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Ladies and Gentlemen and Non-binary formalities, Welcome to the 187th annual Chaos Family Game night!

Today’s contestants, Orange, Unlawful Lawyer, Parental Figures 1 AND 2, Niko, and Curt!

Green, you are the banker and have the floor.

~two hours later~

“How,” an exasperated Niko asked to nobody in particular, “How? I had boardwalk…”

“Why? Ora, why? I give you water company and this is how you repay me?” A tired Cenn said the vemself.

“Takeover, you’re literally filming everything, you know I didn’t take money.”

“She can’t disprove ~anything!” Interjected Ora, “We won fair and square.”

Takeover replied to this, “Xe have a point Green, you do remember what happened last time we combed through it all.”

“I think we all remember that day.” Spoke a somber Curt.

“Dear gods not again.” Said a very, very, weary Ren.

“Aaannnd I think that’s my que to wrap this up,” announced Takeover, and the video ended.

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The following message was obtained from XXXXXXXXXX’s house while they were asleep. We are not yet sure why it was written.

It wasn’t my fault that I knew so much about the family that lived in the big house, not really.

Two parents, and a lot of kids is all I knew to begin with. (I had tried counting the children before. I never got very far.) They were always gathering more kids, it seemed. They were all…fascinating. Something about their family drew me in. I wanted to know more, about the mysterious girl in the suit, about the thing with horns I kept seeing in their attic window. “You know they’d take you in if you asked,” my brain whispered. “Hush.” I whispered back. I wasn’t a child. They’d never want to associate with someone like me, someone who had seen the horrors I had.

That’s what I told, myself, at least.

Maybe it was the loneliness. Maybe I just wanted something else to keep me awake at night than the guilt of my past. But I couldn’t stop watching them. They called themselves the Chaos Family. I wasn’t sure if that was their legal surname, or just a title they gave themselves. I couldn’t seem to find documentation that could confirm either anywhere. I couldn’t find any record of them at all, actually. For a while I was worried that I had hallucinated the whole story. A giant family, living in a mansion that was for some reason placed in a normal neighborhood. It was bizarre! A dream, something my head had made up to cope. But then I remembered that, well, you couldn’t find much of me either.

Bad things have to happen to you to erase yourself. Bad things have to happen for you to get erased.

What really got me was how none of them… seemed like people who would need to get erased? Sure, they constantly talked about “world domination” but they never seemed to actually try that hard when it came to actually doing it. And when they did, the changes were always for the better. Mostly there was arson and petty theft. As well as a couple of murders, but the people that were killed were all awful people, so who cares? Besides, they somehow managed to win all of their court cases! 

I don’t agree with burning down the whole world for the sake of a new one. However, the earth could use a controlled burn or two.

But the worst part of all of it, oh how damning it was, was that every last one of them was nice. The parent with blue hair (Ren, the kids called them) helped me pick up my groceries when I dropped them. The child with the scars steals my paint brushes when I’m outside and calls it hijacking. It’s hilarious. The one with the suit, who is their lawyer and also most definitely not human has a very nice smile. Cenn, the other parent, manages to keep all however many children in line, which is a feat in and of itself. The porcupine tried to prick me when I was out on walks. Me and the porcupine are not friends. Porcupines aside, nothing made sense. Why is the whole family wanted? What did the kids go through? How does Cenn have seemingly infinite funds? I needed to know more.

I continued searching. I found… concerning things. I put pieces together, went through lines and lines of coded messages, hunted down as much info on as many people as possible. I wrote their stories down. And the more I found out, the more I realized how dangerous it was to know. But this burning curiosity… I couldn’t seem to quench it. It was this curiosity that lead to me nearly dying. It was me knowing too much that got me noticed when I was 15. I swore that I would be careful. I swore never to get noticed by anyone again. But something in my treacherous head told me to keep going. Maybe it was because I saw myself in them. Maybe it was because I thought that they could bring leads on a different ongoing project. Whatever it was, I didn’t stop. I got noticed. It only got more troublesome from there.

I was painting when I received the letter. A plain white envelope, addressed to my name. Inside was a paper demanding I go into questioning. They said I had “very useful information.” I knew what they were talking about right away. I had seen the name of this organization in my research. They claimed they were doing good, taking down “villains and liars who want to hurt the common man”. They were delusional. I didn’t want to talk to them. I wanted no part in their plans. However… I was more scared of what would happen if I didn’t go. The organization is powerful. So I went.

I don’t wish to say all of what was said. The man interrogating me was tall, his blue eyes unnaturally sharp. He managed to take my weapons from my bag without me knowing. He knew things that he shouldn’t. I know the tapes of what happened when I was 15 are still out there, but he knew things that weren’t on the tapes. “You blame yourself for their deaths,” he said. “Bet you’re afraid of kitchen knives now, huh?” he asked, looking me in the eye, his cold blue ones piercing through me. I don’t know how he found out about the knives, about that night. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t help “take them down”. I knew he meant to kill them. I said I’d think about it. I got out of that room as quickly as possible.

It’s been a week since that day. I’ve made my decision. I won’t help them take the Chaos Family down. I’ll help the family burn the world if I have to. I am a strong believer in controlled burns, after all. I don’t know if I will die by not helping them. But I can’t bring myself to hurt that family. They don’t deserve what they’ll go through if they get caught. None of them deserve what they’ve already gone through. The Chaos Family will not be touched so long as I’m here. I will watch from the sidelines for now, but I will protect them. I’ve gotten this far. Maybe I am a liar,and a villain, and a danger to the world. Maybe I have gone insane.

I don’t know how you’re reading this if you are. But I no longer care if the world burns.

I’ve got nothing left to save from the ashes.


Not Yet In Custody


(Sooo, yeah! That’s the story! It kind of got out of hand, but now I’m tempted to write more because now my brain is just bursting with ideas for this character as well as others…)

W O A H -
Your writing is AMAZING- OH MY GODS- I love this soso much!!! Aaa if you want to I’d love to read more of your stuff if you decide to write more. Aaaa I love this,,,

fdsghdshgfhkjdshjs  gfDGFGSJKJD


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lookingforromansconfidence·2 days agoAnswer

Blue- Tax evasion, Pink- threatening an officer, Orange- Arson, and Purple- assault and battery. - Roman's confidence (I might've misread the ask game?)

No I think you got them right-

But d a m n Niko you think I’d do all that? You’re right wrong-

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Me, with absolutely no context,

Sheep over sleep

however, consider:

sheep/sleep cancels out


an associated equation is sheep not sleep, which can be amounted to sheep > sleep

but sheep do sleep!! so sheep = sleep

so it’s not sheep > sleep, sheep and sleep are the same thing, so it’s sleep = sleep

and with substitution, sheep/sleep = sleep/sleep

what is sleep/sleep? 1/1.

which means that you must get 1 full night of sleep for every night.

I see. You do make a good point there. But consider.

We aren’t sheep. 

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