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truly nonnie!!! i tend to thirst about the women but all of the men are so gorgeous too!! honestly the casting directors just went off with this series istg. so to celebrate their beauties i, a completely biased observer, am going to rate their sluttiness. you didn’t ask for this and i don’t even know what sluttiness really means, so this i probably the best idea i’ve ever had.

first off, triss merigold. why? because i love her. she loves walking hooded through the woods with no particular purpose just in case she finds a witcher roaming around. loves dramatic entrances and takes herself too seriously. she thinks she’s super tough but the puppy eyes jump out whenever she sees someone she likes. and she likes everyone. sluttiness: 4/10 (adorableness: 10/10)

sabrina glevissig. does it need to be said. sluttiness: 10/10

yennefer of vengerberg. our gorgeous leading lady. baffling. lights up entire rooms when she smiles and destroys with her sweet kiss. don’t call her pretty though or she’ll cut your balls off. do not mess with her or you’ll end up being used as a living torch. sluttiness: i’m too scared to rate

tissaia de vries. she could turn me into one of her eels and i’d be thankful. the the simon cowell meets gordon ramsay of the witcher. hobbies include turning around dramatically to prove a point without having to actually verbalise it and sprawling on sofas. sluttiness: 9.99/10

filavandrel. his kingdom includes one elf and a mangoat. pointy ears make him look refined. girls are in love with his hair. a true king of a cover magazine. owns one shawl. sluttiness: 9/10

poker face cahir. occupation: villain (temporary). not a very good one tho. has a very weird and unsettling fight scene with himself involving breathplay that pushes his sluttiness meter up. sluttiness: 6/10

fringilla vigo. a babe. a murderous one. still a babe. pissed and dangerous. her glares do the killing for her. sluttiness: 7/10

the dryads. magnificent. incredible. a vision from heaven. completely inappropriately dressed to live in a forest. use loose sandals to climb up tress and walk over rocks. they are the ultimate badass or masochists, only they know which. sluttiness: 9.7/10

DAMMIT THIS PAIR. THIS BLOODY PAIR. i understand why cintra is the jewel of the north. i’d surrender to them too. let the queen and her himbo husband take over my empire or whatever. gilf power is what they have. sluttiness: 11/10

istredd. THIS man good god. the beard does do him a favour. dammit. the first outfit tho and the super light eyes were creepy af. sluttiness: 7.98/10

goddammit vilgefortz. you weren’t supposed to be pretty you lil shit. mahesh jadu more like majestic jadu if you get my drift. just this picture exudes more sensuality than any of those dior commercials. but please triss don’t call him daddy again or i will start crying. sluttiness: 20/10

don’t get me started on jaskier. what other show could pull off this immortal, slutty, slutty bard that likes to wear his doublets undone for the sake of it with the face of a baby and no refrain whatsoever. sluttiness: 250/10

and of course, our witcher. sluttiness: 12903/10. go geralt

i love everything about this post but especially that you chose to focus on geralt’s ass alone

the whole point of the witcher poster was geralt’s ass and now the consequences must be payed

God tier post

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If you say you like The Witcher but don’t like our lead lady Yennefer, I don’t trust you.

I adopted that child the moment she held out that daisy to those shitty bullies and leapt clear off my couch when she burned Sodden HOW can you NOT


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Do you know what do I want to watch right now? I want to watch Tissaia teaching Yen, Sabrina , Fringilla and Triss magic spells while shouting and cursing like Gordon Ramsay in kitchen Nightmares…

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me at the start: pls don’t erase yennefer’s importance from the story

me now: respect yennefer of vengerberg or die by my sword

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female awesome meme: [1/5] warrior characters yennefer of vengerberg

“Let’s face it, you’re a girl. Your mother was right about one thing;. we’re just vessels. And even when we’re told we’re special, as I was, as you would’ve been, we’re still just vessels. For them to take, and take, until we’re empty, and alone.“
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Yennefer on the Belleteyn (Beltane) night.

March illustration for #Witcherart2020

This is a scene where Geralt sees her in the woods on Belleteyn and time literally stops for him. That’s what I was aiming for as well. That whole scene is really touching and we get to see a bit more emotional Yennefer and so, I decided for a softer look and pose.

Working on Yen is always a treat. Pair that with an intricate blouse design and it’s definitely gonna be a good one. Everything around here kinda fades away and it feels like a scene caught in a painting.

I’m again deviating from “official” looks. When it comes to book characters, I like seeing (and painting) different interpretations cause we all have different ideas how they look like.

I’m working on a lil pack around this painting, keep an eye out for it (probably tomorrow). I shared more of my thoughts on the process there as well.

Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas for April’s illustration drop them down ❤️❤️❤️

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