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lewis-abdullah-cattell·4 days agoText

I am the secret held within the bud

The quenching of pure waters

I am the consuming of the flame

The deer of the untrod forest

I am birdsong of the coming dawn

& the dance of all creation

But who are you who made me open

Who made me thirst

Who set me ablaze

& who enraptured me

In this dance of love?

You are the secret

That causes words to prostrate

Hearts to open and lips to close

- Lewis Abdullah Cattell

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·10 days agoText


I became a waterfall compelled by love

To constantly throw myself

From the cliffs of separation

Into annihilation within Your eyes

Lewis Abdullah Cattell

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·14 days agoText

Simply click follow this link:


And follow the instructions in orange at the bottom of the welcome email. Please do jot abuse this offer – if you are not in self isolation, please purchase the book. We all need to have an income during this difficult time.

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·19 days agoText

It has long been the tradition of Sufi poets to compose works as a form of social commentary. Calling people to reason and justice in the face of widespread social ills, and warning leaders against oppression, greed and the misuse of power. In this tradition I have composed the following poem, to call people back to reason, love and selfless care for one another in this time of fear, tribulation…

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·22 days agoText

“I am the outpouring pitcher of love, fill your cup from the eternal wellspring of my heart.” Lewis Abdullah Cattell

In the current age there has been little talk about love without an undertone of sexuality, promiscuity, lust and desire. The concept of love is almost exclusively linked to the sexual act. An example of this is the idea of “free love” which has come to mean nothing more than…

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·22 days agoText

My new book is now out!!! To get a free read of the first three chapters of the book subscribe to my mailing list (link in bio). The book is available as a paperback and on kindle via Amazon. As well as being available on Apple Books, and all major Ebook platforms.

One of the greatest factors which new authors face in making their books a success, is exposure. So I really need your help. If you enjoy my writing and poetry, please read the free section of the book, share it, talk about it and help me make this book and its message go viral.

Also, please buy the book, read it, benefit from it.

Thank you all for your support.

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·a month agoText

I am nothing more
Than a pen
Surrendering to Your hand
Weeping Your name
Lovingly upon the page

I am nothing more
Than a word
Formed by Your tongue
Resting within the bliss
Of clinging to Your lips

I am nothing more
Than a look
Of love within Your eyes
Dancing in Your gaze
Upon the teardrops of Your joy

I am nothing more
Nothing more
You are all
As I fall
More in love
With every breath

– Lewis…

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·a month agoText

There is a place within you

Illuminating your heart

A point beyond all forms

Waiting in the stillness of your soul

Feel it! Bathe in it!

Soon you will dissolve

In this ocean of unity

A wellspring of eternal love

It calls you saying

We are one

There is no other

I in you and you in me

By Lewis Abdullah Cattell

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lewis-abdullah-cattell·a month agoText

I was a bird caged by

My habitual preconceptions

So I sang a song of love

which filled all of the world

It reached every ear

And travelled each direction

Yet I was still imprisoned

With my yearning wings unfurled

Every day I sang

Whilst I burnt with discontentment

Every night I awaited

Your fragrance in the dark

One day I heard a strange echo

Not from the valleys or high ascensions

Rather it came from the aching

in my heart

I sang loudly and followed

The sound of footsteps to its source

I found my soul listening

Somewhere deep within

To words of beauty in a place

Where a fount of mercy poured

Asking where do You end

And where Do I begin

My inner-sight became illumined

As I saw You

Then I looked for myself

But only found a dream dispersed

I soared higher

Than the highest eagle sought to

Whilst resting in the stillness

Of my perch

O caged bird! Fill the world

With your lovers call

And you shall soar beyond

The bars of your cage

But turn within and you will find

You are a ripple in a pool

upon the lips

Of a love that never fades.

Then your preconceptions

Will depart before your face

As you soar beyond the clouds

In endless skies

The other birds may reprimand you

From where they sit within their cage

But you will know the joy

Of how it feels to fly.

-Lewis Abdullah Cattell

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