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kimyovngjo·14 hours agoPhoto


I sketched this out back when the first tiny Leedo ponytail happened and now that I have a blog and am still thinking about it all these weeks later, here it is! Tonight I cleaned it up some, added the border, and fixed up some details to help them pop.

I know he wasn’t wearing earrings like these for that stage but. Imagine if he was.

@youngjjo you’ll like this hehe

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kimyovngjo·21 hours agoAnswer

hi jas <3 this is a tumblr hug ❤️ pass it on to ten of your favorite followers/blogs and don’t break the chain!

osiris <3 hugs right back to you

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kimyovngjo·21 hours agoAnswer

this is a tumblr hug ❤️ pass it on to ten of your favorite followers/blogs and don’t break the chain!❤️❤️❤️ (right back to you 💛💛)

/Heart eyes

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ooo so fun!! thanks for the tag michele💕💕 @stuckinacrystal

my boring fact is that i don’t kill spiders. i trap them in a cup and release them outside. it makes me physically shudder to kill bugs so i avoid it at all costs.


list a boring fact about yourself: tagged by @maagicmiss <3

i really dislike patterned socks - i’d rather wear plain, solid-colored ones bfbddn.

i’ll tag: @porco-galliard, @finger-pieck, @quilfish-swan, @hitchdreyses, @rainteslerrrr, and @melancholicmonologue <3

i will tag @delicate-banana-youth @jour-de-printemps @weatherchart @jeanbo-kirschtein-blog @kakashishan @juubiobito @tenzxu @pinepickled @kanouchi @leo-probably 💕 if u see this and want to do it feel free to rb!💕

Your soul is gonna be So Clean because of all those safe bugs, @quilfish-swan lol (thanks for the Summoning!) 

Uhhh my boring fact is that I only re-tie my shoes once every month or so (when they unravel or they get too loose on my feet) 

@officialkarinuzumaki  @mangekyhoes  @ hakan & their anonymous whereabouts  @sasukes-grass-fed-dick  @ultrastormy-ocean @narutomemes   @pizzasteveofficial @narusasu-on-crack@talknojutzu (and an Extra Pressure Tag to mutuals that’ve already been tagged ;^) lol) 

Thanks @leo-probably and @officialkarinuzumaki

My boring fact is I have a terrible sense of smell…

I tag: @phoenix-nova @sendryl @cinnamonroll-from-outerspace @rebuildingkonohaonceagain and anyone else who wants to..

Thanks @ultrastormy-ocean

My boring fact is that I can’t sleep without some kind of white noise in the background. Can’t have silence or anything with words.

@officialkarinuzumaki retagging you but if you’ve already done it no pressure! And @kaitycole @mxmmhm and @temarihime if you feel up to it :)

Thank you Courtney! @rebuildingkonohaonceagain 💗💕

Let’s see; boring .. fact. I’m asthmatic - but my last asthma attack was years ago.

tagging my first rp beloved; @shikaku-the-nara @narasnooze @depressedkakashihatake @tenzoyamato @itachi-uchiha-deserved-better @shikadaiwindandshadows @inojinflowerartist @mxmmhm @double-butterfly @theonecoolgenius

(maybe i forgot to tag some of y’all because my attention span is elsewhere)

also .. tagging the rest of my friends and mutuals.

Shit, something boring… Not that I’m very interesting but…

• I’m studying law (?)

For me, that’s boring.

Tag: @senjuofthesea @yourdesertsunflower @ask-sh1nki @kankurosabaku @mitsukithesnake @and whatever other mutual who wants to participate, I guess.

//I have no clue what counts as a boring fact, uhhh..

I am difficult to get drunk and don’t suffer from hangovers?

Also, a bonus boring fact about Tobirama - he alphabetises his books but his scrolls are divided by function.

I have no clue who had done this already, or who wants to - no pressure on y’all 
@tenzxu @writemessyshit @oh-my-hashirama @madahashitobi @mithology-marveloholick 

There’s nothing boring about me I’m hilarious 24/7 krnsnd

Boring fact about me: I’m afraid of balloons lmao

I’m gonna tag @lovhatake @spookysasuke @daekii @vee-ndetta @namgisbitch and I can’t think of anyone else but feel free to do it if u want!!!

Thanks for the tag, Lola🥰

My boring facts is,,, i can’t sleep without socks on, even during summer’s hottest day, my feet are always cold lol

I tag @juubiobito @ayilime @manga-scraps @softesthobi @hyunjinssub @moonguk if u wanna🥺

Thanks for tagging me

Uhhhhhh I’m afraid of heights

Tagging @spearb1108 @yanderechangbin @yourdaddychan @lost-and-forgotten-angel @jaes-sweaterpaws @cotccotc @hyunjinsfreckle @serendipityfelix

um 🥴 i’m boring in general…

but i can’t drink black coffee. it HAS to be sweet.

tagging: (you don’t have to do this, i just don’t know who to tag so…) @threerachamp3

and @yangomangos @starlight-minho @sir3racha @maknaeronix @yanderechangbin @itsapapisongo

Thank you both for tagging me!

Hmmmm 🤔

I have a sensitive nose so I can’t take intense smells and scents.

I’m tagging: @spearb1108 @water–gang @babie-yuki @yourdaddychan and whoever wants to do this!

thanks @yanderechangbin !

when you’re so boring you can’t even come up with a boring fact about yourself sjxnns

i don’t drink coffee at all

@howdoyoudocreative @thevampywarlock @zkz-ztrawberry @null-ity @hanscheesecake @generouscalzonebearmonger

— admin

thanks @water–gang 💗💗

Uhhh I can’t do a push-up no matter how hard I try

@acefryingpan @khaleesionjupiter @taeyongssliteyebrow @newdayslinguine @starry-sangs @gukssunshine @yoongisdumplingcheeks@troyeblemaker

thank youu @generouscalzonebearmonger

hm i hate mushrooms don’t come at me guys

@ultrarestlesslittlespirit @theneighborhoodfangirl @sunflowersunghoon @rainbowsocks @newdayslinguine

Thanks @starry-sangs!💕

Uhmmmm i get cold easily i live in a tropical country so its really weird

@nikkiintmblr @artzyyangel @hubinung @sunoo-luvs @heeseungluvs

Thanks @rainbowsocks 💓

i absolutely HATE pineapple :)

Tagging @hard-life-of-a-multi-stan @666jun @engenuity @shalanos @just-a-gay-bean @proseeuhn @thewildaceofbighit @yourcravity @fullsunsunoo

Thank you so much for tagging me, my one and only @heeseungluvs 💖💖💖👑

i really love coffee 💖

Tagging my lovelies @666jun @weuschoiceheart @uglychildd

Thank you @thewildaceofbighit ❤️ 

I hate the sound of cars beeping. One of my biggest pet peeves.

@mysticpenguincreation @fullsunsunoo @leedosmoon @angelkevin

Tysm @weuschoiceheart ! ❤

Boring fact: I still have a stuffed animal that I sleep with. She’s a cheetah and her name is Coconut.

I’ll tag: @petunia1622 @youngjjo @leed0neus @solacenebula @joong-littlelove and @soulangel if you guys want!

Thanks for tagging me 😭 @leedosmoon

Boring Fact: I hate cucumbers 🥒 and watermelon 🍉

Tagging: @studioweus @squirrel-seoho @plasticflowering @limemoon-oneus @honeyseoho

Thank you for tagging me @leed0neus 💜💖💞

Boring Fact: I’ve been waking up earlier to make lunch to bring to work.

Tagging: @kimyovngjo @seohosmile if you want to!!

@studioweus @honeyseoho thank u for tag love u very much

Boring Fact: I recently got blue light glasses bc i stare at my laptop so much

tagging @taeks @ddonghyun if you wanna hehe

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