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I'm Lampone. 25+yrs old, Considering the times and my love for character x reader, I've set up this tumblr for me and you. I write sfw and nsfw(with rules in my carrd!) under commission if you want a short fiction or prompt(or both!) with your comfort character. In the meantime, I'm going to write characters x reader anyway! I don't do anything considered problematic(no incest or no nsfw minors etc) for personal morals, sorry!
Here's the list of character I love:
- Dante from Devil May Cry
- V - Vitale from Devil May Cry
- Nico from Devil May Cry
- Vergi from Devil May Cry
- Nero from Devil May Cry (my current comfort char!)
- Lady from Devil May Cry
- Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen
- Dande / Leon from Pokemon sword and shield
- Raihan / Kibana from Pokemon sword and shield
- Hawks from BNHA
- Aizawa from BNHA
- Kaeya from Genshin Impact
- Diluc from Genshin Impact
- Venti from Genshin Impact, but sfw only!
I only write fictional characters x reader. <3 Underage characters(Example: Deku or Yuuji) will be only under commission and for friendly, sfw and calming/encouraging fics! I hope my blog will bring some calming vibes to you! For Commissions, everything is in my carrd. https://lo-fi-lampone.carrd.co/
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lo-fi-lampone · a year ago
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