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kagomepastandpresent·4 days agoText

Ok, I’m done. Thanks for dealing with me ^^’ post overload!

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kagomepastandpresent·7 days agoText


Absolutely amazing how AO3 is a part of the internet that doesn’t sneak in any ads and doesn’t have an algorithm and doesn’t watch you or record how much time you spend looking at each fic or whatever. It’s just right there to use for free. Legend

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kagomepastandpresent·11 days agoText


Rin watched her entire family get murdered in front of her.

Rin was so traumatized she could not speak or cry.

Rin was shunned by her village and horrifically beaten by a group of grown men.

Rin was bitten to death by wolves.

Rin was kidnapped numerous times and put in harm’s way.

Rin died AGAIN in the underworld.

Rin got left behind by Sesshomaru and Jaken to grow up in a human village.

Rin MIGHT have finally gotten to be with the one person she adores and start a a family and then they were ripped away from her.

Can Rin please get a happy ending?  I don’t even care what it looks like.  Can she just have like a melon patch and a stream to fish in and maybe her daughters growing up around her?  Is it too much to ask?

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kagomepastandpresent·11 days agoText


I think I’m really going to enjoy these two’s bickering. It’s like if their fathers were actually on good terms.

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kagomepastandpresent·11 days agoText


A list of clues, hints and speculation of the original characters’ whereabouts (will be updated/modified as the season advances):

  • Moroha knows few details about her parents and she has been living alone since she was little (as stated on her bio).
  • It seems like Towa and Setsuna also lived on their own as children, until the night of the fire when they were separated (episode 2).
  • Sesshomaru took the twins with him after they were born in Kaede’s village, which means everyone holding on to hope Rin is not the mom—a.k.a me—is delusional (episode 3).
  • As of episode 3, what happened to the twins’ mother hasn’t been mentioned.
  • I don’t imagine Sesshomaru being all papa bear and raising his kids but he was very protective of Rin and they weren’t related, so I seriously doubt he wouldn’t try to save his daughters during the fire.
  • We don’t know what happened to Setsuna in the years since she was separated from Towa and she arrived at Kaede’s village.
  • The 7 rainbow pearls can be paired with the 7 missing characters. This is mere fan speculation because of the matching colors.
  • On the first episode Kagome briefly mentioned the 7 flowers of autumn; once again we have the number 7. Speculation.
  • Miroku thought he was powerless without the wind tunnel. Could this be a hint that something bad happened to him and he couldn’t defend himself because he no longer had the tunnel?
  • After the battle with Root Head, Kagome said all she had left to do was to spend the days with Inuyasha by her side. Foreshadowing that something would alter her plans?
  • Moroha and Hisui don’t know each other, a red flag if you consider their parents were inseparable (episode 2).
  • Kohaku doesn’t seem to know Moroha either. I can’t tell if he recognised her attack or if he was simply surprised a demon had spiritual powers. We still don’t know as of episode 3.
  • Whether Kaede knows Moroha is Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter remains ambiguous. Episode 3.
  • As of episode 3, Kin’u and Gyokuto are nowhere to be seen. They haven’t been mentioned either.
  • As of episode 3, it seems like Kohaku didn’t know Setsuna is Sesshomaru’s daughter.
  • Moroha knows or at least has heard of Sesshomaru (she recognized Towa and Setsuna as their daughters by simply smelling them).
  • The theory that the characters’ memories were tampered with has been discredited (except for Setsuna and maybe Towa). Kaede and Kohaku both remember Inuyasha, Kagome and Sesshomaru (however there’s still no mention of Miroku, Sango and Shippo’s whereabouts).
  • Moroha is wearing the robe of the fire rat, something Inuyasha gave to Kagome as an extra layer protection whenever they were in danger. Maybe he gave it to Moroha for this same reason, to protect her from something?
  • Hisui is Hiraikotsu’s new owner, something that seems a bit odd to me because most exterminators have their own, distinct weapon and Sango was very close to her boomerang. Also there’s always the possibility their village gets attacked again by some monster or even bandits so I find it hard to believe Sango would give it up, even if it was a gift for her son. What if the reason he carries it around is because something happened to Sango, and Hiraikotsu reminds him of his mother?
  • If Kaede doesn’t know Moroha is Inuyasha and Kagome’s daughter it could be because Kagome gave birth somewhere else.
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