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leonzhng·5 hours agoAnswer

It's Thanksgiving in the USA today. You're getting this because someone is thankful for your blog and/or presence. Feel free to forward it on. No obligations. Have a good day and, in Thanksgiving tradition, do eat something tasty. :)

thank you anon!! (•ө•)♡ it took me a while to reply this and Thanksgiving is long over, but I hope you had a great (and safe) time (and had something tasty too!) +。゚φ(ゝω・`○)+。゚

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leonzhng·5 hours agoAnswer

I read that previous anon's ask about cwn 0.5 tears and went straight ahead to reread chapter 2 and... 😭😭 sorry bro but it wasn't mentioned not even hinted. And I just read the entire chapter when mo ran's ass was still obssesed over shi mei. He was just oh my shige is alive. Wait for me shige I am coming. And the 3rd chapter was named this venerable one's shige. Even before shizun😭😭 I need to reread moon confession to heal

ahhhhh sometimes I wonder if his then obsession with sm is partly to do with the flower?? (maybe it is maybe I’ve forgotten too much of what was specifically mentioned) what if things had just gone happily ever after and what if sm have never given anyone the flower? would mr still have become so obsessed with sm? or would he have straight from the beginning fallen for cwn? did I remember correctly or was it somewhat hinted at?? what with the similarities between cwn and mr’s mother??  _(:3」∠)_

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leonzhng·5 hours agoAnswer

Let's spread some love! If you get this it means your content makes someone happy. Answer this with 5 content creators (any kind of content is fine) and what you like about their work

ahhhh this makes me so happy too thank you!! so lovely to hear that the stuff I make makes someone happy (*´▽`*)

and… only 5…?!?!?! there are so many wonderful people out there creating really beautiful things…. it’s so difficult to pick only 5… (;´瓜`) 

@soursoppi for the most adorable animal au series ever!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

@honeyiling for the drop dead gorgeous and cinematic scenes like those illustrations make me feel things 

@zazrichor those portraits??? the amount of expression in them is seriously stunning! and I also really love the textures and brushstrokes ヾ(*′○`)゚.+:。゚☆

@scinnlaece for the really beautiful overlays and use of colours!

@anya-chalotra for the all-time most creative layouts and concepts I have ever come across (⺣◡⺣)♡*

honestly there are so many more content creators who do amazing work and whom I admire, more comprehensive lists can be found here for my 10th anniversary follow forever and here for the anon’s ask on cql/ mdzs blog recs!

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leonzhng·10 hours agoText

tagged by aamna ฅ•ω•ฅ thank you!! @yibobibo

-> rules: you can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! put your favourite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping

  1. Mortal Realm 凡尘 - Cui Zi Ge & Xu Liang 崔子格&徐良 (ending theme of The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty)
  2. Geralt of Rivia - Sonya Belousouva & Giona Ostinelli (The Witcher OST)
  3. Warriors - 2WEI & Edda Hayes (League of Legends 2020)
  4. Living Fearlessly 生而无畏 - Wang Zi Yi 王子异 (theme song of S.W.A.T. also the song that has been living rent free in my head the past few weeks and ultimate work out song I sweAR)
  5. Bridge of Fate 缘分一道桥 - Wang Li Hong & Tan Wei Wei 王力宏&谭维维 (theme song of The Great Wall)
  6. Enigma 谜 - After Journey 艾福杰尼 (opening theme of My Roommate is a Detective)
  7. Upwards to the Moon 左手指月 - Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 (ending theme of Ashes of Love)
  8. Diamond 돌덩이 - Ha Hyun Woo 하현우 (Itaewon Class OST)
  9. Remember the Name - Fort Minor
  10. Giants - True Damage (League of Legends 2019)

the songs I listen to usually reflect the shows I watch sooooo ʕ•㉨•ʔ

tagging if you wanna! @oneautumnfox @sweetlittlevampire @elvencantation @vishcount @no1rubbish @yiqiie @theuntamednarrator @candicewright @zuyilong @sishengpeaks

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