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Hey, i am a multi-fandom person. I am from germany, 23 years old, she, cis, bisexual, SuperWhoLocked, Stormpilot, Hannigram af and proud member of the TJLC community 馃悩馃寛 Icon by @jolivira_art

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kajaono11 hours agoText

Also the Mentalist feels slower then Elementary

The mentalist allways starts with a calm scene, talking, someone dies, CBI arrives, more talking, Jane wanting tea, more talking, back to the CBI office, more talking

Elementary on the other hand is told so fast that the first 15 minutes are over so fast that you do not even notice it. Cold blood murder. Short calm scene, Joanlock arriving at the crime scene, Sherlock talking like a maniac, Sherlock running like a maniac, cut next scene, cut next scene, no time to breath

On the other hand again, the cases in Elementary are more easy to follow then the ones in The Mentalist. Elementary is fast, but focused. The mentalist is slower but most of the time has two secret lovers, one secret daughter and three people that are related and/or did work with eachother. And even with the slow storytelling it is difficult to catch up sometimes

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kajaono11 hours agoText

Watching Elementary and The Mentalist directly behind eachother it is eye catching how much more calm The Mentalist is.

In The Mentalist they are in their office space most of the time. Something happens. They sit down all together and try to solve the case. And they drive around and Jane is bothering people

In Elementary noone is really sitting down. Every case is discussed while standing in the corridor of the police department (which doesn鈥檛 looks so cozy like the CBI office). Sherlock is talking like a manic the whole time and IF someone (Gregson) finally sits down, Sherlock brusts through the door and 5 seconds later everyone is allready running around like maniacs again.

I love them both but the moments where Sherlock and Joan are just staying at home, drinking tea and doing non sense, like they do in the later seasons is so much more pleasant to watch

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kajaono11 hours agoText

I never really understood what The mentalist was aiming for when they started the love relationship between Kristina and Jane, but rewatching the season 2 finale, i think the writers didn鈥檛 knew either. They have an absolut lack of romantic chemistry and are more a bantery BroTP then an OTP, but Simon Baker nevertheless plays Janes love and angst for Kristina really convincing

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kajaono13 hours agoText

Some white people should never allowed to enter an Asia market (in fact it is a Thai market). She walked in there, turned to her friend and said: They have all the really weird stuff here.鈥

A) super impolite, wrong and racist

B)… she was talking about banana leaves

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kajaonoa day agoText












shitty go AU/crossover: Good Omens/Sherlock Holmes

okokok but listen holmes and watson being immortal as well and crowley and aziraphale鈥檚 drinking buddies

there鈥檚 a reason they got a cottage Down South after Armageddon鈥檛

watson, absolutely shit-faced: waitwaitwait, but if inquit-, iniquoti鈥 evil things send you to hell 鈥榥 dophins are smart 鈥榥uff to do evil then are there dophins in hell?

crowley lying face down on the floor: not that i know of, probably somewhere else

aziraphale: must be a hell made just for fish, full of nets i assume

watson: what do you mean hell for fish they鈥檙e mammals

holmes so hammered he鈥檚 back in 1895: what are you on about dear boy, they live in the sea of course they鈥檙e fish

watson and crowley:

crowley and holmes set up a cool operation where holmes鈥檚 bees pollinate the shit out of crowley鈥檚 garden

and by that i mean holmes holes himself up doing horticulture research for d a y s while crowley hangs out in the garden sniping at his plants until the bees start stinging his demon ass

watson and crowley once had a silent rivalry between the two of them because watson didn鈥檛 believe being asshole to plants was the best way to grow them

some time later crowley proudly showed off his flourishing houseplants and he thought he鈥檇 won until watson with the biggest shit eating grin showed him a pumpkin the size of a whole ass human child

#how he managed it?#he might have asked holmes for a hand#listen after decades of being married to each other they learned not to ask question when stuff like this happens#sometimes you need to keep explenations to yourself just for dramas sake#so when your husband goes 鈥榟ey love would you mind serenading the pumpkins for me?鈥 you better grab your violin and get on with it#no questions asked#good omens#sherlock holmes

鈥 tags by @two-nipples-maybe-more, and I just loved the image too much to not repeat.

okay i love this a whole lot more than is remotely reasonable

I honestly love this app dang much!! YO @celeste-tyrrell @books-andbiscuits @martemis1 DO ANY OF YALL KNOW ANYONE IN THESE FANDOMS WHO WOULD WRITW SOMTHINF FOR THIS?!? CUZ I WOULD READ THE SHIT OUTTA THAT

This seems pretty cool yo

Also i鈥檓 not really sure but lemme just @wolfiejimi @3amislovely they might know someone who would


oh this is hilarious someone should definitely write this

鈥淗olmes so hammered he鈥檚 back in 1895鈥

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kajaonoa day agoText

The cast deperartment of season 2 had a thing for woman with curly hair. Nearly every second case has a woman with curly hair as a side characters. That is really symphatic if you remeber that other shows most of time took skinny blond woman

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kajaono2 days agoText


the thing is. The Thing Is. a gay relationship shouldnt only be obvious to gay people who鈥檝e been drenched in fandom culture for years. it should be obvious to literally anyone that watches/reads the thing, even if they鈥檝e never even heard what fanfiction or shipping or whatever is. it shouldn鈥檛 need articles explaining聽鈥渉ere鈥檚 why they鈥檙e actually in love!鈥 it shouldn鈥檛 need word of god聽鈥渋 wrote this as a love story鈥 confirmations after the fact because 90% of the people watching/reading are never going to read those things and are going to continue to not notice that relationship at all. and that鈥檚 the point, most of the time. writers/directors/studios/networks want to get credit for something Progressive while at the same time letting conservative audiences watch it without feeling uncomfortable because of course they won鈥檛 notice.聽

we deserve more than word of god confirmations and couples that won鈥檛 even fucking hold hands or say the words聽鈥渋 love you鈥 because they鈥檙e too afraid of losing viewer/readership. yes you can love the thing and appreciate the thing and write millions of words on how beautiful the relationship is, but when other people are asking for something better, don鈥檛 get mad at them. we gotta demand more than scraps, you know?

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