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it鈥檚 ok to not be perfect. you don鈥檛 need to stick to a strict schedule or be hard on yourself. it鈥檚 ok to want to improve yourself, but it鈥檚 easy to burnout or start to hate what you鈥檙e doing if you鈥檙e constantly breaking your own heart or belittling your own efforts. it鈥檚 ok to make your routine as comforting and enjoyable as possible rather than forcing things. growth and productivity happens more naturally when you鈥檙e at peace with yourself and treat yourself in a nurturing way.

a reminder that quarantine is tough, you don’t need to push yourself towards constant productivity!!! :))

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Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Maths - A-Level Prep - Pure 1, Exponentials & Logarithms ft stabilo highlighter swatches

Me? Posting multiple times a day because I don鈥檛 want to waste aesthetic pictures? More likely than you鈥檇 think. 馃槤

馃幍 Us + Them - Pink Floyd

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omg i know i keep disappearing but hello again!! ima try post content soon :))

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essay brainstorming notes (in the most haphazard manner)

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I feel like a lot of people have put immense pressure on themselves to accomplish/achieve something big during this quarantine so they don’t “waste” time.

So many posts about how guilty they’ll feel if they don’t use this time to finally catch up on back-work, clean their house, organize, work, work, work.

Y'all need to remember that we’re experiencing a global crisis, and to some degree, I think arguably a global trauma.

Right now, everything is uncertain, the future is vague, and the world is scary. We are all already under so much unprecedented pressure. Pressure to provide for ourselves and others, to stay safe, to keep others safe, etc. etc.

The LAST thing we need is to set ultimatums for our schedules and punish ourselves for not writing a damn book or reorganzing the garage all with the weight of Global Pandemic Crisis weighing on our minds and lives.

The truth is, no one needs to get a damn thing done during all of this except what concerns public health and services.

You don’t need to clean the attic. You don’t need to reply to all of your emails.

If doing those things makes you feel better, great! Have fun! But if they’ve become a tool for guilting yourself into being miserably “productive” in these trying times,

Give yourself a break.

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Rainy days call for studying in bed (even though I have a perfectly good and clear desk I could work on…)

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this quarantine is… well, I’ve been watching Tangled again and again, studying, cleaning, baking… so it’s all going pretty well.

馃帶 aurora: daydreamer

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me @ myself: why is she doing this to herself

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^chem notes & a gallon of iced coffee because why not 馃搾 (not wondering why i am always cold - there is only caffeine in my veins at this point)

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started an oral tracker to try and keep on track of my oral work
the idea being hopefully each topic will be revised twice before the mock and twice more before the actual thing, but we鈥檒l see if that actually happens.
how do you guys prepare for orals?

someone tell past me not to waste my time

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also since im home and stuff, if anyone has any posts they wanna see let me know!! haven’t made any original content in ages but i really want to!!

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idk if it’s just me but somehow working from home is so much more mentally exhausting than the regular school day??

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starting to think the amount of sleep you get has an impact on how much energy you have the next day. i鈥檒l investigate more and get back to you

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