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Reaction images to send to terfs, racists, homophobes, and annoying rwby “critics”

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in fandom we don’t say “I love you” we say “I know I already left kudos here! I want to leave 5 more!” and I don’t think that’s ever going to change

In fandom, we don’t say “marry me,” we say, “I got into X fandom so I could read all of your fic.”

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Klein is best dad, change my mind

whaddya mean he always has been

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soft reminders:

  • you have value even when you can’t get out bed.
  • you will always have inherent worth, unaffected by your level of functioning or productivity.
  • you are deserving of love, kindness and time.
  • you are worth the ‘burden’ of getting help and recovering.
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A simple truth.


Not to detract from the good message my man is presenting, but that sound he makes at the end did something to my chakras.

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Broke: writing a beauty and the beast fanfic with making Yang the beast.

Woke: writing Blake as beast

Bespoke: Writing Blake as beauty and the beast and it turns into the werewolf type thing.

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I see people hoping for Mercury rescuing Oscar and I raise you:

Mercury rescues Oscar, they go to free Qrow, and end up finding Whitley visiting his father.

Mercury listens to ten seconds of Jacques Scumbag berating his son for not getting him out sooner and ends up taking Whitley with him.

The three of them head to Vacuo together and their season 9 subplot is one half Wholesome Brother Shenanigans, one half Mercury struggling to help the boys heal from their deep-rooted trauma when he himself has never processed and coped with his own abusive upbringing

Excuse me op as I put your tags on blast bc I love sonboi solidarity

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It seems that they’ll be apart for most of the volume, but looking at Yang’s and Blake’s reaction to the mention of their team and ReNora parallels, they’re thinking of each other. I’m hope that Blake or Yang will have conversation with Nora or Ren about their feelings

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Is v8 the volume of confronting ones trauma and the pain if their past bc that’s the feel I’m getting

that’s the vibe i get too - in part because they NEED to do so in order to make any headway against Salem (can’t divide them if she has no ammo to use against them!) and also because they all just… really need to. Literally everyone in the main cast except maybe Jaune (though he has his own issues it’s not necessarily trauma/pain, he’s more guilt I’d guess) needs to take a serious look inwards and do some outward talking.
Like, Salem never got over or accepted the pain of losing Ozma originally - that’s what got her to where she is now! Her entire crew of pawns is like that; Hazel with his sister, Cinder with her struggle for power, Tyrian with his lack of good morals at all and Watts with his rejection problem. Legit, to not be used the same way Salem is using her pawns and Ironwood’s fear and so many other things, the cast needs to take a look at their trauma and pain and put it to rest, whatever that means for them.

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Kind of gives you chills .

Good Lord, how delicious! I wanna do that! The next time I’m in a cathedral, I’m doing it. 

As she stood inside an ancient and empty church in Montefrío, Spain, Malinda Kathleen Reese belted out one of the best Christmas carols of all time-“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and the end result was just heavenly.

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