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kalublahart·5 months agoAnswer
Will you be selling this Mermay art book of yours in the future? And if so, where?

Hiya! YES! The art book is going to be available on my Etsy shop that will be opening in a little less than two weeks! it will be 32 pages and full color! For now, here’s a quick pic of the cover! 

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kalublahart·7 months agoText




I was alerted by a friend that my piece of figment has been used against my permission by the ebay user, masterdecoy, which can be found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/202744466362?ul_noapp=true

While I have already reported the item and notified the seller, I wanted to open up this incident to my followers as there appears to be other fan art being used for these stickers and declares in its description:

This is NOT an original Disney magnet. This is fan-art based. This item does NOT come from Disney. We made this.

Which is blatantly false when you use others artwork.

So I would like to politely ask around the tumblr community to not buy this product. Also, if you know of any other artwork on this users site to be stolen (ie. not official Disney art, cause let’s face it, most of the characters look like official Disney stock) to report the item and contact the respective artists about the theft. Thanks guys! 

Update: I went fishing through all of my renditions of this piece mainly because I noticed that there was only one place I have posted it without “FIGMENT” in bold letters: 


Which means this person had to have taken it directly from my instagram as none of my other accounts show Figment on its own. I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but image grabbing from instagram is super deliberate.

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kalublahart·7 months agoPhoto

Ghost of the Himalayas;

I finally realized I never posted my zine piece I did for participating in @bigcatzine!! Here is my illusive snow leopard in vibrant purples and blues! This piece was a huge milestone in my artwork, coming with a fabulous experience with so many talented artists! It was also the very last piece I did on my 7 year old school laptop! What a hoorah!

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kalublahart·10 months agoPhoto


Proof that Figment looks good in any color!

Last year, ImaJUNEation was a few sticker sized Figments, but this year I’m going in for the kill on a full t-shirt design. Here’s the WIP, and I am going to complete this over a stream or two, the first one to be Thursday June 20th, at 7 pm CST. Come listen to music, chat, and watch me draw some Figments. 

Twitch Account can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/kalublah

Hope to see ya there!

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kalublahart·10 months agoPhoto

Tropical Diluge;
Pakel making the best of a tropical rainstorm. I’ve always drawn him with the idea that his tail glowed magnificently, especially in the dark. A dreary, rainy afternoon really brings out the gorgeous colors in his tail.

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