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John Boyega wants to play Jason??? Oh godddd plsss this will be the softest boy in the whole world plssssssssss

I can’t imagine that man angsting. But I want to see him yell at Ben Affleck or Robert Pattinson really baddd plssss

god the power that John would have as Jason. He has the range; I’d kill for this casting

I had to very quickly show or stress how much I need this 🔥🔥🔥

You thought I was done. FOOLS!!! I need this and I need it now.

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I love it when the little kids I’m teaching online have complete and total misconceptions of what’s going on. So far, I’ve encountered the following:

1. I had been teaching a little girl for several months, when one day she said to me: “My mother says you’re a real person, not an app. If you’re a real person, show me your husband.”

2. I was about to end a class, but the little girl I was teaching didn’t want the class to end. She turned to her mom and asked if she could please watch one more episode. Turns out she was under the impression that I was a very interactive TV program.

3. I couldn’t find my marker in class today. The boy I was teaching was like, “What’s your apartment number? I’ll come up and help you find it!” The boy lives in China and I live in the United States. I guess most people he knows live in the same building as him, so he assumed I did too.

4. I had been teaching a kid for quite some time when I mentioned my age in class. She was like, “Wait, you’re an adult????” She’d thought I was twelve.

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sketchin’ some outfits for modern toph!

is she… y’know… [mimes being the greatest earthbender who ever lived]

[ID: three colored digital drawings of toph, all with the same light green background. in the first drawing she’s standing, wearing a green tank top over a black sports bra, a green headband tied and tucked behind her bangs, dark green drop-crotch trousers, combat boots and one lime green sock, one grey sock on which the letters ‘YKE’ are visible. she’s flipping an unseen person off with one hand and holding iced coffee in the other, and her underarm and leg hair are visible. in the second drawing she’s sitting, arms braced on her legs. she’s wearing a green bandana, a white shirt that says ‘who all’s gay here’ under a dark green button down shirt with pale yellow stripes, ripped jeans, and birkenstock sandals. she’s casually holding a white cane. in the third drawing she has one arm stretched across her chest and is wearing a a green bandana, a ripped green cropped tank top that says ‘badger moles’, as well as dark green boxing shorts with the earth kingdom emblem in the waistband. she’s wearing green and white boxing shoes and has both hands wrapped in boxing tape. her leg hair is visible and she’s smirking. End ID.]

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A Naoki Urasawa’s Monster Ajin AU drawing for an anniversary I’m a part of and a MonsterxAjin collaboration with @nocturnal-knock whose also has his own take on the MonsterxAjin prompt. 

In this AU Grimmer is an ajin. Ajin are immortal and ppl typically find out they’re one when they’ve died. Ajin are generally treated terribly so people generally hide this fact if they can help it. Otherwise they can be subject to human trafficking (for their organs) or placed under government ‘care’.

In this particular AU, Grimmer is an ajin placed under government care who voluntarily undergoes medical testing and Dr. Tenma, brought in for his talents, is one of many doctors overlooking the process. However, he comes to find that what they’re doing is morally unacceptable (do no harm) and on top of that Grimmers consent is somewhat questionable, so he takes things into his own hands.

Another aspect of ajin, is that they have something sort of like ghosts attached to them that are black, human-like and ribbon-y in structure. These ghosts have superhuman strength and can be summoned at will. Normally they can’t be seen by ordinary people unless there’s a strong emotion directed at them.

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shounen writers when writing about Just 2 Bros Who Are Just Really Good Friends: they are the sun and moon, day and night. one is sunlight and the other is his shadow. one cannot exist without the other. no matter how far they go, how many lifetimes pass, their souls will always wander back to each other. they are two sides of the same coin. they belong with each other and are soulmates. they’re each others most cherished person. 

shounen writers when writing about het ships: she was the only girl member in their team so obviously then ended up together

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i made an edited version of @disasterbisexual’s edit of @lesbi-catra’s aro lesbian flag! lmao

in my opinion, the original order of the colors didn’t really flow together well, so i made this more aesthetically pleasing version. no need for credit if you wanna use it

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Hey! I haven’t actually found an aro lesbian flag like anywhere so I propose:

There’s not a lot of things out there for aro people or lesbians so I think something for both is just what we need!

[Stripe Meanings:

Light/Pastel Green: Squishes and QPRs

Light Pink: Feelings and appreciation for women

White: Lack of attraction

Light Red: Rage (the most mutual aro/lesbian emotion)

Dark Green: Relationship with sex and health]

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Did I just paint our aro/ace plant boy Kale from Monster Prom into my journal because my asexual self just discovered him today? Yes, yes I did. 

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It’s asexual awareness week and I wanted to bring some awareness to ace (and aro) rings!!!

So there’s an asexual ring that signifies that you are asexual that you can wear as a bit of subtle pride (as well as an aromantic counterpart)

💜 An ace ring is a black ring worn on the right middle finger

💚 An aro ring is a white ring worn on the left middle finger

These are my ace and aro rings!! I have a set of silicone ones (left) which are cheap and durable and a set of spinner rings (right) for fidgeting

Black and white are the usual color for these rings but you can have them be flag colors too if you want!!

I’ve worn an ace ring for at least four years now so it’s not new btw!! I’ve had someone recognize it too. I wanna spread awareness of them since they’re a fun subtle way for aspecs to show pride and find each other too!!

Imo it’s definitely not talked about enough because I often see that aspecs are completely unaware of them and I’d love to see more of us wearing them ☺️💜

(rbs appreciated!! aphobes and exclusionists dni)

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