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katalean·8 days agoAnswer

Hiiii I wanted to ask if it’s okay to use your future catradora drawing as my laptop background 🥺🥺 it’s really beautiful and I wanted to ask before doing it !!

Hey, sure! Personal use is okay, I don’t mind C:

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katalean·9 days agoAnswer

Your art is beautiful! What type of tools do you use to draw digitally? Is it a Wacom tablet?

Thank you <3 I use Intuos 5 pro S since 2012 (I really hope I’ll be able to update tablet that year ahah)
also sometimes ipad 2018 with procreate ~

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katalean·10 days agoAnswer

hey! i love your art, just followed and im a big fan! i was wondering, how do you do that particle effect in your drawings :O ? where it looks like floating dust motes? it’s so striking and atmospheric

Hey! Thank you so much <3 It’s a “noise” effect in photoshop (it’s also available in procreate, where I draw sometimes too). Other than that, for everything else I just use different brushes.

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katalean·13 days agoAnswer

ACH you draw clothes so NICE amazing 💫💫

thank you!!!!!!!! I appreciate that someone could think so! Most of the time I just think I could have done better <3

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katalean·13 days agoAnswer

Wow your art is stunning!! Your catradora piece in particular absolutely destroyed me!!! It's so beautiful!!! Is there anyway to get a print of it?

thank you so much!!! Sorry I don’t have any shops or merch in general :c I hope to have in a future tho! After the pandemic, I think. I wanted to try for a long time, but for me right now it isn’t possible :c

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katalean·14 days agoAnswer

your art style is so pretty! super happy to have stumbled upon your blog

thank you so much!!! I appreciate that c:

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katalean·24 days agoAnswer

Could you show us the process behind your "Summer Adora" drawing? aahshelookssoprettyohmygosh


thank you so much QwQ I don’t really have a normal WIP, since I have basically 2 layers in my file - background and adora and I wasn’t recording. So that’s all I could compile.

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katalean·25 days agoPhoto


summer adora ~

I’m surprised to be on a tumblr radar, thank you so much C:

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katalean·2 months agoAnswer

AHHH i love that BNA sketch a ton!!! Your colours and style are very pretty!

thank you!!!!!!! <3

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