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Reblog if Fan Fics are just as valid as Fan Art

Affirmation for writers, please!!

Likes do nothing!!


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Thank you @patronsaintofdemons​

“So, of course, Nie Huaisang pretends that nothing has happened this morning.” 

tagging @hamliet​ @ifcujoweresappho​


Thanks for the tag! ❤️ @moony221b

This is from a grishaverse au where Nikolai is the sun summoner instead of Alina (which will probably never be finished)

And Nikolai, because he doesn’t have any sense of self-preservation, stares right back into his eyes.

tagging @meteormemoirs @theroswellcrashsite @hypnoshatesme @mercyandmagic @darklesmylove and anyone else who wants to do this because apparently I can’t remember more people who write (I’m ashamed of myself)


Last Line Tag

Rules: Post the last line that you wrote, then tag as many writeblrs as there are words in the line!

thank you so much for the tag @dillislazii !!💖

this is from my marauder era fic that i haven’t named yet

“But that hate and annoyance I felt about her wasn’t hate and annoyance, it was love! I just didn’t realise it because it wasn’t something I had felt before.”

confession time, this is the last line of this fic but this isn’t the last fic i’ve been working on, but the last line in that was “Hell yeah.” so i went with this one instead.

(i honestly have no clue which of my mutuals writes so i’m just gonna tag some people and hope they do) tagging: @renegadepear @maplemoth98 @soullesscircuits @patronsaintofdemons @kbaycolt and anyone else who wants to participate!


Last line tag

Rules: Post the last line that you wrote, then tag as many writeblrs as there are words in the line!

ty for the tag @party-with-books !! <3

this is from my idv fic De Magni Operis I’ve been trying to work on hehe

He marveled at the easy, relaxed manner in which both addressed him, as he had expected a stiff conversation involving his state of mind and capabilities. But instead, they insisted on treating him as though they were friends.

tagging (I’m pretty sure you all write but if some of you don’t just ignore this lmao) : @drawingfromthevoid @moony221b @lintheicon @laecnessmonster and anyone else who wants to

Gonna jump into this even though I don’t usually play tag games. So, from my BNHA fic How The Mighty Have Fallen:

She can’t deny that if Hagakure stood still, she really would be “hidden in leaves”.

I’ll tag @hamliet @pipefoxesonthemoon @mistystarshine @cutiesableye @echodrops @draphrawrites

Aw, thanks for the tag! Let’s see… Mine is…

“Oh?” The voice from the doorway behind her is warm the way gold is, well-polished, familiar, and full of unmasked amusement. “Are we going somewhere?”

This isn’t HaaH, I’m so sorry.

I’ll tag… um let’s see… @rachelwritesstories and @let-me-wander? If you want/have anything new you’re working on!

Hahaha thank you @echodrops~~  Maybe the guilt of realizing how long it’s been since I wrote this line will motivate me to write some more.

Sero puts his head in his hands. “Tell you what.  Let me sleep on it.  I’ll meet you at the museum tomorrow morning and we can do, as we say in the trade, a case of the joint.” 

Oof how many writers do I know that are actually still on tumblr?  Uhhh @schnickledooger @arxaris @maplefudge @loreshark @mslead @conciteque just if you want to, no pressure….

Oh goodness, I forgot tumblr existed for a minute. :x

The smooth, pale skin of its waist gave way to a latticework of large, black, iridescent scales all shifting and flashing a myriad of colors in the misty jungle sunlight.

This makes no sense outside of context, but oh well. xD I tag anyone interested.

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kiribaku sick headcanons? (feel better soon owo)

Ooh, I like this one. 💜 (And thank you!)

Sicky Bois:

  • Bakugou has two sick modes; stubborn denial and flat out unconscious.
  • Kirishima becomes super apologetic. He feels like he’s a huge bother (even though everyone fights for a chance to pamper him. Bakugou always wins.)
  • Bakugou had a horrid fever once and the entire dorm smelled like caramel for a week.
  • Kirishima’s favorite sick game is Animal Crossing. He and Bakugou share the same town so they can live next door.
  • Bakugou’s quirk can be a bit unstable when he’s sick. Aizawa is tired of being woken up at 3am to nullify it.
  • Class 1a decided the pair is absolutely NOT allowed to be sick at the same time. It’s only happened once. Kaminari still has nightmares.
  • Bakugou oscillates wildly between super clingy and “touch me and your dead”.
  • Kirishima swears by Bakugou’s miso soup.

Ah, I tried. 😅

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It’s here folks! We got the green light to post our @dragonkirizine pieces!

@pulling-all-mighters and I came up with a fun little fic about Alien-Dragon!Kirishima and the Bakusquad. Please go check out the art Nova drew, it’s breathtaking!

Find the fic here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23774452

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❤️KiriBaku Fic Recs️❤️

Hey y’all! Wanted to share a few fanfics to show love and support to some wonderful writers!!!

I might make more posts like this in the future if you’re interested!

Ratings will be marked as such: G, T, M

Also please don’t forget to show your love and support by bookmarks, kudos and comments if you like their fics!

Sonder (T) by MapleFudge / @maplefudge

What makes a man (M) by MermaidLorelei / @mermaidlorelei

When you’re in love with your best friend (T) by Ellieb3an / @ellieb3an

I wanna hold you like you’re mine (T) by bluebirdwing

Cotton Candy Hands (T) by chonideno / @chonideno

Fake it ‘til you make it (and idiots fake it some more) (T) by kotokeke / @kotokeke

Parted, and never parted (T) by Authoress / @kiribakus

Heart made for taking Flight (T) by timetoboldlygo / @timetoboldlygo

Night lights and confessions (G) by IcyHotHeart / @icyhotheartwritings

A guide to Bakugou’s kisses (T) by Bleukitsune / @kirikiribaku

Ransom in red (M) by Shippeh / @shippeh

Sanctuary (NR) by minaashidoismywife / @mina-ashido-ismywife

Going green (T) by gummyconcrete / @gummyconcrete

Boiling Point (T) by Magicallee @magicalleekrbk

Cultivating something so divine (T) by redriotinggg / @redriotinggg

Silent Confession (T) by Emers_Writes / @artzypaw

‘Cause I love you for infinity (T) by multiclassmaps

The Beauty of a Beast (T) by starofjems / @redriot

Enjoy! ❤️💛

Part 2

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Listen the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 is on and I need some pro rugby Kirishima au’s in my life.  

@arxaris Just gonna…. leave this here… yeah.

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Kirishima: We’re all dressing up. Bakugou even have his formal leather jacket on.

Bakugou: It’s the one without any blood on it

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This was my piece for the @bokunoaubang! I had a lot of fun drawing this piece, I hope the fanfic it goes to will be posted too!

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I had to roll out of bed and scramble for a sketchbook because I had such a specific idea after seeing a very fluffy Kirishima. Took me fifteen minutes and that’s never gonna happen again.

He needs to grow his hair out and weaponize it.

Yeah, ok, @maplefudge you just pull this shit out if the grave to embarrass me on main thanks

I SAW IT ON MY TIMELINE OK thanks for reblogging it AGAIN i needed to stare at it an nth time, so perfect jhjh

Pretty sure this one’s on me this time. xD It’s been sitting in my drafts since I started my hiatus. Whoops! ;P

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Thanks for the tag @maplefudge​!! 

AO3 Name: Lore_Shark
Fandoms: BNHA
Number of Ao3 Fics: 9

1. Fic you’ve spent the most time on: What Makes a Man

2. Fic you’ve spent the least time on: A Little Color (People went nuts for this on twitter for some reason, I was so confused.)

3. Longest fic: WMaM (almost 10k words published so far!)

4. Shortest fic: If It Ain’t Got That Swing

5. Most hits: Wild

6. Most kudos: Wild (it’s smut, so like, yeah. xD Not surprised)

7. Most comment threads: WMaM has 57, what the hecky?!

8. Fave fic you’ve written: Y’all are probably sick of it at this point, but I will be thinking about WMaM lore until the day I die. It’s precious to me for soooo many reasons.

9. Fic you want to rewrite/expand on: Fallen Star (I can’t link it yet because it’s a zine piece still, but you can find it in the Dragon Kirishima Zine!)

10. Share a bit of a WIP or share a story idea you’re planning:

“Oi! Shitty hair! What the fuck is taking you so long? It’s just a pair of fucking pants!” Bakugou slumped deeper into the ridiculously stuffed chair, arms crossed and eyes steely as yet /another/ retail jockey considered talking to him. He did not need help, thank you very much, he needed his damn boyfriend to finish the hell up so they could go get dinner before the noodle shop closed.

He leaned over the edge of the chair and could just see Kirishima’s feet shuffling beneath the changing room door, a puddle of dark wash jean fabric pooled around his ankles. And then the whole image tilted, or more precisely, Kirishima tilted, unable to keep his balance and falling heavy into the back wall.

“Dammit…” Bakugou could hear his dumbass boyfriend shuffling around in growing frustration and wasn’t at all surprised by the sheepish, “Hey, uh, Bakugou? I think I’m stuck.”

The store attendant had wandered away to find a new target, so Bakugou took his opportunity. He was up and by the stall door in seconds. “You’ve gotta unlock it idiot.”

I’ll tag: @arxaris, @let-me-wander, @quietrespite, and @conciteque!

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Writblrs!! If u could reblog this post with your fave word, fave rare word & idk fave loanword from another language I will pledge myself to write them into my wip, this i swear

Fave word: Liminal - on the threshold, a transitional moment

Fave rare word: Defenestration - throwing someone from a window

Fave loanword: Mångata - “moon road”, or the reflection of the moon on water

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The reality of Instagram Modeling

This is important.

Bless this post

I really need stuff like this

shoutout to models who navigate such a difficult field while learning enough about its problems to then expose it for the rest of us. that’s pretty punk rock of them.

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my sister is sick so i made her this vine compilation to make her feel better

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I had to roll out of bed and scramble for a sketchbook because I had such a specific idea after seeing a very fluffy Kirishima. Took me fifteen minutes and that’s never gonna happen again.

He needs to grow his hair out and weaponize it.

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