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knb-kreations·9 hours agoText


kuroko no basuke ; murasakibara , reader ; wc 851
day 1 of 25 days of xmas
warnings : minor swearing, kissing, cuddling - all fluff


“n/N - chin,” Murasakibara pouts, his arms wrapping around you from behind. “Too cold,” he rests his chin on your head. “Let’s go home.”

You reach up, one hand gripping his wrist as you lean into him. “Don’t you want something warm for the walk back?”

He makes a noncommital sound that causes you to smile as you tilt your head up in a silent request for a kiss. He lifts his chin, finger drawing along the length of your jaw as he guides you into a kiss over your shoulder. It’s quick, his lips soft and cold against yours, but he doesn’t pull away when it’s over. He hovers for a moment, peppermint candy cane breath dancing on your lips.

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knb-kreations·10 days agoAnswer

Hello Jen, I hope you don't mind me sending another request! I'd like to ask for sfw and nsfw hcs of Kise and fem s/o celebrating their birthdays? (just the two of them) They're born in the same year but hers is almost a week later than his so they decide to spend some romantic time together as a yearly tradition. Thanks!

Hello hello, and welcome back! I love these requests!! Keepin’ the KNB fandom alive one request at a time lol I hope you enjoy this one!

Warnings: sex, lewd language

  • When Kise found out how close together your birthdays were- he was thrilled!
  • Just imagine all of the couple-y things you could do!
  • He would stay the night before at your place if you didn’t live together.
  • Would wake you up to breakfast in bed for the two of you
  • He can’t really cook that great so he just got up early and went to the local store to get something for the two of you (your favorite and his!)
  • Probably got you flowers- the most beautiful bouquet he could find
  • After you’re dressed for the day expect birthday selfies for the two of you
  • Immediately uploads them wishing you a happy birthday
  • He will have your whole day planned
  • Shopping! Will buy you guys matching outfits
  • Will also get you matching onesies to wear while you cuddle and watch movies at night
  • Lunch at the same spot you ate at for your first date
  • He’s a romantic okay
  • Something fun for your afternoon (catered to your taste!)
  • Fancy dinner together in your apartment
  • (Ordered out from a high end place)
  • Very romantic- candles, roses, etc!
  • Will give you your gift after dessert
  • He is very excited about it- like everyone else already knows what he got for you because he wanted to tell you so badly!
  • Whatever you give him as a gift will be instagrammed immediately and he will gush about it for weeks
  • After dinner & gifts things will get heated
  • He wants to show you how much you mean to him in the most physical way
  • Expect A LOT of compliments about how well you were made for him and how perfect your bodies fit together
  • Will kiss every inch of skin he can when you’re finally bare before him
  • Takes it slow and prolongs the pleasure
  • (Probably overstims you honestly)
  • It will be the most passionate sex you have ever had
  • Afterwards he will run a bath for the two of you will scented oil
  • Will definitely wash your hair/body
  • Might have another go afterwards if you are up for it

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knb-kreations·13 days agoAnswer

45 with akashi (if it isnt too much to ask, + nurse manager) HAHAHAHA i love you, congrats again on 1k!!!! — cherry anon

a/n: I love u too, Cherry :((((( And thanks once again!!! <3 <3

19. A kiss full of jealousy for the other person. This kind of kiss to show everyone that you belong to each other.

You apologized to the main coach for a short while and followed the signs to the ladies’ bathroom. In about half an hour the Rakuzan team will be playing a match against another High School and they were just warming up now, but pee… You couldn’t discuss further plans with your team and bandage their legs or hands when you wanted to use the toilet as soon as possible. That’s why you set aside your notebook and your binder, and walked towards the exit of the gymnasium, then into the hallway which, thankfully, took you straight to the desired WC.

You quickly used the toilet, washed and dried your hands thoroughly, corrected the hair that fell over your eyes and straightened the T-shirt with the ‘RAKUZAN MANAGER’ inscription on the back. You came out of the ladies’ bathroom after less than three minutes and, walking out of the inside of a bright room, you accidentally hit something hard and big. As it turned out, it was a very tall boy, about your age. You smiled at him awkwardly, bowing and apologizing fastly.

“… Relax, nothing happened. A little woman like you can’t do much to me.” He laughed softly, and so did you, because the stranger wasn’t lying.. He was taller than you by… He was just much taller than you. You immediately recognized him as a basketball player, probably in the center position. “Oh, you’re on the opposite team! We’ll have a game together soon. Hmm… Who do you think will win?” He asked curiously, and you thought about it.

“Well, I personally have a lot of hope in my team, but I will count on a fair fight between you two. By the way, I watched footage from your previous games and you guys are really, really good! I was pleasantly surprised by this.” You raised both thumbs up and the teenager thanked for it. “I can’t wait, ahh.”

“Me too, and I promise, I won’t give your friends an easy start.”

Shortly after, he introduced himself to you, you did it too, and then you both started walking towards the huge gym. You were talking about basketball and about previous and future matches all that time, which made the conversation very enjoyable and interesting. However, when you entered the room, the eyes of several people turned to you and to a brown-eyed boy named Rei.

From the corner of your eye you have seen Mibuchi and Hayama whisper to each other and turn towards Seijuurou, who’s also watched you really carefully. You smiled in his direction, then looked at your new friend who suddenly stopped and stood next to you.

“I have to get back to my warm-up, but thank you for the talk. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime, so see you, Y/L/N-chan!”

“Bye, Rei-kun and good luck!” You waved at him and then two of you went in your separate ways. After a while you returned to your place and you were about to reach for your papers, but a hand on your hip stopped you. “Yes, Sei-kun? What happened?”

You straightened up, then turned around and barely had time to take a breath, you instantly lost it because of the surprise kiss your boyfriend gave you. It wasn’t an ordinary, gentle peck, but an incredibly long and wet kiss that shocked not only you, but also your entire team and the opposing group.

But when you pulled away from Seijuurou (or rather when capitan let you pull away from him), you took a deep breath once again and looked at him with a frown and pink on the both cheeks.

“What was that?” You asked, and red-haired shrugged a little.

“A kiss for luck. I guess.”

“You’re not starting a real match yet!”

“Before the game, I’ll take one more kiss for luck.” He answered quite seriously, and you felt dizzy. Your boyfriend was impossible.

… And quite cute when he was jealous. Not gonna lie.

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knb-kreations·14 days agoAnswer

Do you write for Yukio? If so, could you please write how he would react/be with a girlfriend who really loves videogames? ☺️☺️

Of course!! I hope you like it xx

Headcanons: Kasamatsu Yukio with an s/o that likes video games

  • He didn’t know that you liked video games until he invited you to play an online game with his friends once
  • You were so good at the game that he was actually kind of embarrassed by his own skills because you were way better than him
  • Sometimes, when you were really invested in a game, you’d often forget to check your phone and respond to his texts
  • However, he lived fairly close to you so he’d just come over to your house with a few snacks to check up on you
  • He liked to just hang out in your room while you played and made sure that you were staying hydrated and taking enough breaks
  • These ‘breaks’ mainly consisted of him pulling you away from the screen and smothering you with kisses and talking to you about anything and everything
  • He’d also invite you to his house for little video game dates sometimes
  • While it was all cutesy and cuddly at first, the two of you would always end up getting extremely competitive
  • You were able to maintain your excitement and frustration to some degree, but Kasamatsu was none the wiser
  • “No no NO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” He’d bellow when he lost
  • His reactions would never fail to make you laugh, “Babe sit down, we can play again if you want.”
  • He would let out a heavy sigh and get back to his seat next to you, burying his head in the crook of your neck before beginning to sulk
  • “How are you so much better than me? It’s not fair,” he groaned
  • “It’s just practice I guess. We can play a game where we have to work together rather against each other. How does that sound?” you suggested, running your fingers through his hair in attempt to calm him down
  • “Hm, in a few minutes,” he hums, melting into your touch
  • At this point, you’d put the controller down and just console (pun unintended) him with cuddles
  • It often ended with him falling asleep on your shoulder like a child after an emotional outburst
  • And it made your heart melt every time
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knb-kreations·16 days agoText



Nov 10 Candy Canes - Himuro

How you managed to barter a candy cane from Murasakibara may never be known but Himuro was ready to break the piece of candy in half before throwing it away. You were sitting next to him at lunch, having joined him and Murasakibara in the cafeteria, poking him with the sticky end of the candy cane that you had sharpened into what some would consider a deadly weapon. His jaw twitched as you poked him yet again, but he was determined to not lose his cool. Himuro sat facing forward, trying not to give you any satisfaction, simply counting down the seconds until you would poke him again, when the next poke didn’t come he glanced over at you out of the corner of his eye only to be startled that you had moved much closer to him. You giggled as his shocked expression while Murasakibara grumbled under his breath about the two of you. Himuro rolled his eyes before turning to face you, ready to say something about being poked but when he looked at you, you had the candy cane in your mouth, savoring the flavor and his thoughts promptly dropped into the gutter and his face turned red causing you to worry. “Are you alright?” you asked peering at him, eyebrows creased as he turned away muttering, he was fine. Murasakibara scoffed and told him to keep his food fetishes in the bedroom causing Himuro to choke on the water he had taken a sip of and you to burst out laughing, realizing the cause of his discomfort. Himuro just looked up at the ceiling knowing that he would never be able to look at the stupid candy again without seeing you.

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knb-kreations·17 days agoAnswer

Hello!! Not sure if ask box is open or not, but if it is can I send in a request? Midorima's gf kissing him in front of a lot of people on accident because she was happy for him and the team winning an important game? 💕

hello there! i’ve seen you lurk around my blog for a while HAHAHA thank you so much for all your support <33 i hope i did your request justice;; 

Note: I formatted this as a reaction

Midorima’s Reaction to S/O Kissing Him in Public


As soon as you glomp on an unsuspecting, sweaty Midorima to smack a huge kiss on his lips, his eyes blow wide open as he stands there completely frozen. He grows completely stiff as he feels your arms wrapped securely over his neck to pull him down to your level, his arms held out awkwardly in debating whether to embrace you back or push you away out of habit. He does the latter.

“Y-you—you… what are you doing?!” was all he can muster while holding an arm to his face in a desperate attempt to recollect himself in front of everyone. His entire face betrays his composure and continues to bloom into a deeper crimson. When you sheepishly admit that you got too excited for his team’s momentous victory, all he could do was attempt to harden his facial expression to try to mask his happiness at the fact that you were so excited on his behalf.

“It’s not… something to make a huge deal of, nanodayo… what? Why, you ask? Victory is only to be expected when the fates favor those who do as much as humanly possible, nanodayo.”

His regained confidence becomes short-lived, however, when he notices his team, particularly Takao, laughing the ever living daylights out of themselves and congratulating you for showing the “green-haired prune” how to “live a little.”

“Takao,” he interjects, lacking his usual bite in his reprimand. “I am not dealing with your foolishness today… you must have contrived this moronic plan and forced (y/n) to go along with this…”

But when he looks at you as he finishes his sentence, he immediately regrets the words that came out of his mouth; you looked slightly hurt, and suddenly, his modesty didn’t matter so much anymore.

“I did not… realize you initiated this on your own… I… a-apologize… that was not what I meant. In fact… your advance was not… completely unwelcome.” You smile at his words and huff out a giggle, before turning serious. You then demand a kiss from his end as compensation.

H-Have you no shame?!” he stammers out a half-shout at your request, stepping back from shock at your bluntness. You tilt your head at him as you ask him for the reason for his overreaction. “I am not o-overreacting, nanodayo! Where’s your self-control?!” But as he tries to scan his surroundings for nosy people, particularly his teammates, he finds them suddenly vanished, and you give him a crafty smirk at his conscious efforts to achieve complete privacy. Perhaps there really was some truth that you and Takao collaborated on a scheme. Midorima sighs inwardly at your antics but is still, nonetheless, grateful that you took his feelings into consideration.

When you point at your lips again, patiently waiting as you look up at him through your lashes, Midorima can only sigh as he heeds your request, bringing you pressed against his body as he cradles your head. Ever still so red, he separates from you after a brief, heated moment before he coughs to hide his embarrassment.

“Th-this… don’t get used to this, (y/n),” he mumbles. “I am only allowing this because the Oha Asa predicted the best luck for Cancers today, and… it will be a while before I will be this lucky again… o-oi! Why are you laughing?!

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