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kurobaslations·3 years agoText

The purest thing I have ever read

[at Shutoku after practice]

TAKAO: Good work guys!

MIDORIMA: Good work everyone.

OTSUBO: Yeah, good work.

MIYAJI: Hey, Midorima.

MIDORIMA: What is it?

MIYAJI: I’ve been wondering for a while now, what is that pink thing you’re holding, a lion?

MIDORIMA: Yes, this is the lion Hana-chan from the safari zoo.

TAKAO: Oh, really! There’s a tag that says this was a limited edition zoo thing?

MIDORIMA: I bought it the last time I went to the zoo.

KIMURA: Even you go to the zoo, huh?

MIDORIMA: From time to time.

TAKAO: Let me guess. To get lucky items.

MIDORIMA: Is there something wrong with that?

TAKAO: Nope!

KIMURA: The safari zoo. I’ve never been, actually.

OTSUBO: Same here. Actually, I have no idea how long it’s even been since I went to any type of zoo.

MIYAJI: Yeah, I think the last time I went to one was the field trip in elementary school.

TAKAO: Same goes for me, huh.

OTSUBO: You know what, this is a great opportunity. Let’s all go to the zoo.

TAKAO: Holy shit, for real?

OTSUBO: Yeah, why not do it once in a while?

MIYAJI: Sounds great to me!


OTSUBO: You want to too, Midorima?


TAKAO: Alright! The zoo is gonna be so fun, Shin-chan!


[end of chapter 1]

[and so, that weekend; at the zoo]

TAKAO: Uwah! This park goes on for miles in every direction!

OTSUBO: I don’t know where to look first.

MIDORIMA: There were maps at the entrance. [hands them out]

MIYAJI: Nice, thanks, Midorima! Uhh… [flips pages]

TAKAO: It’s really huge, huh. What do you want to go see first?

[choice: pandas / shoebills / hawks]

OTSUBO: Oh, they have hawks.

TAKAO: Really? I want to see those too.

MIDORIMA: They are your comrades nanodayo.

OTSUBO: Hmmmm, even hawks have several different subtypes. This was good, Takao.

TAKAO: Then let’s go around to the top! We have lots of time, I think we can look at them a lot.

OTSUBO: We sure can.

MIYAJI: Alright! Let’s go!


TAKAO: Hey, Shin-chan. Don’t the others look like they totally shook off all their worries?

MIDORIA: Yes, it is like they are back to their childhood wonder.


TAKAO: This is where they keep the largest animals.

KIMURA: Wow! Giraffes!

MIYAJI: With their long-ass necks.

TAKAO: Hey, are they chewing something?

MIDORIMA: Yes, they seem to be eating something.

OTSUBO: Wow, they have a feed-the-giraffes exhibit!

TAKAO: Oh! People get to feed them?

KIMURA: They seem to be wolfing down those carrots!

MIYAJI: Haha… giraffes’ tongues are long, too.

OTSUBO: It says here that they are over 40 centimeters long.

TAKAO: This is the first time I’ve ever seen a giraffe’s tongue!

MIYAJI: Hm? Oh! Look, in that cage there’s a lion!

TAKAO: A lion!!!

[end of chapter 2]

KIMURA: For real? Cool!

OTSUBO: What a great mane!

TAKAO: Aww, it’s stretching like a cat!

MIDORIMA: Hmm… a cat…

OTSUBO: Guys, you do know that a lion is part of the cat family.

MIYAJI: Oh, they have a plaque with information.

TAKAO: So really! Here we go, “all about the lion”… “The female lion is hana-chan…” So this is the one that Shin-chan’s pink lion is based on! It’s not pink in real life, though.

MIDORIMA: You idiot. A real lion would never be pink.

OTSUBO: So this is the notorious Hana-chan…

TAKAO: “The boy lion is Sora-kun… They are both in good health and enthusiastic eaters. And they love humans.” Uhhhhhhhhh…….


MIDORIMA: This is dangerous.


MIDORIMA: What is it?

TAKAO: Over there it says you can go and hold Hana-chan and Sora-kun’s baby!

KIMURA: Really?

MIYAJI: Holy shit, I have NEVER seen a baby lion in real life!

OTSUBO: Yeah, this is my first time.

KIMURA: Okay, let’s go pick up baby lions! [running]

OTSUBO AND MIYAJI: Yeah! [running]

TAKAO: Sempais, please wait! Shin-chan, let’s go too!


[end of chapter 3]



TAKAO: This baby lion is so fucking cute!

STAFF: Her name is Midori-chan. She is still small so please hold her gently.


TAKAO: Then… upsidaisy… Her fur is so soft! Cute… Alright, your turn Miyaji-san!

MIYAJI: W-woah. You better pass her over gently! If you surprise her, she’ll make sad kitty eyes.

TAKAO: Alright! Then here.

MIYAJI: Woah! She’s warm… I cannot fucking believe she’ll get so big one day.

OTSUBO: Yes, she is almost like a normal housecat.

TAKAO: Otsubo-san and Miyaji-san make her look even smaller when you hold her, haha.

OTSUBO: We do?

KIMURA: Shit… she’s got little paw padsies… [poking them gently]

TAKAO: Really? I want to touch those too! Woah? They’re soft! [poking gently]

OTSUBO: Apparently the paws are only soft when they are young.

TAKAO: I see, so just now… [still poking] I want it to stay this way but I also want it to get bigger…

KIMURA: I so understand how you feel, man.

MIYAJI: Here, Midorima! It’s your turn!

MIDORIMA: …yes. …



TAKAO: Shin-chan, what’s wrong?

[end of chapter 4]

TAKAO: You keep not moving.

MIDORIMA: That is because I cannot move.


MIYAJI: Are you scared? It’ll be fine, this is just a child.

MIDORIMA: That is not the issue…


OTSUBO: Awww, it fell asleep.

MIDORIMA: Yes. If I move, I shall awaken it

TAKAO: I see~

MIDORIMA: It should wake up soon, so we should watch closely.

TAKAO: Right! Also, its negao is so cute~

MIDORIMA: [smiling] It is.

[outside in the zoo]

TAKAO: That was fun~ Oh, Shin-chan, did you buy a “Midori-chan” toy?


TAKAO: I splurged on one too~ Midori-chan is just so fucking cute.

OTSUBO: That’s right. To tell the truth, I also sprang for a strap.

KIMURA: I went for a Sora-kun clearfile! Miyaji?

MIYAJI: I bought a “Hana-chan, Sora-kun, Midori-chan” family portrait mug.

TAKAO: Wow, we all bought something, huh? The next time we come Midori-chan will probably be way bigger.

MIDORIMA: I would love to come see the adult… Midori-chan.

OTSUBO: Yeah, let’s all come together again when she grows up.



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kurobaslations·4 years agoLink
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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

And so the story ends. Here you can see a let’s play - and it’s really good, a thrilling game, he’s been trying to beat Akashi this entire time and gets very passionate about it.

ANNOUNCER: Sorry to keep you waiting! Our main event today, the five-on-five tournament, will now begin! We’ve had the good fortune of several strong players deigning to participate. Just what great matches will happen today? Our expectations are very high! With no further ado, the first game will now begin!

MURASAKIBARA: Hey, seems like the first game is about to start. In this tournament there are four games and whoever wins them all is the champion or something. It’s a single elimination tournament so we stop when we lose. First we play against Takao-san’s team. (smirk) Then let’s do this.

Fukui: Here we go!

Sakurai: I’m sorry! I will do my best!

Himuro: Let’s aim for the championship.

Mayuzumi: I’m going to do what I want.

[They lose the game.]

Fukui: Man, seriously… Well, can’t be helped. It may be early but let’s switch out.

Sakurai: I’m sorry! I will practice more and become stronger!

Himuro: We may be down but we won’t start anything better if we think that way… I’ll try to use our experience in this match to work diligently for next time

Mayuzumi: The result is the result. There’s no option but to accept it, is there? I guess the important question is how to use this experience connecting it to what comes after this.

Murasakibara: Isn’t stuff like basketball boring in the end? But I do hate losing even more than usual. Next time I’ll win for sure then.

[in the locker room]

Himuro: Atsushi, otsukaresama.

Murasakibara: Muro-chin.

Himuro: This was a very fired-up tournament. And I do think everyone who came to see it seemed to be enjoying it very much, kindly.

Murasakibara: Hmph…

Himuro: Hey, Atsushi.

(crumpling bag noise)

Murasakibara: What are those? Snacks?

Himuro: Everyone said “pass these on for us, to that onii-san who loves snacks”. To say thank you for your basketball that was cool, see.

Murasakibara: ………….

Himuro: Atsushi, it seems like you don’t understand this on your own, but… Your play moves people’s hearts. It has a charm that captivates people.

Murasakibara: But I’m just playing normally, nothing particular.

Himuro: Atsushi, even when you don’t do anything special, your feelings come through. That’s why everyone is so happy for you!

Murasakibara: …………hey, Muro-chin.

Himuro: What is it?

[music gets heated up]

Murasakibara: Next time that we have a game or something, do you think everyone will come see it again?

Himuro: …yeah. They’ll come cheer for us again. Definitely.

Murasakibara: Hrmph….. Then when that match happens I’ll snap the opponent in half. It would be bad to not thank everyone for the snacks they gave me, right?

Himuro: [down] That’s right. When that happens, I will help you too.

[credits roll]

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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

Here we go! Only one day left! A let’s play of day nine is available here. What will happen the night before the tournament? Will Murasakibara participate? 

Murasakibara: Now that I think of it, there’s a basketball tournament tomorrow. There might be a lot of people bending over backwards to get ready in time.

[Later that evening he went to the location for service activities, finished, and went to maji burger.]

Okamura: Mmmmmm… today’s activities were somewhat meaningful. Doing stuff like a ten-on-one game with the little children. All their happy smiles were impressive

Fukui: That’s because naturally if the gorilla came, they’d be happy.

Okamura: Who’s a gorilla!!??

Liu: Good for the children to not shed tears upon seeing your chin, aru.

Okamura: Why would my chin make them cry?!

Himuro: Today at the location for activities where me and Atsushi were, the participants were a company team.

Murasakibara: And again today these people were like “please show me dunks”…

Himuro: Everyone was devouring it with their eyes.

Murasakibara: Anyway, this time we went around in various places

Okamura: Because of that, it seems like all those places we went got us a good reputation.

Himuro: Is that true?

Okamura: Murasakibara’s reputation is super high, there are so many thank-you messages rushing in.

Himuro: Because Atsushi is doing his best.

Murasakibara: Well, it’s easier and more fun than our usual club activities and all.

Himuro: It’s amazing that so many people are happy.

Fukui: Speaking of which, did you not receive the messages from the people at the location for activities?

Okamura: Oh, yeah, yeah. Tomorrow there’s the Monthly Basketball Magazine tournament, right? The people from the location for activities up to now are going to come there and cheer us on.

Himuro: I’m overjoyed to hear that they’d come for us. Atsushi’s plays definitely echoed in all their hearts.

Murasakibara: Echo in their hearts? I’m just playing basketball normally.  Playing basketball, I’m not feeling anything in particular.

Himuro: I wonder, is that really true? I think that the presence of feeling is what captivates people about your playing, Atsushi.

Okamura: Yeah, your plays definitely have proper precious things put inside. Perhaps your heart that is in love with basketball.

Fukui: Don’t say “in love” when you’re a gorilla.

Liu: It is better to not say things that are not fitting with your chin, aru.

Okamura: Why do you all gang up on me like this!?

Himuro: I am one more person captivated by your play, Atsushi. Captivated by your talent, I am also myself working diligently trying to reach your level.

Murasakibara: …………

Himuro: Atsushi, you do say that you don’t feel anything towards basketball,  but whenever I’m watching you play, I can’t feel that way. Just like the people who are coming to cheer for us, I also want to watch you play more.

Murasakibara: …I think you might somehow be even more sweltering than Kuro-chin.

Himuro: Didn’t I say? That I love basketball more than anyone.

Murasakibara: ……. [huff] Well, fine. Anyways, service activities end tomorrow with the tournament, okay.

Himuro: Hm? The tournament tomorrow isn’t actually any type of service activity. You’re going to participate anyway, Atsushi?

Murasakibara: No, the people from the location for activities are going to come see it, right? I’m pretty sure that if we don’t go in the tournament even though people came to see us, Masako-chin will get angry.

Himuro: That’s right, Atsushi, you’ve got to do everyone the favor of showing them your involvement.

Okamura: Me too, I’ve got to put my heart into non-embarrassing plays.

Fukui: Man, the expectations for this are getting really high, aren’t they. I’m gonna seriously rise up to them, too.

Liu: Everyone will use their respective full power to do all they can, aru.

Himuro: Let’s each do our best, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: Oh my god…. that’s why I hate sweltering people but whatever…

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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

Here we are in the home stretch! You can find here a let’s play for day 7. After the games of day 8, we’ll be looking at two more updates for the conclusion of the route.


Murasakibara: Hah… gotta show people lots of basketball again today. I’m just putting the ball in the hoop, why do they get so happy? Masako-chin would get angry at me so there are still two days left that I do it, though. Today I go with Liu-chin to the location for service activities. Okay. (smirk) He told me he’d be waiting in the plaza so soon I’ve got to head there.

[He went to the location for volunteer activities and taught basketball to everyone. Afterwards, at a court.]

Himuro: Huff… (moving again) Huff puff!

Murasakibara: Oh? Is that Muro-chin? What are you doing? Practicing by yourself?

Himuro:  Yeah, Atsushi! I was practicing shooting.

Murasakibara: Hmmm… it’s really late and you’re still doing it a lot.

Himuro: I want to get better, you see, so I try to practice as often as possible.

Murasakibara: It’s not like you’re weak, though, Muro-chin.

Himuro: Atsushi, hearing that from you is such a privilege. But what I think myself is that the way I am now isn’t good enough. This week you’ve been calling out to lots of people so they’ll assist us with service activities, right?

Murasakibara: Yeah, people from other schools.

Himuro: When you play basketball with those people, there are lots of things that you can see, aren’t there. It’s (kindly) made me notice that I too need to become stronger. Because I never want to lose at the thing I love. Since I would also hate to lose against an opponent in competition, I don’t want my teammates to lose either. Atsushi, you would hate to lose too, wouldn’t you?

Murasakibara: I may not like basketball much or anything, but that doesn’t mean losing would make me happy.

Himuro: I said this before, but I love basketball more than anyone else. So I want to become stronger than anyone else.

Murasakibara: Well, I understand that losing would suck so you practice, but…

Himuro: Atsushi, you would also hate to lose, wouldn’t you. Hey, Atsushi!

Murasakibara: Hey, wait, what? Don’t just suddenly throw me the ball.

Himuro: If both of us hate to lose, shouldn’t we practice together?

Murasakibara: …that’s fine, I guess, but I won’t hold back or anything, you know?

Himuro: Yes, by all means, please don’t.

[The following day.]

Murasakibara: I think I might be tired… maybe since yesterday we were playing basketball until late.

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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

Two exciting scenes from day 5 of this video game! Tomorrow’s update will be about not day 6 but day 7.


Murasakibara: Oh? Kuro-chin and Kise-chin.

Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun.

Kise: Hola!

Murasakibara: Whatcha doing?

Kise: Basketball, duh! Basketball. I ran into Kurokocchi and got to talking and the two of us decided to have a casual game. Speaking of which, Murasakibaracchi, are you like gathering people for that basketball classroom thing?

Murasakibara: Yeah. It’s so much work though.

Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun is teaching basketball to many different people.

Murasakibara: Yeah, it’s so hard. They keep telling me, show them dunking, show them blocking shots. (slightly down)

Kuroko: But I understand the feeling of wanting someone to show me.

Murasakibara: Everyone just wants to see a badass play right?

Kuroko: That might be the case for some, but I think there is a different reason.

Murasakibara: A different reason?

Kuroko: I first started playing basketball inspired by what I saw on television. Excited by the plays of good players, before I knew it I was captivated.

Murasakibara: Funf, I see.

Kise: Ah, when you put it that way, I was totally the same. Without thinking of anything I peeked in on the basketball club and randomly saw Aominecchi… When I saw that play, in a second I was totally hooked.

Murasakibara: Kise-chin started basketball inspired by Mine-chin.

Kise: I saw lots of activities and lots of people, but I guess Aominecchi was hella special.

Kuroko: Plays that convey feelings, those will attract the people watching.

Kise: When I saw Aominecchi, I understood to the max, his feelings are like “I totally love basketball”.

Kuroko: If everyone wants to watch Murasakibara-kun’s plays…
I think it is because such feelings are conveyed to the audience.

Murasakibara: Haah? I’m not even thinking of anything particular when I play basketball.

Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun, feelings are not something you necessarily have to be thinking about.

Kise: Yep, yep. Even without being aware those pesky feelings can show up somehow on the outside.

Murasakibara: I don’t understand stuff like feelings. I just play basketball because it’s there. Well, whatever. I’m leaving, okay. I’ve gotta look for a person who will do dunks and stuff, instead of me.

Kuroko: Alright. Do your best, please.

Murasakibara: Yeah. I don’t want to do my best but I will do my best.

[And so they parted ways…]

Murasakibara: There are four days left that I’ve gotta do service activities. [smirk] Today I’ll look for people again and get their help teaching basketball.

Izuki: Oh? Sakurai?

Sakurai: Oh! I’m sorry!

Izuki: No… why are you apologizing?

Sakurai: By your troubled expression I thought it would be better not to talk to you…

Izuki: Oh, I was just thinking a little about the nature of cooperation. In the position of a point guard, there are lots of ways to initiate the offense.

Sakurai: Cooperation? Our school emphasizes individual technique, so I actually ironically find cooperation is interesting. At Seirin, what are concrete examples of how you perform “cooperation”?

Izuki: Concrete examples? Let’s see… we do make eye contact a lot. Your line of sight communicates your next action to your comrades.

Sakurai: Eye contact? I see… But eye contact can’t convey everything, can it.

Izuki: No, eye contact can convey quite a lot, if it’s with your comrades with whom you’ve been fighting together, you know.

Sakurai: Is… is that so…

Izuki: Of course, it’s not something you can do on the turn of a dime. You need to practice for days and days while being aware of it.

Sakurai: Practice for days aware of it… I see…

Aomine: (yawn) … Imma maybe take a nap here…

Sakurai: Ah! Aomine-san!

Aomine: Oh? Ryou? What’s up?

Sakurai: Practice for days aware of it… (jiiiiiii)

Aomine: ………..?

Sakurai: (jiiiiiii)

Aomine: Oi, what’s up, are you gearing up to jump me or something?

Sakurai: Ah! I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to jump you!!

Izuki: If you try it without even explaining, dang, I guess that’s how it goes down…

Murasakibara: That’s probably enough stuff I’ve done for today. What do I do… I’ve gotten pretty few members but everyone else in Yosen is supposed to be helping recruit too. Haah… it’s almost time for service activities, today is the day we teach children I think. Chin-Gorilla is with us so that might be fun. Because that guy is popular with kids and all.

Well, fine. Anyway, let’s go.

(He went to the location for service activities, with Okamura, and taught basketball to children.)

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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

Here are two scenes from Day 3 of the video game, as shown here. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Day 5, since Day 4 contained no cutscenes.


Furihata: Hayakawa-san from Kaijo. He is good at rebounds, you know.

Kawahara: Oh, I saw him before at the game and couldn’t take my eyes away.

Hayakawa: OH!!!!!!!!!! REBOUND!!!!! FUNH!

Fukuda: His timing to go take the ball is spot-on!

Kawahara: Impressive. Now I finally understand what they mean when they say it’s the result of “cumulative” practice.

Fukuda: Yeah, amazing.

Furihata: Hey, let’s go ask Hayakawa-san what’s the trick for rebounds.

Kawahara: Great idea! I’m for it!

Furihata: Okay, let’s all go.

Hayakawa: Okay! I’(l)l do it again!!

Fukuda: Um, excuse me.

Hayakawa: Hm? You mean me?

Fukuda: Yes. Um… I have a request for you, if that’s okay, Hayakawa-san.
Could you teach us the trick for rebounds?

Hayakawa: Trick for rebounds? Okay, that! Alright, I’ll teach you!

Fukuda: Really? Thank you!

Furihata: I’m honored to learn!

Kawahara: Thank you for having us!

Hayakawa: Well then, first I’ll explain how to “screen out” so that you can keep away the opponent! When you “screen out”, you must firmly bend your knees! Take a low stance, making your body difficult to shake! Afterwards, estimate the place where the ball will fall from the rim!

Fukuda: Um… excuse me…

Hayakawa: Hm? What?

Fukuda: That was a little hard to understand… could you please say it again?

Hayakawa: What’s that about. You, listen properly!
When you “screen out”, bend your legs and firmly stiffen!

Fukuda: Bend you…? Fim…???

Kawahara: Hayakawa-san is certainly good at rebounds and when I watch him he’s a good example but…

Furihata: When he explains for us, I can’t understand what he says at all…

Kawahara: If he would just talk a little slower for us…
Furihata: I guess for the technique, there’s no other way than to steal and remember it, after all…

Fukuda: Um, sorry. One more…



Murasakibara: Oh yeah today is the day that I do service activities with Muro-chin. Since we agreed to go together, I should go to the place where we said we’d meet up.

(He met up with Himuro, went to the location for service activities, and played basketball.)

Murasakibara: Haah… finally over.
Himuro: Good work today, Atsushi! Today we conveyed a lot to the people at the place for activities, I’m glad
Murasakibara: Those people on the club team, right? We were told to show them lots of awesome things, though

Himuro: That’s because your dunks and rebounds and such are captivating, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: I’m not some freak show member on display.

Himuro: No, those people were engaged in serious observation of your play, Atsushi. Those were the eyes of people earnest about learning something from you. Conveyed feelings of liking basketball.

Murasakibara: Funh… I don’t really understand that stuff. You know, I don’t play basketball thinking about like or dislike or whatever.

Himuro: That’s right. Me, I love basketball… more than anyone. That’s why I absolutely don’t want to lose, and for that reason I try to become stronger.

Murasakibara: Hahh… you’re always sweltering like “I love basketball” blah blah blah, it’s so annoying. Because basketball is just a sport where the tall guys have an advantage. No matter how much you work hard, it won’t go anywhere, so what reason is there to get so desperate about it?

Himuro: The possibility isn’t “zero”… thinking that is exactly when you get desperate.

Murasakibara: That’s a lot like the stuff Kuro-chin says…

Himuro: Ah, he does seem like someone who loves basketball a lot.

Murasakibara: Yeah, that’s why when we were in middle school we would argue a lot.

Himuro: Mah, I’ve understood “how does Atsushi feel about basketball?” now.

But still, Atsushi, there’s something that mesmerizes people about your play.

Murasakibara: Funh… I really don’t care, though.

Himuro: …because even when the player himself has no interest in basketball, his sense for basketball is marvelous. Seriously, “talent” is such an amazing thing, you know. Anyways, good work today, Atsushi. Tomorrow we’ll get everyone to cooperate and once again convey to people the fun-ness of basketball.

Murasakibara: Hahh… we do have that again tomorrow… I’m tired…

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kurobaslations·4 years agoText

The second day of Murasakibara’s trip to Tokyo dawns with him looking for fellow basketball players and having little success. Here’s a let’s play. Let’s dive into the cutscene.

Mayuzumi: An okonomiyaki place… might be nice to eat here.

Nebuya: Oh, you eating here too?

Mayuzumi: Hey, Nebuya. Yeah, I’m kinda hungry.

Nebuya: Okay, cool. I’ll go with you.

[They go inside.]

Nebuya: As soon as you walk in the place, you get hungry.

Mayuzumi: You say it a lot, that you’re hungry.

Nebuya: Heh, you’re not wrong.

Kagami: Hello! Any seats free?

Nebuya: Hey, it’s Kagami!

Kuroko: You’re um… Nebuya-san. Eating alone?

Mayuzumi: There are two of us.

Kagami: Woah!? Ma-Mayuzumi-san!

Nebuya: We just saw each other in front of the shop. Now it’s a place where the two of us will eat! You’re one to talk, anyway. Did you come here to eat alone?

Kuroko: I am here too, there are two of us.

Nebuya: WOAH! KUROKO WAS HERE TOO? I understand now , but man, you have no presence.

Kuroko: I get that a lot, from everyone.

Nebuya: This doesn’t happen a lot, how about the four of us eat together!

Kuroko: Alright, together then.

Nebuya: I know they’re each called “the phantom sixth man” but even then… they seriously have zero presence…

Kagami: I’m one of the people spending the most time with him and there are still times that him being there scares me.

Nebuya: I have to admit that in a basketball game they show up outta nowhere. And that their presence was low just now is because they’re doing misdi…  doing something, right?

Kuroko: No, I was not doing anything, I was just standing here.

Nebuya: Not doin’ anything, and getting that result? That’s some specialty you got there.

Kuroko: It’s not really a specialty.

Kagami: Kuroko isn’t the only amazing one. I also hadn’t noticed Mayuzumi-san at all just now.

Mayuzumi: Though you call it amazing, I’m not happy to hear it at all.

Nebuya: Maybe the other people in here can’t notice these two guys either.

Kagami: It looks possible.

Okonomiyaki shop worker: Welcome, here are your glasses of water. If you have decided, please place your orders.

Nebuya: Ah, yeah, take our orders please. Um, the pork balls and squid balls and mixed balls, and also the curry monjayaki. Three of all those.

Kagami: For me, the pork balls, octopus balls, shrimp balls, cheese balls, and mixed balls. Two of each.

Okonomiyaki shop worker: U-understood! Please wait a moment.

Nebuya: Okay, I’m gonna eat for my whole stomach! Hey, wait. They only asked the two of us, then left.

Kagami: Oh! So the shop worker really did not notice those two guys!

Nebuya: You guys are both amazing!

Kuroko: Right now it’s not a case of us going unnoticed.
They have correctly given us four cups of water, after all.

Mayuzumi: The two of you had orders so big, they probably thought that was representing the food for all of us…

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Welcome to a translation of the cutscenes from Murasakibara’s route in the third KNB video game. Here is a let’s play by Slug. First things first… what is a boy attending school in Akita doing at the restaurant Maji Burger in Tokyo? Follow the cut to find out!


Murasakibara: I’m so tired after the training camp practice.

Himuro: Today our training camp has finally started.

Murasakibara: Thanks to that I’m hungry

Himuro: Then you should eat up. After this we have service activities.

Murasakibara: Service activities? Do you mean the ‘volunteer activities’ our school does? Why would we have those after this?

Himuro: What, did you not listen closely to the Coach’s lecture? We’re staying in Tokyo right now for a training camp, you know?

Murasakibara: Yeah.

Himuro: During this training camp, we need to go to a nearby facility and perform service activities. I’m pretty sure it’s with the town’s basketball team or a children’s basketball club or something. There we’ll show them basketball and give them personal experience, those will be the types of activities.
Murasakibara: So we’re like a touring basketball classroom?

Himuro: That’s a good way to put it. I think it’s thanks to these service activities that we could come here for this traning camp. Because without that we probably couldn’t go on a training camp for such a long time.

Murasakibara: Hmmmm, I guess so.

Okamura: What’s up, did you guys also come here to fuel up on food?

Fukui: That’s great, we can chow down together. After practice, no matter what you do you’re gonna be famished.

Okamura: Yeah, I’ve ordered four burgers.

Liu: The gorilla’s fodder is too luxurious, aru.

Okamura: It’s not fodder!?

Himuro: We’ve only just started eating. Let’s eat together.

Murasakibara: I might get more burgers too…

Okamura: Eat up, eat up, there are volunteer activities after this where we’ll play lots of basketball.

Murasakibara: I just heard about that stuff from Muro-chin. Even though I’m tired from practice… so much work.

Fukui: More than just the work or whatever, the problem for those activities is the schedule.

Liu: The arrangements are quite coercive, aru.

Fukui: Even today there’s already some place and time where the activities will overlap, you know?

Murasakibara: What do you mean, the activities will overlap? Does that mean we aren’t allowed to all split up and go hang around whatever places?

Fukui: That might be, yeah.

Murasakibara: In that case, won’t there not be enough people, so we couldn’t show them how to play basketball, right?

Okamura: Mah, I guess that at least shooting demonstrations would work with a small number of people. But for a game that would be a big problem. So we’ve been talking about coordinating with people from other schools.

Murasakibara: Oh, I remember Masako-chin saying something like that.
That we would invite people from other schools to help us? Back then I didn’t understand what they’d be helping us with, though. But wow, the other schools okayed this.

Okamura: All of those other schools have coaches who are acquainted with Coach, so she could talk to them.

Himuro: Heeh, obtaining permission from the other school’s coaches, what an amazing person she is. So, basically we have to do these service activities. And though we can’t force any of them, we need to get people from other schools to help us. We’ll do our best to find people who will cooperate with us and get to partake in some really satisfying activities, Atsushi.

Murasakibara: What a pain…

Himuro: But if you ditch the coach will get angry at you, you know?

Murasakibara: Hah… mah, can’t be helped, I’ll do it.


Mibuchi: I really think you should be more careful about how much you eat, dear.

Nebuya: What are you talking about? You mean I should eat more, right?

Mibuchi: No! It’s the other way around, obviously! You should have less! Goodness gracious.

Hayama: You’re right that Ei-chan shovels in food left and right. I have no idea where he puts away that amount of food.

Nebuya: That’s because the moment I eat the food, it turns into muscle.

Akashi: What are you discussing?

Hayama: Yo, Akashi! We’ve been talking about how Ei-chan eats too much food.

Mibuchi: Sei-chan, don’t you likewise think it’s a problem? His diet is nothing but meat without considering balance, all he does is eat and burp!

Akashi: Reckless consumption is certainly not praiseworthy.

Nebuya: Hey, I’m not “consuming recklessly”. I eat that much because I need that amount. Besides, it’s not just meat! Gyudon also contains onions!

Hayama: Okay, so it’s just meat and onions.

Nebuya: And sometimes I have eggs on top. Man… talking about gyudon makes me want to eat some. Hey, everyone, let’s go eat gyudon!

Hayama: We were getting on your case about eating too much and you still invite us… Ei-chan, you are something else. But I am kind of hungry myself, I wouldn’t mind going with you!

Mibuchi: He did not listen to so much as a morsel of our conversation… But Sei-chan, this could be a good chance for you to see for yourself how he eats nothing but meat. See how his table manners really are disgusting and give him a warning, why don’t you.

Akashi: If there is a problem, that is what I shall do.

Mibuchi: I am completely certain he’ll need a warning.

Nebuya: Alright, let’s go to the gyudon restaurant!


Nebuya: Man, gyudon seriously is the greatest. Had you never eaten gyudon before?

Akashi: It is my first time eating in this type of gyudon restaurant.

Nebuya: Great stuff, right? You’ll get addicted! See, you can put this on and it tastes even better. 

Akashi: I will respectfully decline. 

Nebuya: What’s wrong, hate benishou?

Akashi: I do not like it.

Nebuya: Oh, okay then. More importantly, gyudon is a food that you should gulp down faster when you eat it. Man! Delicious! I’ll order one more plate of the extra large!

Akashi: “Gulp down the food”…. I see.


Nebuya: We sure ate that.

Mibuchi: Just watching you eat gave me heartburn…

Hayama: Really? Ei-chan’s food-fu is so dangerous.

Akashi: Certainly, to think normally, you would call that amount of food to much. 

Mibuchi: Precisely! Go on, scold him.

Akashi: The amount of food is very much, but… we must take into consideration the reasoning that he also eats very much.

Mibuchi: What?

Akashi: If Eikichi himself can realize when he actually has more than he can eat, then there is no problem. 

Mibuchi: Wait - won’t you scold him?

Hayama: Take the reasoning into consideration…

Mibuchi: Of course… Sei-chan has also been entranced by the gyudon…

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Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai e no Kizuna (Kuroko’s Basketball: Bonds towards the Future) is the third handheld video game for the KNB franchise. The game is played on a Japanese 3DS, and a hard copy may be purchased here or here. Each route takes place over the course of ten days leading up to a five-on-five tournament hosted by Monthly Basketball Magazine. You can recruit any members to play alongside the protagonist of the route. After finishing Kuroko and Kagami route, you may play Kise, Midorima, Aomine, or Murasakibara; you must finish a route and win the tournament to unlock Akashi route.

Murasakibara Route: 

  1. Day 1 - the Yosen boys have arrived in Tokyo for a training camp with a side of volunteering; meanwhile, the Rakuzan boys, in the capital for practice matches, visit a gyudon restaurant.
  2. Day 2 - Mayuzumi and Nebuya run into Kuroko and Kagami at an okonomiyaki restaurant.
  3. Day 3 & Day 4 - Furihata, Fukuda, and Kawahara run into each other at an outdoor court and receive a lesson from Hayakawa. Himuro finds out Murasakibara’s point of view.
  4. Day 5 & Day 6 - Kise and Kuroko talk to Murasakibara about how they got hooked on basketball. Sakurai receives a lesson from Izuki and tries to test this wisdom on Aomine.
  5. Day 7 & Day 8 - Murasakibara finds Himuro practicing basketball too late at night.
  6. Day 9 - the Yosen boys have one last powwow at Maji Burger before the tournament. 
  7. Day 10 - Murasakibara participates in the tournament and receives a very special message.

Akashi Route: TBA

Kuroko & Kagami Route: TBA

Kise Route: TBA

Midorima Route: TBA

Aomine Route: TBA

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