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heyo! my name's mche and i post Draws my art@ladyegcake on twitter

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ladyegcakeart3 months agoAnswer

i'm literally dying over your animal crossing/link art! i love it so much! thank you for bringing this to my life

I鈥檓 so so happy to hear that aahhhh thank YOU for enjoying it!!

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ladyegcakeart3 months agoAnswer

Your Link Animal Crossing piece is absolutely the cutest and I love it! All your art is incredible, for that matter - thank you for sharing it!

Thank YOU for your lovely feedback! Making art is even more worth it when people enjoy it too, so I鈥檓 deeply thankful for your words 馃槶馃槶馃挅馃挅

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ladyegcakeart7 months agoAnswer

Can I tell you how much I love your art? It's so. Good. I don't know what it is but it always looks so lovely? And the lines look so soft? Thank you, thank you for posting such amazing art! Also I have a soft spot for Yoriichi and I love the way you draw him. (If you'd like to check them out I wrote some headcanons about him on my side blog (@randynthings) but who am I kidding they're about him being soft for the Kamados) Sorry for the long ask hahaha keep up the good work you're awesome!

Hi thank you so so so much for ur kind words, I鈥檓 glad a fellow yoriichi stan enjoys my stuff 馃槶馃槶馃挄馃挄 also thank you for writing those hcs, they were a delight!! I rarely use tumblr so the treat I鈥檝e gotten from those hcs is. Simply the best. THANK YOU FOR THE FOOD

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ladyegcakeart7 months agoText


Part 2 of the Yoriichi headcanons, and wow I just published part 1 yesterday??? I can say that I鈥檓 proud of myself. Then I鈥檓 like shit I still have to write part 3 and the dororo/kny AU so yeah. But enjoy this and please, please let me know if you like it!

  • every time he visited Suyako and Sumiyoshi, Yoriichi brought them a small gift from his mission
  • on the other hand, even when he wasn鈥檛 with them, if one of them happened to see something that they thought he might like, they saved some rice until they could afford it. It didn鈥檛 happen often but when it did Yoriichi never wanted to accept, saying that they shouldn鈥檛 be spending resources on someone like him
  • Suyako loved braiding his hair and she had tried on more than one occasion to persuade her husband to grow it out as well, but as much as he loved Yoriichi鈥檚 long hair it would just be impractical for him
  • Yoriichi had never been used to being touched out of the blue, mostly because he had no one close enough who felt like touching him, so when Sumiyoshi tapped his shoulder to get his attention or Suyako gently ruffled his ponytail, he was startled at first
  • with time he began to grow used to the more casual touches, like when they handed him baby Namiko because she wouldn鈥檛 fall asleep and Suyako really felt on the brink of collapsing, or when Sumiyoshi was moving around the garden being the cheerful being that he was and tripped here and there, so Yoriichi had to place a hand on his shoulder to keep him steady
  • the casual touches slowly became comforting actions as time went on, and between Namiko and Kurumi鈥檚 birth, Yoriichi found himself looking forward to when Sumiyoshi would slip a hand in his during dinner or Suyako would cuddle against his chest the nights he spent with them before leaving for another mission
  • after a year since baby Namiko was born, Suyako gave birth to a baby boy that they called Kurumi, and two years from then another baby boy was born, he had a tiny red birth mark on the upper left side of his face, and Yoriichi was holding Suyako鈥檚 hand as she fed him for the first time. Sumiyoshi and Suyako asked if he wanted to be the one naming him and he smiled quietly as he stroked with one finger baby Omichi鈥檚 soft cheek
  • Yoriichi never stopped being a demon slayer, not even for a short period of time, but he would make sure to go back to his family as many times as he could, and if possible he would take missions close to them
  • he almost felt guilty, living some rare domestic moments with the couple and their children, but those moments of guilt left as soon as they came when he looked at his family
  • of course there were some moments which were better or worse than others, but they balanced each other out pretty well, like when he was tasked with feeding Kurumi and Omichi. The children always made a mess out of themselves and his kimono, playing with the plates when he wasn鈥檛 careful enough and splattering food everywhere. Suyako would laugh and steal a soft kiss from his lips before cleaning them up, not without mocking him soundly but with affection
  • Yoriichi enjoyed watching her sing to the children, being so immersed in the display that he focused again only when she had put them to sleep, walking up to him with a sly smile before helping him out of the kimono to change into something clean. Sometimes it took鈥 More than it was really necessary to do so
  • during summer, when Yoriichi helped Sumiyoshi with the laundry by the river, they would waste way too long just sitting in the grass and enjoying the gentle heat of the sun on their skin, or at least until Sumiyoshi crawled in his lap and peppered his cheeks with soft kisses and tender touches, which became slightly more adventurous as Yoriichi turned his head and met his lips
  • when they were lying on the futons at night, they would usually exchange small facts about their day, someone would steal a kiss here and there, someone else would giggle in embarrassment. They could hear quiet breaths from the room next to theirs and the three of them could fall asleep in peace in the arms of the others. Yoriichi didn鈥檛 have to rest in front of the door anymore with two sets of arms that held him in place with affection and love, he could sleep peacefully and wake up ready for the next mission, but for the time being he closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his lovers

Part 3? I honestly don鈥檛 know when I鈥檒l write it I鈥檓 dumb, I鈥檓 stupid, but I really want to write about the brothers. Also, let鈥檚 see who spots the reference to Yoriichi鈥檚 big bro.

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ladyegcakeart7 months agoText


the Yoriichi headcanons, I can鈥檛 believe I finally made it

  • even though the habit had started because he鈥檇 wanted to check that the couple was actually safe, Yoriichi found himself going back more and more times
  • when he stopped by the Kamado household, Yoriichi loved sitting on the porch, especially during spring and autumn, watching as life went on in the woods surrounding the house
  • sometimes when Suyako or Sumiyoshi brought him tea they would sit next to him and keep him company for a while, usually in silence, as they knew all too well that those were the only peaceful moments that he could steal from his life as a demon slayer
  • those quiet moments became fewer when the first of Suyako and Sumiyoshi鈥檚 children was born (a baby girl, then two little boys later on)
  • to repay them for their kindness and hospitality, Yoriichi would try and help around the house or cut some wood to burn or spend time with the kids
  • Suyako found pretty soon that he was hopeless in making tea, as he would forget the pot on the fireplace or on the floor so the water ended up being too cold
  • on the other hand, he was good with the babies, it must have been his quiet and gentle aura, but he could stop the most heartfelt of cries if need be
  • during summer, after a long day of burning wood, moving coal, cook the meals and looking after the children, when the little monsters were finally asleep Suyako and Sumiyoshi would sit (collapse) on the porch, and Yoriichi liked to keep them company and exchange a few words with them
  • it usually ended up with both adults sleeping soundly on his shoulders, and with him having to take both in his arms and to the futons next to the kids
  • he would sleep on the ground, between the family and the door, just as a safety measure

there are actually a second and third part that I plan on writing if you enjoyed this one, the second is still hcs about yoriichi and the kamado family, the third focuses more on his relationship with his brother. let me know if you enjoyed it!

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ladyegcakeart7 months agoAnswer

HELLO, YOUR SUMIYORI ART GIVES ME LIFE. I never thought I would find anything with this ship tbh, but then I found your art and I'm 😭💕💖 blessed, so cute, please keep going you're doing amazing

Ahhh THANK U THANK U!!! I feel guilty for not drawing anything proper for them tho but I鈥檓 glad u enjoy my content so far!! Thank you so much once again 馃槶馃挄馃槶馃挄

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