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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

librarysunflower·5 days agoText


Working through my cibercrime notes and procrastinating on the homework I have to deliver tomorrow. I think it’s easy, but I’m not taking a law degree, this is only and optional subject and I’m afraid of being too objective in the formulation of my answer 😔

I hope you’re staying healthy and safe 💛

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librarysunflower·18 days agoText


to whoever is reading this:

i wish you restful nights, productive mornings, sunshine, smiles from strangers, happy surprises, the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes, good grades, clear skin, great memories, the kind of happiness that fills all the little cracks in your heart and soul and heals all of your wounds, love, the resolution of your problems, that your fears evaporate like rain on a hot summer day, peace, and everything good in this world✨

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Fri. 15/5/20

How many hours of circuits is too many? 😬 I worked through 2 or 3 lectures throughout the day, plus listened into a live lecture for a bit. I made a list of all the things I needed to finish up this weekend and things I needed to start on for next week. I also read lecture notes for my macromolecules class and did a short quiz on it.

Had a bit of a hard time focusing today but that’s ok, it’s Friday! The first week of online school is over! Also waking up at 1am this morning and not being able to fall back asleep probably had something to do with it haha 😅

Pictured: A Ruby Granger study with me and circuits notes!

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15 may

and just like THAT, spring 2020 is over! now, i’m waiting for final grades, but i’m so glad the semester is over. it was a tough one; ochem consumed my life. well, time for a break! queue-ing a bunch of content and going to finish that masterpost, as well as work on a spring ‘20 reflection.  if there’s any summer content you specifically want to see, send it to my asks!

i was supposed to hear back about a scholarship today, but they needed to extend their review period, so i guess i’ll be waiting some more!

also,,, someone asked what laptop I use: its an HP Pavilion x360 with the HP Pen.

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15 May 2020

Woke up an hour late and it threw my day off but not to fret, nothing a quick workout and a shower can’t fix. I spent an hour in the evening on my roof just rolling around with my cat and damn! All that serotonin.

✨Finished Grooming training outline

✨Finished learning activity

✨Managed to get a workout in

🎶 Tequila Sunrise by Eagles

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librarysunflower·19 days agoText


16.5.20 / 10:15 am (7/30)

yes i’m 21, yes i have toys on my windowsill, no i don’t remember their names anymore. i’m finished with my anthropology assignment and i’ll do a final read-through today and send it :] final essay planning is going fine, tho i’m quite stressed about my major so i have to get these out ASAP with better than decent marks

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librarysunflower·19 days agoPhoto



Cozy rainy morning, studying for physics test.

Then the afternoon spent struggling with physical chemistry. Definitely not my strong subject.

Stressful exam times are coming and I find it difficult to relax without feeling guilty for not studying. But I am working on it! We deserve to rest.

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librarysunflower·19 days agoText



Day 1/14 of 14 Days of Ducks, by @wewontdieunbloomed​!

The reason I’m doing this is because, while I’ve been doing okay since I moved to Australia, I can sense my productivity slowly slipping, so this is a way to try and regain that momentum. 

I’m studying Russian on Duolingo right now, 49 day streak (can’t wait for 50!) which I’m very happy with. Hopefully I’ll be able to understand some Russian football broadcasts soon!

I also just finished a course on edX about Mental Health and Cognitive… I guess tricks? So that when I go to university my mind will hopefully be in a better more constructive place so I can really thrive.

And the UCAT? It’s been my dream for many years to be a doctor so that’s the test that I’ll be sitting in July to hopefully make that happen. Though I won’t be too crushed if I don’t make it into medicine, I also want to be a pharmacist or a paramedic!

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