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kingdeku-queentoga·18 hours agoText

Spinel: *put a can of soda on the counter as she had went to the refrigerator, trying to find steven some food*

Cat steven: *was already on the counter, staring at the can*

Spinel: where is his food? *she mumble before letting out a scream of shock as there was a sudden loud bang, making her look back and see steven sitting on the end of the counter, while the can of soda was rolling on the ground* steven! Why!?

Cat steven: …meow *jump off the counter*

They don’t know why they do it

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kingdeku-queentoga·a day agoPhoto


Inktober Day #04: Dazzling Knight

( I wanted to draw small Ojiro and Aoyama and Monoma is extra lol)

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kingdeku-queentoga·2 days agoPhoto


I’m kinda overwhelmed with a real sorta sorrow
I’m gonna miss that ol’ Steven Universe
Thanks Crewniverse, thanks Sugar

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kingdeku-queentoga·2 days agoText

Loser of the game: hey purple… Now that steven universe is over, what would happen now

Purple creature: *hum slightly* heh the obvious apparently, people will go to a new fandom and slowly forget this one, though there will still be a lot of people who will post about it… It only a matter of time before they spread out

Loser of the game: …thought so… *sigh*

Purple creature: but guess what… though we are going to go to a new fandom eventually… We’ll make some new friends

Loser of the game: *chuckled slightly* yeah… I guess you are right

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kingdeku-queentoga·3 days agoText

The crowd: *they had watched as the poofed gem gemstone had fell onto the ground with a small clank, there was a moment of silence because a roar of cheers had erupted*

Mr. Smiley: THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLK AND GEMS, OUR UNDEFEATED CHAMPION… STEVEN UNIVERSE!! *he yelled in the mic as the people and gems had cheered for him*

Steven: *he smirked as he had wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he had turned and started to walk out*

Mr. Smiley: don’t forget y'all, if you or anyone else is interested in fighting, you know where to find me and maybe you could even challenge the champion yourself! *he yell out*

Steven: *he chuckled and left the building, going back home as he would simply wait for Mr. Smiley to bring him his money*

Random ideal

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kingdeku-queentoga·4 days agoText

Evolved steven: no no no this wasn’t supposed to happen! *he cried as he dropped to his knees in the middle of the forest, far away from anyone. The thick liquid that had painted his mouth and the front of his shirt had filled his nose and the inside of his mouth with an all to familiar metallic smell and taste* w-why!

Unknown voice: *laugh quietly* you had finally ate. Even though it wasn’t from a human or gem, it was still good

Evolved steven: *jumped* w-who there!

Unknown voice: heh just a friend that is going to… Help you form now on *the voice laughed*

Evolved steven: *before he could understand what was going on, he could feel something dig instead is head and take control* so this is what I’m working with heh alright… steven just sit back and relax while I have a bit of fun *steven laughed when he had licked his lips, enjoying the taste of that thick red liquid that had covered his mouth, and he had made his tail glow bright and changed itself into a scorpion tail before letting out a laugh, as he had walked away from the lifeless animal before him* heh let the hunt begin~

I think I know where I’m going with this

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kingdeku-queentoga·5 days agoText

Spinel: friendship, that is nothing but a fucking joke… I had trusted you so how could you do this to me…

Steven: ummm… What wrong?

Spinel: amethyst, she… She stole my fucking donut!

Steven: *sweat drop* okay come on, I’ll get you a new one

Spinel: fine but I’m still mad!

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kingdeku-queentoga·5 days agoText

Twisted steven and spinel: *found the training room that had a few gems but not a lot*

Twisted steven: heh this is your last chance spinel *he laughed as his pulled off his jacket before tossing it to the side as he stretched a bit*

Spinel: hmph *she grunted as she crossed her arms*

Twisted steven: *laughed quietly just before yellow diamond had entered, making the other gems in the room tense up and watched*

YD: *had walked into the training area that steven had picked as she had looked down at him* are you ready steven?

Twisted steven: heh you know it! *he grinned at her*

YD: *she nodded as she had used her new powers to shrink herself so she was just a head taller then steven* let’s not waste time, being this small is rather… unsettling *she said making steven nod*

Twisted steven: *chuckle a bit* heh it is a bit weird not looking up at you *he laughed as he had turned into his pink form* now that is enough talking let’s get started

YD: *she nodded as she had didn’t waste any time while she ran full force towards him*

Twisted steven: *had made a shield over his arm as he could tell yellow was going to attack head on, and attack she did*

YD: *Once she was in range she had planted her foot on the ground before she had threw a punch, right at steven shield*

Twisted steven: *his eyes widened as his shield was shattered in mere seconds, and before he could understand what happened yellow fist’s had connected with his arm, making him hold his breath as the force had shot him backwards, causing him to slam against the wall, filling the area with smoke as a portion of the wall had crumbled down on top of him*

Spinel: STEVEN! *she yelled in horror as she ran to the pile of debris*

YD: *gasp* steven!

Twisted steven: *stood up while laughing madly just before he had grinned at yellow* I got to say you certainly took me by surprise yellow! *he said as he could barely move a finger as he couldn’t tell if his arm was broken or not, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to fight*

YD: *sigh in relief but smiled* I take it you still want to keep going?

Twisted steven: *laugh* of course I do!

Spinel: you can’t! *she yelled getting their attention* y-you had made a promise to help your dad today, remember?

YD: steven is this true? *she raise an brow at him*

Twisted steven: *looked at spinel, seeing she she silently begging him to agree with her, he had chuckled softly and looked at yellow* heh yeah, I go so excited about fighting you, I forgot my promise *he said as he disabled his powers*

YD: oh steven, I’m always here so you can come challenge me whenever you are ready, so you can go and help your father

Twisted steven: *laugh a bit* I don’t think I will challenge you for awhile, heh I can tell how much stronger I need to get to even have a chance against you but thanks

YD: my pleasure, steven

Twisted steven: heh come on spinel, let’s go back home *he said as he grabbed his jacket before him and spinel had went back home*

Twisted steven and spinel: *arrived home*

Twisted steven: *immediately drop to a knee while panting a bit*

Spinel: steven! *checked on him*

Twisted steven: heh yellow certainly can throw a punch *he said as his arm had started to swell from when she had punched his arm* speaking of which, heh where that kiss~ *he smirked as he had looked at her but his smirk went away as she saw she had tears in her eyes, and before he could ask her what was wrong she had slapped him across his face*

Spinel: you idiot! *she cried at him as tears had ran down her face* you might be a Diamond but you are still a human, you could of had died and for what! *she cried as she was actually sacred for him*

Twisted steven: *looked at her and sighed slightly but gave a small chuckle as he slowly place a hand on top of her head, making her look at him* heh I’ll be okay so quit crying *he said before he had lean forward and kissed her forehead before he had gently pulled her head to his chest, over his heart so she could listen to it* heh I’ll agree that challenging yellow might not of been my smartest idea but… I was telling the truth about wanting to be stronger, so that way I can protect everyone… Because I don’t want any harm to come to anyone especially you, spinel because I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you…

Spinel: steven… *she looked up at steven with stars in her eyes, along with a small blush had spread across her face as she had closed her eyes and listen to his heart* heh you really are a gem loving freak

Twisted steven: *smiled and gently wiped her tears as he held her in his arms* heh I guess I am but… as long as you let me, I’ll be your gem loving freak *he said as he wonder how would he would heal his arm but that was for a later concern, for now he just wanted to hold his beautiful pink heart shape gem*

Heh even twisted steven has a sweet side

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kingdeku-queentoga·5 days agoText


Twisted steven and spinel: *go to homeworld and go inside*

Spinel: s-steven what are we doing here? *she asked nervously*

Twisted steven: having some fun *he smirked as he went to yellow Diamond room and went inside, seeing she was in the process of fixing some gems* heh hey yellow

YD: *stop what she was doing as she looked back and gasp as she looked at steven and spinel* steven, spinel what are you doing here *she asked happily as it was always a treat to see them*

Twisted steven: *walked up to Yellow Diamond desk and jumped up on it, while spinel had followed and stretched onto her desk* heh actually I was kinda just thinking that… with your powers and strength, it is clear you are the strongest Diamond *he grinned*

YD: *was shocked but soaked up the praised with her head held high and a large smile* w-well yes, I’m the strongest

Spinel: *was getting scared as she didn’t know where he was going with this*

Twisted steven: that how about a little sparring match between us

Spinel: what!?

YD: what?

Twisted steven: *grinned* you see, I wish to be as strong as you are, so that way if anything was to ever happens to me, my family, and my friends I’ll be able to protect everyone and keep them safe, besides I am “unfortunately” a Diamond myself so I have to be strong, and what better way to get stronger than to challenge you and see first hand how much stronger I need to get *he told her somewhat honestly*

Spinel: *couldn’t believe what she was hearing*

YD: steven *looked at him with her eyes filled with pride along with a large smile on her face* I’ll accept your challenge steven, so that way you so you can see what the true might of a Diamond is. Meet me in the training room in 10 minutes, I’ll be there shortly and if you don’t know where it is, I’ll have my pearl show you

Twisted steven: thank you but I’ll manage *he said as he had jumped down and left while spinel had followed behind him*

Spinel: *once outside and was somewhat far* steven what the hell are you thinking, you are going to challenge YELLOW DIAMOND! *she yelled at him in disbelief*

Twisted steven: *wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close with a wide smirk* if you are scared for my safety then how about a little kiss for me to reconsider~

Spinel: *blush madly* w-what! *she said looking around nervous at the fact literally anyone could see them at the moment*

Twisted steven: heh you heard me *he smirked as he had used his other hand to trace the outline of her gem* one little kiss and I’ll rethink fighting her~

Spinel: *bite her lip as she had looked at him with a glare in her eye* y-you had planned this didn’t you!

Twisted steven: maybe I did or maybe I just want some fun, who knows *he told her as he had lean his head down and place an butterfly kiss her collar bone*

Spinel: *bite her lip as she glared at him* s-stop you gem loving freaking, someone could s-see us

Twisted steven: heh maybe I want that to happen as well~

Spinel: *blushed and finally gotten enough strength to push him away* y-you know what, go ahead and fight yellow! See if I’ll stop it *she told him*

Twisted steven: *laughed quietly and licked his lips* heh alright then beautiful, enjoy the show

Spinel: *felt steam coming from her face* b-b-beautiful!

Twisted steven: *laughed and made his way to the training room*

Heh your gem loving freak is back~ part 1 of 2 maybe

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kingdeku-queentoga·5 days agoText


here’s the clean edits of that fake stevinel leak i made on twitter! enjoy!

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kingdeku-queentoga·5 days agoText

Yellow creature: so let me get this straight… You can barely draw a fucking line without fucking it up, A second rate piss poor writer, Have enough friends you could literally count them on the same hand, Don’t have a cent to your name, is a useless fuck… Why are you still even trying?

Loser of the game: because I have games, fanfics, and anime to keep me busy *laughed*

Yellow creature: *sigh* you stupid fucker

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