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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

lasloser-mc-useless·4 months agoText

Work in progress duck man. His name is Dr. Helios

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lasloser-mc-useless·4 months agoText

So I tried to make Charmy green not just Star platinum but green. Two reasons why firstly heritage for the future already has green Star Platinum and second-ly I really just want to say that I did than better at drawing a fan made stand than a popular manga group.

Originally I had two A4 pages were I just scribbled things until I had something that looked good. I started with an undead star platinum but ended up alien crypted looking as hole. I tried to salvage any aspects of the original design that stood out like the learning symbol on his head. The ridiculously long shoulder pads wouldn’t really work well with what I was going for so I ditched them.

I tried to reflect the “Oh god what the hell” feeling you would get from reading Jojo’s married life. Although after dealing with this for so long I’ve kind of grown jaded to Joata. I started drawing Joata with spooky circles for eyes like how charmy still has in the final design but after a while I started to stopped looking at him as a demon and more like the crapy fanfiction character that he is.

Here are some earlier drawing I guess.

I imagine charmy would have a different ability than just a combination of his parents stands. I had this idea of him secreting ink that causes hallucinations, kind of trash but whatever.

This was kind of a project I had been working on before I could read stone ocean and I’m proud in how he turned out. One more thing of note is that I would always write dumb things next to these drawings mostly apologising to Kakyoin for my sins. My favourite note though is “Joata would probably pick fights with non stand users and loose. Nice.

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