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littleweirdplatypus9 days agoText

Isabella:*talking about Candace and Jeremy and blushing like crazy* Yeah, they can’t seem to take their eyes off each other

Phineas: Yup! So, wanna go deliver some scrap metal?


Isabella: *screaming internally* Yeah… Sure.

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littleweirdplatypusa month agoVideo





The fact Perry looks guilty at the end is what sells it

鈥淲hat are you kidding me, it鈥檚 not just drywall that鈥檚 solid oak.鈥 We gonna ignore the fact that Perry the Platypus just obliterated a solid oak door?


how much does OWCA pay perry for him to be able to just pay for an oak door out of pocket like it鈥檚 nothing

Let’s reblog until Perry learns to respect the pharmacist evil scientist he’s defeating every day

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littleweirdplatypusa month agoText



So ellen degeneres is being sued by a Black woman for making fun of her name and turning into a running joke. :)聽

鈥淎 Georgia woman is suing Ellen DeGeneres after mispronouncing her name to make a breast joke during her daytime talk show.

Titi Pierce, 35, name is pronounced 鈥淭ee Tee 鈥 as grammar dictates鈥, she said in the lawsuit. But DeGeneres called her 鈥渢itty Pierce鈥, reading one of the real estate agent鈥檚 adverts during a segment called 鈥淲hat鈥檚 Wong With These Ads鈥. and These Signs?鈥

鈥淚n all of her 35 years of life, no one has ever referred to Ms Pierce as 鈥渢itty鈥 until the Defendant did so on February 22, 2016 on national television,鈥 the lawsuit reads, adding that it led to 鈥渋mmediate ridicule鈥 from the audience.

The lawsuit pointed out that producers did not blur out Ms Pierce鈥檚 personal cell phone number in the segment. She said she received 鈥渞idiculing and harassing鈥 calls while attending an out-of-state family funeral.

Ms Pierce filed the lawsuit against Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc, the parent company of the The Ellen Show.

Titi is a name that comes from Nigeria, meaning 鈥渇lower鈥, according to the lawsuit.

Ms Pierce is seeking damages from Warner Bros, and demands they never show the segment again.鈥

glad to see ellen鈥檚 golden formula for comedy聽鈥渕ock ethnic names鈥 is finally coming to bite her in the ass

I never liked Ellen, even before all of this stuff was exposed, she just came off as fake and kinda rude to me. I read all of this now and I’m like “I knew there was a reason to dislike you”

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littleweirdplatypusa month agoText

Pre AYA headcanons for Phineas and Isabella

  • When Phineas realizes that he has a crush on Isabella, he has the exact same moment that Ferb had when he met Vanessa
  • Phineas has an “Isabella Land” that he slips into when he talks to her (maybe in that one she turns into a unicorn lmao)
  • Isabella decides to start dating in order to get over Phineas, much to his dismay
  • When Phineas knows that Isabella is going on a date he goes into overdrive with his inventions to take his mind off of it
  • Ferb figures out that Phineas has a crush on Isabella before he tells him, but says nothing because he thinks Isabella is the only one that should tell Phineas about her feelings (that line about guys not talking about feelings in AYA is bs, change my mind)
  • When Isabella and her troupe graduate from the fireside girls, they give Phineas and Ferb honorary sashes for helping them earn their patches
  • Phineas tries to ask Isabella to their first school dance but keeps getting hit with “Hold that thought” as she gets distracted by her extra curriculars
  • Then when he eventually gets to ask her she assumes they’re already going together, with Ferb of course
  • Phineas tends to talk to Candace about his crush on Isabella, and she gives him advice
  • Isabella and Phineas do actually go to prom together, but they go in a group with the others
  • Isabella’s on every committee you can think of, including prom committee, so she spends most of her night fixing all the mishaps
  • Isabella does spend most of the summers in high school in the boys’ backyard, but she goes less and less each year
  • In the summer when AYA takes place, Phineas doesn’t see Isabella, but they text sometimes (because I refuse to believe that Isabella and Phineas didn’t wish each other happy birthday over the summer)
  • Phineas drags the guys to Nosh Ol茅 Mexican-Jewish Caf茅 under the guise of studying, but really so that he can see Isabella more
  • The other guys know about Phineas’ crush, and they see right through him, but also remain silent for the same reason as Ferb
  • Isabella is a cheerleader, and Phineas goes to every game to see her
  • Phineas joins a couple of the same clubs as Isabella to spend more time with her
  • At some point during high school there’s another “Night of The Falling Stars Girls-Choice Dance” and Vanessa asks Ferb to go with her, exciting Phineas since that’ll mean a real date for he and Isabella
  • However, Isabella tells him that she’s not asking him because another girl is planning on asking him (she only lets the girl ask because she’s trying to get over Phineas)
  • In the end, Phineas goes to Isabella’s house and asks her to ask him to the dance
  • After the dance Isabella decides to distance herself as that’s when she figures out that she can’t get rid of her feelings for him
  • Phineas gives Isabella a fireside girl style sash with patches to represent all of the extra curriculars she did in high school as a graduation gift
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littleweirdplatypusa month agoAnswer


15. Talk about something good or exciting that has happened to you this year

Low key hard to remember because it’s been a LONG year but other than making new friends, I would honestly say that finding new TV shows has been one of the most exciting parts of my year. I’ve particularly taken a liking to Community and New Girl. Plus, I’ve fallen in love with Phineas and Ferb all over again so it’s been nice revisiting my childhood. Thanks for the ask!

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littleweirdplatypusa month agoText


  1. What did you dream about last night?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. Do you feel more connected to the moon or the sun?
  4. Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
  5. Name a movie that makes you genuinely laugh.
  6. When鈥檚 the last time you felt like you were floating?
  7. What do you enjoy daydreaming about most?
  8. Do you believe in guardian angels?
  9. What鈥檚 a smell that reminds you of home?
  10. What is something (or someone) you鈥檙e in love with?
  11. Describe the memory of the last time you felt true happiness.
  12. Name a song that makes you feel ethereal.
  13. What鈥檚 your ideal summer aesthetic?
  14. Talk about one of your most cherished childhood memories.
  15. Talk about something exciting or good that happened to you this year.
  16. Where do you feel most at home?
  17. What is something you own that is important to you? What makes it so important?
  18. Do you believe dreams have meanings or are they completely random?
  19. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  20. What鈥檚 the sweetest thing someone has done for you?
  21. Do you believe in mermaids?
  22. What do you like most about nature?
  23. What鈥檚 your zodiac sign? Do you think you fit the general characteristics of that sign?
  24. Are you more of a hopeless romantic or realist?
  25. What鈥檚 a song that gives off good vibes anytime you listen to it?
  26. Do you usually remember your dreams?
  27. Have you ever written a love letter?
  28. Name a book you don鈥檛 mind reading over and over.
  29. Do you collect anything? And what are some hobbies you have?
  30. What do you do to feel at peace?
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littleweirdplatypusa month agoText


in light of recent events as well as a new rise in creating nazi ocs I think this post is an important one to have on your blog if you stand behind your jewish followers or are jewish yourself.

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littleweirdplatypus2 months agoText

So my new obsession is Community atm and I just happened to fall in love with this beautiful ship

Whoo, it has been a LONG time since I’ve loved such a controversial pairing

(Just to be clear, I completely understand and respect people don’t like this pairing/prefer other ships)

(But to be even more clear I would die for them)

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littleweirdplatypus5 months agoText

I recently started watching New Girl and it is AMZING!

(Spoilers down below in case any of y'all are watching this show for the first time like I am)

I kind of know some spoilers about endgames and couples, which I thought would make watching Nick and Jess’s break up easier, since I know they get back together. But DAMN, knowing how long they stay broken up makes the seasons painfully slow, still amazing, but painfully slow.

And real quick to tie it to B99, since that’s what my page is about, the crossover episode is so much funnier knowing who Schmidt’s mum is.

Another tie-in (well, not really), Jess & Nick have nearly reached Jake & Amy levels in terms of my love for them, I never thought i could love a couple not created by Mike Schur so much.

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littleweirdplatypus5 months agoText


Amy: ugh, I hardly slept last night.

Gina: well they say when you can鈥檛 sleep it鈥檚 because someone is thinking about you.

Amy: who was thinking about me at 3am?!?

Jake: *starts to sweat*

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littleweirdplatypus6 months agoText

You know what I really want from season 8?

I want to see Jake or Amy getting super nervous about going to into the field because they’re parents and it’s a big risk and Terry comforting him/her and talking about his own experience with Cagney, Lacey and Ava.

Now realistically, I think it would more likely be Jake getting nervous since we’ve seen him express the same sentiment in season 7. However, it would be interesting if it was Amy because she’s always been the one to comfort Jake about that fear so it we’d kind of get to see her walk a mile in Jake’s shoes (not sure if that was the best wording but oh well)

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littleweirdplatypus6 months agoText

This little baby can grow up to say that he was on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, called liquid fire by Andy Samberg and was held by him and Melissa Fumero


(… I’m not jealous of that baby, you are)

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