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kaitoxen6 hours agoText

Qi Rong is the best dad in the World.


Though he was really written as an annoying character, he was the most misunderstood character at all. I liked him, I loved him. He may seems very ruthless and bad, but that’s not the case. He has a heart. He just wants to be praised and recognized, that’s why he do such stuffs. He was born and raised in a way that tolerated him to become such person like this. Despite all of that, I think, he really cared for Xie Lian until the present. He helps him in unnoticeable way. He also became the best dad for Gu zi. Knowing that this kid wasn’t even fed by his real father, Qi Rong cared for him and raised him well. Feeds him with meat, and most importantly, he didn’t eat him. When Gu zi was in danger, Qi Rong didn’t even hesitated a second to save the child and that melted my heart. When Gu zi pleaded to save his dad because Qi Rong was his real dad, I immediately cried. This novel is so awesome. Not just the main characters, but the conflicts and affairs of the other characters are so heart warming.

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kaitoxen6 days agoText

One Flower, One Sword聽(涓鑺变竴鍔,聽Y墨 Hu膩 Y墨 Ji脿n) Pinying

By Li Xinyi

Xi膩nl猫 li煤l铆 y矛ng li煤f膩ng sh猫ngsh矛 gu膩ngj菒ng

B谩iy墨 sh脿oni谩n r煤 f膿ini菐o n矛 k艒ngji脿ng l铆n

F膿ng ju菐n hu膩 lu貌 y霉 mi脿n sh矛 j矛ng zh脿o g奴 x墨ng

F煤 g菙x霉n y墨sh菐n f煤gu膩ngl眉猫y菒ng

脌ny猫 sh膿nsu矛 c谩ng du艒sh菐o y艒u l菧 y菐nj墨ng

Y铆ndi茅 pi膩nxi膩n w菐nru貌 ti谩oti谩o li谩n ti膩nx墨ng

X奴y煤 ji膩n xi茅 hu膩ngsh膩n y臎 j矛ng

X煤n sh膿ng m矛 y菒ng

Yu猫 hu谩 l铆n l铆n li煤 zh脿o j奴n

Z貌ng l菤 shu膩ng y矛 g奴x铆ng

Y墨ni脿n hu膩 sh霉 r脿o xi膩ng y煤n

Y墨ni脿n su铆 ji脿n y菒ng

Q墨ng ni膩n t谩ohu膩 xi脿ng xi膩n t铆ng

Di脿n sh菐n j墨ng l茅im铆ng

Qi臎 sh菒 b谩ij奴 ni菐ngu貌 x矛


J矛 c膩ngsh膿ng y墨 hu膩 y墨 ji脿n y墨 yu脿n

R茅nji膩n x矛ng

T墨ngw茅n t脿ic膩ngsh膩n n脿n f霉 g霉gu贸 z艒ngj墨

Du脿n b矛 li谩n c谩n yu谩n ch茅ngch铆 f膿i sh膩 y谩ng l矛

F谩nhu谩 f霉mi猫 r茅n mi脿n ch茅ng y矛

Zh脿nhu菕 chu膩ngy铆

Ch艒u s墨 b艒 ji菐n y墨sh膿n m铆

W煤m铆ng qu猫 y脿o q墨ng y铆ng

Y墨ni脿n hu膩 sh霉 chu墨m貌 y煤n

Zh貌uy菙 s霉 hu膩 j矛ng

Sh铆ji膩n h菙p貌 zh艒ngli煤 hu脿n

F霉 t谩oyu谩n zh墨 j矛ng

W霉 ch茅n y煤n m铆ng ji脿n li菐n qu猫

F煤ch茅n q铆ng j矛

D菒 b霉gu貌 y墨 hu膩 y墨 ji脿n y墨r茅n

Y菙zh艒ng l矛

Li煤li脿n hu膩 sh霉 y矛 li谩n j奴n

Zh霉 w脿ng h貌u yu菐n x矛n

R猫n f谩nch茅n s煤sh矛 xi脿o w菕

Sh膩nji膩n q铆 ch谩ng m铆ng

Q霉xi脿ng w猫i y谩nshu艒 c茅ngj墨ng

F谩nhu膩 s矛 j菒n

Y猫hu菕 j菒n y墨 hu膩 y墨 ji脿n y墨sh矛

Y菙 j奴n x铆ng

Chu膩nx铆ng y煤 ti膩nd矛 ji膩n

W茅i yu脿n zh煤y墨 shu膩ng y菒ng

I got addicted to this song and eventually keep singing and listening to it everyday. Who’s with me?

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kaitoxena month agoText

This was supposed to be my writing account, but instead of writing some bunch of stuffs, this became my fangirling account of MXTX. Hahaha! who’s with me? Lol.

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kaitoxena month agoText

Reasons Why You Should Read TGCF or Heaven’s Official Blessings by MXTX:

Aside from MDZS, MXTX also wrote a novel entitled “Heaven’s Official Blessing”. It was her third novel. Though it was written in Chinese, worry not, there are tons of English translations around and the translations are quite good. If you are a big fan of BL and some historical genre and obviously鈥攆antasy, then this would be the best pick for you to read.

The Heaven’s Official Blessing had a donghua (animation) in 30th of October, 2020. Others say that it had a Manhua adaptation as well. But since the both are still on going, I suggest you to read the novel. The novel itself is detailed. You can freely use your imagination.

So here are the reasons why you should really read it:

1. It is BL, if you are a big fan of the Boy’s Love Genre or Danmei in China, you will love this. The love between Xie Lian and Hua Cheng is really powerful. Imagine their patience is equals to 800 years? Yes, that’s right.

2. It is in a Xianxia genre. Probably historical, or mythological and consists of fantasy stuff. As a fantasy lover myself, I highly recommend you this novel aside from MDZS.

3. The fight scenes are awesome. Really awesome! Sword fights, magical stuff and also has cultivators and even some demonic spirits around.

4. The emotions you’ll feel are mixed. In my current situation, as I first time read this, I literally laughed in the beginning. The narration is funny and I thought it was a comedy. Later on, when I arrived at the rising part or going to the climax, my heart went shattered and cried at the same time laughing. MXTX never failed to make me feel like this. I sometimes get happy and laughed all the time then later I’ll find myself crying.

5. The life lessons are really great. As well as the quotations, they marked in my head so well. Like what Hua Cheng said, “To die in a battle for you, is my greatest honor.” And I cried a lot. And this one too, 鈥Only after having met you did I discover that it’s such a simple thing to be happy.鈥 You can certainly learn some virtues and morals in this novel. It touched my heart a lot. Like I found and learned to be selfless at all times.

6. The angst are real. But the Ending is real too. The angst I have read in this novel really gave me an interaction with it. I can relate, and it can also tpuch my soul. I never cry easily or laugh easily, but just like what I’ve said, MXTX never failed to make cry or laugh so. The angst made me imagine the novel more that sometimes I forgot about the reality and think I am part of their world. This is really great. Knowing the ending is also great too. My heart and soul was moved.

In general, the novel was written so well. MXTX writing style improved. As well as the chapters. I think, Heaven’s official blessings is her longest novel. Consisting 250 chapters including the extras. But the chapters don’t matter. If you start reading it, you won’t notice the long chapters but rather you’ll feel that you’re slowly entering the Xianxia world or their world itself.

One world could describe this novel鈥攖hat would be beautiful. It was a beautiful masterpiece indeed. I have no regrets reading it. Sometimes, I came to think of reading it again. MXTX’s impact to me never changes. I always find it hardly to move on from her novels.

If you can relate to me, you can give me and share some feedbacks! :)

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kaitoxena month agoPhoto
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kaitoxena month agoText

How would not people remember Wei Wuxian? He’s the only person who gets close to Hanguang-jun. He’s a clown. He causes chaos around. He is afraid of dogs. He does flute. He even remembered Wangxian. Now tell me, Yiling Laozu, how will our Hanguang-jun not remember you? >~<

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kaitoxena month agoText

I’m really thankful that this happened in the Manhua though it didn’t happened in the donghua and in the series adaptation due to the censorship. But what I really like about this scene, and did touched my heart, that Wangji could no restrain himself anymore. And also, he bit Wei Wuxian, wondering if that bite would scar, so someday, Wei Wuxian would remember him. In fact, this desire of him did happened. Wei Wuxian remembered him, he was the first person he remembered after being reincarnated. And my wangxian heart today is getting hyped!

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kaitoxena month agoText

If Wei Wuxian didn’t break the Stygian Tiger Amulet and didn’t have Lan Wangji to stay by his side, then probably their tales would end up like Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang. And maybe, Lan Wangji might end up like Song Lan if Wei Wuxian didn’t happened to be reincarnated again. This is really all thanks to our Director Nie Huisang!

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kaitoxena month agoText

Here’s some cute appreciation post for our director Nie Huiasang! This photo is from MDSZ Q. Without this Mr. “I-DON’T-KNOW”, “Head Shaker”, we won’t have any happy endings. Thanks to him, Lan Wangji had his happy ending as well as for Wei Wuxian’s reputation, it was all clarified.

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kaitoxena month agoText

Wangxian as A-yuan’s Parents

I appreciate the chibi donghua for creating this scene. For The Untamed/CQL’s fans and MDZS or TGDC’s, we all know that this is our favorite scene. This is so cute and adorable. And of course, not to mention that this is our first encounter with Lan Shizui as a child. In this scene, it was so light and a very cheerful atmosphere unlike what we’ve experienced in the past episodes. In this scene, we are all rested and finally healing our hearts.

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian’s encounter with A-Yuan

Here’s the thing. Lan Wangji or Hanguang-Jun is roaming around the Yiling and hoping to see Wei Wuxian there. Coincidentally, Wei Wuxian is also roaming around there together with Wen Yuan. Wei Wuxian had an argument with the potato vendor to have some cheap potatoes. Meanwhile, Wen Yuan, as a kid, he freely roam around and saw Young master Lan (Lan Wangji), it is said that A-Yuan likes to hug people whom he likes. So he hugged Lan Wangji’s feet. He was frozen and stunned because it was an unfamiliar child. Because of his icy facial expression, A-yuan felt scared and cried. Meanwhile, the crowd had witnessed the scenario and however misunderstood everything.

“Poor child! He must be his father. They have the same nose!”

“How can the father be so cruel to his child?”

“He seems so young, this might be his first time as a father.”

“Where’s the mother of this child?”

Hearing this commotion, Wei Wuxian got distracted and found out that A-yuan was missing already. He panicked immediately. After witnessing a large crowd, he found out that A-yuan is hugging Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian laughed after seeing the scenario. ’How could the young Lan Wangji be the father of such child? How would he react on this?’ Wei Wuxian thought. So he broke the commotion by saying, “I am the father,” in some translations, especially in the series, Wei Wuxian said, “I bore this child.” To tease Lan Wangji.

After that, the commotion suddenly vanished into thin air. Lan Wangji’s eyes is full of happiness after reuniting with the Yiling Partriarch or Wei Wuxian again. Wei Wuxian was shocked as well after seeing Lan Wangji and thought that nothing changed. “What are you doing here in Yiling, Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian asked. “Night Hunting.” Lan Zhan lied. Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji if they could have a dinner together before he proceed to night hunting since it’s been long since they have last met. Meanwhile, In order to comfort the crying A-Yuan, he tried showing some toys and A-Yuan’s eyes are changed in delight. Then, after showing the toys, Wei Wuxian dragged A-Yuan away, seeing this by Lan Wangji, he asked Wei Wuxian why did he not buy some toys to A-Yuan.

Wei Wuxian is poor, we all know that. So, that’s why Lan Wangji bought the toys to A-Yuan.

Lan Wangji as A-Yuan’s Father

Since A-Yuan is someone special to Wei Wuxian whom he cares and loves for, he decided to look for A-Yuan after the death of Yiling Partriarch in the Burial Mounds. So, A-Yuan was been adopted by Lan Wangji since A-Yuan is the only one left whom he had memories with Wei Wuxian. In his secluded meditation, he barely see A-Yuan but he gave his best to raise this kid. It is also said that Lan Wangji used to put him in the fields of rabbits and feed him carrots like what does the rabbit do. (CUTE XD)

In the Yiling City, when Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji had a dinner together, Lan Wangji also let A-Yuan sit on his lap and even taught him manners just like how fathers discipline their child. “No talking while eating,” he said. After saying these things, A-Yuan obediently followed what Lan Wangji had said. Wei Wuxian reacted after this.

In the present, A-Yuan or Wen Yuan became Lan Yuan and called as Lan Shizui, or Shizui. Shizui means yearning and it was a love story that Lan Wangji had for Wei Wuxian. He named A-yuan “Shizui” because he is longing for Wei Wuxian for the past 13 years. Shizui, despite of being an adopted and not blood related to Gusu Lan Sect, he was taught Inquiry by Lan Wangji. Inquiry is a method of calling or talking to spirits or souls by using their instrument Guqin. Lan Wangji thought that Shizui might be able to talk to Wei Wuxian’s soul that he’s been trying to call for many years but still gets no respond.

Despite of being a naughty kid in the past when he’s still with Wei Wuxian, he grew up a calm, dependable, and even responsible person. He’s good in sword fights and also was taught to use some tactful methods or spells that was taught or inherited by the Yiling Partriarch.

The Gusu Lan Sect juniors as well are taught by these methods. We also have some spotlight to Lan Jingyi, who’s often called by the fans as “Wei Wuxian if he was a Lan”. He is naughty and free spoken. This means that Lan Wangji raised his juniors and together with Shizui in a free way yet disciplined.

Overall, Lan Wangji is not only a sugar daddy but a perfect dad to everyone. XD

Wei Wuxian as a Parent

We all know that Wei Wuxian is a naughty guy but despite of that he has a pure soul and heart. Though Shizui said that he remembered he was taught some dirty tricks by Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian is actually sincere and good at parenting. He is indeed poor, but worry not, he has Lan Wangji on his side, our best sugar daddy. He is free to use his pocket money anytime he desires. In the novel, there are some scenarios that Wei Wuxian woild treat the juniors to a restaurant by Lan Wangji’s money and even taught them how to cultivate properly. In this act, he is indeed a good parent who cares for his child to grow properly and to grow independently.

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