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arthur, he/him. please no sebaciel i'm so tired. i dont really like kuro anymore but yall can stay if you like (might post like, once a year??? who knows)

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kurohcrapsuji·4 days agoText


okay Hi i’m currently living on disability and i don’t have enough money to pay for my prescriptions, for food, or to get gas

i’ve spent the last 3 months helping a friend who I met while in inpatient eating disorder treatment move out of an abusive environment. I don’t have any regrets but it’s taken a good amount of investment of time and money to help her get away from her mother

my copay on my prescriptions is $38. that’s more than i have to my name right now. if anyone is able to help me make ends meet till my disability comes through in two weeks i’d really appreciate it. https://cash.app/$gaiuscalpurnius

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kurohcrapsuji·20 days agoText


i dont remember canon but i have very strong opinions about everything

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kurohcrapsuji·2 months agoPhoto


At it again projecting my Weston anime dreams

Panel from Chapter 68

ranvenclaw looking ass

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kurohcrapsuji·2 months agoPhoto


I mean I kinda love all my phantomhive sons no matter how bad they are

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kurohcrapsuji·2 months agoText


oh man if kelvin wanted to fuck rc, then oc was probably way more freaked out than we imagined, ya know with the way oc saw rc and all that

holy shit we really did speak in code i can barely decipher this lol

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kurohcrapsuji·5 months agoText

i had a sex dream with fucking sebastian michaelis i HATE it here

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kurohcrapsuji·6 months agoText




Pedophilia is bad should not be a radical statement.

No really, please reblog this if you can, because this site in general, but fandom spaces especially bad for this, to the point where people are genuinely afraid of harassment they may face for saying ‘Pedophilia is a bad thing and you probably should not encourage it’ or for calling it what it is. Fandom spaces are also especially bad for screaming about how it’s ‘just fiction’ when we know damn well that fiction impacts reality.

In case anyone feels like continuing to argue this post, I have multiple real actual pedophiles telling me to ‘deal with’ their attraction to children and being allowed to produce content with it for said children to read so like, this is a serious problem.

I mean you can find them in the notes. Real pedo’s are comfortable in fandom spaces because they know y’all will defend them now with ‘but that’s just fictional, they would never do it in real life!!’

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kurohcrapsuji·8 months agoText



this post has asbestos reblog to kill ur followers

More like reblog to make your blog fireproof and absolutely safe with no downsides

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kurohcrapsuji·8 months agoAnswer

hey jsyk the op of that recent sebastian fanart (le-am/our-ciel or smth) is a sebaciel shipper. u can scroll on their blog and its rlly bad. i found out a few days ago when i saw that art and wanted to rb it and i thought you'd wanna know since ur anti sebaciel too

hey i forgot to check it cause im a huge fucking dumbass idiot and i dont know which one youre talking about but i can promise you im not trynna reblog anything with sebaciel in it

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kurohcrapsuji·9 months agoText

i think at this point im just here to look at pretty drawings of my boys

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kurohcrapsuji·9 months agoPhoto


13 years of age… 13 years a king…

Happy 13th Anniversary Kuroshitsuji!  (^0^)/

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kurohcrapsuji·9 months agoText


if youre adhd/autistic (or both like this dude here) im just here to say you’re NOT annoying me when you scroll through my blog for half an hour (or longer, who cares) and reblog everything you like. doesnt matter if my notes are you and just you for what feels like a mile of scrolling. hyperfcoused on my blog? rad. autism/adhd are your special interests / hyperfixations? amazing. just got stuck in executive dysfunction and you actually have been wanting to do the laundry for two hours but youre still scrolling? i hope you can function that executiveness tm soon but youre amazing too. any other reason? dont worry youre good. thats all i had to say really, but i truly want you all to know this.

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