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lizandthelaboratoryoflife2 days agoText

For your weekly 鈥淲TF Moment鈥… new hire showed up at beginning of shift meeting fully and correctly gowned up except…for his production uniform (which is like scrubs with long sleeves).

This man walked all the way through the building wearing safety glasses, hairnet, beardnet, face mask, and steel-toe boots…annnd gym shorts and a t-shirt.

He said it was cuz he didn鈥檛 want to be late.

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lizandthelaboratoryoflife2 days agoText


white men will watch si fi and think 鈥渉aha technology go brrr鈥 when the characters are basically looking at the camera and saying 鈥渋mperialism is bad. fascism is a disease. women should have rights and be able to get abortions鈥 and then complain when newer si fi features a trans person

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We used to have to take pictures with like. a camera. and then connect it to a computer with a usb to transfer them. to upload to photobucket . im literally shaking

nobody tell op about having to take literal rolls of film to walmart and then wait 2 weeks to find out whether your finger was in the way

Also like, a lot of us who do photography still use cameras you have to upload to the computer lol…Phone cameras have come a long way but they still aren鈥檛 as good as an actual camera.

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lizandthelaboratoryoflife2 days agoText







diseases in english are like 鈥渙h you have conjungitivitistittis. :)鈥

german meanwhile is like聽鈥測ou have hurty tummy syndrome :////鈥

going to a doctor in english: my聽esophagus seems to be inflamed and my trachea is itchy

going to a doctor in german: uwu dokteur, my eat-tube and breathe-tube are hurty :[[

dokteur: ahhh, yes, that is the eat-tube-and-breathe-tube-itchy-hurty-syndrome, here have some ibuprofen

鈥渋 need to go see the otolaryngologist鈥

鈥渙h you mean the throat-noses-ears-doctor?鈥

birth control vs. antibabypillen

getting a ride 2 tge hospital in an ambulance vs. getting a ride 2 the sickhouse in a sickwagon

English speakers: I have a concussion

Germans: I have a B R A I N V I B R A T I O N

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if i ever get another chinchilla i will name him vinny the chin after the former mafia crime boss who once held me as a baby

ok i might not have been directly in the arms of vinny the chin himself now that i think about it but basically what happened is that my mom had been following his trials when it was going on back in the late 90鈥瞫 and like. she was on this flight that also fuckin happened to be transporting this mob boss to his next trial so like there were a bunch of mafia people on this plane with him and my mother was like 鈥渉oly shit, it鈥檚 vinny the chin鈥 and she literally started?? talking to these mafia guys. and she had to run to the bathroom and for some reason was like 鈥渃an you watch my kid for me for a second鈥 so my mom left me with the mafia. and she kind of? didn鈥檛 think about it? and realized fully what she had done as she was washing her hands so she like runs back out and i was fine. they were playing with me and i was laughing. i think it made the news. anyway that鈥檚 the story of how baby me enamored a bunch of mobsters

my mom found the article AND the boarding pass from that specific plane trip鈥 i didn鈥檛 realize he was literally on his way to prison鈥 i鈥檓 crying鈥 anyway, this is the proof behind the text post. i鈥檓 the baby

I am so obsessed with this post you guys have no idea.

and let鈥檚 admit it

through an unlikely series of events, a bunch of mobsters are left in charge of looking after a baby is the greatest 90s comedy never made.

Because the pics won鈥檛 load lol:

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