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kitkatrobin·2 days agoText

He uhm… He has nudes of his ex still saved on his phone.

I’m pissed.

Dunno how to bring this up.


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kitkatrobin·3 days agoText

So about two or three weeks ago my husband had to leave town for training (work related) and was gone 5 days.

While he was there he was acting different… Like taking dirty to me nearly every night, which is not normal for him. We don’t do a lot of sexual phone talks.

And he lied to me about his drinking while he was gone. Like saying 2 beers and a $5 appetizer at Buffalo wild wings with his classmates but his bank statement says he spent $45 there. Doesn’t add up.

His bank statement even showed a subscription to a site called onlyfans… Which is a Twitter linked porno site basically.. he paid $24.99 to look at some naked bitch when he’s also asking me for nudes too. When I asked him about that charge he tried to play like he had no idea what it was, then when I said I knew.. he says “I must have done that while I was drunk”. But according to him the whole week he was gone he never got drunk.

Hell he would call every night and tell me about his classes and that he went to the store for cigarettes and soda and such… Supposedly telling me everything he did every day he was gone… But his bank statements showed he went to a bar and quite a few liquor stores. He never once mentioned that.

And since he’s been back I’ve been on him about cleaning out his truck but he kept getting all wild about it like “no it’s fine I’ll do it” “don’t clean out my truck I’ll do it later” etc etc…

But I finally cleaned it out the other day, and there’s a shirt in the back that I’ve never seen before and he says “oh it’s been there for months” but it was towards the top of all the junk piled in there.. and there’s a bag with 2 Arnold Palmer’s in it unopened. HE DOESNT DRINK THEM. EVER. And I asked him where they came from and he said “I have no idea.. I don’t even know anyone who would drink those”… Obviously he did or they wouldn’t be in his goddamn truck.

Now I’m pregnant (8 months) so I’m very hormonal and I’m bipolar as well so maybe I’m just being crazy… But this shit is eating at me. I trust him and we’ve never had any issues before.. but this doesn’t seem right.

And I don’t know what to do. I can’t prove anything. And I don’t want to ask him and risk sounding like a lunatic. I guess I just needed to vent.

But it’s strange that he couldn’t tell me whose tea flavored beers were in his truck. Like.. he could have said they were any one of his classmates and I would’ve accepted it. But him to say he has no idea just sounds more like he’s trying not to lie outright.

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