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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

kuramamisa·2 months agoPhoto

These days I was drawing a lot on Drawpile, most of them were practices with random palettes. I confess that I really like this one and it’s much sharper than the others because this palette included black (There usually are pastels colors). I took all the time for cleaning and shading cause this palette inspire me a lot… and I love brown range. 💕

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kuramamisa·4 months agoPhoto

“Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!”

Ta-daa~! Here is my first drawing of the year! Raven is one of my newest OC. Even though he’s new, he has become very special for me because of his inocence and because I got really inspired when I designed him. I don’t really have “babies” or ultra cute OCs and that’s why he’s so special, so I wanted start the year with a piece of him. Please, be nice with him and protect my baby QvQ ❤

A great 2020 is waiting for us ✨

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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto

Colored Sketch Commission!

  • Character belongs to Diana S (on Facebook)

I don’t remember when was the last time I drew this kind of girls. The makeup was the part I’ve spent more time! Today wasn’t makeup day, I guess… But I like the result, this girl is so beautiful and sexy as well~ ♥

Deviantart | http://fav.me/dcnt7dn

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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto

Simple sketch commission

  • Lilian belongs to Maximiliano V (on Facebook)

She’s so cute! Isn’t she? This commission was so relaxing; her smile, her maid costume, her beautiful hair! I loved to make everything.
If you’re having a bad day, a smile of her could bring you some colors~

Deviantart | http://fav.me/dcnpjc2

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kuramamisa·2 years agoText


Since most of us haven’t had the pleasure of meeting each other in person, I thought I would make some asks about that. 

  • 1. How often do you smile? 
  • 2. What’s a word people often use to describe you when you first meet them? 
  • 3. Have you ever been physically compared to someone? Who? 
  • 4. Describe your laugh. 
  • 5. What are some compliments you have received based on your personality? 
  • 6. What are some compliments you have received based on your looks? 
  • 7. Describe your sense of style. 
  • 8. Describe one of your favorite outfits? 
  • 9. How do you usually wear your hair? 
  • 10. Do you wear glasses? If so, what do they look like? 
  • 11. Do you wear make up? How often? What do you use? 
  • 12. How tall are you? 
  • 13. Is your voice high or low? Can you describe it? 
  • 14. Do you move your hands when you speak? 
  • 15. Do you find it easy to sit still or fidget often? 
  • 16. Do you wear jewelry? If so, what kind and why?
  • 17. Free question

Ok, I’m bored

  1. All the time, even while I’m crying (?)
  2. Hhmm, it depends… In some cases they call me “funny” but others “weird” so idk (?)
  3. Not really .-.
  4. It’s weird. I guess people think there’s a seal nearby every time I’m laughing xd
  5. Kind (mostly by strangers), honest and strong.
  6. Being serious, about my eyes. I have brown eyes (so it isn’t because my eye color) but I have long lashes.
  7. Minimalist (?)
  8. Idk, I like simple but cute outfits (and comfortable, of course). Rn I’m wearing a simple cute and comfortable pajama (?)
  9. A braid or a bun xd
  10. Nope.
  11. I usually wear soft lipsticks because I look like Casper without it TTuTT But in special ocasions I try to emphasize my eyes (?)
  12. 1.56 mts c’:
  13. High. Plus, I have a high-pitched voice that hurts the ear TuT
  14. ALWAYS
  15. Fifty-fifty
  16. I barely wear jewelry
  17. Awesome \o/

I tag @alstroenomeria, @chirysune​ and @yaremi890​ because I can and want to (?) Everyone can do it as well.

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kuramamisa·2 years agoText


The Lucitors

Introducing the first fanchild I make….


They have no name for now, but I will find it myself. With research. I will update it here when I already settle with one.

Im new in here pls be gentle


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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto



Tom and Jackie Lynn Lucitor (˶◕‿◕˶✿)

cool lovey dovey adventurous parents you’ll ever see

Djjdd why did this get 3k notes yALL is the prophecy real???

Will there be tomckie in the future? 👀👀👀

OMG They look so cute 😱💕

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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto


Sternberg’s Love Theory 

The triangular theory of love is a theory of love developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg. In the context of interpersonal relationships, ‘the three components of love, according to the triangular theory, are an intimacy component, a passion component, and a decision/commitment component’.

Intimacy – Which encompasses feelings of attachment, closeness, connectedness, and bondedness.
Passion – Which encompasses drives connected to both limerence and sexual attraction.
Commitment – Which encompasses, in the short term, the decision to remain with another, and in the long term, the shared achievements and plans made with that other.


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kuramamisa·2 years agoText



Just a minute of your guys’ time, please hear me out. Or you can ignore this, that’s okay too…

I know it’s been a while. How have you all been? I’m really sorry for the lack of content but I’m trying to squeeze in something to post but can’t. (or maybe a few traditional art)

I’m currently nursing my mama back to 100% health. She suffered from hypertension 2 weeks ago and got confined in the hospital for 48 hours. There were also other results from her X-Ray that I didn’t really expect. Got a lot worried and panicky when I saw it but my mama needed me at that time so, I had to brush it off for a while. I was the only one guarding her since my papa and my siblings (in a rented dorm) are in the city because of work and school while me and my mama are here in the province (And since my sister is using my laptop for her practice teaching, I can’t do digital art for commissions even If I wanted to). I badly wanted to get a job really but, no one’s going to guard my mama 24/7 if I left to go look for one. (She is currently experiencing dizziness and lack of sleep). And her normal routine here in the house is not allowed anymore so I’m doing all of it (house cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.) Money is scarce right now and we don’t have enough to buy my mama’s medicinal maintenance and her daily fruits and vegetables for everyday. I need your guys’ help. I know it’s asking a lot especially from me but, if you guys can or want to donate, it would be a really big help for my mama. Any amount will do even if it’s small, I would be really greatful.

I hope this isn’t much of a bother to you guys. I’m really sorry for the trouble, really. I’m really nervous about asking for help since I can see that some of you guys are struggling too.

Here is my Paypal: bernadettedemegillo@yahoo.com

Hoping to get back in drawing sooner than later. Thank you guys for your time in reading this. I’ll see you guys soon and have a colorful and wonderful day to all of you. *throws glitters to everyone’s faces*

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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto

Simple sketch commission on Deviantart

  • Natsume (girl) belongs to SeiIah
    Designed by FireAkra on Gasr
  • Quan Chi (boy) belongs to MisoHungry
    Designed by BokunoPiku

Deviantart | http://fav.me/dckcudg

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kuramamisa·2 years agoPhoto


PAYPAL IS TRYING TO SLIP THE RUG UNDER US. Or they may have said this and just no one read about it or noticed/knew.


Paypal changed the look of how you will fill out information and send money. Thus, you need to be super careful. Don’t go all willy nilly through and be like “Yeah yeah yeah send” you need to stop when you see this screen right away.

Before you proceed, you will first notice one major thing: your address is showing. What you need to do if you are ordering a DIGITAL WORK (aka, it is being sent to you via the interwebz) is you need to click on your address and there around be a drop down menu of 3 (or more) options:

  • No address needed
  • Your Current Address
  • + Add a new shipping address

Be sure to select “No address needed”, it is very important that you do. If you leave your address in there, Paypal will assume that you are to receive a physical package. A physical package which needs proof that exists physically. Paypal will want the artist to provide shipping labels and tracking info on said package. This is bad, very, very bad. Artists can get in trouble if they cannot provide these things.

Please, if an artist asks to send you back your money so that you can send it again correctly, do not be offended. You are paying them to do your commission, how can they do your commission with no money?

Reblog this, send this around, if you want to make a proper tutorial go ahead, I hope this was clear enough as it is.

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