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He’d made his way back to the onsen, his clothes dripping wet from a forced dip in the sea to wash away the grime, blood and bits of flesh from their last encounter; some undead creature conjured by powerful and forbidden magiks. It -had- to explode on the group, didn’t it? Used to the scent of death and decay, the shinobi had endured their visit to Akutagawa-sama’s warehouse at the port of Kugane, despite the massacre that had obviously taken place within. But being covered in the stuff was something else. Thus he hit the showers as soon as he arrived at the onsen and subsequently retired to his room. None was to leave until they’d been checked by one of the healers at Koshu and, frankly, Katsuro had no mind to go home just yet. His father would take care of Takeo in his absence.

He was strangely tired and that V shaped mark at the nape of his neck was burning so vividly, he feared sleep may escape him. Besides, his ‘personal’ doctor was Garlean… He’d never be able to deal with what was afflicting him… nor his father, who was only adept at healing using his ki. Closing his eyes, Katsuro managed to slip into sleep faster than anticipated. And what waited for him behind closed eyelids was certainly not kind.

The clearing was familiar. He was standing there in clothes that were both his but foreign at the same time; he’d not worn those for a long time, not since… 

“Not since your death.”

His voice felt strange to him and it echoed around the clearing, as if dancing in the hollow of his skull.  The Shrouds, that’s where he was, he suddenly remembered. His heart nearly skipped a beat as he jerked around to face a tall tree some distance from him. Was that someone tied to the trunk? An Elezen woman it seemed. She had a hood covering her face and thus he closed the distance to get a better look at her. A shaky hand reached up - why was he shaking so? Taking a deep breath, he pushed the hood away in one fast motion, only to reveal the dead visage of the Hyur who had tortured and humiliated him for decades. He was dead now, his skin ashen and his eyes lifeless… until they moved and locked on Katsuro. The shinobi took a few steps back as he looked in shock at Ichiro.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.”

The words crawled out of Ichiro’s mouth alongside a handful of worms and insects. What was all this? Why now? What-

A sharp sting at the back of his neck and that now familiar burning sensation. Lifting a hand, he clasped the mark etched on his skin, fighting against the pain. He’d endure so much more in life, he could fight this… he could…

With a gasp, Katsuro woke up, eyes darting at the ceiling of the small room. He felt feverish, the sheets soaked with sweat. Alas, a quick glance towards the window told him it was still night and quite too soon to seek a healer. He considered himself a creature of the night but he’d never been so eager for the sun to rise. 

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As soon as he heard the distant sound of the front door opening, the boy ran out of his bedroom, leaving his shinobi and samurai action figures to fend for themselves against the much bigger dragon plushie, which had the familiar air of the legendary Hraesvelgr.

“[Otou-san!!]” The boy clamored in Hingan as he entered the dining room, only to stop short. His smile turned into a frown when the figure who’d entered the house wasn’t the person he’d been expecting. “[Where’s daddy, ojiichan?]” He couldn’t hide the disappointment in his voice.

The old man - his grandfather by all accounts - removed his shoes, as was customary in Hingashi, before offering a smile to the boy. “[Good evening, my boy. Aren’t you at least a ‘bit’ happy to see me?]”

The boy’s sad countenance dissipated as he ran up to his grandfather and flung his little arms around him. Laughing softly, the old man hugged his grandson in turn, crouching to be at his eye level. “[I know you miss your father. It’s been a long week and… it might be a few more. He’s very sick and he doesn’t want us to catch it. Especially you. You’re everything to him, Takeo. So what you can do to help him, is be patient.]” A sinewed hand passed through the boy’s hair.

Takeo gave his grandfather - Sun Hyeon - a pout but it didn’t last long. “[I know… Taka say he stay until daddy come home. But miss him. And I want go play outside.]” For one still so young, the two and half years old boy was quite articulate in his speech - thanks to the private lessons from the Man of Letters that was Hyeon.

Hyeon pushed himself up and nudged Takeo to follow him upstairs to the living room. This house was still a bit foreign to him, his adoptive son and Hagane’s syndicate having very recently purchased it and moved in. Well, to be truthful, the full amount came from Hagane’s coffers. But only the basement served as its headquarters. While there was a stair leading down, the members of the syndicate used the back door that led directly outside if they had business within. The upper floor was spacious yet cozy. As Takeo flopped onto the big couch, Hyeon added wood to the fireplace to keep the flame alive; the nights were getting rather chilly and humid. Satisfied, he came to sit by his grandson.

“[It’s been raining a lot lately, my boy. Though I do know you share your father’s love for rain. Mmm By the way, where is Takahashi? In the basement?]”

Takeo nodded. ‘[Aye! Taka say he has lots of work. Try to go see him in secret!]” He smiled sheepishly.

Hyeon couldn’t help but laugh, even if he knew the boy wasn’t allowed down there. “[I… won’t tell your father. This time.]” He gave Takeo a knowing look. “[But don’t push your luck, mm? One day you’ll earn the right to go downstairs, but you’ve still a long way to go. And, if you promise to be good, I may have a little surprise for you.]”

The child’s eyes went wide at the mention of surprise and he shook his head vehemently. “[I be good, ojiichan!]” Which rewarded him with another chuckle from his grandfather. The old man’s hand went to his right ear and he removed a simple black pearl that he gently wiped with a sleeve before presenting it to Takeo. 

“[I think you know what this is, ne? Your father contacted me earlier and, since he’s feeling better today, he told me he wanted to speak with you. It might be a bit too big for your ear but try holding it as close as you can.]” 

Takeo was exulting in happiness! He picked up the pearl and held it to his ears though, after that, he was at a loss what to do with it. His grandfather’s hand came to rest on his and provided the little ‘magikal nudge’ that was required for the linkpearl to work.

“[Takeo? Can you hear me?]” Came the familiar voice of Katsuro.

Takeo gasped and beamed at the voice. “[Otou-san! Ojiichan say you sick and can’t come home. But I miss you! When you getting better?]”

Katsuro had to chuckle a bit at that. By the Kami… he missed his son’s voice. “[I don’t know Takeo. I’ve been given some medicine so I feel a bit better but… I’m not cured just yet. I know you get lonely with just Takahashi so I asked Hyeon to come as much as he can. But he also has clients, you remember?]”

Takeo nodded, not realizing his father had no way to see him. “[Uh uh, I remember. Is okay, Taka plays with me a lot! But he has lot of work too…]”

“[I’ll speak with Lord Hagane about this okay? I’m sure he can give Taka a break until I can come back home. I have to go get my… Medicine again. But I promise I’ll call you back in a day or two. And you can tell me all about your day then. Sounds good?]”

“[Yay!]” Came Takeo’s enthusiastic reply.

“[Alright then. Be good, aye? And, Takeo… I love you. I promise I’ll be home soon.]”

“[Love you too, daddy.]”

The faint click of the linkpearl, signaling Katsuro had ended the connection. Yet the boy kept it by his ear until his grandfather gently passed a hand in Takeo’s unruly black mess of hair. The boy handed him the pearl and went to nudge his small form against Hyeon, burying his face in his shirt. He wasn’t crying, but Hyeon knew the boy desperately needed the closeness. Thus the old man wrapped his arms around his grandson, holding him tight for as long as he’d need.

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take a note fellas, chicks dont want dick pics. we want gundams

we want giant fighting robots 

Megas XLR was right: Chicks dig giant robots.

genuinely share your interests with people you’re interested in

I need to find me someone who will love and accept me and my Gundam building hobby like this.

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Tsukuyomi 🌙
her primal look is one of my favourite character designs in the game and I wanted to draw something with it for some time 😊

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For the initial post and the Punkin Chunkin Rules: Go Here The grand prize includes gil and housing furnishings for the individual or team that takes first place! Following winners also will win some cool furnishings. And don’t forget to sign up for the Chunkin, if you want to compete! Deadline for sign ups is October 29th, by midnight EDT!

For full details on that and the other festivities, you can check out our new events carrd:

In addition to the Punkin Chunkin as detailed in our first post, the following events have been planned! Keep reading for details!

Keep reading

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Witch Cat, Ghost Cat, and CAT-O-LANTERN! 

I posted these in my other blog for Halloween, but thought about moving them here! Enjoy (even though it’s not Halloween lol).

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omfg that is just too adorable

This kitteh having a little halloween adventure is one of my favourite posts of all time :)

Every fall like clockwork this photo set pops up and we all must reblog it

You know it’s getting close to Halloween when you see it appear :D

This will always be one of my favorite comics ever. It gives me warm fuzzies~

my heart….

Oh little baby kitty ❤️

Alright fine I’ll reblog this one…

my heart is being sent to space

I found out earlier this year that the artist, Heather Franzen Rutten, sells this comic in an adorable little pinted book! You can buy it and support the artist here:

A better story about children’s fears.

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BILL WATTERSON ‘A cartoonist’s advice’


The art style seems to get more and more like Calvin and Hobbes as it goes on

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Join Uranami Onsen’s staff for a laid back evening at the Onsen to ring in All Saints Wake! We will have an All Saints Wake Costume Contest, Music, Drinks & Fare, Games, Fortunes + Fun! Soak in the baths, drink our Witches’ Brew and strut your stuff on stage!

We will be open for a 3hr special this week so be sure to stop by!

Location: Mist; w15/p5!
Server: Mateus
Date: Friday Oct. 30th
Time: 8PM Pacific-11PM Pacific

Costume Contest: 9pm Pacific
1st: Character Art-Bust
2nd: Predetermined Mogstation Item
3rd: 500k Gil

~*~!!! SPECIAL MENU !!!~*~

Please be aware that all weapons are checked at the door and any and all inappropriate-behaviors will be met with a quick escort out of our establishment. We are not an ERP-Facility, so we request that such things are taken elsewhere.

Crystal Datacenter Event Hubs: @mateusrpcalendar @mooglemeet @crystalxivrp @ffxiv-crystal-rp @crystal-rp-ffxiv  @mateus-rp

We moved our games and activities to the onsen for this week! 
We hope to see you all there! Please note that there will be 3hrs to this event. <3 

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translation from turkish

the guy: are you hungry? are you really hungry? didn’t they feed you in the street? you poor thing. let me give you something then. come. come. do you like spleen? it’s hematinic. (this sentence wasn’t the exact translation but it’s the best i can come up with) like this look. let me give you some spleen. this much. is this enough? get it.

this is so cute. I love the butcher chatting away and the cat responding, him pulling out a package of meat and showing it, just like he’s dealing with any customer. 

one of those posts that makes me happy every time I see it

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~This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.~

Please read thoroughly before entering!

Hello lovely Tumblr folk! It’s that time again- I have a giveaway for you all. Unlike previous giveaways, this one has been made possible by the lovely human @classicintp who graciously sponsored the gift card prize. The crystal prize is coming straight from our shop as our contribution 🥰

We have both an online store and a physical location that could use your support!

My business is just a small, family run establishment that I started here on tumblr in 2013. I’ve been lucky enough to grow to the point where my husband and I opened a brick and mortar store and I’ve been able to employ my mother and several of my siblings! I’ve been supporting my mom and younger siblings since 2016 💜 I’ve always put compassion and ethics above all else in my business!

This giveaway is in honor of the rare blue moon that will happen this Halloween 🥰

This giveaway will have two winners - a grand prize winner and a runner up.

What the grand prize winner receives:

  • A $200 gift card that can be used for our online store or for any of our Tumblr sales!

What the runner up receives:

  • The pictured crystals which include: an agate geode dragon head, a laser quartz point, a rose quartz moon bowl, tumbled larimar, a labradorite heart, a fluorite sphere, a rough rose quartz chunk, an idigo gabbro palm stone, tumbled dragon’s blood jasper, a tumbled blue aventurine, a tumbled rose quartz, tumbled ruby in zoisite, and a couple miscellaneous rough pieces (total retail value about $150)


  1. You must be 16 or older. (If under 18 you MUST have parent’s permission)
  2. You don’t have to live in the US to join!
  3. Shipping is entirely free, I will cover it. But if you live outside the US and for whatever reasons your country wants to charge you import tax, you are responsible for it. If it gets sent back to me, you will need to pay shipping to have it sent again.
  4. You must be following me, so you can get updates if anything about the giveaway changes.
  5. Please check out our online shop!
  6. DO NOT tag this post as giveaway. That will risk the notes getting messed up, and this will be ruined for everyone.
  7. Reblog this post to enter. Likes count, too. No giveaway or spam blogs. If you reblog on a side blog, let me know in the tags what the name of your blog is that you’re following me with.
  8. Please don’t spam people with reblogs- limit 2 reblogs per blog per day.  
  9. At the end, each entry will be assigned a number and the grand prize winner will be chosen by a random number generator. The runner up will be chosen second.
  10. The giveaway ends Sunday, November 1st, 2020 at 6 pm Pacific time.
  11. The winners will be messaged and must respond with their full names and addresses within 24 hours, or new winners will be chosen.

Please respect me and my rules, and have fun!

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。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・snail Saturday。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚

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Join Uranami Onsen’s staff for a spooky eve at Fallgourd Float!

Games, Fortune Telling, Jack'o'Lantern Carving, Story Telling, Raffles, Music, Drinks & Fare, + More! Come in Costume to win Raffle Prizes throughout the night!

Check our map for locations of our activities! Menu & Schedule are below the cut. <3 

STORY TELLING: 3 Slots open! (10 mins each!)

Location: Fallgourd Float
Server: Mateus
Date: Friday Oct. 23rd
Time: 8PM Pacific

~*~!!! SPECIAL MENU !!!~*~

Please be aware that all weapons are checked at the door and any and all inappropriate-behaviors will be met with a quick escort out of our establishment. We are not an ERP-Facility, so we request that such things are taken elsewhere.

Crystal Datacenter Event Hubs: @mateusrpcalendar @mooglemeet @crystalxivrp @ffxiv-crystal-rp @crystal-rp-ffxiv  @mateus-rp


Keep reading


We are moving this event to NEXT WEEK! Oct. 23rd.

Due to Bojzan Front content. We feel that it is very important that we adjust things to ensure that more people can enjoy the event and the new content.

This week, feel free to come by THE ONSEN for a laid back host club!


This is this Friday! Come on by Fallgourd Float and enjoy a spooky ON-Location event! & Join us NEXT week for our All Hallows Eve event at the Onsen w/Costume Contest & More!

Tomorrow! We can’t wait to see you all there! <3 
Please check out our website for game rules!

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An asphyxiating void. No glimmer of life, for as far as the eye could see. Landscape abandoned and crippled by a foreign evil. To many, a land robbed of identity. 

Yet, it was not. This was home. The mountainous terrain of Yanxia lay wasted, bamboo forests severed and clear lake waters run dry. Native populations of Bi Fang and Vanara litter the once-vibrant landscape, forms grotesquely contorted and maws agape from an unspeakable onset of terror. Nestled behind tainted mountaintops, the annihilated remnants of an encampment sat scattered, tarps tattered and support beams splintered beyond repair. 

This is where it began. 

Wildly scrambling to grip brittle blades of fallen flora, Suki shattered the ominous silence with a series of hollow gasps. She felt akin to drowned soul mere moments away from the clutch of death, eyes bulging and hand clutching the heaving abdomen of her hunched form. In this moment, she was allowed a once-over of her apparel. Rags, drenched in crimson blood, offering her futile protection against the malevolence yet to come. It was only when she began the motion of lifting herself to peer at the encampment destruction before her did it speak. A jumbled garble of slopping pronunciations, and an echo of many voices as one.

“That is not dead, which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons, even death may die.”

Clamping her head in her hands, Suki’s attempt at pushing herself to her feet was sent crashing down. A savage pulse of pressure within the confines of her head sent forth an agonized yelp, accompanied by a sudden scorching sensation along the base of her spine. The burning sensation traveled up the length of her spine, igniting her connecting nerves with a similar feeling of discomfort, until it reached the apex - unleashing a flaming vengeance into her mind to accompany periodic pulses of pressure. Again, it spoke, but from each corner of her mind. No escape.

“That is not dead, which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons, even death may die.”

“No! Out! Get out of my head!” She exclaimed, combating increasing paranoia. Sluggishly dragging herself to her feet, they came. Endless whispers, jeering from the unknown. “No purpose. Cowardly. Alone.” In what she perceived to be a hope in ending the taunts, Suki advanced forward, body aflame with burning. “Futile. Insignificant. Unwanted.” 

Pleading silently, the Auri stopped in the center of the encampment ruin, feeling the raging scorch along her spine transition into a sudden inferno, sending her to hands and knees once more with a tormented scream. Fingers flexed to grip the disturbed soil of ruined ground. “What do you want from me?! What have I done?” 

But she would have no answer. Instead, manifesting before her eyes, a pair of fallen tigers. Limbs splayed in a show of fear-induced rigor mortis, eyes absent from open sockets, and pelt marred and tattered beyond comprehension. Staring at this new development with jarred horror, Suki felt her crippled form tremble. “Give in. Your anger. Your fear.” 

Unbeknownst to the Auri, her emotions now lay at the mercy of an unseen Puppetmaster, unbridled rage and terror manifesting as pulsing waves of black and crimson shadow. Together now, converging as one and rising to create a mass of shadow, with a humanoid silhouette. A pair of avian wings burst forth from either side of this unknown mass, accompanied with a hateful red stare illuminating from within the dark. Standing over the couple of tiger bodies. “I…am…eternal…” 

“Y…You…no. You have been cut down, like the abominations before you! You will haunt my conscious no longer!” Suki cried out towards the unknown creation, still battling the pulsing agony from body and mind as the whispers gave no quarter. “I am a part of you now, foolish girl. I am your sin. I am your savior.” From the shadow, a pair of tendrils launched from either avian wing, tightly constricting the young Auri and robbing her of any chance of exit. “Submit.”

Inhaling sharply, Suki crumbled to her knees, ducking her head in an attempt to cancel out the taunting speech. To no avail. “Your friends will fall like insects. Your children will scream for you in the night. Your nightmares will see no end. That is not dead, which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons, even death may die.” Grinding her teeth, tears trailed down her cheeks, eyes clamped shut. “Out…get out!” The scorching along her spine seemed to magnify in alignment with her display of desperation, resulting in another chilling scream. “That is not dead, which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons, even death may die.”

In an instant, encasing tendrils constricted with a bone-cracking force, ending the horror. For now.

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This circlet was handmade and shipped out earlier today. It’s a custom request with the addition of opposing silver dragons. All elements are silver plated except the very iridescent rainbowmoonstone drop - to which this photo does no justice unfortunately.

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