Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you? Hey y'all I write anime poc reader fics and stuff. feel free to request

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kachansmassivetiddies·4 hours agoText


❝ seven minutes in heaven ❞

word count: 500+ (sub atsumu miya blurb)
warnings ☆ femdom reader, dacryphilia, pegging, mommy kink, video recording, kinda dumification & kinda sorta humiliation.
summary ☆ after hearing atsumu boasting about his superficial dom persona to his msby volleyball team, you decided to put that to the test.

kale’s lovenote ☆ i didn’t describe the readers features but i did have a black reader in mind so..take it how ya want lol. first time writing any kind of smut & it’s about atsumu taking plastic dick, we luv it here. and i have so much more ideas. anyways, excuse any mistakes.

“fix that fucking angle atsumu” you grit through clenched teeth. your hand threaded through his golden hair affectionately until you yanked hard to fix him yourself and atsumu whined beautifully at that.

struggling to see the bright screen of his phone through the cloudiness of his eyes, atsumu did as told the best he could redirecting the phone to where you could see both you and him.

“good boy ‘sumu. next time you’ll think twice before you decide to lie in front of your friends”

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Haven’t finished Haikyuu but i had to read this cause barkity bark bark

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kachansmassivetiddies·16 hours agoText

Bakugo x reader/cheating Deku

Happy Thanksgiving hoes

Nitroglycerin which is part of Bakugou’s quirk, smells like burnt sugar or Carmel fyi.

Once again no uraraka hate this was a request

As a last hurrah before you all graduated, Momo invited everyone to her luxurious home as a way to celebrate with games and bomb food.

 "Kaminari if I look back at my plate and another chicken strip is gone I will short circuit you.“ 

You sigh as you hear no response back, "You ate all my chiken strips didn’t you?” Bakugo laughs, “Y/N you know damn well he did, now focus on how I beat Sero’s ass cause this’ll be you next!” You shake your head as you pick up your plate to get more food. 

You walk through the long corridor of the estate looking at all the bland artwork on the walls. “The kitchen shouldn’t be this damn far from the living room.” You grumbled pulling your phone out. As you got closer to the kitchen you heard a series of shuffling coming from the crack of the door. 

“Does Momo have prestigious cat or something?” You joked before peeking through the door. Izuku was pressed against the kitchen island breathing heavily. His face was red and skin shining in the light from sweat.

‘that’s weird.’

“Ochaco we can’t be doing this so close to the others!” You could hear a clinking noise and Izuku’s was currently looking down towards the floor. You could hear Uraraka’s signature giggle bubble up but you still couldn’t see her. Honestly, you couldn’t see anything without opening the door more.

“That’s suspicious”

“Calm down Deku, I’m sure no one is hungry anymore so we’re fine!” Izuku grimaced, “I really think this is a bad idea- ahh!" 

You were too busy trying to peek inconspicuously that you pressed your whole weight against the door making it swing open. The plate that was in your hand fell with a loud clatter. 

Nestled on her knees was Uraraka who was currently busying her mouth with Midoriya’s dick. Both of them turn their head at the sound of the noise, eyes going wide when they see you.

You stand there unsure on what to do. You weren’t as sad as you thought you’d be in the situation. You weren’t even boiling with rage like so many other stories you had heard. You were empty for lack of a better word. "What the hell is this?" 

Deku pushed Uraraka away from him and turned towards you. "Y/N I can explain, I-It isn’t-” “What it looks like?” You finish picking up the plate with shaky hands. “See, call me crazy but, I think it’s exactly what it looks like Midoriya." 

Deku flinches as the use of his last name. Uraraka stands up with a small blush on her face looking down at the floor. "Got damn it Uraraka be a woman and look at me!” You growled feeling the anger flow steadily through your veins. She looks up at you with small tears in her eyes. Whether from fear or remorse you couldn’t care.

“H-How-” you choke on the words, holding your mouth as you stagger in place. “How long?” Izuku doesn’t answer only watching with furrowed brows. “Y/N you don’t look so good, do you need to sit down?” He walks towards you and touched your arm making you jerk it away. “Don’t fucking touch me Midoriya and tell me how long!?" 

Deku clenched his fists before adoring a far away look in his eyes. "A month, a little bit after you visited your parents in the states. I-I didn’t mean for it to happen I swear!.” You slap his face, and he allows it. You shake a finger at him as the tears collect and the sobs threaten to surface. “A mon- ooo, I swear to God Deku.” Your body shakes as it’s over come with a hidden emotion.

“Aye y/n, you need to get your ass out here before you miss your…turn…” Bakugou said, trailing thin at the end. You step back from Midoriya before hitting his chest. “Ka-chan you gotta help me!” Demi starts, “Don’t you fucking Ka-chan me! What the hell is going on?!”

Your let out a gutteral scream and throw the plate at Midoriya’s head before walking past Bakugou into the hall. “Y/N!” Multiple voices scream out at you.

You blindly walked into a room and pace around, frustrated that there wasn’t anything in the room you could throw that didn’t cost more than your life. “Ima kill him, Oo I'ma kill him!” You mumbled as hot tears rolled down your face. You threw punches into the wall cracking it on impact. 

The door opens behind you and you side step into a kick almost meeting your mark before your foot is caught. It was Bakugou who looked at you with blank eyes. “If you wanna fight, don’t take it out on the upholstery.” You shake out your hands as you feel adrenaline flow through them.

Bakugo looks around and sighs before jumping up and down, holding his hand up in a fighting stance. “Come on, this rooms big enough as long as we don’t use quirks.” You narrow your eyes and charge without warning, punching Bakugou in the gut. 

“That Bastard!” You cried through grit teeth. You swipe under Bakugou’s feet knocking him over before slamming your foot down which he doges easily. You felt the shock of it all coarse through you, “He cheated on me!” Bakugou stands up before bobbing away from a punch, “I know." 

You kick again which Bakugou blocks before attempting an upper cut. "He did it for a fucking month.” You say feeling the acknowledgement as you side step. “I know.” Responds Bakugou as he circles you. 

Anger flows once again and you put Bakugo in a head lock, “Uraraka, it was with fucking Uraraka. She knows me!” Bakugou grips your arms before bending over and sending you to the ground. “I know.”

You stand up faceing him again, tears pouring down your face as your eyes burn from your eyeliner. “I loved him.” You weakly swipe at Bakugou’s face as the crippling feeling of sadness comes over you. Bakugou easily grabs your wrist and pulls you into a crushing hug grounding you. 

“I know.”

You curl your fingers into the fabric of Bakugou’s shirt as you sob loudly. Bakugou sighs uncomfortably as he gently rubs the top of your head, griting his teeth at your broken cries. Bakugou’s hand trails down your trembling back as he sooths you.

He offers no comforting words. No questions. No angry affirmations. Just his presence as you let out your emotions. 

You raise your face from his chest and glared up at him. “What did I do!?” Bakugou swallows down his own rage and cups your face, “Nothing dumbass you’re perfect.”

 You turn your head away bashful. “Bakugo, if I asked you to do something for me… Would you do it?” Bakugo sucks in a breath. “What is it?” You say nothing for a while as you stare out the window feeling your inner turmoil come to a stand still. “Will you make love to me?" 

You turn back to look at him, "It doesn’t h-have to mean anything, I… I just want…” you bury your face in his chest letting yourself be surrounded by the faint sugary smell of his toxic sweat. 

A firm hand grasps your chin, softly tilting your head up. Your noses touched as your exchanged breaths intimately. Closing his eyes, Bakugou presses his lips against yours. You lean into it allmost too energetically as Bakugo backs you into the bed.

“I will do it for you this one time. But after that you’ll have to be mine, no going back.” You look at Bakugou and see his earnest face as he looks back down at you. “Promise not to-” “Like hell I’d do that!” You chuckle grimly, “Yeah he said that too.”

Bakugou clicked his teeth before grabbing you by the waist pushing you further on the bed. “Forget that ass and focus on me." 

Hands slide along your sides as you kiss, intertwining tongues. You grip Bakugou’s hair as you run your hands up his neck. Pulling away for air, your lift your head as he trails soft kisses along your jaw before coming back to your mouth. "So pretty..” you shake your head whimpering at the compliment.

Bakugou nibbles as your jugular, “No back talk." 

Nimble fingers unbuckle your pants as he kisses you again nibbling on your lips.  Tossing your pants somewhere, Bakugou nibbles on the soft flesh between your thighs as he continues to rub your sides. 

You moan, softly bucking your hips when you feel a warm wet muscle massage your lower regions. "Bakugou.” You gently card your hands through his soft hair as he eats you out, opting between gentle sucks, licks, and the occasional bites on your thighs and stomach. 

Your legs flex from shocks of pleasure as Bakugou grows more persistent with your heat. You raise your hips to find some relief from the constant pleasure but Bakugou only held on tighter to your thighs, lapping up your fluids like they were the sweetest nectar.

With one last lick Bakugou trails up your body again leaving kisses as he grinds slowly into you. “Are you sure? We can stop right now if you want.” You shake your head as you slide your hands up his body watching him shiver as your fingertips lightly brush over his chest. “Please, keep going.” You become serious. “I want him to hear it." 

Bakugou looks at you unsure for a while. He was conflicted, on one hand revenge like this would be perfect. On the other hand would this truly help you? Putting away his better judgement, he nods. "Then you better scream my name." 

You open your legs wider as Bakugou undresses before you, poisoning in-between your legs. You were more than ready to receive him as he pumps his cock in front of you. "Bakugou!” You whined, shaking your hips, “Shit, I know but we’re gonna need a little more than that.”

After accumulating a good amount of pre-cum, you feel the familiar burning sensation of his cock being forced into you. Bakugou wheezes at the contrasting warmth of your insides as you squeeze all around him. Your voice shakes as you feel the rough drag of his cock as it moves throughout your tightness.

“You’re so thick.” You sigh as you toss your head back to try to focus on relaxing. “Thanks.” Bakugou replies dryly, nosing at your neck as he waits for you to adjust. He knew his cock was thick as hell and hard to adjust to, so he understood your tired enthusiasm

Bakugou takes hold of your thighs and uses them to thrust into you. He raises your leg suddenly making you yelp as he humps his cock against your g-spot. “Wait Bakugou I’m sensitive!” You grab his hand to slow him down but he simply intertwined his fingers with yours, slamming it back down on the bed.

“Remember, you wanted them to hear you.” You turn on your side and grip the sheets as Bakugou growls into your ear. Your breath hitches as his rough hands grip your love handles, using them for momentum. 

“Come on, say my name.” You squint as your spot is hit repeatedly, “Baku-” a heated hand comes to wrap around your neck, “That’s my last name TeddyBear, I want you to say my real name.” As the hand squeezes,  you moan as you feel small shocks, pop against your skin, “F-F-Fuck, Katsuki!" 

Bakugou moans at the sound of his name and snaps his hips against yours, "That sounds so sexy, Say it again."  A heated hand whips your ass, "K-Katsuki, you feel s-oh good!” Your eyes roll behind your head and you push yourself away from the pleasure as you feel your impending orgasm. 

“Don’t run from me Y/N, I wanna hear my name when you cum!” You close your eyes as Katsuki goes faster, wrapping his warm hand around your neck again. From where he’s hand is holding your love handles, you can hear smalll pops as your waist lights up in sweet pain. “Katsuki!” “Louder! Fuck I’m going to cum!" 

"KATSUKI!” Your world sparks to white as you come around his cock. Bakugou continues fucking you through your orgasm. His eyes are tightly closed as heavy pants leave his mouth. His hips stutter as he cums deep inside releasing a high moan as he slouches over your worn out body.


After a half assed clean up, you and Bakugou walk to the common room and come to a shocking scene. “I am very disappointed in you Midoriya.” Iida says as Todoroki renews a fresh layer of ice over Deku’s legs ask while Deku is receiving a wet willie from Sato. 

Mina and Jiro are yelling at Ochaco who looks like she’s about to cry. Kaminari and Mineta are talking about how it is unlawful to cheat on a “total babe” and Kirishima is lamenting to Koda, Shoji, Ojiro about how it is “unmanly” to lie and cheat.

A hand drops down on your shoulder and you turn to see Tokoyami with Koda behind him. “Are you okay Y/N?”

You smile and put a hand over his, “I’m fine boo.” He nods, “Good because if you weren’t I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the end of the earth and find the most painful way to end a hero’s life, then i would double it by 4 and use it to cut off Midoriya’s prepubescent balls.”

The room goes quiet as you cautiously peel Tokoyami’s hand off your shoulder, eyes wide.

You look at Midoriya and take a deep breath. “You ain’t shit, but I forgive your cheating ass.” You turn to Ochaco, “You raggity but I forgive yo skank ass." 

Mineta laughed, "I would hope so, with how loud you two were.” The room laughs as you a Bakugou blush.

Hagegure was nowhere to be seen

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kachansmassivetiddies·3 days agoText

Headcannon that when you’re upset and throw a fit Aizawa will just let you ride that shit out until your ready to be an adult

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kachansmassivetiddies·4 days agoAnswer

Oh no... no thoughts now, head empty, only hawks overstimulating his male s/o to the point of tears and sobs in my head because of youuuuu 🙊

He’ll be so condescending, burying his cock in them and telling them “Oh? You think you can be a hero? You can’t even handle what I’m doing to you. You’re an absolute fucking mess babybird”.

Hawks will probably deepthroat their cock and force another orgasm from them, and I can’t decide if he should then kiss his S/O to share the taste and demand they show they swallowed or to just swallow the mess himself and demand they give him another load.

Keigo will definitely have a prostate massager tool, and you bet your sore ass he’ll use it to abuse your prostate.

“That’s a good boy. Take it, take everything I’m given’ you. Mmm such a good little babybird”.

Just- Listen I’ve thought about this all day. And I don’t have a lot of male on male content so I figured why not put that energy there?


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The sextual tension between me a never finishing a damn story

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Mirio x black y/n

Ima starting to get to the point now with these. I’m tired of having most of my stories be plot  foreplay. Also in case you’re worried the big three are canonly of age a I can do a normal fic when they’re still at U.A

Also y'all seem to like my author’s notes so i’ve decided to be silly with my stories again like the I days.

Tried to find the most ambiguous picture of a black y/n as possible, and was not disappointed.

I listened to the fanboy chum chum intro while writing so yall should know where my head is at.

Voyeurism (?) Mommy kink, breeding (?) Stomach bulge.

You were in love with Miro. Have been ever since the two of you met, it was impossible for you not to. Not only did he have a great quirk, but he had a great personality. A personality that you felt would not extend to you personally.

Everyday you would go to school and watch him from afar as he made the room shine with his smile. Yeah his eyes were fucking weird, but who doesn’t have something ‘quirky’ about them? (Lmao you got the whole squad laughing🙃)

So once the two of you were partnered for biology to take care of a fake baby, your crush on him grew bigger. It was probably your hormones still taking into effect, but seeing Miro looking lovingly down on the plastic doll made your ovaries do a triple somersault. “He has your eyes.” Miro said jokingly as he looked down on the blue eyed blond baby in his arms.

“Ah yes…i totally see it” (👩🏿=👶🏼?!) You reply awkwardly as Mirio hands you the doll. “Sorry I couldn’t take care of him today but I promise to come pick him up later tonight.” You nod sighing as the baby proceeds to cry as soon as you touch him.

“It’s not fair!” You glared down at the fake child, “Why do you like daddy more than me?” Mirio suddenly breaks into a coughing fit same you quickly go to pat his back. “Are you okay?!”

Mirio chuckles slightly, “Yeah I’m fine just surprised.” “Why?” Mirio looks at you for an extended amount of time and you look back unerved by the lack of a smile in his face.

 "You really think I’m daddy material?“ Your eyes widen in shock as Mirio smiles brightly before starting a conversation with Tamaki.

Later that night you find yourself  yawning after a long day of mothering and honestly you were two diaper changes away from showing the kid some real speed. "There you go baby, now please let momma have her alone time or on my momma I'ma have you hitting the dougie underwater and that’s on god.” You say sickly sweet.

To your relief the baby made no move to cause trouble. Looking  around the room, you wondered what you would do next. It was only 7pm so that left you at least two more hours before you truly needed to sleep.

 On your desk, the phone pings suggesting that you received a text. Your heart picks up a bit when you notice that it’s a text from Mirio with an image attached.

Mirio💙✨: Just getting some last minute reps in with Sir Nighteye I’ll pick up the babe soon.

You make an audible noise that can neither be described as a scream or a laugh. “This boy is about to kill me.” You missed as you replied back.

You👁️👄👁️: okay I’ll see you soon cause yo son about to kill me.

You put your phone down giggling to yourself like a schoolgirl. Staring at your phone for a while you pick it up and go back to Mirio’s picture. Just before you could save the picture, another text comes.

Mirio💙✨: haha just thinking about it has me tired

You toss your phone across the room as your stomach flutters with arousal. 'How do I even respond to that?!’

You👁️👄👁️: lmao haha ur so funny bro

You toss your head back disappointed in your own self. “What the FAWK!? Who even says lmao anymore?!” Mirio doesn’t respond back, most likely working out and being a functioning member of society unlike your weird ass. 

You hold your hand to your lower stomach still feeling the hint of arousal in your gut from the picture. “Well I guess I can always take care of this problem.” You mumble standing up and going to your underwear drawer. 

Hidden in-between an old bra and some shorts you never wore, was a small yellow and blue ✨dildo✨. You could not confirm nor deny the reason behind this purchase and wouldn’t bring yourself to acknowledge the similarities by telling yourself you simply liked the designs. 

You sucked in your bottom lip as you climbed into the bed before slowly pulling down your pants with your index finger as you gingerly grasp the phallic object in your other hand. 

In all honesty you never used it since you bought it so this was nerve wracking for you as you stroked your folds gently. 

You think back to the picture and groan as the fluttering arousal spreads making your chest tender. You feel ashamed that you were thinking of your friend this way but in some sick way the ashamed feeling only turned you on more as you thought of what could happen if Mirio caught you.

Various scenarios played in your head as you sucked gently on the head of the dildo imagining it to belong to another yellow and blue hero. (All might?)

Sinful moans leave your lips as you take hold of your breasts squeezing your nipples between your fingers. While it didn’t do much for you, it was a nice add on to your pleasure. 

Raising your legs you slip your pants completely off leaving you in your (FRUITOFTHELOOM) lace panties. The soft fabric was damp and most likely stained from your arousal as you slip a slick finger inside your velvety walls.

Pushing another finger within yourself, you finally release a faint moan as you graze that gummy spot inside yourself. “Mirio..” you mummored closing your eyes. You look over at your side drawer at your vaseline before grabbing it. 

You lubed up only the head of the dildo not really wanting to have too much of the stuff inside of you as you begin pressing the head into your entrance. Your sigh as it sinks into you filling you up so deeply. “Mirio!” You yelp as the dildo drags pleasantly against your velvet walls making you shiver.

As you move your hand to take better hold, your dorm room is bursted into. “What is it!? What’s wro-…oh my" 

You sit up abruptly yanking your blankets over yourself in embarrassment. "M-Mirio?” You stutter out holding your blanket like a life line against yourself as the door shuts slowly behind him.

“You called me.” Mirio says but it sounds more like a question then anything else. Glancing around your room, he notices your phone still turned on with his second picture on display.

Smirking slightly, Mirio gently locks the door behind him as he walks towards you, hands behind his back. “What were you in here doing Sunshine?” You feel your entrance clench slightly at the pet name, making the dildo sink deeper. “N-Nothing, I’m just surprised that you’re here so early." 

Mirio leans onto the bed making it dip slightly as he taps his fingers along your legs. "Nighteye let me off earlier than usual this time so I thought I’d come over to hang out with my… Baby momma as you would say.”

Mirio crawls over to you, looking mischievously over your knees. “Imagine my surprise when i find her in such a naughty position. Saying my name no less." 

You squeak as Mirio drags the blanket down, fully exposing your secret. Mirio sucks in a breath he watches you soaked entrance greedily sucking in the toy. "Now would you look at that!" 

You put your hands down to cover yourself, "It’s not what it looks like I swear!” Mirio raises a perfect eyebrow, “Then what is it?” You stutter dumbly as Mirio gently moves your hand from your entrance before taking hold of the dildo.

Your back arches slowly as Mirio pulls the dildo out before pushing it back in. “Because it looked to me like Mommy was feeling lonely.” Mirio leans into your legs with one arm propped over your head as he speeds up his hand. “Why didn’t you tell me, I would have done this sooner.”

“Huh?” You moan gripping his arm tightly as he used the dildo to fuck you. “You’ve been teasing me so much lately sunshine. If I’m being honest, I’ve been a little frustrated.” At that Mirio drives the dildo inside of you rather harshly making you grit your teeth as a rather high moan leaves your lips.

The next few moments are filled with your wanton moans as Mirio fucks you with the dildo varying from watching your face to watching your dripping cunt suck in the fake cock. “God your so damn wet sunshine.” Mirio pants as he leans down lapping desperately at your opening. 

With a loud wail you cum all over his face with shaking legs as he continues to tongue fuck you. “T-To much M-Mirio!” You whimper as you grip his hair unsure if you wanted to pull him closer or push him away. 

Leaving your cunt with a loud pop, Mirio uses your hands to palm himself. “You feel how hard I am for you sunshine?” You cover your mouth to muffle your soft moans. His cock was throbbing in your hands and you could feel the veins twitching through the fabric.

Mirio growls when you squeeze his cock gently through his pants. “Stop teasing me sunshine or I just might lose control.” Mirio sits up and removes his tank top revealing his slightly flushed pectorals. “Mirio?” You question, not really believing that this was actually about to happen.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you Y/N.” You sit up and Mirio brings you into a kiss gently holding your face in his large hands. Your heart flutters at the feeling of his soft lips against yours. As you move your lips together, you trail your hands down his sculpted stomach and pull him forward by the seam of his pants.

Mirio releases your lips with a dark chuckle. “Someone eager.” You pout and bat your pretty little eyelashes up at him. “I want you so bad Miri." 

Mirio frowns cursing under his breath, "Well who am I to keep my sunshine waiting?” Pushing you down Miro activates his quirk and phases through his pants. When he solidifies again you tense are the sight of his hard dick.

It was long and impossibly thick, at least the size of your lower arm as streaks of pre-cum dribbled down the length of it. A gentle hand comes to grip your throat. “Don’t look so scared sunshine, this is what you wanted.” You swallow shallowly as you feel Mirio’s body heat envelope yours as he drags you into another searing kiss.

The feeling of the bright pink head of Mirio’s cock makes you shake as it lightly taps your clit. “I’m going to fill you up so good sunshine. Would you like that?” You nod whining as Mirio presses into you only stopping when only the base was left.

Your breaths became ragged as you struggle to take the thickness. “S-So full.” Mirio reaches a hand down rubbing soothing circles into your clit as he rocks his hips into you, trying to push the rest of him inside.

“Damn sunshine you’re taking my cock so well.” Mirio’s hand trails up your stomach to your breast squeezing then tightly before retreating. 

Just above your pelvis was a small bulge as Mirio’s cock rutted into you. When he saw that something shifted within him as he took a firm hold of your hips forcing you down the rest of the way.

You let out a choked out moan as something hard punches your cervix. Mirio grabs your hand and moves it down to the bulge “You feel me sunshine? So fucking deep in your womb.”

Mirio starts making precise thrusts into you fixating on how your stomach distended with each stroke. “Fuck, you’d look so cute if I filled up your pretty pussy with my cum wouldn’t you sunshine.”

In the haziness of your mind you noted his concerning fixation of filling you up literally and figuratively. However you were so riddled with lust you decided to play into it. “Mirio, please!" 

Mirio’s arms twitched as he strained to keep a calm pace above you. "Talk to me sunshine.” You raise your hips to meet his slow thrusts wrapping your arms around his neck. “Fuck me please. I want you to fill me up.”

Mirio stuttered at your request as he chewed his bottom lip nervously. “Y-you don’t know what you’re saying sunshine, just g-give me a second.” You groan as your walls flex around him.

Wrapping your legs around his waist you force him closer to you, leaving your mouth resting just below his ear. “I want you to breed me Mirio. Can you please do that for mommy?"  Mirio’s eyes glint darkly in the light as his eyebrows furrowed.

You quickly find yourself flipped onto your stomach with your ass up and head pushed into the mattress. "Is that what you want sunshine?” Mirio asks before thrusting into you completely. You let out a less than sexy moan but that only encourages him to start moving at a brutal pace.

You grip sheets as your bed violently slams against the wall. “Mir-i-o!” Is all you can get out before you’re creaming around his dick. “I’m gonna make you heavy with my cum. You’re gonna be a mommy for real. Would you like that sunshine?”

You nod whining into the sheets having no other choice but to take the pounding. The feeling of his cock stretching you out repeatedly was almost too much as he continued with the same pace. “Gonna take good care of you while your waddling around fat with my fucking kid Y/N." 

The whole room is filled with the sound of your screams and Mirio’s desperate dirty talk. There was no way that anyone who walked by wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of him breeding your greedy cunt. 

"Mirio!” You chanted as Mirio sinks his perfect teeth into your flesh leaving bruises and indents on your skin marking you as his. “Say my name baby, who’s gonna breed this sloppy hole for you?!" 

"You Mirio only you!” You weeped into your sheets as Mirio pistons his hips fucking you deeper and harder as he came closer to his own release. “Your gonna be such a good mother sunshine-fuck take my cum and you better not let out a single drop!”

Mirio slams down into you, balls slapping against your clit making you come once again as Mirio comes deep inside of you with a low moan. Even as he’s coming he continues to fuck into you, riding out his orgasm effectively filling the room with sticky sounds. 

It was a while before he came back to his senses as he fucking any stray drops of cum back inside as it left your trembling hole. You were thoroughly fucked. You laid there, twitching from overstimulation as his soft cock left you. 

“Oh dear.” Mirio muttered as he looked at your blissed out state. “Sunshine you should go shower that out.” Mirio gulped as he watched cum slowly drip out of your hole painting your brown thighs white. He forced himself to look away before he got hard again.

“I’m going to run to Nejire’s room for birth control. But you should really go rise my cum out.” A sly look came over face as he slides his pants on. “Unless you really wanna become a mommy?" 

At that your serge up, "NO! Well I mean not right now. I meanlike not ever but ya know we’re still young so..” you glance at Mirio who’s smirking at you. “Get out!” You cry embarrassed as you throw his shirt at his face. 

Mirio lets it phase through him before slipping out the door laughing.

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Its the fact that i inadvertently created two more series that i have to work on even though i haven’t finished the three others i started for me

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smut guide

for people who need some help with smuts

don’t read if you’re not comfortable

These are from a site where the person knows what they’re talking about. So if you don’t think these are accurate, move along. It could be helpful to others

reaction words














cries out

bites back a moans

breathing hitched


eyes rolled back

arched back

adverbs(a lack of adverbs weakens your writing)
















sexy words for said







cried out











sexy actions




shoving our hips together

pinned their wrists



hike up shirt

pressing against wall

rank nails through hair

hooking legs around waist

splay hands over chest

dipping tongue into ___

hair pulling

grasping their chin and tilt up/down

cupping cheek

lips brush ear

hip grind/thrusting/rolled/shifting

dirty talk



brushed lips together

teeth clicking together

lip play(biting/running tongue over lip)

pausing when lips are just barely touching

sucking bottom lip

kissing hard

teeth clicking

sucking tongue

swirling tongue around one

blow job

redden lips

swollen lips



making eye contact

hallowing cheeks

swirling tongue

fucking someones mouth

deep throat 

playing with balls

using hands and lips together



playing with woman wetness


parting lips

flicking their tongue

delving tongue

fleshly pink/brown (i prefer not to use skin color for poc)


sinking into someone/cock


digging fingers into shoulder/hips/back/chest

snapped/slammed/pounding hips






coil snapped


going tense/still


moans mix with curses words and/or lover name

slang word






sexy word














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  • while 
  • when,
  • whilst
  •  even as
  •  just as
  •  just when
  •  simultaneously as
  •  so long as
  •  at the moment that
  •  at the same time that at the time that
  •  in the act of
  •  in the process of 
  • on the point of
  • during the time that
  •  at the same time as
  •  during the time
  •  throughout the time
  •  in the time
  •  during which
  •  during which time
  • for the period that
  •  at the same time
  •  meanwhile
  •  at the time
  •  as long as
  •  exactly when
  •  at the very moment that
  • at the very time that after
  •  as soon as
  •  immediately when
  •  immediately after
  • instantly when once


  • glanced 
  • gazed 
  • stared
  • gaped
  • peered
  • focused 
  •  peeped 
  • peeked
  • took a look
  • taken a look 
  • watched
  • considered 
  • saw 
  • seen
  • observed 
  • viewed
  • regarded
  • marked 
  • checked out
  • glimpsed 
  • spotted 
  • eyed 
  • took in 
  • taken 
  • in ogled
  • eyeballed 
  • beheld
  • beholden 


  • ahead
  • back
  • previously
  • since
  • sooner
  • afore
  • aforetime
  • ante
  • antecedently
  • anteriorly
  • before present
  • ere
  • fore
  • former
  • formerly
  • forward
  • gone
  • gone by
  • heretofore
  • in advance
  • in days of yore
  • in front
  • in old days
  • in the past
  • past
  • precendently
  • previous
  • up to now


  • beam
  • grin
  • laugh
  • smirk
  • simper
  • be gracious
  • express friendliness
  • express tenderness
  • look amused
  • look delighted
  • look happy
  • look pleased


  • brush
  • caress
  • feel
  • handle
  • hit
  • kiss
  • lick
  • pat
  • reach
  • rub
  • strike
  • stroke
  • tap
  • abut
  • adjoin
  • border
  • communicate
  • contact
  • converge
  • dab
  • examine
  • finger
  • fondle
  • frisk
  • glance
  • graze
  • grope
  • inspect
  • join
  • line
  • manipulate
  • march
  • massage
  • meet
  • neighbor
  • osculate
  • palm
  • palpate
  • partake
  • paw
  • percuss
  • pet
  • probe
  • push
  • scrutinize
  • sip
  • smooth
  • suck
  • sweep
  • tag
  • taste
  • thumb
  • tickle
  • tip
  • toy
  • verge
  • be in contact
  • butt on
  • come together
  • feel up
  • impinge upon
  • lay a finger on


  • breathe
  • emit
  • give off
  • let out
  • discharge
  • eject
  • emanate
  • evaporate
  • expel
  • issue
  • respire
  • steam
  • vaporize


  • acknowledge
  • bend
  • bow
  • greet
  • respond
  • salute
  • acquiesce
  • agree
  • approve
  • assent


  • ardent
  • dramatic
  • eager
  • eloquent
  • emotional
  • expressive
  • fervent
  • fierce
  • fiery
  • forceful
  • heartfelt
  • heated
  • impassioned
  • intense
  • poignant
  • spirited
  • strong
  • vehement
  • violent
  • zealous
  • affecting
  • animated
  • blazing
  • burning
  • deep
  • fervid
  • flaming
  • frenzied
  • glowing
  • headlong
  • high-powered
  • high-pressure
  • hot
  • hotblooded
  • impetuous
  • impulsive
  • inspiring
  • melodramatic
  • moving
  • precipitate
  • quickened
  • steamed up
  • stimulated
  • stirring
  • thrilling
  • warm
  • wild


  • although
  • however
  • nevertheless
  • on the other hand
  • still
  • though
  • yet


  • choke
  • snort
  • whoop
  • blow
  • convulse
  • gulp
  • heave
  • inhale
  • inspire
  • pant
  • puff
  • respire
  • sniffle
  • wheeze
  • catch one’s breath
  • fight for breath


  • glare
  • glower
  • grimace
  • pout
  • gloom
  • lower
  • sulk
  • cloud up
  • do a slow burn
  • give a dirty look
  • give the evil eye
  • knit brows
  • look black
  • look daggers
  • look stern


  • act
  • action
  • change
  • development
  • evolution
  • exercise
  • flow
  • migration
  • move
  • operation
  • progress
  • shift
  • advance
  • agitation
  • alteration


  • boil
  • churn
  • roil
  • twirl
  • whirl
  • agitate
  • coil
  • crimp
  • crisp
  • curl
  • eddy
  • purl
  • roll
  • snake
  • surge
  • swoosh
  • whirlpool
  • whorl
  • wriggle
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This will be a little different because I’m leaving my author’s notes inside. Also have i ever mentioned the fact that I’m a ✨VIRGIN✨ so i don’t know shit about the stuff i write. So any of you non virgin peeps can help a sista out with some tips that would be great

Cockwarming kinda not really this fix is really a joke since I’m low-key stick in a rut

It was your fault that you were down here. If only you had been a good girl and waited for Iida to finish his paperwork. 

“Y/N if you throw another price of paper at my head there will be consequences.” You giggle as you peer through the door. “I’ll only stop if you play with me Tenya.” You taunt already balling up your next round of ammo.

Iida glares at you thoroughly annoyed. He loved you, truly, but you were the reason he was forced to spend so much time on his paper work in the first place.

You had just got a promotion so you had wanted to celebrate, that’s fine. However your idea of celebrating was getting shit faced drunk forcing him to have to come pick you up at six in the morning after your friends contacted him.

Of course you were sick the next day so he decided to take a day off just to take care of you. That ended quickly on the third day when he realized you were lying the whole time. All in all he was fed up with his ‘innocent little sugar baby’ as you put it 

Your eyes narrowed mischievous as you watched Iida’s face relax and go back into work mode. Deep inside your heart you knew this was selfish…… But you ✨didn’t care✨

After balling up the paper, this time you wet it with your water bottle getting it nice and soggy. You took aim and did a dramatic count-down in your head. “3..2..1… Fire!”

You launch the ball and make a bull’s-eye directly on Iida’s forehead before the water ball flopped onto the desk splashing small drops out water on the paper around it… exactly where Iida needed to sign. 

'Ah so I’ve chosen death.’ you thought quietly to yourself as Iida stared at the water drops dripping down his nose. You turn to crawl away finally having enough of your own games. “Get your disrespectful ass in here.” You sit on the floor sweating bullets, “U-Uh honey, I just remembered I have something e-else to do.” You reply crawling a bit faster.

The door to Iida’s office opens completely and  the back of your shirt is gripped tightly as you’re dragged into the office. Any hope of escape was crushed as Iida securely locked the door with his own personal key. 

Iida takes his seat and looks at you, dark blue eyes narrowed as they take in your trembling form. “The fact that you aren’t speaking let’s me know that you know you crossed the line.” You looked up at Iida pulling your best ashamed look but you both knew inside your didn’t regret a single thing. 

Iida smiled and pat his lap, making you perk up as you go to sit on top of him. Before you could settle Iida grabbed your arm and pulled you over his lap. “Iida?" 

You become a bit light headed at the sudden switch of elevation. "I think you don’t truly understand the seriousness of this Y/N. When we met we paid down the basics so don’t say you don’t know the rules.” You pout at the floor crossing your arms, “I’m bored.”

Iida sighed, “You wouldn’t be bored if you had let me do my work instead of faking sickness.” (Okay mom) You roll your eyes and simply hang over Iida’s lap lifelessly. 

Rolling his eyes, Iida opens a side drawer and stumbles through it as he gently massages the globes of your ass. “I wish I didn’t have to do this my dear but you’ve pushed my hand.” Iida declared making you giggle from our m how stupid he sounded. 

In the midst of your amusement, you failed to notice the gentle drag of your pants exposing your bare ass to the world. Your laughter is cut short at the sound of a loud smack and the pain that followed quickly after. “H-Hey what’s your d-deal!” You say gripping Iida’s knees in a attempt to lift yourself. A firm hand pressed down on your back, “Lay there, this is what happens when you don’t listen.”

You glared silently to yourself as Iida spreads his legs further under you forcing you to stretch out. You jump as your ass is hit again with something hard. From the corner of your eye, you see the familiar gleam of Iida’s silver ruler. “Trust me Y/N this hurts me more than it hurts you.”

You roll your eyes from the bullshit you were hearing. “Yeah fucking right, you sound like my mother-ack” your interrupted buy two hard blows going on your right cheek then moving to your left cheek. You could feel the threat of tears forming from the back of your eyes as Iida continues to spank you. 

You whimper trying to hide your pain. After one especially hard smack, you let the tears fall and cry out. “Oka-ay I’m sorry Daddy!” Iida stiffens (daddy chill), “While I have no need for the title, I appreciate the moniker.” (Okay abraham lincoln calm down dont pull out the nine…oh wait) Iida motions for you to sit up so you do.

“Get on the floor.” You go into your knees wincing at the burn burning feeling in your ass. Using one hand, Iida unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. It was completely soft try he pushed the tip towards your mouth.

You open your mouth obediently as Iida presses your head down so you swallow his cock all the way down to the hilt. For awhile you do the usual bob and weave (wtf are you talking about?) Breathing gently through your nose as his thick cock rested heavily on your tongue, you gaze up at him annoyed as he tossed his head back sighing.

Once Iida felt that he was as hard as he would ever be, he stopped your movement and gently forced your head to rest on his leg. You humm questioning but Iida makes no move to answer as he goes back to working. You suck hard on his dick making him jump. 

Iida takes his hand and pushes your face flush against his stomach forcing his cock to slide gracefully down your esophagus. For a while you allow it, basking in his (crisco engine grease) manly musk. But once the lack of oxygen travelled to your brain you began to panic.

You tap his leg rapidly and make noises of alarm as spit began to accumulate around your mouth. And just before your eyes rolled to the back of your head, Iida releases you and you pull away a choking mess. “What the hell was that for?!" 

"Discipline. Since you wanted my cock so bad, why don’t you choke on it.” You stand up as Iida laughs at your disheveled state. (Iida having fun? Well I’ll be damned that ooc) “That’s not even close to discipline!" 

Iida cleared his throat, "Well in the words of my good greetings Kaminari…” Iida holds out his hand in a cupping manor (aye bro ya ween is still out blowin in the breeze), “Spare choochie?”

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shouta aizawa x fem! reader

desc: aizawa is the ceo of a company for quirks and you happen to be an employee of his. it’s no secret that you’re flirtatious with him. after seeing you get jealous for the first time, he decides that he’s had enough. it was time to make use of you. 

genre: smut

warnings: degradation, aged up reader, unprotected sex, public sex

word count: 3.4K

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Bakugou x black reader

Quirk accident

Pussy and cunny are such a funny words…i hate it

Getting hit with a lust quirk was not on the top of your to do list when you graduated from U.A. Getting hit with said quirk while partnered with your childhood nemisis, LoRd ExPlOsIoN mUrDeR himself was most definitely not on your list.

You were this close to defeating the villan without any complications. Until you miscalculated your final kick. That was all it took for the Villian to get the jump on you and effectivity activate their quirk.

“Take him to jail boys but watch the hands.” You say as you hand the culprit off. He was one of six vigilantes that were pulling morbid slapstick pranks on people. It was awful, anything from a love quirk making a wife cheat on her husband, to a man having feet for hands and hands for feet.

The last straw however was when one member made an office building vibrate. It was a small one and barely an earthquake level tremor. But it was able to do a lot of damage due to the fact the building was so old.

“Are you sure that’s all the people inside?” You call out to Bakugo who only glared at you. “I think I was pretty thorough.” Sighing at his superiority, you walk to the front of the building, “Just in case, let’s double check.”

As you walk through the many levels of the building, you feel the quirk slowly take into effect. It’s a gradual climb before you notice. First you’re out of breath after 1 flight of steps. Then you find yourself sweating excessively even though there were many windows that had bursted in the altercation.

Your condition forced you to notice certain things as well. Like the way Bakugou’s arms flexed randomly most likely due to his clenched fists. How his back was solid and strong. His sharp eyes made you shiver at the thought of them looking down at you. His teeth were so pearly white but all you could think of was the thought of those teeth sinking into your supple flesh.

By the time you and Bakugo got to the last floor, your brown complexion was flushed so much you could see it, and your legs shook as you walked. The ever growing feeling of want and need throbbing in your lower regions pushed you over the edge and you collapsed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” You raise your hand waving him off, “It’s fine I…. I just need to catch my breath and go home.” Bakugo stared at you for a while before sighing. “That bastard hit you with his quirk didn’t he? Wasn’t he the one with the lust quirk?”

You nod seeing no use in denying the truth as you unzipped your shirt trying to promote some form of circulation. It was silent before Bakugou sighed, “Look, I’m going to go to the bathroom, then I am going to rob a snack machine. That should give you enough time to grind out your problem.” He said looking away as his face slowly became pink.

You barely waited for Katsuki to leave before you were sliding your hands into your pants. Your chest heaved as you gently graze your fingers against your clit, crying out from the sudden pleasure that was almost too much.

The throbbing sensation was painful and it seemed that your current menstruations were only making it worse. You push your fingers pass your folds and you’re soon hit with a dull orgasm. There was no elevation of the pain and it only made you more frustrated as warm tears flowed down your face.

You thrust your fingers within yourself, trying to find some way to destroy the feeling. Bringing your hands up to play with your chest as the bud hardens in the cool air, as your skin contrasted perfectly with your furnace like body heat.

With a long whine you find yourself on your hands and knees forcing your fingers inside yourself. Your legs shake from the force of your fingers abusing your g-spot. It was as if you were moving forward to release but at the same time moving back to pain. “Fuck, please, please it hurts!” You cried out as you received another painfully dull orgasm. “Bakugou.” You mumble repeatedly wishing you had the courage to call out to him.

“Y/n?!” You freeze at the sound of Bakugo standing over you. Removing your fingers from your hole with a loud plop, you cry at the immediate pain you felt from being empty. “S-Sorry, I got carried away, I’m f-fine now.” You say, standing up so fast that you became dizzy.

You weren’t fine, hell anyone who looked at you could tell. You were hardly keeping your eyes open and the rapid dilation of them made it a miracle you could even see. Below your previous place were noticeable puddles of sweat that had long since drenched your hero costume.

As you came back to your senses, Bakugo pushes a finger against your shoulder making you swat a little more than necessary.

“Don’t lie to me, you are barely standing. Jerkin off didn’t work huh?” You closed your eyes and tried to take in deep breaths to calm the multiple heartbeats you felt throughout your body. “I’m fine, I-I’ll just go home and-” “And what? Obviously doing it yourself doesn’t work?!”

You glared at Bakugou, “It’s none of your concern anyways so why do you care!?” Bakugo pulled at his hair annoyed. “I’m not trying to wake up to a headline of H/N dead cause she couldn’t bust a nut.”

You lean against the wall and sigh from the comforting coolness of it. “I don’t know Katsuki, maybe I’ll call a hooker, why does it even matter?”

You could tell you were getting on Bakugou’s nerves as his temple vein started to twitch. “And what will you do if the public find out their favorite neighborhood hero is socializing with prostitutes” Your head was throbbing from the loudness of Bakugou’s voice and you didn’t think you had the strength to remain conscious.

Behind your closed eyes, you could hear loud shuffling and annoyed grunts. It wasn’t until you heard the familiar jingling of a belt that you opened your eyes. “W-What the hell are you doing?!”

Bakugo had fully stripped down from the waist up and was now working on the next task. Now you weren’t saying you didn’t appreciate the view, hell you were salivating at the sight. The only problem was that this was presenting a line that no one can simply hop over and come back.

“I’m going to help you dumbass.” He responded, dropping his pants on the floor and walking towards you naked as the day he was born.

You hold your hand up as if trying to stop him but really it was because you didn’t have the strength to retreat. “You don’t have to do this, I’ll be fine.”

“I know I don’t have to do this, I want to.” Bakugo smirked before realizing what he said, “I want to help you that is. Look, you can barely walk much less take care of yourself once you get home so this needs to happen now.”

Bakugo trails off as he studies your body with his eyes, drinking in every curve, every dip, and every detail. “You ass got bigger than when we were in school huh?” That comment sobered you up quickly as you forcefully walked past Bakugo. “I’m not going to stand here and deal with your shit right now dude.”

You take a few shaky steps before you find yourself pressed up against a wall with a warm calloused hand down your pants, cupping your vagina. All anger leaves your mind as lust takes over. You buck your hips pathetically in his hand trying to get relif but instead he takes his time teasing you.

He slowly takes your clit between his fingers delivering small pinches to it before sliding a finger down your labia. “You’re really sensitive now huh?” Bakugo whispers in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.

Taking his other hand, he gently pulls down your pants while he leaves a trail of kisses on your shoulder. “Just let go and let me take care of you.” Your eyes widened just as Bakugo smoothly slips a finger inside of you. “Oh, you got tighter. Did you like that? You want me to take care of you Y/N?” You almost gagged from the pride oozing off of Bakugou as he pressed his hot body against yours.

“T-To much, I feel b-better now.” You try to offer as a way to make this embarrassment end, moaning loudly as Bakugo taps your g-spot. His fingers, while longer, were also much thicker. So while yours did fine touching yourself, it felt as if Bakugo was touching everywhere at all times.

“You say that but all it would take to get you on your knees would be for me to touch this magical place right here.”

As if having a need to prove his words, Bakugo delivers three light touches to your clit and g-spot at the same time, effectively making your legs weak as you spray clear liquid down his arm. You slide down the wall in pleasurable defeat as you feel the lust continue to grow stronger than before.

Bakugo watches you with pity as you violently trembled on the floor, just as turned on as before.

“Y/N you know what we have to do.” You nod absentmindedly too focused on trying to alleviate the pressure on your clit. Bakugo sighs as he positions you to stand up against the wall. “Jump.” You look at him confused and he rolled his eyes, not wanting to repeat himself.

You yelp as strong arms reach out and lift you in the air, forcing your legs to wrap around his waist. “Put me down!”

You hold onto Bakugou’s neck, though there really wasn’t a need from how firmly he was holding you. “I don’t like being picked up.” Bakugo leaned towards you and you stiffen as you feel something hot and heavy rub between your pussy lips. “And I don’t like brats that are too prideful to take some dick when offered.”

At that, Bakugo thrusts completely inside of you without resistance. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you feel the true difference between the mock pleasure fingers gave, and that undeniable euphoria Bakugou’s cock was delivering.

Bakugo looks at where your bodies connected, and almost came on the spot. You were greedily sucking him in with every thrust as though you were made for him. He sped up, watching your features change as sweat drenched your pretty face and lewd moans left your pretty lips. “Oh God, please Baku-Please!”

Bakugo takes hold of your ass as he pushes away from the wall, making you completely rely on him to stay upright as he forces your hips to slam down on his cock.

“Fuck, I’m going to make you feel so much better.” How he held up your weight while keeping the same momentum is beyond you as you peered through your slitted eyes.

His red eyes were concentrated on what would make you come as choked moans left you the deeper he went. “Please Daddy make me cum!” You accidently cried out, feeling closer than you had all night. Bakugo stopped eyes wide and for a moment you thought you did something wrong as he set you down on your back.

“I’m sorry I-I shouldn’t have said anything, please don’t stop.” You whined as the pain of emptiness came back tenfold. You hiccup as Bakugo raises your legs to your chest effectively pulling you into a mating press.

“Say it again.”

You furrow your brows, “Huh?” in one thrust Bakugo was back inside of you, unapologetically hitting your guts. His thrust were now more powerful and animalistic leaving no room for rebuttal as he pistons out of your weeping hole. “I said, say it again!”

Your loud moans could be heard throughout the building as Bakugo ravaged you. His kisses were rough and unforgiving, mostly involving teeth as he marked your shoulder with love bites. “Say my name!”

Covering your eyes embarrassed, you give him what he wanted, “Daddy, please, I’m so fucking close!” Your moans were ragged and throat raw.

Bakugo grabbed your wrists and held them above you. “Don’t hide from me. Look at the man that’s making you feel this good. No one else can ever touch you like this!” You nod getting even more turned on by the dominance as you felt your walls being destroyed. “No one can touch me l-like y-yo-fuck!”

You weren’t exactly lying either. Maybe it was the quirk, maybe it was truly Bakugou’s dicking down. What you do know is that the fiery bastard may have ruined you for sex for the rest of your life.

“Fuck, you’re so damn beautiful.” You whine in response, unable to speak anything even remotely inteligible.

Bakugo groans as you gradually tighten around him and slow his thrusts. Finally after a few precise bumps over your clit, the cord keeping you from your release snaps making your world go dark with a loud yell.

“Fucking hell.” Bakugo curses as he pulls out of your tight grip and jerks himself off the rest of the way.

It was a long while till you two spoke. The air was cool and the silence was needed. “That was great.” You giggle, delirious from your orgasm. Bakugo wearily watches you wiggle your toes from afar as he puts his hero costume back on. “Are you okay?”

“Broski I’m more than okay.” You try and stand only to fall right back on your ass but that only served as comedy to you in your blissful state.

If you were truly conscious, you’d be freaking out from what had just transpired. Even more so was the fact that Bakugou Katsuki himself had called you beautiful.

But alas you had the attention span of a 4 year old and was unable to compute as Bakugou carried you home and gently laid you on your bed before taking his leave, looking back at your sleeping form with with sad eyes.

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Just occurred to me that my smut writing style is litteraly porn with plot

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I used to call in to my local radio station every day in middle school and request that they play the Kingdom Hearts theme and they never did because I didn’t understand how the radio worked back then but one day, one fucking day the radio host was like “for the kid who keeps requesting this song for two years straight, here you go, oh and by the way we’re blocking your number” and they fucking played it and beating the system was worth never being able to request a song ever again

An icon

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