to stand down.

“Leave her out of this? Oh Jason, batbug there has become one of my new favorites. But don’t you worry, you’re still number one in my book.”

Marinette felt a shiver throughout her body at the sound of the growl that emitted from Jason.

“Jason, let’s just leave. This isn’t a fight for today.”

There was no response as he and the Joker remained locked in an invisible argument, neither budging at the sound of her voice. Taking a step closer, she kept her gun trained on the clown, her eyes scanning the other men for any sudden movements. Instead of fighting her, they parted to allow her to get closer, all of them feeling equally confused as her.

Lowering her gun for a brief moment, she reached out to place a gentle hand on Jason’s shoulder.

“Jason, not today.”

She felt the tension in his body melting under her touch as he loosened his grip in the Joker’s suit. With one last glance, Jason dropped the man to the floor, turning to pull Marinette into a tight hug. 

“Your stupid tracker needs an update. Tim could only place it near this area and it took me entirely too long to get here.”

Marinette winced under his tight grip, the realization of her wounds finally hitting her. Pulling back, she nodded to Jason as they both moved to walk out the door.

The sound of several guns switching off safeties echoed, causing them both to stop in their tracks.

“Joker, let us go.”

Her eyes met his as he lifted himself from the floor, brushing off the imaginary dust he had acquired. There was a certain glint in those eyes that screamed danger to her. They both shared a mutual understanding that he knew far too much and that he could attack whenever he wanted. This advantage seemed to please him as he nodded, motioning for his men to stand down once more.

“Batbug is right, this would be no fun if the two of you were dead. So many interesting possibilities for the future, it’s so exhilarating.”

The sound of his laughter stayed with her even after they were blocks away from the warehouse.

“Batman was right behind me, I’m sure he’ll get there before they have time to clear out.”

Marinette nodded absentmindedly as Jason pulled them into the nearest ally. As gently as possible, he lifted the back of her shirt to exam the wounds. Letting out a low whistle, he began to patch them one by one, the stinging of antiseptic cutting just as deeply as the wounds had.

“Mari, what were you doing before that clown kidnapped you? It doesn’t look you struggled much, there only seems to be torture wounds.”

Marinette’s eyes widened as she suddenly remembered.

“Jason, we have to get back to the library! My paper is due at midnight! That idiot snapped me while I was writing, I only have one paragraph done and I don’t even know if it saved.”

Jason struggled to bite back the laughter that was fighting to escape.

“You know Marinette, this is what you get for waiting to the last minute. Don’t you know by now that there is a fair chance of getting kidnapped while you’re trying to do school work?”

Marinette reached backward swinging blindly as Jason’s laughter finally bellowed through. As he pulled her shirt back down into position, Marinette turned to give him one last hug before she took off into the night.

Jason and Tikki shared a look. Together, they took off after her, giggling and calling after her as they raced through Gotham’s streets. All in all, it really was just another average night in Gotham City.

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