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komorebi24·10 days agoText

Let me sing to you about rain and starlight…

How the rain washes away all your doubts

and leaves only the scent of fresh, untainted earth.

How starlight illuminates the truth in you,

its soft glow revealing layers of you

you never thought possible.

You are a wonder.

It took the universe millenia to dream you into existence.

Don’t you dare to waste yourself in the battles of your mind.

-Malin Rayne-

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komorebi24·4 months agoText

Inner conflict of a nurse

And I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you the attention you deserved,

because 26 other people wanted it too.

And how could I say they deserved it less than you,

how could I say they deserved it more…

I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you more often

or talk a little bit longer

or listen just a minute more.

You had so much to say

but I had no time

and you held back because you saw…

saw the tension below my surface.

Or only felt it,

it doesn’t matter.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be the calm presence you deserved during your stay

and I’m sorry… I would have loved to talk more,

to not have to calmly leave your room

only to start sprinting the second I closed the door behind me.

I’m sorry I had to cut our conversations short,

hovering in the open door,

more leaving than staying

because countless other things demanded my attention,

all equally important.

If I could only explain to you the frustration

I feel most days

because I can’t blame anyone.

Everyone is important,

everyone has the right to demand attention…

and I’m in the wrong for getting angry

at nothing in paticular.

It’s not your fault.

Please excuse my stressed rushing,

my hastened words

like doves in a cage.

I don’t mean to offend you.

I’m just trying to meet everyones expectations

as far as I can without breaking.

I’m like the mother of five children,

desperatly trying to share my attention evenly

and not leaving a child out.

So please forgive me…

I’m serving a system that isn’t made for humanity.

- Malin Rayne-

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komorebi24·5 months agoText

Wild Girl

I am a wild girl.

If you see me tamed

it’s always for others

not for me.

I want my hair

to fly recklessly in the wind.

I want my feet

ankles deep in mud

and my hands

burried in moss and leaves.

I am a wild girl.

I don’t wear masks.

You can see the truth of me

written across my face.

Some may call it ugly.

-Malin Rayne-

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komorebi24·5 months agoText

I always find it amazing how sudden mushrooms appear after a rainfall. One second there is nothing there and the other the forest floor is suddenly full of them.

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komorebi24·a year agoText

One of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read.

It makes you feel happy and sad at the same time.

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komorebi24·a year agoPhoto


by komorebi24

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komorebi24·2 years agoPhoto

by komorebi24

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komorebi24·2 years agoText

Symphony in Blue

By komorebi24

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komorebi24·2 years agoPhoto


by komorebi24

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