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lilunicornprincess · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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lilunicornprincess · 2 hours ago
gf with a sundress and no panties on, bf who can fuck her anywhere and anytime
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lilunicornprincess · 4 hours ago
Basic Dom(me) 101
To be a dom(me), you need to show consistent respect for certain things.
You have to respect and put in the work for your sub. Those who only engage with their sub when it's convenient for them are out. Anyone who ignores their sub when they behave in a way that they don't like can't be a dom. You have to create a relationship that makes them happy, and promotes growth. Self serving asshats and narcissists can get out of the certification line.
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lilunicornprincess · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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lilunicornprincess · 11 hours ago
Send me "Have You Ever" ask.
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lilunicornprincess · 11 hours ago
People have requested some more feminist kink content, so...
Dom vs. Misogynist: 2 Important Differences
1. Decision Making: A good (read: respectful, feminist) dom likes to take the lead & make decisions for their sub, but they only do it after they make an effort to learn what their sub likes.
Bad Example: a guy I dated once would put something on Netflix without even asking me what I might want to watch. This isn't dom behavior; it's just an arrogant dude who clearly doesn't care about my opinion.
Good Example: a dom ordering you a slice of apple pie without whipped cream when he knows you like sweets & have a dairy allergy.
2. Degradation: First off, not all subs even have a degradation kink. A good dom learns if and how you like to be degraded. They also reassure you of how worthy they know you are before & after any type of physical or verbal degradation.
Bad Example: a 20-something guy I hooked up with years ago said something about fucking my "little 19 year old mouth," then took me to Wendy's and barely spoke to me.
Good Example: a dom asking you what degrading names you like to be called, calling you that during sex, then giving you aftercare & compliments and asking about your favorite part of the day.
To subs: The throughline here is that if he acts like the bad examples, he probably doesn't see you as an equal. You should always feel seen, heard, & respected in a D/s dynamic. Trust your instincts! If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 💖
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lilunicornprincess · 12 hours ago
How to make Daddy excited: a guide
Pigtails pigtails pigtails pigtails
Wear a cute choker
Have a pretty colour on your nails
Wear an adorable outfit
Put your finger in your mouth
Give him some puppy eyes for good measure
Enjoy 😇
Tumblr media
Note: this works with my Daddy idk about y’all just putting it out there 😆
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lilunicornprincess · 13 hours ago
Come here, hold my hand, I don't want you to leave my sight when we're out shopping. I know it's tempting and your mind wanders easy, but that's why I'm here. To keep you safe and remind you who you belong to. If you behave I'll maybe buy you something. Okay?
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lilunicornprincess · 14 hours ago
Okay but why do secondary schools freak so much about college?!
I mean secondary school teachers when they send an email to their students:
Dear students, blah blah blah
College professors:
Yo, amigo’s, can y’all bring *this* to class tomorrow? Sorry to bother y’all with this. See you then. Hopefully.
(yes I really just got that email from my college professor)
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lilunicornprincess · 15 hours ago
Am I horny? YES
Do I want to fuck? YES
Are you too far away? FUCK YES🥺
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lilunicornprincess · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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lilunicornprincess · 22 hours ago
Things I Love Hearing Daddy Say
Good Girl
Your Adorable Princess 😇🥺
Behave 🥺🥵
On your knees🥵😍
Let me get it for you baby😍😇
Come here little one 🥺
Do as Daddy says 🥺
Your so tight 🥵
Use your words 🥺Tell Daddy you love it 🥵
YOU ARE MINE!!!!!!🥵🥵🥵
Who’s pussy is that🔮🥵
I love you Princess 🔮😇😍
Tumblr media
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lilunicornprincess · a day ago
i might be shy but that doesn't mean i don't want him to force me to look into his eyes while he rearranges my guts
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lilunicornprincess · a day ago
Thinking about a submissive with a voice kink that just loves their dominant's voice so much , even the slightest shift in tone could push them into subspace. Often, they'll beg their dominant to call them specific pet names again, squirming and whining at the dominant's dirty talk, being told how they'll be ruined, how they're nothing but a plaything for their owner and after the scene, it's their dom's voice that lulls them to sleep with praises, the way they hummed softly as they pet their head and gave them water.
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lilunicornprincess · a day ago
Daddy whispering in my ear with his hand around my throat 💘💘💖💞💓💗💓💞💕💘💘💕💕💕❤️💞💝💘💝
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lilunicornprincess · a day ago
When I’m sleepy I
Clutch all my stuffies (even if my arms aren’t big enough for all of them)
Make myself tiny
Hide under the covers
Try to keep my eyes open even when I know I should sleep
Deny being sleepy
Am barely able to form actual words
Suck my paci
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lilunicornprincess · a day ago
tease me, make me aching and needy that all i can do is moan and beg you to let me cum, then tell me "no babygirl, not as yet." make me get even more whiny and desperate as i beg you over and over to let me cum
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