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Part 3/? Emotional Chankla
Being a single mother and taking care of and managing a town is hard work and can be frustrating. I don't want people to hate on Alma, she is no where perfect. However, it not an excuse to treat others badly. But when communication sucks, there is bound to be a lot of hurt thrown around.
Next part will be a mini story about Bruno and Pepa's ex boyfriend. Then the story continues.
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Bruno madrigal x fem reader smut headcanons:
Tumblr media
First off he has experience, he’s 50 y/o
He’s a humble goofy guy and he most likely had a couple of people going under or over him at some point
He’s very patient and wants to make sure you’re having as much of a good time as he is
He wants to undress you so bad, he loves the sight
He’s probably touch starved after being in the walls for YEARS so expect him to want to hold you and touch you all over
Kissing is one of his favorite things ever
He has self control but boy if you’re two alone and you kiss him, expect another after another, deeper and longer
He’s very healthy thanks to his sister’s food so his stamina is pretty decent
Not picky about breast sizes, just likes to feel you skin to skin against his own chest
Will kiss every inch of your skin
If you go down on him his voices goes so deep when he groans
A little concerned of his facial hair bothers you when he does down on you
Loves to hear you moan out his name, it means you’re feeling good
Tell him what you want and he’ll do it or give it a try
Wants to stay inside you after you’re both done just for a while until he catches his breath
He loves aftercare and especially bubble baths
Leaves love bites on your skin but not on viable areas of your body, he wouldn’t live in peace if his sisters saw that on you
He will praise you a lot but if you do it to him you might trigger something in his head and you won’t walk the next day
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Bruno: name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. I'll wait
Y/N: me and you!!
Bruno, tearing up: ok.
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Y/N: I think I need a hug... Bruno: Good thing I'm hug shaped! *45 minutes later* Y/N: You... you can let go now. Bruno: No, I absolutely cannot.
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Bruno: *trips on air*
Y/N: haha you're so clumsy
*later when no one is around*
Y/N: *punching the air* who do you think you are?? WHO THE FUCK-
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Camilo: *Gently taps table* Bruno: *Taps back* Mirabel: What are they doing? Delores: Morse code. Camilo: *Aggressively taps table* Bruno: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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Mirabel: “Tío Bruno, Why are you on the floor?”
Bruno: “I'm depressed.”
Bruno: “Also I was bitten by one of Antonio’s snakes, can you go and get your mother, please?”
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Bruno is your Future husband?
(This is a part 2 from my first fic)
Tumblr media
Bruno isolates himself in his tower, he's afraid he's the problem to your future. He wants to see you happy but not with some stranger. He wont stop looking for answers .
You asked Bruno if you'd can still be friends after that vision he showed you. His puppy dog eyes locked at yours, he chocked up is words, nervous, he couldn't focus either his heart or his brain to say what's needed to be said. He wants to tell you really badly how he feels.
He slightly nods swallowing his nerves "Yeah, still friends..." he faked a smile holding back tears an fist bumped your shoulder closing the door behind you.
You wanted answers about his vision, you stared at the emerald tablet puzzled. You made yourself a mission to ask everyone in town who's this hooded man your married to in the future.
Bruno panics in his room. Shutting you out, shutting everyone out. Heavy breathing rises his chest, his mind racing muttering himself to the rats, putting himself down. "Does y/n know we-were m-more than friends right? What if they- I gotta tell y/n right now! No. Nonono-! Heh. Oh what am I kidding, what does y/n think of me??? That I'm some kinda creep?? Ugghh! What do I do??" he knocks his head. He truly believes that someone will take you away from him.
He calms down, reassured himself to look again, he tosses the salt over his shoulder for luck an starts lighting a match.
Night after night Bruno stays in his tower, looking at his visions over and over. Theres the church, the flowers, you happy, and lastly, the hooded person. "It's just the same thing!" Bruno shouted. He's ready to give up after staying up for so long with no sleep, He couldn't find the answers.
Meanwhile you would look at the madrigal house an stare at his tower, you can see his hooded shape poking out of the window every now an then, you would wave to him. Knowing you still care, but Bruno doesnt.
Abuela notices you an askes what's happened to her Burnito. You told her what happened an she listened, but from what she heard it sounded different in her point of view, she cutted you off didn't wanna hear anymore excuses from you. She believed you hurted him.
You held back your tears an had enough trying to talk to her, "Fine. I'll go." You walked away, deciding to investigate around town who this secret person is.
Dolores hears the conversation around the corner. She waited it out till Abuela left.
Dolores would hear Bruno talking about you, even the rats in the walls. Dolores takes a liking to you, your bright, kind, caring, honest person who looks out for Bruno, Dolores isnt suprised that Bruno likes you, she wants to tell you that herself without getting caught by Abuela.
As you sat down on a porch of steps by a store exhausted an defeated, you couldn't find one single guy in Bruno's vision.
Meanwhile Dolores hears Bruno behind the dinner table wall an gently whispers to him about where you've been.
"Tio, y/n hasent stopped caring about you, Abuela doesnt wanna see y/n in this house anymore. She thinks its y/n fault that they hurted you. I see y/n outside looking at your tower. The way they look at you an non stop trips to check up on you before they leave. Tio, y/n has the same feelings for you."
"How do you know?" Bruno asked, "y/n hasn't stopped thinking about you" Dolores replied. Bruno sad expression fades away, gasped shocked that y/n still cares. He grabbed his bucket an headbutted outta the wall. BOOM. Dolores squeaked backing outta his way. "Okay Dolores show me y/n!" Bruno pointed the way.
You grabbed a bouquet of flowers Isabella sprouted, you two shared what's been going on. Isabella can read your face. You have feelings for her tio. She encouraged you to go see him. "How can you tell?" You asked, "I can see love sick puppy when I see one, now go get him y/n." She encouraged you.
You gleefully nodded an took off finding Bruno. Bruno dashed to the church the last place he saw from his vision, he took his bucket off but kept his hoodie on covering his face, he didnt want you to see him ugly cry.
You recognized that green ruran anywhere, "Bruno!" You shouted jumping in his arms for a hug. You're exhausted from running but didnt care, your sprinting left a trail of flowers leading to the two of you at the church, your so happy to see him you couldn't stop smiling with joy.
Brunos eyes widened, putting the pieces together realising what the vision ment. "This is the vision.. I'M the mystery guy!" He laughed in relief, this is what the future ment. You unfolded his hoodie an looked at his dark puffy eyes, he's worn out but doesn't care, hes simply happy to be in this moment with you.
Both of you holding the flowers, the church bell ringing, love has sprouted.
"Y/n, I love you. I always have a-and I was too scared to talk to you about what you think of my vision. I thought you were thinking that Im some kinda creepy guy an you didnt wanna be around me anymore an want to runaway an marry someone else." His hands around your waist, pulling you in close dropping the flowers, both of your eyes locked. "Why would I? I like spending time with you Bruno, I do. You're special, you mean everything to me, I'm the one who's scared to tell you how I'd feel for a long time. I dont think you're creepy. I love you, Bruno." you confessed.
The two of you kissed in an embrace. The crowd cheering, Abuela tagged along with Dolores and Isabella told her what was going on, she misunderstood you, she approved the two of you to be wed.
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Bruno's vision about you leaves him conflicted.
Tumblr media
(This is a big one)
(Part 2 is here!!)
💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Summory: Bruno has a vision about your future, yet has deep feelings for a long time you two been together. This vision in particular doesn't show WHO IT IS. This left him conflicted about you.
Bruno has a crush on you for a while since you settled into town. You got approved by Abuela when you wanted to contribute into the Madrigal family.
This is when Bruno first gaze upon you. Hes never seen a new face before.
The Madrigals had their ceramory in a time period when Isabella and Dolores got their gifts and prediction for their future for the family.
Bruno would be very shy to approach you at first, he would stutter, twiddle his fingers, even hide in his hoodie or in the bushes to cover his blushing face when he sees you.
Once he has the courage to talk to you, he'll ask you out if you wanna hangout with him. You said yes. You've been curious to meet Bruno for quite a while from what the family talks bout him and his gift.
He likes to hangout just one on one, either in the woods behind the house, or someplace quiet and open space, he wont show you his room, not yet. Not even crowded areas or even near the family too.
If the slightest gossip about him and you in public get stirred up, he'll shut down and hide by what people say.
You shared the idea to hide inside the walls of the Casita to Bruno. He takes a liking to your idea, safe and secure for the both of you to enjoy eachothers company in peace.
Soon you two would hangout inside the walls of Castia when nobody was around whether its day or night.
Your mind has been fixaded about his fortune telling predictions to Isabella and Dolores about marriage, Bruno got concerned an asked you if you're okay.
You asked Bruno about how his gift works. Flustered, he gulped the nerves down his throat extended his hand out an asked you. "Do you wanna see your future?"
"Yes! I-I mean.. Yes. I would love to see my future." You smiled.
This is the first time you saw his room. He calls it his vision cave! Wide, never ending scaling of stairs an mountains of soft sand between your shoes. When you approach his vision cave, he setted up his ritual an lended you his hands to settle down.
"Y/N, you definitely, might wanna hang on." He assured you patting your hands intertwined with his.
The dome of sand encapsulated around both of you. The aura of beaming emerald lights up the cave, his eyes glowing showing you what he sees.
"I see, you happy, a-and lots of f-flowers, you're in a church- betrothed to someone-" he stops looking for a second an turns to you to see how you'd react.
Your expression turned speechless, jaw dropped, face flushed. You cannot look away. Who is this person your engaged to??? WHO? WHO???
He muttered himself encouragement an continues looking again at your future. But the person your married to is very blurred- only showing a hooded man in a ruana.
His eyes teared up the green glow fading, turned his gaze away the second the sand dome dropped like rain. There it is. The emerald tablet. The vision, layed infront of you. A marriage to a mysterious person.
He's scared to tell you his true feelings for you, "I'm gonna be married to a mysterious groom? Bruno.. who is it-? Hey, are you okay? We- we can stop! I-I'm sorry I shouldnt have asked in the first place." You whipped his tears away brushing the hair out of his face.
"I-I think you should go, its probably night fall by now. You can keep it." he sniffled, handing you the vision while escorting you out of his room.
He cannot express himself the right words how he personally feels about you. He's scared about your future, but most of all he's jealous to see you with another. He's deeply in love with you.
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My mind goes crazy daily after reading some Bruno Madrigal headcanons :D. And please accept me talking about it here now, haha!
My headcanons are as simple as it would be to literally live that, oh god, it's absurdly cute... 🤧
(and believe me, it's the same man that makes you shiver it's hot. Maybe later i do something about it? *thoughts*, oh yeah I'm really gonna do it... wait for a nsfw)
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal + Reader Headcanons:
Never expect full understanding when flirting with him, he won't understand or simply won't be able to respond.
You'll be surprised to find that hardly anyone can touch Bruno's hair, when in fact you always do.
He loves kissing you.
He is happy when you playfully interact with the little rats, strangely he sees something about the family set.
Just kiss his cheeks to see him melt completely, adorable...
In forty years, his biggest difficulty has been attention, he wants to be loved in an exaggerated way for some time, just to fill that painful gap.
When you walk together, he uses his little finger to try to draw your hand and hold it, he feels more secure when people see him with you.
He loves you so much, and thinks about you all day.
He really doesn't approve of the idea of ​​the man being the supreme leader of the house, but he'll love to see you cook for him, especially if you guys eat together.
Sometimes he feels guilty and joins you in preparing the food, and he learns incredibly fast. At least after messing up the whole place.
In a night's sleep, he may have nightmares, and your embrace will be his comfort. And he's never going to be the one who hugs from the top.
One day, you arrived and saw him doing a mini theater with the rats, using his name and yours, acting out something cute and romantic.
He likes to touch you, it's a big unconscious addiction.
He wants to hug you almost every time, but he's afraid you'll find him boring. So please hug this man!
"You're so beautiful," pauses, blushes, shivers, "I say- forgive me!! What I said was without thinking! But you're not ugly, you're great, I just said it without thinking, not that it's not true-". Isn't it too perfect?
"I love her," he tells his feelings for you to anyone, but if it's you, he's embarrassed.
He likes to touch your face while you sleep. There's nothing he doesn't admire right now.
His expressions are very readable when he sees someone looking at you more than they should, there's a lot of jealousy in his heart.
He loves it when you kiss the corner of his eyes.
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did you get enough love, my little dove
Tumblr media Tumblr media
why do you cry
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and I’m sorry I left
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but it was for the best
Tumblr media Tumblr media
though it never felt right
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my little Versailles
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Tumblr media
Sana Sana Colita De Rana
When Bruno suppresses his visions and this was before he learned to do his rituals, he would get massive migraines. It didn't help that the townsfolk disliked him which pushed him more to suppress his visions thus creating a painful cycle. Eventually as he got older he would accept his visions to avoid to the headaches but sometimes it's still there. Bruno hates his gift but feels guilty for hating it because his mother constantly reminded her children how they should appreciate the miracle and help the townsfolk. My headcanon is that he and Julieta get along better because she is understanding and more compassionate. Also she is the healer. Plus he doesn't want to emotionally burden Pepa because she suffers from anxiety just as much as he does. Sorry for the whump.
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Bruno Madrigal x Dom!reader
Afab reader, gender neutral pronouns
Warnings: edging, sensory overload, Light cnc?, Humiliation, bondage
Bruno and I have been a couple for a year or so now, i love everything about him, he's so kind and a gentle soul, he's goofy and theatrical, he's shy and polite which I absolutely love, love, love! but my favorite thing about him above all is he's easy to read.
It's obvious what he's feeling when he's feeling it and that's why I love to tease him. It started off simple, asking him questions i knew made him blush, then it turned into softly teasing his skin in public places. Subtly running my fingers up his arm, or gracing his ankle with my foot when eating dinner... But then after a few months of teasing that i realized i enjoyed seeing him get flustered a little to much so I decided to experiment with it. Seeing what questions make him stumble on his words the most, what places to touch makes his face pinker.
One day it got really hot, the sun blistering the ground beneath me creating cracks in the dry clay, no matter how much I tried to irritate Pepa the weather won't cool. So i put on a skirt that goes just above my knees and a shirt with a plunging neck line to let my skin breathe. I was doing my daily chores around the house with Bruno as to he didn't have anyone asking for readings that day. But the funniest part was that Bruno was flustered before I could even speak to him.
We both scrubbed the kitchen in silence for a while and I knew why he was silent, he was never silent around me, he was always excited to share something with me. He was flustered, he was scared of how his body felt around me dressed in such revealing clothing. So during cleaning I continued to experiment with him, asking embarrassing questions and boy was he red faced.
Today I wanted to push the limit. Not just teasing him with the way you dressed or my gentle touch, or embarrassing questions. I wanted to know how far I could go, how far I can take it.
I put on the same short skirt and risque shirt as that fun day, and grabbed a purse, throwing in any materials I might need for tonight and headed to the Madrigal house. The Casa was absolutely beautiful, Everytime I stopped by it amazed me. Towering over the city ripe with color and vegetation, sprinkled with vines and the most beautiful, exotic flowers. the casa greeted me as I walked in, opening and closing it's windows as if waving to me and I waved back. I quickly greeted everyone I saw and raced twords Bruno's room, hopping up the short set of stairs In the wall to the hauntingly beautiful engraved door and walked in. The entrance of the mystical space being a small square room, with shiny things dangling from the ceiling and leading to an hourglass shaped entryway with three steps down into a golden sandy pit lined with mammoth rocks. "Bruno?" I called, letting my voice echo through the towering space. I waited a few seconds before hearing him call back my name with a quizzical tone. I responded with a simple yes.
I hadn't known him before Casa was rebuilt but he expressed it came with great improvements. One of which being a pulley so he didn't have to walk back down all those stairs, simply sitting in a large bucket and then lowering himself down, and that he did. In just a few seconds I watched him decend in large cup.
He ran up to me blindly and gave me a nice tight hug. I smiled brightly, squeezing him back, enjoying his warmth. my hands start to explore his back, starting by just rubbing him with pure intention, but then letting my hand slowly trail up his spine, my finger take note of every bump of his vertebrae and gently grabbing the back of his neck. He tensend at that and slowly pulled back. I let his eyes finally scan me and my clothes, I watched as his eyes met mine then they flashed down at my chest quickly and he healed his breath, his eyes scanned the room now, apparently that rock to his left was extremely interesting.
"so, what are you doing here, my love?" He asked, I could hear how tense he already was just from his voice. "Oh nothing much, just wanted to spend some time with you. Are you busy today?" I spoke innocently. "Oh no, uh- people are still kinda scared to get a reading from me. I guess I'm still this big scary guy" he chuckled gently, I could hear the sadness in that last statement though.
His eyes scanned at my legs quickly and he looked away again, this time to the sand on the ground I could see his ears go pink. I smiled at that. "Well I don't think your scary at all... In fact your adorable. Do you agree?" "What?" "Well, are you going to tell me your adorable?" "I- i-" there was a moment of silence and I finally let out a laugh. "Come on, let's stop just standing around!" I giggled, grabbing his hand and leading him to his room.
Bruno's room was a bit of a mess. A pile of clothes on the the ground, random trinkets and good luck charms on various surfaces, salt thrown here and there on the floor, burnt out candles and incense ash in random places. I sat on the bed and looked over to see Bruno slowly playing with the frays on his runa nervously. "Bruno?" His eyes fixed on me "come on, sit down you little idiot~" I joked teasingly. He nodded quickly and rushed over and sat on the opposite end of the bed. After a moment of silence I started to speak again "you know, you look really cute today. What did you do to be so sexy?" His hands stilled, his whole body froze for a moment and his ears darkened from a light pink so something more rosey. "I-i- uh- um..." I slid closer to him and put my hand on his knee, looking up at him through my lashes "Bruno~" I whispered softly, he looked at me with shifting eyes and I watched his Adams apple Bob up and down with a gulp. I relaxed my shoulder and let the dipping neck line of my shirt fall to my sholder slightly "is something wrong?" I said in an innocent voice, but my intentions were anything but innocent. At that his breaths deepened noticeably, becoming heavy and paced out "i- uh- y-you look really nice today, is all. Y-you look... Good" he stumbled out carefully. "So that's what's wrong? I look good?" I pointed teasingly "n-no! It's not wrong that you-" "then what is wrong?" He knew what I was doing and he was so overwhelmed by it. Suddenly he tugged his runa over his lap, his knuckles turning white, the pink spreading to his cheeks now. He looked away, eyes glued to the floor. One leg started to bounce as he bit his lip. I could see the panic on his face. It was delicious.
"is... That what's wrong?" I ask, keeping my voice soft, at this point the innocence in my tone was painful for him to hear. I pointed to his lap and he gasped, his eyes shifting around the room. "I- this- uh..." He paused before his rambling speed up "th-his just happens some times, I can't control it- I mean- i- I'm not saying your not sexy- you are- I mean you aren't- shit! I mean- y-you are but like-" I listened to him ramble, soaking in his shame.
"would you like me to help you out?" He went silent. I bit my lip as I stared at him, waiting for a response
"no- you don't have to I can just- just deal with it I guess, it'll pass eventually..." He pressed his lips together in a fine line, pulling his runa farther down. As much as I'd love to keep him hard for hours and watch him Get more and more embarrassed about it that was for another day. "Bruno. I would like to help you out with it, if your ok with it." Silence filled the room.
We never had sex before, we have done alot of foreplay here and there but full on sex was never a thing that we have done. One night I asked him if he was ready to do it. He stumbled around the question for a few minutes, he didn't answer it directly, he never answers these types of questions directly but the sum of it was "yes"
"I- i- um-" his voice was shaky "hey" I grabbed his cheek, looking him in the eyes. I dropped the sexy act for a moment, getting more stern "Bruno, breathe." He closed his eyes and took in a few deep breaths, and then some more, and then some more. He opened his eyes again, locking with mine, I could still see the insecurity in his eyes "Bruno. I need a clear yes or no." I don't want to pressure him into it , get him really flustered, yes but force him into this, no. He took a pause, I could see the gears turning in his head. Eventually his lips pressed into a line and finally he spoke "yes. I want t-this." He was quiet and soft when he spoke but he said it and that's all that mattered.
With that I swiftly straddled him, wrapping my legs around his small hips. He choked on a gasp as I pressed my heat against him and grabbed his wrists, pressing them against his chest. His face went bright pink, he looked up at me with his big pleading eyes. I was already prepared to take him but not yet I wanted to play with him, make him beg.
I began by giving a gentle kiss to his forehead, and making my way down his face. Kisses on his eyebrows, down to his warm cheeks, on the tip of his nose, getting ever so close to his lips but never there. He licked his lips, I could feel his hot breath against against my face. I then peppered my love back up his face, form his jaw, his cheekbones, forehead and to his crown. "Please" he whispered barely even audible. "What was that, love?" I breathed. He pressed his lips together and shook his head. I hummed I'm delight and continued kissing the top of his head and working my way over to his ear and nibbled on the lobe he moaned at that then gasped and I felt his face warm. I smirked and continued, now leaving a trail of bruises across his fuzzy jawline, and slowly down his neck, and across his clavicle. I felt him begin to Trimble below me. Sucking softly on his smooth skin, ruining the olive purity and turning into sensitive hot red spots. I felt his throat vibrate with sounds he was trying to choke back.
"come on let it out, doll I can feel your sweet sounds building up inside~" at that a soft sound escaped his supple throat "good boy~" I growled, chomping down on his soft skin just between his throat and shoulder. He yelped out in pain, I could see his knuckles turn white underneath my breasts.
I roughly pushed him down, he let out an oof as his back hit the mattress and I began slowly rocking my hips like a ship. I let go of his hands for a moment, he rolled his tense wrists so soothe the tight muscles but the relaxation didn't last long as I swiftly pulled his worn runa off and magenta shirt off his thin frame allowing my cold fingers tease his sensitive skin.
I observed his beauty as my eyes slowly trailed up his body and meeting his eyes. His eyes were worried, they were pleading, they were vulnerable, they were.... Insecure. His face held the expression of shame and embarrassment and not the hot kind. "You look so stunning, my love~" I assured softy, meaning every word. He was no Greek god, that's for sure, he was thin and boney, in hight he was short and hunched but that didn't mean he wasn't beautiful. He was absolutely stunning.
I placed my cold hand on his sensitive body, and slowly ran it up his supple skin, admiring his figure as if he was a sculpture. The way his stomach curved up to meet his chest, the way his skin rippled under the rib cage, the way his rampant heat beat thudded inside and finally reaching his neck, his skin was so soft and so tender, he looked so fragile in that moment. I felt his addams apple bob up and down as he took a hard gulp "at any point tonight, let me know when to stop ok." I spoke sturnly "if you need me to stop, just say 'red' or hold up three fingers ok?" He nodded. "Repeat what I said" I ordered. I listend with purpose, making sure he knew he was safe. And with that I continued.
I squeezed his throat softly, slowly making my grip more and more tight. I squeezed hard enough to make it a struggle to breathe, but still able to breathe none the less. I watched his expression carefully. I watched his puples shrink, fear setting into his expression more and more I could see his hand twitch and I was prepared to let go at any second but then he stopped and his fingers melted back down, his puples suddenly expanded and his orbs went from the natural mossy green that they are to a glowing neon green. Woah, I haven't seen that before. "Do you like it, my plaything?" I asked softly. he nodded and I began to roll my hips again, this time harder and rougher against his ache, and I felt him twitch beneath me.
After a few moments I let go of his throat, but keeping my rhythm steady with my hips. He gasped for air, the green in his eyes flickering away like a broken neon sign. He whimpered at the friction I was causing and he gave me big pleading eyes again "please" his voice trembled but he didn't continue. If he wants something from me a simple please won't get it.
"What's wrong my darling?" I purred in that innocent voice and it caused him to let out a sobbing sound his face went red, covering it and he mumbled "don't make me say it" I hummed at his pathetic please. "So you don't want it?" I asked, tone now turning into a dangerous tease "no, no!" ""No' like you don't? Cause if you want I can stop." His voice began to shake now "no! I mean no I want it! Please!" "Please. What." He uncovered his eyes and looked up, his eyes were glassy and broken. He needed it bad and he needed it now, his body began to tremble. I'm sure the tension was killing him, rotting is innocent soul to his core. "Please-please I need you." All I did was raise an eyebrow he let out a defeated sigh "need you t-to... Fuck me" that last bit was so quiet it was barely audible "what was that, princess?" Tears welled up in his eyes, he was to embarrassed to say it again, his face was red hot. I considered just giving it to him. I know my whole goal was to push his limits but this might be to far so I decided a bit of mercy, stating it for him. "did you say you want me to 'fuck you' as you put it?" He nodded shamefully.
I leaned in to kiss him, finally placing a soft kiss on his aching lips. He let out a shaky sound at that. "Good boy. Your so good for speeking up." He smiled for a moment, a soft smile that made my heart swell. I kissed his jaw again, then another trail of hickeys down his neck and collar bone leading to his nipple letting my hot tongue trail across it and Bruno whimpered at it, curious I began to suck and he let out a moan, it was soft and sounded like he was holding back. I repeated the action and got the same reaction out of him.
"you like getting your nipples sucked?" I teased and he nodded, embarrassed. "Such a cute little slut~" I cooed and continued to suck on it again. This time his moans were louder. I continued this for a bit when he began to push himself against my core in desperation. He let out a whimper and that's when I took the hint.
I let my kisses continue to trail down his delecate body until my lips finally reached his pants, a soft earth brown color. I looked up at him with big eyes to create antici pation! His eyes grew wide with the same broken plea they gave me before. He must be in down right pain by this point I've teased him for so long the ache must be unbearable.
I undo his pants slowly, pretending to struggle with the button that kept his lovely place from getting relefe. And finally they were undone. I pulled them down to reveal his boxers were stained, soaked in pre desperately leaking, begging for relief. I looked back up at him so see his lips were pressed in a fine line, his blush got redder. He was ashamed. "What's wrong, my love?" I ask softly, making sure he's alright. He was silent for a moment before finally speaking "I'm so embarrassed" he choked out, voice cracking "i-im so gross- I'm a disgusting pervert-" he covered his face again and I stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out where to go with that "sweet heart, so am I." He peeked out from behind is slim fingers "do you want to be my pervert?" His eyes went blank and distant for a moment processing what sentence, what it meant. "I-i... I think so."
"if you don't want me to call you that, tell me alright? But for now I'll call you that pretty little name ok?" He nodded.
I pulled his underwear down and there it was. It was laying against his stomach it was a blushing bright red, straining and pleading, leaking, it almost looked as if it was crying. His pretty place was everything i dreamed it would be. It was an impressive size i couldn't wait to sit on and the thickness was... Impressive.
he let out another embarrassed whimper, hands still on his face. "I'm very impressed Bruno." I spoke softly. And it was true, I was impressed. It was everything I hoped but not what I expected. I never expected my dream would become a reality. "I truly am." I spoke again, this time softer, amazed. I reached over to my purse and pulled out soft ropes, playing with them I let Bruno's eyes stay on them for a moment to soak in what was about to happen
"do you know what these are, Bruno?" He nodded gently "and do you know what I'm doing to do with them?" His breathing stopped for a moment "my little love, can you tell me what I'm going to do with them?" He gulped again and I watch as his sharp addams apple bobbed up and down, he licked his lips nervously again. By the looks of his face he knew exactly what i was going to do, it was as clear as the red on his face. "Um-" silence. I kept a persistent gaze to get it out of him "come on baby, say it." He stuttered quicker now, saying the same 3 words over and over again unable to squeeze the sentence out "come on you perv say it." I snapped and he went quite, all except for his shaky breaths. "Y-you're going t-to tie me up and... F-fuck me" his voice crackled as the sentence spilled out. I let a smile back on my face. I grabbed his wrists and started tieing the ropes around them as I whispered praises Into his ear about how good he was for speeking up and each kiss landed on his forehead made him melt. Before he knew it he was tied up tight with is hands above his head.
I took a moment to appreciate the sight before me. My darling Bruno tied up and teary eyed right at my will, desperate to be touched, desperate to be praised, desperate to be broken. And oh he looked so fragile...
I got between his legs and took a hold of his cock in my hand, feeling out it's girth and size "is this ok?" I called sweetly and he nodded instantly. I began to pump the shaft slowly, causing his head to thrash back and let out a whimper, poor thing is so sensitive anything can tip him off the edge if I'm not careful. I kept a slow pace for a while, making sure to keep him longing for more and in due time he pushed his hips into my hand and that was my que. I went a bit faster now causing a gasp to escape his beautiful mouth he was unwraveling in my hand, shaking now and God he couldn't stop moaning he was so overwhelmed, but so needy he was stuck in limbo of wanting it to stop and wanting more. He couldn't get enough. "Look at you, your so beautiful when your falling apart~" I purred and he let out an embarrassed squeak "such a pervert, really I mean look at you trembling at the slightest touch to your poor needy cock. You want it all to stop so badly don't you? Your so overwhelmed but you can't let it stop, you won't because your a whore. Your a beautiful and disgusting whore who will take any ounce of pleasure you can get" he let out a louder whine, shaky and shameful as if something were caught in his throat. For a moment I see his hands tug at the ropes to cover his face but he can't. And his face grows a darker red "f-fuck! No!" He pleads quietly but why stop? You both know it's true.
"Do you remember how to make this all stop, my love?" I asked again. He nodded. "How do you?" "T-three fingers or 'red" "good boy~"
"your suffering is so delicious, Bruno~" I could feel the lust bubbling up in my chest I want to see him like this for hours, a perverted mess. "Please- no-" he gasped and I could feel his cock twitch in my hand, he thrusted into It and I let go completely. "No, No, No, No!" He sobbed, lip quivering His eyes grew glossy. His poor cock looked so strained "it hurts! It hurts so bad!" He gasped "why are you do cruel to me?" His cry's made me want to hurt him more, the more he begged I couldn't help but want to hear more of it, to see more of it, In this moment I was his god. "Because only good boys get to cum." His sobs grew louder "have you been a good boy, Bruno?" He nodded with passion, his big glossy eyes were so hurt "Im a good boy! I promise I've been so good!".
"are you ok, Bruno?" I asked softly, as gentle voice I could. He nodded "I-it just really hurts... It hurts a lot." He replied, voice still crackling. "do you need to stop?" For a moment I was so worried I went to far. "N-no but I can't do that again, I can't!" I nodded with understanding "thank you, my love" I responded as i started to pull off my skirt and underwear
His eyes went green for a moment as they scanned my curves, his pathetic expression growing more and more flustered by the second
I ran my soft hands across his stomach and then clawed my nails back down causing him to yelp out in pain. I hovered my hips above his sore thing. It was raging red and so was his face. "Are you ready?" He nodded. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, letting it's beautiful shape stretch me out. It was such an electric feeling, it filled me in perfectly and I couldn't help but let out a sound my self, his beautiful cock filling up my velvety insides made my spine tingle.
He yanked at the ropes again, squeezing his eyes shut and turning his head, muttering something under his breath. "Is everything ok, lovely?" I rolled out. He bit his lip and nodded, still looking away. I placed a hand on his cheek, turning him to look at me he opened his lids, they were glowing again, his body started shaking. Is he... No he can't be. "You feel so nice inside me, Bruno. You make me so happy." For a moment he was going to look away again but I put a firmer grip on his face "there is no reason to hide your face, Doll let me see it. Can I see your face?" I spoke in a teasing tone, allowing my voice to rumble. His breathing changed for a moment, quickening and he nodded. "keep looking at me, I don't want your eyes off me understand?" I ordered, now rolling my hips, a quick pace. He was so tense, so embarrassed it was adorable. I allowed my hands to roam around his body, spending extra time on the sensitive areas that make him shiver.
After a while of playing with him like that it was time to start. I began my raising my hips, causing him to gasp as I reached all the way to the top of his perfect thing and then went down a little faster than I went up. He wined, breath hitching. I continued the rhythm, knowing how sensitive he is right now going at a normal pace out of the blue with probably kill him, I need to ease into it. "look at you, doll you're so pretty~" I whispered, running my hands back up his body and reaching for his nipples "the way you shiver in excitement makes me feel like electricity, you know? The way you beg and cry out and make pretty little sounds. It's so wonderful and so pathetic~" he let out a nervous moan and I quickened the pase, now rubbing my thumbs across his hard nipples "look at you, your such a pervert." My voice turned into a growl at that statement, I began to pinch them softly, play with them to see what action caused what noises. "P-please..." He let out a shaky whisper, turning his head again. I reached out with one hand and gripped his face "keep looking at me." My tone was warning, if he kept doing that he would be forced to.
"Gah!" He let out, poor thing so perverted. "Tell me, Bruno are you a virgin?" At that statement his breath froze and he went quite, his head was still facing me but now his eyes roaming around the room. I squeezed is jaw tighter "look at me, love" he let his eyes settle back on me hesitantly I kept hard eye contact like a lazer beam "are you a virgin, my love?" I spoke slower and with a deeper tone this time, making his pet name sound more like an insult. "I-i- um- uh-" he licked his lips again. "Use your words, sweetheart." "I-i uh...Y-yes- yes..." he stuttered out and his eyes turned glossy again, little tears rolled down his red cheeks. I leaned down to kiss the tears away, soft wines leaving his body "it's alright my baby, it's alright, it's cute, really. I love you my doll." He nodded softly.
I quickened my pace again and he thrashed "does it feel good?" He let out broken wines as he nodded "i-I'm getting close" he heaved, his eyes were hazy and begging, he pushed his hips against my core as a cry for more. I changed my rhythm, something a bit more rough and I reached for his throat again, squeezing it softly causing the same struggle to breathe. He stumbled out words, never making a full sentence just broken pleas and that's when I felt him twitch inside me. He his eyes went green as he let out pathetic cry's and groans he grabbed tight onto the ropes, heaving, wheezing breaths let out as his warm fluids fill my insides. He was shaking violently, turning away from me again. I gripped his face, forcing him back to my gaze as I slipped two fingers into his warm mouth his "look at me you little slut." I demanded harshly. His eyes fluttered open, glowing green, hazy, broken gaze, shiny tears rolling down his hot cheeks. he let out a whimper. I continued to rock my hips till his strings of heat stopped.
"good boy" I whispered with a smile, pulling my fingers out of his mouth. He was still shaking, he looked so tired, so embarrassed. I leaned down and began to pepper my love across his body once more, giving him soft kisses on every inch of his face and trailing down his neck "you did such a good job, my love" I whispered against his skin "so obedient" another kiss "so good" another kiss, then another, and another. His chest was heaving and as I kissed along his shoulders I could feel how tight the muscles were. I slowly sat back up, still perched on his hips. "Are you ok, Bruno? Is everything alright?" He nodded silently. I got off his slim hips and began to untie him from the bed, allowing the soft ropes to fall limp.
Bruno pulled his his arms in, rolling his wrists and shoulders to loosen any tight muscles. I reached for my bag again and pulled out a cloth, cleaning the mess off his olive skin and then myself. I let him bask in the afterglow for a moment and process everything that just happened, his face was unreadable for the first time.
I laid next to him, we both sat in silence for a while staring at the ceiling before he finally spoke. "That was... Wow" I looked over at him "did you like it?" I whispered. I was so worried I went to far, so worried I went over the line. "I- y-yeah- yes. I did" he stuttered out, his face went pink again. "Did you really?" He turned to face me "yes, I did." At that I smiled, and grabbed him by the cheeks, kissing him tenderly. "good, I hope so. Cause I had alot of fun, I just hope I didn't go to far at any point..." "N-no you didn't! I mean- it was alot but I-i like alot sometimes!" He chuckled aquardly "m-maybe we can do it again some other time... I mean- if you want to, that is-" he added, blushing harder. I giggled and put my fingers into his luscious curls, admiring the silver strands mixed into the coffee locks "I would love to, Bruno~" I kissed him "I really would." We cuddled for in comfortable silence, I massaged his poor, tense shoulders, causing him to melt. "I love you, (y/n)" he whispered so softly into my chest, his breath warm and voice sleepy. I smiled gently "I love you too, Bruno."
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Bruno Madrigal x reader headcanons for Bruno dealing with the fact that his s/o is still upset with him for hiding in the walls for a whole decade and how he would try to make it up to them, please!
bruno madrigal headcanon
I've had so many ideas for this already, so let's go!
Pairing: romantic, relationship established
Reader's gender: not established, gender neutral and they/them
Warnings: mentions of neglect (i mean, the dude left for 10 years?), some angst but ends with fluff
I’m not so sure how I feel about this one. I tried my best though, so here you go! thank you so much for requesting and I hope you’ll like it!
Tumblr media
Gif credit: @theimaginariemuse
okay first things first; Bruno felt abso-fucking-lutely miserable while being away from you. There wasn’t a day he didn’t struggle against the will to leave the walls just for you. However, he had to think about his family and forced himself to stay strong.
He’d see you, walking around Casita. Especially during the first few years, he saw you sulk around in constant worry and sadness. Though, those feelings slowly turned to worry, sadness and slight anger. How dared he leave? How dared he not say a word, to not tell you anything?
However, you never stop loving Bruno; always missing him dearly. The looks of pity his family sends you annoy you: they quite literally don’t talk about Bruno, ever!, but they are going to act sympathetic towards you?
Not gonna lie, Bruno would totally have a picture of the two of you in his little room. Oh and he would tell his rats about you! :<
Sometimes you go in his room (when no one is looking), just to sit in the sand.
Mirabel shows you the broken prophecy, soon as she finds it. She thinks that you’d want to help her.
You don’t, you tell her to not give you false hope.
Luckily, Mirabel was right.
When Mirabel reveals that she has found Bruno, you don’t believe your eyes. You have to make sure you aren’t hallucinating, because the man who you loved oh-so-dearly was back after disappearing for 10 years. In the heat of the moment you run to him, embracing his lanky figure as all pent up emotions come out of the both of you.
Like, you guys would just sob into each other’s arms. You’ll kiss all over his face while the family is just kinda- there?
You’ll thank Mirabel a billion times over and apologise for your behaviour towards her.
Eventually you calm down and slap his face. Like, come on. Your s/o left out of the blue for YEARS, kind of deserved tbh-
“10 years?” you’d ask, a tremble in your voice as your tears became ones of sadness and anger, “for 10 years you just- you left! I didn’t get a word from you!”
he’ll explain to you how he thought it was in everyone’s best interest. He’ll tell you everything that has happened.
And you understand it, really. You just didn’t understand how he couldn’t say anything to you! That he couldn’t let you know that he at least was okay.
“Where did you go?” you ask him.
As soon as he admits he’s been in the walls this entire time, you just get so overwhelmed by emotions.
“You were in the house this entire time? You just- You-” You let out an exaggerated sigh of disbelief, “You watched me cry for you! You heard me scream for you! I was searching for you whilst you were playing parkour in the walls!” tears of frustration and confusion were rolling down your cheeks. Your eyebrows drew together as you whispered: “All this time I’ve searched for you, the time I grieved, you were so close.”
Bruno stands there, his hands fiddling with the bottom of his poncho. Maybe you bought him that poncho, before everything, and that’s the reason he still wears that old thing. I don’t know, but it could be cute!
He just looks at you in shame, not knowing what to say or do. He has nothing to defend himself; you had every right to be as mad with him as you were.
“If Mirabel hadn’t found you, you would’ve stayed inside those walls for longer?”
“I-I need some time.”
And time you took.
Bruno would do his best to try and talk to you, but you avoid him. Too upset to talk to him at all.
He’ll give you small gifts, flowers and leave you notes.
You didn’t always read them, though.
That might sound like an asshole move, but imagine the anger you feel if he just left for 10 years??
After a couple weeks Mirabel comes to your room and talks to you.
She’ll basically explain everything and beg you to give her tío a second chance, leaving you with a lot to think over.
After a few more days you go looking for Bruno.
You find him sitting by the river and quietly go to sit down next to him. Bruno’s eyes grow wide as he looks at you, opening his mouth to speak.
However you don’t let him, “Let me talk, for a minute.”
“Although I am very much upset with you, Bruno, I have spent 10 years looking for you. I spent 10 years missing you. While I’m still mad, I don’t plan to waste any more time without you in my life.” you look at him, at his hopeful gaze, “It’s been 10 years, so we can’t just go from where we left off, but I’m ready to try again with you. To forgive you.”
At your words Bruno just starts crying, he hugs you. His fingers clutching on the fabric of your shirt, “I’m so sorry, mi amor. I don’t wish to ever hurt you like that again!” He’ll ramble on and on about how much he missed you and how sorry he felt.
Now, afterwards.
He will rarely leave your side, not without telling you where he’s going.
Obviously you asked this of him, in the beginning needing reassurance he’d stay.
But even as time goes on and you know he won’t go away again, he keeps this a habit.
He’ll introduce you to his rats.
Bruno is very set on spending (quality) time with you. He will take walks with you around town, swim with you in the river, play games; anything.
This man does everything in his power to regain and earn your trust.
He’ll make you food.
Well, he’ll try at least.
And when you eventually move back into his tower and his bed, he’ll make sure to hold you close every night.
You’ll pepper his face with kisses, having missed the way it got him all flustered.
He’s very proud about having you, too.
Long story short, you two leave happily ever after.
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Are your requests still open?? Cuz' I'm living for ENCANTO (Bruno more specifically) and I loved your Bruno story
Could you write something where the reader was somehow close to the family but not officially part of it (like engaged to Bruno but he vanished weeks/months before the wedding) so they would be inside Casita when it's falling apart and Bruno sees them when he's trying to get out and basically goes to save them
And reader maybe confused if they actually saw Bruno or if they just bumped their head
Sorry if it's confusing and/or nonsense 😖
Te amare por siempre || Bruno Madrigal x reader
OKAY I LOVE THIS! I kinda rushed it because of school, especially the start is a bit rushed (assuming you've seen the movie I didn't write all events), but I hope I did your request justice, anyway!
summary: In which the man you loved dearly leaves you, only to safe you from a collapsing Casita ten years later.
pairing: Romantic, indicated
reader: Gender not indicated, no use of pronouns.
story type: angst
warnings: mentions of neglect, angst
Tumblr media
The family Madrigal.
A family you loved dearly, one you’ve been close with ever since you were little. You used to go there all the time, whether this was to play with Julieta or to go outside with Pepa. You used to hang around Bruno when the rest of the town shunned him; you were his rock and he was yours.
You and the triplets would grow on to become very close. Whenever someone told Pepa she couldn’t play along because she’ll get everything wet, you’d be there to play with her. When you started taking interest in baking (even wanting your own bakery at some point), Julieta would help to improve your skills. And when it came to Bruno you’d paint decorations together, allowing him and his creative vision to order you around so the stage would be set as perfect as can be.
The family Madrigal was a family you loved so much and held close to your heart. They were there when you first opened your bakery, being your biggest supporters. You were there to see Pepa’s and Julieta’s kids grow up. Eventually, it didn’t take long for you and Bruno to get together, either. With the amount of time you guys spend together feelings grew and one day he just decided fuck it and kissed you.
Not much time later the two of you got engaged and the whole family was delighted. It was already set that Julieta and Pepa would be the ones standing behind you and little Mirabel would bring the rings. The whole wedding was slowly but surely being planned out and you couldn’t wait. Bruno and you would sit in bed at night, giggling to each other as you thought of things for the big day.
You couldn’t have been happier.
However, it is only common sense that all ups have their downs. At this point you were at such a high peak in your life, everything was bound to break down.
Oh, and break down it did.
It all started the day Mirabel was getting her gift. You and Bruno were in the audience -Bruno for once putting himself in the presence of the town to support his niece- and cheered the little girl on.
However, when it became clear that the girl wasn’t going to get a gift everything crumbled. That evening Bruno had kissed you goodnight and told you he’d be back; he just had to help Alma with something. You nodded, telling your fiancé you’d be going to sleep already and that you’d see him in the morning.
Only, when you woke up the other side of the bed was empty. The space was cold and Bruno wasn’t there. This didn’t distress you yet, though; the man had just woken up before you.
It was when after three days no one had seen Bruno you became really worried. You went around telling Alma that Bruno would never just leave, something must have happened to him.
One night you sat on your bed, praying to whatever God was up there for a sign that Bruno was okay. That your fiancé would come back and you could get your happily ever after. You did get a sign, that night under your pillow. A small note with Bruno’s messy -yet, somehow elegant- handwriting laying there.
You read it once, then again. And again. You just repeated the words in your head, your eyes darting from left to right on the paper. You could feel your heart shatter into a billion pieces as the world seemed to fall apart around you.
Tears started streaming down your face, you could feel your throat closing up and muffled your sobs with your fist. Never, in your life, had you felt so betrayed.
It took you a while to get back on your feet after Bruno’s disappearance. Your bakery hadn’t been open in weeks and you rarely left your room. You just couldn’t stand the thought of going into town or to the Madrigals.
You didn’t need the looks of pity they were sending you. Especially because you were very well aware that they weren’t actually pity.
After a long while, even you realized you had to get up and do something. People were counting on your bakery and there was no use wallowing in self-pity. A lot of credit goes to Pepa on this one.
And, while the pain remained, you slowly but surely got back onto your feet. You managed to (mostly) get over Bruno, although he still left you notes every now and then. After some time you barely bothered reading them anymore; each text filled with empty promises. Promises that filled your heart with hope only to shatter it crueler than the previous times.
You used to defend him towards Alma, shutting her down whenever she would talk badly about her son. But, as time went on you didn't bother to defend him anymore; Bruno could go defend himself, you didn't care. At least you pretended not to.
But, other than the love of your life leaving you behind, life was going okay.
You were in your bakery, preparing dough for the next morning when you heard the door open. With a sigh you cleaned off your hands with a towel, turning around you told them; “Sorry, I’m closed for today.”
Your eyes met Mirabel’s, the girl adjusting the green glasses sitting atop her nose, “Mirabel?”
“I didn’t mean to disturb you, Y/N. I just really need your help.” the teen basically pleaded. You nodded for her to continue; “It’s about Casita breaking and Bruno-”
“What about him?”
Mirabel flinched at the way you snapped. The question came out way harsher than you intended to, but even hearing his name just made you feel so hurt and angry.
“I-I’m sorry.” You let out a sigh, lowering your head, “I didn’t mean to, ehm," you swallowed the lump that had gotten into your throat, "Didn’t your abuela say Casita is fine?”
“That’s the thing! The other night I overheard her being worried about the magic!” Mirabel explained, eager to get her story across. You furrowed your brows slightly, cocking your head interest as you urged her to go on, “I went to Bruno’s room and I found this.”
Before you could scold her for entering Bruno’s room, which was clearly off-limits, she took out some glowing green pieces from her bag. You could recognize it easily, one of his visions. Mirabel arranged and puzzled them into a complete image, and you looked down to see what it was.
Mirabel, in front of a clearly broken Casita. You frowned, glancing up at the girl, “What the hell is this?”
“I don’t know. I was hoping you could help. Did tío Bruno say anything to you before he left?”
“He left some meaningless notes, promising he’ll be back and it was for the best he left. He asked me to look out for you and your sisters and cousins. He never mentioned this vision though, nor explained WHY he had to leave. I can’t help you much further, Mira.” You send her a sad smile, which she returned. She quickly shoved the pieces back into her satchel and before she opened the door she turned around, holding her finger up, “I was never here.”
You pretended to lock your lips and throw the key away before Mirabel left the bakery.
With a sigh you turned back to your dough, thinking about the vision and how it might be connected to Bruno just- disappearing. Maybe there was more to it than you initially thought.
“What is going on over there?”
You were sitting with Luisa in her room. She was still very much upset about her powers and you decided to distract her with some lame card games. It didn’t work 100%, but at least she wasn’t trying to lift things (only to sob afterward) anymore. Your game, however, was interrupted when you could hear arguing downstairs.
“Sounds like my sister, I’ll check it out,” she muttered, “Thank you, for this.” you send her a kind smile, telling her it wasn’t a problem as she left the room to figure out what was happening with Mirabel. You started humming to yourself, ordering the card back into a pile.
Suddenly you heard rumbling, the room started to shake and Casita began creaking and crumbling. You ran out of Luisa’s room, leaning over the balcony. You saw the floor between Mirabel and her Abuela splitting apart and the panels on the roof started falling down; splattering in pieces. The crack grew, splintering towards the candle. As the ceiling and walls started falling apart you realized you had to get the hell out. You saw Mirabel running towards the candle, using a ladder Casita made for her. You quickly ran across the top floor, desperate to reach that ladder and Mirabel before it all fell down. Isabela and Camilo had already fallen; their powers lost, and Casita forced them out of the house. You were nearly there, you reached your hand out to grasp onto the ladder, only to be pulled away last minute.
Someone had grasped the back of your shirt, pulling you back through a painting and inside the wall. You couldn’t see who it was, the person having a bucket covering their face. They started pulling you along through the gap in the wall, you barely had any time to register the wooden pole nearing your face; ducking your head down just in time. Before you could even process what was happening, the person smashed their head through the wall, the two of you making it out in time before the entirety of Casita collapsed. You watched with wide eyes as nothing of the house was upright, it had all crashed down. “What the- what?” you turned just couldn't believe it, how could this have happened? “Who the hell are you, what happened and wHO THE HELL-” you turned to look at the person that pulled you out of the house, stopping mid-sentence.
They had taken off the bucket, looking at you with a sad stare. You just gawked at him, wanting to say something but simply unable to. Sure, he had gotten older. His face started to get wrinkles and a few grey hairs were visible between the mob of curls; which had gotten longer. But you knew who he was, how could you ever forget the face of the man you fell in love with? Of the man who you planned to spend the rest of your life with? Of the man who betrayed you, the man who left you alone with the promise of coming back only to not show his face for ten years.
How could you forget the face of Bruno Madrigal?
You wanted to do so many things. You wanted to punch him, to hug him, to kick him where the sun didn’t shine, and to kiss him. You wanted to cry, to laugh, and to scream at him.
You couldn’t decide on what to do, though. Instead, you opted to just sit there, the grass tickling your fingers as you stared at the man.
Bruno broke eye contact after a while, playing with the end of his ruana. “Where- how-” you shook your head, taking a deep breath, “What the hell.” You were just so confused and everything was coming at you so quickly.
“I- I can explain it later.” Bruno mumbled, standing up, “I, eh, got to do something. I’ll be right back, I promise.”
You stared at him for a few seconds before you could feel your face splitting into a grin, and you started to laugh. “Promise? PROMISE? that word means nothing in your mouth!” you could hear your face cracking, but still you giggled. Purely because you were so baffled at the man in front of you. You stood up, pointing a finger towards him, “You promised you’d be back soon in that excuse of a note you wrote,” you started, yabbing the finger into his chest accusingly, “You promised you wouldn’t be long. What the HELL, Bruno?!”
“Mi vida-”
“DON’T!” you cut him off with a sneer, “You do not get to call me that, not anymore.”
“I had to leave, to protect my family. To- To protect you!” Bruno had tears welling into his eyes, his voice shaking as he did his best to explain what he could. “I didn’t get a single explanation! We were about to get married, Bruno! We were planning to start a family!”
“We- We can still-”
“Can we? How the hell am I supposed to start a family with a man that abondons family just like that?” You snapped your finger in his face, Bruno flinching at the sudden noise. You took a deep breath, forcefully wiping a tear from your cheek, “I wasn’t even sure you were alive anymore. None of us were! You don’t get to leave my life, only to return just when I was picking up the pieces! When I was just getting over you!” You were mainly sobbing at this point, but you didn’t care. This man had hurt you so deeply and he deserved to know.
Bruno looked down in embarassement and regret, “I-I’m sorry. And I can explain everything when I get back, but right now I really need to do just-uhm- one more thing.”
You just huffed in response, crossing your arms and turning around as you went to see if the others were alright after the collapse.
“I’ll be back for you, Y/N, today! I-I swear!”
You stopped in your tracks, glancing over your shoulder as you shrugged, “I’m not sure if you should bother.”
“Y/N!” Pepa came running up to you, hugging you thight. She let out a sigh in relief, “We were so worried! We didn’t see you leave Casita!”
She pulled back, holding you on arms length. Her braid was a mess and she had obviously been crying, but she still smiled at you; until she noticed your state. “Oh, Y/N. What’s wrong, are you alright?”
You shook your head, “Bruno- he,” you blinked a few times, your brain still trying to catch up on what just happened, “He got me out of the house.” You turned your gaze back to your friend, “He was here.”
Pepa sent a sad smile, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I think you hit your head somewhere, Bruno is gone.”
“No, I swear! He was in the house.”
That’s when you realized.
He was in the house.
“That son of a bitch was in Casita.” You muttered to yourself, furrowing your brows, “The bastard!” You exclaimed, Pepa flinching and covering your mouth. “Let’s set you down and get some water.” She told you, to which you nodded. When you sat on a rock nearby you looked at her, “Pepa I swear, Bruno was here. Is here. You have to believe me.”
She nodded, patting your shoulder, “I believe you.”
She didn’t actually believe what you were babbbling, but what the hell else was she supposed to say? That her friend had completely lost it?
When she walked off to look out for Antonio, you let out a sigh. Maybe she is right, you could have bumped your head. It wouldn’t be the first time you had imagined the man to be there.
You reached into your pocket. Unfolding the note given to you 10 years ago;
Mi vida,
I don’t have a lot of time to write this down. There is no easy way to say this. That’s why I write it, haha. I have to leave for a while. I don’t know how long yet, but I promise to you that I am back soon. I’ll explain, but I can’t yet now. Please look after Mirabel and my other sobrinos.
Te amare por siempre (I love you forever),
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Bruno x Female!Reader
Summary: After years away, you are drawn back to the Encanto because of some family issues. This brings you back to the Madrigal family and Bruno. Feelings are brought out to the surface and you are forced to decide if you go with your family duties or your heart.
The pounding headache was too much to handle. You have been home for only eight hours and your family has already made you go through every single stressful event in your life.
It was obvious what you needed to do but it still scared you, it's been years since you've seen them. Especially him. You shook your head free of that thought. You were not going down that road, well not now.
"Okay, Y/n, stop being a cobarde."
You made sure your family was distracted then sneaked out the back door, quickly you made your way to Casita. The only thing in the entire Encanto that can fix this headache was one of Julieta's arepas.
Entering Casita, you first saw Camilo. He was different since the last time you saw him. Gone were his baby cheeks and he was taller but not too tall, he was turning into a fine young man. You noticed hints of both Felix and Pepa in him. The pictures that Pepa sent you did not prepare you to actually see your godson in person, still, you didn't want to be a coward.
He was talking to his tío Bruno. Bruno looked so different. He looked tired and skinnier but what your parents and siblings told you about what the family went through, what Bruno went through, floated through your mind. Your heart ached for him but you also noticed how his shoulders weren't that slumped anymore. He seemed happier and that made you smile.
Suddenly, Bruno smiled at something Camilo said, his smile was still so beautiful. It made your heart beat fast just like it did back then.
"Okay, you are getting off track, y/n."
They both seemed to be deep in thought and the words, “well in episode seven I plan” floated through the air, you decided to make your presence known as your headache was getting worst by the minute. Clearing your throat you stepped towards them and said the first thing that came to mind.
“Hola Camilo, Hola Bruno,” you automatically felt stupid as you got no answer from Bruno but you felt that the man probably didn't recognize you, but relief flooded through your body as Camilo ran at you full sprint nearly knocking you to the ground in a hug.
“tía y/n, when did you get back!” Camilo was smiling so big. You had to ease his arms back since it felt like he was crushing you into the hug.
“I got back last week, I heard about what your family went through and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help, mijo." You put a hand through his hair. You couldn't imagine what any of them went through, they were all your family but the kids especially held a place in your heart.
“Oh it’s alright,” the boy waved his hand nonchalantly, “Mirabel and tío Bruno fixed that right up.” Camilo turned around to include Bruno in your conversation but the boy froze.
“Well, it looks like he disappeared.” Camilo sighed. Y/n looked up and saw that he was right. Bruno had made his escape while they were talking.
“It's alright, tía y/n, he gets a little antsy since he's getting used to social interaction with other people again. Now did you come over to say hi to the rest of the family?” Camilo looked at you expectedly which made your heart break, he was still that little boy clinging to your legs begging you not to leave.
“Oh, actually I came to see your tía Julieta, I have a headache that won’t go away.” You rubbed her head which pulsed underneath your fingers. Camilo grabbed your hand and led you to the kitchen. He pushed you towards Julieta and faked a scared tone in his voice.
“Help tía! She needs your arepas quick!” You watched as Julieta turned around ready to go into action. Julieta stopped once she took sight of you, tears came to her eyes.
“Y/n… is that you.” You couldn’t help but feel sad yourself. You walked towards Julieta with your arms open wide. Just like Camilo, she ran into you. The two friends stayed like that for hours, both murmuring words of comfort. Finally, after the tears stopped, you both stepped away from each other.
“I’ve been gone for too long haven’t I?” Julieta took your hand and held it. “Yes, but now your back for good. There is a lot we need to catch up on but first let me give you an arepa. You look like you need it.” Julieta laughed.
She handed you the food and you couldn’t help but devour it. The headache went away in a flash, you slumped against the kitchen wall finally feeling better.
“Gracias, Julieta. You don’t know how bad I needed that.” Julieta gestured for you to take a seat at the table. “Is there any reason why you seem exhausted?”
You frown, looking down at your hands. “I don’t know it’s kind of a long story.” There was too much to talk about that had happened in the last ten years, a lot you withheld from the letters that you sent to Pepa and Julieta.
Julieta nodded, “well how about you come over for dinner. I’m sure the family would love to see you.” You smiled, Julieta never pushed, she always would let you open up on your own time.
“Okay sounds great! Besides, I think Pepa would kill me if I told you without her being present .” You laughed, remembering how easy Pepa got angry.
You got up from the table, thanking Julieta for the arepa. “I should get home, and get ready for dinner.” You were going to make your way out of the kitchen but Julieta stopped you.
“Lo siento, y/n, but I have to ask did you see Bruno yet.” This made you panic a little so Julieta remembered.
“Um, I did briefly, he was with Camilo.” You were avoiding Julieta’s eyes.
“That’s not going to be a problem right?” Julieta’s voice was soft but with a hint of teasing.
You laughed, “oh it’s alright. That was years ago. Just a silly little crush and he didn't even recognize me when I entered the Casita.” It pained you to say those words but it had some truth to it.
Julieta smiled, “well if you say so but your red face proves otherwise.”
You scoffed and gently pushed Julieta's arm. "And just when I was starting to think that you were the reasonable one..." You crossed your arms and looked everywhere but Julieta who tapped her foot waiting for you to spill. "Okay, I may still have feelings for him but we are fifty years old Julieta," You looked at your friend, "I just don't think anything will happen. You know it's just too late."
Julieta put her hands on your shoulders. "Don't get sad on me. I just remember that you guys were pretty close when we were younger but your right that was years ago. Now go home, so I can cook up your favorites," She leaned into your ear, "plus your secret is safe with me."
You hugged Julieta tight. "Gracias, amiga." You said your goodbyes then made your way out of the house. You couldn’t help but feel like you were being watched by somebody.
Unbeknownst to you, that somebody was little somebodies. Camilo and Mirabel were hidden behind the bush next to the kitchen. They had heard everything.
Camilo looked at his prima.
“We need a plan.” Mirabel smiled.
“Then we’re going to need some help.”
Dolores stood with her cousins in front of their tío Bruno’s door. They had run into her room screaming about how tía y/n was home and she was in love with tío Bruno. They both needed her help with convincing tío Bruno by asking tía y/n on a date.
Dolores thought it over and she did remember hearing the kitchen conversation while cleaning the room unfortunately she had been thinking about her upcoming date with Mariano to dwell over it.
She wasn't that surprised that tía y/n liked tío Bruno. Dolores had her own years of evidence of the two but with the events of Bruno disappearing and tía y/n leaving the Encanto, she kind of forgot about it.
Also, she really wanted to see her tío happy and tía y/n was probably the best person she would want to see with tío Bruno.
Camilo opened the door and the three primos made their way to Bruno’s room. The one thing the whole family was grateful about the house being rebuilt was the fact Bruno’s room got rid of the never-ending staircase.
“Camilo, what’s your plan about getting tío Bruno to confess his feelings?” Dolores looked at her younger brother.
“Well, I was thinking like maybe threatening him to ask her out.” Camilo moved his hands around while talking. Mirabel rolled her eyes at her primo.
“Let me guess, you were going to shapeshift into him if he didn’t listen.” Mirabel looked at Camilo who turned red. They both started arguing about how they would go about this until Dolores nudged them to stop.
Bruno stood in the doorway of his bedroom watching them apprehensively.
“Is there something you guys need?” Now, Bruno loved his sobrinos and sobrinas but he had quickly adapted to know when they were up to trouble.
Dolores pushed Mirabel to talk, she didn't trust her little brother to do this right.
"Well, you see..." Mirabel was having trouble explaining so she decided to start gently, "Mi mamá wanted me to tell you that tía y/n is coming for dinner."
Once Y/n's name was mentioned, Dolores heard her uncle's heart do a flip. She squeaked, well this was interesting.
Bruno's hands made their way under his ruana, his face was red and he was slowly starting to back into his room again.
Camilo and Mirabel looked at each other, questioning Bruno's behavior. Dolores rolled her eyes.
"tío, are you okay?" Dolores already knew the answer to her uncle's behavior but she wanted to hear him say it first.
Bruno jumped like he was thrown out of a daze. "Oh-h, yeah, I think I'm going to skip dinner." His mind was already thinking of an escape plan.
Camilo and Mirabel started to yell. They wanted their uncle to come to the dinner. It will mess up their plan greatly if their tío stayed in his room.
Dolores shushed Camilo and Mirabel, then she walked slowly to Bruno as to not scare him, she knew he didn't like confrontation.
"tío, is that about tía y/n?" Dolores looked at her uncle whose eyes widen then dropped to the ground along with his arms.
"Is it that obvious?" Dolores laughed and threw her arms around her uncle. That was all the confirmation she needed.
"Wait, a minute what happened?" Camilo waved his arms towards his uncle and sister.
Mirabel playful shoved her primo. "Keep up! He just admitted to liking tía y/n."
The two youngest looked at each other with wide smiles. They then ran to hug their uncle like Dolores did. Bruno was bombarded with questions left and right.
"You knew I always knew you liked her since I was little. You would never stop staring---"
"I can't wait until you guys get married because then tía y/n would live with us---"
"At the dinner, you have to charm her tío--"
Bruno felt like he was drowning already so he held his hands up. "Wait, just wait, pl-please." He stuttered.
The kids looked at him with wide innocent eyes. Bruno ran a hand in his hair. They were getting ahead of themselves.
"Who said she liked me back?" He didn't expect his sobrinos to burst out laughing. Camilo clapped him on the back.
"Oh, that's a funny one tío."
Bruno froze at their weird behavior. "I feel like you guys aren't telling me something."
He watched the three give each other looks like they were trying to see what they should tell him. Finally, Mirabel stepped forward with her arms crossed in front of her.
"We have something to tell you but first we there are some questions that need to be answered."
They all sat on the floor of Bruno’s room in a circle. The three kids all faced Bruno, and he had to admit it was intimidating.
“S-so, um,” Bruno cleared his throat, “ What do you want to know?”
Camilo decided to speak first as y/n was his godmother and one of his favorite people. Everybody knew that Camilo and y/n had a special connection.
“Now tío, I just want you to understand that I'm asking this because I want to know your feelings on tía y/n before we tell you what we know. I'm are not trying to scare you or anything.”
Camilo watched as the man literally deflated with relief.
“Sí, gracias, that does make me feel better.” Bruno laughed.
Camilo smiled and carried on with his speech.
“Now, all of us have precious memories of tía y/n, the odd one out being Antonio since he was born after she left. I remember her reading to me, giving me presents, and dancing with her. She was always there when I had a bad day. I even remember when Mamá told me that tía y/n was made my madrina but a part of me can't remember you guys ever interacting with each other so my question is how long have you liked her?” Camilo finished, eyeing his tío throughout the speech.
Bruno’s eyes had softened of course Camilo and Mirabel were young. They didn't pay much attention to their surroundings. He cleared his throat.
“I should have known you guys wouldn’t remember I mean both of you were young.” He looked at two of his youngest sobrinos.
“But Dolores would know as I guess I was pretty obvious with my affection?” Bruno looked at Dolores who nodded sympathetically.
“I didn’t know what it meant when I was younger but there were certain times that tía y/n would come over and I heard your heartbeat start to beat rapidly,” Dolores spoke quietly gaging her uncle's reactions. “I thought it was weird but I ignored it because I was just a kid. I also remember that time when tía y/n stopped coming around, that's when you locked yourself away tío.” Dolores saw her uncle flinch as the memories of those years came fluttering back. "But when she started coming back again around the time Camilo was born, that's when I saw you smile again."
Dolores never knew why tía Y/n stopped coming around for a period of time. All she remembered was her other family members talking about how maybe y/n was in trouble and they were truly worried about her. Dolores couldn't hear anything else as she was still working on perfecting her gift.
Suddenly, she pointed at her uncle excitedly.
“Oh, oh there was that one time I caught you listening in on her storytime to Camilo when he was a baby—“
Bruno broke out in a blush, “o-Kay, ok-ay, I think that’s enough”, Bruno smoothed out his ruana, he was counting down from 20 which calmed him considerably.
“The point is I have always liked y/n,” he watched as his sobrinos broke out into smiles, “but.. there is no way she would ever like me back.” Bruno did not want to get his hopes up. Y/n was too good for him. Bruno was still an outcast, sure people were warming up to the idea of him but his reputation as a curse still remained in the town besides both of them were older now, she probably has someone.
Mirabel gave a frustrated yell. “Ugh, tío that can be far from the truth.” She threw her hands up at Camilo, “please just tell him already it’s downright obvious he’s always liked her.”
Camilo stood up dramatically making Mirabel and Dolores roll their eyes.
“Listen up Tio, we have very important information that might change your life. As you know, Tía y/n came to visit Tía Julieta, and while they were talking Tío y/n said that she still has a crush on you!” He raised his arms in a “ta-da” fashion.
Bruno felt his brain stop, “Wait-just wait, did she say anything else” He watched as his sobrinos all squirmed a little under his question.
"Well, she did say it was kind of late because of your guys' age but your focusing on the wrong part." Camilo tried to reassure his Tío.
Mirabel stood up with her cousin, “Tío you should have seen her face, she was absolutely red in the face” Mirabel looked at Camilo who nodded with her.
Bruno frowned, it was exciting to know that y/n liked him but he still had his doubts, that he couldn't get rid of.
“Tío Bruno, I know that you're nervous. It’s a lot to take in right now but I assure you Tío y/n likes you. So at the dinner tonight, maybe talk to her a little show her who you are.” Dolores really wanted this to go well for him. He honestly deserved it.
Bruno nodded at her. “Okay-okay, I will play it cool,” he gave a sheepish smile which his sobrinos returned with an encouraging one, “well, as cool as I can get, but no stepping in or doing something embarrassing, please,” he looked at his sobrinos as they all vigorously nodded their head.
Dolores stood up and hugged her Tio. “We promise.” Bruno smiled and hugged her back.
Camilo started dancing around excitedly, “ahh, I can’t wait because soon you guys will get married and then Tía y/n would live here with us…”
Dolores laughed as she heard Tío Bruno’s heart pick up.
Mirabel quieted her primo. “This is great but we need to start getting ready for the dinner,” she pointed at Bruno, “especially you Tío .”
Mirabel gathered her primos and pulled them to exit Bruno’s room.
Camilo and Dolores waved bye.
“Remember play it cool.”
“Also smile a lot Tío, she likes it when you smile.”
Bruno watched them go then turned around to start getting ready himself.
“Okay Bruno, play it cool.” Whatever that means.
His rat, Alejandro, pulled fresh clothes onto his bed. Bruno could feel himself sweating already.
“It’s going to be fine, everything will be alright.” Bruno knocked five times on his wooden dresser
He looked in the mirror. His hair was messy and his eye bags were still prominent but he remembered what Dolores said,
“she likes it when you smile.”
Bruno felt his cheeks get hot. He groaned and fell to the floor with his hands covering his eyes,
“¡Dios mío!”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Following the rebuilding of Casita, you reunite with your lover whom you haven't seen in years after his sudden disappearance.
Bruno Madrigal x Wife! Reader
Being the wife of the misunderstood seer that had terrified the whole town of Encanto was less than ideal. Constantly under scrutinizing gaze and murmurs, one would think you would cave under the pressure. Bruno thought so too but you had smiled at him. As long as the two of you were together, there was nothing else to worry about.
And then he disappeared. In the dead of night, he had left your sleeping form without a note, without a goodbye, without a word. You would only awoke the next day to find your husband’s side of the bed cold and empty.
You grieved your love, you grieved the man who swore would never break your heart. The man who swore that he would always be by your side. And that grieving never ceased. Despite Alma’s attempts to make you stay in Casita, you only shook your head weakly.
“Home.. Home is where Bruno is.” You whispered on that fateful day that you brought up leaving. “And without him, I have no home, not in Casita..”
The Madrigal family watched as you packed your bags and left, bringing along with you what was left of Bruno, your wedding candle and the grief that weighed heavy in the depths of your heart. You would stay at the edge of the town of Encanto, often getting visited by a few family members with Mirabel, your niece, dropping by almost always to keep you company. You noticed she was just like your husband, stubborn, even as you had advised her that you didn't need any checking up on, she had insisted.
Today was different though. After the cracks that occurred on the streets of Encanto, you were cleaning up the damage that occurred in your own home, broken furniture and a few tiles fell off at the earthquake-like shake. The other townspeople had left to help out after the destruction of Casita but try as you may, you couldn’t bring yourself to return to the home that Bruno had left you in. So you stayed here, cleaning up quietly. Even as Casita was finally rebuilt and the miracle had returned you had stayed in your home.
Then the door burst open.
“Tia (Name)!” Came your niece’s frantic cries. You whipped your head to her direction, as frantic as she was.
“What happened? Mirabel, are you okay?!” You exclaimed, cupping her cheeks in your hand.
Mirabel would only shake her head, grabbing your hand. “There is something you should see!” She had managed to drag your confused form up to your doorway before you had halted.
“What is it? Ay, Mirabel, where are you taking me?” You had tried to calm yourself, heart suddenly hammering against your chest.
Mirabel only shook her head. “In Casita! There is someo.. something you need to see, Tia!” You purse your lips, you really didn’t want to go but Mirabel had looked so panicked and her tugs of your hands seemed like it was an emergency.
“Bueno, Bueno, fine!” You had sighed in exasperation, letting her drag you out of your home and to Casita.
As you approached the house you had once called home, you saw a few figures in front of the house. Their eyes had widened and Julieta and Pepa were the first to engulf you into an embrace. Though you would look at them skeptically. They seemed both nervous as well as excited. Alma was by their side, looking remorseful but happy that you were here. Though the three had exchanged looks that you weren't able to see.
You were about to part your lips, wanting to ask what was the problem before you were swiftly whisked away by Mirabel once more. Through the halls of Casita, and you stopped upon nearing your lover’s door. The memories of you and Bruno resurfacing.
“Mirabel, I, por favor, I can’t..” Mirabel had stopped as well, looking at you before her gaze flickered to the door. She shook her head, lips pressed firmly into a line as she stubbornly opened the door.
“Mira, c’mon I..” You were pulled into a tight hug by Mirabel. “Please, Tia, just trust me?” Her imploring gaze made you sigh shakily. You didn’t even know what lies behind those closed doors. It hurt just being there. Your heart clenched painfully but at the same time there was something drawing you in. You purse your lips before sighing deeply. “Whatever it is better be worth climbing all those stairs.” You glare at her playfully, watching as her lips turned into a happy grin.
“Trust me, it’s worth it.” You hear your niece say. You slowly pull away from the embrace, hyping yourself up to once again walk through the all too familiar room. “Here goes..” You entered the room, greeted by the sand that you admittedly missed despite having it on your clothes everyday when you were still living here.
You looked at the stairs, grumbling to yourself. Damn you, Bruno. You had asked him for an easier way to climb the large room but he had never really gotten to it. Slowly you made your way to the top, wheezing and out of breath.
After much climbing and walking you had made it to your lover’s vision cave. You ran your fingers on the worn down walls, remembering all the times you and Bruno had whilst he was still with you.
You smiled bitterly. You never could forget about the eccentric man that caught your heart with both his clumsiness and quirks you found adorable.
You had expected there to be nothing but sand. Like it always had. It was left untouched by you, afraid that you would disturb or wipe away any essence that remained of your beloved husband. What you didn’t expect was a lone figure standing there. You squinted before your eyes widened, your footsteps halting. Your breath got caught in your throat.
Bruno Madrigal had expected his niece or any other family members. He didn’t expect to turn and be face to face with the love of his life. The same one he had left all those years ago. You were still so beautiful. Sure you had greying hair like he had but he swore you had still looked the same on the day he left you. And the yearning turned to fear, were you angry at him? Did you hate him? Why weren’t you saying anything?
“I know what you’re gonna say, (Name).” Bruno’s voice trembled as he looked at you. He swallowed thickly, fidgeting under your gaze.
Of course he had thought of a reunion with you two but never like this. He tried to rehearse the words that he would say with the help of his rats but each time it didn't feel right.
“How could I have done this?” He looked at you, desperately as you said no words, you had only stared at him, lips parted. He looked down, rambling even more. “Staying away all of these years, living in Casita’s walls, why didn’t I come back to you..”
“Well, what sign did I have that Mamá or the rest of the family wouldn’t take the vision the wrong way?”
“That anyone in Encanto wouldn’t see me as a bearer of bad news?” He tried to avert his gaze, his nervousness evident as he fiddled with the ends of his green ruana.
“I tried so hard to get another vision, to find another answer but I couldn’t..!” He continues.
“I-I know that I left you all alone when I promised I wouldn’t,” He continues, tears welling up in his eyes as you remain silent, his voice cracking. “But I thought you’d be better off without me.” You were a part of the reason why he had left. You had deserved better than him, he had thought. Before your marriage to him you were sought after, loved by the village for your kindness but their looks and smiles of admiration turned to pity when they were informed that you were betrothed to him.
You approached him, your gaze longing and as you took a few steps forward, he took a few steps back.
“But I was wrong, I see that now but..” His back met the walls of his vision cave and he stammered. There was no more room to back up to.
“Oh, stop being so stoic, (Name). Go on! Shout, scream, say something!” Your silence made him nervous. He knew what he did was unforgivable and he deserved the questions and the screams you should be giving him but there was nothing. You remained quiet and he was startled to see you raise your hand before he felt your warm palm against his cheek.
His green eyes had widened as he looked at you.
“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” You finally whisper as your eyes gazed at him lovingly. All the years of grief and mourning for the husband you thought you had lost were now washed away by the happiness that flooded you upon seeing his face, feeling his warmth.. it wasn't hallucinations or dreams anymore. He was here. Your Bruno was here.
The tears that welled up in his eyes fell as he closed them shut savoring the kiss that you pressed against his lips.
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch @maya-custodios-dionach @caswinchester2000 @medeaa5 @datu-tadhana @twisted-monster @camilolovesroxiie @a-pansexualmess @liez117 @simp4everybody @chimsblogg
I just watched How to train Your Dragon again and thought this scene was very fitting to a reunion with you and your beloved rat husband, Bruno Madrigal.
I hope you liked it? I thought Bruno deserved so much love 😭💖😔💕
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