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kurooscake · 2 days ago

Rhino Beetle

Iwaizumi x Fem!Reader

wc: 1735

Warnings: None! :))

I love Iwa-Chan so much and I just want to show him so love🥺

I hope you guys enjoy the fic🥰

Iwaizumi grunted as he walked alongside Oikawa, who was going on about how “horrible” Kentaro had been at practice the day before. He was more occupied watching how the snow fell gracefully upon the school grounds. 

  “Iwa-chan! Are you even listening?” Oikawa complained when he finally realized his friend wasn’t looking at him. 

  “No, obviously.” Iwaizumi grunted back.

  “You never listen to me, Iwa-chan, as your captain you should—”

  Iwaizumi immediately turned his head when he heard a shriek coming from a few feet behind him. He turned to see you on the ground. He recognized you. Y/n. You were in his class. Of course he knew you, you were beautiful, extremely kind, and one of the top students in the class. You were planted on the ground, with all your belongings scattered around you, while your giggling friends rushed to pick you up. 

  “Iwaaaa! You’re not listening! You break my—” Oikawa turns to see his friend is no longer next to him, so he looks around to find him, smirking at the sight when he finally located him. 

  “You’re so clumsy, Y/n!” One of your friends giggled as she cautiously walked over to you. You gave her a small laugh as you tried to stand, only to fall back down on your butt. Your fiends all started to laugh again until suddenly, they simultaneously stopped. 

  “Excuse me ladies.” You look up to see Iwaizumi Hajime, the ace of the volleyball team, looking at you. 

  “O-oh! Iwaizumi-san! What’s wrong?” Your friend stutters out. He looked at her and then at you. 

  “Are you alright, Y/n-chan?” 

  Your friends look at him in shock. The team’s ace was a pretty intimidating guy. He usually carries a scowl on his face and beats the poor captain. Yet here he is, asking if you were okay. 

  “Yes, I’m okay, just a little fall.” You giggle out nervously. Unlike your friends who found him intimidating, you always thought he was attractive. 

  Iwaizumi extends his hand to you, which you hesitantly take. He lifts you up like it’s nothing, gently putting you back on your feet. Your friends scatter to pick up your belongings. 

  “T-thank you!” You squeal out, not feeling confident enough to look up at his handsome face. He looks at you with a small frown. 

  “You’re afraid of me.” He states. 

  Your head shoots up to see him looking down at you with his arms crossed.

  “W-what?” You look at him with wide eyes.

  He scoffs, “Tch. Sorry I wasn’t Oikawa.” He turns arounds and walks into the school building. You try to call after him but he was already gone.

  Iwaizumi always thought you were smart and really pretty, so when he saw you in need of help he thought it was the perfect opportunity to come to your aid. But you couldn’t even look him in the eyes. He knew he was pretty intimidating, he’s heard the whispers about him. The Scary Ace of Aoba Johsai. He just thought that maybe you’d think he was just a regular guy. You had always been so nice to everyone, but of course you’d think he was scary. You probably liked Oikawa. Who didn’t. 

  “Iwachaaaan! Who was the pretty girl you helped? You have a secret girlfriend, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa wiggled his eyebrows at Iwaizumi.

  “No, Shittykawa. Obviously not.” He scowled. Oikawa cocked his head in confusion, “What do you mean, Iwa-chan?”

  “I mean, why would she like me? All I am is your scary vice captain.” He said through gritted teeth. Oikawa sighed at his best friend, “Not true!” 

  Oikawa had never seen Iwaizumi look so down before, especially not for a girl. He had to fix this. 

  “I’ll see you later, Iwa-chan, i see some of my fans waiting to escort me to class!” Oikawa said. 

  “You better not be late to your class, Trashykawa!” exclaimed Iwaizumi. 

  Oikawa looks over to the opposite side of the hall, he spots you and a friend walking up the stairs. He smirks and saunt his way over to you.

  “Hey pretty ladies!”

  You look up to see Oikawa Toru smirking down at you and your friend.

   “O-oikawa-kun! Good morning!” Your friend stutters out. You playfully roll your eyes, all of your friends had a crush on Oikawa. Sure, he was cute, but you just seemed to like a certain scowling ace.

  “Good morning, Oikawa. Is there something you need?” You greet. 

  He smiles brightly, no doubt making your friend’s heart stop.

  “Well, I’m going to get straight to the point. Are you scared of Iwa-chan?” He asked.

  You widen your eyes in shock. Did Iwaizumi really think you were scared of him? This was a huge misunderstanding, you weren’t scared of him at all! 

  “N-no! Not at all, Oikawa-san! Does he really think that?” You say

  “Yup.” Oikawa nods at you.

  “No, it’s not that I’m scared of him, it’s that… nevermind, just tell him I am so so sorry! I’m not scared of him.” You sigh as you try to walk away.

  Oikawa chuckles, “So you like him.”

  You freeze at his statement. He wasn’t asking you, he was stating it. 

  “You should tell him you’re not afraid of him yourself. Poor guy is in a nasty little funk.” 

  “Maybe you’re right, I’ll tell him after class.” You nod. Maybe Oikawa had a point, you didn’t want to make Iwaizumi feel bad over something that wasn’t true. You just hoped he wasn’t upset with you. 

  “Fantastic! Let me know how that goes!” Oikawa exclaims. 

  “Okay?” You say, confused that he’s so invested in the situation. 

  “Well, class is about to start, catch you later pretty ladies” Oikawa says as he throws a wink to your friend. 

  “I can’t believe The Oikawa Toru talked to us, Y/n! This is the best day of my life!” She squealed.

  “You’re ridiculous.” You mutter out playfully as you walk into your class. 

  You walked into your class, straight to your desk, not catching how Iwaizumi’s eyes wistfully followed you until you reached your seat. He wished you weren’t so afraid of him. You were the only girl he’d ever like this much. Whenever he’d see you, even from a distance, his palms would go all sweaty. He wasn’t sure if he should be relieved or disappointed that he’d never seen you at one of his games. Relieved that he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of you but disappointed that you haven’t seen him in his element. 

   As the class came to an end, you quickly gathered your belongings. You wanted to catch Iwaizumi before he disappeared into the sea of students. You see him get up and walk towards the door.

  “Wait, Iwazumi!” You cling onto his volleyball jacket sleeve.

  You feel him come to a halt, slowly turning around. He looked down at you and raised his brow, “Y/n-chan? What do you want?” He was confused, you were so scared this morning, what did you want?

 “I wanted to apologize.. For this morning, I’m afraid I gave you the wrong impression! I talked to your friend, Oikawa-san, and he told me you were upset, I’m so sorry!” You say bashfully.

 So that’s why you were talking to him. Oikawa probably shot you his signature smile and asked you to apologize to him. And you probably fell for it, too. But he didn’t need your fake apology. Iwaizumi pulled his sleeve out of your grasp, “Whatever.” He grunted. He shot you one more quick glance and started to walk away.

  “Wait, Iwaizumi!” You called after him. He ignored you, almost wanting to return back, your siren-like voice practically begging for him to come back. You look at him, knowing you had to do something, anything, to call him back. As you follow him out to the hallway, you glance down at his bookbag, noticing a dangling keychain.

  “Rhino beetle!” You yell out to him, gathering some strange looks from those who heard you.

  Iwaizumi halts completely, did you just call him a rhino beetle? 

  He turns around to face you, you take the opportunity to quickly jog up to him. 

  “Did you just call me a rhino beetle?” He stares at you incredulously. You give him a little giggle and he feels the world come to a stop. He’s never heard such a beautiful sound. 

  “No, I mean the little rhino beetle on your bookbag.” You said while trying to hold in your laugh. He looks down at his beetle keychain. Oh.

  “Oh… You know about the rhinoceros beetle?” He asked. 

  You nod, “Yeah! Honestly, I think they’re a little cute, like little tiny baby rhinos.”

  You thought an insect was… cute? Iwaizumi wanted to marry you right then and there.

  “Iwaizumi, I’m not afraid of you, by the way. I never was afraid of you. You do make me nervous, but not because I’m scared.” You confess.

  “You make me a little nervous, too.” He responds while scratching the back of his neck.

  “Why?” You give him a small smile.

  Iwaizumi blushes a little, “Well, you’re very.. Uh.. pretty and you’re smart. Your intelligence is really admirable.”

  “I think you’re very pretty, too… wait no, not pretty, uh… attractive.” You let out a small cough to cover up your embarrassment. 

  Iwaizumi smiles at you. It must be his lucky day. 

  “Hey, do you want to maybe come to my place after practice? I have a book of different insect species we can read about… if you want?” He asks you.

  You smile up at him, “Sure, that sounds like fun! But on one condition?” You respond.

  “What’s the condition?” He asked, a little wary of your condition. 

  “Can I watch you practice? If that’s not too weird!” You ask.

  You wanted to watch him practice? Oh, he’ll definitely be at his absolute best today.

  “Yeah, you can definitely come watch. I’ll.. um.. spike pretty hard for you.”

  “You better!” You laugh.

  He chuckles along with you, “Oh, I definitely will.”

  You both walk in a comfortable silence towards the cafeteria until you both heard someone running up behind you. 

  “Oh, Iwa-chaaan! What’s all this?” Oikawa asks while getting in between you both, wrapping his arms over both of your shoulders.

  “Damn you, Shittykawa! Why don’t you go bother someone else?!” Iwaizumi yells as he smacks his friend’s head. You just giggle and roll your eyes. No matter how scary Iwaizumi tried to be, you’d always find him absolutely adorable. He really was a rhino beetle after all.

✨Request are open for fics, hcs, and scenarios! ✨

Please don’t steal my work :)

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kurooscake · 2 days ago

Dropping a fic later today hehe 😌

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kurooscake · 17 days ago

My Amajiki plushie has arrived 🥰🥰 just waiting for Oikawa now 😌

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kurooscake · 18 days ago

yummy love | Beelzebub

Chapter Sixteen: I love you.

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Last chapter 🥺 I’m low key emotional, but let me know if you guys want another text/smau and with who :)

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BeelY/n forever

Yes Satan, ignore it sweetie

I really really hope you guys liked yummy love as much as I did, please let me know if you’d all want another smau :)

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kurooscake · 21 days ago


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kurooscake · 22 days ago

Me sitting here waiting for my plushies to ship

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kurooscake · 23 days ago


Megumi x Fem!Reader

Based of the song pov by Ariana Grande! Currently in love with her album 😌

Requested by my cool anon 😎 @kenmathepuddinhead 💘I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you for requesting it, I had a great time writing it, definitely made me go soft hehe

I wrote it towards Megumi bc bby boy needs some love and affirmation 🥺💘



The minute he heard his name, he knew exactly who it was.


You never seemed to leave him alone. But it’s not like he minds, the way you dote on him makes him feel all warm inside. A feeling he once hated. He used to avoid you at all costs and when he couldn’t, he’d tell you to leave him alone. But he saw his attempts to make you hate him were futile, he allowed you to be around him. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world to let a pretty girl bring him lunches and compliment him.

“Hello, Y/n.”

You smiled at him and join him on the small wall he was sitting on. Boy, was he a sucker for your smile.

“Hi Megumi! I brought you a bento, Yuji told me you didn’t lunch. You’re in big trouble, mister.” You take out the bento and slide it next to him, “Your punishment is that you have to eat this entire bento!”

He snorted, “Isn’t this more of a reward than a punishment?”

“No” You shake your head, “because I didn’t make your onigiri into a puppy shape this time!”

He opens the bento box, seeing a puppy shaped rice ball. He quirks his eyebrow at you with a small smirk.

“Okay, okay! I couldn’t help myself… you deserve it, after all.”

“I don’t.” Megumi says before taking a big bite of the food you had prepared for him.

“You do.”

“I don’t.”

“You do!”

“No I don’t.”

“Megumi, eat your food your food.” You pout. He chuckles, knowing you’re trying to suppress a smile.

“Relax, I’m almost done.”

You both sit in a comfortable silence until he finished his food.

“Uh.. thank you Y/n. It was.. good.” He mutters at you.

“No problem, Megumi!” You beam.

Megumi looks at you, seeing you only an inch or two away from him. You looked so comfortable and happy to be next to him.

It’s like you don’t care about what he’s capable of. But you have always seen through his tough and serious exterior like if he were made of glass. But why? Why do you see through him? Why do you bother to get to know him?

“Y/n.” Megumi’s mouth reacts before his brain does.

“Yes, Megumi?”

He clears his throat, “Why are you here?”

“To make sure you ate, silly!” You smile.

You were making this impossible for him. Why do you have to look so damn adorable all the time?

“No, I mean… why are you always here, with me” He pauses, before continuing “Why do you even care about me? Why do you stick around me, when you could be with your friends or… with someone else?”

He looks over for a second, to see your reaction, your silence scaring him. He sees your smile drop. He’s done it. He messed up whatever you two had. Why’d he have to say something? He could have just lived in an ignorant bliss, never knowing why you stick around him.

“Megumi.” You say in a small but serious tone. It causes him to look back at you, even if he dreads your reaction.

“Megumi… I care about you. A lot. And you tend to distance yourself a lot, not only from your friends but from reality in general. Your only focus is saving and helping those in need— there’s nothing wrong with that! But you tend the put yourself last and that’s not healthy. You’re amazing, Megumi Fushiguro. Like really amazing and I—“

“No I’m not.” He interrupts.

“Yes you are. Don’t interrupt me.” You scold before continuing, “Look… what I’m trying to say is… You mean so much to me, Megumi and I trust you. With my life. And I want to show you how much I care… And maybe one day you can finally show yourself.”

His eyes widen and his brain shuts down. He means a lot to you? Before he could even ask any more questions, he feels your arms wrapped around his waist. Megumi feels like his heart is going to explode with the amount of happiness that is coursing through him right now.

“You look very cute when you blush, Megumi.” You smirk.

Megumi scoffs, “Shut up, I’m not blushing.”

You giggle as you let go of him. He has the biggest smile on his face. Well, the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face.

“Y/n, I… Well, you mean a lot to me… More than my friends, actually. Way more than my friends, they’re kinda dumb anyway. So are you, a little bit. But I like you… More than I like them. Am I doing this right?”

You smile at him, “Not at all, but points for trying! And if it helps, I like you too. Eat more than anyone else.”

He grins at you before wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “How do manage to touch my soul from the outside?”

“I don’t know, I’m just so great.” You say as you pretend to flip your hair.

“Yeah, yeah. Come on, I’ll walk you to your dorm.” Megumi smirks as he leads you to your dorm, “Oh by the way, Y/n?”

“Yeah?” You reply.

“You’re the cute one.” He loves the way your cheeks instantly heat up. He definitely wants to see you like this more often. It’s a need he never knew he needed.

In the time he’s known you, you’ve managed to not only make him fall for you, but let his ego shatter. In this moment, he promises himself to love you, even if he’s scared, because no ones ever loved him like you do.

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kurooscake · 24 days ago

yummy love | Beelzebub

Chapter Fifteen: I love you!

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Note: I was supposed to post this a few minutes ago but as I was copying it I accidentally deleted it and I almost had a panic attack but I got it back and I’m okay 😊 I am so sad that the next chapter of yummy love is the last one, thank you all for the love you’ve shown me and the fic, I love you all 💘 ALSO! I’m posting a Megumi fic tomorrow, it’s super fluffy ahhh can’t wait for you guys to read it!!

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“You look amazing, Y/n!” Asmo squeals as you look at yourself in the mirror. Asmo really did go all out. You look incredible, even if it was just casual wear.

“Thank you, Asmo. You really outdid yourself!”

Asmo smiled at you, “What time will he pick up?” He asked. You glanced at your D.D.D, 6:50.

“Like 10 minutes… Asmo, I’m super nervous!” You sigh as you flop onto your bed. What if Beel changed his mind? What if you embarrassed yourself or something?

“Y/n, get up! I just styled your hair!” Asmo huffs at you, “And there’s no reason to be nervous! Beel is going to love the way you look. I mean, you could wear a potato sack and Beel would still love you! But it’s not about your look… isn’t it?”

You shake your head. “What if he realizes that he could do better than me? What if he gets bored of me?” You sigh.

Asmo takes a deep breath, “That would never happen! Because it’s simply not true. Y/n, you’re great— amazing even. You have changed all of us. You made us feel like a family again. You did that. You don’t even know the power you possess. Beel would never stop loving you. I mean that dummy’s head over heels for you and he’s never loved anyone but us. If he loves you, it’s because he knows how beautiful and special you are. Y/n! No stop crying! You’re going to get all puffy!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” You giggle while gently wiping off your tears. “How do I look?” You ask.

“Perfect. Beel won’t know what hit him!” Asmo smiles, “Now come here.”

Asmo pulls you into a gentle hug. Ever since you came down to the Ddevildom, the brothers have made you feel nothing short of special. You might of changed their lives but little did they know… they changed yours too.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you hear a loud knock at your door, the loud noise causing you to jump away from Asmo.

“Lover boy is here. You ready?” Asmo asks you.

“Absolutely not… I feel a little nauseous.” You pout. Asmo laughs, “You’ll be fine! Now go to your bathroom.”

“Wait why do I have to go to the bathroom?!” You whisper-yelled at Asmo as he shoved you into your bathroom.

“It’s for the suspense, duh!” He whisper-yelled back at you, “I’ll get the door!”

He shut the bathroom door and went to open your bedroom door.

“Oh, Y/n, I thought you had changed your mind about— Asmo?” Beel looks down confusingly at his older brother. Why was Asmo in your room right your date?

“Oh relax, little brother! I was just helping Y/n prepare for your date. No need to get all jealous! Come on out, Y/n!” Asmo giggled.

Beel scoffed, “I’m not jeal… ous” Beel trails off as he sees you come out the bathroom. He always knew you were beautiful, but damn.

“Hi Beel.” You smiled up at him. He felt his knees go weak with the cute little bashful smile you gave him.

“Y/n… you look beautiful. Very beautiful.”

You feel your cheeks heat up. Geez, Beel could tell you a simple math equation and you’d still blush. You really have it bad.

“You look very good, Beel!” You yelled, “I’m sorry! I mean you look very nice, too.”

Beel laughs when he sees your frazzled face, “Thank you, sweetheart. Are you ready to go?” He asks while extending his hand. You feel like you can’t speak so you just nod and eagerly take his hand in yours.

As you both begin to leave your room, you turn back to Asmo and wave at him with your other hand.

“Bye, sweetheart. Have fun!” Asmo teases as he slowly closes your door. You roll your eyes and flip him off. A bad habit you’ve picked up from Mammon. You hear him fake gasp as you and Beel walk down the stairs.

“Sooo, where are we going?” You ask Beel as you guys walk out the House.

“You’ll see. Are you scared of motorcycles?” Beel asks you.

“Motorcycles? No, not really… why?”

Beel leads you to gate, where you see a dark blue and orange motorcycle parked.

“Well, I don’t have the best wings for flying, so Lucifer gave me this when he first came here. I guess he also knew I really liked seeing humans ride on bikes like this so he saw it as a win win… you don’t mind?”

You shake your head, “I don’t. Just be careful, yeah?”

“Of course, I have precious cargo.” He laughs as he passes you a helmet. You put it on with a small smirk, Asmo would kill you if he saw you right now. He’d say you ruined his hard work.

Beel gets on the bike and starts it. You stare at him for a second. You didn’t think he could get more attractive but he just proved you completely wrong.

“Well? You coming?” He smirks at you. You nod, and climb up behind him. You wrap you arms around his waist.

“Hold on tight!” He shouts as he revs the bike and kicks up the kickstand.

“Beel!” You yelp as you squeeze his waist tighter. You hear him chuckle.

He drives for a few minutes before he turns into a small park. The park was surprisingly full.

When Beel steps off the bike, he gently grabs your waist, picks you up, then sets you down in front of him.

“Beel! I could have gotten down.” You yelp.

“I know, I just wanted an excuse to touch you.” He grins at you, his hands still on your waist.

You take off your helmet and you fix your hair, “You know, I kind of like this cocky side of you.” You giggle.

Beel smiles, “Really? Good, because I didn’t think it was working.”

“Have you been trying to act all confident for me?” You asked.

“More like.. I’m trying to be more confident. For you.”

You smile, “Beelzebub. I like you just the way you are. I do like your confident side, but if it’s too much, be you. I like you, anyway.”

Beel blushes and pulls you to his chest by your waist.

“Thank you, Y/n. But just knowing that you love me makes me the cockiest demon in the Devildom.” He smirks.

You scoff, “Hey hey, I never said anything about love!”

“But you do!” Beel’s laugh was always so contagious, you had no choice but to laugh along with him.

He pulls away from you and lead you into the park. You see some demons sitting on the ground chatting, others playing sports, and the younger ones playing at the playground.

“Beel?” You ask him as you both take a seat on the ground.

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“Not that I’m complaining but what are we doing here?” You ask.

He points to the dark sky, “You’ll see in a moment.”

You look up at the sky and for a moment you notice nothing. If you seconds later the dark sky is illuminated by exploding flashes of different colors. It’s such a beautiful sight, you can’t help but smile and turn back to Beel.

“Beel! It’s so pretty! But why?”

Beel laughs at how loud you have to speak. “It’s a Devildom holiday today!” He yells back. You turn back to the sky watching the beautiful fireworks display. Beel, however, continues to stare at you. You might’ve thought the sky was a pretty sight, but he thought you were the best looking thing he’s ever seen.

“You’re beautiful.” He mutters to you.

“What?” You yell at him, not hearing him well enough.

“You’re beautiful! And I love you!” He yells back.

You smile up at him, I love you too!”

Beel’s eyes widen for a second. You said you loved him. You actually said you loved him. You didn’t say you thought you did, like the last time. He feels his heart swell with pure joy. He gently grasps you face with his hand, slowly pulling you in, slowly enough to give you a chance to back out if you didn’t want this. But you didn’t back out. Instead, you flutter your eyes closed and slowly lean in until both your lips touched. His kiss was full of love and passion. It felt like forever kissing Beel. But it was a forever you’d happily be stuck in. You let out a small whine when he reluctantly pulls away.

“Y/n… be mine… please? I want to do that forever.” Beel sighs happily.

“Of course, Beel. But you realize I’ve always been yours, right?” You giggle.

Beel smiles and pulls you onto his lap.

“And I’ve always been yours.” He says before pulling you down, kissing you passionately. You’ve never felt like you belonged anywhere, but in this moment you knew you were meant to be here with Beel.

“I…love… you!” He mumbles in between kisses.

You giggled, “I love you too!”

“Say it again.” He laughs.

“I said I love you!” You laugh as he hugs you tightly.

You lean your head on his chest and hug him back. You both never wanted to let go.

Suddenly, you hear a low growl coming from Beel’s stomach. You slowly pull away, giggling at the sound.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I thought I ate enough to last until we got back.” He sighs.

“Aw Beel! Let’s go back so you can eat.” You tell him, standing up.

“No, I feel like I’m ruining our date.” He pouts.

“We can continue it at the House! I’ll even cook for you~”

He quickly stand ups up, “I love you!” He smiles brightly. You smile back, “I love you too. Now let’s go back, your stomach growls are starting to get peoples attention!”


Asmo is such a bestie 🥰

Beel on a bike ??? We stan 😳

I want a Beel 🥺

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kurooscake · 28 days ago

I’m at work and all I can think about is Bokuto 🥺🥺

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kurooscake · 29 days ago

yummy love | Beelzebub

Chapter Fourteen: Don’t blackmail me, pretty boy

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

My requests are open, if you want to send one please do so!! 🥰

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Mammon your heart is showing :)

Beel giving Y/n them 🦋🦋🦋

Levi is so cute aww 🥺

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kurooscake · a month ago

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that i think your so gorgeous!!! I love your glasses 🥰 and you have the same hair as me!

Curly hair squad !! 😄

Thank you so much ☺️ I’m not really used to compliments so thank you!! 💘

And funny story about my glasses, they’re broken right now 😂 there’s only one leg, so I’m only wearing them now to type hehe

Lots of love ❤️ stay safe!

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kurooscake · a month ago

Having a crush on a soft girl


I’m an absolute simp for guys who’d ruin my life hehe 🥰

Definitely send in requests for more hcs or fics, I’m currently writing a Megumi fic 😉


  • First, he’s surprised you like him too
  • You are just so sweet
  • And so so pretty
  • As much as he goes around dripping confidence, he actually gets nervous when it’s just you and him
  • He can fake it until he makes it if his friends or your friends are around
  • Because you’re an angel !!
  • And he knows he can be very harsh
  • So he really does try to be nice
  • But when he tries to tell you “You look beautiful”
  • He actually says “Why do you look like that?”
  • When he hears what he said he will grant himself and walk away pretty quickly before you could see he was embarrassed
  • You’re like “????”
  • He loves that fact you wear soft colors
  • It’s a contrast to his wardrobe
  • Your giggles are like symphonies to him
  • You just make him WEAK

You just got ready to go out with the rest of the girls from 1A when you get a text from Uraraka.

Are you ready? We’re all meeting in the living room 😊

You replied that you were on your way then grabbed your bag and walked out your dorm room. You hear your entire class downstairs as you descend to the living room. I wonder what the guys will do while we’re away you think. Especially Bakugo. He tends to keep to himself a lot and doesn’t socialize. You like to talk to him, he’s definitely rough around the edges but there’s something about him you just can’t explain. Hagakure had told you it’s your crush on him that makes you think someone so mean was special. Maybe. You just knew he was special to you.

“Whoa there, Y/n! Don’t go stealing others guys’ hearts, we’re all you need!” Kaminari jokes.

“Ha ha, very funny Denks” You playfully roll your eyes. As you laugh along with what Kaminari was saying, you miss the way Bakugo looks at you with such softness and adoration. You looked so beautiful with all those soft colors you constantly wore. They made you look like an angel. Bakugo’s soft look disappears instantly when he notices you have turned around and looked at him.

Here’s your chance, man, everyone’s leaving the room. Tell her she looks beautiful he thinks to himself.

“Why do you look like that?” He grunts out.

You blink at him, “W-what?”

You can hear the girls behind you giggling. You just can’t imagine what’s so funny about your crush saying you look weird.

“Nothing.” He grunts and walks past you, heading to his dorm.

You turn around, “Girlies! What’s so funny?” You pout.

“Y/n, sweetie. It’s so obvious he has a crush on you!” Mina giggles. You shake your head. “He literally just said I looked weird, Mina. I don’t think you tell someone you like that they look weird.” You frown.

Mina sighs, “Sweetie, he obviously got nervous when you looked at him. I personally think he wanted to say something nice. Right girls?” All the girls nodded along. “He’s just dumb. And he’s probably beating himself up as we speak.” Jiro says.

You nod slowly. Maybe they were right. Or maybe you just want them to be right.

“Go check on him. We’ll bring you back food, we promise!” Mina tells you as she playfully shoves you.

“Okay, but you better bring me back some food, Mina!” You laugh. You watch them leave, then quickly remember why you stayed back. You run into the elevator. Once you get to the right floor, you get off the elevator hesitantly.

What if he doesn’t like you? What if you embarrass yourself right now?

Only one way to find out. You knock on Bakugo’s door.

“Hey, what do you idiots want!?” He yells as he opens the door. His eyes widen as he realizes it was just you. “Y/n?”

“Uh hi! C-can I come in?” You stutter out. He says nothing but opens the door wider so you can enter. You walk in and stand silently by the door.

“You can sit, you know.”

You nod softly and sit on his desk chair. You look at him and suddenly your plan fades away. How can you concentrate when he looks so cute! He has the cutest little pout on his cute little face. You could barely hear him calling you as you stare into his eyes.

“Y/n. Hey! I’m talking to you!”

“Oh sorry, Bakugo! You just looked really cute just now!” You giggle.

His cheeks heat up instantly, he quickly turns his head so you don’t notice.

“Just now?”

“What?” You ask.

“I looked… cute, only just now?” He asks.

“Well, I think you look cute every day, especially when you’re yelling! I don’t know why I said tha—“

“Why?” He cuts you off. He couldn’t believe that you thought he looked attractive. No way you did.

“I don’t know, you’re just very pretty” you sigh.

“Pretty?” He chuckles lowly.

“Yes!” You giggle.

“Well, I think…” Bakugo gets up from his spot the bed and walks to you and bends down to your level, “I think you are absolutely gorgeous.” He says whispers in your ear.

You can feel your heart ready to explode. No way this is happening. You’re going to definitely have to thank Mina.

“You do?” You squeak out.

“Mhm. And you look so pretty, with nowhere to go. Let’s change that, shall we?” He smirks.

Your blush intensifies and you nod up at him.

“Good girl. Let’s go.”

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kurooscake · a month ago

Ahhhh omg you’re beautiful! Thank you for showing us! 🥺 I go simp in peace now

ME ?? BEAUTIFUL ?? 😳😳 ashdfdsk thank you !! 🥺🥺 you’re too kind omg ily !!! 💘

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kurooscake · a month ago

I’m just going to drop this here and leave 🏃🏻‍♀️

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kurooscake · a month ago

Hi! An anon who loves your writing I just want you to know that all of your followers love you and it’s ok to take breaks ❤️ You’re important and you deserve the best! Have a wonderful day/night

Wow thank you so so much 🥺 I’m so grateful for all of you guys and I love you all too, you guys keep me sane! I’ll definitely remember to take breaks more frequently, thank you! 💘💘

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kurooscake · a month ago

yummy love | Beelzebub

Chapter Thirteen: I SAID I THINK

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple days I just needed a break, my mental health has not been the best because of my job. I don’t like my supervisor, she makes my life so difficult and I don’t get any respect bc I’m one of the youngest there buuut it is what it is 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve been writing a lot due to the stress, so I have a lot of things coming up! Tomorrow I’ll be posting two hcs and all the ships requests that have been submitted will be posted no later than Monday! Thank you guys for the compliments I’ve been getting, they’ve definitely helped me 🥰🥰 lots of love 💗

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Lucifer is a BeelY/n stan 😌

Bold Beel !!!

Not relevant but I want nuggets :(

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kurooscake · a month ago

Hi! I was wondering if you can do a obey me matchup / ship (if your requests aren't open you can ignore this) I'm about 5'6 ft tall, I have dark brown hair and blue eyes, and I love cats, and playing minecraft. I'm also extremely shy around people I don't know but more comfortable with people I know. I absolutely love playing video games and some good jokes. hope this is enough info for you!

My requests are almost always open! 😄

I didn’t know what pronouns you preferred so I try to make this as gender neutral as possible buuut I really hope you like it!

I ship you with…


* You love video games ??? 😳

* Well guess what ? Levi loves you!

* He loves that you guys have a lot in common

* One day he caught you playing Minecraft

* Levi was shook

* “Wooooah what’s that!?”

* Confused gamer noises

* You explain the game to him and ask him if he wants to play

* He nodded enthusiastically

* Now he’s hooked too lmao

* He will definitely introduce you to devildom video games

* You two cuddle and play video games all night

* Please go to sleep 🥺

* He loves your dark hair and blue eyes combo

* He says your dark hair makes your eyes pop and he can’t help but get lost in them

* Even though he’s shy, he will compliment you constantly

* I’ll call you beautiful or angel because that’s what you are to him

* A beautiful angel

* His beautiful angel🥺

* He still can’t believe you love him please constantly reassure him

* Will buy you cat plushies

* A LOT of cat plushies

* When he notices that you’re starting to get nervous or shy in public, he’ll grab your hand and caress it 😭

* Of course he’s also very nervous too but you’re his priority so he’ll put his anxiety aside for yours any day of the week

* Loves your height because even though you’re not short, he still towers over you

* It makes him feel like he can protect you

* Because this boy smitten for you

* Like head over heels

* Even though he’s new to love, he knows that he loves you and he knows you’re his soulmate

* Thinks of marrying you at least twice a day anand can’t wait for that day to finally come 💘

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kurooscake · a month ago

Can I have a match up for Obey Me? :) And congrats on your follower count! ❤ I'm 160cm tall girl with medium length wavy brown hair. My hobbies are writing, reading and knitting....at the moment that is. I'm very curious and love to try new things so some of my hobbies change a lot (I have tried painting and playing the ukulele before haha). Stylewise I love to wear sweaters and skirts/dresses and I have been told I look like a librarian in a good way? My friends and family describe me as someone who is loyal, kind and funny and someone who they turn to when they want to have fun. I have been told I'm smart because I know a lot about different topics but I'm not sure if it's true haha. My favorite way to spend time is reading/writing but I also love baking and cuddling with my cat. Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you so much!! Of course you can!! 💘 Aww don’t worry my style is pretty similar and my friends tease me saying that I look like an anime character hehe

This person jumped out to me the most, I really hope you like your ship! ☺️

I ship you with…


Here’s why:

* You and Lucifer have similar interests but your personalities are completely different

* you’re kind and loves to have fun

* He’s more stoic and serious

* Plus you like trying new things

* He tends to like to stick to the things he already likes

* But please introduce him to new things

* He’ll tell you he’s not really interested in learning new things

* But when you’re both doing activities together he always gets so into it

* He can’t help it though he loves to see your eyes light up when you try new things and he only wants you to be happy

* He soft for you okay 🥺

* Believe it or not he loves how fun you are

* He loves that he doesn’t have to play “big brother” in front of you

* He can just let loose and do anything with you without a single care

* “I’m starting to believe you’ve become a bad influence on me”

* And he says it with a smirk 😏


* Lucifer love your style!

* He thinks you’re so gorgeous

* He said 🥰

* Loves it because you are a perfect mix of beautiful and classy

* His words exactly

* Definitely calls you my love

* He’ll use it regularly, just with different tones

* So it’ll either be “Thank you for listening, my love” or “My love… what did you do?”

* Either way, he’ll always address you as my love

* Because that’s what you are, the love of his life

* And he’d be damned if he doesn’t show you that every day of your life

* He loves cuddling with you and just talking about a ton of different topics

* He especially loves lazy days where you can both just lay on his couch and talk while he runs his fingers through your hair

* It soothes him

* Will happily bake with you! ☺️

* No just nitpick everything so please be patient with him lmaoo

* And if you do get sick of him and tell him to go sit down he’ll be really pouty

* He just wants everything to be perfect

* Lucifer loves your loyal personality the most

* He’s a little insecure on the inside so having someone who will always stay around just for him genuinely makes him happy

* He’s big on loyalty himself so he’s just glad to have found someone who shares that trait with him

* You make him feel alive again and he knows you’re the one he wants to spend his life with 💘

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kurooscake · a month ago

Hi hi! Can i please have an obey me matchup, if you're not too busy I'm sorry!! Im an autistic 17 year old trans male, 5'7 with dyed pink hair. I was in an abusive house hold for years, so i want to be protected! I have an eating disorder so im really insecure, especially about my thighs. Im seen as the baby of the group, kind and sweet and innocent. i love to draw, write, and sing! I love animals, and im a people pleaser. i have a hard time saying no, snd im loyal no matter what! But im also a huge air head, which comes with trusting people too easily. i don't get math or science, but my special interests are history and music! I dont like conflict or arguing, but I'll stand up for my friends!!! Thabk you so much please have a great day!

I’m never too busy for my followers! 😄 I hope you’re in a way better situation sweetie! I’ll protect you! 😾👊🏻

I’m the mom of my friend group so I have an automatic soft spot for you already 🥺

I really hope you like your ship!

I ship you with…


* OKAY so Mammon absolutely loves you

* How could he not? you’re so precious!

* The moment he laid his eyes on you he knew he was a goner

* The beautiful pink color in your hair and the sweet, innocent look in your eyes captivated him immediately

* He just wanted to hold you tight and never let go

* But he’d never say that out loud

* What a tsun tsun 🙄

* When you told him what you’ve gone through, he was furious

* He actually cried because who would ever even think to hurt you?

* Every insult he’s ever gotten from his brothers and peers no longer matter

* All that mattered was you

* All he wanted to do was protect you

* He couldn’t care less about what anyone else thought of him

* Because the way you looked up to him and defended him made him happier than he’s ever been in his entire life

* You’re truly an angel

* Every night he tells you that he loves you

* He wants you to never forget how much he loves you

* He will shower you with compliments

* Be prepared

* You could just be sitting at your desk and he come up to you

* “Oi! You’re looking very handsome there, baby!”

* You just blink up at him like “I’m just sitting here ???”

* Then he’d go on a rant about how you just look so attractive doing anything

* Mammon loves to hear you sing

* With the right amount of persuasion, he’ll sing along with you

* He’ll definitely ask you to sing him to sleep

* Will slow dance with you

* He’s not that bad

* Loves to watch you draw

* The first art piece you drew for him is in his wallet

* He cherishes it more than his credit card

* He’ll always be around you when you’re around new people

* He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of you

* When you talk to him about history he’ll listen intently and nod along even though he has no idea what you’re talking about

* He’s trying 🥺

* He just loves the bright look in your eyes when you get passionate about it

* Mammon’s just absolutely so in love with you and even if he isn’t the brightest or the strongest, he’ll fight for you until his last breath

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kurooscake · a month ago

yummy love | Beelzebub

Chapter Twelve: That cheeky bitch

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Hey everyone!!😊 I’m alive! Hiii! I am so sorry I’ve been swamped with assignments and I have officially gone back to work :(( but here’s the new chapter and tomorrow I will be posting all ship hcs that have been done and ready and a new hc! Yay! 🤗 Also currently working on two fics and they should be posted by the end of the week! Thank you guys for the patience! Lots of love! 💘💘💘💘

Previous | Next

You ran to the courtyard, still confused as to why Beel said he was running to you. Maybe he meant he wanted you to come to him? He told you to stay put, could that have meant that he was coming to you? But why would he come to you if he was injured? You put your D.D.D back in your pocket as you approached the courtyard.


You hear Beel call your name when you enter the courtyard and see Beel running in your direction but you stop and notice the courtyard.

There’s a table and lights everywhere.

“Beel… you’re not… hurt?” You huff out as you put your hands on your knees to control your breathing. Beel doesn’t respond, instead he walks up to you and grabs your face with his hands and gently tugs your head up. His eyes dart around you, examining your body for any injuries. You can feel your cheeks heat up at the lack of space between you both. The butterflies in your stomach don’t help out either.

“Beel?” You squeak out as he gently caresses your cheeks. He gazes into your eyes for a brief second before speaking up.

“You’re okay. I’m so glad.” Beel’s arm finally leave your face as he grabs your waist, “Can I please hug you?”

You blink up at him for a moment before nodding slowly. He pulls you into his arms and places his head on top of yours. You close your eyes. Some for some reason, it just felt right. It felt natural, it felt like this was were you both belonged. Maybe, just maybe.. it was.

“I’m glad you’re okay, too. I was scared when I found out you got hurt.” You sigh.

He cocks his head, “But I’m not hurt.. I was told you were hurt?”

“I’m not hurt.. who told you that?” You asked Beel, reluctantly pulling away from the hug.

“Belphie… who told you I was hurt?”

You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose, “Mammon..”

Beel grunted, as if saying of course. You look at the scene in front of you. A table for two?

Oh no.

“Wait a damn minute is this—“ You were cut off by your D.D.D ringing. You take it out of your pocket and check the Caller ID.


“Hello Y/n~” you hear as you press the answer button. That cheeky bitch.

“Asmodeus. Explain, now.”

You here him giggling through the phone, “Of course, darling! Put me on speaker and I’ll answer your questions!”

You’re scared to follow his order. What if he says something embarrassing? What if he tells Beel how you feel?

“Y/n~ I’m waiting!”

You sigh and press the speaker button, “You’re on speaker.”

“Good! Now, I want you both to enjoy a nice dessert together and hopefully you both understand how much you love each other by the end of the night! Bye, lovebirds!” Asmo squeals before hanging up. You and Beel look at each other, cheeks red hot. You don’t know what to say, you always knew Beel had an extra soft spot for you and come on, look at him, of course you had one for him. With the way that he looks under all the string lights and the glow of the moon you can’t help but give in to his brothers’ antics even if it only lasted for one night.

Beel notices all your features glow up under the moon. He’s always known you were beautiful, extremely beautiful, but the way you look right now, with a cute blush on your cheeks, he knew it was now or probably never.

“Do you… maybe… want to have dessert with me?” He asks, looking down. He couldn’t look at your face, especially with his fear of your rejection. You smile softly, “S-sure.”

You both walk over to the table and as you’re reaching for your chair, Beel stops you. “No, wait, allow me Y/n” he says as he grabbed your chair and pulled it out for you. You can feel your face getting hotter and hotter by the minute. As you sit down, you look at the table, at what Asmo has laid out. He really has outdone himself. Too bad you’re gonna have to kill him after this.

“This looks delicious!” Beel’s mouth can’t stop watering at the sight of the cake. His two favorite things, just a couple feet away from him. You and food. That’s when he decides that yes, those are his favorite things and yes, in that specific order.

You both start eating silently but you start feeling nervous, you feel like you can’t eat anymore or you’ll be sick. When you hear Beel speak up, you look at him.

“Yes Beel?” You look up to see him looking at you, then at your cake, then back to you.

“Are you okay? Am I making you uncomfortable? Do you want me to leave… do you want to leave?” He sputters out. You giggle, “N-no! No really, I’m having a good time! I just can’t find the right thing to say but no, I don’t want you to leave and I don’t want to leave.” You reach over the table and grab his hand.

What is going on with you, where is this boldness coming from?

“Really? You want to stay with me? Are you sure?”

“Yes” You smiled brightly up at him, “Yes I’m 110% sure”

He chuckles, “Isn’t it just 100% or do humans count differently?”

You shake your head, “No we say 100% too but I am just 110% sure about you.”

Beel feels his heart stop right then and there. You are 110% sure about him. If that’s the case, he’s 120% sure about you. You couldn’t get any more perfect than you are right now.

“Beel?” You ask him.

He looks at you so you know that he is acknowledging you, “Y-yes, Y/n?”

You slide over the half eaten cake, “Do you want the rest of my cake? It’s really delicious but I’m not really hungry at the moment.”

“I love you” He blurts out.

You feel the butterflies in your stomach come back in tenfold. He loves you? He loves you!

When you stay silent, it dawns on him what he said. “W-wait, Y/n! I’m sorry that I made things awkward! I’m so sorry, I can go… yeah I’ll go!”

He starts to stand up but you grab his hand and pull him back down.

“Beel, I already told you I don’t want you to go.”

With the beautiful smile you gave him, he’s suddenly not hungry anymore. For once, he just feel satisfied. No need for anything else.

“Oh! You do? You want me to stay? Okay! I can do that, I can stay!” Beel says as he sits back down.

You look at him. He’s probably waiting for a response… but what if you give him the wrong one? What if you hurt him? You can’t do that, he’s so precious! Plus he just told you that he loves you. He loves you! What the hells can you say to him?

“Beel..” You start.

Beel feels his heart drop. Here it is, the moment he knew would always come. The moment where you would realize that you were too good for him and you could do way better. He can practically feel his heart shatter.

“I think I love you too.”


Beelzebub, king of consent !! We Stan !! 👑

Rip Amso lmao 🪦

I love plot twists hehe 😌

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