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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Synopsis: Peter Parker has fallen out of love

A/n: this is like a mix of Already Gone, Missing You, Stone Cold, and So Cold and those are all great songs you should listen too



He didn’t know when it happened, but it did.

You didn’t excite Peter the way you used too. He stopped looking for more ways to see you and started making excuses to get out of seeing you. He was a college graduate now and wanted to see more of the world than just Queens. And even though he didn’t want to admit it, he wanted to see other people. He started dating you senior year of high school. After five years, the magic was gone. What he uses to find endearing about you, he now found irritating. He sat outside your apartment for ten minutes, dragging out the time until he had to see you. He hadn’t seen you in nearly two months after an emergency mission with the Avengers. You’d think he’d be jumping at the chance to see you again. Instead, he was dreading having to go into your apartment and play the part of a happy boyfriend. But he knew he had to, so he did.

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definitely not the ending i was expecting JFNSJNGW I thought it would end after they broke up bUT IT GETS BETTER AND JGWJGWEOUI YOU DON’T GET TO PLAY WITH MY HEART LIKE THAT OKAY???!!!!!!!!!!

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Could you do the ultimate angst where the friendly reader is fighting alongside spiderman only in due time to shockingly betray him? Influence by another villain to concur the city with her mighty abilities and Peter with a heavy heart knows he has to stop her!!! (requested by: anon)

Warnings: angst, so so much angst, character death, I almost cried writing this.

A/n: please don’t hate me😔. Your feedback as always is appreciated!💞

Requests: open / closed (send ‘em in!)


“Peter I’m actually going to kill you!” You yelled as the water comes crashing down on you. “I’ll make it up to you later, promise!” Peter exclaims throwing you one of those tacky masquerade masks, he had his on already and you groan, watching as he swung off of one of the falling buildings.

“You know your web’s just gonna pass through that right?!” You shouted trying to laugh when Peter shot a web, his face confused when it went through the water elemental, not doing the least bit of damage and you would think Peter was the science genius.

“Shut up (Y/N),” Peter retorted and you moved up.

“You wish” you shot back, shooting your best friend a smile as you jumped up using the debris as your stepping stones as you made your way to the top of the bell tower, looking down to see the once beautiful Venice river completely flooded, you shivered as the cold air brushed against your exposed skin.

“I got this Pete, get him” you reassured Peter, his face contorted with worry as he turned back to look at you again before running towards the water elemental.

“Come on (L/N)” you hissed, feeling the weight of the tower upon your shoulders, forcing you down on your knees as you struggled to keep it up, with the amount of civilians below, you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you let it fall.

Your eyes widened when green smoke filled the air, some guy in a red cape flew in, you frowned at the jar that covered his face, watching as he easily took out the water elemental and with Peter’s help, the creature was gone and you could let go.

People came out clapping and cheering for the supposed hero while you helped your best friend to his feet.

“You okay?” He asked worriedly when he noticed the cuts that were evident on your legs, your jeans were torn and blood was seeping through the fabric.

“Still better looking than you”

“We gotta get you help (Y/N)” Peter argued and before you could protest, he scooped you up into his arms, and without warning swung off the already crumbled bell tower.

Your heart was thundering in your chest, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as Peter pulled you close to him, his arm circled rightly around your waist as the both of you landed on the roof top of the hotel. You have had the biggest crush on Peter for as long as you could remember and you struggled to hide the blush that tinted your cheeks pink when he set you down, both of you breathless, his lips ever so close to yours and your chest pressed against his firmly.

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The five times Peter Parker picks you

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: The title says it all :)

Warnings: Angst, unrequited love, (but don’t worry it has a happy ending because I’m a sucker for those❤️)

A/n: hi! I hope you like this fic and your feedback is appreciated!

Requests: open / closed


The first time Peter picks you, you’re sitting at your dining room table, your chemistry book open as you struggled to find the answer to the seemingly impossible to solve equation. You had a half eaten sandwich sitting on a plate beside you and you were about to pull your hair out as you striked your answer on your paper which was already cluttered with equations.

Being in the one of top chemistry programmes in school, your parents had high expectations of you and you were pressured to graduate top of your class. Your parents beamed with pride whenever they talked about you In front of their friends and you planned to keep it that way for as long as you could.

“(Y/N) sweetie, Peter’s here!” Your mum called out and your frowned raising your head, your heartbeat skyrocketing when you saw your best friend and crush at the door, carrying his school bag with chemistry books in hand. Your mum being your mum offers him to make some sandwiches for him and he politely shook his head.

“Just here to study ma’am” Peter said with a charming smile and a twinkle in his eyes. Your mum smiles, wishing both of you good luck before heading to back to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

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for you | pt. 4: something impossible

Hi!! Hope you enjoy part 4! disclaimer: this is my own version of the Marvel Universe, so some things are different from how they are written in the comics or in the movies. I do not own any characters apart from my OCs, and I am in no means associated with the company or anything related to that. I’m just a fan that loves to read and write!<3

Warnings: swearing, vague mention of a nightmare, lies & deceit, mention of death(s)

Chapter Summary: Peter Parker is selfish.


Athena woke up at the crack of dawn, Peter was still asleep so she stayed in bed just a little while longer. Her plans of staying in bed where ruined when she heard cries coming from Morgan’s room. Athena gets up and rummages through Peter’s drawers for his boxer shorts and runs into Morgan’s room. 

“Morgan?” Athena calls, once she entered and sat on the little girl’s bed. Morgan shoots up from underneath her duvet and latches herself onto Athena. “Daddy said h-he co-couldn’t s-save y-yo-you.” Morgan cried, burring her face deeper into the crook of Athena’s neck. Athena sits on the small twin bed, rubbing Morgan’s back as she hums a lullaby that would soothe her. “It’s okay, you’re okay.” Athena mumbles as she kisses Morgan’s forehead. Athena takes a glance at the clock, 6:40 am it reads. She sighs, hoisting Morgan up to her hip. “Do you wanna have breakfast, Morguana?” Athena asks with a smile as she tickles her tummy. Morgan nods, “Yes, please.” She smiled. 

Nick Fury stood in his office, watching the city from his window. After the shitshow that was London, he knew that he needed to bring in the big guns. Athena Montana. And he knew better to not involve Parker or Stark because they would down right refuse to let any of it happen. New threats were coming, but first, Quentin Beck needed to be taken down, and the only way to beat a manipulator, was to manipulate him back. 

It was 4:30 pm when Athena walks into the headquarters. A suited man walks up to her and guides her to the elevators. Anxiety builds up in her stomach as she remembers the terrible excuse she made to her family, just so she could get to where she is now. 

2: 45 pm Athena was sitting on the couch chatting with May when she got a call, originally she was supposed to ignore it and let it ring, but once she saw the caller, she knew she had to answer. “Can you excuse me for a sec, I need to take this call.” Athena excused herself and practically ran outside the cabin to answer Nick’s call. 

“Why are you calling?” She immediately asked once she answered the call. “I need you to come to the headquarters as fast as possible.” Nick said. Athena licks her lips, turning back to see if anyone had followed her. “I can’t, not now.” She replied, walking further into the woods. 

“Ms. Montana, this is a matter of life and death.” 

Athena rolls her eyes in response. “A lot of things are a matter of life and death, Nick.” She hears him sigh from the other side of the line, “Athena, we’re dealing with a master manipulator here. We need your help.” 

“And what’s in it for me?” She asked. 

“We’ll be able to clear Mr. Parker’s name.” 

Athena stops in her tracks, “Clear his name?” She repeats. “Yes.” Nick hummed. Athena turns back to see that Peter had left the cabin with Morgan to play with her on the docks. She watched the soft smile on his face as he walked behind the little girl as she dragged him to the water. He looked happy, compared to what he looked like last night, he had a glow that radiated off from him. At that moment, she knew, she would go through hell and back, just to protect his happiness. 

“What time do you need me there?” She asked. “As soon as possible, there’s a lot that I can’t discuss over the phone.” Nick replied. “I’ll be there.” Athena said and hung up the phone. 

Athena speed walks to the cabin, in hopes that Morgan or Peter don’t notice her. She was about to open the door when, “Athena!” She hears a little girl scream, she freezes in her spot and hesitantly turns. Giving a smile, “Yeah?” She called. “Join us!” Morgan offers. Athena shakes her head, “I’m sorry, Morg, a friend called, said they needed a favour from me.” She tried to look disappointed. “Okay, but come back quickly!” Morgan smiled and turned her attention back to her toys. 

She quickly heads over to her and Peter’s shared room and searches for her car keys. She almost turns the room upside down looking for the said keys, but to no avail. “Am I blind or did I misplace my keys?” Athena mumbles to herself. She looks under the bed when Peter comes in the room. “Looking for this?” He cooly asked. Athena turns her head towards his direction. 

“Where’d you find them?” She asked as she stood up to retrieve her keys from his grasp. He extends his arm, dangling the keys above her head. “In your coat.” He shrugged. 

“Can I please just have them back, I really need to go.” Athena sighed. “I’m coming with you.” Peter said. Athena raises an eyebrow, “Since when did you come with me to meet a friend?” She asked. “Since now.” 

Athena shakes her head, “No, you can’t. This friend likes to keep things private, he’d be alarmed to see you there.” 

“Then I’ll just stay in your car.” Peter suggests. “Peter, please..” Athena begs. 

“I can’t let you go by yourself anymore. Any one associated with me is in danger, you’re in danger. I can’t risk losing you.” 

Athena’s lips form a thin line, her mind was racing with thoughts as she formed excuses to leave without him. “You won’t lose me.” She said in a small voice. Peter walks over to his bed and sat down. “How am I supposed to be assured of what when all the people that I vowed my life to protected died?” He asked, tears forming in his eyes as he looked up to Athena. She sighed, pulling his head to rest on her stomach as she caressed the side of his head. “I can assure you that I am okay, I can fight my own battles. You’ve seen me fight.” She chuckles, looking down at him. 

“Peter, I’ll always comeback.” 

Peter sighs, wrapping his arms around her torso. Athena wanted to pause time, to stay in this moment with him for a little while longer, or to not go at all. She feels her phone buzz in her jean pocket and she knew it was non other than Nick Fury himself demanding her presence in his office. 

“Peter, I really need to go.” She said, removing herself from his hold. Peter sighed, handing over the keys. “When I call, you have to answer, no matter what.” Athena nods and places a kiss on his head before bolting out the door and into her car. 

“Athena?” She hears a voice call from behind her, she turns to find Tony standing in the door way as she was about to climb into her car. “Where are you going?” He asked. “A friend needed a favor, don’t worry, I’ll be safe.” She assured before hopping into her car and switching on the engine. She rolled the windows down, “And please, for the love of God, I know you track my car, can you just once not track it or I’ll have to disable it myself.” She said. Tony lets out a laugh before nodding, “Sure, what ever you say princess.” Athena smiles in response before driving off. 

The elevator dings, signaling that they have arrived in. Athena walks out of the elevator and is greeted by the sight of Nick Fury’s back. “What was so confidential that you just had to tell me in real life?” Athena asked with a huff. “Mr. Beck is planning to attack the Avengers.” Nick replied. “Shouldn’t you be calling them instead of me?” She retaliates. “You’re the best shot they have to beat this guy. They are a little low on resources right now, and still weak from the battle with Thanos.” 

Athena sighs, “And how do I know that you’re not Quentin Beck right now?” She asked. “Because Quentin Beck believes that you’re dead. Only your family, the Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D. know that your alive.” 

“What do you want me to do?” She asked. 

It had been 6 hours since Athena left, 7:18 pm. Everyone had just finished dinner, Peter was washing the dishes while Pepper bathed Morgan, Tony was working something in his lab downstairs, and May was getting ready for bed. 

Tony walks up the stairs just as Peter finished washing the dishes. “Have you heard from Athena?” Tony asked. Peter shook his head, “She hasn’t been answering any of my calls.” He sighed. 

“Where did she say she was going?” 

“To a friend’s, said they needed a favour from her.” 

“Did she specify who the friend was?” 

Peter shook his head in response. Tony sighed, “She’ll be back, don’t worry about it.” Peter’s lips formed a thin line, “No offense, Mr. Stark, but the last time you told me not to worry about it, you called me into the facility to tell me that she had been missing for four months.” Tony inhaled sharply, “Okay, maybe I’m not the best at making things better, emotionally, but I can assure you now, that she’s just probably hanging out with her mutant friends.” 

On the other side of town, Athena was getting briefed about a secret mission. “You want me to what?!” Athena screeches. “Calm down, Ms. Montana.” Maria Hill tries to mediate the situation. “No, I won’t calm down,” She snapped. “You do know what you’re asking me to do, right?” Athena questioned. “Yes.” Nick nods. Athena scoffs, crossing her arms above her chest. “Ms. Montana, this is for the sake of Mr. Parker.” Nick reasons out. “I love him and all, but I am not risking the flow of the universe, for him, or for anyone.” 

“Why not?” Nick sighed. “Because I’ve done it before!” Athena screamed, before covering her mouth with her hands, eyes widening as she just confessed the one thing she had been trying to forget. “You’ve done it before? You’ve altered the flow of the universe before?” He questioned. Athena hesitantly nods, head hanging low, “Ever wondered why you can’t find anything about my background and who my birth parents were?” She asked, looking up to them, eyes glossed with tears. Nick slowly nods, eyes scanning the girl. 

“My real father was a man of evil. He wanted power, glory, and he wanted all of human race to fear him. My siblings and I were born to do one thing, and one thing only, which was to serve him. We all had different parts we where born to play, I was specifically born to manifest the Phoenix Force. One night, my father killed the members of the X-Men team and Professor X. It was my job to clean up the mess and to erase them from the world, but the Phoenix Force had manifested in me and next thing I knew my father was dead, and so were the rest of my siblings. I panicked and a fellow telepath helped me erase their existence from the world, and while doing so, we opened Earth to intergalactic threats, such as Thanos, Dormamu, Galactica and Ego.” Athena shook her head as she finished her story. 

Nick Fury stares at her, “You’re the only one who can fix this mess Peter Parker got himself into.” Athena shakes her head in response, “No, Peter is the only one who can fix this for himself, not me, not you, not Tony, just him.” 

The room fell silent, so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Athena sighed and began to stand up from her chair, “If you don’t need anything else, I’m gonna head out now.” She said as she points at the door. Nick nods, “Sure.” 

Athena reaches her car, sitting on the driver’s seat with a sigh. She began thinking back to Nick Fury’s request. As much as she would do anything to make things better, this is something she can’t help with, even if she could, the price is too great. With that thought in mind, Athena fires up the engine and makes her way home. 

It was 11:45 pm when Athena finally pulls up to the cabin. An exhausted sigh leaves her mouth as she shuts the engine and gets out the car. A wave of fatigue washes over her as she clicks the button to lock the car. Athena steps foot onto the porch and immediately senses the heavy atmosphere inside the cabin, she bites the inside of her cheek, a lump forming in her throat as she enters the cabin. Peter sat visibly on the sofa that was turned back from the door, “I told you to answer my calls.” He said without turning back and sparing her a glance. A shaky breath leaves her mouth, “My phone must’ve been on silent, I’m sorry.” 

Peter stands, turning to face her. “Where did you go?” He asked. “I went to a friend’s house, he needed a favour.” She lied, and Peter knows that, he could hear her heartbeat rising. “What’s his name and what favour did he need from you that took all day?” He questioned, crossing his arms on his chest and shifting his weight onto one foot. “His name’s John, and he was having girl trouble.” She shrugged, breezily walking past him, only to be stopped when he grabbed her arm. Athena let out an exasperated sigh, craning her neck up to look at him. 

“I know you’re lying.” Peter said. “And what makes you think that?” She asked, a sassy tone in her voice. “You may be a telepath, but I still know your mannerisms when you start to lie to me.” He explained. “Now, answer my question, where did you go?” 

Athena yanks her arm from his grasp, “Nick Fury called.” She replied. Peter makes a face, “What did he want?” He asked. 

“Something impossible.”

“That’s very vague.” 

“And that’s all I’m saying.” She said before turning to go to their shared room, mentally cursing Tony for not having enough room in the cabin. “You can tell me anything,” Peter reasoned, “I’m your best friend.” He finished. Athena shakes her head, a sigh escaping from her lips, “Fine, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise me not to storm into Fury’s office at any given time to give him a piece of your mind.” She held up her pinky. He immediately hooks it onto her’s, a satisfied smile forming on her lips. 

“He wants me to go on a mission to take down Quentin and clear your name.” She said in one breath. Peter almost didn’t catch on, but eventually did. “How were you supposed to do that?” He asked. “Go back in time, save your friends, and manipulate him into confessing and wiping everyone’s memories of the information of you being Spiderman.” 

Peter’s eyes went wide, “You could do that?” 

Athena reluctantly nods, “Yeah.” She breathed out. “But, but I could die doing it.” 

Peter’s face contorts into confusion, and without having to read his mind, Athena knew what he wanted to say. 

“Peter, I could’ve done this the second I found out about it, but I couldn’t. I will be altering the course of the universe, I’ll be creating new threats, dangers, more powerful than Thanos. Life itself could possibly meet its end.” She reasoned out. He still wasn’t talking. “I love you, but the price of this is too great, I’ve been punished by the Gods above to live with the knowledge of killing my family, I can’t live with another punishment.” 

Still no words from him, Athena closed her eyes, “Let’s say that I do give in to what Fury wants me to do, are you willing to live with the fact that I’ll have no chance of surviving?” She asked, peering up to look at him. 

Peter thinks of MJ, of Ned, of Betty, of all the people that have gotten hurt since the reveal, if Athena could alter what happened, there will be a chance for happiness for him once more. 

“The Phoenix Force will always protect you.” He answered. Athena felt her heart drop to her stomach, not the answer I was hoping for…She thinks to herself. Athena shakes her head, “You’re so selfish.” She muttered, tears forming in her eyes. She quickly runs to their room and starts to pack up her things into her bags. Peter stood frozen in the hallway, unable to process her words. 

Athena pushes past him once she’s finished and throws her bags into her car, wiping off her tears as she does so. When she finally returns to the Upstate Facility, she was no longer crying, but rather her tears turned into anger, hatred. With her bags at hand, she storms inside and into the living quarters, storming past a group of confused onlookers which consisted of Wanda and Happy. Athena stormed into her room and without another thought, takes out her phone to call someone she never thought she would’ve. 

“Hi, it’s Athena…I’m in.”


Hello! I hope you enjoyed part 4!! I apologize for the fast burn, but that’s how I like things lol. 

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The Five Year Promise: The Outcome (10/10)

Summary: Y/N Stark, a 20 year old superhero, makes a promise to a 16 year old Peter Parker that if five years pass and she still hasn’t found love, that they’d go on their first date. And then, the snap happens; Y/N’s gone and Peter isn’t.

Warnings: angst, violence, swearing

The Five Year Promise Masterlist

Based on the events of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2023)

The black fabric of your clothing caressed your skin as you sat against the cold couch. This was your home, apparently. A place you were unfamiliar with due to your five year absence. You felt a vacant void within your mind, a feeling of anguish everytime someone had smiled at you in pity.

So many heroes who you have not met. Some of them with powers beyond compare. Some of them were able to fly, shoot lightning, have super strength, telekinetic abilities, alterfication in size and other powers you have not seen yet. But somehow, the cruel and momentous villian that the Universe has ever been exposed to was defeated by your father; a human.

It had not made sense to you. You tried to make it make sense when you had spoken with Dr Strange. But the man looked at you in guilt and sadness, repeating the same thing everytime you asked him why.

“It was the only way.”

It didn’t make sense. Surely Wanda could have defeated him. Surely Strange could have defeated him. But maybe your grief and anguish clouded your perception. The perception that this was the only way. When will accept this? Only time will tell.

“When I told people I was finally moving on,” your father spoke, as you watched him with Morgan on your lap. You looked at your father in adoration and desperation, wishing he was really standing there. Wishing it wasn’t an AI. “From the d-dea- the disappearance of my daughter, I lied.”

A tear escaped your eye as your father’s figure stood up and walked towards the three of you. Thor, Peter, Steve, Rhoudey and Happy all stood behind as the video was playing. “I could never move on. She’s my daughter. My first daughter. And Morgan needs her. What we’re doing is damn near impossible so I made this video in case I didn’t make it. Maybe- maybe I’m just overthinking. This will work out perfectly.”

He then looked at both you and Morgan, bending down. You reached out to touch him, but was left with a hollow feeling as you realised it wasn’t real. He was really gone. “I love you all 3000.”

Your back was against an old oak tree. You can feel the bark piercing your back, surely leaving red marks. The garden was soundless, an occasional sound escaping from an Alpaca nearby. Leaves rustled against the ground as the sunset down.

You heard footsteps coming towards you, looking up to see Peter’s face. He gave you a small smile, one that was not out of pity. One that told you that he was checking up. To let you know you were not alone. That in the five years that you, May and Ned were gone, he understood what you were going through.

He sat down near you, breathing in the fresh air. You glanced down, looking at the tattoos coming out of his suit. You moved your hand up, carefully placing it on his arm. Peter glances at your hand, unsure at what you were doing.

You traced his tattoos. It seemed every each one had a meaning. One was a Star Wars quote about hope, which you knew was a reference to Ned. You rolled his sleeve up to investigate further.

You saw an image of Mary holding her son, Jesus. You smiled to yourself, knowing that Peter’s motherly figure was of course his mother and May. You then went to look at the tattoos on his neck. Goosebumps arose on Peter’s skin when you delicate fingers skimmed across his neck.

At there it was; a date. The date that was 5 years after you made the promise. The promise that you’d go in a date with him, that you’d finally give Peter a chance. It was almost a month ago that the date was meant to happen, and here Peter had it tattooed on his neck.

Peter looked down at you, his fingers gently pushing your hair back. He then gently caressed your cheek with his thumb, looking at you with love and gratitude in his eyes. Gratitude that fate had finally brought you back to him. “Tell me exactly what’s on your mind right now.”

“We never got to bury her,” your voice still hoarse from the funeral service that was hours ago. Peter knew who you were talking about when you had said ‘Her’. “She died alone. Without anyone to hold her. Without anyone to talk to her till she took her final breath. She died in a place she’s never been to and on a cold, hard surface. All she ever wanted to do was wipe the red off her ledger. But- but what she didn’t know is that she didn’t need to. She wiped it a long time ago. She- she didn’t need to do that- I don’t understand why she did that, why my dad did that- I just don’t understand why-“

Peter grabbed you as you fell into a fit of sobs, rubbing your back gently. “When you, May, Ned and My Uncle left me, I felt the same. I felt hurt and betrayed by the universe. But the worst thing I did?”

You moved away from the hug to look at him, waiting for him to continue. “The worst thing I did is leave everyone who was trying to help me. Especially your Father and Nat. They tried to keep in contact with me but- but I felt like I didn’t need anyone. That I’m always going to be on my own. And I don’t want you to feel like that.”

“I’m just scared,” you whispered, sniffing as the cool wind blew your hair back. “Scared of the unknown. The Avengers lost half its members in the Battle. What if we can’t protect it anymore? What if my father’s and Nat’s sacrifice was for nothing?”

Peter sighed, scratching his beard. “No one knows anything about the future. And if the battle showed anything, it just showed that we have allies all around the galaxy. Captain Marvel, Guardians of The Galaxy and all those armies from all around the planets. We might not know what’s in store for the future, but there are Avengers everywhere willing to bet their lives for freedom.”

Your heart was beating rapidly against your chest. You were nervous. More then you’ve ever been in your life. You looked at yourself in the mirror, letting out a breath. Your hair was straightened, you wore a dark rose lip gloss and had a golden eyeshadow look.

You wore a white milkmaid dress, one that was off the shoulder. You never felt as beautiful, yet terrified, as you did at this very secound moment. Every minute that passed by was another minute that you over thought.

And then there was a knock on the door. You froze, your breath slightly faltering. It was now or never.

“C’mon, get a grip,” you told yourself as you grabbed your purse. You then walked over to the door of your room before opening it. There, you saw Peter holding a bouquet of red roses, donning an all black suit.

“Wow,” Peter whispered, looking at you amazed. You blushed, looking down at your feet. “You make the five years of waiting totally worth it.”

“Shut up Parker,” you laughed, rolling your eyes at him. Butterflies were occupying your stomach and you knew that they weren’t leaving anytime soon when you made eye contact with the spider boy.

“These are for you,” Peter spoke, giving you the flowers. You smiled, taking it from him before sniffing it. The flowery, magical smell hit you, making you close your eyes.

“They smell amazing,” you told him, before placing them into a vase near your door. “Thank you Peter.”

“No worries Princess,” He spoke, before extending his arm. “How about we head to our 7 o’clock dinner reservation?”

You grabbed his hand, a smile on your face that wouldn’t leave. “Let’s do it Mr Parker.”

“I still can’t believe we’re having our first date in London,” Peter spoke, as he ate his spaghetti. It was a gorgeous resturant, one that gave you the view of the London Bridge. “I always thought it was going to be at the Thai place near my house.”

“Well I have business matters to attend here for the week,” you spoke, taking a bite from your ravioli. “I need to do a press conference today about some pressing matters.”

“Like what?” Peter asked curiously. You took a sip from your wine, before placing it down. You then looked outside where the river of Thames was. A dark cloud started to form over the famous river. “Y/N?”

“Oh sorry,” you shook your head, now paying attention to him. “Basically the state of the Avengers. The new members like Carol and Scott. And what to do with the children who are still homeless after the decimation.”

“Are you sure you’re up for it Y/N?” Peter spoke, now putting away his fork and knife to grab your hand. “You can always get Sam or Happy to speak on your behalf-“

“I have to,” you cut him off. You nodded to yourself, biting your lower lip. “I have to. Because if I don’t, I’m not a Stark.”

“If you feel like you have to, I will be standing right beside you,” Peter spoke, caressing your hand. You smiled at him, feeling less anxious about this week’s press conference. “No matter what.”

“Peter?” Your voice slightly wavered. You were now glad you rented out the whole resturant, giving you and Peter both some privacy. It meant you could be more open with him without having the public know every detail.

“Yes Y/N?” Peter asked, his face more serious at the tone of your voice.

“Will you be my boyfriend?” You asked him. Peter smiled so widely, he could feel the muscles of his cheeks hurt. This is it. This is what he wanted. This was the ending he wanted in the five years of pain he endured.

“Yes I will,” he replied back. He leaned forward, capturing your lips in his. It was a short, sweet kiss. One that made sure you remember this moment for the rest of your life.

You pulled back, suppressing the huge smirk that wanted to escape. Your eyes then unintentionally went back outside to the River of Thames, before they widened at the sight.

“Well as our first act of boyfriend and girlfriend, do you want to fight some elemental monster with me?” You asked, as you stared at the giant creature that emerged from the river, lightening coming out of it.

You saw a man flying around the beast, throwing green mist towards it. Peter looked outside the window, lifting up his eyebrows as you both got up from your seats. “Yeah, I mean sure why not.”

You pressed the button on your necklace before a now black suit enveloping your body. It was to commemorate Natasha Romanoff. Peter too pressed the button on his necklace, one that you created for him, before his spider suit came alive.

“Well come on Quasar, hop on,” Peter told you. You put your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as he put his hand below your bum. He then ran up to the window, which you blasted down with the Quantum energy.

He then jumped out of the window before you let go, flying towards the source with your now boyfriend beside you.

“This is a great first date!” You spoke from the comms. You heard Peter chuckle at that. “Us fighting monsters together.”

“And I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Peter replied back. You smiled before charging full speed towards the creature.

Maybe everything was going to turn out just fine.


Post Credit Scene

One Week Ago

“You know I tried,” Bruce spoke to you and Steve as Steve begun readying up to put the stones back in their respective timelines. “I tried to bring her back, when I snapped my fingers, I tried to bring her back.”

“We know,” you spoke softly, rubbing his now huge green arms. “We know Bruce. But I think we just have to move on, rebuild the Avengers. It’s what she would have wanted.”

Bruce nodded, a sad look in his face. He loved the women. He wanted to run away with her, start a new life. But it was never meant to be. He knew that now. Their jobs, their duties prevented them from ever trialing their love.

But in a different timeline, in particularly 2014 Vormir, a certain Black Widow laid soundlessly on the ground. Her own blood surrounded her as her eyes were shut; no pulse heard.

‘Bring everyone back,’ Bruce thought, as he brought his thumb and index together, ready to snap. ‘Bring her back.’

And as soon as his thumb and index swiped, there was a thunder. The Black Widow still laid on the floor soundlessly, her chest unmoving, her face pale and her blood getting cold.

One second passed.

Two seconds passed.

Ten secounds passed.

A minute passed.

A deep breath was heard and echoed through the walls of Vormir.

“That’s weird,” you spoke, feeling the absence of an item on your wrist. Bruce looked at you, a confused look in his eyes.

“What’s weird?”

“The charm bracelet that Nat gave me,” you spoke, rubbing your wrist as you grabbed the jewellery item from the the ground.

“It- it just broke. Out of nowhere.”

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Can you do an imagine for Peter Parker with prompts 8, 11, & 15 please? Where the reader tries to break up with Peter because he has been paying more attention to being Spider-Man and not the reader. But Peter won't let her go.

8. “Ask me to stay. Ask me to stay and I will.”

11. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you aren’t in love with me.”

15. “I love you.”


You checked your phone for what seemed like the millionth time in the last hour as you sat at Delmar’s, waiting for Peter to show up. You were supposed to have a Valentine’s dinner with him, dinner being picking up subs then heading back to your place to watch some movies. It wasn’t a big deal that it was Valentine’s Day, what was a big deal was this was the third date in a week that Peter had missed or was over an hour late for, 10th this month.

You looked out the window, seeing the sun starting to disappear between the buildings. Delmar made his way to your seat, a frown on his face as he placed your usual on the table. “I don’t think he’s coming, Mija.” He told you but you just shook your head, giving him a forced smile.

“He’s coming. It’s Valentine’s Day, he wouldn’t forget.” You turned to look out the window, ignoring the sandwich on the table as Delmar sighed, leaving you be. As soon as he was gone, you pulled out your phone, scrolling through the news for any spiderman sightings but came up empty. You practically threw your phone down on the table, reluctantly deciding to eat without him.

You stayed there for another hour, hoping Peter would walk through those doors. Hoping he didn’t just blow you off. Hoping there was a way to save your relationship. Only when Delmar told you he was closing did you shuffle out of the booth, pulling out your money from your purse. Delmar put his hand out, stopping you. “Sandwich’s on the house. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You insisted that he take the money but he just disagreed, telling you it was the least he could do. “Thank you, really. Happy Valentine’s Day, Delmar.” He gave you a smile before you left the store, slowly walking back to your apartment.

You enjoyed the silence and the cold air, pulling your coat tighter around your body as you called Peter. It rang once before sending you to voicemail, making your stomach fall. He sent you to voicemail.

“Hey Peter.” You began, taking a deep breath and looking around the skies for any chance Peter was above you. “I don’t know what happened to you tonight, but I uh, I hope you’re alright.” You let the call sit, hearing nothing from the other side as you sighed deeply, letting your eyes close and stop walking. “I think we need to talk Peter. Meet me on my roof around midnight?” You laughed bitterly as you listened to yourself. “I guess I’ll be there all night.” You mumbled before hanging up.

You knew you had the apartment alone when you returned, seeing the note from your parents telling you they had left for a hotel in D.C. for their own Valentine’s weekend. You fell into a chair in the kitchen, staring at the movie you rented for the night staring at you from the counter. Running a hand through your hair, you threw your purse on the table, needing a distraction from Peter’s lack of appearance.

You headed up to the roof a little earlier than midnight, needing to think before Peter might show up. Leaning against the edge of the building you rested your head on the ledge, watching the cars below you pass until they turned into blurs. You bought a hand up to your eyes, wiping away the tears barely spilling over until your makeup was a mess and your cheeks were glossy. Your phone’s alarm went off a little after midnight, telling you valentine’s day was over and Peter was late.

Just like you expected.

Peter finally showed up a little up after two, quietly landing behind you on the building. He knew he messed up tonight but he knew you’d forgive him, you always do. Always. “Y/N?” he spoke softly hoping not to scare you but you didn’t even move in the slightest, staring out into the sky.

“You’re late Pete.”

“I know, I’m so sorry. I got caught up with Spiderman and by the time I got your call-“ He was making his way over to you, stopping cold when he saw a tear roll down your cheek. “Y/N? Babe, have you been crying?”

“What are we doing, Peter.” You whispered, hoping Peter knew that something was wrong here with your relationship

But Peter was oblivious, reaching out to grab your hand. “What are you talking about?”

You scoffed, turning to face him completely. You held back your tears as you looked at him. “This. Us. Pretending we’re alright.” You gestured between the two of you, pausing to get your words straight when you felt your throat close up. “I can’t do this anymore Peter. I feel like an asshole for saying this, but you care more about that goddamn suit than you do our relationship.” Peter’s grip on your hands tightened and his own tears started to come down. “I think- It think we should break up.”

Peter’s whole world crumbled right in front of him. “B-Break up?” his voice cracked as you nodded, pulling your hands out of his. “W-why-, w-what are you talking about Y/N? We can’t break up!”

“You’re never there Peter!” You yelled at him, taking a step back out of frustration. “Where were you tonight?” you asked him as Peter played with the mask in his hands, not able to answer without breaking down as you nodded, not even needing him to speak. “We had a date tonight Peter. I sat at Delmar’s for 2 hours without so much of a text. Then when I called? You sent me voicemail Pete.” You looked into his brown eyes, seeing the boy you loved, the boy you would always be in love with.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I am, but you know how important Spiderman is. I’m sorry I missed one date.”

“15.” You corrected him as Peter furrowed his brows. “You’ve missed 15 dates in the last month.”

Peter blinked, not believing you were right as he thought back to all the times, he’s had to reschedule a date for Spiderman issues, only to cancel anyways. “I love you.” he croaked as you nodded your head.

“I know Pete.”

“Then look me in the eyes and tell me you aren’t in love with me.” He begged as you shook your head, reaching out to brush his hair out of his face. You let your hand linger on his cheek.

“I can’t Peter. I do love you. I will always love you. But I need more. I need to know that I can count on my boyfriend to be there for me. I need you to let go. I-I need you to go. I’m sorry.”

You leaned up, pressing a kiss on his cheek before walking away with your tears. “Ask me to stay! Ask me to stay and I will. We can fix this!” Peter shouted after you as you turned around, offering him a sad smile.

“I’ve tried Peter. There’s nothing to do to fix this. To fix us. Look, you’ll always be my first love and you’re still one of my closest friends. But that’s all we can be. I’m sorry Peter.” You didn’t let Peter say anything else as you left the roof, rushing down to your apartment and locking the doors and windows before collapsing into tears on the couch.

Peter felt like his heart left with you as he was left alone on the roof, falling onto the ground where you once stood. He couldn’t lose you, not like this. He put on his mask, jumping down to your fire escape to your room. He looked inside, realizing how long it’s been since he was in there with you. When you weren’t in there he moved to your living room window, looking into the dark room to see you barely lit by the lamp next to the couch, showing Peter you sobbing on the couch with tears staining your face. He tried to lift the window open only to see you had locked it. You knew he would come.

“It’s over.” He whispered, pressing a gloved hand on the window before he felt his body shake, falling back against the wall and crying, covering his face with his arms.

A/N: I was surprised by the amount of angsty requests I received until I reread the prompts I wrote and realized like half of them could be angsty af. Anyhow, enjoy! 😊

*Not My Gif*

Post Date: 2-13-20

***Requests still open for Valentine’s Day until the end of February!

(Also I’m sorry for all those who aren’t interested in the pieces I’m posting right not but are getting tagged anyways cause they’re on my permanent… there’s so much more coming, so let me know if there’s something you want done somehow 😂)

Permanent: @literal-fand0m-trash @just4muggles @saturn-aka-six @nathaliabakes @whyamihere-bro @colored-confetti @wiseeggspickleslime @btsiguess-kpop @galacticstxrdust @independentgirl @wellhellotherelovey @hollymac79 @delicately-important-trash @emcchi @rauwz @herondalescecilys

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Marvel: @hahaboop @laic2299

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Summary: What do you do when you see your almost happy without you?
A/N: Aye, back at it with the angst. Peter’s out of high school for this one. This is 100% partially inspired by @thekillingquill  ‘s Cantame which I highkey recommend reading because it’s literally amazing. Also partially inspired by Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott.


Almost. It’s a simple word, very little meaning. For most people, that is. It’s a word used to describe something that was close but wasn’t achieved or didn’t happen. The Blackhawks almost won the Stanley Cup. The concert was almost canceled due to rain. Wendy, Michael, and John almost stayed in Neverland. Almost is an adverb. Nothing special. But, to Peter, it was. Almost was no longer a simple adverb he used when describing how close something was. Instead, he used it in the form of a noun.

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oops, my heart went fuCk

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chapter 13: something new.

  • story summary: you met Tom a night he was trying to sleep with you, it didn’t work and you became best of friends. Wedding bells might be ringing for when you both realize what you really feel.
  • summary: the one with y/n having second doubts. 
  • pairing: fuckboy!tom holland x best friend!reader
  • warnings: swearing, angsty, mentions of cheating, lizzie, miguel. alcohol, friends, spanish
  • word count: 4.9k

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Hi! I’m back! I’m sorry this took so long, I’ve been going through a rough time. I’m better now, and I hope you like this. I cried writing this. Like, ugly cried. 

Tom walked into the hotel and everything in the lobby was moving. The place was open, causing the curtains to fly around, not a single thing without motion, making everything seem right out of Tom’s dreams. It was a perfect combination of luxury, paradise and humidity. People running around, people murmuring and rushing. Noise everywhere. Everyone was rushing. He didn’t know why but it seemed like there was a certain type of adrenaline moving forward. The lobby, though, had dim lights and was instead illuminated by the bright and warm sun coming from the outside, it smelled like an ocean breeze. It made him calm. Except, he wasn’t. He was searching through the colourful room for her, but the curtains seemed to be flying way too up. The white curtains cascaded through his vision as if they were long and foamy waves. 

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Repeat Love

Repeat Love

↠ summary:

Your boyfriend of five years breaks up with you, leaving you to waste away severely broken-hearted. You don’t sleep and barely eat anything for days, and when you finally pass out because your body couldn’t take it any longer, you miraculously wake up next to your ex-boyfriend the next day. He acts like nothing ever happened, or more like…He doesn’t remember? In fact, he seems to have forgotten your entire relationship. All he knows is that he loves you and that this day is your one year anniversary. Is this the universe’s way of giving you a new chance to start over?


Your head feels as if someone had crushed your skull to mush with a sledgehammer. Even opening your eyes proves to be a herculean task, the sunlight filtering through your lashes white hot and burning, causing a new gush of pain to surge through your head. You feel miserable, to say the least, and when you move to touch your head instinctively, you find you’re unable to.

Your arms are restrained and you feel unnaturally hot for sleeping in just a camisole in the middle of winter. You start squirming a little, but stop immediately when a soft groan sounds from behind you. Your eyes fly open to bug out of their sockets when you effortlessly recognize the voice in that split second of noise. It can’t be. Impossible.

“Babe, stop wriggling.” The same voice murmurs as two strong arms pull you further into the warmth that’s been surrounding you. 

Your heart drops to your stomach and you swallow thickly. “Namjoon?”


i seriously can’t get enough of this game!! thank you so much!! 💞

send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i’d write for it! 💖

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Summary: You miss Tom after your breakup. Based on falling by Harry Styles

A/N: Falling is my favourite on Harry’s amazing album, and I just had to write something based upon it!

Word count: 1400+

T/W: mentions of alcohol, hinting at cheating



The silky lining is cool against your skin, serving as yet another reminder of the missing presence beside you. You have gotten so used to the warmth of his body that no matter how many covers you lay under, there’s always a kiss of icy cold when he’s not there.

You bury your head in your pillow, but its rosy colour resembles the one on his cheeks when he blushes, and the images of his face wrapped up in despair becomes clearer when you close your eyes. 

So, you sit up and lean against the bedframe, gazing out of the window to the dark streets of London where drunk girls who look all too young to be out at this time of the night stumbles home, the lucky ones clinging to each other while the less fortunate hugs their jackets closer to their bodies and tries not to fall because they know that nobody is there to catch them.

Hugging your knees to your chest, you look at one girl, illuminated by a flickering streetlight. Her shoulders shake, and it looks like she’s crying as she walks only a few steps behind a couple other girls laughing loudly. You wonder why they don’t turn around and ask her to join the conversation, or at least ask if she’s alright, if she needs anything.

But then again, you, of all people, would know why; It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in the thrill and excitement of the moment and forget about everything and everyone else.

The lonely girl takes a left turn and disappears out of your field of vision along with the chatty group that enters an apartment complex, and soon, the street is empty. Unusual for a Friday night in London, but you shouldn’t be surprised that even strangers avoid being near you.

And you don’t blame them, don’t blame your friends that have grown tired of you or Tom who has left you because of those terrible things you’ve done, this awful person you’ve become.

Truth be told, you are beginning to question whether you’d want yourself around.

You’ve always thought you were a good person. Not the rainbow-out-your-ass type of good, but a supportive friend, a caring daughter, a gentle lover.

But good persons don’t do what you’ve done.

Today was the second time you’ve seen him after the break-up. The first time, just a couple weeks after your split, he was standing outside your flat with a big cardboard box.


“Don’t want your stuff lying around anymore,” he said, coldly, his face in an emotionless expression, like cut in stone. He held the box out for you and waited for you to grab it, but you didn’t, you couldn’t, you just stared at him and soaked up every small thing about him, from the acne scars on his chin to the tilt of his eyebrow to the dark brown colour of his eyes.

He dropped the box to the floor and turned around, taking a few steps down the stairs.

“Stay, please, I- I haven’t slept since you left, I don’t know what to do without you, I’m so sorry, Tom, please, I-“ you begged him.

He paused, shoulders raised, before he ran down the remaining stairs, the door slamming behind him.


The box he handed you that day seems to be mocking you from its place beside your cabinet. It’s been months, and still, you can’t unpack it. You don’t want to know which things he has put in there, like whether or not he has kept the picture you painted together on your second anniversary or the Spiderman T-shirt you gave him for his last birthday.

Thankfully, he had been kinder today. Softer around the edges, forgiveness braided into his tone. He was doing good, he told you while you were standing in the line. Was working on a new film he was really excited about, something about royalty and a heist, and he had had this charming grin on his face and his eyes had lit up, hands gesturing wildly to mimic explosions.

And you think that it made it worse, that you would have preferred him to be mad, to still not have gotten over the what you had done because at least it would mean that he hadn’t gotten wholly over you either.

And you suppose that makes you selfish, and that you should want him to be happy, and you do, but you wish he could be happy with you again.

It hadn’t been your usual barista today, and maybe that was good because the small café close to his parents’ house already held too many memories.

You had sat at your usual table, and out of habit, he had ordered the usual for both of you. You were surprised he remembered, honestly, but when the barista came to your table with only one cinnamon bun, it had gotten quite awkward.

“Do you remember that first time?” you had asked him before thinking it through. “I thought it was so romantic that we shared.”

He had chuckled and broken the cake in half, just like he always did, giving you the bigger half.

“How could I forget. That was our thing.”

And he had nudged you gently with his shoulder and pushed his glasses up his nose, and you had hated yourself for hurting him.

Perhaps he had felt that, because he looked at you worriedly and asked you how you were doing.

“Do you care?” you had asked him.

“Of course I care, Y/N.”

And he had taken your hand, and you had tried to blink away tears, but to no use. Drying them off with the back of your hand, you had told him that you missed him.

“I miss you, too. Terribly so. But this is for the best.”

“Not for me,” you had sobbed.

You had immediately regretted saying it, but of course, there was no way to take it back. Still, you cursed yourself far away for continuing to be so damn selfish.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too,” he had said, gently, and his gaze had pierced your eyes in what felt like a silent declaration of love.

And you had known right there that the two of you had run out of things to say. That everything beyond this point wouldn’t change a single thing or offer any of you more consolation.

Still, you had small-talked a bit, and he had told you a funny story about Sam, and you had laughed in that whole-hearted, head-tilted-back kind of way that you only did with him. And he had asked you about your job, and you had complained to him about your stupid boss, and the whole time you just sat there and thought that this was ok. That having him here beside you, not as a lover but maybe as a friend, was better than nothing, because gosh, you might not want yourself around anymore, but if it was up to you, he’d always be a constant figure in your life.

“What are you thinking about?” he had asked you.

“I think you’re the best person I know,” you had said, honestly, and watched conflicting emotions playing on his features.

“Thank you,” he had said, and it had sounded like he meant it. But then, he had smiled apologetically, “I have to go, sorry.”

He had stood up and shrugged on his jacket, blue denim sitting tight on his broad shoulders and a black beanie hiding his unruly curls. Giving you a quick hug, he had left a few bills to pay for the coffee and then turned around.

He had taken a few steps before turning back, crooked smile and sad eyes making it out for contrast on his face.

“Don’t be a stranger, ok?”

“Ok,” you had promised with a brittle voice.

But you wondered if you already were.

And now, lying in a bed meant for two under covers you never would have bought for yourself, it feels like falling, like a wake-up call. It’s time to be responsible, you figure, time to turn your life around and ensure that you can be someone you’d like. And the first step is unpacking that box from Tom.

You eye the cardboard as if it’s a dangerous animal, trying to figure out if it will go after you before you decide that unpacking is a task for another day.

You have to hit the ground first.

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Summary: Y/N, otherwise known as Nightshade, is captured by a mob boss in Queens. She gets saved by Spiderman but the bigger shock is finding out that the spider boy of Queens is actually her best friend, Peter Parker. Thanks @non-reptilian for the request

Word Count: 1.1k

Warning: Interrogation scene but it’s super PG

Author’s note: hey this is my first Peter Parker post whoop! 

Your mask was ripped off your face, leaving Queen’s biggest mobster Reaper and his men to see your true identity. You were tied to a chair and almost two inches from your seat laid a 40-foot drop that was carved into the abandoned gin factory. You vaguely remembered Natasha describing herself in your exact scenario but you didn’t focus on it too much. 

“ Well would you look at that fellas,” Reaper smirked as he grabbed your chin tightly,” Nightshade is nothing more than a little girl.” 

With his other hand, he slapped you hard across your face. You had been enduring interrogation for hours but he and his henchmen weren’t able to get a single word out of you. You hung your head back and smiled,” With all due respect, this little girl has sent a hundred of your men home in body bags. When I get out of these restraints, I’ll make it a hundred and one.” 

Reaper shook his head and beckoned one of his men to come forward. You watched as the man came toward you and leaned your chair back closer to the pit. Your legs kicked slightly to try and grab the ground but you didn’t want to risk falling down from your own demise. 

“ One more time, give us your name and who do you work for?” Reaper asked as he stepped forward, growing more agitated by the second. 

You weighed out your options and you knew that either way, they would kill you. There was no way you would survive the fall and who knows how long it would be until your body would be found. 

You thought of your mom sitting by the phone, waiting for your call until a member of Shield came to your apartment and told her the news; that her daughter was the legendary assassin that had been protecting Queens and the world from chaos. But it wouldn’t matter because you would be dead. You thought of your friends back at Midtown, what would their reactions be when they found out that the reason you always bailed on parties and study dates was because you were out fighting crime. 

Then you thought of your best friend, Peter Parker. The two of you had always been so close ever since his Uncle had passed away and he did the same when your dad died. It had only been a few weeks since his mentor, Tony Stark, had died saving the world so you knew that Peter wouldn’t be able to handle another death. 

But as much as you loved your family and friends, you could never reveal the intel on SHIELD.

“ My name is go to hell and I work for none of your goddamn business!” you shouted as you spit in his member’s face. 

“ Famous last words,” he said as he laughed softly,” drop her.” 

You kicked your legs in an attempt to move your seat up more but before you could blink, you felt the chair fall back all the way. You let out your last scream as you tried to get out of the ropes while you dropped almost three stories. 

You closed your eyes and awaited death but before you hit the ground, you felt something pull on your chair, which made you open your eyes. It looked like a single strand of white was keeping you from falling and while you couldn’t see your “hero”, you knew who it was. 

You still hung slowly from your position, now only being about two feet off the ground. You heard commotion come from the top floor as you tried to wiggle your way out of the chair. 

You did not want to stick around long enough to not only let Spiderman find out about your identity but to see you in such a vulnerable state. It wasn’t that you both hated each other, but there was only room for one hero in Queen’s and you were here first. You didn’t want to share the city and you know he would never let this go. 

You stopped struggling for a second and listened carefully, hearing no fighting or any words being exchanged. 

“ I believe a thank you is in order,” you felt him tug on the chair to release you and helped you down to the floor. 

You had never heard his voice before but there was something so natural to the chime behind it. You looked up to see the familiar red and blue suit but it was his reaction that made you completely confused. 

“ Y/N? Is that you?” He asked as he kneeled down to push your hair back,” holy crap it really is you. You’re Nightshade?!”

Your stance became more relaxed as you nodded, the voice making everything add together. You reached for his mask and pulled it off to find those same precious brown eyes that you were so used to looking back at you. 

“ Oh my god,” you said as your shocked expression turned into a full on glare. You punched his shoulder hard and then again,” you didn’t tell me? After all this time-”

“ Hey I could say the same for you!” 

“ This is different Peter! You lied to me, remember I specifically asked you if you were Spiderman cause I knew I had a feeling. I asked you in Europe and you told me that I was crazy! You never call a girl crazy!” 

“ Okay, okay yes I lied but you were acting crazy,” Peter said as you gave him a look,” but you never stopped me when I told you that Nightshade was cute! I was basically confessing that I had a crush on your alter ego and you just let me make an idiot out of myself!” 

You wrinkled your nose,” Yeah well you were being an idiot. I mean you couldn’t even see my face and suddenly you were so obsessed with a girl. I swear Peter you would fall in love with anything with two legs and a beating heart.” 

Peter crossed his arms as his face grew red,” Well now that I know you’re Nightshade obviously that little crush is over.” 

You tilted your head to the side and watched Peter slowly,” I don’t believe you but fine I’ll drop it. I’m gonna go before SHIELD shows up but maybe we can talk tomorrow about how you’re in love with me.” 

Peter stood there speechless as you walked away from him,” I-I’m not in love with you! That’s just gross!” 

Peter shook his head in disbelief and muttered under his breath as he slipped his mask back on, mimicking your voice,” Oh thank you so much, Peter, for saving my life. You’re my hero!”

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Summary: Peter realizes he’s in love with his best friend, only after it’s too late

Pairing: Peter Parker & Y/N

Warning: Mature language & angst

Requested: No

Word Count: 7,552


They couldn’t remember a single moment in either of their lives that wasn’t spent together. Peter and Y/N were inseparable from the moment they met.

It was as if they were destined to meet and become each other’s greatest companion.

Neither one of them intended on making a best friend when their parents dropped them off one foggy September morning for their first day of preschool, but that’s exactly what happened.

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mT hEaRt is BroKen

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Summary: You & Peter have an argument, causing a temporary divide in your relationship

Pairing: Peter & Y/N

Requested: No, for @neverlandparker​ & @fairytaleparker​‘s Disney writing challenge!

Warning: Slight angst, but mostly fluff (Also, Tony’s still alive as he should be)

Word Count: 1,651


The loud ringing echoed through the halls as you made your way to your locker. Grabbing your phone from your back pocket, you unlocked the screen, hoping to see at least one text or missed call.

But there was nothing there.

Your heart sunk even lower into the pit of your stomach. Clutching your books closer to your chest, you let out a small sigh as you made your way to your locker.

No matter how many times it happened, you’d never get use to this routine.

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*based on the five stages of grief*

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: Angst, death, swearing, possible implications of anxiety, mentions/implications of sexual activity

Description: The first time you touch your soulmate, you’re able to see a glimpse into your future. What happens if your future is also your end?

Chapter Summary: Still best friends and nothing more, you learn this battle isn’t so easy after all. You hope Peter feels it too, but you also hope he doesn’t. At least you have Nationals to keep you busy.

Word Count: 7.7K lol whoops (bold and italics are thoughts)

Month Two, Anger: Love Isn’t a Decathlon Event

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*based on the five stages of grief*

(ongoing, chapters below the cut)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: The first time you touch your soulmate, you’re able to see a glimpse into your future. What happens if your future is also your end?

Warnings: Angst, death, swearing, possible implications of anxiety, mentions/implications of sexual activity

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highkey exciteddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Summary: One can say that (y/n) doesn’t have a normal life. Then again, anyone who’s father is the leader of one of the most feared English mobs probably wouldn’t. One day, her life gets turned upside down when a letter arrives from her uncle stating that she is a target of her father’s rival mob, the Hollands.

I’ve always understood that I wasn’t a typical teenager. I mean, I’ve been exposed to that idea since I was a 7 year old girl shooting a glock 17 at a moving target during my father’s “protection training”. I feel like a part of me even understood that when I was waking up to the blaring of an ambulance and the sharp beep of a heart monitor when I was 4. My life is complicated and simple at the same time, which isn’t just confusing, but really sucks. 

To understand how I ended up here, I have to tell you about my family and what I know of my past. My father is Harold Chimaera, leader of one of the most feared English mobs. My mother was his wife, Eleanor Chimaera. She was an amazing wife and an even more amazing mother, at least from what I can remember. My father sent her away to Corinth, Maine when she was pregnant with my brother, Scott, and me in order to keep her safe from any harm that could befall us. Sadly it wasn’t his enemies that hurt us, but a truck driver on Mccard Road who had a bit too much Bourbon to drink. My mother and twin brother died that cold winter’s night. 

When my father found out, he immediately came to the United States to bring me home to London. From there, he moved most of his operation to Cambridge, a place where he can keep me safe from accidents and anyone who would want to harm us. 

I was drawn out of my thoughts by a light knock on the door frame. The gruff voice of my father’s right hand man, Abel, followed after it.

“Ms. Chimaera, you’re father requests your presence in the living room.” He adjusted his black suit jacket and scratched at his 5 o’clock shadow that he seems to have forgotten to shave.

“Of course Abel,” I curtly replied. “I’ll be right down. Just give me a minute to put my easel away.”

He nodded towards me before disappearing from my view. I got up and looked at the blank canvas that was taunting me. I’ve been unable to draw for the last 2 weeks and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I’ve already painted the roses in the garden, the birds in the aviary, the butterflies that flutter just outside the windows, and even the creek that runs next to the house. 

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Angst, death, swearing, possible implications of anxiety, mentions/implications of sexual activity

Summary: Best friends Peter Parker and Y/N are having a study date. Upon learning that they’re soulmates, more secrets and truths are revealed, and their story might close before it even starts. (Takes place during ”Homecoming”, give or take some plot details.)

Word Count: about 7.7K (all text in bold and italics are thoughts)

A/N: Hello to whoever is reading this, happy holidays! This is my first ever story that I’ve ever written, and I’m excited but also super nervous to be sharing it. I’m not too sure about the ins and outs of writing or being on Tumblr in general, but I’ll try my best. Please enjoy and leave some comments if possible <3 

Month One, Denial: The Flashforward that Never Happened

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Not Working | p. parker | part 3

Not My Gif

  • summary: you and peter are together but maybe it’s not working anymore.
  • warnings: angst, injury, smut
  • note: sorry it’s so long but MERRY CHRISTMAS

You spent the next couple of weeks hanging out with Brad all the time. He rode the train home with you, walked you to your place, most days he’d stay and study and watch tv with you until it was time for him to head home.

You haven’t talked to Peter very much, but he still tries to be friends, which you appreciate but aren’t the biggest fan of. Ned and MJ also do their best to say Hi when they see you and they continue to text in the group chat with you in it.

“Hey y/n, is it cool if i spend the night at your place tonight? My moms hosting some book club party and I don’t really have anywhere else to go” Brad asks sheepishly as you guys step onto the train.

“Yea, do we need to stop by your place to get clothes and stuff?” You smile and kick your leg into his lap.

“Yes please.” He smiles and wraps his arm around your shoulders.

Your feelings towards Brad are strange. He’s an amazing friend and he always makes you laugh, but sometimes when you both are laughing you can’t help but sit there stuck staring at his face and how cute it looks when he laughs. His hands are soft and it makes your face warm when he holds your hand. But you didn’t know if you liked Brad, was that weird to like him? You didn’t want him to think he was a rebound from Peter so you never discussed for even thought about your feelings towards Brad.

As you both stepped out of the train and started the short walk to Brads house, you grew nervous at meeting Brads mom. You’d been to his house a few times but nobody had ever been there. You’re brought out of your thoughts by brad opening his front door and letting you in first.

“MOM?” Brad yells through the fairly large house.

“In here honey”

You follow brad through the living room and into the kitchen.

“hey honey, how was school?” She turns around from the oven and stops when she sees you.

“Mom, this is y/n, y/n, this is my mom” Brad introduces you to his mother and you awkwardly smile and wave. Brad pats your shoulder and runs upstairs to presumably get his stuff.

“It’s nice to meet you” You put a piece of hair behind your ear and look down at your feet.

“You’re the girl Brads always with? You are so pretty y/n! my goodness! I would invite you to stay for dinner but I have a ladies night and we are long over due for our wine and cry night.”

“Oh no it’s alright, I’m just here while Brad grabs his bag to stay over.” I smile and nod.

“Oh okay. Well thank you for stopping by.” She smiles kindly before turning back to her food.

Brad rushes back downstairs and kisses his mom goodbye.

“Bye honey, be safe and use protection. NO MINI BRADS”

“MOM!” Brad yells back slamming his front door.

“I’m so sorry, she’s a bit crazy” He apologizes and wraps his arm back around your shoulder.

“She’s nice. I like her” You smile and look up at him.

You both end up back at your place, working on homework in your room. You both sat on your bed, textbooks scattered everywhere. You look up at Brad and see him biting his lip while writing down some definition for chemistry. He looked up and caught your glance, smirking at you. You but your lip and quickly tried to look away, knowing you’d been caught. You looked back up and Brad was already looking at you. Your eyes widen and you gulp, feeling embarrassed.

“No need to be shy y/n, i’m very good looking.” Brad jokes, causing you to roll your eyes and smile. He then moves all of your books out of the way and scoots closer.

“Brad wha-“ Your voice fades out as his hand comes up to your face. His thumb running across your cheek.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers, face an inch away from your own. You gulp and nod, slowly closing your eyes.

You feel his lips press against your own and the air sucked from your body. Your stomach flips and your hand comes up to Brads shoulder. It’s a strange kiss, because you’re painfully aware that you’re kissing Brad. When you were with Peter, it never felt like kissing, it just felt natural.

You pull away when thoughts of Peter pop into your head. You stand up off the bed and gather your breathing.

“I’m sorry, did I do something wrong?” Brad asks eyes wide.

“NO! No i just uh, i thought I was ready but I’m not sure I was. Look Brad, I-“

“Still love Peter?” He asks sadly.

“No, well i don’t know. That’s not what i was going to say. I like you I think, you’re kind and funny and sweet and extremely attractive but i don’t want you to think you’re just a rebound or something because you’re my friend.” You sigh deeply, sitting at your desk chair.

“But I don’t, I like you y/n, as a friend and more. I don’t wanna just be the guy that you use to get over peter but if you say i’m not then I believe you.” Brad stands and walks to where you are, and bends down in front of you. “ If you don’t wanna do anything. We won’t, we can go back to studying no problem.” He smiles and grabs your hands, rubbing the back.

You look down at him and feel your heart jump. You needed this, wanted this. You couldn’t be upset over Peter forever and Brad has the potential to make you very happy. You make a spilt decision and press your lips against Brads, who groans in surprise but holds you close and kisses back.

You both stand and continue kissing until you find your way on your bed. Brad sweeps all your books and notes onto the floor causing you to giggle. The giggle causes Brad to groan and kiss you harder. You continue to make out for a while before you break the kiss and move to Brads neck.

“Fuck y/n, how far are we takin this babe?” Brad groans.

“all the way babe” You whisper in his ear before biting his sweet spot and sucking.

He groans loudly and grabs your hips. He slowly pushes you off of him and takes his shirt off, while you do the same. He climbs back on top of you and pushes his hips into yours, causing your back to arch up towards him. Brads hands wrap around you and take your bra off quickly, then replaces the material with his lips. You moan lightly and grab purchase in his thick hair.

You both quickly take your pants off and grab a condom, Brad looks at you as his finger enters you and your hand wraps around him.

“shit y/n, are you ready?”

“yes please” and with your whine, brad enters you slowly. You both sigh and mold together at the feeling of him stretching you out. Your mind blank except for the feeling of Brads thrusts going faster with each pump.

“So good mamas” Brad rasps out as he hisses your jaw and lightly holds your thigh up.

It doesn’t take long for both of you to reach your climax. You’re practically screaming while scratching at his back and Brads grunting and swatting your ass every few seconds. When you both come down, you lay together, still naked and catching your breathe.

“Wow” You smile and look at him.

“Yea, i’m gonna make some cereal. You want any?” Brad asks, throwing on his boxers. You nod and he kisses your forehead before leaving your room to head to the kitchen.

You stood and used the bathroom and did your best to fix your hair. You began picking up the textbooks when your phone began ringing. You looked over and saw Peters name. You rolled your eyes and declined the call, until he called again, and again. He called a total of 4 times before MJ called and you finally decided to answer.


“Y/n? Please come to the hospital. Mays been in an accident and she hurt badly. Peters hurt too but not as bad, can you come?” Her voice rushed out the infor and your heart stopped. You loved May, she was like your mother when your own wasn’t around.

“I’m on my way.” You said before hanging up and running around your room getting dressed.

“Brad I have to go to the hospital. Mays been in an accident, i-i gotta check on her I have to go.”

“Wow okay, let me get dressed.” Brad moda before speed walking towards my room. I bounce my leg and go ahead and call a cab to be out front. As soon as brad steps out of my room dressed I walk out the door and book it down the stairs.

The car ride is nerve racking, what happened to May? Is peter okay? Why didn’t you answer his call? A million questions hit you at once when you look up and realize you’re at the hospital. You throw a twenty towards the driver and step out rushing inside.


“Where are they?” You ask Mj before she can say anything.

“Room 142 and 146” She says pointing down the hall.

You rush toward the room dodging nurses and children alike. You open the door to 142 and see May laying there. Tears flood out of your eyes as you walk towards her, Happy by her side.

“How is she?” You ask sitting next to him, hand on his shoulder.

“She’s bratty banged up. Couple broken ribs, a concussion. She fell asleep a minute ago because of the medicine.”

“I’m so sorry May. Everything gonna be fine. I’m gonna go check on Peter.” I grabs Mays hand lightly and squeeze before walking down a bit farther to Peters room.

I open the door and he’s sitting up in bed, with an IV and a head wean and arm sling. Beds by his bed and they both look my way.

“Y/n?” His voice breaks at the sight of you and it tears your heart apart.

“I’m here Pete. What happened?” I ask as Ned gives us our space and leaves.

“Happy was driving us and some truck just came out of nowhere and Happy had no time to do anything and I couldn’t sense it and I-“ Peter couldn’t keep going due to the sobs wracking his body.

“It’s okay. She’s okay. You’re okay. Everyone’s fine. It’s not your fault.” I say rubbing his good hand.

“How is she?”

“She’s sleeping. Happys with her, making sure she’s all good.” I smile moving hair out of his face.

“Sorry I didn’t answer your call, I was-“

“With Brad” Peter looks up at you. You can’t do anything but smile sadly.

“I love you y/n.”

“Peter just relax okay? You’re hurt-“

“No! I did love Mj, but then I found you. You were always there for me and at first I thought we were just friends but every time you smiled my heart skipped a beat and day by day I fell in love with you. I know I wasn’t the best boyfriend and I know it was shitty of me to try and keep seeing what my options with Mj were but me and her are just friends. She’s not the one I want, she’s not who I need. I miss you everyday more and more. I love you y/n.”

“Pete, I have loved you for years and I always will but things are complicated. Me and Brad, we, i don’t know but something about it feels right. He’s made me feel better and happy and cared for. I can’t sit here and look at you and pretend that I haven’t dreamed of is getting back together because I have but things are weird right now.”

“You had sex with him.” Peter speaks sternly and accusingly.


“You has sex with him, didn’t you? Your hair and skin. That’s what it always looked like after sex. Your lips are red and puffy.”

“It doesn’t matter Peter.”

“Yes it does! You think he cares about you? I bet he’s gonna leave now, stop talking to you and find someone else. He’s not a good person y/n.”

“He’s a great person Peter and I’m not gonna just allow you to talk about him like that because you’re jealous. He was there for me Peter. He was the o my thing that kept me from going crazy.”

“YOU HAD US! YOU HAD NED AND MJ AND BETTY AND MAY AND HAPPY! YOU HAVE A FAMILY TO KEEP YOU FROM GOING CRAZY, not some dickhead that just wants to have sex with you.

“You think I wanted to look at Ned and talk about how I was heart broken by his bestfriend. Or MJ? You think I could even hear her name without my heart shattering? I couldn’t go to Nat because how do I tell her that her nephew broke my heart and loves someone else. How Peter? Brad cares he cares about me and my feelings and he’s never missed a date or even a fucking text. So yea, Brad is the only person I had.”

“Pull your head out of his ass!”

“Excuse me?”

“You think he wants to be with you because he doesn’t. Everyone knows that. Nobody likes him for a reason y/n. You’re so stuck on him you don’t realize he’s just using you! Ask him about the bet from the school ski trip y/n, he didn’t tell you about that did he? No! Because He doesn’t actually care about you y/n. And if you’re too dumb to see that maybe you shouldn’t be here.” Peter crosses his arms and turns away from you. Your jaw clenched and cheeks stained with tears.

“i hope you get better soon peter, so you can go to hell” You spit storming out of his room and down the hall. You wipe your tears and push pass Mj to get through the doors. Brad follows quickly behind you. You don’t say anything as he hails another can back to your apartment. You let your thoughts roam and anger bubbles inside of you. How could peter do this?

You get inside and plop down on the bed, and Brad pulls you close to his body. Holding you and telling you everything’s gonna be okay.

“Brad?” You whimper

“Yea what’s up?” He looks down at you and moves a piece of hair from your face.

“what bet did you make on the schools ski trip?” You look up at him and hope it’s nothing. That it means nothing to him and he has no clue what you’re talking about.

“Who told you?” He furrows his eyebrows and your eyes narrow.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing really, I just- Jason bet me $20 I could get you to sleep with me. You had just gotten with peter at the time so i told Jason i would if you ever broke up with him.” Brad sits up and looks down at your sheets.

“Get out.”


“get out. get the hell out, now” You bark at him.

“Y/n, please Im sorry.”

“Bullshit Brad, you fucking Oscar nominee actor. Fuck you Brad. Get the fuck out and if I ever see you again I’m gonna kick your fucking teeth in.” You nearly scream at him throwing all his shit into his bag and tossing out your front door.

“GET OUT” You yell which cause shin to jump out of your bed and scramble out the door. You slam it shut and fall back against it. Heart clouded with confusion.

You didn’t know anything anymore. Brad didn’t like you, Peter loves you, you liked brad and you loved peter but now you’re not show what you feel towards anyone. Nothing made sense.

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Request by @alphadog090 -  Hi! Can I request a stark!daughter imagine where tony has two children but he treats his other child(or peter) a lot better than reader like he forgets her birthday and never comes to her events and he barely talks to her bc hes so focused on work and his other kid even though reader tries rly hard to please him Fluffy ending if you can!! Thank you so much!!

A/N - another installment to my Lover series, I’m not too prod of how this one turned out but it already became too long before I got to the good parts and I got bored so here’s a mess hope you like it lol, also sorry for making Tony a dick :P

“Shut up, you’re adopted!”, Harley snapped at you, standing by the door glaring at you as you lounged on your bed flipping through a book. 

You gasped, turning around to face him angrily, “Don’t you dare use that on me you ass, you’re adopted too!“ 

He huffed, scratching his hair, "Yeah but dad loves me more." 

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i cried

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pairing: single dad!mob!tom holland x single mum!reader

words: 9k (oh god, i’m so sorry)

warnings: SMUT, swearing, praise kink, oral (female recieving), slight violence, mentions of verbal abuse/ degration & rough sex if you squint

summary:  Theo y/l/n and James Holland are the best friends that only 8-year-olds can get, their parents though are a little less happy with their lives. For James’ dad; Mob-King Tom, he can’t seem to catch cupid’s arrow. Better yet, he refused to even let the stupid cherub let it fly free. For Theo’s mum; y/n, it’s her confidence that shakes her love life until there’s nothing there. So it was meant to be.

a/n: at first i hated this fic (i still sort of hate the first part) but i think it’s really grown on me :)


y/n smiled as she waved off the last group of kids, the small children giving her tight hugs before running off to their parents. She truly loved her job; she couldn’t ask for anything other than the life she has right now but something has always been devoid. Alas, being a primary school teacher with an 8-year-old son can keep you busy enough to forget about your past problems.

“Muuum,” Theo dragged on as he danced around one desk lazily, “when are we going home, I’ve got some cartoons to watch,” he said snappily, y/n debated on whether she should call her son out on his attitude.

“Soon, you little devil,” y/n replied, still happily dismissing her students. Seeing as most of the kids had gone or having a chat with their parents, y/n took that as a sign to pack up her classroom.

“I think Molly has a crush on me,” Theo told y/n with a wide grin on his face. She stared up at him with a matching smile.

“Really, how do you know that?” y/n asked cheekily, she waited for her son’s answer but only got a shrug and a sigh. She chestily laughed as she started to pack up her bag. “That’s not an answer little man!”

“Ask James, he agrees with me,” Theo defended.

“You two have really been making a ruckus in my classroom, I should probably split you two up,” y/n falsely threatened as she slipped on a small touch up of her pale red lip gloss.

Theo immediately ran to the front of her desk with sad eyes, “please don’t mum, we’ll be extra good,” Theo lifted his pinky finger to wave in her face, “I pinky promise.”

y/n stared down and captured his tiny finger with hers, sealing the deal. As she grabbed the rest of her things from underneath her desk, she heard the small pitter patter of an extra pair of feet.

“Hi, Ms.y/l/n” a soft worried voice called out, y/n lifted her head to see James Holland with his bottom lip trembling and his eyes filling with hot tears not daring to spill over. y/n almost jumped over the desk to comfort the young boy.

“Oh James, what’s the matter?” she asked gently as she gently wiped the liquid from his cheeks.

“I was supposed to-to be picked up-p a long t-t-time ago,” James told her through stifled sobs. y/n felt her heart shatter with absolute sadness for this little boy. It had been an hour since school ended, his parents must be late. “I was wondering if I could go home with you until my dad or his assistant can come and get me.”

y/n knew that James’s dad did some shady business. She wasn’t dumb; she picked up on everything. Whenever his so-called assistant would come to get James she would always ask what he did to dress so sharply and the blonde would constantly have a different answer or sometimes he would deflect the question altogether. She also noticed the gun that lay hidden underneath his jacket and the small pocket knives around his waist. She never thought too much about it because James was the sweetest kid on the planet and he made Theo thrilled, she would not take that away from him by alerting the police to a threat that she had nothing but a hunch about.

Theo burst into a roar of excited cheers as soon as the sentence fell off James’s lips. y/n shushed her son before turning back to James. “As much as both of us would love that, you can’t come home with us without your dad’s permission.”

“Can’t you just call him?” James exclaimed as he corked an eyebrow at her, as small blush arose on her cheeks; sometimes she felt dumber than the kids. As school policy goes, y/n must have a small binder with all the parents’ contacts in case of emergencies.

“Great idea,” she complimented as she quickly went to make the phone call. Her finger skimmed around the book, finding the last name Holland and the first name Tom underneath James’s page. She had heard that name before she just can identify where. Either way, she rang and someone answered after a few rings.

“Hello?” a male voice called out.

“Hi, this is Ms. y/l/n,” y/n told him sweetly. “I have James here saying that nobody has picked him up yet,” she told him.

“Fuck, I knew I forgot something!” the voice shouted, y/n was 99% sure the boys could hear it, “shit, Tom will gut me like a fish,” the man sounded worried and flustered with panic and fear.

“Wait, who am I exactly talking to?” she pondered.

“Harrison, I’m Tom’s assistant.” Harrison rolled the assistant slowly. An obvious diversion that she wasn’t idiotic enough to fall for.

“Well, if it makes any difference, Theo and James have just made plans for James to come home with myself and Theo,” she spoke quietly. “Would that be okay?”

The line was silent for a second or two before Harrison quickly responded, “Yes that will be fine, someone will pick him up around 6,” he snapped at her before cutting off the line abruptly.

y/n stared at her phone for a moment before she stared at the boys with a wide gleam. “You’re coming home with us James and its homemade pizza for dinner tonight!”

With that, the pair of boys rejoiced and the three of them walked out of the classroom and towards the exit.


Tom sat in his impressively large chair, his eyes never leaving the clock that lay between photos of his family and his son James. He had been in meetings all day with people that pissed him the fuck off. All Tom had been looking forward to is seeing his son and spending his time playing with James. But yet, it had been an hour since he should have been out of school, meaning he should have been home 20 minutes ago. There as a few harsh knocks, Tom instantly knew who it was.

“Got some news mate,” Harrison told him before he had even entered the room.

Tom let his head lean back and a hoarse groan slips out, “it better be good otherwise, I don’t want to fucking hear it,” Tom spat, “I’ve been in meetings all day, just wanna see my son.”

“About that.” Harrison trailed off. Tom felt his heart stop. He instantly rushed over to Harrison’s side. “I forgot to pick James up from school today and-”

“You absolute dumbass!” Tom roared. “Other Mob bosses know who he is. I can’t have him walking the school ground by himself he’ll get bloody kidnapped!” Tom started to ramble, he hardly ever did such an infantile act. He hadn’t rambled since James was left on his doorstep with a note saying he was Tom’s son and that was eight years ago!

Tom couldn’t help but feel guilt rack his body, a million thoughts ran through his mind and he felt as if he was on the verge of tears, but he refuses to let even one go. Suddenly, he snapped out of it and almost sprinted towards Harrison. His hands clasped around Harrison’s collar and brought him in so fast, Harrison’s knees buckled at the force and skidded across the hard floor. “If you didn’t pick him up, where the fuck is he?”

Tom watched as Harrison gulped loudly. Tom hated getting violent with Harrison, but with the safety of his son. Tom would mow downfield of people if it meant James was alive.

“He is with his teacher and her son. She said that I have to pick him up later,” Harrison told him weepily. Tom didn’t know if it relieved him to know that his son was with good hands with his teacher, who Tom had only heard good things about from Harrison or that his right-hand man let his son go off with a woman Tom has never met. “Listen, she said they are making homemade pizza and that we are welcome to join her when I go pick James up.”

“Hm, pick him up when it is necessary,” Tom grunted as he walked off, suddenly much calmer than he was before. Harrison regained his composure and ran to Tom’s side.

“No, I think you should go pick him up,” Harrison told him. Coming from anyone else, Tom would have their tongue cut out, but Tom felt obliged to let it slide after his recent outburst at Harrison. “I think it would be good for James to see his own father come pick him up for once and it wouldn’t hurt to meet Ms. y/l/n,” Harrison spoke the last part with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Before you scheme and manipulate your way into making me do something, you know I don’t want any woman taking advantage of me- again,” Tom hated saying that sentence, he hated giving James’s mother the satisfaction that she broke the heart of the world’s hardest mobster. That a dancer from a strip club he owned broke the one heart that was never meant to; his. Tom took it as a sign that love wasn’t in his card, only single parenthood. Though deep down, Tom wanted someone else, he didn’t want to sleep around with expensive strippers and high-end prostitutes for the rest of his life, he would not die with that being his greatest achievement in the sex department. He’d never admit that to a single soul.

“Come on, get back on the horse,” Harrison told him gleefully, “She’s a nice woman and you’ve always complained that all the girlfriends you’ve had since James have hated children, well she works with your son almost every day. There’s a fucking jackpot right in front of you, mate.”

Tom groaned in disapproval, “How do you even know she’s single, she got an 8-year-old son, she’s married” he sighed

“You have an eight-year-old and you aren’t fucking married you twat,” Harrison scoffed, “plus I’ve never seen a ring on that finger,” he held up his ringer finger and swirling it in his face.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, Harrison,” Tom complained as he smacked Harrison hand away, “I think it’s time to give up, my schedule is too busy, I can barely see my own fucking son!” Tom called out as he rested his hands on his hair, “How can I sustain an actual relationship?”

Harrison said nothing but stared at his best friend. To Harrison, Tom looked flustered, angry and tense. Harrison knew that Tom blamed only himself for the misfortunes in his life, even though all the shit that was happening to him wasn’t his fault at all.

Tom could see Harrison was pondering at him. He hated it. “If I do this, will you give it a fucking rest,” Tom compromised. Harrison looked at him smugly.


y/n stood at the messy benches of her kitchen, shredded cheese fell everywhere and a three quarterly cut pepperoni stick was about to fall off. A warm and delicious smell over the house from the full oven; it was her favourite thing. Currently, y/n was finely chopping basil and rosemary while the two boys sat at the island table, flour and sauce almost covered the entire table and the power creates a ring around the boys.

“Now, Theo do you want to tell James how to lay the pepperoni to make sure it doesn’t get all soggy,” y/n asked him sweetly, trusting him enough to not have to turn around completely.

“Yesmum!” Theo called out as if she wasn’t in the same room. She chuckled to herself before she dumped the herbs into a bowl and came over to the table, sitting on one of the free chairs.

y/n watched as Theo taught James the perfect placing of pepperoni on the spare pizza. It was if y/n intrigue of James’s father had hit an all-time high as she stared at the young boy. Before she taught James, she remembers hearing a lot of rumours about James’s father from the other teachers and even other mothers about how he was mysterious and them handsome. She used to giggle at the rumours; she supposed that some lonely suburban housewives concocted the rumours, that they had nothing better to do than lust after the young bachelor because their husbands can find the g-spot.

But now that she is teaching James, the rumours seem to come alive the longer she knows the boy. She can’t help but fall into the trap of her primal curiosity because of a stranger she’s never even met and that very stranger could deal with a shady past or worse a shady present.

“So, James, how your dad?” y/n asked innocently. James stopped placing the toppings to talk to her (much to Theo’s disapproval).

“Oh, he’s awesome, I don’t get to see him a lot but when I do it’s amazing,” James squealed happily. y/n cocked her eyebrow at the boy.

“What do you mean, you don’t get to see him a lot’, doesn’t your dad pick you up from school every day,” y/n pressed, she knew she shouldn’t be asking him these types of questions but she couldn’t help it and James seemed happy enough to answer.

“My dad partner picks me up, his name’s Harrison, and he’s the best,” James smiled widely as Theo tried to get him to pay attention.

“So, what does your dad do?” y/n queered again, genuinely interested in James’ answer. The little boy scratched his head a bit before shrugging his shoulders in confusion, y/n laughed sweetly. “You know how I work as your teacher-”

“And you’re the best!” James cut her off suddenly.

“Thank you, but what does your dad do during the day,” she spoke quietly but it appeared James got the memo.

“My dad does deals with people where he shouts at them and sometimes, I see this icky dark red stuff on him, but dad just tells me it’s just paint,” James replied sweetly unaware of y/n shocked face. Sure, she had her doubts and suspicions, but she never expected them to be true. Her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. She has the son of Tom fucking Holland in her house, likely without his knowledge. She’d be lucky if Tom leaves her bloody and bruised. y/n didn’t want to believe that this angelic and adorable boy has the world’s most feared mobster has a father. How the fuck did she not notice the queue with all the bodyguards that come along to pickup time, the expensive stuff that he brings to class and why Harrison is always wearing a very expensive suit just to bring an eight-year-old back home.

“We’re done, ma,” Theo called her out of her anxiety-driven haze. She smiled sheepishly as she took the pizzas from the boys and put them in the oven. “Are you okay, mum?” Theo asked again as he crawled off the chair and went to throw the scraps in the bin.

“Yes sweetheart,” y/n replied shakily. What was she going to say to him, how was she going to explain, how is she going to keep her son safe, what if she-


The doorbell rang, the sound almost deafened her. y/n steadied her nerves and walked over to open the door. Outside stood two bulky 6'4" men and a nicely dressed one in the middle. For some odd reason, y/n felt her cheeks heat and her heart rate pick up. The messily pushed back brown curls seemed to fall perfectly in place and frame his face. Massive diamond rings laced his fingers as he slightly tapped at his wrist, that she might add was decorated stunningly with pronounced veins that made her weak.

“Um, welcome,” y/n spoke quietly, the man in the middle (who she assumed was Tom) stared at her darkly before stepping inside. The warm lighting of her hallway seemed to illuminate Tom’s features y/n noticed the sharp jaw, and she was just able to make out his dark brown eyes underneath the Versace sunglasses. “Hi, you m-must be James’s dad, I’m Theo’s mum; y/n,” she extended her hand to meet his.

Since she opened the door, entrancement seemed to flow through him. Sure, it wasn’t romantically at first, but the woman surely intrigued him. She had her hair tucked behind her slightly sauced ears and behind a flour-covered apron seemed to be a tight-fitting red pin-up dress, which he compliments shows off her curves nicely. Tom felt like he had to smile at her, not in a joking way but in a way that he couldn’t explain. In a way that he had to smile when he saw Tessa trip over her own feet. It was adorable; she was adorable.

When he heard her speak, it felt like a breath of fresh air had hit him. He felt as if he was in his childhood home again and she was the beautiful nanny Tom would have had a crush on. Tom felt instantly out of place when he walked in. He was so used to the dark setting and furniture of his massive mansion. He was so used to walking the long empty halls and going to bed in a vacantly giant room. Now though, her home felt so cosy. The walls were tight enough to feel warm but wide enough to not squeeze you. The rooms seemed busy with colours and clothes and her kitchen was small but still seemed homey.

In an act of complete defiance to himself, Tom thought he could live here if he wanted, and he wanted to. It was so different from his regularly scheduled life, her home, her arrangement and even y/n herself made Tom feel so out of place that he had to give her all his undying attention as if she was a magnet of everything Tom needed to balance his life. What the fuck is going on with him? So he snapped himself out of it.

“Where’s my son,” Tom asked her. He tried not to sound like a total dick, but it was hard not to. Tom felt worse when he saw y/n flinch slightly after he snapped, “I’m sorry,” Tom has never apologised to anyone other than his son, he has to get his shit together quickly.

“Oh no, it’s okay,” y/n smiled warmly, the apology from the mobster made her feel a little better about her situation. “James is hanging out with Theo, you’re welcome to stay if you’d like,” she invited. Tom felt like he had to stay, and it didn’t help that when James saw him in the hallway, he started to cry and whine.

Tom immediately ran to his side, but James pushed him away and hugged Theo, which he happily reciprocated.

“No, I’m not going, you can’t make me!” James yelled furiously as he turned his back to his father. Tom sighed loudly. He bent down and placed his hand against James’s back.

“Come on, little man, I don’t want to intrude,” Tom explained sweetly, his hand rubbing small circles. y/n didn’t know a man such as Tom Holland could speak that softly and sweetly; it made her want to swoon.

“He’s not in-intruding Mr Holland,” Theo told her quietly. Tom noticed the boy had stumbled over the hard word. He couldn’t help but admit defeat and regained his composure.

“Harrison told me you were making pizzas, it’s been a while since I’ve had some well at least homemade ones,” Tom announced loudly, “so I guess we are staying.”

The two boys rejoice before they made their way back to the TV and left Tom and y/n by themselves. y/n awkwardly made her way to the kitchen, and Tom dismissed the two bodyguards behind him and happily followed her.

As he walked down the hallway, he took slight notice of the different photos that hung on the walls. Most of them were of Theo, one had him in a karate uniform holding a trophy and a toothy smile while another had a photo of y/n and Theo at the park. Tom couldn’t help but smile at them. Once more did he have the feeling of need for all of this to be in his life, he wanted more, correction he needed more. He squeezed through her slim doorway and stumbled into y/n’s endearingly kitchen.

He had never seen a mess like her kitchen; he saw flour on the floor and sauce on the cupboards. Tom couldn’t help but let a small chuckle escape his lips as he sat opposite her.

Tom wasn’t an idiot. He could see how scared he was making her just by sitting closer to her. y/n on the other end of the table was almost shitting herself, she could feel her throat becoming dry and tried her best to avoid connecting their eyes even if she desperately wanted another peek at his warm brown eyes.

Tom stared at her with guilt racking his body, “I will not hurt you,” Tom told her gently and for some odd reason, he fought back the urge to hold her trembling hand as he spoke. y/n didn’t believe him, she knew deep down that this is what he says to his victims before he blows their fucking brains out, until “I promise.” Tom had even surprised himself with his words. He has promised nothing other than when he promised his son he could ice-cream for dinner one night, Tom wasn’t sure what was washing over him but worse he didn’t know if he liked the feeling or not.

Tom waited for her response. He waited for y/n to give him any cue to tell him she felt safe around him. Finally, y/n lifted her eyes to meet his. Tom hadn’t really gotten a good look at the door. Her eyes matched her whole persona, it almost entranced him. They were young but filled with such wisdom and knowledge; he didn’t know what to do. It was an obvious y/ec, but it was like he was experiencing the colour for the first time in his 27 year life.

y/n slowly lifted her eyes to meet his and Tom’s heart jumped into his throat. Never has a woman had this effect on him; it addicted him. Tom spotted a faint smile on her sauce, dusted lips and couldn’t help but return the favour. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be this cold towards you,” she spoke softly.

“Oh, it’s fine. I get it all the time,” Tom responded with a small giggle.

“That’s awful,” y/n immediately protested, her full attention on him.

“What I do is awful sweetheart, it comes with the job,” he told her as he leaned back in his chair. y/n pulled back, how could she be so dumb?

Tom noticed her sudden shift in mood and cleared the air, “I don’t mean to pry but is Theo’s father around, I didn’t notice him in any of the photos,” Tom asked awkwardly, he genuinely wanted to know but immediately realised his mistake, “or is that not a talking topic?”

“No, it’s okay,” y/n responded with a light chuckle, something Tom desperately wanted to hear more of, “Theo’s dad and I split badly and I haven’t spoken to him in years,” the memory still haunts y/n but she could only let fragmented pieces out at a time, “Theo has never met his father and I intend on keeping it that way.”

Tom’s brain started to concoct a sadly romantic fairy tale with both of them but he quickly scolded himself. Suddenly, y/n perked up. She jumped from the table, took one pizza out of the oven, and started to cut it.

“What about you?” y/n asked with her back turned.

“What about me?” Tom responded, nobody has ever asked him that.

“A good-looking man like you with a son has to be married,” y/n exclaimed before placing a pizza in front of them both and calling for the boys, giving them their pizza.

“Sadly, no, I’m not married,” Tom chuckled as he picked up a piece. “I had James with his mother on a whim I guess.” Tom saw y/n cocked her eyebrow in confusion. “That’s all I’m letting out.” Tom crossed his arms and leaned away.

y/n though leaned in and batted her eyelashes, “No, you got me intrigued,” y/n whined. “If you tell me, I will tell you my backstory the next time we meet.”

“We’re going to meet again?” Tom smirked widely, suddenly pulled into her spell. Tom saw the heat rise to her cheeks and her face scrunch up as she tried to rack her brain for a proper answer. She was gorgeous; he wanted to stare at her face for all eternity.

“O-of course,” she stuttered, tripping over her own tongue suddenly. She doesn’t know why she’s acting like this. Sure he’s a godly handsome man that is ticking all of her boxes in a matter of moments but her brain seems to keep forgetting that she’s sitting just a few feet away from the King of the English Mafia. A man who could kill her in a second, still she couldn’t help the primal attraction that was cursing through her.

Tom held his hand out to her. “All right darling, it’s a deal,” he spoke lowly. Any logical person would have kept their hand to themselves. Any reasonable educated person would not raise their hand and shake Tom’s. y/n was a logical and educated woman, but not with Tom around. So she took his hand in hers and shook slowly.

“Jame’s was- how do I say this? Not planned.” Tom sighed as he played with the pizza in front of him. “When I first got control over the Mafia. I bought this strip club just down the street. I used to go in there almost every night. I thought if I went in it would make me feel like a true Mafia King. The Mafia King who sleeps with whoever he wants whenever he wants, but I guess I am more of a romantic than I thought. There was this girl, she was interesting, and I found her mesmerising from the second I saw her. So like an idiot I started to see her only, I bought her things, I gave her safety and let her decide in the Mob. I guess one night I forgot to put on a condom and she left me the very next night. Nine months later, James was wailing on my doorstep with a small note saying ‘I am so sorry, he’s yours and I can’t look after him’, I still remember the words on that stupid fucking note,” Tom felt his voice crack, he peered over to James who was eating his pizza and pretending to fight the bad guys on the T.V, “I adore my son with every fibre in my being but I just wish things were a little different.”

Tom swivelled around and saw y/n almost in tears, “I’m sorry,” y/n snapped out of her emotional haze and started to wipe away some tears, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s all right, my mum was in tears for days after James arrived.” Tom stared down, remembering the feelings of the room on that day, “happy tears.”

y/n felt an overwhelming surge of emotion hit her like a truck. She has heard no one talk with such passion. “Wow, that’s um-” she blushed, “quite a story.”

Tom gave her a weak smile. He noticed the blush that bubbled to the surface of his cheeks. Tom noticed a lot of other things while she sat opposite him. He noticed the small dimples that would peak out if she smiled. He noticed the freckles that perfectly sprinkled her skin. He was sure that if he sat here for long enough, he could count every one of them.

“Is there something on my face?” y/n’s concerned voice snapped him out of his lovesick haze. Tom shook his head slightly before y/n took the back of her hand to wipe the non-existing grime off her cheek only to smear sauce all over her.

“Well, now there is,” Tom laughed before he leaned over and wiped the sauce with his napkin. y/n came closer to help him reach her but in the process only pushed her cleavage up, causing Tom’s chair to slide out from under him. Their faces were so close, y/n felt the warmth from Tom’s body wafting and swirling around her as if he was entrancing her. Problem was, she was fully under his spell now.

“Are you going to kiss my dad?” James ecstatic voice called out abruptly. y/n almost fell off her chair just from the pair eyes. Theo was standing just behind James with a smile that matched his friend as they watched their parents compose themselves.

Tom tried to piece an answer to give his son while still leaving his options open with y/n. “None of your business little man,” Tom faked growled as he tickled James and Theo’s bellies, causing them to run off squealing with excitement.

Tom turned around to face her, the faint glow of the kitchen made y/n look like an angel. He felt overwhelming an urge to fall to his knees and pray to her, but he slid it to back of his mind. Hoping that maybe he could do it soon.

They talked for what seemed like a second but in reality; they had been talking for an hour. Tom would give every cent away just to keep hearing her sweet-like honey voice. y/n as well couldn’t get enough of him, the more she allowed herself to open up to him the more she seemed to love his company. He was intelligent, well-spoken and off the record; he was so goddamn attractive. y/n believes she was to go to the nearest church just for having him near her. Still, he made her feel safe. He made her feel something that she hasn’t felt since Theo’s father left her. It scared her. Her heart picked up and her brain started to overwork itself. He was just humouring her; he would leave her in a heartbeat; he’s got rows of women begging to sleep with him, why would he want her?

“Oh god, w-would you look at the t-time,” y/n stuttered as she rushed to get him out of the house before she broke down in tears. y/n jumped out of her chair and almost threw the plates into the sink.

Tom stood up in a panic. He was having a wonderful time with her, why was she so eager to get herself alone?

“It’s only a quarter to ten,” Tom chuckled as he checked the watch on his wrist. y/n didn’t want to make him leave. If it were up to her, she would let the kids’ sleepover and pull him into her sheets as fast as possible but her subconscious had other plans.

“I’m sure the King of The Mafia has a busy schedule,” she replied as she ran to get the boys’ plates and get them back to the kitchen. She was right, Tom did have a lot happening tomorrow. He was most likely going to get his hands dirty. He kept his mouth shut on that remembrance.

“Well, how about you come over to mine tomorrow night,” Tom suggested. y/n stood dead in her tracks. “I need to repay you for this wonderful night.” A blush formed on her cheeks.

She sighed and before she could even let a single syllable out-, “We would love to Mr. Holland!” Theo’s voice shot up. His head appeared just behind her with a straight smile. Tom immediately matched Theo’s, knowing y/n couldn’t refuse the two of them.

“Yes, we would love to and we will-” y/n head dropped, “and we will be there.”

Tom let himself fist bump the air as he went to get James off the couch. “How’s 9:30 sound, I have some stuff to deal with beforehand?”

“Sounds g-great,” y/n sighed. Tom quickly pecked her cheek as he went for the door. y/n turned to him in disbelief.

“Can’t wait angel,” Tom whispered just before he closed the door. Jesus Christ, he would be the death of her.

“He seems like a nice guy,” Theo blank voice rang out. He leaned up against the back of the couch as he raised his eyebrows at y/n suggestively. she gave him a light smack on his arm.


Tom sat in his chair. The cloud of smoke and the sounds of ragged panting wafted over the room. Percy’s head drooped low as he waited.

“Where’s your fucking brother Percy?” Tom asked non-nonchalantly. His eyes never wavered off the man.

“Like I told you buffoons before,” Percy lifted his head weakly, “I have no clue where my crackhead brother is,” Tom glimpsed his prize. Percy’s sweaty hair stuck to his head, the crusted blood started to fall from the gash on eyebrow onto his bound feet. Percy stared at him with one eye open; all he could achieve. Tom smiled gleefully.  

“Don’t you fucking lie to me, you little shithead!” Tom roared. His hands slammed down on the desk. Everyone to jump. Tom paced around to lean on the front of his marble desk. “I have some very important people coming in about-” Tom glanced at his watch, “10 minutes.”

“I will not rat my own fucking brother out,” Percy responded defiantly. Tom’s patience was thinning with every tick of the clock.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Percy,” Tom faked a smile, “not tonight at least. So you better make this quicker than me taking a fucking piss.” One of his men pulled Percy’s hair back, “Where is you goddamn brother.”

Percy felt the barrel of Tom’s gun roughly shoved up against his temple. He fought back a tear. “Columbia, trying to smuggle your drugs into Ecuador,” Percy revealed.

The door swung open to reveal a completely un-phased Harrison. “They’re here.”

Tom immediately straightened up. “Perfect Timing!” Tom started to his men, “get rid of him.” As his men dragged Percy out of his office. Tom straightened his coat as wiped off the dried blood on his chin. Harrison chuckled lightly before Tom ran out.

“They’re in the upstairs hallway,” Harrison called out, but Tom was already too far gone. 

The massive painting loomed over y/n. She had completely forgotten how powerful Tom was, the matter that Tom commanded respect had slipped her mind. He stood in a black suit. Like something straight out a mobster movie. she giggled to herself at that thought.

“I begged my mother not to have me painted, but she insisted,” Tom called out to her. y/n jumped at his voice but softened when she saw him approaching in the same outfit as the portrait.

“Well I think you look devilishly handsome,” y/n responded with a wide smile, a smile that made Tom’s heart flutter. As he got closer, he noticed the absence of a certain 8-year-old.

“Where’s the munchkin?” he asked as he searched around her.

“He’s upstairs with James. He took Theo’s hand and ran off as soon as we stepped into the door,” she laughed. Tom couldn’t help but smile along with her. He wondered if she let this side of her out often. Genuinely giddy and joyous. “Do you look at most women like this?” She broke his concentration. y/n stood there with her eyebrow quirked and a smirk plastered on her face. Tom begged whatever god was up there to allow him just a single kiss.

“Only to you, angel,” Tom responded, his pearly white teeth shining through a wide smile. y/n’s cheeks flustered and her whole face glowed red. He was pushing all of her buttons, wasn’t he?

“Come upstairs, I want to show you something,” Tom exclaimed as he captured y/n’s hand within his. Tom led her up a small flight of stairs and into a large room. The dim bedroom had red plastered everywhere. The carpet was a soft red velvet and the sheet; a luxurious red and black silk. Hell even the walls were painted with a deep maroon. y/n looked over to him with shock. “Dont worry sweetheart, the surprise is outside,” Tom chuckled before his calloused hand landed on the small of her back nudging her softly. y/n’s breath hitched into the back of her throat.

y/n pushed the glass doors. The dense forest of trees sparkled in the bright moonlight. The faint glow of London’s lights dimmed in the background. She knew this might not have been the most aesthetically pleasing view, but it felt more than it looked. The safety and security of the view made her swoon. "Is this a date, Mr. Holland?“ y/n smirked as she sat down in the glass chair.

Tom had never heard his last name sound so sweet.

“Only if you want it to be Ms. y/l/n,” he responded, quickly trying to conceal his blush.

She stared out for a moment. y/n didn’t know why, but she felt like a shy teenager again. A girl sitting next to a hot guy who has no real interest in her. It was nostalgic in some sick way.

They talked for hours. Tom couldn’t get enough of her. It was like she was some beautiful drug. A drug so addictive, he’s hooked after one night. Every time a laugh surpassed her soft lips, Tom can’t help but let his heart flutter. She, too, was quite enjoying herself. y/n let her walls down slowly but surely. The more he talked, the more she leaned. The more she felt as though this was fate. That though was a juvenile thing to even fathom. So y/n wondered what her life would have been if she met Tom before her ex. Would she be happy or would she still be silently crying to herself to make sure Theo didn’t hear even a peep.

A curt knock at the door interrupted them. A middle age woman peeked her head in.

“They’re both in bed,” she spoke happily. “It took a while to get Theo off to sleep though.”

y/n giggled, “I’m not surprised.”

Tom stared at her for a moment, imagining that Theo and James were their sons, and she was his wife who always seemed to amaze him. Maybe in the near future, he thought to himself.

“Thank you Ms Smith,” Tom smiled warmly at her, y/n looked over to him in childlike shock.

“You have a nanny!” y/n poked Tom in his bicep. He gently swatted her finger away.

“Less about me, angel,” Tom sighed. “Now, we had a deal,” Tom’s eyebrow cocked, and a smirk filled his face.

y/n smiled weakly at him. I will need a shit ton of booze, she thought. She grabbed the bottle of expensive wine and poured herself a glass. She gulped it down. Then she poured another one, drinking it down quicker than the first one. Finally, one more glass of wine went down, and she was ready to open her mouth.

“Mind saving a little for me, angel.” Tom chuckled lightly, y/n made work getting him a glass (and more for herself wouldn’t hurt.)

“Okay, so it was my last year of high school. I had been fawning over this guy since I was twelve. Then, out of nowhere, he’s pulling me into empty stalls and telling me he can’t be without me and he’s in love with me,” y/n started, she was cut off by the man next to her.

“How could he not?” Tom quipped as he took a small gulp of his wine. y/n gave him a hard glare as she tried to steal his attention away from the flush of her cheeks.

“Anyway, it took a bit of time but like the idiot I am, I gave in. We went on a few dates; we were happy for a good while. Until those two stupid fucking lines,” she felt her voice break. Her head started to feel dizzy. Like it would roll off her neck will the snap of a finger. “Maybe, I was feeling all maternal, and I told him I was pregnant. To my surprise, he stayed with me for my first trimester. He refused to tell his parents, I of course, had to confess to mine. Sometimes I think that was the first red flag. It wasn’t until the middle of my third trimester things went downhill. It’s normal for women to put on a little weight when they’re pregnant. Obviously, he didn’t have a fucking clue.” y/n felt herself, get more furious and more upset with every word that rolled off her tongue. “He started telling me ‘You look enormous’, 'I have a fat whale for a girlfriend, 'I wish you had aborted that thing, so I wouldn’t have to look at you like this’,” She was in tears now, the salty liquid dripped from her cheeks onto her dress. Tom knelt in front of her, his hands rubbing small circles on her knees. “He abandoned me, right when it counted.” She started him. Tom felt his heart shatter. “Everyone leaves me Tom.”

“I’ll never leave you, y/n” Tom reassured her, he took her shaking hands in his. y/n peered down, she shook her head.

“Tom, you don’t want me,” y/n sobbed, “No one does, it’s okay.”

“y/n,” Tom hovered above her, his palms rested on her warm cheeks. “I want you, more than I have ever wanted something in my life.” Their eyes met. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

y/n was in disbelief, her hands rested on his wrist. Her cries stopped as soon as she felt his thumb stroking soft circles on her cheek.

Tom still saw that look in her eyes. The look of a woman so broken by a man who never loved her, who took advantage of her admiration. Something Tom needed more than air to breathe. He was making it his mission, that y/n would not leave his home until she finally knew that not only did her son appreciate her, but he did just as much.

So, he took a chance. He bent down and encaptured her lips with his. She tasted like everything, he dreamt of. She tasted like the cakes his mother would make for him on his birthday. She was the breath of sweet excitement when he smelled homemade pancakes. It surprised him he hadn’t completely dissolved at this simple touch.

y/n sat in shock for a moment. Her brain tried to catch up to his movements. He didn’t move against at first. She pressed into it. Her hands gripping slightly at his wrists as she reciprocated the tender kiss. She, too, felt the satisfaction of knowing what he too tasted like. She took notes of all the little details; the taste of freshly smoked nicotine, the smell of his cologne wafted around her; the pronounced viens in his hands. She was in heaven.

Their lips moved against each other. It wasn’t needy or rushed. It was steady and passionate. y/n has experienced a kiss like this in her 24-year-old life. “Take me to the bedroom,” she spoke through mousey breathless moans. Tom pulled away completely at this.

“I don’t want you to feel like I’m taking advantage of you,” Tom told her sweetly, y/n hands caress his cheek gently as she gave him a warm smile.

“You’re not taking advantage of me Tom,” she stood from her chair, never letting her eyes tear from his, “I want this.”

Tom beamed. His hands snaked their way to the underside of her bum, pinching softly. Instructing her to jump, which she happily obliged. y/n could feel him, grasp at her bare thighs. Every time he touched her skin, it burned with sinful passion.

Perhaps it was the one too many wines she had downed in less than a minute or that this was the first man she’s really been intimate with since Theo’s father left. Either way, her skin felt so susceptible to each kiss her laid on her. Hyper sensitive to every pull at her skin. So responsive to his touches.

Tom took his time laying her on the sheets. He took his time to look at her flushed skin in the dim lighting at how she looked like something sent from God. Why God was sending him something in the first place was a question for later. As he sauntered away from her to lock the door, y/n noticed the decor until the feeling dawned on her. Was she really about to sleep with Mafia King; Tom Holland. She had only one answer- obso-fucking-lutely.

Tom tenderly pushed her onto her back, his face now level to hers. y/n thought she looked as red as a tomato, Tom would agree but wouldn’t protest at all. He laid a soft kiss to her lips, then a slightly harder one to her neck, then to her collarbone. His hands snaked up her dress. His fingers clutched her hips, pulling her clothed heat closer to his already painful hard groin.

y/n watched every move he made, every attempt to bruise her skin. Tom whined quietly when his lips met the fabric instead of her flesh. y/n giggled and lifted her dress over head and onto the floor next to her.

Tom couldn’t help but pull away to take a glimpse of her. Her flushed breasts hidden behind a plain black bra. Most wouldn’t think too much of it, but he couldn’t help himself. Tom could see her hardened nipples peeking through the material. He pulled the cup down slightly. Tom heard her hiss quietly at the sudden exposure. His lips came down to the bud gently. His teeth pulling at the erect skin ever so lightly only to flick the nub quickly. Hearing her quiet moans and praises spurred him on. He needed more.

“T-tom please,” y/n whimpered quietly, her fingers tangling themselves in his messed brown curls. Tom smirked up at her.

“What are you begging for angel face,” Tom asked her innocently.

y/n couldn’t get a single word out with Tom’s fingers dancing at the skin near her soaked panties. Even dipping underneath them for split seconds.

“Do something, with y-your,” she struggled. Tom was enjoying every moment. “f-fingers.”

“Your wish is my command,” Tom rasped out as he pulled her panties down her legs and got between them. He let his pointer finger paint a long strip up her slit. y/n’s hips buckled. “You’re so wet doll, being such a good girl.”

y/n could only let out a hum. Tom wanted to hear that divine voice of hers, so he blew a wisp of air against her clit making her cry out. He was lucking the boys’ rooms where so far from here. “Look at me, I want to see those gorgeous eyes gloss over when I make you cum,” he promised as he laid a chaste kiss to her inner left thigh. y/n couldn’t wait another moment, she might explode. Slowly her eyes met his. His face was mere centimeters from her cunt.

Tom didn’t take a second longer. As soon as her eyes were on him, he went in hard. His tongue latched onto her throbbing clit, pulling and sucking so hard it was audible for the both of them to fawn over. He couldn’t forget about the promise he made, so his digits circled her hole delicately before he slipped two of his fingers into her.

y/n felt her whole body go numb. It was a feeling so exotic to her. Yet, here she was. Barely able to make a sentence as she tried to bite back constant moans that begged to be let out. Her toes curled even picking up some sheets beneath her.

Tom could feel her fingers pulled at the roots of his hair. He couldn’t but moan against her pussy, causing vibrations in every nerve in her already sensitive body.

“Oh my god, y-yes,” She let slip. y/n swears she’s starting to see stars now. “F-fucking hell, you’re a-amazing.”

Tom allowed his fingers to hit deeper inside her with that comment. He was making her cum now, or he will blow without even feeling her yet. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if that happens. He pulled his mouth away from her clit with a loud pop, letting his digits do all the work. He watched her writhe and pull at anything she could grasp. God, she was so fucking perfect.

“Christ, j-just like that,” y/n encouraged him, “I’m going to c-cum.”

“Do it angel face, cum all around my fingers.” Tom whispered to her, “let me taste your sweetness.”

y/n felt her first orgasm wash over her like a tsunami. She needed to scream her heart out but quickly smothered her moan in the pillows beside her. Tom peered at her intently. To him, he was watching an angel. Seeing her cum is now his new favourite thing. Being the one to cause such pleasure within her makes him feel as though he’s on top of the world. His fingers rode her through her orgasm until she hit the end. Her hair sprawled out as she tried to catch any breath left in her lungs. Hell, she was trying to regain some of her sight. Tom brought his fingers to his mouth. His tongue licked them clean. Her juices tasted like nothing he’s ever had before and he immediately knows, there is no way he’s letting this go.

Tom stripped himself bare now. He crawled above her once more. His curls falling slightly in his face. y/n opened her eyes to see him on top of her. y/n took this moment to run her hand down his torso. Each time her fingers lapped over a muscle, she felt herself recapture her arousal. Her fingers found the base of his dick.

He was bigger than what she thought, bigger than her ex. It started her a tad when she felt his hard length. She started pumping his slowly. Tom’s arms almost buckled at the feeling.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum into your hand,” his pulled her wrist away from him to above her head, “and I just want to pound this sweet little cunt into oblivion.” The words cause y/n to whimper, eager for him to fulfill his promise.

“Then do it,” she leaned up to whisper in his ear. As she pulled back, he locked eyes with her. Utter shock and an animalistic urge filled his every thought. He didn’t even give her a warning before he slammed right into her. y/n cried out and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Tom couldn’t believe the feeling. She was hugging every vein, every mark, every inch of his cock and yet so was still so fucking tight. He pulled out of her, only to ram back into her. “Fucking hell, you’re divine,” Tom growled, still deep inside of her. Slowly, he picked up a rhythm.

Every part of y/n’s post was filled the brim by him. He hit her g-spot almost instantly. His name became a chant to her as it never ceased to spill from her lips. Each time he pounded back into her, y/n’s voice became horse and rougher. Her nails dug into his bag as she clawed for support. Any support she could get from him.

Tom’s been with countless women. Now he’s finding it hard to sustain a sentence. He can hardly make out anything other than y/n’s name. He wasn’t complaining though, her tight walls constricting around with every movement. Tom wondered for a moment if he died and went to heaven and was fucking the dirtiest angel he could find.

“You look so goddamn beautiful taking my cock,” he praised. He let his head fall into the crook of her neck, smelling her perfume made him almost lose his shit right there. “You feel so good squeezing around me.”

Every word was threatening to her. Every word was pushing her closer to her limit. Every word was forcing more moans out of her mouth. “I’m going to cum, Tommy,” she warned him.

The nickname only helped Tom lodge himself deeper and harder into her, “I am too, don’t hold back angel face,” he pressed a kiss underneath her ear.

y/n’s second orgasm rolled over more intense the second time than the first. She pulled her head into his skin, biting and pulling to contain herself. Her legs gave out on her and flopped from his waist and quivered beside him. Tom was quick to follow her. How could he not, with how firmly she was gripping his cock. He pulled out quickly and spurted out streams across her belly. The white liquid dripping over her skin made him see stars.

He collapsed next to her, heaving and panting. y/n turned to him. She placed a long kiss on his lips, bringing his face closer. Tom happily hummed against her skin.

He pulled her into a tight hug. Her fingers traced the outline of his pec. “I’m infatuated with you,” he told her plainly. y/n didn’t move nor did she flinch. She  just stared up at him with a wide smile.

“As am I,” she responded quietly. He wanted her to stay here forever, he had admitted to himself that he wanted to be near her for the rest his life. It was like she had cast some spell over him. He, though, had happily fallen for it.

In his eyes, she was a goddess among women.


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